1st and 2nd Seals

Lecture explaining the First and Second Seals in The Greatest Sign; The Evolutionary Process

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On The First Two Seals Of

The Greatest Sign

To understand these two seals, we're going to go to the Bible. We're going to interpret the Bible very differently. We're just going to touch some things from the Bible. If you have read THOTH, it will be easier for you to understand. Probably if you haven't read THOTH, it's also going to be easy to understand as we go through it. If you have any questions at any time in the presentation, go ahead and ask. And if you get bored that's your problem [all laughing]. We'll try not to bore you. Any questions so far?

We'll start from the very beginning of the Bible. It says, "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light." (Gen. 1:1-3)

So the whole universe was in darkness. It was in chaos, there was no form. What happened in the very beginning of creation, was that God woke up from a deep sleep after billions of years of no creation. The first thing that happened was that the feeling of "I know" was created in the universe, the first manifestation of the mind. Before that there was no mind. The whole thing was in the state of balance. The consciousness and the three creative forces were not released, they were in a balance. There was no feeling of awareness. It was just in a state of complete blissfulness.

But when that awakening happened, which scientists call the Big Bang, the first feeling that came to the consciousness in a millisecond, was the feeling of "I know." That is the effect of the satva guna. Satva has the feeling of "I know," know-ness.

The second feeling comes as "I do," I have the ability to do. That is the raja guna, energy. If there was no energy in the universe, all things would stay where they are forever. I can't move my hand without energy. I have to use energy to move my hand and my lips, my voice is energy, my vocal chords create vibration which is energy. Everything needs energy to work. So the next feeling is "I do," I have the ability to do.

The third feeling is memory, "I have done." That is the remembrance. With this happening in these three levels, the unit consciousnesses, which we are, were created in the universe, infinite numbers of them. And each of them have an illusion of separation from the rest of the universe. So these unit consciousnesses are feeling that they are each separate, and they know, they do and they have done. They have the memory.

With this, the whole universe started to be in chaos. Every unit consciousness was following its own will, so it was all going in all different directions. That is where the Bible picks up on creation, "and darkness was upon the face of the deep," because there was chaos in the universe. "And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters."

What is water? Water is the symbol of consciousness. All through the Bible, water is the symbol for consciousness. If you look in The Revelation, the water became dark and red. What is the water which becomes red? We haven't seen any bloody river on earth and we know it is the end of the old era. We do see all the signs to indicate that. So what does that mean? That means the consciousnesses (waters) became crude, bloody. We have so many wars and so much strife on earth. Why? Because the consciousnesses that are doing those things are bloody, are full of darkness.

They say, No, my religion is better than your religion so it's good to kill you. And then they say, Well, there is only one God. How can it be that there is one God who sent a religion better than another religion? If they all come from one God, how can one be better than the other? It can't be done that way.

Many say, Religion created more suffering than anything else. The religion didn't create suffering, humans created suffering by not understanding God and His Words.

So that is when God decided, "Let there be light." He just had it with all these lost unit consciousnesses, and He projected His Light to the universe. And that Light, according to our teaching, went through all the seven steps of the Eternal Divine Path. He started meditating on this situation.

He realized the effect of the three gunas on humans, how "I know," "I do" and "I have done" creates the different levels of consciousness. If the person is in the state of "I knowness," he's in satva; if "I do-ness," he's in raja; if "I have done," the feeling of "I have done this, I have done that, such a great being I am, I have all this memory of doing-ness," this creates an ego, a separation, he is in tama. With tama guna the ego becomes complete.

So he went through the first step (ichng-s.gif (891 bytes)), and he realized the effect of these things. He meditated and realized, he understood himself, and he understood people around him or unit consciousnesses around him. Eventually he realized, Well, the only way to get these people to higher consciousness is to create a good environment.

To create a good environment is the second step (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)) in The Greatest Sign. It is the Communities of Light. And the third (cross-s.gif (869 bytes)) is that in order to create such an environment for all these people to progress, you should not be self-centered. You need to sacrifice, to be able to give from yourself to these people around you, to help them out also with whatever you have, in order for them to come to a higher Light or the potential they have to become.

As some of the unit consciousnesses progressed he became delighted to say, "Oh, look at me, I'm doing such a great job." And he became very happy about it. The moment he became happy and started saying, "I'm such a great person, I'm doing all these things by myself," he became egoistical. Then he felt separated from God and fell. A couple of unit consciousnesses who were progressing started going away from him, and he then became very upset. "Oh, what happened, I thought I was doing such a good job?" So he became very upset and discouraged, and he started going up and down, or feeling great when there was some progress and miserable when he was not successful.

Eventually he realized, I'm really not the doer, it is God who is doing it through me. It's the Spirit of the Father who is doing it through me. Then he realized that is the submission, the surrendering (islms15c.jpg (912 bytes)). "I do the job, I do the work, but I surrender the result to God. I'm not going to take any credit for myself. Anything that I do, I say, OK don't try to get me involved in this, I'm just a channel. I'm not going to get involved in this and create a big ego for myself, and then become separated from God. I'm not the doer. I'm just the channel for Father."

He started helping some unit consciousnesses around himself and they started to progress. They became lighter, more beautiful, and more gracious. And he was very happy. After awhile he saw, "Look beyond these people. There are infinite unit consciousnesses out there!"

In the beginning he was very happy to help just these few people because he had a nice environment for himself. So he became very attached to this little place, like most of us are attached to our friends, or our state, or our city, or our house, or our country, or language, or whatever we have and are comfortable with. It's much more comfortable to stay in a small place which is familiar to us.

However, he realized that if you do that, you're going to create separation. You create separation from the rest of the universe. So he eventually realized he had to expand himself out to the universe. And then he became a universalist (baha-s.gif (97 bytes)). He realized, Well God is everything, how can I help only a few people? How can I help only my people, or my country, or my city, or my language, etc? I have to help the whole universe. That's why we say in the Reminder, "We adore and promise to endeavor to help the whole universe to reach higher consciousness and eventually Pure Consciousness."

So with this realization he just expanded his mind, and he completely freed himself of any narrowness of the mind. He became a very dynamic spiritual power, or spiritual personality, or spiritual being.

He reached the sixth seal (kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)) so he started helping more people, and eventually reached a point that God saw he was beautiful. He was doing God's Will exactly. He was completely freed of his narrowness. He was not taking anything for himself. He was completely free. That's when it reached back to God "and there was light." And God said, "Let there be light: and there was light." So he became one with the Father again.

He was the First Begotten Son who reached the Light first and before creation (was begotten). He was the first one in whom God realized and rejoiced that it can be done. God manifested Itself into the universe. He went through the struggle in the manifested universe. He established the Eternal Divine Path, and returned to Godhood (Pure Consciousness) again. He was pleased that, Yes there is hope for the unit consciousnesses. There is a way out. They are not always going to stay in chaos.

So with this, the seven steps of the Eternal Divine Path were established in the manifested world. God continued to help unit consciousnesses to reach Pure Consciousness. But in this level, in the ethereal level, it was very hard for unit consciousnesses to reach Pure Consciousness. They didn't have any bodies, so they couldn't have any senses to gain experiences.

We can have experiences in the body. That is why God decided to create the universe. In the creation it is much easier to learn, because our senses are much keener and our body is much more manifested in this crude environment. That's why this body is a lesson for us. It has a lot of desires, pulls and wants from which we can learn.

We follow our desires and the more we fulfill our desires, the more we understand that's not it. See, no matter how much you eat, you're going to be hungry tomorrow. No matter how much you drink, you're going to be thirsty in the next couple of hours. No matter how much you go and sit in the sun, or swim, or how much music you listen to, or vacations you go to, etc, next year you want to go again.

It doesn't matter how much we do on this earth to fulfill our selfish desires, and for this body, it doesn't give us the ultimate satisfaction because the ultimate satisfaction is not there. It's not out of us. It is not out of this body.

That's why eventually we realize, What is this? I went through life after life and still have not reached the Joy I long to attain. "Hey, I've had enough of this." And then we wake up and say, "I want something else. I want something better than this. That's enough. I've had enough of that."

That's when you look for an answer, you look for something to get you out of this pattern. "I don't want to stay in this pattern. I want to go out of it." Then you are guided, of course. As it is said, when you are ready, your teacher will come. Eventually you will bump into some person who says something that makes sense.

No one told me "God is everything" until I met my teacher, and he said, "God is everything." That made a lot of sense to me. I was looking for God for the longest time. When I was back in the city where I was living and everyone was talking about God, "God does this, God does that," I said, "Show me, where is this God? What are you talking about?" And no one could show me. So I rejected it altogether. I said, "You are imagining things. Your mind is imagining this thing and you're just like a bunch of crazies." I just didn't need it the way they were presenting it to me, a God up there who has no compassion and demands all the time.

However, I eventually bumped into this teacher who said, "God is everything." Ahh, that makes sense, doesn't it? He's everything so I don't have to look for Him any longer, especially not up there! I can look at anything and It is there. And It was there, because the moment I heard that, I saw Him. It was there in everything. It wasn't something up there where I couldn't reach Him and beyond me, a big man sitting up there saying, Do this and don't do that, etc.

I was looking for something. I knew I was looking for something. That's why I had to go and study about those things, search and find. Of course, I ended up studying all kinds of theories, etc, such as dialectic materialism. They say, Everything is just by chance. Everything is matter, or evolution according to Darwin. I had to go and study, and try to find some answers for my questioning mind. But still how can everything be by chance? It is something we say but don't understand exactly. What do you mean it happened just by chance?

Most of these intellectuals who say it happened by chance really don't think deeply. For instance, we talk about evolution, it is an evolutionary process, or we are healed by medicine, or there is a wound and it is healed by itself. They say, OK it is healed. They do not question who is the healer. There is something that makes it heal itself. It is the Spirit that is in us that makes it heal, not that it gets healed by itself.

Anyway it is then that you start questioning, Where do I come from? Where am I going? What is this all about? Then you have had enough of this world. You have had enough of those upside down questions in your life. That is when the Spirit is going to say, OK come now my child, you have had enough of this foolishness. Come to Me, and I will guide you.

So that is why God created this creation. And He created six steps, according to the Bible, six days. But if you notice there is a difference between these days that it talks about as, "and the evening and the morning were the first day," second day, third day, etc, and our days as mornings and nights. Some people say each of these days mentioned in the Bible are the same as one of our days.

However, notice God hadn't created the sun and the moon yet. He created the sun and moon later on, "And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night." That's in verse 14. Where was the light of the sun and the moon before then?

He's not talking about our day here as day and night. Here day and night are each a period of evolution in creation. He's talking about a period of evolution. That was the evening and the morning of the first day, the period God went through to create the ethereal level, and the aerial, liquid, luminous, and solid factors.

There are five elements in the universe. The manifestation of the universe has five levels: ether, air, luminous or fire, liquid and solid.

The ether is the ethereal factor. Everything in the universe is enveloped in it. That is the first state in creation. It is God's memory. That is what memory actually is. Memory is the ethereal factor. Our memory is in the etheric level of our brain, we call it Chitta. Chitta is that ethereal level that connects us to our Spirit. Really it is ether which creates the different psychic centers in the human. And that is where our mind and memory are. So that is the ethereal factor. Ethereal factor cannot be seen. It doesn't have any taste. It doesn't carry any sound. It doesn't have any touch.

The next step is the aerial factor. It doesn't have any sight (cannot be seen). It doesn't have any taste, but it has touch. If you do this [waving hand in air] you can feel there is air. Visually you don't see it, but it has touch.

The luminous factor (fire) can be seen, it has touch, but it doesn't have any taste and it doesn't carry sound. That's why we see that the fire of that candle has sight. It has touch, we can touch the fire. Of course, because fire is in the brink between the manifested and un-manifested, the seen and unseen universe, the moment we see it, it vanishes right to the unseen universe. We see it, and a moment later we don't see it.

The fourth level is the liquid factor. It has sight. It has touch. It carries sound, but it is not completely solid. It has taste and all the elements of the solid.

The fifth one is the solid factor which has all the elements. As the universe became crudified, it carried more factors, such as: touch, smell, visibility, etc, related to them.

So in the first level God created those five elements. In the second level He created the creation, universes, solar systems, etc. And eventually God decided, "Let us make man in our image." We were created in God's image. What does image mean? Image means likeness. We are in the likeness of God.

What is God? God is consciousness and the three creative forces. Also God is the whole universe, isn't He? He's ethereal, aerial, luminous, liquid and solid factors, which we also are. We have consciousness, like God. We have the three gunas in our body, as our mind, which also God has, which is the Universal Mind. We have the mind which is the three creative forces in the universe. We also have ethereal, liquid, aerial and solid factors, and everything that God has.

Then we also have psychic centers in our body, which are called chakras. There are seven chakras in us, and there are seven levels in the universe which are called lokas or worlds. Since the first five chakras separate us from the universe or shield us from the external world, they are called sheaths or koshas. All of these are related to the universal lokas, or worlds.

So we are completely a universe in ourselves. Completely! We are a manifestation, a minute of possibilities. And we can realize the cosmos by just looking at ourselves. We are created in the image of God. Of course, God is God and we are god.

Question: Isn't it written that we are in the image and likeness of God?

Maitreya: "And God said let us make man in our image after our likeness..." (Gen. l:26).

Question: What's the difference between image and likeness?

Maitreya: It's the same thing.

Question: Because in French, it's not written like this. It's "to our image and like Him." And likeness they say two things, they say image and resemblance. I was always wondering why they say two things, image and resemblance?

Maitreya: That's exactly what it means, our image, after our likeness.

Question: Why is it not just said, in our image?

Maitreya: The Bible does that. That is how God reveals His revelation, He repeats Himself many times, so you understand it better. If you didn't understand it the first time, maybe you will the second time. If not the second time, maybe the third time or the fourth time. Image is the same thing as likeness. If you do not understand image, you may understand likeness, etc.

Even THOTH, some people say is so repetitive, it repeats itself again and again and again. But it really doesn't repeat itself. You look at the same thing in a different way that really means the same thing, at the same time from a different angle.

So image really means likeness. It's the same thing. When you take a picture of yourself, it is in your image. At the same time it is like you, there is a likeness. But your picture is not you, you are different.

Audience: But it's hard sometimes when you extract from the Bible and English, we're not used to this terminology. I always translate in French with the Bible. But in Quebec, in the Catholic Church, we are not used to reading the Bible. The people are not used to reading the Bible.

Maitreya: Well, when you read the Bible you know the truth.

Audience: This is why they didn't like us to read the Bible.

Question: Really consciousnesses are human beings mainly, or are animals included?

Maitreya: They're animals too. Actually unit consciousnesses are all over. They are everything. There are more un-manifested than manifested.

Question: An animal is a unit consciousness?

Maitreya: Yes, but it is in a lower level of energy.

Question: And a tree?

Maitreya: A tree also. That's why we need an evolutionary process, so they evolve. Our lower chakras are our animal part. The animals were already created. In the 24th verse in Genesis it says, "And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature..." The living creatures were before humans. Animals also have chakras but their chakras are much less evolved, are in a lower level than ours. Animals are more in their lower chakras.

There are very low animals and there are high animals. There are very low humans and there are high humans. Even sometimes there is overlapping, some humans are even less than animals.

An animal can only kill one animal at a time. A human can kill millions of humans or animals at a time. Which one is worse, the one who kills only one animal at one time, or the one who kills many animals or many humans? So see there is an overlap in creation. All things have to evolve and eventually reach Pure Consciousness. There are unit consciousnesses which are so evolved that they can be called gods (Avatars).

Question: Do humans ever go back to being animals in some circumstances?

Maitreya: You mean transmigration? Well it is possible, God can do whatever He wants to, but it's rare. It's very rare. Any progress you make in the spiritual level stays with you. That is the only progress that stays with you. Anything physical (material) or mental, you have to leave behind. The only thing you take with you is your Spirit and Soul. The only thing that really stays with you when you leave your body is your spiritual progress.

So God created humans. Now what? "Now we created humans and they're going to be pretty nice people, and follow exactly what I say [all laughing]." And He said, "Do this, do that, do not do this. This is good for you, and that's the way you progress to Pure Consciousness. Don't eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil."

That's what it meant. If you do these things, if you follow the Fifteen Commandments, you are going to reach there. If you do the 33 Virtues, follow the Eternal Divine Path, that's good for you. That's how your Spirit grows in you, how the animal part in you diminishes, by being and following those things that are good for Spirit.

The animal part of us wants things, desires things. It looks good to us, so seems good to do. It seems so good to go to a bar and have a couple of drinks for some people, or have a handsome boyfriend, or a beautiful girlfriend, or have beautiful food, eat a lot of meaty food and drink a lot of whiskey and gin, etc.

Whatever seems good, that is the way a lot of people think it should be. Or, if I can get anything from my neighbor, let me get it. If I can step over the head of other people and climb my way to the top, I will do it. That's our animal part. That's what I say "looks good." And it looks good to the society too.

Society tells us, You have to buy this, you have to eat this, you have to go on this vacation, you have to do that, that, that, and that, then you're OK. You do all those things and at the end you see, you're still not OK. What happened? I thought this was going to make me OK, or happy, but I'm not.

But God told them, Don't eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Do not be deceived by your senses (looks good). Be God-conscious and follow His ways. This is what is good for you. But the lower nature which is symbolized as Eve or woman here, tells the higher nature (man), It's OK if you do it, to eat of the tree, you will know better, you will become God.

However, that is the false ego which is talking. We cannot become God by following our own will, but by following His Will. In order to become in His Image or Likeness, we have to follow His Footsteps, His Laws. If we follow our will, our senses, then we really are following our will, not His. You are saying, My will be done, not God's Will be done. So she said, OK let's do it. What happened was they fell from being God-conscious to self-conscious.

The moment you fall from God-consciousness to self-consciousness, you fall from what? You fall from The Grace. And what is heaven, what is the Garden of Eden? The Garden of Eden is Bliss, is Grace. The moment you are in Grace, you know you are in the presence of God. You are OK, you don't need all those things. You don't even need society to tell you, you are OK. You are OK, OK? You are OK as you are. You are in the presence of God. You are God-centered, God-conscious. It is then you become god, an Avatar. It is then that you do His Will, not yours. It is then that you are truly in His Image and Likeness. You will not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. You do not trust yourself but your Spirit, which is God.

However, the lower nature of the man said, You shouldn't worry about what God told you, do whatever I tell you, I'll take care of God. So they did eat. The higher nature did what the lower nature said. Then God came.

According to the Bible, they were naked and they weren't ashamed because they had no consciousness of the body. They were completely in God-consciousness. They had no awareness they had a body, so they weren't ashamed at all. The higher self is One with God. The Atman or Soul is One with God. The Soul really knows. In reality being naked here means being innocent, in God.

If you do something bad, you feel guilty right away. You lose the innocence in you. It doesn't matter if anyone is looking or not, God is looking. You think He's not there but He is there anyway.

You're going to feel guilty right away. And that's what happened to the higher self. He felt guilty. And God came and said, Where are you? I always came to you and you always were there, you weren't ashamed. You never hid from me. Adam said, I am naked. God said, Who told you, you were naked? You never felt naked. You never knew you were naked. You never had any awareness of your body. How come now you say you are naked? Man felt guilty.

God said, Did you eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? God knew it right away. You see, man felt guilty, he should have done something He told him not to do, and he did. Now he had the awareness of guilt, and he fell to his lower nature. He became aware of his own separate existence, of his body, of his nakedness.

So God said, Did you eat of the tree? Man said, I didn't do it, the lower nature told me to do it. The lower nature said, but I didn't do it, the serpent did it. The serpent said, No, I fear you God. I'm not the person who did it. See even the serpent fears God. God said, OK now you have done this, you will suffer for it. That's the whole story of the fall of man.

But we are still doing it. "It's OK, I'm going to do it. No one's around, so I can do it." Inside ourselves our Soul doesn't grow up, our Soul stays low. That Joy, that Grace, is not flowing enough, because we think we can fool God and really we are fooling ourselves.

As I said, if God says, Do this, He doesn't care if you do it or not. Actually He laughs at you when you don't do it because He says, Hey, look, I already told you this is the way you can receive The Grace. This is the way you can enter the heaven, or the Garden of Eden. And then you trade such a wonderful Grace, such a wonderful Amazing Grace for the little things you want in life, and you fall.

OK, they fell, then what happened? Then they had to till the ground with the sweat of their brow and the toil of their hands. This really means they fell from the Grace.

But humans didn't have complete human bodies yet. They didn't have the body we have. Still they were pretty much etheric beings, very etheric flowing beings. They were actually more Spirit than human as we are. That is when God gave them a body and skin, and they began to look very much like us, but still much more Spirit.

It goes on, and then they became involved in the family life. Adam and Eve married, and they had children. They had Cain and Abel. And Abel was a very realized child.

The worshipping of God became kind of a material thing, and they brought sacrifices to Him at that time. Then these children started again falling further and further. They started to become more gross and the body became more gross. Eventually they reached a point where God just repented of what He had done.

He wished He hadn't created the universe, "And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. And the Lord said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth;..." (Gen. 6: 6-7) and He wanted to destroy the whole thing. He said, "I had it with these people, I want to destroy them all. I want my materials back, they're not using them very well."

But the whole point in the flood of Noah is that God decided to close the third eye of man, the spiritual eye. These people still had their spiritual eyes open and they could see Spirit. But now God decided to even close their third eyes. However, Noah still had his third eye open. Through him God taught his children about the Mystical Paths, the first seal (ichng-s.gif (891 bytes)). These teachings became the base of the mystical teachings on earth.

So in the time of the Atlanteans, this destruction occurred and a new man was created, which is us. That is why God said "...men of renown" (Gen. 6:4). So 12,000 years ago a new human in the evolutionary process was created, which is us. The third eye became the pineal gland of the human, and most of their pineal glands are closed. They are not open yet.

That is why they have only physical eyes, they have two eyes and they see everything physically. That's all they see, and they think this is it, this is the world, this is the life, everything is physical. But a few people are chosen to be open-eyed. They became the true teachers of the Spirit.

Those who also open their third eyes can see the Spirit. They become the teachers, the guides for humanity. They all say, Look, this world is not only this physical thing, there is something greater behind this. This Message is very amazing to a lot of people. What do you mean? Do you mean this is not it? I can open another eye, see something more than I can see with these two eyes?

Very few people become interested in this kind of teaching. In the past, these few were ready to give everything. For instance, they had to go, find a teacher, and go through a long process, to eventually be accepted, etc. Then they would start following their teacher and opening this eye.

So this teaching comes down to us as a mystical teaching, all through the earth. We can find mystical teachings everywhere on earth. There is nowhere on earth where there are not mystical teachings. There are mystical teachings in Hinduism, Buddhism, in the old tribes in Africa, South America, Tahiti, Quebec -- in Quebec? There are some there too [all laughing]? There are some even in Florida [all laughing].

You can find them everywhere. In Judaism there is the Cabbala. In Christianity there are mystical Christians or Saints. In Islam there are Sufis. In Baha'i probably there are some -- I don't know if there is any mystical teaching there, but I'm sure there are some mystical people there also. And on and on, you can find this everywhere. That is the real connecting with God, through the Mystical Paths. And that is the Spirit of all religions.

It is the first sign (ichng-s.gif (891 bytes)). It is the I-Ching in the horizontal position. In the center of the first seal, the I-Ching is in the horizontal position. Horizontal means... when you want to sleep what happens? You lay down. You become horizontal. You are not awakened. So that is why this I-Ching is in the horizontal position. Your spiritual forces have not yet been awakened, they're asleep. When you reach here (ichvs15c.gif (941 bytes)), they become vertical, they are awakened. So all the Mystical Paths on the earth are related to the first seal (ichng-s.gif (891 bytes)), which is the I-Ching in the horizontal position.

All the teachings that relate to this awakening of the spiritual forces, all through the earth, are covered in The Greatest Sign. They are a part of this. It doesn't matter what religion, what part it is, what the philosophy is. But the base is to open the third eye, to get in touch with the Spirit, to realize God is the universe and you can become in touch with Him.

Also we can realize the symbolic significance of Noah's three sons, Ham, Shem, and Japheth. After the flood of Noah, the human was divided into five different types: Shudras or workers, Ksattriyas or warriors, Vipras or intellectuals, Vaeshyas or businessmen, and Brahmins or spiritual teachers.

Shudras are the workers. They are the people who have been created to do mundane tasks. Of course, this kind of work is going to get less and less as the human progresses. Actually we are on the brink of not having very many Shudras, but in the beginning they were the workers and they were living in these communities together.

They were living in tribes. For example, in one of these tribes there was a volcano close by. What happened? All the Shudras were very afraid. Shudras are very much attached to their day-to-day life. As long as they receive their day-to-day food and sustenance, they don't have much ambition, "My food is provided, my place is there, I don't have much ambition and that's it, that's my life." Then this volcano was there and they were all very afraid of it.

Ksattriyan means warrior quality, pioneering quality, the ability to explore, see what it is, and go and find out, etc. What happened was that suddenly one of them who had the Ksattriyan quality said, "Let's go up there and see what it is that's making all that noise and putting all that fire out." The Shudras said, "No, no, no, don't go. Gods are up there, and they are going to kill you. They are going to eat you up." He said, "No, let's go and see."

He had the spirit of adventure. He wanted to go and see what it was. He said to them, "I will go up there and talk with the gods. If they do not listen to me, I'm going to fight with the gods, or I'm going to kill them." He went there and he saw it's just fire coming from the core of the mountain. There were no gods. He said, "Oh, so what?" He came down and these Shudras said, "Oh, he became god. He went to the gods and he came back." They started worshipping him.

He became the leader of the tribe because he had the pioneer quality. He became the chief of the tribe, he was the warrior of the tribe. Then the next tribe started creating problems for this tribe, and this person with the warrior quality said, "OK, we take this stone and throw it at them." And they said, "Oh, it can be done." Again he became god. He knew that the stone could be thrown. So it goes on and on. Eventually they created the spear, etc.

This chief became powerful because he conquered so many other chiefs and tribes. He became a little king, and then a big king, and a bigger king, and eventually an emperor. Emperors of history are all the warrior type of people. They have the pioneer quality in them. They conquer and they are very honorable. They like honor, valor, discipline, etc.

Two other types are the intellectual and business-minded people. Intellectuals like to think about the universe, to try to figure out how it works with their minds. Also they are good in creating things, like weapons, etc.

As these kings became more powerful, they needed more weapons. A more important thing became the political and diplomatic relationship between the kings, emperors and other countries, etc. That is where the intellectual came in.

Intellectuals are good at creating a better weapon, a more destructive weapon, a more efficient weapon, and they know how to be diplomatic with the other tribes, nations, etc.

These intellectuals became more and more powerful because of these qualities. Eventually it reached a point where the kings just became symbols, and these intellectuals ran the whole show. They became the prime ministers and the kings could do nothing but what the prime ministers told them to do. So eventually they reached a point where the intellectuals became the most powerful force.

The intellectuals have an insatiable taste for sensual gratification and enjoyment. Whatever these intellectuals earn, they spend to gain material enjoyments. So the business started booming. They spent all the money, and the businessmen provided enjoyment for them.

See, in the time of the warriors, if the business person became very powerful, the warrior person didn't have any democratic idea in his mind. He just went and took over the money and everything, and that poor businessman was out of the business. But intellectuals love democracy. That is an intellectual ideal. The democratic process doesn't let you spend your money and when you are out of money you just go and take over the business of the people.

So these intellectuals spent their money. The businessmen took it, and the businessmen became powerful. But the intellectuals didn't just go and take over. They would respect their rights, etc. After awhile we see the kings in Europe are so dependent upon these businesses that the king is bankrupt. The businessmen have all the money, because the king just wanted enjoyment. He needed that money to spend for his castle, for his tapestries and all those beautiful things, like seven gardens and to have many places. Who was going to provide them for him? The business person. So they were bankrupt but the businessmen were OK. The result of that was, of course, the industrial revolution which came to Europe.

As we said, there were three children of Noah. The Shudras and Ksattriyans are related to Ham. The businessmen, Vaeshyas, and the intellectuals Vipras (sounds very much like vipers, doesn't it?) are related to Japheth. The third part is the spiritual beings who are related to Shem.

That is why we see in the Bible that Abraham came from the lineage of Shem. He was chosen to start a great mission and ministry. That is probably one of the most incredible stories that we can ever encounter, about how he was chosen and what happened to his children. Probably you are reading about it in THOTH right now.

That's why God said, "Now the Lord said unto Abraham, get thee out of thy country and from thy kindred and from thy father's house to a land that I will shew thee." That sounds like me, doesn't it? "Get out of that country, go to this country, I'll show you the way (Eternal Divine Path)!"

Anyway, this is the beginning of the second seal (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)) in our history. By choosing Abraham, God wanted to create a special event in human history. Of course, this was six thousand years after the destruction of the Atlanteans and the flood of Noah. So it took around six thousand years to prepare humanity to a point that He could now choose a person, choose someone whom He already, of course, knew, and tell him, "OK now that is what I want you to do. Take your wife, your children, your brother and go where I take you." Abraham didn't even know where he was going. "Just get out of here, I'll tell you where."

When he left his country, he didn't know where he was going. He just trusted God. He just trusted the Spirit. He said, "OK I'll follow the Spirit. You tell me to go, and I'll go, I'll just drop everything." It is just like one of our missionaries who said, "You want me in Rio Rancho? OK, I'll drop everything. I'll come."

Abraham went and traveled in Canaan and Egypt, and many things happened to him. Sarai was barren, she couldn't have a child. So she told him, Go and take my maid. Multi-marriage was a very common thing at the time. Still it is in many religions. Even in the United States, the Mormons had a multi-marriage doctrine. So it wasn't a very big thing for Sarai to say to him, OK I didn't have any children, go and take my maid as your wife, that I might have a child through her.

See, to have a child was very important for a woman. So Hagar conceived and had a child by the name of Ishmael. Before this happened God gave some promises to Abraham, that I will give you this land and your seed is going to be like the number of the stars, etc. Then later on He changed his name from Abram to Abraham.

He changed the name of Sarai to Sarah, then promised them another child by the name of Isaac. After that, He promised new promises, that I'm going to give you the land of Canaan, a very specific land, Canaan. Before that He didn't specify. He said, look to the North and South, and the West, and the East. All are going to be your children. Now He said, I'm going to give you Canaan.

There is something that a lot of people miss in this. There are two promises there: One for Abram and his son, and another for Abraham and his son. Ishmael was the son of Abram. The children of Ishmael are the Arabs. Isaac is the son of Abraham. The children of Isaac are the Children of Israel, who we know as the Jews (who really are not the whole of his children). (Read Children of Abram (Abraham), All Prophecies Are Fulfilled).

Actually these two, the Arabs and Jews, are brothers. Now we see what happened to them. They're fighting in the Middle East -- two brothers. Probably brothers fight with each other more than strangers.

In these promises there are two parts. One is the blessing, the first born blessing, which is the territorial possession. The other one is the kingly blessing or sceptre which is the spiritual or kingly power. This was given to both of these two children of Abram or Abraham.

I was just mentioning about Ishmael, and now to continue with Isaac and his children. We'll be talking about the children of Ishmael later on when we go to the fourth seal. And we will show how both of these prophecies are fulfilled. God said, I'm going to do this for your children and He did fulfill them.

That is our strength. If God promises He will do something, He will do it. So it doesn't matter what is happening in worldly appearances. If also He promised that the Kingdom is going to come on Earth, and God always fulfills His prophecies and promises, then we don't have to worry about it, do we? The only thing we have to do is our best. The Mission is the fulfillment of the prophecies. We are the people who are going to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Sometimes it seems that the Mission is not doing anything and nothing is happening. This might even have happened to the Children of Israel many times. They felt God had forsaken them, but He eventually fulfilled the promises he gave to Abram and Abraham.

I thought in one year I'm going to be able to reach the rest of the world, because, what do they want? Do they want to unify the whole world? This is it! All the religions are unified, wonderful. How to do it? Create the Communities of Light, come together and create the hierarchy and that's it. We have a viable solution to whatever is decaying out there.

After one year and a half I found out how wrong I was. But that became my strength, that God gives promises and He fulfills them. I was thinking I am the doer. I realized He is the doer and He will fulfill His Mission. I only have to do my best. And I want to give this strength to you too. Then it doesn't matter how bad it gets, always remember He will fulfill His promises.

But His time is different than ours. We are not patient like Him. He's very patient. He takes His time and waits for the situation which is not according to His Will, to burn itself out. Then when the situation is right He says, OK now do My Will, and it happens.

That is what we have to create, patience. That is the hardest lesson for us to learn, patience, because we're passionate, not patient. We want things to happen right away. This is good, let's do it now. Of course, I sometimes become too patient. I need someone like our missionary there to push me a little bit, like starting the Feast of Tabernacles [all laughing].

The second promise was given to Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac. Isaac had two children. One of them was Jacob, and the other was Esau.

Of course, it sounds like Isaac wasn't very sharp. God always talked to him as, I'm going to do this for you, because of my promise to Abraham. He never told him, I'm going to do it because of you. He somehow didn't get that much of an acknowledgement from God. God came to him only a couple of times, if it really was necessary.

It sounds like God really wanted Jacob to be the one to be blessed. But Isaac kept missing it. Isaac wanted to follow the tradition, so he decided to bless Esau. According to the tradition, usually the first born would receive both blessings: the first born blessing which is the material possession, and the scepter, the spiritual blessing.

Esau came as a very hairy and wild man, and the only thing he thought about was to mount his horse, go and kill animals in the desert, and come back to have good meat and that's it. As long as he had a good sleep in the sun, and then woke up and had a good meal, he was satisfied. That's all he was thinking about. He wasn't thinking about God and His Mission.

Jacob, on the other hand, was very "homey" and was with his mother, thought about God, and probably talked about God with other children. He was God-conscious, and his mother loved him very much. The mother was smarter than the father. She realized that this was the son who had to be blessed, not Esau.

One day Esau came from the desert. He was very hungry and he was on the brink of death. He came to Jacob. Jacob had made some red pottage. Probably he was a good cook too [all laughing]. Esau smelled such good food and he said, "Give me some pottage to eat." Jacob said, "No." Esau said, "Why not? I'm going to die." Jacob said, "Give me your birthright blessing." See, he was smarter than Esau. Jacob knew Esau already had the blessing because he was the first born. Jacob said, "If you give me your material blessing I'll give you the pottage." Esau said, "What good is my material blessing going to do for me? I'm on the brink of death. OK, it's yours." He just gave his blessing so easily to Jacob.

So Jacob received that blessing and Esau had the pottage. Later on Isaac wanted to bless Esau for the spiritual blessing, so he sent him out. I'm sure you are all familiar with this story, that Rebecca put some hair over Jacob's arms and sent him in to Isaac, and eventually he also received the spiritual blessing of the father.

Some people say it was very deceptive for Rebecca to do that. But we can also look at it that that was one of the things Isaac was missing, so that scene had to be created so Jacob received the blessing. And, of course, Jacob was the younger

But after Jacob received the blessing he knew he was in trouble because Esau was not going to be happy about Jacob also receiving the blessing of the father. He had deceived his father too. So he ran away. He went to another land, to his uncle, where Abraham came from.

Anyway the story is that his name was eventually changed from Jacob to Israel. Israel means, "he who struggles with God," struggle not in a way against, but with God. If you and I are trying to accomplish something together, what are we doing? We are struggling together to accomplish something. So I struggle with you and you struggle with me to accomplish something together.

Therefore Israel became his name. He had twelve children from his two wives and one of them, of course, was Joseph. Joseph ended up in Egypt and married.

You know the story of Joseph. The caravan took him to Egypt and he became the servant of a rich man, and eventually ended up becoming the first in Egypt, after Pharaoh. He had two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh. Eventually Israel accepted Ephraim and Manasseh as two of his own sons.

One of Israel's twelve sons, defiles him and is rejected by him. So there were eleven, and then one of them replaced Joseph. So Ephraim and Manasseh replaced two of Jacob's sons. That is how the twelve tribes of Israel evolved, ten children of Israel and two children of Joseph.

One of the most important prophecies is in chapter 49 of Genesis. In verse 10 it says, "The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be." We said two blessings were given. One was the scepter, the father's blessing, the spiritual blessing. The other was the material birthright.

So Jacob (Israel) here, separated them. The scepter is one of the two blessings. He gave the scepter to Judah. Until when? Until Shiloh comes. Who is Shiloh? You don't know? Shiloh is the Messiah. The Messiah came. Who was the Messiah? The Messiah was Christ, Esa (Jesus). Where did he come from? What tribe? He came from Judah, the tribe which received the blessing of the scepter.

So you see, that blessing, that scepter, the spiritual blessing, was given to the tribe of Judah until Shiloh came. Also he gave the material blessing to whom? He gave it to Joseph. "Joseph is a fruitful bough, even a fruitful bough by a well; whose branches run over the wall: The archers have sorely grieved him, and shot at him, and hated him: But his bow abode in strength, and the arms of his hands were made strong by the hands of the mighty God of Jacob;..." (Gen. 49:22-24). It was given by the God of Jacob. "The blessings of thy father have prevailed above the blessings of my progenitors..." (Gen. 49:26). The point is that he gave the blessing of prosperity and the material possession to Joseph. Jacob realized that this blessing does not have to go to the first born, but to whom God chooses.

There is one other point. Before that, God also gave more promises to Jacob, that he was going to become a nation and many nations. And these all were fulfilled through history. The Children of Israel later on were divided into two nations, ten northern nations and two southern nations. The northern nations were taken away completely, apparently no one knows what happened to those tribes. That's why they are called the ten lost tribes of Israel. In our teaching, it is described what happened to those ten tribes, especially the children of Joseph. They left Israel and traveled all the way to Europe, and some of them came to the United States.

Actually the word "Jew" first appears in the Bible in II Kings, chapter 18 or 19. But that is the first time in the entire Bible that the word "Jew" is mentioned, and that refers to the southern nations of the Children of Israel. Then there was a promise of a nation and many nations. The nation was England. Many nations is the United States. And if you remember, it says, "...whose branches run over the wall:" (Gen. 49:22). It means that their power and influence would go beyond their country or their nation. That happened to England and also happened to the United States.

With our teaching those prophecies are fulfilled. Now is the time for all of humanity to come together, to become one and realize there's only one God.

See God did all this. For instance, the people in England and the people in America probably take all this for granted as their own doings. But really there is God behind that prosperity that they received. This is why they are prosperous.

Probably that's why God sent me to this country and then revealed this revelation to me, so I can tell you that: you are blessed, but you have a responsibility for this blessing. You have to bring this blessing to the whole earth. You have to realize why God gave you the Constitution and the Bill of Rights which freed you so wonderfully. Not only do you have to free yourself by them, but also other nations through them. It only can be done by realizing His Hand in all these and truly realizing, In God We Trust.

We have forgotten, In God We Trust. We trust in ourselves. Actually that has happened to every great nation. When they start struggling toward greatness, they trust in God. They did not have anything else in the beginning to rely on but God. But when they prosper and they become powerful, they say, Well, we trust in ourselves. We can do it ourselves. We do not need God.

Just imagine what a different country this was in the 1940's and 1950's. After the World Wars, the United States would say, That's what should happen, and everyone would say, Yes. And it happened. But now you see it doesn't happen that way any longer.

What changed? The Grace, the Blessing is withdrawn, not withdrawn as a bad thing, but to wake you up to say, Look, you have to go back to "In God We Trust."

God has given the responsibility to this nation, not only to bring the Constitution to themselves, but also to bring this to the whole earth. Just imagine if you apply the Constitution to the whole earth, individual liberty and the pursuit of happiness for every person on the earth. What happens? The Kingdom comes, doesn't it?

So anyway that is a part. The nation was England, and the many nations, the United States. Just like the United States means more than one state, the United States was the many nations.

With all this explanation, what is the second seal (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes))? We talked about the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Now if we look at the Old Testament, especially at Abraham, God is trying to choose a people, a community or many communities, the twelve tribes of Israel.

What is a tribe? A tribe is a community, isn't it? The twelve tribes of Israel, who were God-conscious, who had no other God beside Him, were completely one-pointed toward Him. And He wanted those tribes to be created according to His Laws. So really He was creating the Communities of Light.

What does Israel mean? Israel means the Children of Israel. Israel really means light. The Children of Israel means "the Children of Light."

Now we are the Children of Light. We are trying to create those communities God desires to be created. Of course, the Children of Israel didn't have the Eternal Divine Path and The Greatest Sign. They had the Ten Commandments which were still OK. They would create very Godly-conscious communities. But now we have a crystallized path to create the Communities of Light.

As we saw, the first seal was the Mystical Paths (ichng-s.gif (891 bytes)), which are in every religion. And the second seal (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)) is when God wants to create communities based on God. The whole Old Testament is the struggle between God and the Children of Israel to keep the twelve tribes God-conscious, to follow God, to choose God as the only King.

For instance, in the beginning the Children of Israel didn't have any king. They had judges. Judges were supposed to be in touch with the Spirit and God-conscious. They would bring the Spirit to the Children of Abraham. But their neighbors all had kings. So the Children of Israel eventually said, No, we want a king, we don't want judges. Samuel went to God and said, God, these people want a king. They don't want judges. They rejected me. Samuel took it on himself, They rejected me.

God said, They didn't reject you, they rejected me. They rejected God. Now if they have a king, the king is going to take their children to war, he's going to tax them and do all the terrible things a king does. Go and tell them, Do they still want the king?

They said, Yes, we want a king. God said, OK, now choose a king for yourselves. So they chose a king who was tall and handsome. They just went by the appearances. That was Saul. And Saul did exactly what God had told them, he taxed them, he took their children to war, he destroyed their cities and their religions, etc.

Then God chose a king Himself, as King David. He wasn't very handsome or tall. He was probably a regular person, just my height [all laughing]. But he was very wise. He had the Wisdom of God. He had the Spirit of God with him. He became the greatest king they ever had, King David, and the reason was because God was with him. But, of course, he fell a couple of times also.

However, the Best King is God Himself. He is our King also in the Communities of Light. He is our strength. He is our work. He is our way. And He has given us the way to create the Communities of Light.

So we see the whole Old Testament applies to this second seal (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)). And we see, today, we unified all the Mystical Paths (ichng-s.gif (891 bytes)) on the earth and the Children of Israel (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)). Now we're united with these two seals, these two religions.

That's why we're trying to create the Communities of Light. That is exactly what the Old Testament wants us to do, create the Communities of Light, the communities based on God, based on His Laws. And when we create those communities with His Spirit within us, helping one another, understanding one another, loving one another, creating an environment where we can live peaceably, and become productive units in those communities, those communities will prosper and will be created all over the world.

After that, we can connect these communities together and we can create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. So that was another intent of God in the Old Testament. The whole Old Testament relates to the Communities of Light.

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