Maitreya, Conversation With


Maitreya: Sal-OM, and welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation room. Let us start this session in the name of the Father, Son, and The Holy Ghost that cannot be pronounced in this external world. Those who have received it, if they meditate on it constantly, follow the Eternal Divine Path, and stay to the end, will be liberated to God, and become a son and in His Image.

That is the Goal Of The Life and the Revelation that has been given by God to humanity. The way has been given to man to come together, to create Communities of Light, and therefore bring the unity that humanity needs to recognize and become.

As you all know, this is the room for conversation with me. The whole teaching and the Revelation have been given. It is done! It is finished! It is perfected!

Still every week we continue to be here. Many people come and recognize the beauty, the strength, and the truth in this Revelation. Many workers are helping to see that this Mission is spread in a greater degree. We now have a streaming video that is running twenty-four hours a day. You can go to the website and see it. It has been perfected so you have that also as a part of the Mission arsenal to reach humanity.

We hope one day we can reach in many other ways, in television, in radio, on bulletin boards, in creating communities, and having permanent buildings that people can come, see, study, and understand this teaching in a greater degree.

We also have a new contact in South Florida. We welcome her to the Mission. Hopefully the people in Florida will come together and in a way that God had a plan for that state, as that was the first state that I went to and was invited to give a lecture there. It seems more people in that state have come to the Mission and seen the truth. Therefore, hopefully, the contacts in that state will come together and spread the Mission to their state, also to the whole United States, and the world.

Also, we have had some new information by some Bahai friends that has been put in the website. If you go to More News in the website, under Frequently Asked Questions, or News, you can access that. They are interesting tidbits that some of our Bahai friends have recognized, again reconfirming to them and everyone that indeed God is with this Mission and has sent this Revelation to humanity.

We all have to come to Him and listen to God, listen to His Revelation. He chose Abraham. He chose Abram. He created the history. And now He Revealed the Eternal Divine Path.

There is nothing comparable with the work of God that brought us to this point of understanding the last Revelation and the Mystery that God has kept even from Great Prophets. Now it is revealed to you and you are indeed very blessed that you know what Gods Plan was, how you can create peace and Communities of Light on earth, and bring unity to humanity.

Now you can listen to a Christian, a Jew, a Buddhist, a Hindu, a Moslem, no matter what religion they are from, and see where they fall and how God meant them to be a part of a greater truth. Therefore, you can relate to everyone without prejudicity, or without categorizing them, or without being narrowed to one religion that your religion is the best and everyone else is wrong. We now know that God clearly said that He will send Seven Angels, Seven Revelations, and He is a mystery until the last Revelation comes.

When God did not reveal or even if He did reveal this Vision, He told the Prophets, Do not write it down. Do not reveal it to the rest of humanity now.

So He kept it a mystery. And now many people who have only one religion condemn other religions because their view is narrow, and they do not know the mystery of God, the last Revelation, and what God was doing. They are creating separation, destruction, wars, and every problem that we see on earth. And it is getting worse.

Noah came. He brought the Mystical Paths and started a part of Gods Plan. When Abraham came he started another part of the Plan. When Christ came, he finished the choosing of the people who created the Old Testament.

But they still do not want to accept Gods Will, and they do not want to accept that Christ was the Shiloh, that he came and as the prophecy said, When the Shiloh comes, the kingdom will be taken away from them and be given to another nation.

Then Muhammad came. He brought the greater truth and finished other Revelations before it. But the other Revelations are not accepting this truth. Therefore, they are opposing Islam, and Islam is opposing them. All the Revelations before it were a part of the truth. Therefore, they could not unify because they have only one-seventh of the truth.

When Bab and Bahai came, they brought the Bahai teaching and they had finished what was before them. They were not accepted. Still they have problems, and all of that.

Now this Revelation comes and it unifies both Plans of God, of the Mystical Paths and the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Bahai teachings, unifies many, many things for humanity, and shows how Gods Revelations have come to man. Therefore, this is the Revelation that has finished all the Revelations before it. Now we have to let humanity know that each of them is a part of the truth.

We can see that the unity and the last Vision of God is on earth. We are at the point after the Revelation of the Seven Seals, or chapter 5 of The Revelation, when the Seven Seals have come, the Seven Angels have come. This is the time for the great Babylon to fall and the destruction comes to the worldly ideas. The Godly Ideas will replace them with Truth, His Laws, and understanding of His Plan and how He Works. No matter what good human ideas are out there, the Godly Ideas are the only Ideas that will work.

The Elects and those who have been meditating and progressing to this point now are on earth. They are called to recognize this Truth, to see this Revelation and unity, and come, join us, and prepare the way for the coming of the Kingdom.

Of course, as we have realized, it is not an easy job to attract the Elects. Those even that call themselves Elects do not become involved or engaged in the Mission in a degree that we would like them to. But at the same time, that is OK. That is why God knew that this Revelation would call the Elects. However, the world is strong, Maya is powerful, and who knows, maybe many of the Elects have not yet even been born.

This Revelation is in the infancy and the people who come to it might be very high Souls but at the same time they are being bombarded with the propaganda of this world and worldly concerns. Therefore, they cannot completely dedicate themselves to it. But that is what it takes.

It takes 144,000 completely dedicated people whose Vision and Focus is 100% on the Mission and on getting It done. They are the ones called Paravipras. The characteristics of the Paravipras are explained in our teachings many times, about those who follow the Eternal Divine Path, see this Vision, and dedicate their lives completely to it.

We need a great number of supporters who support these 144,000 so they can come with complete purity and oneness to become one with the Mission and work with me. We will work together to divide the earth in twelve sections or twenty-four sections (it depends on what we decide), and eventually spread the facilitating body to every corner on earth.

We do not have to really do anything. They only thing we have to do is watch, increase, create an efficient organization based on Gods Words, and wait until all these religions and man-made ideas destroy themselves. That is what happened to Babylon the Great. It was not Christ who destroyed it. It was destroyed by itself because it was not based on The Grace, the Word of God, and the understanding of His Laws. Therefore, the destruction will come to those who do not consider Gods Words and Spirit in their lives, in their societies, in their systems, and everything that God has been sending to humanity.

So we are not opposed to anyone. We are not revolutionary people. We are not going to take guns and become terrorists, or this and that. We have just to create an environment and an organization that can reach, preach, and make this Revelation understood with many people. There are countries that even if they see the Vision they cannot profess it or accept it because that is against the law of the land. If you are not of a specific religion that they espouse, you are fair game for them. The freedom of expression, or of ideas, is not accepted or preached in those places.

Even in those places where freedom of expression and ideas are accepted, the propaganda of those places is in such a way that Gods Ideas are not really preached. We can see that the whole world is lost in Maya and is putting God out of everything.

But our salvation and our faith is that God has been saying that He will do all these things, and He has done them. He also says that His Kingdom will come, and so It will. Therefore, we are not counting who comes, who goes, who joins the Mission, who does not join the Mission, is it going slow, or is it going fastIt really does not matter.

The only thing we have to do is prove to ourselves, Is this really from God? It was prophesied to come. He said there were going to be Seven Revelations, there were going to be Seven Angels, and when the last book is opened it reveals the mystery of God, opens the Seven Seals, and shows how the Kingdom should come, or will come.

By understanding this, we are not depressed or anxious, Who comes and who goes, or what happens in the Mission or not. The only thing is that we have to create that faith in ourselves that we know, Yes indeed, it will happen. Therefore, we will be patient. We will work on ourselves, purify ourselves, and become more dedicated to what has been revealed to us. We can become one-pointed and focused 100% on Gods Words and His Plan.

Only His Plan and His Words will work. Any other ideas, no matter how wonderful they look to us, still are not in the Scriptures and the Word of God. Therefore, we have to completely see, Yes, it is. God said that is what is going to happen, and that is what is going to happen.

So it is absolute meditation and realization of what we are here for and what we are called for. If we can see that Vision and we completely understand that our dedication has to be 100% wherever we are, we can accomplish this. The Mission has been given so many tools. Each tool might appeal to some people and other tools might not appeal to them, but all of them are effective and will influence a part of your being that you might not have even known about.

Therefore, dancing, chanting, concentration, contemplation, gazing at The Greatest Sign, creation of the Communities of Light, Satsang, Service, Meditation, the Fifteen Commandments, the Thirty-Three Virtues, and all the things that have been given are to envelop you into God and into the higher levels of thinking, and to bring your energy into higher levels of being instead of dragging you down to the level that this world is trying to bring humanity to. The higher level of thinking is being dragged to a very low level. Therefore, the higher level of thinking actually is discouraged in many, many ways.

But this Mission and God is High. His Highness means, a high level of thought and being, a life that we put its foundation based on this higher thought and being. Therefore, we will not be dragged to the world and lower level.

All these techniques are given to you for those purposes, for those reasons: to experience God. That is because as we have said, if you have not experienced God you have religions. But if you experience God, you have a direct relationship with God.

If you do not have a direct relationship with God, then you do not know God and you just talk about the things that the preacher tells you or you listen to other people to believe something that they give you. You believe in them and you become a religious person who believes in a bunch of dogmas. But you have never experienced God yourself.

These techniques are given for you to experience God directly. When you experience God it is no longer a religion. It is the truth. It is something that you know exists. When you read this Revelation you realize, Yes, indeed, God is Everything and everything is created by God, is from God, and will return into God. Therefore, how can there be separation and disunity? How can we even consider that one religion is greater than another, or, one is better than the other one? Therefore, we can completely overcome those problems.

Amina: Sal-OM Maitreya. Why do we visualize the blue light when in meditation and why does this light get changed to white?

Maitreya: The color of blue is a very relaxing color. If you want to have a relaxing room, they used to color it in blue. When you see the blue light there, you will become more relaxed and prepared for the meditation. You see the blue light. It is a misty-blue light, which is very relaxing. You enter that light to meditate.

When it enters your body, each visualization of that blue light will relax different parts of your body until you reach the sixth chakra. In the sixth chakra it is not really a blue light. It is a white brilliant light.

You eventually see that third eye. It really looks like an eye. It has a very bright center and then it has a dark area outside. Sometimes it changes and the center becomes dark and the outside becomes a bright light. If you go to our website I think we have a picture of the third eye there. On the left side, The Goal Of The Life, if you click on it you will see the third eye, which shows a very brilliant light in the center.

Those who have seen the third eye become surprised at how beautiful it is. Some people even become mesmerized with it, and they stop meditating and going further. They become completely absorbed in themselves and the third eye, and they become lost.

Therefore, the goal is not to see the third eye. The goal is not to become the third eye, or open the third eye. If it opens, fine. Then you can see the Spirit. You can see many things. You can see the energy of the people. You can see the aura of the people. You can feel many spiritual things and the different levels of consciousness each person is.

A lot of siddhis or powers will be coming to you but those are not the goal as we have discussed many times. The goal is to reach Pure Consciousness, or Oneness with God, create the Communities of Light, bring the Peace on earth, become compassionate, and create the qualities of God.

Therefore, those are the reasons for seeing the blue light. It is not only a blue light; it is a misty-blue light, which is very relaxing.

If you are not relaxed, if you drink a lot of coffee, or if you drink a lot of wine, or alcohol, and your consciousness is not calm, you become like a lake that has a lot of waves on it, and God, as the moon in the sky. If you want to see the moon in the lake, you cannot. It breaks into millions of pieces, and you never realize God or the Self.

But if you relax yourself, if you let the blue light come through, it relaxes your body, and you reach a point that your consciousness is still, you become like a still lake that the moon in the sky will reflect in your Self, and you and God can become One and you experience God.

Therefore, that is the goal. The goal is to experience and have a direct relationship with God. To do that the relaxation techniques and coming to a still mind is paramount.

The Word, or the Holy Name, is the meditation process that really does not need a formal meditation. Of course, formal meditation is great. Anyone who has time for it should do it. But the Word is constantly going on within us. Those who have heard it, know it, and were initiated with it, can meditate twenty-four hours a day constantly and therefore be with God and the stillness of the mind all the time. That is the goal, to reach a point that you are meditating twenty-four hours a day.

When you sit in formal meditation, you go right to the center of the universe to the blue light, enter it, and you start doing the process and finish it without being distracted.

Another reason for that process is that if your mind is not disciplined to go through the process, you start doing the process but many times in the process your mind is going to wander and start thinking about something else. It teaches you how to bring the mind back to the meditation. Therefore, it is kind of a discipline for the mind not to wander but to come back. You gain power and strength over your mind more and more.

Every time your mind wanders, you gently bring it back to the process. Anytime your mind wanders, you gently bring it back to the mantra and your meditation. Each time you do that you are telling your mind, I am not going to listen to you. You are going to listen to me.

But the mind has been running your life for many lifetimes and it does not want to give up. That is why your mind is still going to wander away and you have to discipline it to come back and back. Eventually, at one point, it just gives up. Therefore, your mind becomes completely still and the reflection of God can be seen in that still mind.

Therefore, the techniques that have been given have many reasons for them, and they have a strong and powerful effect in the person. The people who meditate twice a day regularly with that technique and the universal mantra will greatly benefit from this meditation.

Greater than that is The Word that has been given to the people who will be initiated. That Word is constantly going on in the person and formal meditation is not that paramount because you can hear The Word all the time.

In Haree Om Shrii Hung, if you are meditating, you can sing it, you can chant it, and you can dance with it. So there are many, many ways to use that mantra.

I hope that answers your question.

Amina: What should a person do who relaxes too easily in meditation and tends to fall asleep? Would another color be beneficial?

Maitreya: Well, such a person should sit in the lotus pose and not lie down or not sit in a place that they can put their back on the wall or somewhere where they will fall asleep. That is why the lotus pose has been recommended by a lot of teachers because when you are in the lotus pose, if you fall asleep you fall over and you wake up. So, you will not stay in a sleep state.

Therefore, do not put your back to the wall, do not lie down on the floor, or do not put your feet up on the desk that makes you completely relaxed while sitting on the chair. Anything that makes you fall asleep and therefore not meditate should be avoided.

The best way, if you can, is to sit in the lotus pose. You do not have to sit completely full lotus pose, if you cannot. You can sit half lotus pose or just crossed-legged. If you also practice yoga, little by little you will reach a point that you are or will be able to sit in a full lotus pose, which is the best way to sit and meditate.

There are many, many levels that have been given for the people who want to meditate. The best is in a full lotus pose, on the ground, without your back being to anything that you can fall asleep. That is the ultimate. The Mission always gives a range of possibilities that are not the ultimate, which is the desire to be done. Some people might even sit in the chair and do The Reminder if they cannot bend back and forth, if they are old and their skeleton is not as flexible as a young person.

The Mission is a very flexible Mission. It gives everyone a chance to experience God.

Therefore, that is the best way to meditate, but if you cannot, just sit cross-legged with no possibility of you falling asleep. If you fall asleep, you will fall and you will wake up. Falling asleep is a trick of the mind to avoid and fight back so that you will not have the power and the ability to gain power over your mind. The body tells you, Yes, you are really sleepy. Fall asleep. Do not meditate. Do not follow what Maitreya said in your meditation. So it is a trick that is tricking you not to do what is required to be done.

Therefore, fight back. Find a technique that the mind cannot trick you. Sitting crossed-legged or in the lotus pose is one of them. It makes you not to fall asleep. And the mind, after a while, gives up because it realizes that you are not going to listen to it anymore. Then it is going to go and find another trick. You might not sit there and fall asleep anymore but the mind is telling you, You are hungry. Come on, go eat; it is not time to meditate. You are really, really hungry. It is time to eat.

Or, your mind wanders about what you did last night, and this and that, and does not let you go back to the meditation. The whole idea is to sit in a position that you do not fall asleep. You do the process to the end. You meditate on the mantra and then you do the process all the way back to your body.

It is easier said than done. I know it is hard but at the same time that is the way that you gain power little by little over your mind. One day you sit, you go through the process, you meditate, you have a wonderful meditation, and you come back to your body and say, WOW, that was great! That is the meditation that I want.

But even if you are not meditating well and your meditation is a struggle that also is good. That means that a lot of impurities are being purified in you and therefore you are struggling with meditation. So keep meditating anyway. Do not give up easily. Be sincere in your meditation.

It is better to be sincere than serious. A lot of people seem to be serious but they are not completely dedicated. Their seriousness has some flaws.

If you are sincere, you are relaxed; you want to know the truth and what God has given to you. Therefore, you become a seeker. Serious people sometimes are not as sincere as they project.

So be sincere. Meditate sincerely but be relaxed. If you are struggling, that is OK. If your meditation is the worst ever, that is fine. That is still good.

If the meditation is good, say, Thanks God for the wonderful meditation, and continue meditating.

Hopefully, one day in the future we can have classes of meditation in the schools and the children from five years old can start meditating. Children should not do yoga until they are twelve years old because their chakras are not completely formed yet. But they can do mild exercises.

They can meditate after five because the ego will develop when the child is five years old. In that time they can meditate and start gaining control over their mind in that very young age. We even have a walking meditation with Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam that can be taught to the children. They can walk and repeat the mantra with each step and think about the meaning of the mantra, which is, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, That Divinity (God) Is Everything.

Even if humanity just realized this mantra and its meaning, they would bring greater peace among themselves. That is because, what is the goal of the life? The goal of the life is not to become a doctor, or professor, or rich, or have all the material things, and all the things that we are taught, That is the goal of the life. Get a higher education, to have this job, to have that much money, to have this kind of car, a house, and all those material things. That is not the goal of the life. God clearly said, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine.

To be(come) Divine means to be(come) one with God, to follow the Eternal Divine Path, to become a part of Gods Plan and Revelation, and eventually reach Pure Consciousness.

We have to create an environment where everyone has his or her physiological and safety needs taken care of. We should stop wars and destruction, bring peace on earth, and unity among humans. We have to reach to space so we can spread out and therefore we are not choked with the population on earth.

Eventually we will all realize that we have only One God, He has been sending all these Revelations to humanity, we are one, and we are not separated. We only have One God! There are not two, three, four, ten, or a hundred.

There is only one Spirit, and that Spirit is within us. Each of us has a Spark of God, and we pay our salutations to that Spark in every individual and being.

Therefore, there is no animosity among us. We are a part of God and united in Him. He is the only thing that unites and the only thing that can bring peace. Otherwise there is ego, and ego does not unify; it brings destruction. It sees itself to be lonely, alone, misunderstood, and no one cares. When we are one with God and the other person is one with God, then we do not seek understanding, we seek to understand. Therefore, we will overcome many ego problems that bring us to self-destruction and destruction on humanity.

So focusing on God only, brings the unity. Ego brings destruction and disunity. Therefore, any religion that says, No, my religion is better than another, is an ego trip. It is not really from God, it is man-made. It is dogma. It is not based on the Spirit of God. But that religion that says, No, all the religions have come from God and every man has the Spark of God in them, is the religion that has come from God.

There are religions now on earth that cannot even conceive that God is Everything. They cannot even accept that the Spark of God is in them, when their mystical part is telling them, Yes, it is. I can become One with God,

But they cannot understand the mystical part of their own teaching, and they teach man separation, disunity, and destruction when the only thing they have to realize is, God is in every individual no matter what kind of religion, what kind of race, nationality, or gender, they have that Spark in them. They are a part of God and our brothers and sisters. Therefore, with this view, again you can be unified.

You cannot be unified with your partner, you cannot be unified with your children, and you cannot be unified with your neighbor if both of you are not connected to God, are focused on God, and see the Spark of God in the other person. If you see the Spark of God in the other person, but the other person does not see that Spark of God in themselves, still it is very hard to become one.

So it takes two to tango. And it takes two or more to become one with God in order to become one with each other.

The way of becoming united, the way of stopping destruction, the way of peace has been given by realizing that we all have to become united by God. Therefore, we can be united. Otherwise, our ego is in the way. We will see our self a victim: a person no one understands, no one cares, and no one is really interested in us.

When we are one with God, we do not need those things because God will fill us up. We will no longer crave for those things, and we will not create self-pity on ourselves but we will create the Love of God for ourselves. We will see that our life is indeed filled up with the beauty of God. We will become beautiful ourselves. The beauty inside will reflect itself to the beauty outside, and many will see it and appreciate it.

Therefore, we can become one with those who also have that Light in them and are one with God. The more we become one, the greater we will create the environment that is called the Communities of Light.

The Communities of Light is the salvation of man. It is the unification of all religions. It is based on these teachings and this understanding. It is not a destructive, dis-unifying ego trip, or based on selfish and self-centered understanding. It is based on, We recognize and realize God in ourselves, and we see what is Gods Plan and Will for us. And be happy for what He has for us. Accept our cup.

It is just like Christ said at the end, in the Garden of Gethsemane, Take this cup from me. It was not a very good cup. He did not expect that when he started his mission that he was going to end up to be crucified.

He said, I am the Son of God. My Father is in Heaven, and I am His Son who has been sent to you to bring this message that you are misusing His Words and His Kingdom. You should accept me as His Son, as His Representative, and make me your King. I am the King of Israel.

But the end was the time that he reached a point that not only they did not accept that, they were going to crucify him. So he asked, God, can you take this cup from me? Immediately he realized, That is the cup God gave me. I just accept it. That is my cup. Thanks God for the cup, and I accept that! Not fighting it and saying, No, I want another cup, and change my cup to something else.

So you can see that the unification of all religions indeed is here, and the way to Peace has been given.

If you are an Elect, you will see this thing clearly and implement it in your life. You will bring God into your life very strongly so we can understand this teaching in a greater degree and bring God more into your life. The more you bring God into your life, the more one you will become with everyone around you. The next step is to bring more Godly people together so you can bring the unity.

If you are one with God and the people around you are not one with God, it is very hard to be one with them. Actually, they might even bring you down to your ego, and again the destruction and disunity.

The goal is to be(come) Divine and live with those who are also Divine. So the Communities of Light and all those things are important, and all these teachings. And bringing God among us is the way.

Winn2005: Maitreya, I wanted to know, if divorce is a sin and if the person who commits the act of leaving the relationship for another person suffers afterward? I am asking because ever since my divorce, my ex-wife has begun to look real haggardly and stressed. So I was wondering if there was such a thing.

Maitreya: The questions is, Is divorce OK, and especially if you divorce someone to go to someone else?

Divorce should be very carefully evaluated among a couple. It is not something that you should fall into easily. It is a very hard decision to make. The best way is as Christ said, They should not even divorce. When you marry, that is it. You are still together forever. But that is an idealistic approach to this situation.

There are times that two people really cannot get along. They cannot bring God among themselves. Their egos come to the point of destructive tendencies. Therefore they will reach a place that no longer is their life really together. They are going in two different directions.

If you are going south and I am going north, I am going to God and you are becoming more egoistical, then we cannot be together. We are going in two different directions. You are going to the world and ego. I am going to the Spirit and God. There is no compromise there. In that sense you will decide, Yes, let us go our separate ways.

But if you just fall in love with another person and leave the family and husband, or wife, for another person, that is again a very egoistical approach in life. You do not see the beauty of family and sacrifice that you have to make for a family to stay together. If the other person is terrible and creates an environment that you have no choice but to leave, again it is an individual decision. It is very important for each person, for each couple, to evaluate the situation and see what they should gain in this matter.

In the Communities of Light, the whole community is involved with the couples. This is a vision that is very alien to many people that the community is also concerned about your marriage. It is not between you and your husband only to decide but the community also has a say in the decision. In these cases, the community leaders and elders are going to be very helpful in making the final decision with the couples. Of course, the final decision is between the couple. So it should not be done very easily but there are situations that there is no choice.

If you do it very lightly, it does create a great karma. That is because the couple relationship is based on the ethereal relationship between two people. The ethereal relationship needs commitment, sacrifice, and staying together as long as possible without dragging the other person from the higher level to the lower level. It is a relationship that has to be broken very rarely, and if it is possible, never.

But as I said, That is idealistic. It does happen to a lot of people, especially in the societies that God has left completely, that these things are becoming very easily accepted, and many are done. They create a great karma.

That is why destruction will come to those societies that put God out, become selfish, and do things in a selfish way instead of bringing the consideration of God, which is sacrifice, bringing together, staying together in the marriage, and continuing what God has sanctioned and has said, You stay together.

We will see. We will wait and let them wait, and you will see that the destruction will come to those who will not bring God in their relationships and life. If both are Godly, they have no choice but to become one, compromise, understand, accept their situation, and eventually become one and stay together.

If you leave someone because of another person, that is a great sin, it is a very selfish, self-centered, and egoistical thing to do. So we agree with you that it is possible if she left you for another person, she has created a big karma.

You also have to look at yourself to see, what have you done that that situation has been created, and maybe do not make the same mistake the next time around. This always takes two sides. But if these things are done selfishly, they have a great destructive end.

NYalone: Do you believe that there is a coming back for Jesus?

Maitreya: Well, I am not really the person answering that question because we believe Christ has already returned. And not only has he returned again, he returned as Prophet Muhammad, he returned as Bab, his consciousness came through Baba, and now this Revelation is presenting the same thing: Christ, or the Pure Consciousness, and the Revealer of the Seven Seals.

So if you are waiting for him, then you have to look at our website, the Revelation, the prophecies, the genealogy, and all the truth that has come through this vessel and make up your mind that you do not have to wait.

It is here! It is done! It is finished! The Seventh Seal is opened. Now it is the time for you to see what was Gods Plan to this point, come and join, meditate, and become Divine.

The time of being Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and Moslems is finished. The only acceptable belief is those who become Divine. Therefore, we recommend you to go and prove it to yourself in our teachings. Come to this room. Come to the other rooms, the All Religions Unified room in PalTalk, ask questions, and eventually make up your mind.

NYalone: How is it that you return as Muhammad?

Maitreya: It is because it is the same spirit that came through all the Prophets. Also, if you read our teachings that we recommend you do, it is called The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament, It explains clearly that God gave two promises to both Ishmael and Isaac. That promise was the scepter, or Messianic position, or the coming of the Prophet and also a birthright, which was the territorial possession for both Isaac and Ishmael.

The Messianic, or the Shiloh, came as Christ, as Esa (you call him Jesus, which really there is no J in Hebrew. Therefore, his name really was not Jesus but was Esa the Christ) for the Jews, and he gathered the people as Jacob prophesied he would.

God has already also promised Ishmael that he was going to have a territorial possession and a Prophet would come to him. Territorial possession is from Saudi Arabia, to the Middle East, to North Africa, to Spain, and in South America. They are all the children of the Arabs. The Prophet came as Prophet Muhammad.

If the Christians just recognized that God gave promises to both Ishmael and Isaac for a prophet to come, then they would recognize that, Yes, Prophet Muhammad is also from God and He sent them as the Messiah, as the Prophet, as Christ. The same Spirit of God came through both of them.

The territorial possession of Isaac is from Europe to North America. They came from Israel. Then they left there, and Europe and the United States was given to them. God Blessed Esa over all others, and that is why they received the blessing of God and The Grace was with them. That is why they were prosperous more than anyone else.

Then came Bab. Bab also had the same Spirit and brought the teaching of universalism. We can see that the same Spirit is Christ. Christ came more than once. The Christians are still waiting for him to come, and he has been here at least three more times, and this is the fourth time this same Revelation came from the same Spirit to humanity.

If you read our teachings and see the Word of God, you will see that indeed God has sent all these Revelations to humanity. You have to understand these things and realize that it is all from God. All religions, all Prophets, all Messiahs have come from God, and now they are unified. God has kept it as a mystery, a secret, up to this point. Now that mystery is revealed.

That is why the next lifetime Prophet Muhammad came as a Prophet, or Christ. Islam actually, if you play with the words, Is Lamb.: So Islam, His Lamb.

Who was Christ? He was the Lamb of God.

Winn2005: Maitreya, you have brought me to the point of tears in your elegant answer to my question. Thank you.

Maitreya: You are welcome. All thanks go to God. It is His Spirit that brings the elegance and the truth to humanity, and therefore, we give all the credit to Him. With this, we do not create any ego and we are free to continue our lives being in God.

NYalone: You can say that both came from the same Source but this does not mean that they are one.

Maitreya: When something comes from the same Source, they have the same material in them. Therefore, in essence they have the same things as each other. Of course, their missions you can say were different.

The mission of Christ was three-fold. He was supposed to bring and release The Grace back to the earth and especially to those who will gather in the West. He came as Shiloh to take the Kingdom away from the Jews and give it to another nation. Also he brought the teaching of sacrifice.

Prophet Muhammad came to bring the idea of surrendering and submission to God. And that is the highest spiritual realization. When you reach a point that you are absolutely surrendered and are submitted to God, you always realize that it is God doing it through you and you are not the doer. Therefore, the ego will be humbled, eventually dissolved in ego, and then there is no separation between you and God. God comes through in a 100% pure way.

By understanding this we can say, It is the same Spirit. It is the same thing in different situations, in different teachings.

The teaching of Christ also was a more individual teaching. That is why he said, Forgive whatever wrong is done to you. And Prophet Muhammads teaching was more social. That is why he said, If someone slaps you, slap them back. So you say, Wow, there are two different teachings, it is separate.

Christ said, Just forgive them. If they ask you for a coat, give your cloak also. If they take you to the judge, go with them. So be completely forgiving.

But Prophet Muhammad said, No, you should not forgive but fight back. The reason is that Prophet Muhammads teaching is more socially-oriented.

Our teaching again unifies those two teachings. We teach that whatever wrong is done to you personally, forgive. But if they have done something that affects the society and it will bring the society to the brink of destruction, or affect the people, that should not be forgiven.

With this we can see that the teaching again is united and what Christ taught is true, and what Prophet Muhammad taught is true also. Therefore, we can see that all of them are united into one.

Again, this room is for discussing the Mission of Maitreya. The Revelation has been given to humanity, and it is finished. All the Revelation is here.

Now is the time of implementation, to bring it to every man, woman, and child. So the time of implementation is now and as we implement it more and more, the more the teaching will be spread externally.

Again, each of you is there to read it, understand it, and see how you can help, how you can spread it in a greater degree based on your abilities, based on your understanding, based on what you can do. But, get involved. Do things. Reach out, preach, come, join, support, so that we can get this Mission implemented and bring this great teaching to all of humanity.

Again, I leave you all to God. Be with God. Bring God to your lives. Become One with Him. Teach others to become One.

The more you bring people to God and they become Godly, the more you will become One. Your life is going to be here, your wife or husband is going to love you, your family is going to be stronger. But the more ego comes in, the more separation.

You all have a wonderful, Godly week. Sal-OM everyone.

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