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Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Let us start in the name of the most High, the Compassionate, the Merciful, the Creator, God, the Revealer of the Truth that has sent all the Revelations from God to humanity,

We can see that many things are now happening that have never happened before, and the intensity of the things that are happening should make those who are sensitive enough to see that something is going on, on earth. And always, after the coming of the Revelation, especially after the completion of the last Revelation of God, humanity is at a time of awakening and realizing that they have to recognize Gods Way. This is the most natural way and brings the greatest unity and peace to humanity.

One of the things humans have to learn is how to respect one another and create greater respect and understanding for each other. The children should be taught from the very beginning how to do that and how we can bring greater peace and unity to humanity if humans learn to accept each other, especially those who are Godly. They should be highly respected and also others guided to become Godly and respectful to each other.

This is one of the problems that is worsening every day on earth, what is happening now in comparison with fifty years ago. People are not as polite and respectful as they used to be. So this is one of the things that will help humanity to come together.

This is easier to be done in the Communities of Light. As we create the more and more communities, we can learn how to create that kind of environment that everyone feels that they are not disrespected or put down. They will not do that to the other people either. Eventually we can have an environment that the relationships are based on a greater degree of understanding and a higher level of human being, instead of a lower level of backbiting, bickering, and the things that create a bad environment for living and being together.

This will happen for sure as we progress. We will see that in order to bring peace we can become more Godly and let the Spirit of God come through. Therefore we can see the Essence of God in every man and woman. That respect has to be there, because we polish them, we accept them, we try to see that beauty in them, and therefore they can eventually manifest It through themselves. Their Essence can shine through.

This room is for Conversation about the Mission of Maitreya. The idea is that everyone should go to our website, study our teachings and come here, and we can discuss this new Revelation together. The base of the Revelation is the Eternal Divine Path, which is based on a visual aid called The Greatest Sign, or the Shrii Shrii Para Maha Yantra.

Yantra means a visual aid to recognize a spiritual concept. The Eternal Divine Path is the greatest concept anyone can understand in the spiritual world and bring together the manifestation of the Kingdom of God on earth. The Kingdom of God is based on the Communities of Light, which follow the Eternal Divine Path.

If you understand our teachings deeply, you can see the perfection of the Revelation of God and how it covers every aspect of the human being. The only thing really left is for humans to see this perfection and bring it to their lives, and come together and create the facilitating body that will help this Revelation to manifest on earth.

Creation of the twelve units in the Communities of Light, the ideal manifestation of the Communities of Light, is the base of the hierarchy. But before that manifestation comes to existence, any leaders who emerge from any community will be accepted as representatives for those people and humanity.

Therefore we work for the ideal. Our approach is subjective approach with objective adjustment. That means we strive to bring the perfection and the ultimate manifestation of the Mission but we adjust ourselves to the situation we are in at this time, at this moment.

When we try and strive to adjust our situation more and more according to the Words of God, the teachings, coming closer to the Mission, and following what has been recommended and revealed to humanity, eventually we can say, Yes, I am following God in a greater degree, and my being is manifesting His truth and reality. It is not my own ideas, my cultures ideas, or my human understanding that I should follow, but it is Gods Understanding.

That is what we have to bring to humanity, and humanity has to start to see the Ways of God, the natural ways. Humanity has gone way off and away from the natural way of living, and indeed some of them have become so unnatural that the natural life seems strange to them.

The result of living unnaturally leads to the breakdown of the Spirit in society. When the Spirit leaves a society, they might gain the world but lose their Souls and as Christ said, That is not a good bargain.

Therefore in the Communities of Light and the coming of the Kingdom, humanity has to strive not to lose their Souls. No matter what the external world will offer us, we always have to realize and recognize that our goal is to have the Spirit of God with us and manifest it, and never let anything externally weaken that Spirit.

Humans are compromising the Spirit for gaining material things, comfort, and everything that the external world is offering them. More and more they are becoming unnatural and away from God and His Ways.

The natural way is the way nature intended things to be done and be. One of them is communities. Community is the most natural way of living and is based on the pure marriage of the couples (a man and a woman). If a system is based on the breakdown of the community, then we will see the destruction will occur too and come to those societies and people. This is the lesson humanity has to see and learn. All through history, no matter how prosperous and powerful a culture they might look, if they do not go to that basic natural way they will lose. They will lose their spirit; they will lose the connection to their Essence.

No matter how much we gain of the world, at the end that is not a good bargain at all. The individuals have to work for the marriage, for the community, for the relationship between the man and woman, and the creation of the family that brings wonderful children on earth.

No matter how much intellectually we discuss, how much we try to say, No, that is not the way, we can do whatever we want, at the end we will see. The destruction will come to them. We will wait and see.

Some people say, No, we are doing just fine the way we are. But it is a lesson coming to humanity very clearly and this truth they have to realize and understand: That there are two ways for every man and woman. Either they marry and create a base for the Communities of Light; or they dedicate their lives to God and become a channel for Him to spread Gods Revelations and Ways, to become sannyasins or renunciates.

If we can create more of these people, we can create communities that can bring the Spirit of God to them and everyone else. Those are the sannyasins, those who have time to meditate, to connect themselves to Spirit, and always are there for other people to come to them. If they become too busy with the world we will always have some people who are not.

Actually the whole base of the original marriage was that one person goes to work, which usually was the man, and the other one stays home so he or she will become calmer, more collected. One person goes to the world and comes home to an environment that he or she has some comfort, or someone at least who is calmer and more collected and can bring in a greater degree a shock-absorber to their relationship.

In the Communities of Light that can be done in a greater degree because nine or ten people can go to work and two or three people can stay in the community and create that shock-absorbing ability by being calm, more collected, and away from the society. When you are with other people at work and in society, a lot of people will affect you and the mind will not be very calm. The mind is a very absorbing thing and it becomes dirty, unclear, and confused, especially if you are sensitive.

If you have been meditating for many lifetimes and suddenly in this lifetime you have to go to the world and pick up a lot of energy out there, suddenly your mind is not calm anymore after a couple of hours of work. Everything in this universe affects everything else.

So at least a few people (or one person) at home can come and help you to be calm and collected. If you stay at home, you are collected, you are completely meditative, and you are not in the society too much.

Therefore we can see that all the old systems, natural systems of God, have broken down. Now it is our responsibility to see this subtle truth, and bring them more and more in our lives and in society, not only in our society but to all the societies on earth so we can eventually see the Ways of God, how He wants things to be done, how He created this universe, the world, and the society to function correctly.

They function correctly when we create the Communities of Light, when the people start becoming helpful, polite, respectful to each other, and have the ability to put themselves in other peoples shoes and see how they feel about the situation and more and more become closer to one another.

Well, it seems I am going into more detail today about things, instead of the general things that we always discuss, because we have been talking about the Communities of Light in general, we are talking about the coming of the Kingdom. But it is all more detailed and of course they say, The devil is in the details. The general things are easier to talk about and imagine. But when you come to the details it means you have to get to work, you have to really do it.

The theoretical part of the Mission is done. In theory we have to create the Communities of Light; we have to create the hierarchy, the facilitating body.

But in practice we have to start respecting one another, become more dedicated, and realize the natural way of God, the way He wants things to be done. We have to start implementing them in our lives and create an environment that at least we affect some people around us. We cannot be the same as before and be rude, impolite, or domineering, etc., and still want to affect other people and create the Communities of Light.

So it is more detailed today how I am approaching the teachings and the discussion. It is in detail that we have to work on ourselves before you have to work on our environment. Hopefully we can help other people all see these things. But I have found that it is very hard to affect other people and change their ways.

Maybe that is why it will take three incarnations to complete this Revelation. We need to start the children from the very childhood to teach them to be polite, to be respectful, to be sharing, teach them what is the Daharma of each person, what is the Daharma of man, what is the Daharma of women, what is the Daharma of children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, and how they all have a special Daharma and way. If all of us mix them together and we behave not the way the nature intended, after a while the children will not behave the way they should and the whole society will not behave the way it was intended to behave. So the whole base of the society will fall apart.

These are the subtle things that we might not even think about, and we are accepting the way things are as OK. Again we should go back to God. What did He intend them to be? What is the Daharma of children? What do they expect? How should parents behave that children become children? Is the mother important to be present in the upbringing of the child? Is the presence of the father important in the upbringing of the child? Or, are they not really necessary? Can we do whatever we want and still think we can create obedient, intelligent children that they will bring a greater society in the future?

What is the role of the grandparents? What is the role of the business for example? What is the role of the business in the society, or the government? Who is more important, the businesses or the people?

See, when the Spirit leaves everything falls apart, everything no longer functions according to the Daharma, the way nature has intended, because if the Spirit is not there, the natural way, the Essence, is not there anymore. If you study history, whenever this happens, the destruction will come.

So this Revelation and these teachings are what will guide humanity to create a society based on the Spirit and intended Daharma for everything. Of course what I say probably does not sound correct to many or does not even affect them who believe whatever they are or have or follow is OK.

But the truth is that these Words are the truth of what is eventually going to be recognized and realized in the future, because those who lose their Essence, their Spirit, will eventually fall, will eventually come to the place that they recognize and realize that, Yes indeed, we have to bring the natural or Godly ways for everything, for society, for male, for female, for children, for grandchildren, for humanity, for marriage, for spirituality, for government, for business, and at the same time work on ourselves.

If humanity works on themselves and becomes closer and closer to the Spirit, their environment is not going to affect them as much as it would affect those who are not in the Spirit. The person who is in Spirit will not be swayed with a lot of advertisements and the pushing of the ideas of the business people that you have to do this and you have to do that, you have to buy this and you have to buy that, you have to have this, because they know that is not a natural way to live. You will resist the external world and what is in it.

The natural way is to eat good nutritional food. You cannot go and eat un-nutritional and commercialized food every day and expect not to become sick.

Sponsored is asking:

Sponsored: What is Daharma?

Maitreya: Dharma is the innate nature of everything in the universe, what something is created for. Indeed in the Bible if you study Genesis, God did not call anything by name. He asked Adam to name things, and Adam created names for things.

God knows things by what they are intended to do in the creation. For instance the microphone in front of me, its Daharma is to pick up my voice, digitize it, and send it through the Internet. Your computers Daharma is to send it to your speakers so you can hear what I say.

Now if I say, Well this microphone, I am not going to use it for what it is intended for, I am going to use it as a hammer; I am going to hammer a nail to the wall, what is going to happen to the microphone? It will not function after a couple of hard hits on the head of a nail. I have ruined something that was intended for a good thing, for a wonderful conversation about God. Therefore it will be destroyed.

It is the same thing. What is the Daharma of life? What is the goal of life? So far humanity thought God came and said, Everything be and was, from nothing. That is why people are so confused, God is the Creator. God created everything. If God created everything, why they are not perfect? God is supposed to be perfect, isnt He? If God is perfect then what He creates would be perfect as well. Why am I not? Why do we have wars and destruction? Why do things become old, crooked, and eventually are destroyed?

We have solved that problem.

We have not been created. We have come from the Essence. We have come from a state that we used to be in, a state where there is no mind, a state of equilibrium, a state of absolute Bliss, a state of no question but Being, and a state that we do not remember anymore because we have amnesia to remember where we were.

If we have come from that Essence, we have not been created. We have been there before and that was our natural state of being. Now we have come to this life because of the disturbance in that equilibrium, or the Essence, or the beginning, and we came to existence. Therefore this state we are in is not the natural state.

Actually this state is an artificial state. It is a relative truth compared to that Essence we came from.

That is why the Bible clearly says that, There was darkness in the deep. It did not say God was happy and said, OK, I am going to create a perfect creation.

No. There was darkness in the deep. And God said, Why? What happened to My Body that now there is a darkness in part of it? And He sent His Spirit to that darkness and, The Spirit of God moved over the waters [Consciousness] and went into that darkness and went through the Eternal Divine Path.

Actually that is the symbolic meaning of Christ, of God coming to earth and manifesting Himself into darkness. That is the greatest sacrifice He does because He has to come to the darkness and forego being in the Essence and being in the Bliss, and come to this world and deal with the imperfection and relativity, instead of the Absolute. So He came and went through it.

That is why this creation, the very essence of creation is darkness and destruction and has nothing to do with God. God did not create wars. God did not create destruction.

So we can see now humanity can explain why these things are happening. Now the way to prevent this, the way to create an environment that we can accelerate our progress toward going back to that unity and Essence is given, and that is the creation of the Communities of Light. That is the way of bringing the natural way of living and recognizing and realizing Gods Way not mans way, because man lives in darkness.

But man has something great and that is that the Light shineth in him. The Light is in man. They have to recognize it and see it. The way to do that is meditation, concentration, contemplation, and everything that directs your attention from the external world to the internal world and eventually one day you see that Light.

So that Light is no longer in the darkness because you have gone away from the darkness and you have seen the Light.

More and more people will see the Light in themselves and recognize that this external world is based on the darkness and whatever destruction comes is not created by God. They will understand that they cannot blame God for it, but they should eventually start blaming themselves and look within themselves and say, Well, I will stop blaming everything else in the external world, and will start looking within myself and see why things are happening to me. Whatever is happening to me is from me. It is not out there.

The process of meditation has been given to man. The most perfect process of meditation and recognizing that stillness (which indeed is the Essence of man) has been given to humanity for them to know that stillness. The more people recognize that stillness, the less darkness we will have, and the more Spirit of God will be manifested on earth.

So really we do not have an eastern culture, or western culture, or southern culture, or northern culture; all our Essence is the same. There is no difference between us.

The difference is the creation of the ego and darkness. The sooner humanity recognizes that they are from the same Essence, the sooner they will create a culture and environment that they will not be so different because of what ego has created through history and years of separation.

Nature diversifies. For example, on the two sides of the Grand Canyon there are two different kinds of squirrels. Millions of years ago they were the same kind of squirrel. They were divided by the river, and they evolved differently. Now they are two different species. One is in the north, and one is in the south.

It is the same for cultures, each of them evolved according to their environment. For thousands and millions of years and because humans have a greater brain and bigger ability to adapt and create their own environment, they have some differences, cultural differences. But in order to overcome those differences, we have to come to our own Essence and recognize that we are from the same Spirit. And of course it is happening for sure.

Fifteen years ago a Moslem and a Christian and a Jew and a Hindu and a Buddhist could not talk to each other very much. Each of them had their own concepts and beliefs, and they never really discussed them with each other.

Now we have the Internet. We have chat rooms. We have PalTalk. Of course right now they are yelling at each other and because of their egos still they do not want to accept the possibility of seeing that maybe the other person has some truth, some facts, some Revelation.

With this Revelation we have corrected all of their misunderstandings and misconceptions but at least they are talking. At least they are yelling at each other. Fifteen years ago they would not even yell at each other.

So we can see, eventually yelling hopefully will come to the point of reflection, and the point of reflection will come to a conclusion that, Well, maybe none of us has the whole truth. Maybe each of us has just a part of the truth.

One day one of the Divines in the Mission was typing to someone, You each have just one seventh of the truth and that is why we have created so many dogmas and separative ideas. This is the whole truth. Now you can see why Moslems, Hindus, Buddhist, Christians, Jews, and Bahais, all of them have a part of a greater truth. When you put them together then you can see again you are all the children of the same Spirit and one God. And that person answered, You are right.

So the chaos eventually will lead to calmness, unity, and perfection. So it is working toward that end. But this chaos has nothing to do with God. God did not create it, the chaos. Indeed God is trying to help the darkness and chaos go back to the light.

Brahmamurti is asking:

Brahmamurti: Treasure in Heaven. Will people who follow the Eternal Divine Path eventually obtain access to the same Wisdom as you, Maitreya-ji?

Maitreya: Yes indeed. That is why these Satsangs are given. That is why the process of meditation and stillness has been provided for you. That is why these guidelines have come to humanity.

That is my hope and that is Gods Goal, to create many sons of God. You are in progress and march toward becoming the sons of God. You are indeed the people that will bring the sense of God to humanity. You start it by yourself, with yourself.

I truly believe that those who are in the Mission have been yogis for many lifetimes. The have meditated for many, many lives. They have been with the Great Prophets in the past. They have helped them to write and spread the teachings of the Zoroastrians, of Abraham. They have been with Christ, with Prophet Muhammad. They have been with the Great Prophets of the Old Testament. They have been with Bab and therefore they are Great Souls.

The Maya, the attraction of the external world, is incredible at this time. Why arent you all out there like everyone else, following the Maya and the illusion of what the external world offers you? You are here to hear the Word of God, this last Revelation.

I have great respect for you all that you do this instead of falling for that delusion that man has never before been so engrossed in. The Maya has never been stronger than it is now.

So that shows something. That shows that indeed your Souls are longing for something that you have experienced in previous lifetimes. Now these Words are the Words of Wisdom to you but probably gibberish to those who are in Maya and believe they know the truth, they are correct, and they are right in what they do.

However, if you look at their lives, you will see that all the mayaistic things they follow will not quench their longing for what they do not know even what it is. They go from one attraction of Maya to the other and for sensual gratification. Sensual gratification becomes stronger and they long for even greater sensual gratification because still it does not satisfy that infinite longing for the Essence that they have come from and they do not remember.

Therefore the conclusion is very clear. Those who really want the truth, they are Great Souls. They are willing and able to see the truth and accept it, when many spiritual paths and organizations say they know God but only appeal to egos of the people in those religions and organizations.

But here we are working to eliminate your ego and connect you to God. Many people do not want that. That is the truth.

So you have the base of it. You have been meditating and progressing in a greater degree.

Of course now you have the whole picture and you are in progress to seeing this Wisdom, the Truth, and the Essence greatly. Hopefully those who stay in the Mission, those who continue meditating and following what has been revealed to them, the promise is, Whoever overcometh will become My Son, will come true for them.

This Wisdom that you see coming through me is from the Spirit. It is from God, and the Son and the Father are One. Whatever the Father knows will be revealed to the Son. If you overcome and become a son, you will have the same understanding as Christ, as the Son of God.

So I can promise you for sure, you will see these things clearly. You will recognize and realize the Truth of God. Hopefully you will guide many to come to God and see this Truth and Wisdom.

We will create the Communities of Light; we will bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

First we have to create the facilitating body. We have to create people who are dedicated to spreading the Message and creating an organization that is not based on ego. We have many organizations based on ego. Why do we want to create another one?

We want to create an organization that is not based on ego but is based on cooperation, coordination, and egolessness, that each individuals Daharma is recognized in this organization, What am I good at? How can I help? What is the best place for me?

It is not that, I want to be the president of the organization, I want to be the head of the organization. I want to have a lot of people underneath me, but, What am I good at that will help this organization and the Mission in a greater degree? What is my passion? What interests me greatly that when I do I am in peace, I am in God, I am in my Essence, and I can manifest greater things?

It is not to be striving for your ego to be stroked and always craving for those ego cravings but you really are who you really were created to be. That is exactly what Buddha was preaching about the Sangha and Daharma. Sangha means community, and Daharma means the innate nature of each person in that community. That is the Communities of Light.

I know we talk about the leaders, and leaders, and leaders, and leaders but that does not mean they are greater than the person who sweeps the floor and he or she does the best job possible in the universe. It is not that a leader is greater than that person.

Actually, I do not know if anyone heard about it, but there was a person in New York that the only thing he wanted to do from the very childhood was to drive one of those cars that sweeps the streets. Eventually he became a driver of a street sweeper, and he was happy all his life. That is the only thing he did, he swept the streets with one of those sweeping cars and he died happily.

That was his passion. That was what he was best at. That was what he accepted himself to be. That is why the happiness came to him, and he never looked back. That is all he wanted to do.

So that is a part of the meditation, prayer, and fasting, Who am I? Why have I been put on this earth? What am I good at? How can I be that Essence, that passion that I have been created for? Therefore you can manifest greater things in your life than trying to be something that you are not. It is impossible to manifest great things if you do not have that passion for what you do.

Why are there so many people unhappy about going to work 9 to 5? It is because they are doing something that they do not want to do; they do not like to do. It destroys their creativity and who they are. That is why some people have hobbies because their work and their hobbies are two different worlds. Their hobbies are their passion. Their work is just to make money.

But isnt it better to create a society, a community, a people that their hobby is their work, that their passion is their work?

At this time with all of us meditating, we have to recognize who we are. We have to recognize that this Mission, this Revelation, this Truth is the salvation of man. This is the Umbrella of the Will of God.

Now where do I fall in this umbrella? What is my Daharma? What is Gods Will for me in this overall Will that is now revealed to humanity?

If each of us can come to the point that we truly understand and see why we have been guided to this Truth, who we are, and what we can do that will help to create that environment that is not based on ego but on the Essence, of the truth, of the nature of each of us, we will create the Communities of Light, we will create the Kingdom of God on earth.

So all of these techniques, these teachings, the meditation, prayer, Satsang, Service, chanting, dancing, all of these are to guide us to that Goal. Let he who likes to dance, dance with the Haree Om Shrii Hung. Let he who likes to chant, chant Haree Om Shrii Hung. Let he who likes to meditate, meditate on Haree Om Shrii Hung. Let he who likes to do service, do service for God and the Communities of Light. If one likes to dance, if one likes to do the Reminder, let him dance or do the Reminder.

That is why they all have been given. But if you like the Reminder, and someone else does not, it is OK. If someone likes to dance and chant, let them love that and do that if they want. Of course the more we do it together, in a greater degree we will become one and our energy will become closer to each other.

If you do not like any of those techniques but you like the intellectual part of the Mission, the science, and the explanation of all the religions and how they have come together and are one, then study that and be satisfied with the intellectual part of God.

But those who experience God, overcome, and become sons of God are the most humble and are one with the Spirit and their Essence, and they can become great guides for humanity. They are the guiding lights of man for the coming of the Kingdom.

They are the ones who will become Paravipras. They are the ones who God called them, the Elects.

Therefore we have given everything for every person to become, to follow. Becoming an Elect and a Paravipra is not an ego trip. It is not something that, Oh, I am a Paravipra. Everyone should bow down in front of me.

No. You are the servant of the community. You are the provider of the Spirit of God. You are the most humble, as Christ said, who is the greatest in the Kingdom? He who is the humblest is the greatest. You can see how much ego we will have left to overcome. But that is OK. Do not let that prevent you from going to God.

Some people say, I am not ready. I am not pure. I am not perfect. Therefore I am not going to go to God. I am afraid to go to God.

No. You start going to God. As you progress and you stumble, and you pick yourself up and clean yourself and continue going, you will eventually reach the goal.

But sitting somewhere and saying, No. I cannot go. I am not ready, I will fall, I will hurt myself, you are never going to reach there. So we can see God is compassionate, God is the helper of the universe, which has gone astray from the Essence. The goal is to return to Light.

This creation is not Light at all. It is a temporary place. That is why there is so much destruction and darkness in it.

The sooner we see this Truth and Light, the sooner we can accelerate our march back to the still, equilibrated, blissful state of being.

I do not see any question or discussion in the room, therefore I will end my That always happens every week. At 11 oclock we start having the questions, which is OK. As I said, if we have questions, I will stay here longer and answer them.

Sponsored is asking:

Sponsored: I saw in the Missions Glossary about Edgar Cayce, and I have a book about him. Can you tell us how he is related or involved in the spiritual experience of humanity?

Maitreya: Yes indeed, if you study our Scripture, The Holiest Of The Holies, you will also see his name in that book. It explains that he would fall asleep, and he said a lot of wonderful things about healing people and the truth, etc., that were very helpful for the people to recognize a lot of things they did not know.

What he did was called Readings. That is interesting because that is exactly what Koran means. Koran means Readings, and Prophet Muhammad also fell into kind of a trance and revealed the Koran to humanity and read the way he read it.

So what Edgar Cayce revealed to humanity was called Readings, and what Prophet Muhammad revealed to humanity was also called Readings. Both of them have a lot of truth that was sent and brought to us to make us see the things we did not know before.

That is what the relationship between him and the Mission is, and is one of the parts that it shows how Gods Spirit and Ways do not change. Edgar Cayce was born from the womb of a mother. Edgar Cayce also grew up as a regular human, and he eventually became the sleeping prophet of the West. He revealed a lot of truth.

He was not a Major Manifestation. He did not bring a new Revelation or anything. But he clarified and brought a lot of truth to humanity.

So I hope I answered your question, Sponsored. Edgar Cayce was the sleeping prophet of the US. He did almost the same thing that Prophet Muhammad did. He went into kind of a sleep and trance, and revealed a lot of truth to humanity.

If there are no other questions, I again leave you all to God. This Conversation will be running in the Discourse Room in a couple of hours. You and everyone else can go and listen to it, and listen to all the discourses very carefully. Hopefully more and more you will become one with these teachings and Revelations, and we will have the facilitating body together soon.

Be with God and be in God, and let God come through always.

Sal-Om everyone. Maybe see you next week.

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