Maitreya, Conversations with



Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Conversation Room.

Today is the day to see who follows God and who follows the tradition. Apparently, we do not have as many people here as we usually do. I hope they are not following the tradition and that they just did not make it here for other reasons.

We do not ask humanity, not to glorify God and celebrate Him. Indeed, whatever we have taken away from humanity, we replaced with a Godly alternative. That Godly alternative for Christmas is the Feast of Tabernacles, which is the celebration of the coming of the Christ.

There are the Seven Feasts for humanity to celebrate and to rejoice with because the Seventh Revelation has come to them and has guided them to a greater understanding of God by realizing that indeed God exists. We have to replace anything man-made and any tradition, with Gods Ways and Gods Traditions. So we hope that more people will accept and realize that we are not trying to destroy their traditions, but we are trying to replace them with Gods Ways.

Most of the people here already know our teachings. They have been in our website. If you have not been in the website (I do not see anyone in the room now who has not been there), we teach that all the religions of the world are from the same Spirit, from the same God, and each of them has a specific message for humanity. God indeed has purified the man-made parts of the Revelations and replaced them with Gods Ways and the Essence of each major religion.

Here, if you have any questions and you want to discuss the teachings in a greater degree, you can raise your hand or type in text. Let us discuss these teachings to see why indeed this is the Revelation that all humanity eventually should accept and follow because It explains all the teachings that have come to man, clarifies them, and unifies them as one Spirit and from One God for everyone.

Since all of you know the teachings, I will go right into seeing if anyone has a question for me. I can just go ahead and repeat the same things over and over again. We can talk about a lot of things. We can talk about this Revelation. We just talked about the Holy Days of God and why we have to follow those days instead of man-made holidays.

When the unification comes, it does not mean that we are going to accept everything in all religions. It means we are going to purify, and each religion, each culture, and each tradition has to overcome and forego some of their attachments from the past and replace them with Gods Ways. Therefore we can become more and more one in the traditions and Ways of God.

But if everyone wants to keep their own tradition and ways, then we cannot become one at the end, and eventually we will become hypocrites. That is because then in our mouths we say we are with God and we want to do His Will when we accept His Revelation, but we are not strong enough to withstand the pressures of the environment. Therefore, we relent to them, and we become split personalities.

That is actually what hypocrisy is. It is when you are not one with your self. Therefore, you create two faces or two ways of living. That indeed is not Godly. The only way to really feel God and become One with It is when you are one with your spirit, with your belief, and with your understanding. If you become one, then you no longer are a hypocrite, but are strong, spiritual, and connected to God.

Brad: Perhaps you can talk about the importance of the Feast of Tabernacles versus Christmas?

Maitreya: As you probably know, Christmas is a new phenomenon in the West. The beginning of it was with the Druids who used to celebrate the 21st of December and the 25th in their times, when they put apples on the trees as the sign of fertility and candles as the lights of their gods.

Eventually this tradition went to Europe, and the people in Germany picked it up. When they came to the United States, they were the people who started it in New York. They started cutting trees and setting them up there, and eventually it became a national tradition.

It really had nothing to do with Christ or his birthday or his coming, or celebrating God, but it was a pagan tradition that was celebrated with those people in Europe and in England. It is very easy, just go to the Internet and search for origin of Christmas. You will find tons of information about where it came from, what its origin is, and what it is for.

So we can see that indeed it is a very new and recent acceptance of a tradition. It is not based on God and His Revelations.

Gods Ways have been clearly given in the Bible. There is nowhere in the Bible that it talks about Christmas. But in the Bible it clearly says, Keep My Holy Days forever. This is in chapter 23 of Leviticus.

There are seven Holy Days that you have to keep holy. The seventh one is the Feast of Tabernacles. The other six are usually kind of, not a celebration, but are the Holy Days when you have to become somber. You have to fast and become silent. You have to keep them holy, not in a celebrative way, but it is just like overcoming the first six levels of consciousness and eventually you reach the seventh level, which is the Feast of Tabernacles.

It is with the Feast of Tabernacles that the celebration starts and the joy is abundant. There is a great gathering of the people and remembering God and the coming of the Christ, and the whole truth is revealed to humanity. Therefore, in that time, just like when the Book sealed with the Seven Seals was opened and there was a rejoicing in the universe, also in the Feast of Tabernacles everyone rejoices the coming of the seventh level of consciousness or Revelation to humanity.

So if you want to glorify God, glorify God in those eight days. Celebrate, and decorate your houses with beautiful lights. Of course, do not make it too commercialized, but remember God instead of becoming stressful, Did I get enough gifts for everyone? Do I have better lighting than my neighbor? Celebrate and remember God. That is when the celebration and rejoicing should be, and people should bring that joyfulness to humanity at that time. Giving and being a giver of the Blessing of God should be all around the year. It should not be specifically in one season. It should be for all seasons.

That is what the Eternal Divine Path teaches us, that we create the Communities of Light but at the same time every day we sacrifice in them and we seek the Will of God every moment in our lives. So becoming Godly becomes a lifestyle.

It is not only once a year and in that once a year period we just become very generous and a giver, but it is a lifetime work from the very childhood that we learn how to share and how to create communities where everyone has their physiological and safety needs taken care of, a place that no one will suffer on earth. The whole earth will become a just and equal place for humanity to live in and bring Gods Spirit to man.

Again there is a teaching and a period of understanding for humanity that has come. The goal is to create an environment that is Godly, based on the Words of God and Gods Ways. God said, Keep My Holy Days holy. Therefore, become a child of God. To become a child of God means only listening to God, not listening to man.

Now we have come here with this Revelation, and the truth indeed has come to man.

I am surprised that even those who know about these teachings still do not follow them completely and take them lightly, when this is indeed a warning to them to come out of this world and become the children of God.

Overcoming tradition is very hard. It is not that easy. A lot of people are having a hard time to overcome these traditions. We see in every culture the religion that has come to them is mixed with their traditions.

Even in Iran, although they are Moslems, they have a tradition of having a yearly feast in the beginning of spring for fifteen days. That has come from their background of the Zoroastrian religion. A few days before the yearly feast starts, they make a fire and jump over it. The very symbol of creating fire is a Zoroastrian tradition. So even to this day, they still follow it.

We have to teach them and bring everyone to recognize and realize that their tradition is going to be in the way of unification. That is because if everyone keeps their traditions in a practical way, then we are going to have 365 days of celebration and holidays. So it is not very practical.

The practical point of view also is if everyone sees that indeed God clearly has said in His Scriptures, the base of all His Revelations, in the Old Testament in the Bible, Keep My Holy Days holy, then we can all get rid of every man-made holiday and bring the Holy Days of God to man and unify them. Little by little, as we replace man-made things with God-made Commands and Ways, then we will become more and more like each other because we will all have one tradition and will bring a greater degree of unification to humanity. So it not only is the Word of God, but it also unifies all humanity and will bring them closer to one another.

We can see that the Feast of Tabernacles is the day of glorification and rejoicing that is commanded by God to be kept, and that any other days are not from His Command or His Request for humanity to follow. The message is that the first six Feasts, or Holy Days, are Holy. They are somber. The trumpet is blown, and these days are kept silent and for fasting.

We see that when we reach the Seventh Seal, or the Seventh Holy Day, that is when the rejoicing and the Feast starts. That is why we keep the Feast of Tabernacles as a week of rejoicing and celebration. Our people usually come together in one place, and they rejoice in God because that is the day that indeed the Messiah or the Anointed One is supposed to come, and the Spirit of God will come to earth.

In those seven days, or eight days, usually the people in the Feast have seen that there is great joy and acceleration in their spirit. Their testimonials are in the website. You can go and read them. Every year everyone who comes to this Feast has experienced great joy and rejoicing. It is when we have to glorify God. Indeed we are here to glorify God. So we are not against anyone who wants to glorify God. But we have to do it in the Ways of God and the Ways He said it has to be done.

Therefore, we can see clearly that any other tradition is man-made, and we have to replace them with the tradition of God. When we do that we can see that we have a greater grip of the reality and truth of God on earth. So this is basically what the difference is between the two celebrations. God, of course, will accept the Feast of Tabernacles.

As we have said, most of the people who followed Christ were later saved by Grace. God let them almost do whatever they wanted. They did not have to follow the Laws and His Ways much. And indeed, they did not.

They absolutely replaced His Ways with a lot of man-made traditions and pagan ideas. But because of the Grace of Christ on them, they still were blessed greatly. Even Prophet Muhammad in the Koran said, The followers of Esa will be blessed with God to the end time.

But at the end time and with the coming of this Revelation, that Grace now is released to the whole of humanity, and equity and blessing will come to everyone who will follow Gods Ways and Gods Laws. Therefore, the blessing, which is the Grace, is equal with Law.

Law and the Grace are one. If you are in the Grace, you follow the Law. If you follow the Law, you will receive the Grace.

Some people say, We have been saved by Grace, therefore, we do not need the Law. If you have the Grace, following the Law will be in your nature. You will follow the Law because you know that the moment that you do not follow the Law, the Grace will be taken away from you and you will fall.

There is nothing worse than when the Grace has been taken away. That is indeed when you are thrown out of the Garden of Eden and into the earth. You have to till the ground, and you will not be in the highest level of Grace and unity with God. And that is hell.

When you have The Grace, you know that you have to follow the Law, and you do because that is the only thing you want, to stay one with God and His Grace. If you have that experience once, that is all you want. As Christ said, You will sell everything and you will buy that piece of land that you know has the greatest treasure. You do not want any treasure but unity with God.

That is what we are aiming for, for humanity to experience that oneness at least once. If we can make them have that experience then, they will follow His Ways, His Traditions, and His Commandments. Therefore, they will become the Elects, the Godly people. We are trying to create 144,000 of such one-pointed, Godly people who have eventually experienced God, and who are willing to forego their ego and replace their ego with Gods Spirit.

If we can create such people, we can teach humanity little by little to forego their understanding and replace it with Gods Revelation and His Ways, and bring the Kingdom of God on earth. This is the practical knowledge and practical Revelation to humanity to see that they have indeed gone astray and way away from Gods Ways. We are just trying to bring them back little by little to the correct Path.

God has shown them the Path of experiencing and becoming One with God. It is based on all the credentials that gives this Revelation all the credibility that it needs. Those who see this clearly, see that this is not a philosophy or an assumption based on a human mind, but it is based on the unconscious or Godly-conscious mind, or collective Mind of God. Therefore, they will strive to have that experience.

They meditate. They awaken their spiritual forces. They eventually have an experience directly with God. If you have an experience with God and you see this Revelation, you will recognize it is indeed from God and you will have no choice but to forego what is human. You then will become an Elect. You will become Godly and will follow the Law.

The Law will bring Grace to you, and you will want nothing else but the Grace of God and unity with Him. With that we can create people who are absolutely Godly. They are pure. They are just. They are indeed the Saints and the Great Spiritual Beings who will bring unity to humanity. They will become a center of Light for everyone around them. And we will create the beings that can affect everyone else.

Not everyone will become Saints. Not everyone will become the Elects. Not everyone will become one-pointed to God and the Mission. Even those who are already in the Mission, not all of them are absolutely 100% connected with these teachings. But that is the goal, to find these saint-like beings who want God more than anything else.

They want God more than their traditions. They want God more than their cultures. They want God more than their gender and race. God is first in their lives. Everything else revolves around that first one-pointedness and oneness with the Spirit and God, which is one with you. That Unity between you and God is the base of the spiritual understanding.

If any religion is not teaching that God is everything and you are a part of God, that teaching and religion has lost the Mystical Paths and understanding of unity between man and God. That religion is missing a great deal and is not perfect. That includes the Judeo-Christian, Islamic, and Bahai part of our teachings, and those people are going to have a hard time when you tell them that you and God are one.

But for the Buddhists and the Hindus and all the mystical people, the people who teach, meditate, and know thyself to know God, that part is very easily understood and accepted. Therefore, all these religions have to come to accept each other as a part of the total understanding of God. The Mystical Paths do not know about Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrendering and submission, and universalism. They also have to accept those parts of Gods Revelations. Therefore, we are going to have a perfect view, a perfect understanding of Gods Plan for humanity.

Also, other things in the Mission are practical and Godly Ways that have been revealed to humanity, including the Holy Days that will bring Gods tradition to man. So those who resist this teaching, yet are still in the Mission, have to look at themselves very carefully and deeply. If really they are Elects they have to eventually say, I have to accept God and become a Saint in my environment. Therefore, I can affect everyone else to see Gods Way.

It is not easy. There is not a simple way to do it. Any time truth comes, everyone who is used to his own way, who is more comfortable with the way he was, will reject the Messenger, the way they rejected me. In the tradition of where I came from, what I say or preach to them is blasphemy. What I preach to those who are called Moslem is not acceptable.

They do not accept the Hindus, Buddhists, Bahais, Baba, and this Revelation. But they do not know about the Seven Seals. They do not know about the coming of this last Revelation, and they are still hanging onto their traditions and backgrounds.

We can see how much upheaval, wars, and destruction is brought to humanity because each group says, Our tradition is more important than their tradition. If we can change them to our tradition, the world is going to be a better place.

When our tradition is not Godly, it is not going to work. It is going to create more friction, more destruction, and more wars.

If we can teach humanity to just follow the tradition of God, then little by little we will become more like each other. We will not have much separation of the traditions and seeing one another in the light of, They are different than us, therefore we have to change them to the way we are.

But we all see, No. What we follow is not Godly. Let us follow God. If we are all following God, we are one. It is very easy if we can get to that point. If we can teach humanity to forego their ways and bring Gods Way to themselves, they will become one. It is not an easy Path that we have chosen to follow. With any new idea for humanity, there is going to be a struggle.

However, there is going to be a point, a critical point, a critical mass that when we can educate humanity to that point, suddenly it will flip the weight. Our side is going to push, and eventually humanity will see that there is no other way. They can go ahead and kill each other, have wars, destruction, and ego- glorification, but those ways are not going to work.

That is why the entire 12,000 years of history, or at least 6,000 years of history, have been created for man to recognize and realize that they will not succeed if they put God out of their systems, if they put God out of their lives, their communities, their cities, their governments, and the whole earth. If you look at the whole earth, even those who claim to be Godly only have a part of the whole truth. When you do not have the whole information, you will make mistakes. Your way is not going to be perfect.

So the only way to bring that unity and Godliness is having the whole information. That is the Revelation of the Seven Seals that unifies all the religions before it. This is the understanding that we have to impart to other people to see clearly. The more we can make people to see that this is the only Way and there is no other way but Gods way, hopefully we can create more and more people who will follow this tradition, or Gods tradition, and replace it for their own understanding and human tradition.

The more who celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles, the more houses will be decorated during the Feast of Tabernacles, and the more people will celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles all over the world. The more we observe the Passover and the other Holy Days of God, the more we will go beyond our nationality and the tradition, gender, and the things that separate us from each other, and we will become one nation. And that is the Nation of God, the Nation based on all the Scriptures, Revelations, and the unity of all religions and One Spirit.

There is only one God. That God is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal (FINE). Even if you give Him a name and say, His Name is Allah, His Name is Jehovah, His Name is. this or that, we are separating humanity from humanity.

No other Revelation before this has unified all of the religions together. They are a part of this Revelation, and each of them has brought one Revelation. And because they do not have the whole information, they contradict each other. Therefore, the religions cannot be unified according to their understanding.

That is why people come into our rooms, and they adamantly are sincere that the religions cannot be unified. We have to kill everyone else who is not in our religions, or convert them to our religion, which is just one seventh of the information. Therefore, Not only we will go to hell, we will take everyone else to hell with us, because we will convert them to one seventh of the truth but not the whole truth.

If we can make people understand that the only way to see the whole truth is the Revelation of the Seven Seals and the unity of all religions, then they can realize that their religion is limited. Their religion is not the whole truth and is not perfect. The only perfect religion is the religion of the Seven Seals and the Book that was sealed with the Seven Seals.

So in a sense, at this time, we are an educational organization. The Revelation is finished. The period of Revelation is done.

We are in a period of implementation. It is the time of reaching out, educating people, and letting them understand these teachings. As you can see, it is not an easy job. Even those who claim to be a part of the Mission, love it, and have seen the Vision, still are very connected and attached to their traditions. We have to be patient. We have to be persistent.

We have to continue, like a drip of water on the top of the stone, to keep dripping and cutting away the ungodliness, the human way, and the human thinking. And never give up, and never suicide. Those are the first two principles that came out of my mouth when I started the Mission: Never give up, and never suicide. Also, I used to say that if I have to pull this Mission with my teeth to get it done, I will.

Therefore, you have to have that kind of willpower and resolution that you indeed will continue no matter how much the world around you opposes you or will not come with you. But you will concentrate on getting the Mission done. That going on to do the Mission without being bogged down with what is around you, who does what and if they are coming or not, will make you a strong, powerful force to people around you. Eventually, little by little, you will find more and more people who will see this Vision and will come with you.

That one-pointedness and not being affected by the people who will not be as dedicated as you are will make you win the battle. But if you are affected by the people around you and say, Well, how come these people did not come? I tried to get them to do things for the Mission, but they did not do it, or, They are falling apart or falling away," does not matter.

You just go on toward accomplishing your mission, spreading the Word of God, and educating people. Even if someone is in your way, you just go around him or her. Continue doing your mission, spreading it, and let nothing stop you. No earthly obstacle should stand in front of you. That is the way of the Paravipras. That is the way of the people who indeed have seen this Vision clearly, who want to see the unity, and who know that they are called for this Revelation. Therefore, they are not swayed with the difficulties, or with the other things that are happening around them. But they know that indeed, it is from God.

That is why it is so important to prove it to yourself first. Yes, indeed, it is from God. If it is not from God, prove it to me that it is not. If you can prove that it is not from God, we will all go and find the One that is from God, because that is where we all want to go. I have asked people to prove that it is not from God for the last twenty years. Not only have they not been able to prove to me that it is not from God, but I have not been able to prove that it is not from God myself.

So the first question is, Is it really from God or not? If you accept it is from God, then you will see the Vision and all will fall in their places. It is as simple as that. God said it is going to happen.

He promised Abraham. He promised Abram. He fulfilled all the promises that have been given. He said there was going to be a Revelation, the Seven Angels, the Seven Seals will be revealed that will finish the Mystery of God. It is done.

If He gives promises and He fulfills them, then why are we discouraged or even think, Why are there not more people here? or Why is it this way or that way? Nothing is going to affect us because we have one thread to God, and that is that God promises and He fulfills His Promises. He promised that His Kingdom will come.

At this time we are not strong enough to bring the Kingdom overnight. Therefore, we have to be one-pointed to bring this Revelation to the masses and create the critical mass that eventually will flip the balance to our advantage and bring humanity to a point where they realize that they have to forego their traditions. They have to forego their own understandings.

They have to replace those understandings with Gods Words, which said, I am going to send Seven Revelations and each of them have a part of the truth. And only in the Seventh Revelation is the whole truth revealed. That is it.

That is what we have to prove to ourselves. Is it really the Seventh Revelation of God? Is it really the one that God promised to come? If it is then, Do I have any choice? I found the last Revelation of God to humanity. Do I still have a choice to slack, to be lukewarm, to stay on the wayside and not become involved, not become completely one-pointed toward the creation of the Communities of Light and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth? Why? Why am I not completely dedicated to it?

Then you will realize the pull of the world, your tradition, your background, your family, your desires, and your wants. They are keeping you from becoming that one-pointed. In order to overcome those obstacles, the solution is to follow the practices and rituals that have been given in the Mission so that you can wrap yourself into those things little by little. Some of them even look weird to a lot of people. Dancing? Who wants to dance, or chant, or meditate, or pray, or to do the Samgacchadvam?

I have a lot of things to do. I do not want to just go and join at 5:50 in the morning and 5:50 in the evening to do those things.

But that is the act of baptism. Every time you take yourself away from the world and you force yourself, or you come to the services in the Mission, you are baptizing yourself. You are forcing yourself not to sleep. You are forcing yourself not to do things that you want to do but you become more Godly and follow Gods Will. You say, Yes God. You said 5:50 in the morning and 5:50 in the evening is the time to do the Reminder.

That makes you think about God. That makes you to remember, Yes, I should listen to God instead of listening to my desires or the worldly things that come to us and force us not to become Godly and go away from Him. These all are given as practices that make us more and more to turn around from our will to Gods Will. Of course, the humans are very willful beings.

We can see that in the last 12,000 years, even before the last 12,000 years, they had their own wills. The whole reason for creation and going away from the Essence of God is because those beings had their own wills. They went away from the Essence and created the darkness that is the going away from the Oneness, from the Essence.

We can see the willfulness of the human started from the very beginning. And still the human does not want to relent their will to Gods Will. Even some traditions are based on individual will, not on Gods Will. That is also man-made.

The individual will should be respected under the umbrella of Gods Will. Actually, the individual will, will be very much more creative if it is under the Will of God and they will create a great creativity, with understanding that the Will of God is coming through them. So the practices, the Eternal Divine Path, the teachings, and the whole Revelation, creates greater one-pointedness to humanity.

Brahmamurti: It reminds me of, "Tell the mountain, go yonder."

Maitreya: Yes, indeed. If you are pure enough, if you are one-pointed enough, you can move mountains. You can overcome obstacles. You will overcome opposition, tradition, and the people who want to stop you. You will not be stopped, because you know that you are correct, you are the truth, you are revealing to them the Will of God, and you are revealing to them the truth that has been in their Scriptures.

They are not following their Scriptures. It is amazing that they are doing the things that in their own Scriptures it says not to do. How is it possible that there is something in our Scriptures, and we say we follow God and His Scriptures, and still we do not follow those Scriptures?

There are many things that a lot of people are following, saying, and accepting. They are not based on the truth. It is interesting and surprising that this is actually happening in the part of the world where the people are most educated and have the greatest libraries and truth. You can find the truth just by searching in the Internet and reading a couple of pages. And you will see, I am not following the truth, but I am following something that everyone else has accepted. I am just following it. It is very interesting and surprising that people do not search for the truth and accept what is so available to everyone.

With this Revelation, many things that have been said and are believed no longer hold the truth. They again have to meditate and become one-pointed in separating their dogmas, their man-made things, and replace them with Godly Ways.

We are not creating a cult either. We are not saying, Oh, you all come together and forget about out there. That world is bad. We are OK. We are the only people who have this way. Therefore, we create a little environment and we shun the rest of humanity.

No, indeed, we reach out. We preach this. We accept that not very many people are ready to hear it. But at the same time we will not give up. We will continue preaching. We will continue reaching out. We will have the willpower to not be swayed by other peoples lukewarmness, or non-acceptance of the Message. But we will continue to go on, like water, little by little, we will create our own effect on the stone of ego.

As ego is eroded little by little, those who receive this Revelation will have their spirit filled with the truth, and we will create the 144,000 Saints, Paravipras, and those who indeed have seen the Vision clearly and nothing can shake them or put them away from the truth and God. That is when the Kingdom will come on earth.

That is where God wants to take humanity. That is the promise that has been given to us, and it will be fulfilled. When we create such an environment, many people will reach Pure Consciousness, or the Goal, or the Truth, or Oneness with God, and will go to Him.

At the same time we know that the first will be the last, and the last will be the first. We will be reincarnated. We will come back again and again.

Therefore be not even anxious or unhappy if we are not Elects at this time. Indeed, even those who will be Elects will be given 1,000 years from now to become perfect. But that does not mean, of course, that we have to relax and not continue progressing now.

At the end many will reach Godhood because that is the Promise: Those who overcome will be My sons. Those who overcome will become the sons of God. They will have the Spirit of God in them. They will know that God is doing it through them. They will become channels for God. They will become His sons.

The more of His sons we create, the greater Light we can bring to humanity and man, and we can guide them to understand Gods Plan, how willful the human is, why the creation has been created, how we have all come from the Essence of God, and how God is an experience.

It is not an explanation because God is beyond mind. In that level you will understand infinity. You will understand eternity. You will understand that state of being that has no mind. And because it has no mind, there is no question but knowingness of, Yes, indeed, what I experience is the truth. It is not an intellectual explanation that you can bring assumptions, and based on assumptions you create a conclusion.

It is just like the system or the society of Plato, which is based on a philosopher who brought an idea of a kind of society based on peoples assumptions. It is not based on Gods Revelation and Gods Guidance to create the Communities of Light. It is not the philosophers who should run the society.

It is the Paravipras who come from the base of the society, from the communities, who have proven to be benevolent and Godly, who will run the society and therefore connect humanity to Spirit, to God. If the head is not with God, then the whole body will not be with God and Godly. Therefore, the whole body will fall because the head is disconnected from the Spirit of God.

By understanding that we indeed have to create the heads that are connected to God, we can see that the Communities of Light not only will bring physiological and safety needs to its members, not only will bring safety to humanity and satisfy the physiological, safety, and psychological needs of man, they also are the base of the emergence of the people who will bring God and Gods Spirit to humanity, bring justice, unity, and the oneness to everyone, and will create an environment that accelerates the progress of man to go back to God.

That is not possible if we do not follow the Eternal Divine Path. And you do not know the Eternal Divine Path unless you know this Revelation. When you know the Eternal Divine Path, then you realize that all religions of the world have come from the same Spirit, they each have only one part of the truth, and when you unify them you will see the Plan and Work of God.

With all these things we see it is perfect. This Revelation is the only perfect Revelation that has come to humanity. It indeed is based on the prophecies, the Word of God, and the Promises that God has been giving to humanity for the last 12,000 years. Now we can see that all has been fulfilled and a perfect way has been given to us to establish His Kingdom.

Therefore, become one-pointed. Become a Paravipra. Become a Saint. See this Vision clearly and how perfect it is. And do not let anything sway you, anything affect you, anything make you not be one-pointed toward this Mission, or other peoples actions affect you because they are not doing according to what you expect them to do. You then will be one-pointed doing the Mission. Those who fall to the wayside will either pick themselves up and follow you faster, or they will stay in the wayside and you will go on with the Mission.

They either have to catch up, or the train will be gone. That is the kind of organization and the people this Mission is looking for. They are the Elects. They are the Saints of the future of humanity. They are the people who will bring the Spirit of God to man. The more we create such people, the greater the manifestation of God and the Mission will be on earth.

Keep these words again in your minds, in your hearts, and in your spirits. This is the Revelation that God is very protective of. Indeed, many people are talking about, Why am I not suffering as the other Prophets suffered, were shot at, yelled at, stoned, and crucified?

If I were suffering, I would not have been the Seventh Angel. The very base of the teaching in the Bible about the Seventh Angel is that He does not even go to the streets. He does not suffer at all. If you have a Prophet, if you have a Revealer who has suffered, that is a sign that he is not the Seventh Angel, that he had only 1/7th of the truth and it was prophesied that the suffering would come to him, because that is what God has Revealed to man clearly. That is another thing that humanity has to realize, that this Revelation is the last Revelation and it is the Revelation that God and the whole universe rejoiced about. It is for rejoicing, not for suffering.

It is fulfilled in this Revelation and the way it was Revealed, and the way that God had created the tools for us to be able to reach the whole of humanity all around the world, and the way the Word goes out to them without them even being able to touch me or do whatever they have done to other Prophets. At the same time it is progressing and getting to every corner of the world.

It has been preached and translated into many languages already. Many people can see this truth clearly. Therefore, that is another thing that we can see, understand, and accept as Gods Will.

I do not see any questions on the board or any PMs that there is a question. Therefore, it is the end of our time here. Protected_by_the_maker is asking, Can I ask a question? Go ahead Protected, ask your question. I hope it is on topic.

Protected_by_the_maker: How does one constantly think of God in all things with single-minded attentiveness?

Maitreya: The question is, How can we think of God, be in God, and completely merge ourselves in God all the time?

That is the Goal. That is not an easy Goal, especially at this time that we are living in now that there are a lot of false advertisements, false prophets, false teachers, and false programs that tell us, Buy this, buy that, do this, do that, to be happy. If you are thin, you are going to be happy. If you have all these toys, you are going to be happy. If you buy this, you are going to be happy. But they never tell you that the real happiness is within you. You do not need any of those things.

Therefore, it is even harder at this time to be one-pointed, to think and know God, and to be with God all the time. That is why there are so many tools that have been given in the Mission for directing you and your mind back to God all the time. A lot of people are having a hard time to follow them because they want to follow God and the world at the same time. That does not work.

But if you really understand this Vision, if you really understand this Revelation, if you follow the Eternal Divine Path, if you reach the fourth level of this Revelation (which is the surrendering and submission to God), are constantly realizing and remembering that it is God that is doing it through you and you really do not exist but God exists, then you can become one-pointed and all the time be in God.

This does not mean that it is just words, and they are, I am going to let God come through, and All thanks go to God. But you really mean it, you really believe it, and you are really one with Him. Therefore, the Fourth Seal is that level that you can be with God all the time and remember Him all the time constantly and attentively. So this Revelation is the only Revelation that has given all the tools to redirect your mind back to Him.

In the beginning, it is going to be hard because the mind is a very tricky thing and it always directs you toward the body, toward the external world, and toward ungodly things. Therefore, it is going to be a struggle.

Another thing is the meditation that we have been giving to humanity. If you learn to direct your mind back to your mantra every time the mind starts wandering around, after a while your mind is going to give up and you will eventually be able to have the control of the mind and direct it toward your meditation and toward that stillness between breathing in and breathing out and breathing out and breathing in, and understanding the movement of the affect of the mantra, which is the release of the energy. If you concentrate on that, actually you do not need too much formal meditation but you can be in that movement all the time and therefore know that God is with you.

You can sit, you can walk, you can sleep, you can talk, you can go to work, you can be with other people, you can do whatever you want to do, at the same time knowing that God indeed is there. That movement is always with you, that oneness is complete and is there all the time.

So you have to read our teaching. You have to see these techniques and understand that movement within yourself, create the Communities of Light, sacrifice for them, surrender and submit, know thyself, and become a Universalist. Little by little, as we create more Communities of Light, more people will be able to be with God all the time and bring Him to themselves and their lives constantly. So it is not an easy job but the way has been given.

You have to wrap yourself up in the Mission. You have to wrap yourself up in this teaching. Use the techniques, meditation, prayer, chanting, dancing, and everything that has been given to you. The ones that appeal to you most, do more often.

That is the way to reach a point that constantly you can be with God.

I hope that answered your question.

OK then, be good and be with God. Hopefully, we can teach everyone else also to be with God, become Godly, and bring the oneness and the Kingdom Of God on Earth.

Sal-OM everyone. Be with God!

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