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Maitreya:  Sal-Om Everyone.  Welcome to the Mission of Maitreya’s Conversation room. 

Let us start our conversation in the name of the Father, which is in heaven, and the mother, which is in creation, and the Son, that brings the Revelation to humanity and represents the Spirit of God to man.

Again God, or nature, showed its power last week and how awesome it is.  The human still has to recognize and realize this power, which really in comparison to the universe is very small.  In a few minutes a tsunami brought so much suffering to so many people, and we still cannot prevent such things.

It shows how fragile human life is, and yet humans still hang onto their lives like they are going to last forever.  They do not realize that there will be a time when they have to answer the question of why this creation has been created and why they are here.  In a blink of an eye it can be gone, and they might not have that opportunity that God has given humanity to come and realize why they are here.

But we have the opportunity and the ability to know the Plan of God.  The Revelations that have been sent to humanity for the last 12,000 years now have been clearly unified and revealed to man as a final Revelation that explains why the creation has been created, why we are here, what is the Goal of life, why God went through so much history for the last 12,000 years, and why humanity cannot bring the peace and unity, and know the Goal Of The Life, unless they realize that there is indeed a God.  There is a Spirit.  There is a Supreme Being.

No matter how much scientists try to explain the universe, at the end they reach a point that they have no choice but to acknowledge that there is a Unified Base for all the creation and humanity.  They have to recognize that base is the Spirit, or God.

God has revealed, and in His Revelation it clearly says, “There are going to be Seven Revelations, Seven Truths, and they are going to come for 12,000 years,” the period that many people in the Hindu Religion believe is the Kali Yuga, the time of ignorance.  We are at the end of that time period and the starting of 1,000 years of human progress.  For 200 years or so humanity will be prepared, and they will see that they have to realize and recognize what this creation is made of and what is its Goal.

The sooner humanity recognizes that, the sooner they can come together, create Communities of Light, start following the Eternal Divine Path, realize that each religion is a part of a greater truth, and that none of the religions before this Revelation had the whole truth and therefore cannot be perfect.  Perfection comes in the Seventh Revelation.

This Revelation now has come to humanity, and humanity now has the whole Plan of God in front of them.  If they recognize and see it clearly, and the sooner they do that, the sooner we can create the world that we have much more control over.  Such disasters can be detected, can be reported, and can be prevented in a greater degree.

The earth is in distress itself because human consciousness is affecting everything around it, including the earth.  Our actions not only affect us, not only affect our families, our communities, and our nations, but also they affect the whole earth.  The earth is a living organ.  Therefore, it will be stressed because earth and nature are closer to the Will of God.  The more we make our lives artificial and go away from nature, the less aware we will be of what is happening.

Indeed there were reports a few hours before the tsunami hit and brought such a huge disaster that many animals were acting very strangely, and their owners did not know what was happening to them.  But it has been reported all through history that before a disaster comes there are some indications that animals give that they are in stress, because they are closer to nature.

So also when the Communities of Light are created and man can meditate and come closer to nature or the more natural life, they can sense what might happen in the future and therefore they can become more aware of their environment.  However, we also do not discount science and their ability to monitor the earth and recognize if something is going wrong.

This disaster shows that humanity is really one body again.  When something affects one part of the world, other parts of the world no longer can ignore it.  If this disaster had happened 100 or 200 years ago, we would not hear about it for some time.  And we would not have been able to help as fast as the whole earth was mobilized to help.  We are becoming more and more like a global village.  The communication and the ability to know one another are greater than at any other time in human history.

So we can see that all the signs are going toward a unification of humanity.  And this Revelation is the map of how to bring that unity with recognizing that there is only One God for all.  We are all His children.

Recognize history, why the history of the last 12,000 years occurred, and understand that now is the time for the Revelation that God said would come at the end time.  It is here.  All the signs also are here that, that unification is needed and necessary.  Humanity is going toward that unification.

The only thing really left is to educate humanity, to implement these teachings in a greater degree, and to make everyone recognize that they are all the children of One God.  The sooner they come to this conclusion and become just and fair to one another, and start respecting each other and recognizing that the Essence of each man and woman and child is God, the sooner we will stop killing one another, we will stop separating one from the other by trivial differences of culture, color, gender, nationality, religions, and we will become one.

Therefore, we can see that all the signs are there that we have to come together and make this earth a place of peace.  We have to study this earth and the universe in a greater degree so we can prevent disasters like this even before they happen.  If we can monitor the movement of the plates on the earth and recognize that the pressure is building up in one part of the earth, then we might release that pressure before it comes to a point of an earthquake, or tsunami, or any destruction that might come.

Of course, still the universe is much more violent and much more turbulent than we can completely control, but at least we can try.  That is possible with cooperation and understanding between people.

In some parts of the world where this disaster hit, they cannot be helped very much because the government is fighting with rebels in that country.  If they had peace, that would not have been a problem.  So we can see that peace is really a word that humanity should concentrate on in a greater degree and how we can reach it.  How can we reach that peace and unity?  This Revelation has given the way to do it.

In every agreement and coming to a closer understanding of each other, some sacrifice is necessary with each party.  That is why people negotiate.  Eventually they come to some agreement that, “This is what we are going to do.”  One part gives a little, another part gives a little, and eventually they come to a point of agreement.

This Revelation is the same.  The dogmas have to go.  Our misunderstandings of our religions have to be forgone.  Our traditions have to become God’s traditions.  We have to recognize and realize that in order to bring peace we cannot all keep our holidays, our traditions, our ways, and expect at the same time to have peace, unless we want to dominate and dictate our ways to other people.

For sure, they are going to resist because they want their ways.  Therefore, again we will have war, destruction, and disunity.

But if we accept this Revelation, then we accept God’s Traditions, God’s Ways, and we have to forego our ways.  Therefore, we come closer to one another because then we are all going to follow the Holy Days of God.

We will respect each other.  We will be just.  We will not separate each other by trivial differences and all the things that this Mission has been preaching to humanity for the last twenty-four or twenty-five years.

Now more people know about these teachings.  People did not know anything about the Eternal Divine Path in 1970 or 1975.  Since 1982, many people know what the Eternal Divine Path is.  That is the work of a Messenger, to give the Message to humanity.  The more people who know about the Eternal Divine Path, the more people can teach it to other people.  The more we teach other people, the greater this understanding and awareness will come to all.

One day everyone will know what the Eternal Divine Path is, what the Seven Seals are, how they were opened, and what God meant with the Revelation of the Seven Seals in The Revelation and other places in the Bible, and in His Scriptures and His Words.

So the salvation of man is God.  The salvation of man is the Revelations that came through Him.  The salvation of man is to recognize that the Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, to cleanse themselves of the human ego, the craving of the ego, the attachment of the ego, the forgetfulness of the ego of why it is here and becomes attached to the external world and what it offers, and therefore becomes unaware of the goal of their lives.

When they forget what is the goal of their lives, they surely will fall.  They will become attached to their bodies and to the environment.  And because they do not have that connection to the Spirit, they direct the infinite longing for the infinity, which they have come from, to the finite.  They have a memory that once they were everything, they were infinite, and they were one with God.  Now, they do not have that connection.  Therefore, they direct that infinite longing toward satisfaction of the finite world.  Of course, the finite cannot quench the thirst for infinity.  Therefore, they will never be satisfied.

So the very endeavor to become happy and satisfied in the external world is delusion, is Maya.  In fact the very essence of the external world is lonely and unsatisfactory.

It is an illusion, Maya, to try to fill this loneliness and dissatisfaction by other people.  The only way we can fill that infinite longing is to connect ourselves with infinity, with God, and with recognizing that indeed we were infinite once.  We came, we were disconnected, we were separated from that Essence, and now we are so separated that we do everything possible to try to fill that longing.

We go to parties.  We drink.  We buy the most beautiful cars.  We try to have a most beautiful, or handsome, partner.  We are proud of our children.  We try to become happy with anything external when indeed happiness is within you, it is internal.  You cannot find it out there.

That is why people become so disappointed.  No matter how rich they become, how wonderful a partner they have, how many parties they go to, or how much they drink, or this and that, it does not satisfy them.  Still after 12,000 years and all these experiments that the humans have gone through, still humans are trying to be happy and satisfy themselves by this approach to the external world, by trying to satisfy themselves with the finite things.

But in the creation of the Communities of Light and establishing an environment where people can meditate, cooperate with each other, create peace, and progress physically, mentally, and spiritually, they can accelerate their progress toward realizing that The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine.

That Goal helps them to accelerate their progress toward that infinity and Essence, and the happiness will come to them.  Many people will be satisfied with the minimum physiological and safety needs, and they will direct the rest of their lives toward, “The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine and help others also to become Divine.”

So we can see that the map again has been given to humanity of how they can become happy, Holy, one, peaceful, and united, and recognize that there is only One God for all of them.  There are not two, or three, or ten.  No.  He is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal (FINE).  Therefore, now humanity has all the tools they need to come together and recognize a God that has been sending all these Revelations together as one.

If we recognize this and we teach other people also to recognize this, then we realize that the Prophets before this Revelation had only a part of the truth.  None of them had the whole truth.  That is the Word of God, right in the Bible, right in The Revelation of God that the mystery, at the end time, will not be revealed to anyone, not even to Daniel, not even to Ezekiel, not even to any Prophet, not even to Christ, Muhammad, Buddha, or Krishna, or anyone, until the Seventh Angel.  None of them had the whole picture, the whole map, and the whole truth, until the Seventh Revelation came.  And when that Seventh Revelation came, It revealed to humanity the whole Plan.

So the whole Plan has been Revealed, and by now many great people have been progressing for the last 12,000 years, and they come, they see this Revelation, and they say, “Yes, indeed.”  They realize this, not in an egoistical way as, “Yes, I am an Elect,” just like, “I am God,” and “No one else is,” but, “I am an Elect in the sense that I will understand this teaching.  I will take it, and I will become a second-level messenger for humanity.  I will carry it to every corner of the world.  I will reach out to the rest of humanity.  I will follow it and accept it as the Word of God and as the Revelation that has been prophesied and foretold to come.”

Therefore, “I will become a pure channel for God, and I will take my ego away so His Words and Spirit can come through me and I can connect others to God or the Mission.  I am not an egoistical messenger but I am a humble messenger who realizes that the Message is more important than the messenger.  If the messenger becomes in the way of the Message, then it is in the way.”

The messengers become obstacles when ego is involved, and therefore they have to recognize when their ego comes in.  It does not mean to stop trying to spread this teaching, not to reach out, not to preach to humanity and try to teach them this new Revelation.  It is OK, go ahead, and learn your lesson.  If you recognize, “Yes, my ego has come through and I think I am the doer, it is not the Spirit of God doing it through me,” learn your lesson and go on and learn not to let the ego come in.

Little by little you will reach a point that the ego becomes smaller, and eventually more and more God will come through, and less and less of you will be there.

These are amazing truths and gems of wisdom that have come to humanity.  The way has been really paved for man to go to God and bring the Peace, Unity, and Understanding of the Spirit, which is one for the whole man and God, and Godliness.

Therefore, we all have to recognize this perfect Revelation and perfect way.  The sooner we overcome our old desires and wants, and surrender and submit to the Will of God, the sooner we can come together, become a cooperative group, and create the facilitating body so we can reach in an organized way to every corner of the earth and spread this Message to every human.  The sooner humanity recognizes these messages and starts following them, the sooner they will come to that unity and recognize that there is only One God for all of us.

Unfortunately the religions before this Revelation cannot unify humanity because, it is just like trying to come to a decision or conclusion with imperfect information, one seventh of the information that we need to make that decision.  Therefore, all the religions before this Revelation have to recognize that they do not have the whole package, the whole information.  And because of that they cannot unify, because they only have a part of the whole truth.

The sooner the followers of other religions recognize that and see God has sent those Revelations as a part of a greater truth and realize that their Prophet, their Revealer, has come from God but he did not have the whole truth, the sooner they have to forego their dogmas and hanging onto their religions, which are no longer effective, and come to the understanding of this Revelation.

We have a question in the room.


MatthewClarke: Would it be unrighteous to go to jail instead of war, if it was a righteous war based on knowledge?

Maitreya: The only war that is really righteous is the war where you defend yourself against the aggressor and/or it is necessary to establish the Kingdom of God on earth.

As you might know, if you have been on our website, or you have talked with other people in the Mission, there are always three kinds of every action in the universe:  from ignorance, from passion, and from knowledge.  That, of course, includes war.

If the war neither brings great material possessions to you or the people who started the war, nor is it good for the people who have been attacked, that war is from ignorance and it will benefit no one.

If the war was started because we wanted more land, we wanted more possessions, we wanted to dominate, we wanted to gain advantages from the point of view of the worldly things, that war is from passion.  Any time an action is done for selfish reasons, for gain, that is from passion.

When the action is done that is not good for us and is not good for the other person, that is from ignorance.

When the action is done that is Godly and pure, and the reason for it is to bring greater awareness to humanity, and it brings Godliness, purity, unity, oneness, and all that, that is from knowledge.

When the war is from knowledge then it is the duty of every person to participate in such a war.  As we can see in the Bhagavad-Gita, Arjuna was distressed and did not want to fight.  It was because he said, “Whom am I fighting?  I am fighting with my brothers.  I am fighting with my family.  I am fighting with my relatives.  And I do not want to fight.”  He dropped the helmet and the sword, and he said, “Krishna, I cannot do it.  There is no honor in this war.”

But Krishna convinced him that that war was a righteous war, it was good, it was Godly, it was pure, it was against the evildoers and the people who did not want to accept purity, unity, and the greater things.  At the end, eventually Arjuna relented, accepted Krishna’s wisdom, and went on.

So if the war is against an aggressor, and if the war is Godly, pure, and based on Spirit, we have to accept that we have a duty to participate.  But if it is not, then we can become conscientious objectors and say, “No.  I cannot participate in a war for material things.  It is not a part of my consciousness, and I object to such a war.”  As we know, there are countries that do accept that argument.  If you object and your consciousness does not let you do it, you can forego going to war.

That is really the map or the base of going to war: if it is from ignorance or passion, you should not participate.  But if it is from God and Godliness, it is acceptable.  Therefore, you can see right there that the only war that is really acceptable is the war to spread this Message and eventually bring the Kingdom of God on earth.  Any other war is based on ego, ignorance, and passion.  We can see that we have to be conscientious objectors to every other war but the last war, or any war that will bring the unity of humanity and the understanding of God’s Revelations.


MatthewClarke: So one type of war based on knowledge would be self-defense.  If someone was attacking your country, is it a MUST even if you are a cripple, to fight?

Maitreya:  Yes indeed.  If there is an attacker, you have the right to defend yourself with every means possible to ward off the aggressor.  Therefore, if there is a war started by an aggressor, it is the duty of every individual to defend themselves with every ounce of their being possible.

So eventually there will be no aggressor because all the aggressors will know that the people in that nation or religion will fight back.  The more humanity is willing to stand for their rights and fight back, the fewer aggressors we will have.  The aggressors will back off.

It is just like those bullies in school.  If you stand against them or report them to the administrators in the school, those bullies will back off very fast.  But if you relent and let them bully you, they will become even more aggressive.

So the more humanity recognizes that they cannot be aggressors, the sooner the aggressors or bullies will realize that they cannot do that anymore and we will have peace.  That is again another rule for humanity:  If there is an aggressor, you have to fight back and defend yourself with every ounce of your being.  Do not be an aggressor yourself, but be a defender of the right and justice on earth.  If there is a war to establish Godliness, of course, that would be fine.

But who should decide what is a Godly war?  It sounds like “jihad” in Islam.  It sounds like the same kind of meaning.  The very concept of jihad came to Islam when the people in Mecca started making the lives of the Moslems miserable.  They took over their possessions.  They put them out of Mecca.  And they started killing them.  Eventually Prophet Muhammad said, “Yes, we have to defend ourselves against these people.”

“Defending ourselves against them” eventually became the idea of jihad that, “Just anyone who does not believe in Islam, kill them.”  However, you can see that God said only one fourth of the earth [Rev. 6:8] would be Moslem, and they already have covered that much.

Now the only jihad, or Holy War, is the war that makes other people recognize that there were Seven Revelations and Seven Angels.  And if they attack us, we should defend ourselves. That is the Godly way.

But the peaceful way, not being aggressive, is the rule.  And who decides that jihad is necessary?  It is those who have already overcome within themselves, who recognize and realize, and will not start a war from ignorance or passion.  If a war is from ignorance or passion, that person who decided is not in a very high level of consciousness.  Therefore, humanity should not accept that from them.

If they are absolutely high and they start a war based on God’s Will, then those who follow them will recognize, “Yes, it is the Will of God.”  We can see that the Will of God now is this Revelation.  So any other jihad or war is from either ignorance or passion, and is not acceptable.  That is why any war on earth at this time and any jihad at this time is not the Will of God and will fail.

At the end we hope we will reach a place that humanity does not have to have a war at all.  They will become one humanity, one being, will create peace on earth, and no war will occur on earth.  But that is the rule for starting a war.

As God said, “There is a time for peace.  There is a time for war.  There is a time for everything.”  If we create an environment where there will not be a time for war, hopefully we will not have any war anymore.

So the Message of the Mission is Peace.  The Message of the Mission is Unity.  The Message of the Mission is that we should bring the Revelation of God and recognize that the Essence of each man is God.  Therefore we cannot kill others.

But we will not sit down if someone attacks us.  We have to defend ourselves, defend the Mission, and defend the beliefs we have.  However, we will not be the aggressor; we will not attack other people unless we are forced to a point that that is the only way to bring the peace of God on earth.

This is the rule for war.  And any war happening at this time on earth is not acceptable.

I hope that answered your question.  If you have a follow-up question, go ahead.

Again this is the room of the Revelation of the Seventh Seal, the unification of all religions, the room that has brought the Revelation that all religions have come for a reason, for a purpose, and they have just a part of the truth, not the whole truth.

Any religion before it, including Hinduism, Buddhism, and the Mystical Paths, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Baha’i, and Ananda Marga (or Paravipras), none of them have the whole picture, the whole truth.  All have come from Major Manifestations.  The Prophets, the Saviors, are all the same.  When you say a Prophet, he is a Major Manifestation, he is the Messiah, he is God presented on earth.

We had a discussion in our room last week.  A person was saying that, “Krishna is God; therefore, he is greater than a Prophet.  That is because a Prophet is a Prophet, and Krishna was God.”

            The Prophet also represents God.  When Christ said, “The Father and I are One,” and Prophet Muhammad said, “Listen to the Prophet, what he says,” they represented the Spirit of God, and they and God were One.  Krishna did the same thing.

There is a question in the text:

Svijedok:  Coming of the last Prophet?

Maitreya:  Is that a question or is that a statement?  I do not see any question there.

If you are asking if this is the last Prophet, yes, indeed, this is the coming of the Revelation of the Seven Seals, which a lot of people in the world do not know about.  They follow other Scriptures like the Baha’is, the Koran, and the New Testament but they do not emphasize much on The Revelation.  Some of them do not even understand what The Revelation says.  Now it is revealed what the meaning of The Revelation is.

If you know our teachings, you know where your religion fits in, the Plan of God, and the Word of God.  Many people have recognized this.  After they read THOTH, our Scripture, The Holiest Of The Holies, The Last Testament, they understand their religion and they understand other people’s religion.  They understand the whole Plan of God and the Revelation of God.

God Revealed the end time (what is going to happen) to some Prophets like Daniel and Ezekiel.  He said, “Seal them.  Do not tell humanity what is going to happen at the end time.”

He did not reveal it to any Prophet before.  Very vaguely He gave some indication that there is going to be upheaval, there is going to be tribulation, there is going to be separation, destruction, wars and rumors of wars, knowledge will increase, and this and that.  But He never, ever revealed the whole truth to humanity.

He said clearly in Revelation 10:7 that His Mystery will finish after the Seventh Angel comes.  Every time the Seventh Angel came, He said, “It is done, it is finished."  That is it.

Now for the last twenty some years we have been revealing these teachings and perfecting them, giving more Essays, Satsangs, and going on realizing the genealogy, the prophecies, and many, many other things that now you can find all of them in our website.

Also a few weeks ago, the Last Declaration has been given to humanity.  It is done.  It is finished.

This Revelation is perfected for humanity now.  They can go to our website and see the perfect Revelation of God for man.  This perfection has come to humanity at this time, and now everyone has been called to come and see this Revelation and realize the Plan of God.  It sounds like the proverb that Christ told his disciples that it sounds like a rich man who had a field full of good crops.  The enemy came and put weeds and bad things in it.  The servant told him, “We should go and separate them.”  He said, “Do not do it now.  Let them grow together.”  That is exactly what has happened for the last 12,000 years.

When the harvest time comes, we will separate them.  We will put the chaff away.  And we will put the wheat into the barn.  This is the time of separating the wheat from the chaff, the wheat from the weeds.

So these are all the Words of God.  This is all in the Scripture.  This is all in your religion.  And every religion says that at the end time there is going to be a separation between the good and the evil.  Even the Zoroastrian religion has brought the belief that at the end time there is going to be a war between Ahora Mazda, their god, and Ahriman, their word for devil in Christianity and other religions.  So all religions have pointed to the coming of this time.

Now we are in that time that the last Revelation of God has come and the Plan of God is Revealed.  The call has gone to all of you to come, to join, and to bring God’s Way to man.

MatthewClarke: Take September 11th for example, was the US fighting back, a righteous act?

Maitreya:  Well, that is a very complicated question.  Really there is a misunderstanding and also a propaganda war between the West and the East.  Each of them believes that they are the right one, the correct one.  That is why they are fighting.

But the conclusion really is, as I said, no war at this time, no destructive tendencies, or anything that they say, “This is a righteous war,” “This is the righteous way,” is correct because this Revelation has come.  Now the only righteous war or righteous thing to do is to spread this Revelation and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Therefore we do not take sides because we do not believe any of them are correct.  We believe each of them is based on their ego interpretation and the misinformation and misunderstanding between them.  They do not recognize and realize that the other side might have some truth in what they claim or believe.  But at the same time they might also be wrong in their assumptions because they do not understand each other.  For example, many people come and say, “Islam is all wars, destruction, and this and that,” when they do not know the history of Islam and how this war came about.

So we can see that we can concentrate on the light at the end of the tunnel.  We are in the darkness and in the middle of the tunnel of destruction and war.  And it is probably going to get worse before it gets better.  The Grace has been taken away from all other religions, other people, and it is concentrated on this Mission alone.  Therefore, anything outside this Mission and this Revelation is tainted with ego, misunderstanding, cultural wars, geopolitical wars and many, many impurities that will not bring peace and unity to humanity.  They absolutely will not succeed.

You do not have to be a quantum physics genius to see that when God sends a Revelation, anything before it will be abolished, will be finished, and will be done with.  Now this Revelation has come.  Therefore everything before it, you should not concentrate on.

You should not be worried about 9-11, or the war in Iraq.  You can just read about it in the news and feel bad about it if you want to.  But if you go with God’s Revelation, it is done; it is finished.  They are no longer valid.  And the only thing valid on earth is the Revelation of God, and that is it.

So with this we can be relaxed, sit back, concentrate on God, create the Communities of Light, come together, create the facilitating body, and establish an environment that eventually all these wars will come to a conclusion that none of them are going to succeed.

As we said, the oppressor will be oppressed, and the oppressed will be the oppressors.  And the ego circle goes on forever until we break that circle and reach a point that we do not start wars based on ego and all those things.

Concentrate on the light.  Do not concentrate on the darkness.  The more you concentrate on the darkness, the more you will become unhappy, you will become attached to your culture, to your religion, to your nationality, and you will start opposing other people, seeing them to be evil.

What happens is that, if someone can make you see the other person as evil, then you see yourself to be right to kill them, to destroy them, and to have wars.  But if you can see that they also have the Essence of God, they are a part of God’s Plan, they are not as evil as we think, and we are not as evil as they think, eventually we can bring that unity to them, and then we can become one.

So the recommendation is to concentrate on God, not on human ego and misunderstandings.


Lou245_1_1:  Could you please explain Isaiah 24:17-23, “Fear and the pit, and the snare, are upon thee o inhabitants of the earth...”

Maitreya:  That sounds like that is again talking about the tribulation and what is coming to them.  “The fear and the pit, and the snare, are upon thee o inhabitants of the earth.”  Indeed, this is the time that this is coming.

Many people on earth think that they can bring the peace and unity to humanity by their understanding, by their religions.  They try to use nice words to do it but you will see more and more that they will not work, because they are based on ego.  All the wars and destruction coming to humanity at this time are based on ego, based on old understandings, old religions, and old cultures.  They have gone through their period and are no longer valid.  That is what happens every time.

Then when God sends a Revelation, anything before it is no longer valid.  They have to go away and be replaced with the new wine in the new skin.  Therefore, we should not concentrate on the old skin and the old wine.  The more we concentrate on the new skin, on the new Revelation, the sooner we will overcome being attached to what is or what was and concentrate on what is coming.

The more we work for what is coming, what was is not that important for us anymore and we can concentrate on bringing God’s Kingdom on earth instead of being depressed and unhappy of what is happening on earth.  What you see in those verses in Isaiah is again a part of God’s foretelling of the future, of what will come to humanity.

As we can see, this Revelation has been here for some twenty years.  Prophet Muhammad established his religion in twenty-three years.  And we have been here more than twenty years, and we have just scratched the surface.  People are becoming more resistant toward the truth than before.  Therefore, we can see that we have a hard work in front of us to turn humanity around from where they are going.

How are they eventually going to see this?  By going through the tribulation and the destruction, and recognizing eventually that their ways are not going to work.  As simple as that!  So, we have to reach out.

It is just like someone was saying this week, “Like a drip of water, drip, drip, drip, drip.”  It sounds like we are not progressing, or we are not making any dent or anything.  But if we continue “dripping” this Revelation and truth on humanity, little by little we will create a dent and create an impression on human consciousness.

Eventually when they go through all this tribulation, destruction, ego trips, separation, dogmas, misunderstandings, and this and that, they will have no choice but to long for a replacement of what they have.  We have the replacement.  This is it!  This is the future of humanity that we are representing in this Mission.

The people who have heard it and know it have great responsibility.  You cannot shirk your responsibility and say, “Yes, I can hear it, I can see it.  He has told me for twenty years, or for fifteen years, or for five years, or for two years.  I have seen the Vision, but I am not going to do anything for it.”

OK.  I will leave you to God.  But the truth of it is that you are the second level messenger.  You have seen the Vision.  You have heard the Message.  Now it is you who should become on fire as I am and I have been.

I started this Mission by myself, one person.  Now there are many candles that have been lit.  Now it is you who should come and light the other people all over the world.

It seems that there are not many questions there left.


Lou245_1_1:  “And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall punish the host of the high ones...”  [Isaiah 24:21]

Maitreya:  Well, remember also these sayings are not for this lifetime only.  As we have discussed before , there are going to be three reincarnations.

This reincarnation was for the incarnation of the Revelation.  The Revelation came, and it was perfected.

Now is the time of implementation:  spreading the Message, creation of the facilitating body, reaching to humanity, and spreading it to all corners of the world.  Therefore, the process of implementation has started.

That is why I am calling all of you.  That is why I am looking for the Elects.  That is why you have to come together and work with me and create the twenty-four Elders or twelve Elders (it depends on how we want to do it).  Eventually we can create the organization that effectively and efficiently can spread this Message to humanity.

After implementation, hopefully we can bring the Kingdom Of God.  But if still there is going to be resistance, at the end we might not have a choice but to implement it as the final resort to what is called Armageddon.  If there are forces that are against the coming of the Kingdom, we have to eventually overcome and bring God’s Kingdom on earth.

Therefore, this lifetime is for just the Revelation.  This is the fulfillment of the Seven Seals, the coming of this Revelation.  Now is the implementation.  While we create such an organization and we implement this Revelation, there are going to be tribulations, and all the things that you see in these verses will come to man.  Humanity has no choice.

This Mission is not just an idea of a man.  It is supported with God, His Spirit, and the whole universe.  God is not going to just come and let this Revelation be destroyed, and not followed.  Therefore, there is going to be a backup, and humanity will go through a period of birth pains.  In that period of birth pains, they will be awakened and they will recognize more and more that their ways are not good ways.

This is the Way!  And this is the Way of God.

We need people to bring this to humanity.   The sooner we can spread this Message to more people, the sooner more people will recognize that their ways are not good.  They are not going to work.  And therefore, we can bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

These verses that we are talking about are the tribulation, are the things that are going to come to man.  They are symbolic.  They will not happen exactly the way it says.  As we know, God’s Words have more than seven meanings.  It depends upon the people involved.  As we know, tribulation and destruction is on earth.  There is no place in the world that there is no fear.

We thought, “There is no fear in the West.”  And now there is even fear in the United States of terrorism and this and that.  There is no place in the world where there is no poverty, where there is safeness, and where there is no fear.  There is.  They are all over the place.

There is no one on earth who can say, “I am safe, I am happy, I am Holy, I have no fear,” unless you are Godly.  If you are Godly, of course, you have no fear.  What are they going to do to you?  Kill you?  You are going to come back and say, “Here I am.”  They kill you, “I am here,” again and again, and eventually do the Work of God.

You can see that the whole Plan is going toward the coming of God’s Kingdom.  If we resist it, we are going against the Word of God.  We are resisting God.  And resisting God is impossible.

So if you are called for it, if you are an Elect, if you really are ego-less, then you will let God come through and you will overcome your ego-longing, and your ego-understanding.  You will go to God’s Understanding.  You will overcome anything that is not Godly.

Be One with God and let God come through you.  Let your ego go.  Detach yourself from this external world, this world, and the darkness.  Concentrate on the Light, concentrate on this Mission, concentrate on this Revelation and the Word of God, and reach out to every corner of the world, and every human.

It is not a cult!  We are not creating a few people in a place.  And our preaching is, “No suicide and no giving up!”  It is not going to happen to us like those who committed suicide, or killed themselves, or anything like that.  It is nothing like that whatsoever.

It is a Revelation from God.  Each of you has to reach, preach, and spread the word of God.

Be with God.  And maybe see you next week.

Sal-OM everyone.


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