Maitreya, Conversation with


Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone, welcome to the Missionof Maitreyas Conversation Room. Let us start in the Name of the most High. He has created all things that He has perfected His religion by sending all religions of the world, and each of these religions is a part of a greater truth. He revealed to His Prophets that at the end time He would reveal a Revelation that explains everything so they make sense.

Now this Revelation has come to humanity with clear signs and the backing of God so humans can realize and recognize that God is the most Compassionate and He has come to let humanity know that indeed they are supported by the Spirit of God. He wants them to come together and realize that there is only one God for the whole humanity.

We have to educate humans to recognize and realize that what they have is OK but they have to forego their dogmas and man-made parts of their religions, and recognize and realize that God promised that all these Prophets would come to man and humanity, and each of them have a part of a greater truth. When you put all of them together, you will see the whole picture.

Of course humanity has been with their religions for four thousand years, three thousand years, two thousand years, twelve thousand years, and many other recent Revelations. They are attached to what they have received and they believe that each of them has the whole truth.

That is against the Word of God and the Scriptures, as God has said that there will be Seven Seals, Seven Revelations. He has promised the coming of Great Prophets both from Isaac and Ishmael. He promised Abram or Abraham that He would bless all nations, not just a few of them. He indeed has done that because all the Prophets have come from His genealogy. He has been incarnated many times to bring great Revelations to man.

Now this Revelation makes sense. It explains the creation and history, who and what God promised to humanity and how He fulfilled them. We are indeed at the end time, and it is the time for humanity to recognize this. Those who have prepared themselves to return home to God are called to come together and become brothers and sisters, carry this Message and Revelation to the end of the world, and bring all the Elects and those who have prepared themselves for this Revelation to come together and create the Nation of God, a Nation based on the Spirit of God, His Laws, the nature, and the way that God has created this universe to function.

Of course His Way is the best way because He knows humanity and creation. He is the Creator of this universe, therefore, His Laws are based on the best way to be in the nature and live in it.

We can see that this Revelation unified everything that was dismembered and un-unified to this point. If you really think about it you will see that many things that used to be a point of disagreement between religions are no longer there by understanding these teachings.

Therefore we have to forego our own understandings, our own cultures, our own religions, our own dogmas, and go to the website, sit down, and really read what has been given, not to listen to anyone, not to other people, not even the disciples in the Mission, but every person has to study and realize the depth of this Revelation by themselves so they can eventually see the whole truth.

Of course there are people that they have already seen the Vision, they have read the Revelation, they have seen the website, they have heard the explanations many times, and they can help you in clarifying what you might not have recognized in the website. Eventually you will see and understand the teaching.

Amina Rachel: How can we contain our anger with children?

Maitreya: The best way to overcome our emotions, anger, and anything that we are not happy with in our lives is to meditate and recognize the stillness between breathing in and breathing out, and breathing out and breathing in, as is taught in our meditation room.

Whenever we are in a situation that we do not like and we want control over it, just stop, step back, and go back to that calm place between breathing in and breathing out that you have already recognized in your meditation and come from that calmness of mind. That calmness, that stillness, is the Spirit of God as God said, Be still and know that I am God, and that stillness between breathing in and breathing out, when you actually recognize God within and you know indeed God is with you all the time.

In our teachings and meditation, the goal is to be in that state of mind all the time and come from that state so your ego is not in the way. Our anger, our emotions, our psychological and emotional problems, are all related to the subconscious mind, which is between the conscious mind and Unconscious Mind.

The subconscious mind is the accumulation of our karmas and our experiences of this lifetime and many lifetimes before it. Therefore it is in our way to be connected to God. In that stillness between breathing in and breathing out, and breathing out and breathing in, the subconscious mind stops chattering and we are directly connected to the Spirit of God or Essence within.

So we can come from that calmness and stop being angry or emotional or unhappy about the situation. Even if we are angry or we show emotion, it is not from ego; it is from the higher consciousness and a higher level and usually it is very effective.

If you can reach that point of stillness, children actually recognize that better than adults and they will respond to you in a greater degree than if you come from ego because they are the best masters as they are closer to God and Spirit. Therefore they can recognize you are not from the center and the calmness of your being, and they might even become more rowdy and make you even more angry and emotional.

So you have to go to our room, the meditation room that we have, Meditate on the Universal Mantra, and learn how to meditate on the Universal Mantra and recognize that stillness. This is for everyone, and in every situation we can benefit from being in that calm center and eventually gain control over any situation we are in, not in an egoistical way but in a spiritual way so everyone recognizes and realizes that we are coming from the Essence and the calm part of our being. Therefore they will react to your will, which is from the Spirit.

That is the way you overcome any emotional problem. Come from that calm state of mind. Practice to be in that state all the time. But if you lost it, through meditation you will gain the power to stop yourself because in meditation you bring your mind back to your mantra, again and again. Therefore your mind becomes tired of fighting you anymore because that mind has been fighting with you for many lifetimes and he or it thinks that it is in control.

For the first time when you close your eyes and you start going through the process of meditation, using your mantra and bringing your mind back to your mantra, you are telling your mind, No, I am not going to let you take me where you want to take me but I will be in control.

Of course the mind does not like it. Your subconscious mind does not like it. It has been in control and running your life for many, many, many lifetimes and suddenly you say, No. You will not accept that situation and you want to control your mind. And of course it fights back. It does not want you to do that. But little by little as you meditate more, if you meditate twice a day regularly, and use the technique we have given you, little by little you bring your mind back to the mantra and so you will recognize and realize the ability of how to control your mind.

So later on when you are angry, you do not become angry; you recognize you are angry, and you just stop, step back, and go to that calm place, and you come from there. Little by little you will overcome your anger and your emotional problems.

Humanity indeed needs this very badly so we can eventually create humans who are not emotional. They do not come from a place of chaos, which is the mind and the subconscious mind. They come from the Spirit, the calmness within. Therefore the relationship with one another will be based in a greater spiritual level and they will create better rapport and oneness with each other. We can create better peace and unity, and this is another way to do it.

I hope that helped you in your quest to gain power and control over your mind and your anger. I hope everyone practices the meditation that has been given to you. Try to recognize that calmness all the time so you will be happier and in more control and one with each other. And eventually we will create a peaceful world instead of, the first thing that goes wrong we take the gun and fire, and bring the army, and they kill each other until at the end we do not even remember why we started the war in the first place. It seems so trivial when we reach that point that so many people have already lost their lives and so much misery we brought because we did not come from that calm state so we can talk to each other, we can come to terms with one another, and realize indeed each of the humans, cultures, and religions have some truth. None of them have the whole picture. Each of them has one part of the elephant and that is why they are fighting with each other so hard.

Now when they have the whole elephant, they will not fight. They will agree, Yes. OK I have the trunk but you have the tail. Oh yes, I can see that the elephant is more than just the trunk. It is the whole thing.

That is what we are trying to create for humanity, to come together and see and bring the peace, not only in the individual life but in the communities, in the nations, and eventually in the whole earth. All the necessary tools have been given, from meditation and realizing the Essence to creation of the Communities of Light, following the Eternal Divine Path, which unifies all religions together, to creation of a system that indeed is much better than any other system on earth at this time. This Godly system and teaching has to be recognized and realized with each of you.

That is why we come to this room. The Revelation indeed has finished at this time but I will continue coming here and the reason for it is that we recognize in a greater degree what the teaching is and so we can present it to other people in the clearest way possible.

Openeye, go ahead, ask your question.

Openeyes: Sal-OM Maitreya. How are you today? I have a question. I am getting feedback from family members or extended family because of the website. They have reported back from their spiritual advisor or whoever, and they have decided that we are a cult. I talk to them and tell them all the reasons, and how could it be?

I keep telling them that even Christ, because they are mostly Christians, even Christ himself from the Jewish point of view, they also called Christ a cult. He was a devil and all that. But they still come back and say, Dont say that about Christ. I recommend them to read the website, read the book. But their spiritual advisors tell them, We read the book. What can I tell them to clarify that point?

Their interpretation about the website is that something is wrong.

Can we just put on record whenever they come to the room or hear you speak that we clarify this point clearly how this is not a cult. We are not a cult and that however you understand the word cult, this is not a cult. Can you clarify that for them?

Maitreya: Sure. Basically a cult is an organization that emphasizes the worshipping or attention to the leader of the cult. In a cult, the leader replaces God for those people, and therefore after a while the members lose their own discriminative minds and ability to think.

Cults do many techniques to control their members, and their leader eventually goes off because the whole organization is based on ego. Therefore the cult ends up in demise and destruction. Usually those cults do not have the prophecies. They do not fulfill the backing of God that Great Prophets or Messiahs or Major Manifestations have demonstrated and brought to humanity.

Their words usually are not based completely on the Word of God. It is their own interpretation and therefore it is not based on the Scriptures. They do not bring what God promised that they would come and bring to humanity.

We do not emphasize the founder. We emphasize that you have to go to God. Even if I become an obstacle in your way, then you are not going to God and you will be attached to me. Therefore you will fall because you are attached to the bridge instead of going over the bridge to God.

That is what the title of that book expresses, If You Find The Buddha, Kill Him. Of course do not kill him but the idea is that the Buddha is here to connect you to Nirvana, to your Essence, not to connect you to himself. And that is exactly what we do here in this Mission. This Mission is a Revelation that covers from very mundane things in life to the highest level of the creation of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

If we look at the present religions in the world, most of them have actually become cults themselves. In Islam, more emphasis is on Muhammad than God. In Christianity, Christ became the most important part of their religion instead of seeing what God talked about.

As we said in the very beginning of this conversation, people are attached to their cultures, to their religions, and to their teachings. When something new comes, they resist it. But this teaching is given to you freely. You are asked to freely give it to everyone else.

We are not trying to control you. If you want to leave the Mission today, we leave you to God and we just pray for you that you might return as a lost sheep, and we rejoice when you do. We do not try to control anyone.

We Call upon the Elects, those who can come together and work to become contacts, create the environment that people can meditate, share the teachings, and spread the Message to everyone in the world. The idea is to spread, to reach out, to educate, to expand, to create an environment that we can eventually educate the leaders, the societies, and all of humanity.

When they reach the point that they realize their ways are not going to work, they will realize their ways are a part of a greater Revelation of God, and Gods Way is the best Way.

Therefore this is not a cult because of all the reasons above. Some of the first words that came out of my mouth when I started the Mission were, Never give up and never suicide.

The cults usually end up becoming suicidal, because they are attached to the result of their actions. We are not.

One of our teachings is, Surrender and submit the result to God. Do your best but do not be attached to the result. Therefore we do not become suicidal because the result is not ours. That is fine, just give your life and do your best for God, and do not be attached to it.

If they did not see your Vision that is OK, just tell them the Truth and leave them to God and go to the next person. Do not become a cult yourself by becoming attached to bringing your family, your friends, or neighbors to the Mission. I was not able to bring my family to the Mission, all of them. I left them to God and let them go. Now I am reaching humanity and I try to reach those who have the ears to listen and the eyes to see the Vision.

So our job is easy. Our work is Godly. The Revelation has been prophesied to come. Gods Spirit is with us.

The whole earth is in upheaval, and no system, religion, or teaching can bring unity and peace on earth but this Revelation and teaching. We have the backing of God, and it is indeed the time of the coming of this Revelation.

God created this Internet so we can reach humanity in a greater degree without being persecuted or stoned or crucified or shot at, as the other Prophets have been dealt with that way. So God is very protective of this Revelation. Indeed those who have the eye can see this Vision clearly and realize it cannot be a cult because a cult is not based on the Word of God; a cult is not connecting you to God.

Therefore tell them the truth and leave them alone. If it is your family and you are attached to them, you have to meditate on that and work on them in a greater degree if you want to change their minds.

But eventually you have to recognize and realize that is what the prophecy has been: At the end time the husband will be taken and the wife will be left; the child will be taken and the mother will be left; the brother will be taken and the sister will be left behind.

It is the time of sundering. It is the time that those who have prepared themselves will see it and those who have not, will not see. The only thing you can do is, tell them the truth and pray for them that they also might see.

But our family, our nation, and our friends are people who see the Vision and they are one with us in this Vision. Therefore we become one big, huge family together. Maybe eventually when we become a big family, other people also can overcome their dogmas and misunderstandings, and come and join us.

But we are in the minority. Minorities always have a hard time. We are pioneers. Pioneers are the people who suffer the most. When you want to start something new, it is not the easiest thing to do.

So you have to recognize all these things and be strong. Let the Spirit of God come through and come on you. Do not be attached to the result of your actions. Therefore you can preach and reach out to everyone without being unhappy as to why they do not join us.

But this is the Truth. This is the reality. Humanity has to eventually recognize and realize the last Revelation of God has come, the Truth has been revealed to humanity, and all religions are unified.

God indeed exists. He sent all the religions and Revelations to man. Our goal is to go back to Him, to the Spirit, to the Essence, and return back home. Of course we have a thousand years to do that. But the sooner we start walking, the sooner we will reach there and more people will recognize this truth.

Pioneers do not have the easiest job but they also are the chosen people and those who have seen the Vision. If we were not pioneers we would not see the Vision either.

When I received the Revelation, it made so much sense. Nothing else made sense in my life, no religion, no science, no intellectual curiosity. All of them eventually ended up to a dead end, and none of them really satisfied what my curiosity and search was taking me to.

Eventually when this came, it was just like a thirsty person reaching the water, the clearest water in the desert. And of course it all makes sense. Those who really read this teaching, understand this religion, see the Revelations of God, the prophecies, and the promises God gave to humanity have no choice but to say, Yes, it is from God.

However, still if they insist it is from the devil, or it is a cult, just leave them alone and tell them, No, it is not. But I will tell you the truth but leave you to God if you do not want to recognize and realize indeed it is from God.

So our work is just to give the Message but to not be attached to the result. Expect results, do your best, perfect your preaching and teaching, and let God come through. Each time you preach and it did not work, meditate on why it did not work. Maybe it is you. Maybe it is the way you approach it. Maybe the people you approach, maybe it is just like approaching a stone, the water is approaching a stone or a sand hill. If it is a sand hill, it is easier for water to break through and go and make an inroad. But if it is a stone, it will take much longer and more effort to do that.

Therefore the best way is to find the more receptive audience, the people who are much closer to see the Vision. Then you can achieve more results by preaching to those who have seen the Vision clearly.

We have in our room the people who come and yell, Maitreya is anti-Christ, and this and that, when it is clearly explained in the website who is the anti-Christ. Anti-Christ does not teach the Word of God, does not fulfill the prophecies, and does not fulfill the genealogy. Anti-Christ is the person who takes you to the world, Maya, destruction, and all those things.

Therefore we have to recognize that the world has not heard this before. This is something so new. It is something so fresh, new, and amazingly different than anything humanity knows to this point. And we suddenly come and tell them, Your religion that you think is the best, is the only way, is the last one, is the most universal and the last Revelation, and this and that, is just a part of a greater truth.

Of course they are not going to accept it. They are going to fight it. They are going to do anything possible to change your mind and take you back to what they believe themselves.

That is not surprising at all. So we have to expect that, that that is a part of the process. But as we reach out, we preach, and we make more people recognize Gods Way, eventually the critical mass will be reached and those who have a different opinion than Gods Revelation and this truth will eventually turn around and see their way is not going to go anywhere but will bring more destruction.

Indeed anytime a Revelation comes, especially this one, which unifies all the religions, for the people of the other religions, the more they try to not accept this one, the more destruction they are going to bring on themselves because their way is no longer the Will of God. Their way is just something old and outdated. They are trying to follow something that no longer has Grace with it, and therefore destruction will come to them in a greater degree.

God does not bring destruction. Humans bring destruction on themselves by not listening to God. Therefore this Revelation is for all humanity. This is the only Revelation that is revealed for the whole humanity. It is the only Revelation that the Revealer did not reveal it in his own language, to his own people. It came from the East to the West to be revealed in a place that has the greatest communication and ability for humanity to be reached.

So we can see that it is now very clear that it is for the whole humanity. It is not for only Jews or Arabs or the lost Children of Abraham; it is for everyone.

Amina Rachael asks:

Amina Rachael: What is the role of children in the Communities of Light?

Maitreya: Children are the people of the future, the builders of the society in the next generation, and they have to be nurtured. They have to be taught. They have to be brought up with a great degree of care, understanding, teaching, blessings, and realization of Gods Plan for them.

The best way for them to grow up is in the Communities of Light, in the community where there is nurturing and there is sharing between people. There is an Essay in THOTH, I think it is in Supplements, that it talks about the children (if someone can find the URL that would be great if we can post it for her to go and read about the children and the communities). Also in some other writings it is explained how it is important that we create an environment that the children are taken care of.

In the Communities of Light the children will be exposed to at least twelve people. Of course the parents have the greatest rights for, or on, the children and in their upbringing. But if the children are only exposed to their parents, their energy will not be expanded and they will not have the ability to relate to other people in the world.

But if they are grown in the Communities of Light, they will be exposed to many different energies and therefore they will become more flowing, open, and much better people than if they are born in an apartment just with their father and mother and they are not exposed much to the external world.

The only exposure they might have is to go to the daycare centers, which are usually based on the business, to make money by taking care of the children when the parents are at work. So the relationship between the people who take care of them and the children is not based on the community feeling and nurturing environment.

But in the Communities of Light, the twelve people love all the children in it and they will bring a greater degree of energy to them so the children will be happier, more flowing, and they become much better people.

When a Community of Light is created, there are going to be around 2,000 people at least in the community that they know each other very well and the children will be protected, nurtured, and brought up in a greater degree. So children are a very important part of the Communities of Light and the society.

Of course in the Communities of Light also the old people will be taken care of and will be supported, and the wisdom and the experience they have had in life can be brought to the children. The older people can take care of the children while some of the parents go to work. Therefore there is a great support group for the children, for the old people, and for the young people.

When the ones who work come home, they are in the community. Things are taken care of and they will have less to do. Therefore there will not be much stress in the community and them, and so there will be less stress for everyone.

The whole idea of Communities of Light is the Godly idea and that is the most natural way of living to create the Communities of Light. Any other lifestyle is not natural, is not Godly, and will create a lot of tension and destruction, and it is not going to be a very human way. The children will not be brought up as the Children of Light but they will be very stressed-out children, which they will not have the Love of God in them.

Amina is asking:

Amina Rachael: Where is my longing to be a mother coming from? I never had this. But as I study the Mission more, the longing to be a mother becomes stronger.

Maitreya: Well, this is what God put in the heart of every woman that they have a longing to have a child. And that is a very natural way of knowing that you want to have a child. The best way to have a child is to find a person who is also interested in the bond of marriage. You can have children that come in an environment that is based on Gods Grace, and it will become a Godly environment for you and the children.

Of course if you eventually join the Communities of Light or create one, you will have more people to join you and your husband to help with the child and you can all help each other.

Indeed humanity should not go toward personal and individual fulfillment only but create an environment where there is help and sharing. Therefore they do not need as many resources or to work as hard just to satisfy individual longings for material things but they can create an environment that is best for the children and old people, an environment where Godly people are created.

That longing is very natural. If you have an opportunity to find your other part, that is great. You have a great mission to bring Godly children to the world. But as we have explained in THOTH, that is not always the way to go. Sometimes there is no other part or we cannot find our other part or we do not have the ability to have a good relationship with another person. Therefore the message is that we can dedicate our lives to God, we are married to God, and our child is the manifestation of Gods Will.

Those people are called sannyasins or renunciates, and they dedicate their lives absolutely to God and the manifestation of Gods Plan. It is an individual decision.

Relationships are very hard. They need a lot of work, a lot of wisdom, and a lot of understanding, and eventually you reach a point that you accept Gods Will for you in that relationship. It needs a lot of sacrifice. It needs a lot of work between couples to be able to be together.

Of course it has been well known, if you are both in the same religion, if you are both on the same Path, it is easier for both of you. If you are not, if you are going to God and he wants to go to the world, it is not going to work. You are going in two opposite directions.

If you want to create the Communities of Light and the other person just wants to go to a very narrow understanding of God, that also is not going to work. It is easier to find the people who are traveling with you, on the same Path. Therefore it makes it easier to get along.

But still, even then, you have to really come together with the understanding and Godliness in both of you in order to be able to work out the little things in life together and overcome small things. Otherwise the small things become mountains and they create such huge problems between the couples. They cannot get along because the little things will be in their way, and they cannot resolve them because one of them is Godly and the other is not. Therefore it is not going to work.

Of course if you find someone in your capacity who is Godly, and you come together as a beautiful Godly couple, then you will have a Godly child and that would be a great accomplishment.

The longing to have a child, it has been in the heart of every woman. God has created these longings. Therefore the procreation continues, the children are born, and they are grown up. The societies are based on these children.

There are many Great Souls who will be incarnated soon in this world, and they all will see this Vision clearly. Even those who have come to the Mission, see the Vision a little bit, and leave, the next time when they come to their bodies in the next lifetime or the life after, they will come to see this Vision in a greater degree and will probably join and help the Mission to progress.

Therefore creation of the children, family, is a very important part of Gods Plan. Those who engage in that level are indeed doing a great service for God in bringing His Revelation and Godliness to humanity.

Actually the Communities of Light are based on the pure couples who will marry and they will have children, who will be grown up in the Communities of Light. So you can see that the whole Kingdom of God is based on those marriages and the couples who create the Communities of Light and live in them and grow up and bring God in all levels of their existence. We are not there yet but we should start from wherever we are and continue to see it to the end.

Therefore all things are considered in this Mission. Everything has been given to humanity as God intended for them to be. The nature and natural way of living is the creation of the Communities of Light and bringing the Spirit of God in these communities.

That is why the Communities of Light is a triangle upward, which is the beginning of the creation of the hierarchy on earth. The triangle downward, which is the Spirit of God, has reached to man. So the triangle upward and the triangle downward is the best way to bring the Kingdom of God on earth and bring the natural way for humanity to live, and eventually create an environment that every man and woman on earth will be progressing to their highest level and create an environment that humanity eventually marches toward the Oneness with their Essence and brings the peace on earth.

Bringing the children to understand this reality and truth, is a great service for the whole process. So men or women are greatly created to accomplish this and they have to be taught this: The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Divine.

The goal of the life is to come together and create this environment. Men and women are created a little differently. They are equal but they are different. Each of them has different kinds of longings and it has been put in their hearts to be like that. Each of them should be accepted. Their longing should be recognized, respected, and utilized in a spiritual way so we can have such an environment so eventually God will have His Kingdom on earth.

It is not that He needs the Kingdom. It is not that He longs to be the King. But by focusing on God completely we can escape the Maya, destructive forces, and the darkness, which are in this manifested world, and go to Light. That is the goal of life, to be concentrated and focused on God and Light, and bring it to the communities and progress.

Therefore we can see that humanity again has been called to turn around, to be baptized. Instead of being directed to Maya, sensual things, and material things, they have been called to drop those things, turn around, come together, help each other, create Communities of Light, become brothers and sisters in God, and realize that there is only one God. There are not two or three or many. It is the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal God. That is the only God that in that state unifies.

If you call God a name, a shape, an anything and then another person comes with a God with another name, with another shape, etc., the separation starts right there. But our God is the God that has a Holy Name that you cannot pronounce or utter in the external world. In this external world He is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. Therefore we do not become attached to anything externally because we know the Essence of God is within ourselves.

We have meditated on it. We have recognized that stillness between breathing in and breathing out, and breathing out and breathing in, and we live in that stillness and we know that we are still. Therefore we know God is within us, we live in that stillness all the time, and we will come from that stillness.

If we always come from stillness, God is Doing the work through us, and God does the perfect work. If we come from the stillness, we find a partner that is also in that stillness so we can come together as two Godly people to create the children that also will be grown in that stillness and know that God is within them.

The more we create such beings, the more we will bring God to humanity. We can create the Communities of Light because everyone in the Communities of Light will also be in that stillness together and one, so they do not argue. They do not create any situations that are based on ego but their relationships are based on God and that stillness and unity. Therefore they can create an environment that their children grow up without the destructive tendencies of the ego, and so they grow up Godly, ego-less, sharing, and in the Communities of Light.

That is the Vision of this Mission: To create Godly people, to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, to teach them to meditate, to recognize and realize God within, and to bring that energy, that Being, not only in themselves but in their work, in their environment, in their communities, in their cities, in their nations, and eventually in the Mission. The more we create such people, the more humanity will see that we have something here, These people, these Divines, have something that I also want to have.

And the more we create such a longing in other people to want to be in that stillness, oneness, calmness, and unity, the more they will come and they will also learn how to be like that.

The more they come, the number is the Hand of God. As the numbers increase, the strength of the Mission will increase. Eventually one day we will reach a point that we no longer have Moslems, or Jews, or Christians, or Hindus, or Buddhists. We will have all Divine Beings on earth that they recognize and realize that all others are also their brothers and sisters in God and there is no separation between them. And God indeed does exist. He has sent all these Revelations to man. Therefore we can all come together and bring the earth to an accelerated state of going to God.

I will finish the Conversation here. I leave all of you to God.

Or is there any question?

Manleo: Please explain the best natural timings you can suggest for meditation.

Maitreya: The best natural times for meditation are sunrise and sunset. That is when the earth is in the calmest state. If you can meditate at those times, that would be great.

But of course we average that out during the year and we have chosen, just for the sake of everyone to be there at the same time, at 6 oclock, or ten to six in the morning (5:50 AM) and ten to six in the evening (5:50 PM) we do our daily services in the room called, All Religions Unified. We encourage everyone after that to do a meditation for fifteen minutes or half an hour.

However, the Mission is not rigid. The Mission is very flexible. We leave everyone to do their meditation, Reminder, and daily services any time they want.

The best time is sunrise and sunset. Everyone in their own area can do it at ten to six (5:50) if they want to make it easier for everyone, at ten to six in the morning (5:50 AM) and ten to six (5:50 PM) in the evening. After that you can do your meditation.

We encourage everyone to do it wherever they are. And if they like, also they can join us in that room, All Religions Unified. But it is done only twice, ten to six in the morning, Mountain Standard Time, and ten to six in the evening, Mountain Standard Time.

Hopefully one day we will have services all over the world. So we will have people meditating in each region, twenty-four hours a day, because each region will be meditating at 6 oclock their time, or sunrise and sunset their time.

So the best time is the sunrise and sunset.

OK, I do not see any other questions.

OK, no, there is another question. Night Wind is asking:

Night Wind 78: The mark of the beast, will it be a chip or something? How will it be in the right hand or the forehead just like the book of The Revelation says?

Maitreya: Well, the mark of the beast is the greed. The greed of course can be anywhere. It can be in your forehead or in your right hand. That mark has been here and will be here with us until the Kingdom of God comes. That mark has been explained in our teachings.

If you go to our website and read THOTH, in Revelation of The Revelation, it is explained what that mark is. It is not going to be a physical thing. It has a symbolic meaning that has come to humanity, as many things are symbolic.

Probably they are waiting for Christ to come from the sky, from the clouds. But sky means Heaven. Heaven means Pure Consciousness. And cloud means confusion. If you read our teachings, in the Bhagavad-Gita it clearly says, When the confusion prevails on earth, My Spirit will arise and bring the truth back to humanity.

Therefore all these things have symbolic meanings and you have to understand the symbolic meanings of these words.

Manleo is asking:

Manleo: Had I felt your presence in the past? In last month in the astral level?

Maitreya: Well, God is everything, and you or anyone can feel the presence of God everywhere. The most important thing is the Message that we have brought to humanity. If you felt the presence of God, or Maitreya, or whoever, know that you should follow what He teaches.

Those experiences are given to people to make them recognize and realize that God exists and they are called for a greater purpose. The experience, it does not matter. Many people have different experiences and they are all called to come, to join, to help, to see the Vision, to recognize that all religions of the world are unified, and to follow the Eternal Divine Path and become one with it.

An experience for every person is different. It depends upon what level they are in. But the most important point is how they react to it and how they will use that experience. Are they going to use that experience to just say, I had an experience, which is from ego and it is not something Godly? Or will they say, OK, I had an experience and God is calling me for something. What is that? Then you recognize that, that is this Mission and you have been called to come, join, and do the Mission.

Night Wind is asking:

Night Wind 78: Can you say Jesus Christ is come in the flesh?

Maitreya: Yes, he indeed came in the flesh. He was the Messiah. He indeed brought the Revelation of the Third Seal, sacrifice. And we do acknowledge the coming of Christ and His mission and Revelation to man.

Indeed he was the fulfillment of the Messiah, which Jews have been waiting for all this time. When He came, He fulfilled the prophecy of chapter 49, verse 10 when the Kingdom was given to Judah, Until Shiloh comes. And Shiloh came as the Messiah, as Christ.

If you read our teachings, you will see that Christ had a message to humanity of sacrifice. He came to release The Grace that was taken away from man at the time of the fall of man. That Grace was given to the lost Children of Israel, which came to the West and become mostly Christians. This Grace was with them to this point.

At this point The Grace now is released to the whole humanity. We can see that humanity is becoming more and more equal in this world. Eventually they will come together as the children of one God through this Revelation.

Therefore indeed Christ is a celebrated, greatly celebrated Messiah, who came to earth to release The Grace and show people how to overcome their lower natures. Because overcoming the lower nature is so hard, that is why He is such a celebrated Messiah.

OK I hope that answered all your questions. Go to our website again, study our teachings, come here with questions about the teachings, learn and understand why this Vision is the last Vision and Revelation of God to humanity, why we should all come together and recognize and realize the Will of God is this Mission, and it is the Revelation of God that has come to man.

This is the only viable Revelation and teaching that should be accepted by everyone as the only acceptable religion on earth at this time. With all others, everyone will realize and recognize pretty soon that they will not work.

Therefore I leave you all to God. Meditate, study, be sincere, realize Gods Way, and become one with it.

Sal-OM everyone. We will see you next week.

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