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Maitreya: Sal-Om everyone, welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room. We will be together for the next hour.

This is the room where you can come and ask your questions about the Mission of Maitreya and this new Revelation that has unified humanity and all religions together and is calling everyone to stop fighting, and see that God is One and there are not many of them that have sent all these different religions. These religions are not separate at all. They are One, from One God, and there is One Humanity. They have to come together and become brothers and sisters in God.

The most important understanding that humans have to come to grips with is that God said He will be a mystery until the end time. Indeed we are at the end time and the coming of all the signs that God gave that this Revelation has come, are here. We are at the time that the Seven Seals are opened and the last trumpet has been sounded for humanity to see that God indeed exists. He has not changed His Mind, and He is still in charge and is very well. He is still sending Revelations and Prophets to humanity and calling the Elects to come together as those who do not waver towards any other idea or understanding but the Word of God. They will not fall for any small little fashionable ways that many follow but they will stay with God and His Revelation.

This Revelation is calling you for action and for Oneness with God, and to understand what is wrong with the religions that do not recognize that indeed God is within themselves. Each individual has the ability to reach God by realizing that they are already connected. But the Maya, or the illusion of this external world, is in such a way that most think they need an organization, someone who is connected, but they cannot be connected directly themselves.

That is one of the problems that humanity has: Those they believe are connected they put on a pedestal and then believe that they cannot reach that lofty place, which is incorrect. Each human has to be taught and realize that God is within them and each man, woman, and child has the ability to connect themselves to God and therefore become a source of Light for the rest of humanity. Those who are the source of Light should not become obstacles in the way of those who seek the Light.

This is the time for each individual to be taught that they have the potential to connect to God directly. They can break away from the bondage of the man-made religions that have enslaved them to believe that they do not have that potential and that only a few can have that ability to reach there.

Humanity again is showing that they are attached to beliefs that indeed are in their way to go to God. They either put someone on a pedestal up there and say, We cannot reach there, he is too high, we do not have the ability, therefore he will intercede on our behalf, and we do not have to do it ourselves, or if they come too close to that person they say, Well, I am not worthy myself so why am I so close to this person if this person is so close to God? Therefore they try to say that person is not close to God because of, My feeling of unworthiness. They try to bring that other person down also with them. But when that other person does not come down, they reject that notion that the other person is connected to God.

This is a big problem with humans. That is one of the lessons that this Revelation is giving to humanity, that all the Prophets were regular men who were blessed with Gods Spirit to bring a Revelation to man.

Those who we make our leaders and put on pedestals are also men. The only way to go to God is to meditate and merge with Him, and to come to the higher consciousness. At the moment of oneness they no longer will stay in the body and they will leave the body. Although you can experience God in the body, it will not stay with you for a long time.

Therefore there are a lot of misconceptions, human rationalizations, and many things that we believe to be true, that are not. We try to not accept Gods Calling, but to accept anything that is smaller and easier for us to believe. We continue to seek other people to come and help us. We do not want to grow up and accept that we have the potential to reach God ourselves.

For example, they believe that someone will come from the sky and help them. Or, the Messiah is going to come and say, All be well now, and it will be. However, the human eventually has to accept their responsibilities, grow up, and become mature people or mature beings that they understand that if anything should improve on this earth, they are the people who should be improving it. They should create the Kingdom of God on earth based on these teachings. If there are any beings or any Messiah, or anything in the sky, they can come and join us as helpers but not as saviors.

The only Savior is within you and the Messiah who has given you the Way to be saved by following the Eternal Divine Path. If we are still hanging onto something that is not according to this teaching, it is our excuse and rationalization. We have to see that clearly and overcome it.

This room is for you to come here to ask questions. If you have been in our website and you have seen the Vision and the Teaching, you can raise your hand, come to the microphone, and ask questions, or type your questions in the text area and I will be receiving the questions that have been asked. We will try to answer them as close to the Will of God as possible.

These teachings are based on the Revelations and the Words of God and the foretelling of their coming by the prophecies and by all the signs that have been given. This is the Word of God. There is no other way. There is no other possibility; there is no other understanding but this one. You have to become 100% dedicated to Gods Words.

If you are not 100%, God said you are lukewarm, and being lukewarm, He said you will not stay with Him but you will be going away. It is not that God makes you go away but you yourself will go away by yourself because if you are not 100%, then you are fragmented. As Christ said, You cannot have God and others. You cannot have two masters. If you have two masters then you leave one and go to the other, or reject both of them, or you become confused.

You have to be one-pointed and focused on God, this Revelation, the teachings, and the Revealer. Therefore we can create a body of the people or beings who are brothers and sisters, and they are focused with a one-pointed intention.

If there is one point, we can create a circle. If there are two points, then it becomes an oval and it is not the tightest and best in the universe. The circle is the tightest, the most condensed, and One. If it has two centers it no longer is a circle but it becomes an oval, which is not as perfect and One as a circle.

This understanding has to come to each of you and each of us, that we can rationalize things as much as we want but the truth of it has been given by God and we have to listen to God and His Words, not our opinions, our ideas, our thinking that, I know better than God.

Therefore we can overcome any possibility of falling off from the train because the train is not going to stop. The train is going to keep going.

If we do not understand Gods Words, then we have our own ideas. That is why God had to work for 12,000 years and even then He is only looking for 144,000 Elects, those who are absolutely focused on God and Oneness with Him. They can create an environment that they can bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

Therefore dedication and following the Word of God is paramount in your progress spiritually. The Word of God is to follow the Eternal Divine Path, which reveals all the religions of the world, unifies them, and explains how each of them has come as a religion upon earth and they are not separated. They are complementary.

Those who understand this truth and teaching will not waver at all. Those who help the Mission have to realize that they have done great things. The Mission appreciates everything anyone does for it, and they are accepted as brothers and sisters. All should also realize there are people that are Called just to help the Mission in a limited way. These people do not have to reject the Mission because they want to do more but they cannot. That is OK.

Many have to come together and each do a little bit. Then so much can be done to spread this Message and tell the rest of humanity that each of them is a part of God.

The idea that each individual has God within themselves is one of the things the Zoroastrian/Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Bahai teachings have to recognize and realize. Those religions have created a separation between the Creator and the created. They say, No. We are not a part of God but we have been created by God, and therefore we never can become God or even have hope to be close to Him, when in the Mystical Paths God has revealed that, Yes you can. You are a part of God. You are a part of the universe. The entire universe has been created by Gods Body and Essence. Everyone and every atom and every part of the universe can reach the potential of becoming One with God.

If that is true that God said, Let it be, and it was, if that is true that God created everything and we are not a part of Him, why did God need to create gaseous elements, stars, super novas to create heavy elements, and eventually galaxies, solar systems, and earth-like planets, so that He could create man?

He did not have to go through that evolutionary process that now scientifically has been proven to have happened. It is the process that God had to go through to create man. It is God who created it all. The material He used to create all things is from His own Body. Therefore we can see that the notion that God said, Let it be, and it was, is not based on the facts that the universe is created in the evolutionary process. The explanation that God created everything from Himself makes much more sense and is more scientific, and is based on facts rather than believing that God created us from nothing and we are separated from Him, and so we cannot become One with Him.

Of course even in those religions mentioned above there are mystics who have experienced God like Sufis, or Saints, or Cabbalists, who know that indeed they are a part of God. They have experienced the Oneness with God. They have come back to those religions and said, Yes, we are One with God. Even those religions have a mystical part. We can see that the mystical part has to come to those religions.

Many Mystical Paths believe that you do not need community, you do not need to have a job, you do not need to be a productive person in the society, but you go away, just meditate, and forget about this external world because, It is an illusion and it is Maya, etc. In other religions, the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Bahai religions, their teaching is, No, you have to have community and engage in worldly activities, etc. However, our teaching teaches the Mystical Paths to become community-oriented and therefore become productive members of the community.

So we can see this is a perfect Revelation from God to humanity. Of course God knew this Truth from the foundation of the creation because He created the whole universe. He knew there is evolution; there was a process that He went through to create the universe and man. Now we are at that point that we can recognize and realize, Yes indeed, scientists were correct, there is an evolutionary process.

God created the evolutionary process. He went through it. According to our teachings, even the first men that were created were different than what they are now. As they failed and did not meet God's requirements for them to go back to Godhead, He had to change man to different levels until He reached the man that we know today. Their third eye, or spiritual eye, is now closed, and they do not have the ability to see that they are a part of God.

Now with this Revelation again God has revealed to humanity that they are a part of Him. They have been created in His Image and they should come together and create an environment that they can accelerate their return to Him in a greater degree.

We have to see this Vision clearly. We have to absolutely see, this is it. We do not have any other option in the world, or the universe, that can help us or can guide us more than this Revelation. Not only should we know that, see it, and realize it, but it is scientific, and it is also based on the Word of God. It is revealed at the time that God said it would be, and it is backed up with all the signs and prophecies that make it absolutely, unmistakably, the last Revelation of God. It has perfected all other religions to a perfect system and Revelation. Therefore it is the most perfect Revelation that has come to man.

The only thing left for us is to overcome our own egos and our own understanding, rational mind, and critical mind, and to surrender and submit to the Will of God and do as much as we can to help to spread this to humanity. We should let humanity know that they are a part of God, that all the religions have come from the same Source, that there is no major religion on earth that is not sent by God, and we are not separated.

We do not have to compete. As I was saying, how many other religions are competing or converting people in South America and Africa? They do not have to compete. They are complementary.

Why do Christianity and Islam have to compete to see who converts more people in South America or Africa or some other places in the world, when they can all realize that they are a part of a greater truth. All of them can join in with this Revelation and eventually create a world based on the Word of God and the truth.

If they do that, they will become One. They do not compete. They will cooperate. Always, cooperation is better than competition.

Cooperation brings a greater degree of understanding, of manifestation, of unity, and an environment that will bring peace and tranquility to those who participate in cooperation, while competition brings stress. Competition brings great upheaval and takes the humanity out of the human. Therefore competition is not the way to go but cooperation is the way to go.

The lower nature of the human is competitive. They want to be number one and compete with each another. That is another thing that humanity has to learn that they all eventually will return to God. Therefore they will be in the same Body and they have to cooperate in that Body because if they do not cooperate, that Body will not function correctly.

Cooperation is the way to go and learn. That is again a learning process.

As we remember, the whole reason this creation was created was because a part of creation rebelled or at least separated itself from the Body of God. The nature of this external world is separation, competition, and ego, not cooperation. It will eventually lead to the destruction of those who go that way. The nature of this external world is against the Will of God. It is against the Nature of God, which is unity and cooperation.

Therefore our work is to educate people to learn to go against the nature of this universe but become the Nature of God. The Nature of God is not to separate one from the other and create confusion. Separation and confusion bring destruction and disunity by creating many centers in the Body of God. Such ideas should be discarded and the person who is trying to create disunity or many centers should be taught that, No, there has to be only one Center to focus on. We have to come together as brothers and sisters and become a part of the Body in unity and God.

So we are going against the external world, against the very nature of creation, but that is OK. God has had a Plan for the last 12,000 years. He has been sending this Revelation to humanity.

Many of those who are attracted to this Mission have been meditating for the last 12,000 years or before and they understand these teachings clearly and precisely. They read them, they understand them, and they become familiar with them. The more you become familiar with this teaching and Revelation, the more you go away from the nature of this universe and you create the ability to become one with the rest of the universe, as this teaching espouses.

If any idea, any realization, anyone says that, We can have many centers and still be unified, they are misguided because in the universe when something has two centers, it no longer is the most efficient shape. If we realize this, we will see that God created this elaborate creation and 12,000 years of history for the human to learn these truths.

This is the time for humanity to see these things clearly and learn that the only way is Gods Way. Gods Way has been revealed in the Scriptures, and His Words are the Words of Fire and the Truth. They are not going to change.

When He says something, it is based on His Creation, His Understanding, and His Realization about what works and what does not work. The trend at this time is toward bringing humanity as one Body as the Children of God, and teaching them to recognize that each of them has the Essence of God to reach God by themselves, through His Words and the Words that the Prophets have brought to them.

If you still oppose the Word of God and His Revelation, you have to really meditate yourself and see yourself clearly, What am I doing?

Of course, as Christ said, God forgives them. They know not what they do. But at the same time each person has to meditate and see, What am I doing that I am creating many centers instead of being 100% dedicated to the One Center? I cannot be connected to God only 50% or 40% or 60%. I have to be connected to God 100%.

With this realization you will look at yourself and you will say, Oh, it is really my problem. It is not Gods problem, and stop finding faults and start finding the truth.

This is a Revelation for humanity to recognize these truths and see how God wonderfully has been sending this Seventh Revelation. These Seven Revelations each cover one great religion or more of the world and brings the Essence of that Revelation. For example, what was the purpose of sending the Hebrews? What was the message of the Old Testament? Are the Jewish people really the Elected Ones? Are they the only selected people and therefore only they have the right to go to God and no one else has? Or is it the Christians who have the only way and no one goes to the Father but through them? Or is it Islam, by surrendering and submission to God, you reach God and it is the last Revelation from God?

This Revelation shows how God has been working and sending the Prophets. What is the Essence and message of the Old Testament? Why was it necessary for Christ and Prophet Muhammad to come? Was Prophet Muhammad prophesied to come or is He a false teacher and false prophet because He does not fit into the dogmas of some religions?

So this Revelation explains these things clearly. It also solves many points of contention and disagreement between religions and explains how they are not really points of disagreement. With a deeper understanding of those Revelations and those Words from God, we realize the true meaning of many concepts.

For example, what did God mean by the son of God? Some people think the son of God means that He was created by God and Mary in a very physical way that the human mind is trapped in. But it does not really mean that because there were sons of God even in the sixth chapter of Genesis.

Apparently Christ was not the only son of God. There were many sons of God even in chapter six of Genesis. But He was the First Begotten Son of God who reached Pure Consciousness or Godhead before the creation.

We can see by this explanation that Moslems have a possibility to accept, Yes. He was the Son of God in that sense. So many things have been explained and revealed to humanity in this teaching, and now they can know their true meanings.

Another question that might be asked is: Will the dispensation of Bahaullah last for a thousand years as Baha'is believe, when the history of the Bahai Faith shows it will not, as they do not even have a Guardian any longer? Also, God said clearly in the Bible that it will not. Bab and Bahaullah are the twin Prophets referred to in The Revelation. Therefore they cannot be the Revealers for the next thousand years.

So God had His own Plan. He has revealed it to humanity. He sent it in seven Revelations which became the base of the major religions on earth. Now this Revelation is here and humanity has to see what God meant and said, not what our beliefs are, what our dogmas are, what the Hadiths said, and what we believe it is. The biggest thing probably for the human is to overcome their own dogmas, their own ideas, and look at what God has said, what God meant, what God sent. What was the Revelation? What did He say He was going to do?

IIt took Him 12,000 years to bring all these truths to a head, which are now clearly revealed to humanity. It is now our responsibility to take it and run with it, spread it, reach out in any way we can, and explain it to other people how and why this Revelation is the last Revelation of God, and why God said this Revelation will come right before the great tribulation and the coming of the Kingdom.

Therefore we have to come together, create the Communities of Light, create the environment that more and more we can manifest the Light and the Truth of God toward these communities. They can become a place of cooperation and a place that people who are downtrodden and out can come and learn from them and also become productive members of the community.

The more we create people who are productive members of the community, the more we can have greater communities that will become an example, a model, for other people. They will see that a Jew, a Christian, a Hindu, a Moslem, and a Bahai, etc., can all live together in one place peacefully without any fighting and destructive tendencies because they each understand they are a part of a greater truth.

Therefore the peace has come if they accept it and come to it. The peace will come if they join the communities, if they create the ability to help this Mission to spread, and we eventually can create the Communities of Light all over the earth and follow these principles, which are Godly and are based on the truth. We can bring it to humanity as the peace that they are longing for.

The principle for peace and unity has been given to us. We have to be strong and one-pointed in this Revelation and recognize and realize that if we have been Called for it, if we have seen the Vision, there is nothing else out there that is comparable with this Revelation and Truth.

It is from God. Therefore God exists, God is in charge, and we should bring Him to our lives, to our family lives, to the community lives, and become One with one another based on God because we cannot become One with each other no matter what power or energy or system we use. The only thing that unifies is God and His Spirit.

If I am One with God and you are One with God, we are One. But if I am One with God and you have your ego, we cannot be One. It will create problems.

We are looking for the people who are One with God and at least they want to be One with God. The Word of God, His Revelation, and His Scriptures are more important than anything else in this universe.

If they see that clearly then we are on the same note, we are on the same level, in the same place. We can become One without our ego being in the way of unity and the work that we should do together. If not then we will have strife, disagreements, and struggle with each other. I would rather work with those who will not struggle with me and God in creating the Communities of Light, but with those who are One with me. The more we find such people that we are one and we can work together without struggle, the greater manifestation of Gods Work will be on earth.

Such people are called the Elects. Such people are called, those who are the salt of the earth. They will join, see, take the teaching, realize it, and become One with it, and their numbers are very few indeed.

We call everyone to come and see, and become One with it and become the salt of the world. We know them by realizing and seeing that they understand this teaching. They know this teaching. They read the Scriptures, they read THOTH, and they know what the teaching says.

If someone comes and does not know the teaching, they still do not want to put in the effort to understand the teaching. If you do not know the teaching then you do not know what God has sent to you.

The base of the teaching has been translated to many languages and therefore it is not only in English that you can read it. You can read it in many different languages that can help you to understand it in a deeper level. Understanding what God has said and sent is the first step in seeing the Vision. When you see the Vision, you see the unity of all religions, the explanation of all of them, and realize that God has been guiding us to this point. We have to create the Communities of Light, and we have to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

We should not look for someone to come and do it for us but we have to grow up, become mature, and eventually teach humanity little by little that they should also become mature.

If there are beings that are on the other planets, then they become our brothers and sisters, and we can just be friends and not the savior and saved. Therefore we have to come to a point not to look for the other people to save us but we save ourselves.

The way has been given. The Word of God has come to man. The only thing left is to overcome being wavering beings and become one-pointed and strong in God.

That brings you to the point of unity with one another. You are brothers and sisters. You have to create that ability to go beyond separating yourself from the Body of the Mission but become One with each other, and start cooperating, coordinating, becoming One, and putting God and the Mission first.

If you do that, each of you becomes One with God. You are again One, and you are brothers and sisters. In the unity you can bring His Manifestation and Gods Kingdom on earth.

The Kingdom of God on earth will happen because God said it will, so it will. When He Wills something, it will happen. Those who will not see that Gods Will, will happen, make a mistake and their mistake will cost them dearly. Therefore the best way is to see the Vision and Gods Way.

The sooner humanity sees this Truth, the sooner they can come together and realize they are indeed the Essence of God. They cannot be separated with the religions, races, genders, or nationalities, but they are all a part of God.

If they separate themselves or oppose any person in another part of the world or nationality, or race, etc., they might be reincarnated in the same place that they now hate. They will see that they have no choice but to live in a body, or an environment, or situation, that they were opposing in this lifetime.

Therefore by reincarnation we can see that God has so many opportunities to teach you these lessons and eventually bring you to the point of realizing that God indeed exists and His Way is Just. He is trying to bring this universe, which strayed from its Body, back home.

That is why The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, to be(come) Godly and see the Spirit of God in ourselves and everyone else, and realize that Peace on earth is something that starts within you by recognizing and realizing that the Essence of God is in every man, woman, and child. You will create peace and unity in you first. You will overcome any prejudice and separation or separative ideas, and you will see clearly that those who have the separative ideas will suffer greatly. They will oppose one another and become fundamentalists in every religion or race, and they will fight each other and create the great strife and tribulation that is coming to earth.

But this teaching, this Vision, brings peace to every man, woman, and child, and also creates the communities based on this peaceful Vision. The more we become One with this peaceful Vision with God, the more we become One with one another.

There is nothing in this universe worth dedicating yourself to but this Revelation, this teaching, and Gods Words.

It is not a cult or a creation of one small little community that we will not reach to humanity, but it is a Revelation based on the Word of God, based on the prophecies and all the things that God said will come to all. Therefore it is for every man, woman, and child on earth. We will not create a cult and will not create a small group that will collapse in on themselves, like many cults that have been destroyed. But we will be patient, we will reach out to humanity with our last breath, and we will give this truth over and over to all until it eventually breaks through.

Those who have been called and prepared for this realization and Vision will understand it in a greater degree and in a deeper level. Those who do not, of course, we leave to God.

But those who will, they will come, they will be with us, they will be One with us, and they will become a source of the Light of God and will see that His Way is the way of peace, and our ideas, opinions, and psychological hang-ups are indeed problems in our way.

The sooner we rid ourselves of those hang-ups and those things that separate us from God and His Words, the sooner we can create a body of great people who can reach to every corner of the earth, and we will have 144,000 Maitreyas that can give Satsangs and can reach out without being in the way. They will connect everyone to the Mission. They will connect them to me, and I will connect them to God. That is the way it should work.

But if you connect them to yourself or you become fragmented and create separation, you create fragmentation in the Body and it is not going to work.

Therefore the 144,000 Maitreyas are not in the way. The 144,000 Maitreyas are the Facilitating Body that connects the universe and the world to the Mission and the Center, and I connect them to God because I do not want you to put me on the pedestal and say, Yes, He was connected to God, great. Let us put Him on the pedestal and have a great Being, and we feel we are nothing ourselves. I want you to put FINE on the pedestal and know that you can become One with Him. The teaching is, All of you can connect to God directly.

The organized religions that create only one head and the rest of the body is not connected to God, the days for that kind of religion are numbered. It is time for every man and woman to recognize the Essence of God in them, not egoistically as, I am God and no one else is, but as a humble person that I am the Essence of God and so are you. Therefore we all can become One in that Essence.

Of course, ego does not like that. Ego does not want to accept that notion. But that is the truth.

Sponsored is asking:

Sponsored: Is there another word for facilitating?

Maitreya: Facilitating means to make it work or to help a process to manifest. I do not know if there is any other word in English for facilitating; someone can type it in the text if there is.

Facilitating means, to facilitate, to make things easier for something to manifest. It is the ability to help the manifestation of a situation. The meaning is, to help it happen.

Oregano says, facile. Probably that is from Latin, to make easier. OK. So the facilitating body is the body that will facilitate, will help the final hierarchy to manifest itself from the Communities of Light.

The Facilitating Body is made up of the people who join us, help, dedicate themselves, and eventually create the Communities of Light all over the world. The final hierarchy will form from the Communities of Light.

So we are not even trying to create Communities of Light at this point. Of course, if a Community of Light is created, we are not going to oppose it. That is fine. But at this time we are reaching only to the Facilitating Body to create an organization or a Body based on these principles: The principles of unity, the principles of cooperation, the principles of the Eternal Divine Path, the principles of meditation and awakening our spiritual forces, directing our energy to create the Communities of Light, sacrificing for them, surrendering and submitting to God, and becoming a universalist.

So we become the Elects. The more Elects we have, the greater manifestation of these ideals will be on earth. The Elects will cooperate with each other. They will not be the faultfinders but they are actually the people who will help or support one another and see the good in each person. They will enforce that goodness in each person instead of finding faults in each other and trying to create a separation instead of unity. They create a body that dances together like a waltz. They are very cooperative and eventually can work together in such a fantastic way that they can manifest great things on earth.

So we are calling humanity to go against their nature, against competition and egoistical persuasion, separation, and all the things related to ego. We are calling you to go away from your ego. Become One with God. Therefore we can become One and destroy the fear and anxiety that the ego creates and its craving for attention.

Even the fear and being afraid of being rejected and all those things are a part of the ego. It is not God. God is not afraid to be rejected. How can you reject God? God is already One with you. I cannot reject God. I am a part of God.

If I am a part of God, I should realize, can God reject me? He cannot. It is impossible for something that is you to reject you.

Therefore we have to overcome these things. It is OK if we have those hang-ups and problems, we understand. That is what the human ego does and is. This teaching is guiding humans to overcome those things and become One with the Body, become One with God. So we can eventually realize, No one is going to reject us. We are all one huge Gods Body, and we are brothers and sisters. Those who reject us are in delusion and illusion, and they are in Maya and separation. They cannot reject God.

They cannot reject us. Therefore they would not be able to create that separation that other religions have created with each other because they do not recognize and realize that they are a part of God.

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Sponsored: What is the difference between the Bahai Faith and the one after that? Bab, if I am correct?

Maitreya: The one after the Baha'i Faith is Baba. It is the Sixth Seal. The Bahai Faith is the faith of universalism. It creates the feeling that all religions basically say the same thing and therefore they are not separated. Now we can see with this Revelation that is not quite correct because God sent each religion with a specific message.

The Sixth Seal, or Babas Revelation, is talking about the Elects, the Chosen people and the people who have been talked about as, My people, the salt of the earth, and the people whom God calls, My Elects.

Therefore in this Revelation, the difference is, in the Fifth Seal the Eternal Divine Path really finishes. If you understand and follow the first five steps in the Eternal Divine Path, you become the Sixth Seal, which are the Paravipras. The Paravipras are the people who follow the Eternal Divine Path.

Therefore the Fifth Seal is universalism, and the Sixth Seal is the Paravipras or the Elects. So that is the difference between these two Revelations.

The Bahai Teaching has been prophesied as the twin Prophets that will come close to the end time. As the Bible says, their followers are asking God when the last Revelation will come, when the justice of God will come. God tells them, In a short time. In God's timing, a short time can be two hundred years. This Revelation came two hundred years after the Revelation of Bab.

So Bab was the Prophet that Moslems were waiting to come one thousand years after Prophet Muhammad. Bab came almost exactly one thousand years after Prophet Muhammad.

God said this Revelation will come in a short period of time after Bab and Bahaullahs Revelation. By understanding Gods Word and what He revealed, we see that God has said He would do these things and He has done them. Therefore our salvation is to realize that God said these things will happen and they will.

OK, if there is no other question in the room, we have reached the end of this session. Again these Revelations and truth will be your salvation and your realization that this is the one that will result in your unity and will overcome anything that opposes God and His Revelation to you. Become One with it and know that you have to follow it. These are not the words to just come here, listen to them, and then go through the week doing whatever you want. It is not a regular church that we only go to on Sundays or Saturdays. It is a Call of unity and bringing The Kingdom of God on earth.

Therefore be with God and realize that what you have received is the greatest Revelation that has come to humanity.

Sal-Om everyone.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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