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Maitreya: Welcome everyone to the Mission of Maitreya Conversation Room. This is Maitreya. You have come to the right place, which reveals the Revelation that humanity needs most. This Revelation fulfills the prophecies of its coming. By knowing these teachings, humans will realize that they are One Body in God and the only way to become unified and create the Kingdom of God on earth is by the unification of all religions and realizing that all religions have come from the same Source. That is what this Revelation reveals.

God is the one who has prophesied and promised to send Seven Revelations, and now at the end time we have all these Seven Revelations together as one. We are reaching out to humanity to let them know that their salvation indeed has come.

One of the greatest problems that humanity has to face, understand, and resolve is that the religions do not teach that they are all a part of God and they have the potential to become the sons of God and reach a point to realize their spirits and God are one. Those religions are the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Bahai Teachings that do not believe that God is everything.

Therefore they put someone at the top and make them a person who is connected to God or close to God, and they themselves believe they are not able to reach that point. That is why we have mullahs, rabbis, popes, and all those people that have been created, which separate them from God. They themselves do not believe they can reach the same state as their idols or their leaders.

We have to make them understand that God is Everything and every man, woman, and child has the potential to connect to God directly. Therefore their negative religious grip on them that has been created for the last 6,000 years can be lifted, and humans can be released to recognize and realize they cannot and they should not create idols out of their leaders but they themselves should realize they have the potential to reach God directly.

Of course that also creates a problem as we can see in the Mystical Paths that when some people believe that they are God or they can reach Godhood, they become egoistical, self-centered, and forget that everyone is god and they forego the society. They become escapists and they do not recognize that they also have to engage themselves in the rest of the Revelations of God that were sent through the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/ Bahai Teachings. So they should also recognize that everyone has the potential to become god by following the Eternal Divine Path.

The most important part is to teach the members of those four religions, which cover almost four billion humans on earth, that they are not cut off from God. They do not need a person between them and God. They believe they are sinners and they have no potential or chance to go to God directly.

So this is the Revelation and the work to release the humans from their bondage to go directly to God and teach them that they have the ability to become a part of God. With this they will not create dogmas and separation from one another and they will realize that all of humanity is one body in God. Therefore it will accelerate their unification as One Humanity, One God, One Earth, and One Savior or Revelation from God. Our teachings accomplish all these things with the greatest understanding and truth.

So we have a tremendous responsibility to teach humanity these things and awaken them to realize their Essence, which is God, and at the same time let them know the Plan of God for the rest of the Eternal Divine Path. By this understanding they will free themselves from the bondage, dogmas, and all the things that have been created for them not to recognize that they have the Essence of God in them. Not only do they have the Essence of God, but everyone has that Essence within. Therefore by this recognition and realization they will not only free themselves but also they will see that they are all one in the Essence of God.

This room directs you to go to our website to study it, then come to our PalTalk rooms, understand our teachings, see the Vision, and at the same time recognize that your religion, your understanding, and your background is a part of this Revelation. There is no religion or idea or teaching, which is based on the Essence of God and has Truth in it, that is not a part of this Revelation.

I am here to talk to you. If you have seen the teachings and seen the difference between what we teach here and what every other religion and teaching gives, and recognize and realize that indeed God had prophesied and foretold the coming of this Revelation, then you have the ability to see the whole Plan.

So then come here, and if you have a question about where your religion falls, and if you have some dogmas or understanding of yourself, come and compare it with our teachings and see how you can overcome those dogmas and see the Essence of God instead of believing in a set of teachings of different religions, which really separate human from human. Whatever separates humans from humans is from ego and man-made, and it is not from God. How can God separate anything from anything because God is Everything? How can Everything say, A part of what I am is separate from my other part?

Therefore this room basically has been set up for questions and answers, discussions about our teachings, and explanations about what you might want to know about how this Revelation can teach you and expand your consciousness in a greater degree.

Otherwise the teachings have been given in many Discourses, which we call Satsangs. For the last twenty-plus years these teachings have been explained and many questions have been answered. All of them are in the website in many forms, in text, in video, in audio. All those things are there for you to study and go to the depths of the teachings and realize what has been given to humanity.

This room is an extension of what we have been doing for the last twenty years to further explain the teachings to those who have more questions or they want some clarification, or they have some ideas that they do not see how they fit in these teachings, or if there are other questions that have not been answered. If the question has been answered before, it is OK. But of course if you do not ask the question that has already been answered that would be great, since it gives greater room for those who want to ask new questions or clarify the teachings.

If no one asks the questions in the room usually I just go ahead and repeat myself for what I have been saying for the last twenty or more years, that the Revelation of the Seven Seals is here, all the religions are unified, the prophecies are fulfilled, the genealogy of the coming of the last Revealer of the Revelation of God is here, and all of humanity is called to come and see this Truth and prove it to themselves that this is indeed the fulfillment of the prophecies, this is the Revelation that God said would come to man. Therefore it is the salvation of man.

If they understand the Eternal Divine Path and follow It, create the Communities of Light, and the hierarchy comes from these Communities of Light, we can bring the Kingdom of God on earth, which is peace between all nations and all people with God as the King of the earth.

Some people were telling me how peaceful the Mission is and how they would like to live here instead of going to the world and to their work, which is so stressful. So the Mission and where we are and what we do is a reflection of what is coming. If it is peaceful here, just imagine how peaceful and wonderful the life will be if we can bring this to the whole earth and eventually bring humanity to the point that they can live in peace and security, based on the Words of God, which will bring those things that they desire.

Their desire for peace, security, and being one with the Spirit is a longing deep in every human, and all of them really want that. But their egos and their dogmas, their misunderstandings, their separation by many different levels, religions, genders, nationalities, and all the things that are related to ego, separate them. That separation is the destructive force in man, which separates them from God.

They think that God is separated from them, which actually is not correct. It is they who separate themselves from God. Therefore they cannot see that God is always with them. How can He not be? He is you. He is one with you, and you are a part of Him. Therefore you cannot say God is not there or He has separated Himself or Herself or Itself from you, but it is you who has separated yourself from God.

If we understand that, then we cannot separate ourselves from other people either because God is Everything. Therefore all humans, beings, nature, animals, and the whole universe is a uni-verse. It means it is made with One Verse. It means it all comes from the Creative Force that has created all of them and therefore in Essence they are one. Anyone who sees this differently and does not see that it is a uni-verse is in delusion of separation from God.

Quest For Truth is asking:

Quest For Truth: What becomes of those who study these teachings but never join the Mission?

Maitreya: There are two levels of being in the Mission: those who study the teachings, like them, love them, and support them in any way they can by talking to their families and their friends, and bringing them to recognize that indeed this Revelation has come to them and the fulfillment of Gods Revelation has come. Therefore they become a kind of connector of people to this Revelation because this Revelation is the only Revelation for the whole humanity. Every human at least has to hear this one time. So they should at least try to reach as many as they can wherever they are.

There are also people who support this Mission by many other ways, with their intellect, with their labor, etc. Anything they can do for the Mission they will do and help, and of course they are very helpful, as in Bible it reveals that there are 144,000 Elects and millions and billions of supporters of these Elects. So not all the people will be those who are 100% dedicated to the Mission. Therefore they are between just liking the Mission to all the way to dedicating their lives 100% to the Mission.

There are many levels there but God said, You know them by their fruit. The Elects are those that they are 100% dedicated to the Mission and they give great fruit without being attached to the results of their actions. They surrender and submit the result to God. They seek their reward from God, not from the Mission or me, so they become co-workers with me as, My reward is with God, not with this world. Therefore, we can become co-workers that can work toward establishing this Mission.

So you can see that this Mission is a very flexible Mission. But it is your decision where you want to be with God. If you want to be closer to God you will become closer to the Mission and the Revelation and what God has expected the Elects to have and do. If you do not want to be close to God or this Mission, you can just like the Mission. Sometimes we receive e-mails that, I have been studying your website for years. I love the teachings. Then we never hear from those people again. That is fine. It is between them and God.

Some people come to our rooms and they love it, and they say it was great, I was praying for this all my life. It makes sense and I want to join. What can I do?

They come and do whatever they can do and, of course, God will appreciate those who do His Work and take their part of the struggle that this new Revelation any new idea, any new Revelation will go through because anything new has always encountered resistance from humanity to accept it and implement it.

So, choose your path. How close do you want to be to God? If you have seen this Vision, then you know it is from God. If it is from God and if God said this will come in this time and this is the salvation of man, what else is out there that keeps you from completely jumping into it with two feet?

That part I do not understand because when I received this Revelation I said, Yes, that really makes sense. There is nothing else that is as incredible as this Revelation is. I jumped with two feet. I completely dropped everything in my life and started this Mission because it made sense, and nothing else made sense to me from the religions and other Revelations but this one.

Therefore, take your pick and see where you want to go. Do you want to go completely to God, or do you want to just be on the fringe of Gods Kingdom? Of course, if you become closer to God, it is more, His Will, not my will. The more your will, the less will be Gods Will and your place in Gods Kingdom.

That is your choice. We just give the Revelation. That is our work, to give the Message and the Revelation. The peoples understanding and work is to see the Vision, evaluate the situation, and see where they want to be with God. When they are with God 100%, they are one with the One and we are co-workers together. It really is up to you, not us. The relationship is between you and God. It is up to you.

Studying this teaching alone and doing nothing is not according to the Revelation of God because God did not say you know them by their study or how much they know about this teaching. He said, You know them by their fruit. Therefore if you do not join and you do not give any fruit, well, we have to leave you to God and it is between you and Him.

But if you want to be close to God, He said, I know My people, I know My Elects by their fruit, by their doing, not by their knowing.

So the Revelation is very clear. The Word of God has been explained in this Mission very clearly. The goal of the life has been given. It has been revealed to humanity how they can reach Pure Consciousness. It is really now their decision how far they want to go with it. To become close to God is to join and be a supporter and give fruit.

Teddybear is asking:

Messianic_Teddybear: Here is my question to Maitreya, where are the seven plagues succeeding the opening of the Seven Seals of Revelation 8?

Maitreya: The seven plagues have come to humanity every time the Messiah, the Revealer, the Prophet, comes and brings a Revelation. There is an upheaval and destruction, and therefore when Adam came, when Noah brought the first Revelation, humanity fell into much deeper darkness.

Nimrod came and took over and created a teaching of the son, father, and the holy mother, which were Semiramis and their son. Therefore man went into a deeper level of darkness.

When Abraham came, many religions were created. Therefore there have been seven tribulations or destructive forces after each Revelation of the coming of these Angels. You have to see the Angel as the Prophet who brought different Revelations to humanity, and every time they came the destructive force and the darkness thickened in human history.

If you can see that then you can see that indeed the seven plagues have already come to humanity. Of course, the greatest will be at the time of the Revelation of the Seventh Angel, which shortly after will end by destruction of Babylon the Great, the world that babbles and puts God out of everything in their lives and their world.

When the destruction of Babylon the Great comes, the destruction of these worldly ideas will also occur. Eventually humanity will recognize and realize that they should not listen to Babylon but to God. The less they listen to this world, the less they are attached to it, the more they understand that this world is the delusion of separation from God, and the more they go away from this world, the more they go toward God.

The more they go to the world, the more they go away from God.

This is the understanding that has to come to humanity. Therefore they can see their way clearly. The way has been clearly shown in this Revelation.

So we can see the plague has come. The destruction has happened in the past. This is the time of the Revelation of the Seventh Angel, which will bring even greater plague and destruction. Those who see this Vision, who join this Mission, who help this Revelation to spread and become the Elects, that we need 144,000 of them 100% dedicated to this Mission so we can create the Facilitating Body and eventually spread this Message to every corner of the world. Then we will just wait until this world destroys itself.

As you can see in the Bible when Babylon the Great was destroyed, there was no one who really destroyed it. It was not that Christ came and destroyed it but it fell by itself because it thought that it is rich and needs nothing and put God out of itself. It fell and was destroyed in a blink of an eye.

So it is coming. The last destruction is coming to humanity. If they are resisting this Revelation, the more they resist, the more it is going to be postponed because we need to gather the Elects first, create the Facilitating Body, create the organizational structure that God has given us, and then wait until this world falls apart by itself.

Therefore we can see that indeed our teaching is based on Gods Words and Revelations from Him.

Teddybear is asking:

Messianic_Teddybear: The Bible defines the Elects as all Christians, so how can those 144,000 only be the Elects?

Maitreya: No. That is a misunderstanding of Christians that they think that the Elects are only Christians. If you look at any religion, you can see all of them talk about the Elects of God and those whom God has Chosen as His People.

That idea has come in the Old Testament, and the Hebrews were chosen as the Chosen People, but not forever. As Jacob clearly stated in his last wishes to his children, Judah will have the scepter, the lawgiving, and will be chosen until Shiloh comes.

Shiloh came as Christ, as Esa the Christ, and He finished that wish or inheritance. Therefore being the Elects for the Hebrews was finished by the coming of Christ.

Also God gave promises to both Ishmael and Isaac, a scepter, which was the prophecy of the Messianic promise, and the birthright, which is the material possession. There should be a Messiah or a Prophet from both Ishmael and Isaac, and therefore Christ is not the only Messiah or the teacher or the Prophet who would come, but God surely would also send one from Ishmael.

So you can see that Chronicles I, the whole Acts, and the ideas that have come from Paul were made up by Paul himself and were not created by Christ. Therefore we do not accept anything in the New Testament but the Words that were written in red, which have come from Christ directly.

We believe that Paul made a lot of mistakes in his understanding. Acts were written by disciples who had their own dogmas and ideas. Therefore we can see that it is not an acceptable teaching.

Christ chose Peter as the rock that the church would be built on it. It was not built on Peter. It was built on Paul. Christians follow a lot of Pauls teachings, but they are not according to the Words of God.

In the Old Testament God clearly promised both Ishmael and Isaac children whose children would become Messiahs and Prophets and would gain a great part of the world as their possession. We can see that has come true indeed. Arabs have Prophet Muhammad as their Revealer, as their Prophet, and they have a great portion of the earth as their possession from Saudi Arabia, all the way to North Africa, and to South America; they all have Arab blood in their veins.

The Children of Isaac who also came from Israel when to Khazar in the north of Israel, then to Europe, England, and the United States. We can see they are the Children of Isaac, and they have a great possession. They have a Messiah. They have a Prophet. Even if they do understand just this truth that has come to them in the Words of God and if they want to follow Gods Words, we have already unified Christians, Jews, and Moslems together.

But of course the Revelation, the truth, is more than just about the Christians, Jews, and Moslems. It is also the Mystical Paths, the coming of the Bahai Teaching, and the Revelation of the Sixth Seal that shows who is an Elect.

With all this put together we can see that indeed the coming of all these Revelations have been prophesied. And who is an Elect? An Elect is he who follows the Eternal Divine Path. It is not he who is a Jew, or a Christian, or a Moslem, or a Hindu, but he who follows the Eternal Divine Path.

This can be related to the previous question that if you just know these teachings you are not following the Eternal Divine Path. You are just accumulating knowledge but you are not following the Path. The Path is the Eternal Divine Path.

You have to become involved. You have to come, join, and continue manifesting greatly for God. Just by knowing It, you are not following the whole Path, which is to awaken your spiritual forces (meditate), see yourself clearly, and eventually recognize and realize that your Essence and the Essence of God are one.

Indeed you do not exist. You are one with God already but the delusion of separation is the one that makes you not to see that you and God are one. Still this is the first step. Yogis and mystical people have been trying to follow and see this for thousands of years. Many of them failed but with the techniques that have been given in the Mission it has been made easier for you to see.

But your dedication is the next step, working toward the creation of the Communities of Light. The whole Old Testament is based on the creation of the Communities of Light, bringing God to the community, and following His Laws and Ways. That is the second step after meditation and trying to awaken your spiritual forces.

The third is to sacrifice for this community. How can you just study and believe that you can go to God when God said you have to be in the community, you have to join? You have no choice.

Then you sacrifice in the community and help the community to prosper and progress, and bring great peace among the members in the community. Therefore they can have more time to meditate, to help communities in a greater degree, and have a greater ability to sacrifice.

Sacrifice is the teaching of Christ. Christ came and taught, Love your neighbor as yourself. Be able to give of yourself to the community. Therefore that is the message of the New Testament.

With all those things you might become attached to the results of your actions and fail because the moment you are attached to something that is not the highest, that is a hindrance on your way.

The next step is to surrender and submit to God. Surrendering means, I do the action. I try to join the Communities of Light. I try to sacrifice but I surrender the result to God and say, God, the result is yours. I do not want to be attached to it because I know if I am attached to it, I will create ego. The moment that I create ego there is a separation.

Therefore it is like walking on the edge of a sword. In the spiritual path falling from the edge of the sword is so easy, so unbelievably rational for the human mind, to rationalize that, Really I did not fail. It is really other things that make me think I have failed but I have not.

The next step is even greater, become submissive to God. That means to let God come through, to reach a point that you realize that your Essence and Gods are one. Now let that Essence come through. Let the Essence work through you instead of letting you be the doer.

That is why they are not just good words that, God does it through me, but you really let God do it through you. Saying, It is God doing it through me, without really having recognized the Essence, which is God in you, still the people can see right through you, still you are dominating, still you are egoistical, still you are creating separation, and still you are creating all the signs of ego, at the same time saying, God is doing it through me.

They are not just words. It is a quality that you have to create in your life so eventually people say, Yes indeed, God is coming through this person.

So the next step, submission, is that you always recognize God is doing it through you. You are not the doer. You are connected to God.

Therefore you can connect others to God, not to yourself. Ego likes to connect you to itself. That is what most of the religions are about; the religions connect the humans to themselves. Therefore they are putting you to bondage because the ego is creating the feeling of belongingness, the ability to be in a religion, or putting your leaders at the top and making mullahs, ayatollahs, popes, rabbis and brahmins. That is the real big problem with most religions on earth, and that is darkness for them and creates separation.

So the next step, very naturally, is universalism. If your Essence is one with God then everything is God and therefore you are a universalist. You cannot separate any part from the other.

Such a person, who really follows these five steps, recognizes God within, has the ability to create the Communities of Light, sacrifices for them, becomes surrendered and submissive to God, and becomes a universalist, will become an Elect.

That is an Elect. An Elect is not Christian, or Jew, or Hindu, or Buddhist. It is a quality that you will have and therefore you become a Child of God.

Winn2005 is asking:

Winn2005: Maitreya, I had read a book a long time ago that says Jesus Christ had offspring. Now I was wondering, do you believe the same thing? I read that His offspring were residing in France.

Maitreya: Well, He surely had wives. There is no doubt about that. If you are not married in the Jewish tradition, you are not allowed to preach in the synagogues. And He was allowed to preach in the synagogues.

Mary and Martha seemed to be with Him all the time. So not only was He married, but he had more than one wife. It is very clear that He did have wives.

Did He have offspring? It would be very natural if he had two wives and he was thirty-three years old when he started His mission. Probably He married when He was young. That is the tradition in the Middle East. People usually are groomed to marry when they are, men around sixteen, and woman around thirteen or fourteen years of age. Therefore not being married until he was thirty-three years old again sounds like an impossibility.

So having children, it would be very natural for Him to have children. But if they live in France, I am not sure about that and how you came up with that idea. Probably they are living all over. If there were children from Him, most probably they spread and followed the disciples. The disciples mostly went to India and to other places to preach. Therefore they probably spread all over the world.

But that is not important. The most important point in our teachings is the message of the Prophet. Whether He had children, where they went and where they are, could have been influenced with the wishfulness of the people living in every part of the world to relate to say that they were there.

I am sure there are people who claim they are in Afghanistan, or they are in Romania, or Russia, or any other place. Therefore being in France has to be historically documented and presented as, Yes, they are in France.

Still, after a person goes through that and proves it, in the final analysis it does not matter where they are. The most important thing is, what did Christ say and what were His teachings?

Because we are trying to create an earth where people are no longer attached to their countries, borders, and nationalities, this is the time of loosening them from those bondages and freeing them as the citizens of the earth, not the citizens of a specific part of the earth.

By the way, where are you from? Are you from one country in this lifetime? Where have you been in previous lifetimes? Are you going to be attached to those nations also?

We can see if you expand your mind and consciousness, you do not belong to any nation or country. You are free to choose and realize that indeed you are a Child of God. Therefore those things we should just read, and they are interesting information. But finally we have to recognize what Gods Revelation was and what the message of Christ was.

I hope that answered your question. If it did not, you can always ask a follow-up question.

Shofar is asking:

Shofar_7au: Maitreya, only one question, do you believe the Words spoken in Revelation 22:18 & 19?

Maitreya: You have to tell us what those words are in Revelation 18 and 19. Does anyone want to go ahead and read them in the microphone?

Keyosha: Sure, I would be glad to go ahead and read them in the microphone, if that sounds good, if the sound is coming through OK:

For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book. (Revelation 22:18)

And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book. (Revelation 22:19)

Maitreya: Yes, we have been asked that question many times before and the answer has been given to them. Indeed that sentence is very correct. We have seen many people who have written commentaries on Revelations and they have come up with the ideas that each Seal means a plague or tribulation that will come, or each horse means different things that will come to humanity.

God said, No man should do that. That means that the people who have not been chosen, who have not been given the authority, the Revelation, the prophecies, and all the credentials to be able to open the Seven Seals and reveal the truth of that book, if they do that, indeed that will happen to them.

The only person who has the authority and ability, and is given the Revelation and Wisdom to open that Book and reveal the meaning of that book is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah who has been chosen specifically to come and add to that book.

Therefore you are absolutely correct and those who add to this book and bring their ideas as the revelation and the meaning of that book will be greatly punished because they look at it only from the very narrow point of view of one religion and they do not know the whole truth because God said that, God is going to be a mystery until the Seventh Angel comes. (Revelation 10:7).

So before the Seventh Angel comes, God is a mystery. Therefore anyone who writes a commentary, who thinks they know the truth, who adds to the Revelation and tries to explain it, they are wrong because they only have one seventh of the truth and they cannot see the whole picture. They have no choice but to err.

God did not want them to do it because God knows humanity. They love to change the Words of God, Revelations, and Scriptures to their egoistical understanding. Therefore they will make a mistake and make humanity more confused as they are now. They are egoistical and dogmatic, and their dogma is more important to them because their egos feel superior as they think that they are chosen, or they are the only way, or they have the last revelation, etc. All those things are ego trips, which makes them feel superior to other people.

But if they seek the truth, the truth is that God said He was going to send Seven Revelations. If you want the truth, if you want the Word of God, that is the Word of God. Only the Lion of the Tribe of Judah has the ability, power, and authority to add to that book. No other man has that authority and responsibility to do that.

So, first find the person who has the authority of God given to him to open the book and the Seven Seals. Then throw out all other meanings and understandings by any other man and only accept His Words as the Words of God and His Revelation as the Revelation of God to humanity. You will see that indeed that sentence is true. Anyone else but He who has that authority will be greatly affected by what he has done.

Therefore seek the Words of God. The Words of God are clearly different than the beliefs of the Jews, Christians, Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, Bahais, etc. The Words of God are different than all of them. All of them have a lot of dogmas that are affecting their perceptions and therefore they create separation.

If you all want to be separated and kill each other, go ahead. I am not going to come and complain about it. But this is the Word of God. This is the Revelation that has come from God to you. Now it clearly states where the Will of God is and what He has been doing.

He even told Daniel not to reveal his vision of the end time because that was a part of the Plan of God to not reveal the last Revelation by God until the Seventh Angel comes and the Revealer of the Revelation comes to humanity.

So if you are seeking God and the Truth, this is it. But if you are still rationalizing and are attached to the teaching of your religion and your understanding, you will make mistakes and you are not going to go to Heaven. You are not going to go to God. Indeed many of those who do not listen to this Revelation are already in hell because their minds are full of agitation, full of separation, and full of destructive tendencies. Their egos still are attached to those beliefs and understandings, and therefore they are not free. They are not with God recognizing and realizing the Peace and unity of God, which is everything. How can God, which is everything, just save a few because of their dogmatic beliefs and leave many other good people that Love God, out of His Heaven?

We can again see that humanity is lost. Humanity has many misunderstandings. They are attached to many small little things, and this is the time of the expansion of the mind, seeing Gods Way and Work, and realizing indeed this is the Revelation God has promised to humanity to come at the end time.

This is the end time. You do not have much time left. You can be attached to your religion and your ideas and end up in hell, or you can come and realize God and go to God.

Oregano has a question:

Oregano11: I understand doubts and questions, but it feels painful when someone suddenly says someone is false with what seems to be truth but is really based on what they have learned from their readings in the Bible and other books. Even though they are sincere most of the time, it hurts to see and sense that sharp rejection when they come into this room or when you talk to them. Even Esa (Jesus) loved those who did not accept Him. How can a Prophet or other people work with this energy?

Maitreya: Just tell them the truth.

One time one person came to Buddha and started cursing him and saying a lot of bad things to him. This person was a very dogmatic Hindu, and he did not like that Buddha was saying not to worry about idols and gods in your religion. Buddha was teaching to know thyself instead of spending your time and energy for all these statues that can do nothing, neither good nor bad to you.

This Hindu was very upset, and came and yelled at Buddha and cursed him and all that. Buddha sat there and listened to him very patiently. After he had finished doing all his cursing he said, Friend, what happens if you give me something and I say no thank you, I do not want it? Who is the owner?

He said, Well, the person who gave it to you and if you did not accept it, the ownership goes back to that person.

Buddha said, OK, then I do not accept whatever you tell me. All these curses and all these bad words you told me and all the stones you throw at me, I do not accept. Therefore who is the owner? They all go back to those who threw the stones.

Therefore those who throw stones at the Prophet, at the Revealer from God, because that person is presenting God there is no ego. Whatever they throw at Him is going to return right back at him like a boomerang.

So do not worry for such people that come to this room and talk like this. Do not let them affect you. Just know the truth and you will be free from all the dogmas that they are in and they are suffering from.

Therefore it is OK. It is no problem that they are doing that.

When you come to such a room and you expose yourself as Christ exposed Himself in the streets, there are going to be people who are going to come and try to throw stones at you. But the good thing is, God is very protective this time. He created the Internet. They can throw cyber-stones but at least they cannot, so far, throw the real stones or many things that they have done to other Prophets.

Of course Gods Work will be done. His Words are the Words of Truth. They have come to humanity. Now they are on earth for all to see.

Winn2005 is asking:

Winn2005: Maitreya, many people believe that computer chips will be embedded in people's bodies in the future, as societies will go to a cashless society. Now I would like to know if we humans are forced to accept the chip, is accepting the chip like accepting the mark of the beast?

Maitreya: The mark of the beast is 666. Six is the number just before seven. It is like a person who has reached very high consciousness, before he goes to the seventh level, which is the number of God. Therefore he has created a lot of power and understanding, but he or she has not reached the point that he can become one with God and manifest God. He might fall and misuse his powers for egoistical persuasions, and therefore he becomes a symbol of the devil.

That is what 666 is and that is the meaning of it. So it has nothing to do with the chips. It has nothing to do with anything that a lot of Christians are telling you, That is the mark of the beast. The mark of the beast is the falling of the person who goes very high in the spiritual progress but he does not or she does not enter the seventh level. In our teaching it has been said what those people do and what happens to them.

And they feel they have reached a higher consciousness. They are rich and all that but they do not go to the seventh level and they are not humble. Therefore their egos make them fall, and God will spew them out of His Mouth.

So if you read and understand our teachings, these things are not the mark of the devil. The mark of the devil is much different.

Seek the Kingdom first; the rest is not important. If you seek the Kingdom, follow the Eternal Divine Path, realize Gods Revelation, and become a champion of God and His Elect; the rest is not that important. You do not concentrate on the darkness and what is here, but you concentrate on the Light of what is coming.

All right, I will end the session here today. Again, go and study our teachings. Understand the Revelation of God. Concentrate on the Light and the Truth that has come to humanity. Teach man to overcome their dogmas and their attachments, and free them from the bondage that many people are in. The more free people we create, the more and stronger Godliness will come to humanity.

Be with God. Be Good, and bring God in all levels of your lives.

Sal-OM everyone.

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