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Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone, welcome to the Missions Conversation Room. Let us close our eyes and bow our heads in front of the Most High, the Most Compassionate, the Merciful who has created the whole universe so man can progress toward Pure Consciousness and unity with God.

He has sent all the religions of the world, and now He has unified them for humanity and is calling them to see this truth clearly, that there is only one God for all humans. They are here to glorify their Souls and their Spirits and emphasize that Beauty and glorify what is within, not what is without, or the physical body, which is the shell. No matter how beautified you make it, it will never replace the Beauty within.

The more emphasis there is on the external world and physical body, the less will be in the spiritual world and Soul, and within.

We have to teach our children, our societies, and everyone that The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Divine. Therefore we will all work toward that Divinity and bring our society, teachings, schools, our young, and children to realize the emphasis will be or should be on their Souls and their Beings instead of the things that are external.

The more the human emphasizes the external things and the shell and they are attached to the things that are not permanent, the more they are away from the Spirit and God. Therefore with this realization we can easily see what Christ was talking about when the Pharisees and Sadducees were blaming Him for not washing His hands, and He said that they are hypocrites because they wash their hands but their souls and spirits are dirty.

So cleaning the outside and going out of our way to emphasize the physical body or external world instead of emphasizing the Spirit and progress of the Divinity is a sign of falling from the Word of God.

In history and all through the teachings it has been shown that any culture that falls from God has fallen into that trap of the physical body and the Words of God are forgotten. They think they will continue and progress and have the Grace and Blessings of God at the same time they are going against His Words and Teachings.

That is why it is so important for all of us, and humanity and societies, to go back to history, to go back to the Revelations and Scriptures of God and see what happened to those who had gone away from the Words of God and the beautifying of their Spirit and within, and they were beautifying the shell and external world. The more that emphasis is, the less God will be.

Therefore the lesson has to be learned and understood, and it will be again and again, until humanity realizes that they have to put their society, their teachings, their lives, their Spirits, their schools, and their young people on the Path of God and create men who are men, women who are women, and children who are children, and teach Godly things to them. Therefore they can bring God to their society as well.

The sooner humanity learns these lessons, the sooner their world will become Godly and they will bring the Spirit of God into it and the peace will come. Also the differences between the East and the West will vanish.

Both sides of the sphere of earth (the East and the West) have gone too far in two different directions. It does not mean that if the body needs to be groomed or cleaned and we do it as minimum as possible, that being presentable is not encouraged. But when we go out of our way just to make the physical body beautified and we are not emphasizing the Soul and Spirit, that is when the problems start. So being presentable, clean, and groomed is acceptable. But going out of our way to look or emphasize the physical body, that is where we go wrong.

By realizing that they have to emphasize the Soul and Spirit within, humans will become beautiful people. Beauty within will manifest itself to the external world as compassion, love, understanding, not seeking to be understood but seeking to understand, not seeking to be helped but to help, not seeking to receive compassion and love but to have compassion and love.

So humans have to reverse their energy from going out of their eyes and listening with their ears to this external world and sensing what is temporary, by closing their eyes, directing the energy within themselves, seeing the beauty within, and realizing and seeing with the Third Eye the Spirit. Then less and less the external world will become important because they know it is not forever. So their physiological and safety needs will be taken care of easily and they can emphasize the greater things in their lives.

This room is the Conversation Room, and the Revelation is the Revelation of the Eternal Divine Path. It is the Revelation of turning around and going to God. Our teachings have been presented to humanity for the last twenty-some years. The Third and Final Declaration that it is finished, it is done, it is perfected, has been given to humanity.

Again that is another first for the Mission. There has never been a Revelation that the teacher or the Revealer comes, writes everything down, finishes it while alive, maybe stays alive for a while, and has given the final word and has said it is done, it is finished. Everything that has been given to me has been given to you.

The only things left are to go to the website, study our teachings, implement them in our lives, and start following ourselves the Eternal Divine Path and creating the Communities of Light.

At the same time if you have a question from the teachings or a part is not clear for you, you can come to this room and ask your questions about any part of the Mission so we can discuss, emphasize, expand, or clarify anything that needs to be clarified, or send an email to the Mission.

In a sense, the time of information or education has been reached and the Mission will continue this educational system by having different rooms, by having lectures, by people reaching out, by inviting people to become the contacts for the Mission. Through the contacts we can reach more of humanity and through the Internet we can reach those who have the Internet connection and would like to come here and understanding these teachings.

So this is the time is to spread the Message, the teaching, understand it ourselves, and realize that this is indeed the Word of God and not to take it lightly, and recognize that this has come to you for you to turn around and be baptized with the Spirit of God and the Words of God. If you know our teachings, you know God, His Plan, and realization more than any other man on earth because as God said, the mystery of God would be finished at the time of this Revelation.

When you know this teaching, you know more about the Plan of God than any person in any religion, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, no matter what religion you pick, you know more than any preacher, any teacher, any guru, any rabbi, any father or mullah, because you know the whole Plan of God. Therefore you have a superior knowledge of Gods Work and you can teach them how their religion is not the last one, is not the only one, is not the highest, but is a part of a greater truth.

So you are given a great opportunity to teach those who do not know the Plan of God. You should take it and accept it, and realize that this has to be and should be first in your life. Nothing else really is important on earth than these teachings and this Revelation for humanity, and recognizing and realizing that we are indeed Spirits.

We are not our physical bodies. We are not here to become attached to this external world. We have been called to go back home, to go to God. Any emphasis on this external world will take us away from that internal progress.

That does not mean, of course, not to glorify and not to enjoy and see the beauty of this creation, but not to be attached to it. Enjoy it, realize it, and at the same time recognize that this is a temporary place. We are here for a great reason and now we have a great reason to live, to reach out, to understand God, and to teach other men, women, and children the Word of God that has come to us, and now we can give it to them.

So clean and simplify your life so you can emphasize God more than this external world. Therefore you are not bogged down with this external world but you are a channel for God to teach those who think they have the truth but they only have a part of the truth; they do not have the whole truth.

If you realize that, then you have a responsibility. You know something other people do not. Give it to them. Tell them about it. Of course if they did not want to listen, leave them to God and say, Well, my job is done. I have told you the Eternal Divine Path. I have told you that this is the whole Plan of God and the truth. I am done. I leave you to God.

That is all I have to do. That is all a Messenger has to do, to give the message. Now what the people do with that message is not up to Him. It is between them and God. The Messenger is done and finished.

I have given it to you. You have seen the Vision, I hope, and you give it to them and hopefully you reach people that they will also see the Vision. As they see the Vision, they also become obligated to realize, what is the Plan of God? The Plan of God is the Eternal Divine Path. Every part of the Eternal Divine Path is a religion sent by God to humanity.

Therefore there are not such things as separate religions on earth. Each of them is a part of a greater truth, and they have to realize and recognize this. We are blessed as the first people who have recognized and seen this Vision to reach and let other people also recognize this Vision.

The more our numbers increase, the greater strength of the Hand of God will be for this Mission. Eventually we will reach a point that more and more people recognize that their fights, their separation, and their destructive tendencies that they have on earth are unwarranted because they are all a part of God.

If they are all a part of God they have to come together. They have to share and cooperate with one another, and bring an earth that everyone recognizes that their goal is to be(come) Divine.

We are here to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually, especially spiritually to go back. That is the purpose and reason for this creation. It is not a play. It is not a purposeless creation based on scientific evolutionary ideas that everything is happening by chance.

There is a purpose. There is a reason this creation has been created. That purpose is to turn around, be baptized, go back to God, and make everything Light again so that the darkness, which was upon the deep, no longer exists.

We have to recognize clearly this is from God. This has been sent by God to you, and therefore the salvation of man and you is based on this Revelation of God.

It does not really matter if this is accepted by anyone, or rejected by anyone, or if I stay alive or not. The Message has been given. It is done. It is finished. Therefore God is no longer obligated to humanity because He has sent His Message to man.

Resisting Him is not something that is going to hurt me. It is going to hurt you by not recognizing that indeed it is the Word of God and the last Revelation of God to you and you still resist the Call and not become involved completely doing what God has called all of us to do.

What is revealed here will happen. The sooner the people and humanity recognize that, the sooner the peace and the Kingdom of God will come to man. The more we delay it, take it lightly, and be interested in other things that are not based on this Revelation, the more we delay the inevitable.

You can see all over the world this is happening, the tribulation, the destruction, and the wars. The playing field has been leveled for all humanity, and that is what we see now. The relationship that the East and the West had together for two hundred years no longer is there.

Before two hundred years ago Islam was the superpower on earth, and they thought they were going to take over the earth. That was not the Will of God. That is why two hundred years ago suddenly their empire crumbled and broke down.

Now also the Will of God is for this Revelation to take hold of human consciousness and bring the unity that God promised would come. Therefore we can see again the relationship between the East and the West is no longer based on what it was for two hundred years. The boundaries and the relationships are breaking down, and the playing field is being leveled.

So this is what the politicians and the leaders on earth have to recognize, that it is time to give up their own ideas and come to Gods Idea. Of course I am not holding my breath because the human is stubborn and they will not come, and we do not have the power, strength, and manpower to spread this Mission as fast as I would like to.

Therefore those leaders will fight, they will hold onto their own ideas. The wars are no longer the rumors of wars but it is going toward great separation between many different camps. They will fight until they reach a point that they recognize that their fight will not take them anywhere, because it no longer is the Will of God for what it was in the past.

But you can help. You can help by recognizing indeed this is the Will of God and it is going to happen. You can facilitate this process. God put things in motion. He will accomplish them as we have seen in our teachings that He has promised many things in the past and He has accomplished them.

He will accomplish what He promised. He said His Kingdom will come. But the human has the free will to accept it or not and go through it or not, and that would be the problem. If the human does not accept it and does not see the perfection of this Revelation, the process will be slowed down.

But it cannot be stopped. It will happen because God said it will. Therefore we have to work on our Spirit, work on our Souls, see this Vision, and overcome our separation, cultural bias, gender, religion, and fears.

That is one of the greatest obstacles also, the fears. There are people that they cannot leave their parents to go to God. They are still in that fear of leaving home, when Paravipras are the mature people that the only thing important to them is God and they can trust in God so perfectly that they are not afraid of anything. And not only that, but you can move, go, and trust in God that you will be taken care of.

We have a question from Lou.

Lou245_1_1: Is speaking in tongues a sign of baptism by The Holy Ghost?

Maitreya: There are people who can utter the words that they put some feeling in them and they call it speaking in tongues. Some people might misuse it, abuse it, and believe that they can manifest those things, or they pretend they are manifesting those things, and they think they are talking to God.

It is very important to see what is the source of this speaking in tongues, and does that help you to become more Divine, follow the Eternal Divine Path, and bring the Kingdom of God on earth? Does it make you a better believer? Does it make you to meditate and know thyself, and God? Does it make you to sacrifice to create the Communities of Light, surrender and submit to God, and become a universalist?

See, everything is related to the Eternal Divine Path. But if it makes some people just feel good and believe that they are talking to God, then that is not the Way of God because God does not talk to everyone, at least not in the level of Revelation and bringing the Word of God in the highest level to man. That is reserved for a long time of prophecies and the coming of a Revealer, which is very unique and created by God so uniquely that no one can replace Him by just claiming that they know God or they can talk to God.

We can see a lot of preachers these days say they talk to God. They talk to God, and God told them to do this and that. They base their talking to God on one religion and we know one religion is no longer acceptable; realizing that God sent all these religions is acceptable. Therefore right there you see it is impossible they have talked to the God that has sent all the religions.

What is that spirit they are using to talk in tongues? That is the question that you have to ask yourself when someone claims they are talking in tongues. So the emphasis again should be on yourself, progressing yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually, following the Eternal Divine Path, and manifesting Gods Kingdom.

It is like other powers and energies; they are not something to emphasize or to be attached to, but be attached to the Words of God and the Scriptures, not to the person who speaks in tongues because speaking in tongues is from the lower level of energy, not the highest.

So again, the greatest is the Eternal Divine Path and following the Word of God in the Scriptures, which is the highest.

Tajek is asking:

Tajek: Im interested in Islam. Am I in the right room?

Maitreya: If you really want to know the Will of God and be surrendered and submissive to it, you are in the right room. Indeed we are the best Moslems, the best Christians, the best Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, etc., and therefore we can relate to all of them. Islam is a part of our teaching.

God sent that as a Revelation that He promised Abram from his son Ishmael, and He fulfilled it. Therefore those people who say, Islam is not a religion, it is all terrorists and they are no good, are incorrect. Also the Moslems who feel or think they are the last Revelation, do not know the whole Plan of God. That is why they are in trouble because God said they would take over only one fourth of the earth, not the whole earth.

But they believe God gave the earth to them because they are the last Revelation. That is why they are trying to take over the earth by fighting, terrorism, and destruction because they feel they have to take over earth; they feel it is their right.

It is just like the Jews in Israel, they think Palestine is their right. God gave it to them because God said that land belongs to them. But they do not read our teachings that when Christ came, He said, The Kingdom will be taken away from you and given to another people.

Of course Christians say, No, we are the only way. Everyone should become Christian because Christ was the Son of God. Therefore we have the Son of God and no one goes to God but through Him.

They do not read our teachings that God also promised Ishmael that there would be a Prophet from them coming to humanity. Therefore Islam is not the last Word of God because the last Word of God comes when the Seventh Seal is opened and the whole Plan of God is revealed to humanity.

These things we have to teach everyone. These things we have to teach those people who yell at each other in those rooms in PalTalk and accuse each other of not being from God or they are from the devil or something like that by misunderstanding and not knowing these teachings.

So we are the peacemakers. We are the people who have the whole Vision, the whole truth. We can make them see this clearly, therefore, Hindus and Buddhists realize they have to work toward the creation of the Communities of Light. They have to come down from the idea that, This world is all illusion and I do not want to have anything to do with it, but I will just meditate and go to God.

Jews should recognize and realize that they were split into two nations as the House of Judah and the House of Israel, and each of them had a specific purpose to manifest.

Actually I am from the House of Judah. They were the ones that were captured and brought to Syria and to Persia, and now my genealogy shows this clearly.

The House of Israel went to Europe and the United States. Also Israel, at the time of his departure from his body, told them that the House of Judah is going to have the Kingdom until the Shiloh comes. So Shiloh came and took that away from them and gave it to another nation. We can see these things that humanity has to know.

Then the Jews will realize, OK, they have done their work. They set an example for the rest of humanity. They spread the stories of the Old Testament and their struggle to become the Children of God.

But at the same time God had a greater Plan. He brought or He sent the Christ as the Shiloh. He was the Messiah. He finished the Kingdom from them and therefore they recognize the Chosen Ones are not from a race but are those who follow the Eternal Divine Path.

Christians say, No, we have the Son of God. If that is the truth then not only Christ was the Son of God but all the Major Manifestations are the Son of God because they are the Spirit of God on earth. We explain who the Son of God is.

Krishna was, as was Buddha. So was Shiva. So was Muhammad. So was Bab. So were Moses and Abraham. They all were Christ. They all were the Son of God. They all were Messiahs and not only that, it is the same Spirit that came through all of them.

So Christians do not have the monopoly of having the Son of God but all the Major Manifestations and religions have the Son of God with them and are the Prophet.

Prophet Muhammad was a Prophet and the Son of God. Christ was the Son of God and a Prophet. Bab was the Son of God and a Prophet and a Major Manifestation, as were the rest of them.

So with this realization we can expand ourselves and recognize that the Will of God is different than the will of man. The Understanding of God cannot come to humanity until they receive this Revelation and truth. Then they will see that all their Prophets have been the same Spirit. It is the Son of God. It is the Prophet. It is the Major Manifestation.

After they recognize this, they can overcome their dogmas and misunderstandings, recognize the Word of God, and realize that they only have a part of the truth, including Moslems. So they are not going to be able to take over the earth as they think they should or could. Therefore they can become the Divines.

We are not going to take over the earth by any techniques but the way of education and reaching out until we reach the critical mass. At that point, the whole earth will be prepared and ready to receive the truth of God and bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

Therefore Islam indeed is included in this Revelation. So are Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Sufism, Saints in Christianity, and Bahais, and all the religions on the earth. No one is left out. Everyone is included. No one could unify all the religions to this point. It is impossible. Before this Revelation, I would have agreed with some people who say, It is impossible to unify all religions.

What is impossible for man, is possible for God. That has exactly happened here. All the religions are unified because the essence of each of them is a part of the Plan of God, and God gave each part to one people on earth. Now each of them is hanging onto that part and saying, We have the truth. No one else has it.

Of course Moslems say, Muhammad said that He finished the Revelation to humanity.

So did Christ. Christ said, It is done, it is finished, when He was on the cross.

So did Bab. When they came to take Him to be shot, He said, I am not done yet. I am not finished.

They said, No, no you have to come and you do not have time. He said, OK.

They took him to the galley and shot at him but none of the bullets hit him. The only thing that was hit was the rope. So he was free. He went back to his clerk and He finished whatever He had to say. Then He said, Now I am finished. So He also finished His Revelation.

When Moses reached Jordan, He did not pass. He told Joshua, I am done. Now you go ahead and become their leader because my Revelation and work is finished.

So all the religions, all the Prophets, eventually said, I am done. It is finished. It is done.

This Revelation also has revealed to humanity, It is done. Whatever God has given to us, it is in the website. It is revealed. But this time, of course, it is from the Seventh Angel. It is the Book sealed with the Seven Seals, which is opened. That is when it finishes completely and is the last Revelation of God before the Kingdom comes.

Also God has revealed to humanity how the Kingdom will come, based on the Eternal Divine Path and the system that has been given to us and revealed to humanity.

So we can see this is where humanity and the earth are going. Anyone else out there who is thinking differently is not going to succeed. They are bound to fail because that is not the Will of God. This is.

Of course humans can resist it. Humans can say, No, Maitreya is on an ego trip. No, we are not going to do it. But God said His Will will happen, and we know His Will will.

Therefore meditate on these things clearly and see that you are indeed called to spread this Message and teach man, teach Moslems, teach Christians, teach Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Bahais, etc. They all are a part of the greater truth. They have some truth. They have a part of it.

But teach them. Spread the Message, Come, help, and be. Open different rooms. Give lectures. Spread this truth to them. If they did not listen to you, go to the next person. Go to the next person. Go to the next person, so you can eventually see many people have heard this Revelation.

You are the hands, the eyes, the mind, and the Will of God out there to spread this Message to every person you could. But do not be attached to the result. The result does not belong to you. It belongs to God. You are a channel for God to give this out. Make your life in such a way that your emphasis is on the minimum physiological and safety needs, and the rest is based to do the Will of God.

This is mostly a room for those who go to the website, especially for new people who really have questions about these teachings. Everything is covered, in a sense. We have been talking about this Revelation and this teaching for the last twenty years plus. It was finished last year and was completed.

Now it is just a repetition and fine-tuning the teaching that we have had so far. In general this teaching has been prophesied to come. God said there would be a Revelation that would open the Book sealed with the Seven Seals, and when that Book is opened, the universe rejoiced.

And no man could open it. Actually it almost was not opened. Christ was the one who came and with The Grace of God took the sealed Book and opened it. In that time, the whole universe rejoiced.

Therefore you have to rejoice with the universe for this Revelation and see how this truth indeed is from God. There is a God for sure, contrary to the beliefs of many people that there is no God and everything is based on chance.

God has proven in this Revelation that He does indeed exist. He has sent all these Revelations. He has prophesied and promised things that He has fulfilled. Indeed this Mission is to glorify God and show the man back to that glory.

If you understand these teachings, the Revelation, the prophecies, and everything and still you resist it, that is amazing. Of course we know ego. Ego is amazingly stubborn. But those who have been meditating for many lifetimes and are the Children of God or they want to be the sons of God, will hear and see the truth in it.

They will see the Vision. With no fear they will drop everything and go to God. But if you see the Vision and you still have fears of not completely trusting in God, then you have to work on yourself more until you reach that point that your trust in God is perfect and you will not be afraid to drop everything. As Christ said, Sell everything and follow me. And the young man was so sorry that he was very rich and he could not do that.

The disciples asked, Why couldnt he do that?

Christ answered, Because there are riches of the world, and our fears, attachments, and desires make us not be able to do that.

That is what we have to recognize, what is keeping us from going to God? What is taking us from being a part of God and His Call? As we recognize more and more what it is, we can overcome it also. Those who really can drop everything and come to God and follow it, are rare.

There is a question from Timothy.

Lumpytimk: Sal-OM Maitreya. In these beginning times we are in a state of change. I have had to work a lot with patience and surrendering to God's timing and Plan. Can you talk of what we can do to surrender to God's Plan and help bring The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth?

Maitreya: Yes, indeed we have been talking about this topic for the last twenty some years. We have given humanity the Eternal Divine Path and the way of bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

I am sure you know what the Eternal Divine Path is: Awakening your spiritual forces, directing that energy toward creating the Communities of Light, sacrificing, surrendering and submission to God, becoming a universalist, and therefore you become an Elect.

The Elects are the ones that we are looking for and waiting for to come. If they come forward and join us, we will create a body that we call the Facilitating Body. With the Facilitating Body we can divide the earth into twelve sections. And we can create the Round Table that will work with each section to spread this Mission and this Message. When we create a system that we can reach to the communities, eventually we can create the Communities of Light, which are based on the twelve people or six couples, a man and a woman, married couples in those communities.

Then the real hierarchy will emerge from that level and eventually we will have the hierarchy on earth. As humanity will see more and more that this is the way to go, it is working, and the people in those communities are one and they do not need to be drawn into this external world, little by little we will have more people joining us and eventually the Kingdom will come.

So the first in these steps at this time is to recognize this vision, see this clearly, come and join the Mission, and become one of the Elects, one of the Facilitating Body, and if you have the abilities, a Paravipra.

You are following the Eternal Divine Path, you are incorruptible, you are physically fit, mentally strong, spiritually aware, and you understand the cyclical movements of human history, and therefore you become a person who knows the Mission very well and can come here. If we have twelve of these we can divide the earth into twelve sections, and each person can become responsible for one section and spread the Mission in that section.

Of course we need people, we need resources, and we need dedicated people who have seen the vision. We need the people whose vision is high, not just for their physiological and safety needs, with the fear of leaving their present lives and they are afraid, Where is my next meal coming from, and the next this and that? but they are Great Souls who have overcome a lot.

That does not mean everyone is not included. There are people that they are working out there and they take care of their own physiological and safety needs and their family but at the same time are supporting the Mission in many other levels, physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, and materially.

So we have a lot of people that way but the most important thing at this time, not only we need that kind of support, but we also need the people who really are Paravipras and Elects to come and join, and they can work with me. We can work together.

If I cannot work with you then we are not one. Then we cannot find the twelve people around the Round Table.

So that is the Vision. Everyone is welcome. Everyone can help. Everyone is helping. But the goal is to find those real leaders that they can see this Vision and come and become a part of the Facilitating Body. And of course the Facilitating Body needs support. That support comes from those who are supporting the Mission. So this is the idea.

But how can you help? You can help by seeing the Vision. You can help by coming to the room and reading. You can help by becoming a contact. You can help by reaching out to everyone around you, your family, your friends, your neighbors, anyone, and tell them about this Mission. Make them realize that their religion is not perfect. It is not the last one. It is not the one that will come after the Seventh Angel and the opening of the Seven Seals. Therefore help them to go to God.

Maybe in the process you will find some Paravipras and those Paravipras will come here and dedicate their lives completely to this Mission. So you will be helping greatly.

There is no one on the earth that they cannot help. Everyone can help in their own capacity. But we are looking for the people who are dedicated and have the capacity of dropping everything and becoming a part of the Mission as great leaders.

So take your pick. You can help with a little or you can help a lot. You choose which one you want to do.

Lou is asking:

Lou245_1_1: In THOTH page 353, verse 4, the 144,000 are from the twelve tribes of Israel?

Maitreya: The twelve tribes of Israel are the twelve energies or twelve kinds of people who can manifest the different qualities of God. They are not a race or a people but anyone who follows the Eternal Divine Path, becomes a Paravipra, and is able to manifest one energy of the tribes that each of them were chosen as, the twelve tribes of Israel.

So the Children of Israel does not mean the children of Abraham alone, but the children that they become the sons of God. They are the Elects. They follow the Eternal Divine Path. They have been with the Prophets in every lifetime. They have progressed to a point that their focus is God and they are willing to see this Vision clearly and dedicate themselves to this Vision.

So the Children of Israel means the Children of Light. It is not a race. It does not belong to a special country. As our teaching clearly states, those who follow the Eternal Divine Path will become the Elects and they are the ones who are the true Children of Israel.

We are five minutes after our time. I think that was the last question, and I hope that answered your question, Lou.

Again I leave all of you to God. Be good, and listen to these words again. Be with God and see this is a Call to all of you. I will repeat this over and over but I expect eventually the Elects to step forward and join so I can work with them and together we can manifest this Mission in the greatest degree.

Sal-OM everyone. Be with God.

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