MAITREYA, Conversations With


Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone.  

I received an e-mail last week from one of our members. He said he had a question about some scientific research that is being done, and he sent me an article about it. They are looking for a particle that they call, God Particle. They are trying to find this particle that attracts mass. By discovering it they can identify which particle creates mass. Their example was that if there is a crowd, everyone is talking to each other, and they are separated, but if a famous person enters the crowd, suddenly everyone gathers around that person. That is how the particle that creates mass is able to do that.

As we discussed and wrote in many places in THOTH, in our writings, in Satsangs, and in Conversations, the problem with science is that they cannot go all the way to Spirit, to Consciousness, to the Creative Force, to the Mind of God that has created all these things. That is why even in this state they are looking for a particle that creates mass. The particle itself is created with something and has a mass. There are subtler things in the universe that have created the particle itself. Or, the string theory that everything is strings, they come from the same source, and then they divide to different levels and create everything. Therefore they can explain quantum physics and also gravity, electromagnetism, and all those theories and understandings that scientists are trying to explain and find a unified theory.

Who created that string? Who created that God Particle? That is where the scientists cannot go to. That is the difference between a scientist and a mystic. The scientist is trying to find a particle, a mass, and a creation. The mystic experiences God and proclaims that everything is created with the Spirit and in our teachings with Consciousness and the three creative forces.

The creative forces are the reason for any mass or particle that they can find that might be able to affect the mass around it, create greater mass, and eventually they create stars, have gravity, and all of that. The scientists cannot go beyond finding that particle. Actually, I am surprised and delighted that they called that particle, God Particle. At least they eventually brought God to their material way of thinking and called that God. That is not even God. That is even created by God.

If scientists go one step further and say, We found that particle, but that one even is created, then they are not scientists anymore because they cannot put Consciousness and the three creative forces under the microscope, or go toward the accelerator, mash it, and say, Here it is. This is Consciousness, and we separated these three gunas from each other. Now we can see it. Then we can explain it.

That going beyond that point is when meditation and experience comes in. We have the perfect body and spirit to have that experience that even scientists cannot explain or experience.

Scientists are like those five intellectuals who were in front of the mango tree. They were explaining, If the root goes like that, and it takes that kind of water and minerals, the mango should taste like this. None of them agreed on what the mango tastes like. Then a yogi was passing by and said, What are you doing? They said that they were trying to figure out what the mango tastes like. He just picked up the mango, ate it, and said, It tastes great! It is very sweet and nice.

That is the difference between a mystic, an experience with God, and an explanation. An explanation never will unify anyone. Naturally it will separate them. That is why they have the string theory, they have a unified theory, and they have the quantum theory. God created that process to come to the point that He can create greater and more evolved beings until we, as humans, have the ability to meditate, experience God, and turn around.

He created the universe. He created the super nova. He created all the creation. It is great that they are calling that particle, God. That is an improvement. But we can never expect scientists to go beyond intellectual understanding of the universe. They should not really. If they go beyond that they no longer are scientists, they are Mystics.

No matter what particle they find, no matter what explanation they give, eventually each individual has to experience God. When you have experienced Him/Her/It, then whatever scientists are finding you will see, That is a part of what I had experienced and God created. Scientists are OK but they do not have all the answers. And they never will find all the answers because there are things that they cannot prove in the laboratory or under the microscope.

That was a great question. Actually, I appreciate that you gave me a week to read the article, meditate on that, and so come up with the answer I gave. I hope that answered that question. If you have a follow-up, you can always go ahead and add to it or ask questions about it.

That leads us to the next topic: To see the Vision. One of problems probably in the Plan of God is, people love God, they would like to know Him, they would like to help Him or serve Him but they have not really seen the Vision or experienced it. The ego is still present and they do not really feel that dedicated as an individual that is self-motivated to serve God with no expectation or any personal or individual will, or anything that the human uses to maneuver or create the situation that they have control, or power, or the ability to serve without expectation or detachment.

Therefore I request everyone to have a Vision Quest, to truly go and have a quest for Vision. Let God give you the Vision of this Mission and how this will help you to experience God, and eventually become a 100% light worker with no expectation, or fault-finding, or anything that will make you not stay to the end. If you have the Vision and you have seen and experienced God, you have no choice but to stay to the end. And you will manifest great things. You know them by their fruit, and those who stay to the end will be saved. It is very simple. Those are two sentences that give a lot of instruction.

Let everyone meditate on the Vision Quest. It is an Native American phrase. When a child reaches the age of puberty they would send him to the mountain for a vision quest. And he is not supposed to come back unless he did have the vision. Then he would be mature and accepted as a part of the adult population, and he would become a warrior or whatever that tribe would honor. He would receive the honorable place. It is still truth.

That is why those who have an experience with God, will become Saints, will become great powerhouses, will become great spiritual outreaches to humanity.

Although we have many priests, we have very few comparable to a Saint, or maybe none. Although we have many Sufis, we have very few Sufis that have experienced the unity and have jumped of joy and said, Anallah, I am God, The Father and I are one. Of course, they cannot say Father because the Moslems say that God is not Father. But as we know, He is Father, Mother, and Son that cannot be separated, as the Consciousness, Creative Force, and the Messiah. They are all One. There is no separation between them.

This is the time that we are calling people to have that experience. This teaching, all the rituals, and everything has been given to you so you can meditate, ask for a Vision Quest, and eventually experience the unity with God. Therefore, we will not have religions, separations, arguments, and the disruptive tendencies that are common in the human and on earth.

This is a new wine in a new skin. This is the call to those who want to have that unity. If they have that unity, then we are one. Then we work together as one and we can create the Communities of Light, at least the facilitating body to reach to humanity to create the Communities of Light.

Human nature is against everything that God sends to man. That is why after a while they change the Words of the Prophet and the Scriptures to a simpler way. They create dogmas, separate themselves from each other, and create disunity and destruction. They believe so much in what they do that they have no interest to know the other peoples ways and that maybe they also have something to contribute. They think they already know, therefore they do not open themselves to others and the possibility of expansion of their minds.

Experiencing God and becoming one brings that unity between us all. Otherwise we are a separated ego, and we are going to have the same problems that they have out there. This Mission is going to end up becoming another religion that believes in a couple of dogmas and that is it, If you do not believe in dogmas we cut your head off, or We do not accept you, or We shun you, or We just believe in a couple of things and that is it. Then we are going to have another religion.

God said it is not going to happen to this one because those who eventually will come forward and manifest God will follow this advice and go and experience the unity with God. When they come and we work together, we work in unity, harmony, understanding, love, and the ability to see that what God has done is incredible. The Love of God is unimaginable for a human. That is why they reject that Love because they cannot understand it.

Let us all go for a Vision Quest. Let us all meditate on the Universal Mantra. Let us all dance with Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevelam. Let us gaze on The Greatest Sign, know the Eternal Divine Path. Let us wrap ourselves in God and His Revelation.

It is not an easy work in this amazingly cruel and crude earth. We are not saying to quit your work or life and wrap yourself into this and become an escapist, but to do as much and as often as you could. Eventually you will see and they will see the Vision and come together. This is a request put on the table that we all concentrate on that.

We started the teaching of the whole Revelation and what has come to the Mission. We went through the verses in Genesis, how creation was created, how the First Begotten Son of God, or the Spirit of God, went through the Eternal Divine Path, And there was light. God said that this is the way to turn this darkness back to My Body.

He created the universe in an evolutionary process. He created the elements. He created the gases. He created the super nova. He created ethereal stuff in the universe, planets, animals, trees, vegetation, water, and eventually man.

He made them man and woman. He made more than one; He made them. The human was man and woman in the same body, and they were alone, all one. God decided that still they were too powerful, too detached. He split them into man and woman. Humans have lower natures, and because of that they fell and they ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which means, I know better than God. That is what it means, I do not listen to God. I know better than Gods Revelations, the Scriptures, the Prophets, and the Messiah. I know better

God said do not do that. If you do that you are going to fall from Grace. But the lower nature came and said, Oh yeah? He really does not want you to become god. They fell, and they were rejected by God by believing they can replace Gods Revelation and Word.

Eventually, we reached a point and went to the point that man became so gross that God created the body. They did not have any body until the verse in the Bible that says, God created a coat of skin for man. Before that they did not have any skin. They did not have any flesh. They were mostly spirit and consciousness. In that moment they became so gross and fell that God created a coat of skin for them. Man continued sinning, killing, and going against Gods Word.

Some of them reached higher consciousness and Pure Consciousness, as Enoch. God took him. If you study the verses in the Bible it says he begot this son, he had all these children, and he died. His son also begot children, and he died. When it comes to Enoch it says, He walked with God, and God took him. We can say that Enoch was the first to reach Pure Consciousness. He became One with God. He became a son of God. At that point, there was the First Begotten Son already, then Enoch, and maybe others.

That is the goal, to walk with God. How can you walk with God if you do not let the Spirit of God come through? Not intellectually, but you have experienced the Spirit of God, and the Spirit of God is in you, you know what He wants, and you do His Will. Therefore, you walk with God. Enoch was taken by God. He reached Pure Consciousness.

I have to explain also that if you have any questions about our teachings, if you have been to our website, if you have studied our teachings, and you have a question, you can either type it in the text, or you can raise your hand and we can discuss it. This room basically is to discuss the teachings. Many lectures have been given, many writings have been written, and they are now available for everyone to study. This room is available if there are further questions, like Lou has:

: Can we say the same thing for Elijah?

: Elijah was not taken by God. Elijah was taken by a machine or something that, a wheel in a wheel that came and took him to the sky. If that machine is a symbolic meaning for him to go to God, then he might have reached Pure Consciousness.

One thing for sure, he was a Great Soul, a very high Soul. That is why he came back as John the Baptist. He was incarnated as John the Baptist, as the forerunner for Christ. It is really an individual choice to accept him as being with God, or he was a very high Soul who came as the forerunner for Christ.

He surely was not in the state of Christ. As he himself said, I am not worthy to untie his shoelaces. He knew that the state of Christ was way, way ahead or above him. But he might have been a son of God. It is something that you can think about and come up with some ideas. In the final analysis really it is not that important because the most important thing is that he was the reincarnation of John the Baptist. Christ said it. The Pharisees wanted to find out if he was. Therefore, he is a loud example of reincarnation being the truth and being in the Bible.

The Bible is the base of all Scriptures. God wrote the Bible as a guiding light, or a map, for man to realize that all the revelations of God have come by different Prophets, each of them have a specific truth for humanity, and when you put them together you see the whole picture. Trying to find out who was the son of God and who took him is going to be a very hard thing to do. And we might make a mistake. Even if he was not in Pure Consciousness, he might be now. He might return as a person who has become close to God. He could have been only an Elect. Therefore, he realized that his station was where he claimed to be.

I hope that answered your question. The most important thing about his life is that he came as a harbinger for Christ. He was reincarnated as John the Baptist. Therefore, there is reincarnation. It is in the Bible. Right there it is telling everyone that he was the reincarnation of Elijah. How can he come back in the womb and not be reincarnated? We can explain it the way we want but with all their attempts to take reincarnation out of the Scriptures, they did not succeed. Even Christians, Jews, Moslems, and all the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Bahai people should realize this. The Scripture that their revelation is based on is accepting reincarnation. So, the Hindus are not wrong, and the Buddhists are not wrong in believing in reincarnation.

If that is true, then we have been reincarnated many, many times in many different bodies, cultures, and different places in the world. We are different because we have had experiences and now we are in higher consciousness. We are here for a purpose, for a reason, to accomplish that reason. It makes more sense that the Elects have been working on themselves. They have been persecuted, crucified, worked hard to come close to God. Now in this Revelation they see the truth, come together and say, Yes, this makes sense. We have to create the Communities of Light. I will go for the Vision Quest. I will see the Vision of God in this Revelation. I will become a pure channel for God. I will forget about my ego and my wants.

Of course, because they are in higher consciousness, they are kind of leaders themselves. I am calling leaders, and leaders have a hard time to follow another leader. But they eventually have to realize that, that is the only way we can unify all this together, if we focus on one center. If there are two centers, three centers, four centers, this body will split into many, many centers and destruction will come to it.

That is why Christ is the Heart of the hierarchy. Christ is the God Particle that creates the mass. He comes, and everyone who is attracted to that center revolves around that center and creates a mass. When we reach the critical mass, the earth will come to realize that there is a new Revelation, there is a new teaching that explains everything, including from science and from the lowest activity of the human. The more humans accept that and revolve around that center, the greater unity will come to them.

And they become very similar in their belief. They no longer are westerners, or easterners, or southerners, or northerners. They all will follow the Eternal Divine Path. They will accept reincarnation. They will see the Hand of God in science and evolution.

There is no separation between what God created and what scientists have discovered. Indeed whatever scientists discover is what God already created. There is no separation between them. If we separate religion, or God from science, then we become dogmatic again, we become fundamentalists, and we become unhappy in a situation that most of the logical people see God as a logical being that created the whole universe in a evolutionary way. That is what we should become: logical people who will see God as a logical being that created the whole universe in an evolutionary and logical way.

Lou: Since God took Enoch, if he were to be reincarnated would he come back as a human?

Maitreya: Yes. There are three kinds of very high consciousness people who are close to Pure Consciousness: First, those who reach the state of Pure Consciousness in this lifetime, and experience God and Oneness. They can go into Pure Consciousness and be done with their karma, but God says, No. Go back. You have to do the Mission. You have seen Me, now go and tell everyone else.

It is just like Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Everyone was fighting over the food. They were scratching each others faces for the scraps. He was flying faster and faster, getting injured, and breaking his wing. His parents were upset with him. The tribe eventually excommunicated him. But he did not give up. Eventually he flew with the Golden Seagulls and saw the master of the Golden Seagulls. He realized, sharing is not just a good idea but is the Law. If you share you do not have to scratch each others faces. We can share with each other and everyone will have enough. The energy spent in scratching each others faces can be used for a greater utilization of life.

Then he came back and said, Do not fight for the scraps. Do not scratch each others faces. Let us fly faster and fly higher. I have seen it. It is a better place than this. Still he was excommunicated. The tribe did not want him to preach and change the young seagulls and children to his preaching. But little by little a few of the young and old realized his words. They said, We want to fly with you. He taught them to fly faster and higher. Eventually they also saw the Golden Seagulls.

When that person reaches Pure Consciousness, God says, You cannot come in. Go back, and tell other people that you can become unified by God, God is everything, and He is the whole universe.

The vision of God is millions of times more loving than you ever could experience of any love on earth. They do not understand the Love of God. They judge It with their ego and then that Love does not penetrate the ego because ego feels it is losing the battle. Ego fights back and says, No. It is your fault that I do not experience God, or whatever.

That person comes, preaches, and tells people, You can go to God. Eventually, little by little, a few become attracted. They join, and they fly higher and faster. Eventually they experience God too. They say, Yes! I experienced God. Not, I experienced prana, or power, or I can bend a fork. Those are toys that God throws at you not to get to Him.

When you experience the oneness, unity, and Love of God, that is the highest. That is what you need. You would actually forego powers, siddhis, healing power, and this and that. You want to be One with God. When you experience God, you will be pushed out and come back and join the work.

What is the reason for creating this creation? Remember, there was darkness in the deep. God did not like it. Something happened to His Body. There was darkness. They were not in Pure Consciousness with Him. They were not in harmony as they used to be, something happened to that part.

God said, Let us go see what is happening there. The Spirit of God moved over the waters (Consciousness). He looked at the darkness and said, We should work and go through the Eternal Divine Path. We are here also to help others to see the Eternal Divine Path and implement it. In this lifetime is the Explanation. Hopefully the next lifetime is going to be the Implementation. And the life after that is going to be the Execution.

That is the first category of those who are in a very high consciousness. There have been some terms that have been used as man-god, a man reaches Pure Consciousness and comes back. When that person dies, God takes him. It is just like Enoch.

Then if he is reincarnated (God sends him back for a reason and purpose), that person is already in Pure Consciousness. He did not reach Pure Consciousness in this lifetime; he reached it in previous lifetimes. That is the term a lot of people use as Avatar. This is the second type of people in a very high consciousness, or god-man.

An Avatar is the person who has already been in Pure Consciousness. A lot of people take that name on themselves, I am an Avatar. But you know them by their fruit. Are they in the Mission? Are they one with the

? Are they working to create the Communities of Light? Are they realizing this Revelation is from God? If they are and they are working together to manifest this Vision, then they might be Avatars; they might be in Pure Consciousness. So that is an Avatar.

Then there is the major manifestation, Messiah, Prophet, Messenger of God, with many names that is the full manifestation of the Spirit of God that brings the Message to humanity. He just does not come; he comes with clear signs and prophecies. God said that there is going to be the Seventh One that will reveal the whole truth, and the mystery of God will be finished. Therefore, these are the three kinds of people in a very high consciousness or Pure Consciousness: god-man, Avatar, and Messiah (Major Manifestation with many names).

Shirin: Christ = God Particles = Nucleus in any atom Could Elects be attracted like electrons to the center?

Maitreya: Exactly! That is why we are here, and that is why we are preaching to everyone. That is why some people come to this room, or to our other rooms, and they stay, they see the Vision, they go to the website, they love it, they like it, they come, they join, and they help. If they stay to the end, if they recognize and realize and go for the Vision, see it is from God, and it is the Truth, then their salvation is guaranteed.

What is more important in life than fulfilling the purpose and the reason that this creation has been created? Is there anything higher than fulfilling the Will of God?

The Will of God has clearly said, in the very beginning of Genesis that, There was darkness. The Spirit of God went through it. And then He created the creation. He said, Let there be Light. He said, let us bring Light to this part of creation that is darkness.

His Spirit went through this struggle with this darkness. Eventually he went through the Eternal Divine Path, And there was Light. He saw the Light and that it could be helpful to creation. Again, that is why the Eternal Divine Path is not just a good idea. There is a purpose and reason for the whole creation.

If you are an Elect, you will see this Vision, you will be attracted to the center, to the unification. By being attracted to the center 100% and nothing is more important than being one with the center and bringing other people to become one with the center, Not my will but Gods Will, and the word of the Messiah, or the teacher, or the Revealer, then little by little your ideas become God Ideas.

We do not have to struggle. We are dancing in the Light. And the Light is the delight of life. When we experience that delight, we want nothing else. As Christ said, it is just like finding a land with a great treasure in it. You sell everything, everything you have, to buy that land. If you experience God, then this world and this Maya become pale, just like a candle in front of the sun. Then you have seen the sun. You have experienced God and working with the Messiah becomes a Joy and a great unity, not a struggle.

Yes, indeed, that is why I am looking for the Elects who are attracted to this Mission. They do not struggle with me. They are self-motivated. They manifest great fruits. And they stay to the end. Simple! My work is very simple.

If you are not exactly what I just explained, then there is going to be a struggle. You will probably see me as the biggest ego-trip person you have ever seen. But there is no ego. And those who know me eventually profess that I am not on an ego trip. Those who have ego, see me as a big ego.

The claim is great. The claim is beyond human understanding but also that claim has been backed up with everything that anyone wants to know that is the truth that God sent to man. Therefore, I am waiting patiently for those who have these qualities.

It used to bother me that people would come, their egos would get in the way, and they would fall off. I would try hard not to let them fall off. Eventually I realized that it is not up to me. It is between them and God. My work is to come here, preach, say the truth, reveal the Revelation, and ask the Elects to consider to go and become One, at least realize that they are pretty close and come, give fruit, and be self-motivated.

They are not motivated because I give them attention. Their attention comes from within and God, they manifest their qualities with the qualities of what they do and it shows the state of their being detached from the work they do for the Mission. If you do something for the Mission and you are attached to it, you are not letting God come through.

It is a call for everyone to see this Revelation that God said He was going to send to us. He was going to send the Seventh Major Revelation. He was going to send the Seven Major Manifestations. He was going to send Seven Angels. And only at the time of the Seventh Revelation, or Angel, the mystery of God would be finished. No one knows the mystery of God, no one knows the whole truth until this Seventh Revelation comes.

Now tell it to the Moslems. Tell it to the Christians. Tell it to the Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and Bahais, Look, you have only one seventh of this Revelation. You do not have the whole truth. You have to forgo your dogmas and ego.

We have to be extremely patient, proficient, and dedicated so we will be able to distribute, to preach, to reach to every opportunity that God gives us so that we can educate humanity and create the critical mass that we need, and peacefully bring this earth to the peace and unity based on God and Gods Spirit.

There is no other way that unity and peace is going to come unless it is based on God, the Sprit of God, and the unity that we all can have together by being One with God. It is true about the couples. It is true about the community. It is true about the cities. It is true about the nations. It is true about the whole universe. If they are one with God, they can become One.

We need Visionaries. We need the Elects. We need those who really experience God and go for this Quest, the Quest of experiencing God, becoming One with the Spirit, and then realizing these teachings. It is not just reading it and even not knowing the teaching and proclaiming that you should be treated as an Elect. You have to know the teachings. Otherwise, after a while we are going to have a few dogmas left in the Mission, Forget about the Communities of Light, it is too hard. It is too hard on my ego. I do not want to let God come through. I want to be thanked all the time. Whatever I did, I want to be patted on the back and told that I did a good job.

That is the teaching of business. You have to motivate people. You have to thank them. You have to create an environment that they feel good and are motivated, Why, I want to let God come through and I do not get any credit you mean? I am not appreciated? I am not praised? God did not do it, I did it! That is ego there, isnt it? The whole business is based on ego.

That is why the Elects praise and worthiness does not come from the external; it comes from within them. They know they are worthy because they had the Vision of God; now God is coming through them, and they are One with God. And they know it is not them. They could not even imagine accomplishing what they have accomplished in one lifetime. It is impossible for ego to accomplish that much. But for God and Spirit, it is not.

If you want to be more, manifest great things, manifest God, and be self-motivated, become an Elect, become a Child of God. Go for the Quest of the Vision. Study our teaching. Know what we are talking about here. We have it in Spanish. We have it in French. We have it in English. We are open to any other language that anyone wants to translate it to. But we always say, Learn English.

The Revelation has come in that language. Many other languages have influenced that language. It was influenced by French, and French was influenced by Arabic, etc. Hebrew and Arabic are from the same root. English, French, German, and all those are influenced with Latin. English is influenced with Latin, Arabic and the Jewish languages. Now God sent this Revelation in English. That is where you get the best information.

We are looking for these Elects. The world is so different than what we teach. Those who are able to see this Vision and are able to detach themselves from the world and become a part of the facilitating body have to be pretty Great Souls.

Oregano: It seems that our weaknesses are reflected sometimes in the people we choose in business to help us. As if we are shown that we have to deal with many issues as we grow.

Maitreya: That is a very, very good observation, indeed. We attract people that we are not aware that we are attracted to, because of our weaknesses.

As I said, in the beginning of the Mission I used to hold people up (some people argue that they hold themselves up), but at the same time it became very obvious to me that the motivation has to come from within, and they have to be people that are not escapists, or looking for escapism, or looking for an environment that they are supported by other people, or need attention all the time. They are self-motivated. It comes from within. They do it because they want to. And they have no expectation because they know that God is doing it through them.

Now we are probably attracting other kinds of people that are more in tune with that kind of calling. Therefore that original belief has changed and so the people who come to the Mission are also going to change. God said it, The first will be the last, and the last will be first.

It is just like Christ said, the ones that came in the ninth hour and worked the whole day, and the other ones came for five hours, they came for three hours, and they came for one hour, all received the same amount. They all reached Pure Consciousness. The wages were the same. It is not that, I was the first here, I am going to receive more. That is what they thought, the people who worked harder all day would receive more. No. The wage is the same. It is Pure Consciousness.

We have to meditate on ourselves, see our weaknesses, and see how our perceptions can attract or influence the things that happen around us. And little by little we can get rid of the lower mentality that attracts that kind of mentality in the people you work with.

That is why in business they have created interviews. They have created questionnaires. They test you to see what kind of weaknesses you have. And they are getting pretty good at it. They really turn you inside out. They know a lot about you that you probably do not know about yourself.

Go ahead Amina.

Amina: Sal-OM Maitreya. This is the question I have. What is the best practice for people who feel Gods Love more when they are with animals and children, but really have a struggle with feeling Gods Love or manifesting that love when they are with adults? Thank you.

Maitreya: It is easier to love children. As Christ said, you have to become like children to enter heaven. Children are in heaven when they are born. They are still detached from their bodies for the first five years. They do not have ego. That is why really they are masters, and they can teach their parents a lot. That is why the children become teachers, and parents learn from them by their growing up.

When they are five years old, they create ego. The ego is not completely formed until they are thirteen. It is not completely cut off at thirteen. Some children become more mature at eleven, or twelve, and some later. That is why they call them teenagers. The ego starts forming individuality, and they assert themselves as adults. That is why the problem between the parents who have control over the child starts, because the child is trying to become an independent ego and the parents want to keep him as a little child that they loved before. So it is easy to love children.

Also animals, their consciousnesses are not as evolved as humans. They have very simple needs: food and shelter. If we provide it for them, they will be very appreciative. They do not have to go out there and fight dogs or cats for scraps. You become a source of food for them, and also comfort and love. They have the ability and have been created to help humans. Again, because their egos are not as evolved as the adults, we love them, or we become attached to them to a greater degree. It is because they do not oppose us, they do not have opinions and ideas that are different than ours. They just follow what we say, and they do whatever we want. Therefore, we love them.

When children become adults, the problem starts between parents and teenagers. Teenagers now have their own opinions, their own ideas. They no longer follow the ideas of their parents. That is one of the problems for the whole of humanity because we have different ideas. We have different opinions. We have a different way of doing things. Therefore, we do not like each other.

Couples get married and the wife thinks she is going to change him to whatever she wants. And he thinks he is going to change her to whatever he wants. It is not going to work. Again, our teaching comes in: if both of them are Godly and concentrate on God, not on each other, they can love the Essence in one another and become One. It is easier said than done, I understand that.

Everything I say is easier said than done. But that is the truth. That is the reason that separation between the couples start, and they eventually end up to a place that they cannot even stand each other in many marriages. And that is why we have so many divorces.

You can see the children just get along. They click, work, and play because they are closer to God and they are one.

We have to create an environment that everyone concentrates on God, becomes united in that higher consciousness, brings His Will to our lives, and looks at each other as the Essence of God. If there is a separation between opinions then say, Let us see what Gods opinion is in this situation. What is His Idea? More and more people are going to have Gods opinion, they will become closer and one, and then you will start loving adults as you love children.

I will go ahead and end our Conversation here. Find the Elects and go for the Vision Quest. Sal-OM everyone.

Have a Godly week.

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