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Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room and the Mission of Maitreya, the Revelation that has unified all, has fulfilled all the prophecies, and now is calling to all humans to come and see how marvelous God Is and what He has done for humanity.

He has promised that He will do all these things, and He has fulfilled them. So God indeed exists, is in control, and is guiding humanity to its salvation.

Humanity has a hard time to put God first in their lives and make God number one in their priorities. So, God sends the Prophets to redirect their attention and understanding toward God and to make them realize that this creation is the result of the original fall of man from the Essence. Therefore, it is an anomaly that has been created to encourage us to return to where it used to be before this creation was created.

This world is so powerful, and it appears to man to be the truth. Humans become attached to it, and they put this world as the number one priority in their lives. Therefore, they fall from God. Now again God sent this Revelation to make man see and realize that God indeed has been guiding him to this point.

This Revelation is the one that, if you understand it, you understand your religion, where you are from, and where your religion falls in Gods Plan. Therefore, you not only can see your religion in a greater light, but you also can see that all the religions that have been sent by God. You cannot keep your dogmas and man-made ideas and still believe that you can unify humanity.

That is what the understanding is: that we forego our dogmas and mans understandings, and submit and surrender to the Will of God, His Understanding, and His Revelation.

This Revelation is proven to be from God. In any way you look at it, historically, spiritually, prophetically, genealogically, and any way you look at it, Scripturally, it is from God. It has been sent with the same Spirit that sent all other religions to man. Now man is again on the brink of accepting God and His Revelation, or not.

Of course, man does not want to hear the truth, and that is why they opposed the Prophets. They stoned them. They killed them. They shot at them. They crucified them. Then when they are gone, humans change their teachings to something that man likes and then makes them great monuments, great churches, mosques, temples, and all the things that they do after they first get rid of the Prophets.

But at this time, God cleverly made it possible to reach humanity through the media that touches every corner of the world. The truth has been written down and put in the website and on the Internet. Anyone who wants, with a couple of clicks, can go and see the amazing truth that has come to man.

If you understand these teachings, then you can see a great Vision of Gods Work and, as He Promised at the end time, at the time of the Seventh Angel, the whole mystery of God will finish. That mystery, indeed, has been finished now, and it has been given to humanity in this media.

We have a question from Vincenzo.

Vincenzo7779: Maitreya, can you heal people?

Maitreya: Well, what good did it do? Christ healed people, and they eventually crucified him.

Even Christ himself said, Do not tell anyone that I healed you. It is not that important. The most important thing is my message, which is, The kingdom of God is at hand, repent, turn around, and go to God.

Also, Christ said, When the unclean spirit leaves a man, it goes and finds seven more vicious than itself and comes back. It sees the house is clean, and they enter. And the state of the man becomes worse than it was before.

Therefore, if Christ healed them, they did not know how to heal themselves, and the unclean spirit would return. The man who did not know how to heal himself, his state became worse than it was before. You can only see that he healed but you do not know what happened to them later

Those who are healed by others, if you study about them and ask, What happens to those people who are healed, who do not know how to heal themselves?, you will see that their state became worse than before.

So with all those reasons, and also it has been proven that miracles, physical miracles, healing, and all those things, do not make better believers, that is why the Prophets after Christ did not heal anymore but directed people toward their Messages, their Scriptures, and their Revelations instead of healing them. Therefore, healing is not the highest level of turning to God, but realizing the Plan of God, the Work of God, the Message of God, the Revelations of God, and going to God, is the highest.

But we do teach you how to heal yourself. With all the techniques and the things given to you in the Mission, with the great meditation process and techniques, with directing you toward the prerequisites of the spiritual life, toward giving you the highest mantra, or the Name of the Lord, you can eventually learn how to heal yourself. As Communities of Light are created, we will create an environment where healing yourself becomes easier and easier.

In this Revelation we teach you how to heal yourself because if we heal you, you never learn how to do it yourself and your state will be worse than before. So with all these reasons, if even I can heal you, I will not because I know that is not the highest thing to do.

All those questions that have been said in the text have been answered many, many times. But that is OK. We can answer them again.

This room is indeed a blessing of God to man because this Revelation is finished. It is done. It is in our website, and almost all the questions that are now brought up in this room have already been answered. You can just go to our website and search for healing, and you will find that answer.

This room is really for a blessing to humanity for a greater degree to understand God in a deeper level.

Again Vincenzo is asking:

Vincenzo7779: Maitreya, what do you know about the end of time in association with the devil and the false prophets who will show up at the end of time? Can you tell me please? Sal-Om.

Maitreya: Sure. There are false prophets and teachers all over the place. We can see that actually we have more teachers than students. If you watch television, you can see so many false teachers. They say, The goal of the life is to eat this, to eat that, to follow this diet, to do this exercise, to engage in this ungodly action, and do not listen to nature. Listen to us. You are bombarded with all these false teachings. And the word God does not appear in any of those programs. No one refers to what God thinks about that situation and the natural way that God created things to be.

False prophets, false teachers, the devil, the attraction of Maya, and being deceived with the external world have been with us from the very foundation of the creation and the world. That is why that first anomaly started in the universe.

We can see that false prophets and teachers are not something new. But, of course, the intensity of it is much greater at this time.

There are a lot of people teaching a lot of even spiritual things to humanity which are not based on the prophecies and the Word of God. They make things up themselves, and many people follow them.

Actually, as I said, because the Prophet comes and says the truth and reveals a Path, which is hard for humans to follow, they blame the Prophets for their own failing and say, It is too hard. I cannot do it, or the many excuses they bring in, not to follow the Prophets. And even they kill them.

But the false prophets prosper because they appeal to the ego of man, and man does not want to follow what does not appeal to the ego. But God prophesied and promised that His Kingdom will come.

Eventually there will be people who want this truth and teaching. They will not create any excuses. They will put God first in their lives. They will come together, create the Communities of Light, and bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

The false prophets and teachers and all the things that we see on earth will eventually fall. That is because humanity will see, little by little, that what they teach is not going to take everyone to a greater degree and higher level. So indeed we are at the end time. The intensity of the false prophets and teachers, Maya, and attraction to the external world is in a greater degree.

A lot of people are falling for these things more and more every day. But this truth is here and is calling humanity to it. Very few can see it and even some of those few who see it, the world comes, and as Christ said, Some of the seeds fall in places that the weeds come and overtake them. And they will not be able to progress in their Path. Therefore, we can see the opposition for man to progress is intensified at this time.

This Revelation and Gods Words indeed are great. This is the end time. The Maya and the attraction to this world will become even greater and more prevalent.

Many people believe that the devil has already won. That is because ungodly things are presented to humanity as Godly, and Godly things are presented as ungodly. Therefore, we all are bombarded with the propaganda and all the false prophets and teachers not to see the truth.

So if you have the slightest sensitivity you will see that indeed, there are all these things that have already been on earth and will become even worse.

ZigZags is asking:


: Are you tax-exempt?

Maitreya: Well, who cares? What is your point if we are tax-exempt or not?

If you are member of the Mission, all the members of the Mission have the privilege of examining our financial situation and testing to see if we are here for making money or we are here to spread the Word of God. Therefore, that question comes from the very lower nature of a person that his mentality is money instead of going and seeing the truth in our website and realizing that indeed you should be supporting only this Mission because that is the only thing that is from God, physically, mentally, and in all levels. If you are not doing that, then you are stealing from God.

That kind of question will only be answered to those who have the privilege of being in the Mission. Therefore, let us concentrate on the teaching and the Revelation in the website. This room is to answer those kinds of questions. But if someone thinks that this Mission is here to make money and I am here to get rich fast, they can go and ask the government to come and test the financial situation of this Mission and realize what is happening in that level.

This is the Revelation of the Seventh Seal that when it comes, it fulfills the prophecies and unifies all the religions before it. All the religions now are unified, and there is no separation between them.

If anyone thinks their religion is perfect, they are in delusion and they have not seen the whole Vision of the Revelation of God and the Word of God. And the Word of God is clear that there is no complete truth in any teaching before the Revelation of the Seventh Angel. In The Revelation, the last book of the Bible, it clearly says that when the Seventh Angel comes, It will be finished. When the Seventh Revelation comes, humanity can know what God has been doing.

If we are attached to our religion, to our background, to anything that takes us from God and does not put God first, we will become very unhappy about this Revelation. We will call it false, man-made, and this and that when it clearly fulfills the prophecies and is from God. There is no doubt about that.

As I said, they have always done that to every Prophet that has come to humanity. They do not want to hear him. And if they could get their hands on him Many things they have done to him as in the past. But they do not want to see the truth he brought to man.

But they cannot stop the Revelation of God. They could not stop Christ. They could not stop Moses. They could not stop Prophet Muhammad. They could not stop Bab. And they cannot stop this either. It is the Will of God.

If it is not the Will of God, of course, it will not happen. It will perish and nothing good will come out of it. But many good things already have come out of it. Many people have seen the Vision clearly, and they have seen that indeed, God has sent His Revelation to man.

If you can see also, you become our brother and you can come, join, and help in any level you can. Be sure that you really saw the Vision, you are an Elect, and you have the ability to stay to the end. That is because he who stays to the end will be saved.

If you keep jumping out of the train, the train is not going to stop. The train is going to go on, and you will be left behind. So be very diligent in your words and your acceptance, and see the Vision clearly before jumping into the train, which will go faster and faster in its progress towards the end.

It is something that is going to happen. It is not a Revelation for this lifetime. It is the Revelation for spreading to the whole earth and calling those who have meditated, progressed, overcome their lower natures, and who can see clearly that this is the only thing that makes sense.

How can there be only One God and yet there are so many religions, and each religion says that they have the truth? Some of them even believe that they have the ultimate truth even when their Prophet is not fulfilling the prophecy of the coming of the one who brings the last Revelation.

They do not know about the Word of God that has come in His Scriptures, and therefore they err and make a mistake of believing what they believe. But this Revelation clears it up. If you really are open-minded and you really are a seeker and you want to know the truth, this is where you will find it. You will see that God said that this is the way He will do it, and He has done it.

If you are waiting for someone to come from the sky and fall into your lap and say, Here I am, your Messiah, Kingdom Come, and it is going to come like that, it is not Gods Word. Gods Way does not change.

The Prophets of God, the Messiah, the Revealer, and all those who come to bring the Message to humanity, will be born from a mother. They will grow up as a person. Eventually, they will realize the Revelation, and they will bring it to humanity.

Follow the Word of God. Follow what He has said will come and how it will come. When it comes, you might be one of the truthful and guided ones, and see the truth in this Revelation.


: In the 7 churches in The Revelation (Rev. 2:1, Rev. 3:22) the 1st, the 3rd, the 4th, the 5th and the 7th are specified to repent. The 2nd and the 6th are not specified to repent. Is that related to the 7 kings in Rev.17:10-11?


: Repentance is in all the seals. Actually, when you repent, you turn around. Repentance means to turn around and go toward God instead of going toward the worldly things.

The First Seal is the awakening of your spiritual forces. The Third Seal is Christianity, or the New Testament. The Fourth Seal is Islam. The Fifth is Bahai. And the Seventh is, of course, this Revelation. They all include repentance.

The Second and the Sixth Seals are not specified to repent. Well, the Second is Judaism or the Old Testament. The Seventh is this Revelation.

As I said, it might not mention it in those Seals but repentance always is a part of our meditation and prayer. When we do something which is not Godly and create ungodly energy in our lives and other peoples lives, we should repent about it. You do not have to go to someone to confess to them but go to God directly and in a very deep meditative state, in a place that you can feel you are in a Soul to Soul or spirit to spirit relationship with the Creator or God, repent clearly. State your problem. Let God know that you are repentant, that you will turn around, and you will not do ungodly actions anymore. Therefore, it will help you to come closer to God and become more Godly.

It is not that important if there was a mention of repentance in those seals. The most important thing is what they mean.

What does the First Seal mean? The First Seal means the awakening of your spiritual forces. It means, Know thyself. It means, Be still and know that I am God. Therefore, the first step is to, Know thyself.

That is the teaching of all the Mystical Paths, like Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Christian Saints, Sufis, and all the religions that say, Meditate. Know Thyself. Awaken your spiritual forces. Your Soul, Self, and God are One.

You are in the image of God. You have been created in the image of God and you have the potential to manifest Gods Qualities. However, just believing that your Soul is the same as God does not make you God. You have to repent. You have to turn around. You have to become Godly. You have to manifest Gods Qualities: Compassion, Mercy, Beauty, and all the Qualities that God has. God is Good, therefore, you will become Good. As you become good, you will manifest those Qualities of God more and more, and you will become in the image of God.

That is the First Seal. That covers all the Mystical Paths. And the Goal is to become Good and Godly.

The Second step or Seal is the creation of the Communities of Light. It is the whole theme of the Old Testament. God is trying to find a people who will accept God as their King and will follow His Laws. That revelation has come to the Hebrews and has come to the people of Israel. They were chosen as the chosen people.

We understand that later on Christ came and said, The Kingdom will be taken away from them and given to another nation. And that happened.

Now we understand the meaning of who is a Hebrew, who is an Elect. It is not a race. It is not a people. But it is a quality. It is the ability to follow the Eternal Divine Path, which is our teaching. And that is the Seven Seals.

Therefore, that relates to the Old Testament. They also have to repent. Actually, God sent Moses. Moses told them so many times, Repent. Turn around. Oh Children of Israel be Godly and follow Gods Way. Repent from your sins. Turn around and become baptized with the Spirit of God. But, of course, they did not.

Eventually God sent their Messiah to them. Christ brought the teaching of the Third Seal, or sacrifice. In order to create such communities, not only do you meditate and become a good person, not only do you direct your energy as God wanted the Children of Israel to do in the Old Testament toward the creation of the Communities of Light, but also as Christ taught us, you love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Therefore, you can create the community based on God and Gods Laws and Spirit. In that community you sacrifice and give of yourself for Gods Work and for the creation of these communities. That is the Third Seal. That is full of repentance.

Christ taught his disciples to repent, turn around, and be baptized. Actually, repentance is the act of baptism. When you repent, you turn around. You do not go toward the world anymore but you go toward God.

The world is not your priority. It is not number one. You do not cut God out of your priority but you put God into your priority as the first, the most, and the highest possible. Therefore, you can turn around and be baptized with the Spirit of God, and the Spirit will baptize you and cleanse you from your calamities and desires.

But do not let the world get you because the moment the world gets you, you will fall into the world and you will not go toward God. Therefore, you can see that the Third Seal is not only to be repentant. Not only did Christ release The Grace back to humanity, he also taught how to create the Communities of Light.

After Christ, Prophet Muhammad came and he brought the Revelation of surrendering and submission to God. That means, Yes, we have to know the Will of God. First, what is the Will of God?

Now we know the whole Will of God. The Will of God is to follow the Eternal Divine Path.

After we know the Will of God in general then, Where do I fall in this general Will that God has revealed to humanity? Where are my talents? What are my abilities? How can I help? How can I become more Godly? How can I meditate and awaken my spiritual forces? How can I repent, how can I turn around and be baptized with the Spirit of God? How can I start a community, or join a community, or help a community, or at least help the Mission to create the facilitating body to create the community eventually, sacrifice for it, surrender and submit to God, and realize that God is calling me?

If things fall apart, or fall away from you, as God said, the mother will be taken, the son will be left. The husband will be taken and the wife will be left. Of course, if the mother, the son, the husband, and the wife all come together that is greater. But this is the time of sundering.

When this Revelation comes to you, you have to realize that that should be the first in your life. If anyone else falls apart or becomes sundered, that is what the Revelation and the Word of God says is going to happen and it should not affect you at all. But you put God and His Revelation first.

That surrendering and submission means we do our best and surrender the result to God. It does not mean that we do not expect results, but we are not attached to them. We say, God, I gave this Satsang, I brought this Revelation, I called humanity, some came, some did not come, the result is yours. I am just a plain Messenger to give this Message to man. If they saw it, came, joined, helped, and got this going, great. If they did not, you say, God, the result is yours. I am not attached to it. You continue marching on to the next Conversation, the next Satsang, the next whatever God has planned for you.

Therefore, you are not bogged down with sitting there and feeling unhappy about why this person came, this person fell, this person that, this person this. But it is Gods Doing, and you are not attached to it. You leave them to God

Submission is even greater than surrendering. Submission means that you always realize that it is God doing through you. I am not giving this Lecture or this Conversation; God is giving it. Therefore, I am not attached to anything. I did not do anything. I am just sitting here and letting my mouth go on with Gods Words and keep telling you what comes to me.

That is the Spirit of God talking to you and you are talking to God directly. I am just an observer here enjoying the Conversation with you. Therefore, I am submissive to the Will of God.

With all these things, you reach the highest Spiritual realization. God and you become One. The Spirit of God will manifest in you.

But if you are not creating Communities of Light, if you are not meditating, if you are not awakening your spiritual forces,if you are not repenting, if you are not sacrificing, and still you think that you are connected to God, that is called the delusion of grandeur and it is not a correct one. God has given to man the yardstick of how you can know if you are connected to God or not, or if you are submissive to Him.

The next step is shattering all the narrowness of the mind. Still you might think you are helping your community, you are helping your family, you are helping this and that, but God says, No, the next step is becoming a universalist.

Universalism means completely shattering all the narrowness of the mind and to realize that God is Everything. Therefore, the whole universe is your home. God is your Father and Mother. And the rest of humanity are the struggling beings that you should help and be one with them in the goal of going to God, unification, and returning to the Godhead.

With these five steps, you create the Communities of Light, you realize that you have to meditate and look at yourself clearly, repent, progress, and become more perfect every day, a little bit more. We do not expect perfect people to come to the Mission or already they are perfect. No.

But if you can perfect yourself a little bit every day, if you can repent a little bit every day, every day you will become more perfect, closer to perfection and overcoming. Whoever overcometh, as God said, will be My Son and I will be his Father. And whatever belongs to the Father, belongs to the Son.

God has given this promise to every man and the universe that if they overcome, they will become His Son. Now, when you overcome, that is the repentance, that is meditation, that is the awakening of the spiritual forces.

But what, I meditate and that is it? No. God said, No. If you just meditate and try to come to Me, I will spue you out of My Mouth. You are not going to stay here. You have to go and start the Communities of Light and start getting this Mission done, sacrifice for it, become surrendered and submissive to God, and become a universalist.

Such people are the Elects, are those who have been meditating and progressing to this point. They are the people who God called, My Children, the people who have overcome and will become His Sons.

These are the Elects that we are looking for.

Rambler is asking:


: Is there a new God? Is there a new Revelation? Where is this based?


: Yes, it is a new Revelation. It is based on the Word of God. It is based on Gods Promise that when the end time comes, there will be a Book Sealed with the Seven Seals and this Book will not be opened until the Seventh Angel comes. This Book only will be opened with the Lion of the Tribe of Juda. When the Lion of the Tribe of Juda opens it, the whole universe rejoices. That Book has been opened. No one else could have opened it.

If you study the Word of God, any Prophet who came who was not the Lion of the Tribe of Juda, who did not break open the Seven Seals, who did not open the Book sealed with the Seven Seals, cannot be the last Revealer.

There is no new God. It is the new Revelation from the same God, which has sent all the religions of the world including the Mystical Paths (Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Sufis, Saints in Christianity, and any other religion or idea that says that God and you are One), Judaism (the Old Testament), the New Testament (Christianity), The Koran, The Bayan, the Ananda Sutram, and of course now, The Holiest Of the Holies, The Last Testament. The acronym for The Holiest Of The Holies is THOTH. It has nothing or very little to do with that Egyptian God Thoth. It is the book THOTH, and it is on our website.

Anyone can go to our website, read THOTH, and realize how each religion is a part of a greater truth. When you see this Revelation, your religion and every other religion will make sense to you. Therefore, indeed this is a new Revelation from God to humanity and it is the Revelation that would come at the end time that should be spread, preached, reached, and understood by all humans.

We are in the end time. The knowledge has increased and the ability of men to feel that they are God has been multiplied. This Revelation is the most compact truth that has come to humanity. You can write a thousand Korans for every sentence of THOTH.

The base of this truth is in The Holiest Of The Holies. So your question and its answer is clear that God said this would come. It is not something that has come from the blue that suddenly someone sat one day and said, I am going to write this down and say this is a new God, this is a new Revelation, and that is what I understand of it.

It is Gods Understanding and Revelation. It is Gods Prophecy of the coming of this Revelation. Therefore, if you want to know the latest Revelation, actually the last Revelation and the Call of God to man, this is where you should go, see, and find it. It is the responsibility and the duty of every person to look into this and see if indeed it is from God.

It is from God. This is the last Revelation of God and everyone should understand it, spread it, realize it, test it, examine it, and do everything that is possible to prove it. If you prove it to yourself then it is a Revelation to you. God has spoken to your heart, and He has come to your life. This is now your responsibility and duty to take it and spread it as I have been doing for the last twenty-two years. You become the second level of messenger to reach to man in any way you can.

This has to become the priority in your life as it became the priority of my life. If you want to go to God, if you want to be a part of Gods last Revelation and Salvation, this is it. There is no other Revelation or Revealer or Scripture that can claim this because they did not have the whole truth.

Of course, if you miss the last Revelation of God, you missed very, very big and you have not seen the whole picture and Vision. Therefore, you will err for sure. You will follow dogmas and man-made understandings and religions instead of Gods Understanding and Words that have come through all the Prophets of God and now has been revealed to man clearly.

Sponsored has a question. Go ahead Sponsored.


: Thank you, Maitreya. It is posted down there. Can you tell me more about that question? Thank you. Sal-OM. [In text] Hebrews 9:27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment. How can you die and return back to earth according to this verse?


: Well, I guess you do not know that we do not accept everything in the Acts section of the New Testament, to be the truth. We go mostly with the direct words of Christ and his teaching.

Actually, Christ himself said that the body is like a garment. If the body is like a garment, what do we do when our garments become old and no longer are useful? We usually throw the old garment away. We get another garment and use a new garment to cover our bodies. Therefore, if Christ compared our bodies to garments, he also meant, as a metaphor, that the body is something that might wear out and we continue with a new body.

Also, it is very unlikely that God gives you one chance and puts you in a situation that you have no ability to hear of the Word of God and progress toward going to God, then He kills you, and then suddenly He brings the judgment and says, Oh, you did not listen. You go to hell. What kind of just God is that? It makes it impossible to explain that God is just.

But if God gives you many lifetimes, many chances, puts you in many situations that you could have heard Gods Words, progressed, realized, and still you refuse to do that, then God has all the right to judge you and say, Look, I gave you so many lifetimes and I put you in so many different situations for you to learn your lessons but you did not. Therefore, now I have all the right to judge you as a Soul that does not want to listen. Now you are judged and you will be punished for not going toward what I wanted you to do which is to return to the Godhead. So with all this evidence we can see that that sentence is a man-made sentence, and it is not from Christ.

All those who wrote those things were disciples. They were not Christ himself. Some of them we are not really sure that they were disciples because they claimed they were and they had a vision. But, of course, many people have visions and claim many things that are not directly from God.

So to be absolutely sure that you have a good grip of the truth, only go to the Revealer, the first level, the Messiah, the Teacher, the Prophet, and the Scripture that has come through him and examine that Spirit instead of listening to any disciple whatsoever.

Disciples might know the teachings of the Prophet a lot but still they have their own ideas, their own opinions, their own knowingness and they might bring something to the Revelation that is not completely from God and a Revelation from the original teacher. Therefore, we always recommend to everyone in this Mission and to those who join this Mission, to go directly to God and the Revealer who revealed those Revelations.

The Acts are not a priority. I know most Christians actually do follow Acts and Paul in a greater degree than they follow Christ and the things He said. They should stop that. They should go to the Word of God. They should go to Christ. They should go to the original Revealer and see, What did he say? He clearly said that the body is like a garment. The metaphor, the meaning of it is, it gets old. And when the body, or the garment becomes old, you take another one.

Also this truth has been revealed through many people. Or just deja-vu, I remember something that, Yes, I have been here. How could it be that I have never been here in this lifetime? But I am sure I have been here before.

Or when hypnotism and regression is done with some people and they remember from their previous life times, they even can start talking in other languages that they have never been exposed to in this lifetime. They can fluently remember how to speak them because they have done it in a previous lifetime. Or they explain events that happened in their lives, twenty years ago, or twenty-five years ago. It has happened that checking the newspapers from that era shows that that event really did happen, years ago. And this person had no connection with that event in this lifetime. So the evidence is mounting that indeed there is reincarnation.

Another thing, in Christianity, John the Baptist was Elijah or Elias. How could that be possible? He was born from Martha. He came as John the Baptist. Therefore, he is a reincarnation of Elijah or Elias.

So we can clearly see that God indeed has revealed to humanity that reincarnation is the truth.

Go ahead, Brahmamurti.


: Thank you and Sal-OM. I was talking to a Christian the other day, we had a discussion, if he could tell me about The Revelation, what it means. He said, Well, The Revelation is not really that important. I just felt amazed by that statement.

Anyway, my question is, could one consider Paul as a false prophet? Because it seems that so many have gone astray and are not really listening to what Christ was saying. I hope that question is clear.


: Yes, it is very clear. Actually, you can say that Paul has taught many things that Christ did not teach. He made Christ something impossible to achieve. He brought his teaching in a greater degree to man.

Paul almost bulldozed Christs teachings with his own ideas. Therefore, he did damage Christ and his teachings in a greater degree than he helped. He helped to create a religion, which he made up and many people followed. Now they cannot accept the Prophet that comes to them as a man because of the way Paul made it up. Now it is impossible, and they are waiting for someone to come from the sky and drop in their laps and say, Everything is going to be OK, and everything will.

God does not work that way. God has never sent a Prophet that way. It has never happened in history. And God will not change His Ways.

God sent Christ by being born from a mother. He sent Prophet Muhammad by being born from a mother. He sent Moses the same way. He sent Abraham and his children all the same way, and they were all the Prophets of God.

The Prophets fulfilled the prophecies. They brought to humanity a Revelation, clear, precise, no dogma, and the truth. But man loves to change the word of the Prophet. Many people have come after the Prophet and said, Yes, well, we are the ones who are going to interpret the Words of God for you. You cannot interpret them yourself. And they put their own ideas in the Revelation of the Revealer as something that came from the Revealer, which did not. Paul was not even a disciple.

And Christ clearly said that He was going to build his church on Peter, not Paul. How could He change his mind? He said to Peter, You are the stone that I will build my church upon. Then Paul came and said, No. We are going to build a church upon me. So he replaced Peter.

Actually, Paul and Peter had a great fight over what the truth is. Eventually, Paul won.

Again that reminds me of that story about the educated man and the person who drew the snake. The educated man wrote, Snake, and the uneducated man drew the snake. The uneducated people say, Yes, the snake which looks like a snake is a snake, not the one you wrote. It is because they did not know what it was.

Peter was the one who was supposed to create the church but Paul took over. You can see that all the evidence shows that he was not the one who humanity should follow.

Humanity should not even follow Peter. They should have taken the word of Christ and seen how he was born and how he preached his teaching. What was his message? His message was sacrifice. His message was to give of yourself to your neighbor. Love your neighbor more than yourself. Do not follow the Ten Commandments alone but reach a point that you do not even have a desire for lust, or for fornication, or for stealing, and all the things that the Ten Commandments teach us to avoid.

He taught to reach a point that the Ten Commandments become a part of you and your Soul. They are not something that you read and say, Oh, that sounds good, but never follow. Christs teaching was, Become it, instead of just believe in it or read it. So we can see that his teaching was absolutely different than Paul and the later books of Acts, Hebrews, etc.

Therefore, we can understand why that Christian said, The book of The Revelation is not that important, because they do not understand it.

Paul they understand, Yes, sure. That really appeals to my ego. I follow the only way, and I am better than everyone else. And Paul said that if you do not follow him, you are going to go to hell, when God clearly promised both to Abram and Abraham that a Prophet and a Messiah would come from both of them.

Therefore, Paul actually cut Prophet Muhammad out by preaching that there is no other one but Christ, when the Word of God says differently. So with all this evidence we see that yes indeed, he damaged the Revelation of God and Christ in a greater degree.

We should be very careful that this would not happen to this teaching. We have already had people who have tried to change things and they have tried to come here and explain and interpret what I said. And I said, No. You should not do that. You cannot do that. Every person should go to our teaching, read THOTH, and come to his or her own conclusion.

You should not listen to any disciple. You should not accept anyone after I am gone as interpreter of my words. Every individual should read it, interpret it, understand it, and follow it. Therefore, we should not have another Paul who comes and creates an impossible situation as he did.

I hope that answered your question. And tell your Christian friend that indeed The Revelation is the most important part of Gods Revelation and it is actually the conclusion of the Bible.

The Bible is like a good book. It has a beginning. It has an introduction as Genesis, and then the main body. Then The Revelation is the conclusion of Gods Revelation. Therefore, it is a very important book and now you can know what it means.

I do not see any other questions. Oh yes, there is another question. Jaime is asking:


: Is the Sabbath day of the Ten Commandments still in force?


: Yes, God does not change His Mind. He worked for six days and rested the seventh day. He told everyone to keep that day Holy. And that day was Saturday.

Actually Christ himself rose on Saturday night because he really was crucified on Wednesday. And he stayed in the belly of the earth for three days and three nights.

If he died on Friday and he stayed three days and three nights, he should have risen Monday afternoon, not Sunday morning. So we can see that they even messed that one up. But he was crucified on a very specific Sabbath, a yearly Sabbath, on Wednesday, and he then arose on Saturday.

So, yes indeed, we do keep Sabbath on Saturday. Today is the Sabbath. And we recommend that everyone fast, meditate, and keep it holy. Read the Scriptures and bring God to their lives in a greater degree. This Conversation is here to help this process.

I leave you all to God. Be with God. Be good and realize, indeed God exists and is calling you to put Him, His Revelation, and His Word number one in your lives.

Sal-OM everyone. We might see you next week.

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