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Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Mission again. Let us be thankful and rejoice in the knowledge that what we know and what has been revealed to us is what have been the desire and longing of the Great Prophets to know. Now we know what was not revealed to them, and the other religions and the rest of humanity still do not know and it has not been revealed to them.

Therefore we can rejoice that we know the truth and we can be the teachers of the rest of humanity in awakening them to understand that the Revelation of God has been sent to all and no one is left out. God indeed has blessed all humans with the Revelations, and has sent Prophets, Messengers, Messiahs, and Major Manifestations to them to recognize, indeed, God has a Plan.

Now we know that Plan. The rest of humanity does not know it. Moslems do not know it. Christians do not know it. Hindus, Buddhists, Cabbalists none of them truly know the Plan of God. So indeed let us rejoice and be thankful that God has Blessed us with this knowledge and bring the joy of God in our lives and in our ways, and bring His Way as our way. Therefore we are indeed blessed people, and we are the teachers of men.

This room is for everyone to go to the website, come to our rooms, understand these teachings, and then come here and have a discussion with me. We can go to the deeper levels of the teachings.

The whole Revelation has been revealed to humanity. It is finished. It is done! It is time for us to become more knowledgeable about what this Revelation is. Of course the Ways of God are different than the ways of men. Therefore it is different than what humanity is used to or was living with for the last 12,000 years.

In this Revelation, God is asking for you to turn around, to be baptized and become a Child of God. Many are having a hard time to do that, and still they want to keep their own understanding. They want to put the old wine in the new skin.

We understand that is hard for humanity. Humanity has been resisting God from the very beginning. Actually the very reason for this creation is because something went wrong, and the chaos and the darkness was upon the deep, as the first words in the Bible start with that information that something went wrong and the equilibrium of the universe went out of the way it used to be or was.

Therefore it is understandable that still we do not want to turn around and go back where we came from. But at the same time there was or has been a Plan for the last 12,000 years. In this Plan many people have been prepared. Now is the time of harvest, to Call those who see this Vision clearly and Love God with all their hearts, minds, and spirits, and therefore can come, join, create Communities of Light, teach humanity and make them to turn around toward God and accept His Ways instead of human and man-made ways. Of course man-made ways still dominate, and many of us even cannot see that Gods Way is better than mans way and we are struggling with that idea.

Therefore it is a jihad, a struggle. That is what jihad means. Jihad means struggle within and without as we discussed last week; any struggle we have in our life physically, mentally, spiritually, internally, externally, or collectively is a jihad. That is what the word means. It means we struggle to bring God and better ways of our life to ourselves, to our families, to our communities, and eventually to earth.

Therefore the spiritual Path is not a path of escapism but is the Path of all-around struggle to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually, individually and collectively. Therefore this is the Path of the brave.

That is why we are looking for the Elects, the Paravipras. Para means beyond, vipra means intellect: those who have meditated for the last 12,000 years and their Souls have been prepared for this Revelation. Therefore it is the Call to the bravest and those who really want to know Gods Revelation.

This is indeed Gods Revelation, an explanation of all the Revelations that have come to humanity and now they are all unified. No one has been left out. There is no religion that is not a part of Gods Plan, and therefore this is the only Revelation that covers all humanity and unifies them to one.

We are the receiver of these Blessings. We are the only people who know what God has been doing the last 12,000 years. We are the only people who can save humanity from the destruction that they are going toward.

We do not expect that everyone is going to listen to us right away. We are not holding our breath that they will come and join with the snap of a finger. But those who have been called and are the Elects are those that will see this Vision clearly and will reach out to spread it to other people. Therefore it is the Mission for the self-starters, those who can start things. We are indeed receiving many of them, and they are doing many wonderful things for the Mission. As we progress, we will have more people joining us and this will spread in a greater degree.

One person can do a lot. There is no doubt about that, as long as they are motivated to do it, they are willing to join and put effort, and they have no expectations for what they do because their reward is from God. Their reward is The Blessing and The Grace of God. They do not look for the physical or external reward but their reward that they receive internally from the Spirit. They rejoice in what they do and what they accomplish. Their expectation is only a satisfaction that they receive from their own spirit.

Indeed they are the ones who are called the Elects, and are those who are motivated from within because they have seen the Vision and they have reached the point that they realize there is nothing really worth doing but Gods Will. Gods Will is equal with The Grace and great satisfaction that they are doing what is the most important for humanity and for their lives, and that is what they have been born to do.

If you reach a point that you are here to do Gods Will, you will do it with great satisfaction, and no attachment or expectation. Then little by little you become a pure channel for God, then you can manifest His Spirit truly coming through you and others also see it and say, Yes, this person is inspired. This person is beyond any ego and the satisfaction that might come with hard work.

That is because we are asking humanity to turn around, to be baptized. Baptism is not just pouring some water on you or immersing you in water. It means to turn around. Instead of going to the external world and human ways, it means to go against what most humans think that is what life is, but become a person going toward the Spirit and God in a greater degree. Therefore it is not a Path for the fainthearted.

But of course the reward is great. The Grace will be there. The beauty of the Soul, which manifests like a sun through you and the satisfaction that you receive will cover all the dissatisfaction, separation, and the regular life that does not have any depth in it but the people living and following cultures and traditions, and they backbite, gossip, and all the things that really are not from the Spirit, but from the lower nature.

However, those who work for God will not do those things from the lower nature but they will experience the higher thoughts, higher being. The more we can find that kind of people who can fly together as eagles and phoenixes, the greater communities we can create. Such people will be one with each other and can be dedicated to what they are doing.

We are looking for 144,000 of such people that the truth and the glow of Gods Spirit manifests from them. Therefore they can become an example for humanity. They can come together, put their resources together, and create communities that they can be in the world but not of it, a world that is becoming more and more difficult to live in and many people have become the slaves of what is offered in this external world. They have no choice but to be in the rat race.

The more people come together, the more they can go away from this. The more communities are created like that and are connected with the computers that God has given us and the ability to be in different parts of the world but at the same time be connected, that indeed is the Blessing of God for this generation, that we have the ability to reach all over the earth with a couple of clicks on our screen. We can be together and are able to receive this Revelation, go to the website, and study.

This indeed is Gods doing. It is not the humans doing. God has been sending all these things to humanity for a purpose and a reason, to make this Revelation be spread and preached to everyone at the same time. All will hear this Revelation all around the world.

Therefore we can see our human imagination and Gods Way are different. Human imagination is expecting that the Messiah will come from the sky and say, Here I am, and everyone will see him. The ones in the south will see him. The ones in the east will see him.

But Gods Way is different. If you go the website and click on the picture, you will see Him. Or, if I use a camera, you can see me all over the world as you can hear me all over the world and therefore you can see indeed these are all fulfilled. But not the way human thinks they will be fulfilled but the way God has Planned and was Planning, and now put everything together to a point of Revelation for humanity to see clearly that God does fulfill what He promises. That is the clearest sign that God exists. If He says He will do these things and He does them, therefore with no doubt God does exist.

He is the Spirit. He is the Consciousness that resides in you, and He and you are one. There is no separation. As long as we look for God somewhere else, in a church, in a religion, in a guru, in the mullahs, in the rabbis, in the fathers, or whoever is out there out of us, we are looking in the wrong place and wrong places.

The only place you can find God is within yourself. You have the temple of God, which you can close your eyes and go into your temple and be with God. You do not need to go out. You do not need to go to the church, or synagogue, or masjed, or mosque or whatever. Your masjed, your mosque, your synagogue, your church, is with you all the time.

The more you understand this, the easier it is for you to realize that you are the one who has to study, to realize, to understand God, and eventually to experience God.

I was talking to someone this week and we were talking about why it is so hard to understand God, and a lot of people are trying to recognize and figure out the universe with experiments. In universities, in colleges, in many places, they experiment and they are intellectual, and how hard it is for the intellectual to experience instead of experiment. That is not the way to know God. You cannot know God with experiment but you know God with experience.

That is why it is different to know God directly by meditation or trying to find Him by scientific ways.

Silverstar is asking:

Silverstar_12: Are you the Messiah?

Maitreya: This question has been asked many times. If people go to the website or listen to the lectures before this, the answer is, it is up to you to figure that out. If this is indeed the Revelation that all the religions of the world have been waiting for, if you proved it to yourself that I am, then I am.

Then if you could not prove it, then for you I am not. Therefore what I say makes no difference.

Christ said to those who asked him, Are you the King of the Jews or the Messiah? He said, If I say I am, you will not believe it, and if I say I am not, I am lying.

Therefore you have to recognize and realize the Revelation is here, the Seven Seals are open. The prophecies are fulfilled. The expectation for the last 12,000 years is finished. We are indeed at the end time. It is the time of sundering between those who see this Vision and those who still hang onto their own ideas, religions, traditions, and customs, and will not progress any further.

Therefore this is the time for humanity to grow up, and to study, search, understand, and eventually say, Yes, it is from God. I have to be with this because this is the Way of salvation and anything else is not going to God. Therefore I am obligated to go where this is going, which is to God.

That is why we have the website. We have these rooms in PalTalk. We have many wonderful people who know the teachings and are there for you to answer your questions. You can send your questions about these teachings to the Mission. We will answer you.

But you have to empty your cup. If you are still hanging onto your old religions, if you are still hanging onto your dogmas and you do not want to go beyond your traditions, your religions, or your ideas, then you cannot see it. Your cup is already full. No matter what or how much we pour into it, it is going to overflow and it is not going to get in.

So the first step is, be open to a new understanding, teaching, and realization, and progress. There are many things that we say here in these teachings that are beyond dogmas and human understanding. Therefore they are not appealing to many people who still want to hang onto their personal ideas.

The correct way is Gods Way. It is a Path for those who have been prepared for the last 12,000 years. They come here, they Love it, and they go for it. And they see, Yes, it is from God.

Go ahead, Amina.

Amina: Sal-OM Maitreya. My question is, while speaking to some of my students it is almost like opening up a can of worms, and they have been asking a lot of questions. They are about nine to ten years old. Some of the concerns that came up is that their parents do not want to go to church or do not want to pray. Some of the questions the children ask is, if they can read or play church in their own home with their friends and their teddy bears. Now I said, Yes. But my question is, what is going on with children that they are asking so many questions, something I have not seen in the previous years? And how can I respond to that as their teacher? Thank you.

Maitreya: The first teachers for the children are their parents. That is why they have been entrusted to those parents, and the parents are obligated; their responsibility is to teach children the truth and God.

But most parents these days do not know what the truth is, what God wants. They have been born in an environment that is very ungodly, and they have been taught things that are not based on God so they are very confused.

Even those parents that are Godly and they want to teach their children Gods Ways cannot do it effectively because their children are bombarded with the propaganda and the advertisement of ungodly ways. Therefore they are also confused.

There is a tug of war going on between children and their parents. Even those parents that are Godly and want to guide children to God are having a hard time. Also the schools are becoming very liberal and teach them to accept things that are not according to God. Parents are having a hard time. Some of them have given up. They have just reached a point and say, We give up. We cannot win this fight because the children watch television that is not good, they play games that are not good, and they go to schools that are not Godly. Eventually they say, Well, maybe there is not a God.

Even the church is out. When we go to the churches, they teach things that are not universal but are separative, destructive, and dogmatic. Many parents have been well educated now. They cannot accept those dogmas. Therefore even churches and places that used to be places for talking about God are instead places that the parents feel their children are taught things that are not according to their understandings. Evolution or scientific ways are not taught. You have to believe in a couple of dogmas to be able to go there. We are in a fight against ungodliness, and we are trying to bring humanity to Gods Way. So it is a struggle.

The children who have been born at this time, many of them are Great Souls and they are seekers. They want to know the truth. But no one has the truth to give them. There is an increase in questioning about God and church. It is the very curious mind of the child that wants to know, What is the truth? What is reality?

Teachers have a hard time, especially if you talk about religion in that environment. It is not acceptable and you cannot talk about God even in the school unless you are in a religious school. Religious schools belong to the people that teach a specific religion. Therefore those children are again indoctrinated to specific ways, and so again the separation.

The solution is to create schools for the Mission in a place that children are taught to meditate, to awaken their spiritual forces from the very childhood, and to make them understand that they are responsible for their environment. Therefore their actions affect the environment. So they should create the Kingdom of God on earth and the Communities of Light, that they should sacrifice for them, surrender and submit, and become universalists. Teach them to follow the Eternal Divine Path and how each part is related to Gods Way, etc.

But we are not there. Humanity is not helping either to create this environment as fast as possible. Therefore we are in a situation of catch- 22. We need people to create the ideal environments, and we need resources to reach out in a greater degree to attract more people. Therefore it just has to work itself out.

At this time you have to do your best to teach them to close their eyes, to calm their minds, to meditate. Give them the meditation process that we teach here or make it a walking meditation.

They can walk, Haree OM Shrii Hung, OM Nam Kevalam. Each step becomes one part of the mantra. The first step Haree, the second, OM, etc.

So they can do that and think about that: The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, which means to follow the Eternal Divine Path, and God Is Everything. If you can teach them this simple technique, it takes them a little away from all the pressure and teachings that are not based on God, and will help them a little bit to go toward God.

And they do not need a teddy bear. They do not need any external manifestation, which is not the ultimate, but direct them to go within themselves and recognize and realize that their church, synagogue, mosque, and temple is their body. They do not have to go to church. They can just close their eyes and know God is within them.

Therefore it is very simple to direct them toward recognizing and realizing that God is within them and at least help a little bit to take them away from the pressure that the children are under.

Indeed the prophecy that children will not have a childhood is coming true. They are under great pressure to do things that are not for the children. They grow up very fast, and they cannot see the truth that they are here for a greater purpose.

You, and all those who are teachers or have children, have to guide them to see that God is within them. God is not in the church. God is not in the mosque. God is within you. Therefore they can access Him any time they want.

If you can make them meditate that is a great help for them and they can gain control over their minds. Eventually they can create discriminative minds and see the difference between what is Godly and what is not. As I said, many of these children who now are being born are Great Souls who are being prepared for the coming of the Kingdom, and therefore they will catch on very fast if they are Great Souls.

So that is what we can do. That is not against anyone or any religion. It is just closing your eyes, going within, meditating, and knowing thyself. There is no denomination in it. Everyone can do it.

As Christ said, We will reach a point that we will neither worship God in Jerusalem nor in the mountains, but within yourself. We are indeed in that time.

So I hope this helps you with your children.

Berrocal76 is asking:

Berrocal76: Maitreya, the genealogy is incorrect.

Maitreya: OK. Why is it incorrect?

Berrocal76: Nadir Shah's grandfather was named Nadir Quli Beg.

Maitreya: Why is it incorrect? Nadir Shahs genealogy goes to King Solomon, and therefore anyone who is from his genealogy is from King David and has the potential to be Lion of the Tribe of Judah. But of course not everyone who is in the genealogy of King David is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah but he who opens the Seventh Seal and reveals the Book that is sealed with the Seven Seals.

Therefore, that means that anyone who is from his genealogy does not automatically become the Lion of the Tribe of Judah but you also have to fulfill other prophecies and open the Seventh Seal. We can see that all these things have been fulfilled.

The person who asked the question has left the room, but the question has been asked so we will answer it very briefly. The genealogy is correct. It has been checked and rechecked. The people who have researched it studied the genealogy, and it is correct.

Just saying, Your genealogy is incorrect, and then leaving the room does not say much about what he really wanted to know.

So the genealogy is correct. Nadir Shah, what was his grandfathers name, does not make any difference. Was his father connected to King David? That is the point. And he was. That is a well-known historical fact. Therefore we can see that the genealogy is correct.

[typed in text]: What is your opinion about Bahaullah?

Maitreya: God has said about the Bahai teaching and Bahaullah, Bab, AbdulBaha, and Shoghi Effendi. Where the Bahai teachings fit in Gods Plan is given in the website. There are many, many Revelations that have come about this religion.

They have the Revelation of the universalism and therefore that expands your mind. There are many things that are not correct in the Bahai teaching, and God said it is not perfect. That is the only religion God said is not perfect. That is not something we say; it is not our opinion or idea but God said that it is not perfect.

So if we can accept that, we can see that another Revelation should come. And God said shortly after the Bahai teaching, the last Revelation would come, and it has. Therefore we can again see that indeed God has fulfilled what He had promised.

Wisahkecahk is asking:

Wisahkecahk: Where does the goddess fit into this scenario? Is the divine male?

Maitreya: No, God is male and female, and indeed beyond. He, in the highest level, is neither male nor female. He just Is.

He takes the quality of what you put in front of Is. If you say, God is male, then He is. God is female, He is. Indeed God is Consciousness (male) and the three creative forces (female). At the same time you cannot separate these two from each other. They are one. There is no separation between the creative forces and the Consciousness.

Therefore separating and saying which one is better, Consciousness (male) or Creative Force (female), is again separating God into two parts and creating separation and is not the whole truth.

Our teaching is that God indeed has two parts: the male part, which is Consciousness, and the female part, which is the Creative Force. They come together as the male and female, Father-Mother God.

And God is a Spirit. It cannot be recognized or received by man until the Messiah or the Revealer comes and brings the Spirit of God to humanity and reveals the truth to man. That is the truth that God has been trying to give to humanity for the last 12,000 years, and He has been sending Great Prophets and Revealers to man. The Scriptures are the evidence of these Revelations.

God manifests Itself through the Messiah, and therefore the Messiah, or the Revealer, or the Prophet becomes the Mouthpiece of God. That is why Christ is called full of Grace and Knowledge. Grace is Mother. Knowledge is Father. Therefore Messiah manifests both male-female energy on earth, and God indeed has both.

How can He not have both? Because He is the universe, He is the creation. If we have male energy, therefore God has male energy. If we have female energy, God has female energy. We cannot say, No, God does not have female energy, when God is everything. How can He not have female energy? Or we can say, God does not have male, he is just female, how could that be true?

So by understanding our teaching, you will realize that indeed it has covered everything but at the same time it does not separate. It does not create friction, Oh I follow goddess, I do not follow God. No. You have to follow both. If you follow one of them, you are imbalanced. But if you follow both of them then you have a lot of knowledge (Father) and Grace (Mother). So you are following a blissful state of knowing God. Therefore you are a balanced person.

We do cover goddess and female energy. We need both of them. We need Father (Consciousness) and the Creative Force.

Indeed either of them could not have existed without the other. If there was Consciousness without Creative Forces, nothing would have been created. It just knew everything but He could not do anything. If He had Creative Forces without Consciousness, He could have created but there was no logic or no ability to know what to do with the creative energy. Therefore we can see both of them are needed.

Silverstar is asking:

Silverstar_12: Does your Mission include other masters currently working around the world? If so, who and where are they?

Maitreya: We do not believe in masters. We believe in God, His Revelation and prophecies, which have been coming from God for a long time. God has prophesized that a person will come, fulfill these prophecies, and bring a Message that He has already told will come to humanity.

If the masters realize this understanding and come and join us they can become a master of this Mission and a teacher of Gods Revelation, prophecies, and Scriptures.

There are not such things as masters or hierarchy or brotherhood or all those things that many people believe. There is no place in the Scriptures that it is talking about that there is going to be a hierarchy. But it talks about the Seven Seals. It talks about the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. It talks about the prophecies. It talks about the genealogy of the Revealer.

Indeed God has revealed those things to humanity so they will not be misguided by man-made ideas or beings that they have fallen from the highest and therefore they connect humans to themselves instead of connecting them to God. Any person, any guru, any teacher, any mullah, any father, any rabbi, any person who connects you to themselves instead of connecting you directly to God are in the way of God and your spiritual progress.

Therefore be very careful, be very aware, and be very discerning to see, what do they teach? Do they teach God? Do they take you to a higher level? Do they create an environment that you can meditate and can bring the Kingdom of God on earth? Or do they connect you to themselves and you are cut from The Grace of God?

This teaching is the teaching to connect you to God. I am not even connecting you to myself. I am showing the way for you to create the Communities of Light, bring God to your life, bring God to the community, bring God to your environment, and bring God to humanity.

If they are connecting you to themselves, be careful. Realize that they are in the way, it is not the highest, and there is an ego involved. Therefore you can free yourself from any egoistical teachings, persuasions, or ideas that cut you from God directly.

So the revealer, the teacher, the guru, the mullah, the rabbi, the father, whoever is in your way, just leave that place and go to a place that you can close your eyes, you can go within yourself, and you can awaken your spiritual forces and eventually experience God. Not to experiment to understand God, but to experience God within yourself.

That is the difference between an intellectual and spiritual person, intellectual experiments; spiritual experiences.

So whatever is taught to you, this is your way of realizing if it true or not. If it takes you to God, it is good. If it is not taking you to God, it is in the way. Therefore go to God directly. Do not rely on any guru or teacher. But the teacher who takes you to God is the one who is helping you to the greater level.

So hierarchy and all those masters that a lot of people are following are not Scriptural. There is no where in the Scriptures that it says there is going to be a hierarchy or a master who is going to come and take you to God. But there is Scripture that says there is going to be a last Revelation, Seven Seals, Lion of the Tribe of Judah, and all that. Understand Gods Words.

Wisahkecahk is asking:

Wisahkecahk: I want to know what The Maitreya is doing about the world political situation. Sorry, I have no mic.

Maitreya: That is all right. We have revealed the coming of the Kingdom, how it can be done. It can be done through the creation of the Communities of Light. Nothing can be done with the political systems as they are because all the political systems the way they are, are man-made.

There is a great contrast between Gods Way and mans way of a political system. If you study the Old Testament, God chose King David, who became the greatest King of the Hebrews.

The people chose Saul, which was a democratic way. But they chose Saul because he was tall and handsome, and they said, We want him as the king. He was not a very good king, it turned out.

Therefore the idea is that God chooses the leader, the person whom He wants to be the leader of man. If you understand that, then we realize the difference between the idea of Caliph in Islam or the Chosen One in the Jewish and Christian beliefs as the Messiah or the Teacher or the Chosen or the Anointed, and the idea of democracy, which is that the humans choose a person.

So we can see there is a difference between man-made ways, which are very appealing to a lot of people, like the idea of people choosing the leader, and the way of God. There are forces that are trying to make everyone democratic.

At the same time you can say, Well, Moslems have been trying to find their Caliph for the last 1,000 years and what they have are mostly dictators that create even more suffering for the people. The problem is that they did not really choose the one that God chose for them. But the people who took over their nations usually were the dictators and therefore they created a lot of suffering for them.

The whole question is to find the one who has been Anointed by God to be chosen to become the leader of man and eventually have a King, or a leader like David, who is blessed by God and will bring a lot of beauty to humans. Therefore you can see that is where we have to go. We have to recognize what is the best way and Godly way to create the political system. The way to do it is to find the Anointed One.

We have given a system that will help in this process. It is based on the Communities of Light. The help that God has given to humanity is through the creation of the Communities of Light.

That is why we are calling humans to come together, to create Communities of Light. The hierarchy, or the political system, will eventually emerge from these Communities of Light, and we will have a system for the Mission. Eventually humans will see that this system works better than their systems.

Hopefully after the fall of Babylon the Great or this world, which babbles, this system will take over and will bring the Kingdom of God on earth. Therefore all the ways are given in this Mission to help humanity to progress physically, mentally, spiritually, individually, collectively, politically, community way, and the answers are all given. Nothing has been kept from man. God indeed has revealed the whole picture and the whole idea of how to bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

What are we going to do with the political systems at the present time? Nothing, because they are going to fall on themselves because they are man-made. Whatever is man-made, especially at this time that this Revelation has come, is not going to work. Probably a lot of people will not like what I say, that what they do is not going to work, but it is not. It will still be separation, destruction, and the clash of ideas and religions. But this Revelation brings everything together and shows the way.

Eventually humanity has to reach a point to see that, yes indeed, this Revelation is their salvation in every level imaginable and will help them to replace this dark world with the Light of God. That means you have to forego your dogmas, your ideas, your ways but bring Gods Way to your lives, to your communities, to your families, to everything that you are living at this time. Some people have not been able to do that.

We are doing something about this situation. The only thing left is for those who have been called to come forward, not to come here and try to change our teachings but to be surrendered and submissive to God and realize what is happening here. We can come together and work toward the creation of the best situation possible for everyone.

Wisahkecahk: What is a Great Soul?

Maitreya: A Great Soul is the Soul that follows the Eternal Divine Path. The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. How you become Divine is by following the Eternal Divine Path. That is the base of our teachings. It has five steps.

You meditate, you awaken your spiritual forces, you contemplate, you concentrate, and you eventually experience God. You recognize that indeed God exists in you. You are god, and there is no separation. Therefore you really do not exist because that is ego. But God exists, which is you. When you experience that, you know you are a part of God, God is a part of you, and you are one. Therefore you let God come through.

By our teachings, the Revelations, and the Scriptures, little by little you will recognize the Ways of God and the Way He has created this universe. You forego the man-made ways and you want to see that Gods Way has been established on earth. The more people we reach and find that can see this clearly, the greater our strength will increase and we will all become one and reach a point that the Communities of Light are going to pop up all over the world.

We can create a system that is based on what is revealed and eventually bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

Therefore a Great Soul is the Soul who awakens his spiritual forces, directs his energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifices, surrenders and submits to God, and becomes a universalist.

Of course awakening your spiritual forces covers all the Mystical Paths including Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Christian Saints, Sufis, and all the old religions that say, Know thyself to know God.

Creation of the Communities of Light: Communities of Light have been revealed in the Old Testament. The whole Old Testament is about God is trying to find a people who will accept Him as God and bring His Laws to themselves.

Sacrifice was the message of Christ. In order to create such communities you have to give of yourself more to the community than you take.

And surrender and submit to God, which is the message of Islam.

And become a universalist, or expansion of the mind, that is the message of Bab and Bahaullah.

With this, you become an Elect. You become a Great Soul. You become what we call, Paravipra. Vipra means intellect. Para means beyond. It means he who has recognized or experienced God. Therefore he is incorruptible because he knows this world is not worth it. The only thing worth it is God.

Therefore this world is not going to corrupt such a person. Such people have many qualities, which are explained in THOTH, in our teachings. They are the ones who become the leaders of men, and they will bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

These are the teachings, or the expectations, or what we are looking for. We are looking for the Elects. We are looking for the Paravipras. We are looking for the Great Souls. They have been in the process of being created for the last 12,000 years.

This is the Call to the Great Souls and Paravipras.

This teaching is a complete Revelation of God in all levels for humanity. Not only it unifies all religions, but it reveals what they meant. It takes all the dogmas out of them, unifies them, shows a Way to salvation, gives the way of the Kingdom of God to come, and therefore is the most perfect Revelation of God.

It is based on the Scriptures and fulfills the prophecies and everything that all are waiting to come.

Therefore it is from God. The only thing left is for you to see the Vision, recognize what is happening here, and come and absolutely dedicate yourself 100% to what is the Greatest Revelation of God.

We are at the end of our time. I do not see any other questions. So again I leave you all to God. Ponder on these Words. This Revelation is the Truth that has come to you. Know that indeed you are Blessed, rejoice in that recognition and realization, bring God to your lives in every level possible, and become a Paravipra.

Sal-OM everyone. Have a Godly week, and maybe we will see you next week again.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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All Thanks To God (ATTG).