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Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone, welcome to the Mission and our Conversation room. We have been having a problem with PalTalk. Logging in was not possible for a while.

This Mission will not be stopped by any problem whatsoever. As you can see we continue giving these Satsangs and Conversations and we will push toward the fulfillment of this Revelation, the prophecies, and the greatest understanding that has come to humanity.

We all have to recognize that this world is temporary and it is not going to be forever. One thing you can do and practice to overcome this world and its temporary state is to meditate that it is a billion years from now. Where will you be? You know nothing can be created and nothing can be destroyed in this universe. It can be converted to different things and different states. But where do you see yourself to be in a billion or trillion or quadrillion or infinite years from now? Just meditate on that. Where will you be?

Would you be a woman, a man, or a child? Would you be Persian, or American, or French, or European, or Asian, or African, or South American? Would you be white, black, or yellow? If you expand your consciousness and see yourself way, way in the future, everything that you think is so important in your life at this time becomes so trivial, so unimportant, and most of them are so unnecessary.

So that is a technique that you might use to meditate and see yourself way in the future and look back at yourself. You probably will start laughing as to why you are so upset about such small trivial things when in that time really none of them matter.

The way to go away from this mundanity and triviality is expansion of the mind, recognizing that we have been here in this second of life in comparison with the infinity that we have been here and will be here. Then this life becomes so small and insignificant compared to what we have in front of us and what we left behind us.

So we can see that indeed there is no way but to forego our dogmas, our religions, our misunderstandings, and go to God directly. We need to realize that the only way is to overcome any influence of this world and take the influence of higher consciousness and God, and expand ourselves to come out of this world and not be of it, and not only do that but also help others to come out of it.

As long as we are in this world ourselves, we will not be able to help anyone else because a small little thing is so important to us that we think our life is the hardest than anyone elses in this universe and, I have so many things to do that do not let me think about God, do Gods Will, and join Gods Plan because life is so hard.

But if you see yourself billions of years from now and expand your consciousness, look at your life, and see that most of the things you are so upset about really do not even qualify as something to be upset about, then you can weed out those things that are not important and only concentrate on what is important.

What is important is the awakening of your spiritual forces, meditating, listening to Satsangs, doing The Reminder, and going to Services. At least do them to a point to see which one is more effective for you and you can benefit from them. Although all of them are beneficial, some of them might not appeal to some people, but they should do them at least once so that when they see the Haree Krishna people jumping around, it does not become something so alien to them.

Expand your mind. Expand your consciousness so you can include anything that is Godly and exclude anything that is not; include anything that helps you to go to God and exclude anything that takes you from God. Also in the society, from the Path to be(come) Divine, create the Communities of Light, the Kingdom of God on earth; create an environment that everyone can progress physically, mentally, and spiritually.

So in a billion years from now in your meditation you can think back and say, Yes, I helped many unit consciousnesses to progress and go to a higher level. They are with me in that state. I did not waste my time and life a speck in the time line of the universe to be worried about mundanity and the small little things that pulled me down to earth. But I concentrated on greater things in life and therefore I became a super-human.

That is how you can create supermen. A superman is not the one that puts on the blue colored clothes. A superman is the person who is not brought down by the mundanity.

That is the goal of the Communities of Light. The goal of the Communities of Light is to create an environment that the mundane things will be taken care of with many people so you can concentrate on expansion of the mind and Godliness, and create an environment that everyone, including you, can progress physically, mentally, and spiritually. So they also can become super-humans, people who no longer are attached to the mundanity and this external world, and they overcome the Maya that brings them to jealousy, attachment, backbiting, competition, etc.

The only competition that is OK is, who is going to reach God the fastest? That is a good competition.

The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Godly. The Goal of the Life is to recognize that you and God are already One, and then direct that knowledge toward creating the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, which is based on the Communities of Light. The Communities of Light are the communities that are based on the Eternal Divine Path.

It is so logical. It is so well put together. Each part fits each other so well that it is amazing that still so many humans cannot see it and they are not submitted and surrendered to this Beauty.

If The Goal Of The Life Is to Be(come) Divine, and you meditate and realize that you and God are One, then the next step is to follow the Eternal Divine Path. It should be very easy for you because you have seen the Oneness with God and you had an experience with Him. Now you can become a worker and start following this Path.

So you are attached to this external world. If you think your life is the most ridden with problems, just go one billion years ahead of this time and then look at it. You probably will start laughing at how unimportant your problems and this life are.

But if you see yourself and recognize that The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, and meditate and experience that indeed God and you are One, that Oneness that you do not exist but God exists, then what is left? What is left is to create an environment that you can go out of mundanity and also help other people to go out of mundanity, create the Communities of Light, sacrifice to create such communities, surrender and submit to Gods Will for you in that community, and expand your consciousness to include the whole universe.

Some ways to do that are to: dance the Kirtan, do The Reminder, sing Samgacchadvam, and meditate. So when you see someone is meditating in the Himalayas, it is not strange to you. Then you can go to them and teach them also to dance and do The Reminder, and tell them that the goal of their meditation is to become Divine. It is not to create heated bodies so you can dry a sheet that has been wet and put yourself at the top of Himalayas and dry it out and show how powerful you are.

It is not to work for siddhis. That is not the goal of meditation. If the siddhi came, great, enjoy it, and use it for the community and the good of everyone. If it did not, the most important thing is if you have created compassion, mercy, and the ability to share, live in the community, and become a productive member of that community.

That is the Goal of the Life, experiencing the Oneness of God and knowing the Will of God for you in the Communities of Light.

So we can see how lost the human Soul has become. Now we are trying to bring them back to the original understanding of spirituality of God and His Plan. Many of them really believe that what they have or know or do is Godly.

We had some questions about talking in tongues, and this week someone was discussing it with me. This person said, You never see a Prophet like Christ or Mohammad talking in tongues. There has never been a Prophet sent by God who came and said, Well, the way to God is talking in tongues. They said, Be compassionate, overcome, and if your eyes defile you, take them out.

What does that mean? It means to overcome. It means to become a person that God becomes number one for you and the Words of the Prophets become more important than dogmas and the beliefs of the people who say things that are not based on the Scriptures. They create those beliefs themselves instead of realizing that they are not from the Spirit.

So human resistance to the Word of God, as happened with Adam and Eve, still exists in the twentieth century, at a time when we have the greatest communication with each other, we are more educated, we have read more books than probably many great philosophers in the past have read, and we have gone to schools that they could not even dream to have all the facilities that help them to progress. But still the resistance is there.

So we can see it is not surprising that it took 12,000 years for God to choose 144,000 from six billion. It is a drop in the bucket. It is really a small number if you compare it to six billion people. Six billion means six thousand million people. 144,000?

We have been at it for twenty years and there are still not even a couple of thousand found. So we have to continue to call them, Calling the Elects, where are you? How can we find you? Where are you that we could reach you?

The other way of thinking about it is that this is the life of the thief of the night and that is why it is not going as fast as we would like. People who have seen this Vision are amazed themselves, Why isnt this spreading as fast as we think it should? And we agree with them. At the same time we are surrendered and submitted to the Will of God, and we say, We will do our best and leave the result to God.

Really it should be, Leave the attachment of the result to God, because when you do something you surely are doing it because you expect a result. So we do expect the result, but we are not attached to it.

The Revelation that has come through us is finished. It is done. It is perfected. Last year it was revealed to humanity that it is done. If you read the Third and Final Declaration in the website, it clearly announces to humanity that it is done.

For the last twenty-some years we have given so many Satsangs, wrote The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament, many Supplements, and supporting books and booklets. Last year eventually the Revelation was that, it is done.

It is finished! The only thing left for humanity is to go to our website, read THOTH, read our supplemental materials, listen to the Satsangs, and come to this room and ask the questions that they still have problems with. If there is no problem, we will come here every week and wait for those who want to come and discuss with us from other religions. Many people from other religions have come to our rooms during the week, and people in that room invited them to come here and discuss it with me directly.

We have issued the challenge to all the religious people and scholars in all religions to come and let us see who is the truthful one. So far we have not seen anyone who has taken up this challenge to come and discuss with us about this Revelation and why we think that other religions do not have all the truth.

None of them is perfect because God clearly said only it will be perfect only when the Seventh Angel comes. That is when the Mystery of God will be finished, not before that.

In our teachings we have clearly explained how God promised many things and He fulfilled them. Therefore even if you have not experienced God directly yourself, at least intellectually you can conclude that, Yes, indeed, God exists.

He said He was going to do those things. He did them. How can you not intellectually see that if a Being said He was going to do something and He fulfilled it, therefore He does exist? With His Consciousness and the three creative forces, He has directed the history and creation. And now we are at the end time.

It is the time that humanity eventually has to recognize and realize that indeed God is in control, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, there was a darkness from the very beginning and still is in this world, and that darkness has to be overcome. From the psychological point of view, from the social point of view, from the governmental point of view, from any aspect in life, the answer has been revealed to humanity how it should be done.

So we can see this is the only Way. This is the salvation of man. Anyone else out there who says anything else or has any idea or they think they know or they try to bring peace or whatever they think they can bring to humanity, is not according to the Word of God.

One thing is for sure: His Kingdom will come. There is no doubt about that.

Now the question is, are we going to be a part of it? Are we going to be one of those who helped to create it or are we not?

Cinzento has a question. Go ahead.


Cinzento_pt: I would like to know if you think it is important for people to believe in the Prophet, in this case you; do you consider yourself to be the real Prophet?

Maitreya: Who are these other Prophets you are talking about?


Cinzento_pt: About channelings, about Crme, about the great white fraternity. I do not have a name to tell you; I think you know what I am talking about.

Maitreya: Sure. Now I understand where you are coming from and what your question is.

The question really should be answered, what is the Word of God regarding your question? He usually prophesizes for a long time of the coming of this Prophet or Revealer or Manifesation to humanity, and only one person comes every thousand years, every six hundred years, every two hundred years. It has been accelerated since 1800 for this Revelation to come to humanity.

Therefore we can see God knew that a lot of people claim they are representatives of God. Actually according to some people there are more chiefs than Indians.

Anyone who is a little higher in consciousness can teach some truth to people who are a little below him. But only the Messiah or the Major Manifestation that comes, fulfills the prophecies, and many other Scriptural truth about Him, is the One who is Anointed to reveal the whole truth to man.

That is why when Christ comes He says, No one goes to the Father but through me. Muhammad said, Listen to the Prophet, what He says are My Words. Therefore we can see that the coming of the Major Manifestation or He who has been Anointed to bring a new Revelation to humanity, is indeed rare.

Accepting anyone who knows a little more than you, or they claim they are the channels of this and that, has to be very carefully examined to see if it is based on the Words of God and Scriptures. Does really God need a hierarchy between you and Himself? Or did God say, You are in My image and you can come to Me with no medium?

That is why in that book it says, If you saw the Buddha, kill him. It does not really mean to kill the Buddha. It means go to God directly. You do not need any hierarchy. You do not need any teacher. You just need the Messiah to show you the way to go to God directly.

Do not even become attached to me. Then I am going to be in your way. That does not mean do not listen to what I say and reveal to you. But it means you can go to God directly, and anyone who stays between you and God is in the way. That is another message of this Mission: Go beyond gurus, teachers, mullahs, rabbis, fathers, brothers, hierarchies, or any other person, and go to God directly.

With understanding this we can see that all the mediums and people who are between us and God no longer exist. If they have some truth that is based on the Word of God, then we accept them. If they do not, then we do not.

That is why the Revelation of The Holiest Of The Holies has come and it covers every aspect of life you can imagine. There has never been a Revelation that covers every aspect of life.

There is your answer. This is backed up by Gods prophecies, genealogy, and the Words of God. If anyone says anything different than what is revealed in this Mission, then it is not from God.

So know our teachings. Know this Revelation in the deepest level possible. Realize that whatever has been said here is the Word of God. Then anyone else who says anything different, or if you find any teachers, any hierarchy, any guru, any mullah, any whatever that connects you to themselves, they are false prophets and teachers. Run away.

But if they said, Look, God promised all those Prophets to come and now the last Revelation or the Seventh Angel is here which is this Mission and He shows you how to go to God directly, then you have found a good teacher. He is not trying to make you their slaves. He is trying to make you Gods Slaves.

That is good. Slave means you listen to the Master, and there is no master greater than God, the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal: FINE.

So you can see with our teachings, we are opposed to anything between you and God, anything whatsoever, the Prophets, gurus, mullahs, rabbis, fathers, mothers, whatever. We are not excluding anyone. Anyone who is between you and God is in your way. Push them to the side, close your eyes, and follow the Eternal Divine Path; your salvation is guaranteed going to God.

So you do not need them. Throw all of them out.

We indeed acknowledge all of the Prophets of God. There have been one hundred thirty-some thousand before Prophet Muhammad, and we include Prophet Muhammad, we include Bab and Bahaullah, we include Baba, and now this.

Of course this is the last Revelation of God that explains everything. It is the only Revelation that when it was revealed, the whole universe rejoiced.

I just leave it to you. You have your choice to listen to the Words of God and the Seventh Angel, which tell you, Do not become attached to anyone or any teacher or anything but the Messiah who takes you to God, or not to listen.

Even if the messiah says, No, be connected to me, not God he is a false messiah.

But if He tells you, Follow the Eternal Divine Path and create the Communities of Light, then he is the One. He indeed has a good grip of the truth of God, He destroys all dogmas, and He releases you from all the bondages of all those ideas that do not take you to God.

So we can see in these teachings we want you to go to God. We want you to become a worker of God. We want you to dedicate your life and become my co-worker so we can create the Communities of Light together.

In actuality I am only looking for twelve people who are absolutely dedicated to this Mission to form the facilitating body. We can work together to create the facilitating body that each of them can reach to a part of the earth. Then they can find other people who can divide those sections to smaller sections, and eventually we can create the body that we can reach to humanity in a greater degree.

So we are not even looking for 144,000 at this time. These people are here not to be attached to me but they accept me as the focal center. If you look at the creation, there is no creation without a center. There is always a center that the creation has evolved around. The universe has a center. The galaxies have centers. The solar systems have centers. The atoms have centers. So they can evolve around the Center and reach humanity.

But going to God is a personal experience. If you have not experienced God, you do not know God.

Of course intellectually I can prove to you that God exists. That has already been done because God said He was going to do all those things and He has done them, therefore He does exist. So intellectually you can say, Yes, He exists.

Now I can show you how to experience Him by meditation and all the techniques that have been given to the Mission and you. But I cannot do them for you. You have to do them yourself.

When you experience the Oneness with God, then you know God. That is not something unique to the Mission. There have been Sufis who have jumped of joy and said, Anallah, which means, I am God. And of course the fundamentalists in Islam could not even imagine such a thing is possible and they killed some of them.

When Christ said, The Father and I are One, the Jews were petrified, How could that be possible?

But there have been Mystical Paths all through history in all nations and religions, and people in those religions with different beliefs still experienced God. When that Saint said, I die every day in Christ, and Christ is in me more every day, he was experiencing God.

So the way is given to create an environment that everyone experiences God directly. You do not need any medium. You do not need any person between you and God. Destroy all of those things that keep you from going to God directly.

With this understanding we can really bring an earth that every person follows the Revelation of God, the Scriptures, and the Words that have come to you through the Scriptures. Anything that is not based on those Words and Scriptures, throw them away.

That is the period of the Golden Age, the coming of the Age of Enlightenment. We are not in that age yet. We are still in darkness. We take the Prophets as God. We take our understanding instead of Gods Understanding.

Mikey is asking:


Mikey_231: Can you explain how chanting the HOSH mantra affects our mind?

Maitreya: The HOSH mantra is a mantra that is twice as powerful as Om Mani Padme Hung and has all the qualities of a good mantra. You breathe in Haree Om Shrii Hung, you experience the stillness between breathing in and breathing out, and then you breathe out, Om Nam Kevalam. Therefore it makes you breathe very deeply and also we bring a new level in the meditation that most meditation teachers did not know about, that experience between breathing in and breathing out.

Again in the Golden Age to come, everyone will experience that stillness and that stillness will stay with them all the time. So they can walk, they can talk, they can work, and they can be anywhere at the same time meditating and being in the center.

It is just like being in the center of a hurricane. If you stay in the center of a hurricane, if you can manage somehow to not go away from the center, it is the calmest place. There is no wind, nothing, just calmness, absolute calmness. So you concentrate on that stillness between breathing in and breathing out. When you experience it, you really do not have to meditate on the HOSH mantra anymore but you experience that calmness, unity, and oneness in the eye of the storm.

So it makes you breathe deeply, which is very important. Most of the humans breathe very shallowly. If you breathe deeply, usually you breathe in a way that your stomach rises and then your shoulders rise a little bit. That is deep breathing.

In yoga teachings, breathing is very important. That is why the good air is important. That is why we have to eliminate the pollution and that is why the Mission brought the idea of science based on Spirit.

It is just like God, God created everything self-sufficient and self-sustaining. Our science also should do the same thing. We can create an earth that becomes as it was before, no pollution, full of prana, so people can do pranayma or deep breathing and experience God in a greater degree.

If you are the greatest yogi and you live in a polluted city, you cannot live well, you cannot concentrate well. You do not have the connection with God.

So the HOSH mantra makes you breathe very deeply. You experience the stillness between breathing in and breathing out. It stills your mind. It takes you away from letting your mind wander. That is why the technique is, any time your mind starts wandering about something else, you have to gently bring it back to the process of meditation. We have a long process of meditation, and the reason such a long process is given is to train your mind not to wander by giving you the ability to control it.

Then after you have done the process, when you do the Haree Om Shrii Hung, the mantra Haree Om Shrii Hung itself is like that tail of the dog in that story about the giant who was very unhappy because he did not have anything to do. The person who was threatened by his presence gave the giant the tail of the dog and said, Keep it straight.

That is what the mantra does. The mind cannot concentrate on one thing for a long time. Now you are forcing it to concentrate on Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam, at the same time realizing: The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, That Divinity (God) Is Everything.

If humanity just realizes that, their salvation is guaranteed. The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, it is not something else. You are here to be(come) Divine. That is your goal. And God is Everything. If they realize that God is Everything, they will stop killing each other.

So it has a beautiful meaning. It has a great meaning. Actually it has the most beautiful meaning given to humanity to guide them. It is a mantra, which stills the mind and eventually tires the mind from demanding you to do what it wants you to do.

It has a great process of meditation, that a lot of people become stuck in the process. They cannot go beyond it because their minds are so scattered and they think about so many different things that they cannot even finish the process. But if they try, if they concentrate, if they bring the mind back to the process, little by little by little eventually they will succeed.

Also the very wording of it has been meditated on and has come in this Mission, which is the last Revelation of God. Therefore the energy that it carries is more than any other mantra on earth.

So it has a great meaning. It makes you breathe deeply. It shows you stillness. It affects you with the energy it has. That is why it is called the Shrii Shrii Para Maha Mantra, The Greatest, Most Respectful or Respectable Mantra on earth.

We recommend that everyone start meditating on the HOSH Mantra, going through the process, and understanding the meaning behind it. When they are ready, when they want to dedicate their lives to the Mission in a greater degree and have a Covenant with the Mission, they can also be initiated in six other levels, and they will receive even a greater mantra or The Word to meditate on.

So that is the beginning of the journey, and it has a lot of wonderful things for humanity to take, use, and progress.

Amina is asking:


Amina Rachel: What is the role of natural disasters?

Maitreya: They are signs that something is happening to this earth. There is a well-known fact that the earth is two degrees warmer than it was twenty or thirty years ago. A lot of animals are becoming extinct.

For the animals that used to live at the top of the mountains, the moisture was always there and that was one of the reasons they could live there. Now they are becoming extinct because it is becoming warmer, and the moisture or the fog no longer stays low because it is not cold enough. So there is no moisture at the top of the mountains, and they are dying out.

It is happening all over the earth. It is not even hurricane season yet and they already had what, fourteen of them? Most of them hit Florida, Cuba, and the area between Louisiana and Florida.

Somehow there is a lesson to be learned that we are destroying the earth and the way we are going is not a good idea. Also we have created a system that a lot of people are dependent upon the business incomes; the war machines have to be made. One of the questions someone brought up to the Mission sometime ago was, When the peace comes, what are we going to do with all these war machines we have made? What are these people going to do? Where is their income going to come from?

See, there is a problem. We have a great many jobs based on the cars burning gas and polluting the air. We are actually making bigger cars and we are not making more efficient cars. Now there is a shortage of gas.

Anyone could tell you that there would be a shortage of gas if all the cars started using more and more gas. Of course the bigger the cars, the more gas they use, the more pollution, the more the effects of the warming of the earth, the more hurricanes, the more floods, and the more destruction.

So the earth is trying to tell us something. It is telling us, All those things you are burning and polluting the air with, they were in the air before I created the oxygen and the life. I took those and made them to coal and oil, and put them away underneath the earth so you can breathe and live. Now you are taking them out of me, burning them up, and polluting the earth the way it was before, before I made them to the oil and coal.

So the sign of disaster is, we are not following the nature. We are going against Gods Words.

Disasters come when we do not listen to nature. One of things that is happening is that it is becoming very unnatural. We live unnaturally. We are accepting things that are not Godly, are unnatural, and then we wonder why we are having these disasters coming to us.

So it is up to us. God has created this universe self-sustaining. If we become natural, if we create the science based on Spirit, if we create a system that is self-sustaining and an environment that is based on natural things, we would not have these hurricanes or disasters coming to us.

Another thing we do is, we pollute the ocean or water and then we eat the unclean animals that are supposed to clean the ocean. That is why God said they are unclean and they are garbage collectors. Leave them alone. Let them do their jobs.

So we can see that humanity has absolutely lost it, has lost the common sense, has lost the Word of God, has lost the natural way that God has created this earth and humanity to live. Again it is our responsibility to see these things clearly, create the Communities of Light, bring the Kingdom of God on earth, become more natural, be satisfied with less, and share. Therefore other people will have their physiological and safety needs taken care of, so we can create an earth that has peace. We can create an environment that is self-sustaining and not use the resources, which bring disasters and destruction to earth.

So the earth is telling us something. I have been telling you something for the last twenty-some years. So we are all telling you something: It is time to turn around, to go to God and His Words.

It is not for you only. It is for you to tell everyone else also these truths and wake them up. But we have to start somewhere. You start by yourself, and you teach your neighbor, your family, and your friends.

As our numbers increase, when the critical mass is reached, we can stop people from polluting. There will be cars that do not pollute as much. We can create a pollution-free environment.

But we need the people who think that way, science based on Spirit and people who also think universally to create an earth that is just, and physiological and safety needs have been taken care of, wars will stop, peace will come, pollution will not be there, and everyone will meditate and awaken their spiritual forces.

This is the Vision of this Mission, and that is the Call to you. So if you want to do it, there is no other way. You have to bring the Kingdom of God on earth and collectively set an example for humanity and generations to come. That is the way to do it.

Again I leave all of you to God. Listen to these Words, and contemplate on them. Come and join the Communities of Light. This is the Call to you. One billion years from now, what you think is important now to you, will be worth nothing.

Sal-OM everyone.

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