3rd and 4th Seals

Lecture Explaining the Third and Fourth Seals in The Greatest Sign and Their Relationship with the Chakras.

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On The Third And Fourth Seals Of

The Greatest Sign

If you remember, we talked about the first and second seals last time. We explained the creation, how the First Begotten Son was created, and how the human was created in the image of God. Then we went through the evolutionary process, the flood of Noah, and the destruction which followed. We covered how humans evolved more and more to this body that we are in now, and after the flood of Noah the third eye was closed.

Eventually Abram, or Abraham, was chosen. He had two sons. Both of them received the promises. Our discussion eventually ended up with the last wishes of Israel in which he divided the scepter and the birthright. He gave them to two of his sons. The scepter went to Judah and the birthright went to Joseph.

The birthright, which was the material possession, was fulfilled through two of the sons of Joseph, who were Ephraim and Manasseh. Manasseh symbolized England, and Ephraim symbolized the United States. But we never touched on what happened to the scepter, the spiritual blessing that was given to Abram (Abraham).

As you remember, Israel prophesied that the lawgiving and the scepter were going to stay with Judah until Shiloh comes. We said that Shiloh was the Christ, the Messiah. So after the Children of Israel conquered the land and resided in it, they longed for a human king, because all their neighbors had a king. They forgot that their King was God. They longed to have a human king like their neighbors.

That's why they went to their judge, Samuel and said, We want a king. Everyone else has a king. Before this, their system was based on having a judge as their leader. The judges were supposed to be in touch with God. However, they started to become corrupt. So they longed to have someone who could get them together and unify them.

Samuel went to God and said, These people want a king, a human king. They rejected me. Samuel said to God, They rejected me, they rejected Samuel. God said, No, they didn't reject you, they rejected Me. They rejected God as their King, and they wanted a human king.

God said, Go tell them that's fine, they can have a human king. But the human king is going to tax them excessively. He's going to take their children to wars, be unjust to them and bring them much suffering. But the people of Israel said, We want a king, we don't care about all those things.

Then God told them, Go and find a king among the men you have. So they brought all the great men, and they chose Saul. Saul was a tall, very brave, strong man. Because he was tall and a warrior they said, He should be a good king for us. They went by the appearance of the person.

As we said, eventually God sent another king, King David, who became their greatest king. After Solomon, the son of David, the Children of Israel were divided into two nations, the ten tribes in the north and the two tribes in the south. We described how the people of the northern kingdom eventually were scattered and went to Europe, and some of them came to the United States.

But before all these things happened, and because there were no longer judges connected with God, the Prophets started coming to the scene. So the people needed a connection to God, a person or someone who would tell them what God's Will was. Because their judges were no longer connected to God, the people weren't connected, and the kings were not connected. So the Prophets started coming to the scene, and they started bringing these messages: Hey Israel, if you do not do this, or this, you're going to be punished. If you read the Old Testament you will find the Prophets bringing these messages to the Children of Israel.

Eventually they all were conquered and taken away by other nations. No one really knows exactly what happened to the ten tribes in the north. Of course, we explained what happened to them in THOTH.

The two tribes in the south were also eventually taken away. But the two tribes in the south, which were Judah and Benjamin, came back with the portion of the Levites who were with them. Eventually they built the Temple and they started rebuilding Israel. But because of all these things they lost their book (Scriptures) and knowledge about it.

So they realized they needed something, or someone, to come and replace or strengthen their faith, to purify it, to get it back where it used to be. And the idea of Shiloh or Messiah was very strong in the Hebrew faith. Then the Prophets started prophesying about the coming of the Messiah.

Eventually Christ came as the Messiah and he said, I am the person for whom you are looking. But what happened to the Jews? They had the scribes, Pharisees, Sadducees and Essenes, and each of them had their own idea of how the Messiah should come.

Some people said, No, there is no Messiah. It's all in your mind, it's created with the collective consciousness [all laughing]. And other people said, No, he's going to come from the clouds. One day the clouds are going to open up, and he's going to come from the clouds. Other people said, No, he's going to be like this, and he's going to walk like that. He's not going to eat. He's not going to drink. He's not going to sleep. He's not going to do this, or that, or that. But Esa (Jesus) came as a Messenger of God. He realized his Mission, and he came and said, Listen, this is what God wants you to do.

But the human was in a different level of consciousness then. The Jews thought they were superior, but he said, It's not only the Jews but also the Gentiles who God loves and accepts as His children. What? All this time the teaching of the Sadducees and the scribes was that the Jews are the chosen people. Then this person came from the Jewish people and said, No, God loves everyone. And he started giving Grace and even healing non-Jews, which was completely taboo and forbidden.

So they rejected him. They said, No, he cannot be the Messiah. And we know what happened. Eventually he was crucified. But all of that had been prophesied, that that was the way it was going to happen, and that's exactly what happened to him. So hopefully we're not going to be crucified this time!

By the coming of the Shiloh, the promise of the scepter was also fulfilled. God promised Abraham that there was going to be a spiritual power, a spiritual being coming from his children from Isaac's side. And when Shiloh came, he fulfilled those promises.

What was the message of Christ? If we read the New Testament we see the symbol of three is so important in his Mission. He fell three times. He was in the earth three days. He arose on the third day. He was tempted three times. He preached three years. And there are a lot of symbols of the three. Just look at The Greatest Sign, what sign is he? The third.

Christ came and he preached his teaching that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. That was the first thing that came out of his mouth. The first thing I preached was, We should not give up and never suicide, and the first thing he said was, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand [all laughing].

What was important was not really what he said but what happened to him. He went all the way to the cross for his ideal. He didn't stop for anything. When Herod said to him, Who do you think you are, he didn't back up. He said, It doesn't matter who I think I am, who do you think I am? And even Herod didn't find any guilt in him. He washed his hands and said, I find no guilt in this man. Herod washed his hands of this great sin of accusing an innocent man and said, I just give him up and do whatever you want with him.

So his real message was sacrifice. In order to bring the Kingdom on Earth there should be sacrifice, there should be a kind of sharing. Sacrifice really means not to be self-centered, not to be always thinking, "What about me," in the whole situation, but "What about the community?" What about the other people also around us?

The more this feeling of sharing comes to humanity and we create communities based on sharing and caring for one another, the closer we come to bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. As Christ said, Love thy neighbor as thyself. If everyone loved their neighbor as themselves then we would have the Communities of Light on earth.

Alright. So that was his main message, but he also fulfilled the prophesy of the scepter. He also finished the lawgiving from the tribe of Judah. Also he gathered the people.

Who were the people? We just talked about the ten lost tribes of Israel. What happened to them? They went to the north, Europe and the United States. Where are the Christians mostly residing? They live mostly in Europe and the United States. That's how he gathered the people under one religion, one teaching.

With the coming of Christ, all the promises given to Israel were fulfilled. You remember, God gave some promises to Abraham. He didn't give too many promises to Isaac, and then He gave a lot of promises to Israel. He told Israel He's going to make a nation and a company of nations out of him, which He did. And He said He also will fulfill the promise of the scepter, which was done through Esa.

So with the coming of Esa or Christ, all those promises given to Israel were fulfilled. But God also gave two more promises to Abraham, that very few have realized or talked about in these religions. And those were the promises He gave for Ishmael. He also gave the same promises, as the birthright and the scepter, to Ishmael. Ishmael was the other son of Abraham (Abram), from whom the Arabs came. And we see that that's also fulfilled.

God gave a great territory to the Arabs and made their number "the number of the stars." How many Arabs are on earth? It's very difficult to count them because they are from the end of North Africa all the way to the South Arabic peninsula, and even farther. So they received a great nation, and also their scepter, or their spiritual power, came from Prophet Muhammad who was their Prophet who brought Islam.

Islam comes from the word "tasleim." Tasleim means to be surrendered and submissive. Islam therefore means to be surrendered or submissive to the Will of God. And, of course, like a lot of other things in religions, many of the Moslems also wrongly interpreted the meaning of Islam. They think being surrendered means to sit idle, doing nothing and saying, Oh, God, take care of everything for me, I'm surrendered to you. But that does not really mean you're surrendered or submissive.

Surrendering means, We do our best. See, God gave us intelligence. God gave us hands. He gave us feet. He gave us this body and we have to use it in the best way possible.

It doesn't mean I sit idle and say, "OK, Enshallah, it's going to happen." "Enshallah" means, if God Wills. I can't just sit here and say "Enshallah," it's going to happen. God says you have to move, you have to do something. Otherwise He wouldn't have given me this mind, these hands, feet, etc. So really it means I have to do my best. I have to use everything I've got, then surrender the result to God. "I did my best, God, I'm satisfied with my effort, now the result is going to be Yours, it's not mine." That's called surrendering. That's what surrendering really means.

But in surrendering there is still an "I" there. See, "I" surrender the result to God. There is a separation between Him and I. But greater than surrendering is submission: I'm not the doer at all. I do my best but the energy that works through me is not me. I'm not giving this lecture or this Satsang, it's God doing it through me. So I have no attachment to the result. If it is good to you and it hits your heart, it's between you and God. If it is bad and it hurts your heart, I have nothing to do with it, it's God again. Of course, that's me if it doesn't hit your Soul. God always gives good Satsangs.

Submission is the highest spiritual realization. If you reach a state where you always know that you are not the doer, that God is doing it through you, and you're doing and knowing His Will through your meditation, then you are His Will. You're doing His Will and at the same time you know that you are not the doer, that He is doing it through you. This is the highest spiritual realization.

That's why we see that the highest spiritual achievement of The Greatest Sign really ends at the top, at the fourth seal (islms15c.jpg (912 bytes)) at the sign of surrendering and submission, and then starts coming down again. That doesn't mean that any of these seals are greater than any other seal. Every seal in The Greatest Sign is as great as any other one.

The first four seals in The Greatest Sign relate to the spiritual realization and progress. The first seal (ichng-s.gif (891 bytes)) is meditation and awakening of the spiritual forces. The second (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)) is the creation of the Communities of Light based on God, an environment in which we can grow physically, mentally and spiritually. The third (cross-s.gif (869 bytes)) is not being self-centered, but to sacrifice. And the fourth (islms15c.jpg (912 bytes)) is surrendering and submission. These are all the spiritual aspects of the human.

The fifth seal (baha-s.gif (97 bytes)) is Universalism. Universalism is not really a spiritual achievement but it's a spiritual understanding. Actually it's more an intellectual understanding than anything else, that God is everything. Of course, when you become close to submission to God, you are one with God. If God is always doing work through you, really who is there? It's God. You no longer exist. The less I am there, the more of God is there, isn't it? The more of I that is there, the less of God is there.

That's why St. Frances of Assisi said, "In God I die every day," or "In dying we are born to eternal life." So what he meant was, In Christ I die. As I decrease, He increases.

That's why I say, when people start meditating, sometimes they feel they are dying. They're really not dying themselves, it's their ego which is dying. And the only way the ego can get at you is when it says, Look, you're dying, don't meditate. What it's really saying is, I'm dying, don't meditate because you are losing me. The ego wants to stay with you as long as it can.

St. Frances realized that the more he dies, the more Christ is there, and it's the same thing. The less of us is there, the more of God is going to manifest Itself. The more of us is there, the more of, "How about me, I did that, I did this, I'm such a great person, doing such great things," the less of God is going to manifest through us.

A good Moslem is a person who is submissive to God. It is not a religion. A real Christian is a person who finds Christ within, or realizes Esa's teaching. That is a good Christian. A good Hebrew is the person who realizes God's Will, that He wants to create the Communities of Light. He wants a community based on Him, on accepting Him as their King.

So these are not religions. See Judaism is different than Jews. Christianity is different than Christians. Islam is different than Moslems. So we're not teaching Moslem here, we're teaching Islam. We're not teaching Christianity, we're teaching Christ. We're not teaching Hinduism, or the Mystical Paths. We're not interested in mystics who are on an ego trip because they received a couple of siddhis or powers, and they say, Oh, I'm a great mystic, I can bend a fork. Such a waste. You did all this to bend a fork? You meditated all this time to be able to bend the fork with your mind? I can do this with a $2.00 wrench.

Now I can tell that story about a yogi, can't I [all laughing]? This yogi went to his teacher and asked, Oh great teacher, I want to be your student, and please accept me. I know you are a great yogi. He begged him and begged him, followed him for three days, and fasted for three days. He stayed in the back of his cave naked and shivering in the cold and wind. Eventually the yogi had some compassion on him and said, OK come in and I'll give you this mantra. You go and meditate on that mantra. He was happy.

He received the mantra and went away. He came back ten years later. He said, Come here, to his teacher. His teacher said, What? He said, Come, come, come follow me. The teacher said, What? He said, Come, I've accomplished great things. The yogi said, OK, let's see what you did.

He took the yogi to the lake, and started walking on the water to the middle of the lake. The yogi called the boatman, gave him a penny, and said, Take me to that stupid yogi there in the middle of the lake. He reached him and said, Well, after ten years you accomplished something that I can buy with a penny.

So if God gave you those powers it's OK. If God, through your meditation, granted you some powers so that you can make other people become more God-conscious, that is great, use them. But if you receive those powers for show, and you're showing off, believe it, they are going to be taken away from you.

Because that happened to me. When I first started meditating I could see people's future and past right away. I became the center of attention at the parties because I could tell the people what they did, etc. And then I started doing it because it felt so good with all of them coming to me and asking me questions. I was telling them, I meditate and so I can guess their lives and what they did, etc. However, the attention I received was more important and was my fall. So a month later I lost it. I couldn't do it any longer. And I felt more miserable because I had started enjoying getting all this attention. That was a very good lesson. I learned my lesson very fast.

Actually that's what's good about meditating every lifetime. Any new lifetime you learn your lessons faster than other people who do not meditate. You're born like everyone else in the beginning, but you learn your lessons faster because you already meditated, you already learned them. You don't have to spend many years just repeating the same mistakes over and over. So I learned my lesson in a month. Maybe someone else would learn it in a couple of years. Some people never learn it. That is beside the point. But that is the truth.

We're not talking about the mystic who became egoistical because he received a couple of siddhis, powers, but the Mystical Path, the union with God. And in the union with God, the highest thing in the universe is when you become submissive. You realize that the energy is coming through you, is doing through you -- or anything done is God and the more you know His Will, the more you use your energy and thoughts for Him.

Then you are completely out of karma, because how can you have karma if you are submissive? You're not doing anything anyway. You are not the doer. You're just like a lotus on top of the water. The water is underneath you, and you are on top of it.

That's why the lotus has been symbolized as a very spiritual flower, because it comes up from the dirt at the very bottom of the lake. It comes all the way through the water, which is the symbol of consciousness, and it comes up and opens into one of the most beautiful flowers on earth. So it goes from the very lower nature, from mind, and flowers out of the water or mundane consciousness (ether), and that water is going to be underneath.

That's what happens when you become submissive, the world is underneath. You're on top of the world. The world doesn't soil you. But if it starts getting to you, go to the mountains.

This teaching that we've touched so far, all of these seals are also revealed in The Revelation. It's not only the promises given to Abraham which are fulfilled but also there are seven seals in The Revelation. If you have read the book, The Revelation, it talks about seven seals. Each seal comes and God opens it, some people follow and are saved, and some don't. Something happens after each seal is opened and there's another seal that comes, and on and on. As it's explained in THOTH, these seven seals are related to each seal in The Greatest Sign.

Also the first four seals in The Revelation are put together and three of them are separated. The first four seals have a relationship together. They are spiritual seals. And the next three are mostly related to becoming a universalist, becoming an Elect, and reaching Pure Consciousness. So there is a difference between the first four seals and the last three seals.

Also the seven seals in The Greatest Sign are related to different energy centers in the human body. Are you familiar with chakras? Chakras are the psychic centers. Chakra means "wheel," energy wheel. These energy wheels have different propensities in them, and these propensities are what drive us. Depending on what level of consciousness the person is in, that consciousness is affected by the chakras they are in.

I don't want to go into too much detail. Of course, chakras are related to the koshas. Koshas are the layers in humans. And each kosha is related to the lokas, which is a part of the universe, a level of the universe. So each of them are interrelated with the universe and one another.

But these propensities in different chakras have effects on us. For instance, bashfulness, hatred, love, hunger, thirst, heat in the body or anything that relates to our emotions, our wants, our feelings, are related to these chakras. If you meditate, after awhile you realize, you see very definitely, which ones thirst and hunger are related to. Or the power, some people have powers that they use. When they meditate they realize from where they come, etc. And these realizations are our birthright.

Actually we used to know them. It's very much related to our third eye. When the third eye is open we can see these powers. And even the other people's reaction after awhile affects us, so we know where the other person is at. If a person is in their second chakra or third chakra, our chakra starts getting activated. Then we know that person is from that chakra. So we can deal with them. That's the difference between Masters and others. Masters know where the person is at. They are affected by the other person.

Of course, chakras and explanations about them have been exaggerated. In every religion the followers like to exaggerate things, because if they exaggerate and make them hard to achieve, so they are better than other people who are not striving to understand their religion, or are better than those in other religions. For instance, the Moslem says, We are the last. That's it. If you are not with us, you are not accepted. Or Christians say, We are the only way. If you are not with us, you missed it. Jews say, We are the chosen people. If you are not with us, you are not chosen. Or Hindus say, If you don't know your relationship with God directly, you will be born in misery, etc.

So Hindus, or mystical people, also exaggerated about these chakras. They have pictures that they are large circles with many colors. Even these colors and circles are different according to different teachers and teachings, etc. And the poor people meditate for years and they don't see any of those circles, or those colors, and they become discouraged.

But chakras are truth, just like Christianity has a lot of truth. Judaism has a lot of truth. Islam has a lot of truth. Baha'i has a lot of truth. Hinduism has a lot of truth. Buddhism has a lot of truth. They all have truth in them. Chakras exist, but they are not as exaggerated as some Hindu teachings try to make a lot of people to believe.

But as you meditate you see that chakras exist in you, and you can feel the propensity that comes from them. Why do I become angry without any great reason? What is that? Why am I bashful, for instance? Why is that? If you meditate you will see that there is something in those chakras, that some energies are locked and the result is bashfulness, anger, jealousy, etc.

So these signs are related to our chakras. The first sign (ichng-s.gif (891 bytes)) is the sleeping serpent. That's why if you look at the HOSH sign in the horizontal position, you see it's like a serpent sleeping, curling itself, sleeping there. And that's where the kundalini is. In the teaching of the Far East, or the Mystical Paths, the kundalini is the sleeping spiritual energy. That is in the first chakra. Through your meditation you make him wake up. That mantra you received hits it. Anytime you repeat it or meditate on it, it hits the kundalini and the serpent gets a little awakened.

So you meditate on it a little bit and eventually it says, OK I've had enough, what do you want? And what you want is for it to start waking up. Also it's related to the Indian flute. Have you seen someone play the flute and the serpent comes out of the basket? He plays the flute and the serpent just follows it. That kundalini is also related to the mantra, and also Haree Om Shrii Hung is working exactly like that flute player. When we are singing together Haree Om Shrii Hung we are really making the kundalini rise, awakening that serpent.

These are very subtle things that we are doing here. And as we become better flute players -- that's why we have to get this melody going good, because as we do it better -- the more energy is going to be created within ourselves.

The kundalini is called the sleeping serpent. It sleeps at the base of the spine, the first chakra. As it rises, you will feel the energy rising within you. The more it rises in you, the more those unwanted propensities go away. And you really don't have to fight with those propensities, the only thing you have to do is meditate and keep those propensities in the light.

One day you wake up in the morning and you're not bashful any longer. You're not angry any longer. You're not fearful any more. They're all gone. Why? Because you overcame those lower propensities. And the higher propensities you develop, the less those lower ones can affect you.

Of course, it takes time, it takes effort and meditation but it can be done very easily, in the Communities of Light. If you create a community or an environment where the people have more time to meditate, to talk about God, to be in the flow of the energy and the harmony with one another, it is easier to raise the kundalini, because the kundalini is a very sensitive energy, a very, very subtle energy.

If you live in a crude environment and that crudity is affecting you all the time, the kundalini sleeps even more. The more you create an environment where you can open yourself up and not be affected by mundane energies, the more spiritual and subtle energy starts rising in you and starts manifesting. You don't have to have a shield around you to try to protect yourself. A lot of people do. They have a shield around themselves, because we live in an environment where we have to shield ourselves. We have to always protect ourselves from all those energies outside.

As we saw, the kundalini or sleeping serpent is in our first chakra. And we see that the sleeping I-Ching also is in first seal (ichng-s.gif (891 bytes)), the horizontal I-Ching. What is horizontal? When you want to fall asleep, what do you do? You become horizontal. When you want to go somewhere, what do you do? You just stand up, you become vertical. The message is that the I-Ching stands up here [pointing to the fourth seal (islms15c.jpg (912 bytes))]. So it's awakening.

The first chakra is at the anal area. And that is also why we see that the first chakra is related to the solid factor. The first chakra is related to the waste of the body which is solid.

The second chakra is related to the thirst, hunger and procreation, and also it's related to the liquid factor. We see the liquid waste comes from the second chakra, which is the sexual organ related to procreation.

So, we see the second seal is related to the communities. What are the communities? Communities are children, taking care of your thirst, food, etc. Again we see the relationship of the second chakra to the second seal.

The third seal is related to the heat in the body. If we study the digestive system, in order to digest food we need heat. Also the digestive system creates heat in the body. The heat of the body is distributed from our navel area, which is where our stomach is located. That's why the heat of the body is distributed from the third chakra, which is related to heat, and the heat is the third element of the universe.

That is the reason why in taking a bath, we recommend that you put water on your navel area first, because the moment you do that, the navel area adjusts the body to the temperature of the water you will be using. Also the moment you put some water on your navel area and cool it off, it sends a signal to the rest of the body to cool off. Then you can go ahead and cool off the rest of the body, because the cooler a body we have, the stronger body we'll have. We won't be lazy. We won't be lethargic, because we'll have a stronger and more productive body.

Also, the third chakra is the end of the lower nature. The third chakra is the seat of power, of control. We want to control other people. That's where that comes from, the third chakra.

That's where most of the politicians are, the third chakra. And that is the lower nature. So if we are in the third chakra, we want to fulfill our desires by controlling others. If we can control others we think we can fulfill ourselves.

Again this relates to the third seal and we see it is the symbol of sacrifice, not being self-centered, overcoming the lower nature. And that is where complete overcoming of the lower nature occurs.

Then we go into the fourth chakra which is the beginning of the higher self. When you reach the third chakra and you go beyond it, to the fourth chakra, then you reach the heart chakra which is the unconditional love. If you have seen the statues of Christ, some of them have a human heart here in the middle of the chest. And, of course, that is the symbol of the real Love, the real unconditional Love of Christ.

So in the heart chakra you feel the universal Love, the real Love, no longer earthly love. There's no attachment in this kind of Love. It is unconditional Love. It is Love for everyone and everything around you. There is no separation of me and them, or we and them, or they are black, or they are white, or they are red, etc. You just overcome that kind of separateness. We Love everyone because we see God in every person. We like to see, they're all Children of God. They no longer are different from us. We are one.

When we reach the third chakra there is the heat. Now we reach the fourth chakra which is related to the aerial factor. Our lungs are located right around our fourth chakra, which are controlled by the fourth chakra, the aerial factor.

Actually it is the fifth chakra when we create complete submission to God. God and us are almost One. We are in an ethereal connection with God. The fifth seal is related to the fifth chakra. We become universalists.

The fifth level, which is universalism, is related to the ethereal factor. Ether is a very subtle manifestation of God. Ether is where you feel the nectar of God. That's the nectar that some yogis experience and you see they are in ecstasy. They're just like drunks. They never drink any wine or anything but they are very drunk. And that ecstasy comes from when they reach the fifth chakra. They experience that nectar. That nectar makes them very drunken-looking.

In that level, of course, that's heaven. You are in the ethereal level, you're connected with the ethereal level. With some people it is so incredibly joyful that they become completely trapped in it. And that is where people start traveling in astral projection, having out-of-body experiences, meeting all these Masters and great yogis and all these beings in the ethereal level. They become so trapped in that level that that's it. It becomes heaven for them and they can go no further. In that level you can even create your own universe.

So now you're God. You create your own universe and you sit in the center of it and you enjoy it. And you think you've reached the goal, but you haven't yet. You have two more stages to go.

The sixth stage is the third eye, or the sixth chakra, the sixth level of realization. That is where the unification is almost complete. You have a very little "i" left. There is a going in and out that happens between you and God. You and God are one, and you see yourself as God, and then you don't see yourself as God, but as human. So you go back and forth into being God and not being God. So it's a very small thread which keeps you in the body.

That is where the Paravipras are. The Paravipras are the leaders, those who have reached a point of spiritual realization, and their very beautiful quality is that they are incorruptible. If they are incorruptible, then they can be the leaders of humanity, because the most important understanding in choosing leaders in human society, is the incorruptibility of the leaders. The leaders affect the society the most. That's why in the Bible it says, "If the head is sick, the whole body becomes sick." What is the head? Head is referring to the leaders of the society.

It is just like in this country. It was almost like being in a blissful state until Watergate happened. What happened after that? It started going down, didn't it? Look at the United States. It was a pretty blissful country until Watergate. And then the people really started doubting their government, doubting their leaders, doubting everything. And it just started going down. Who did it? Only one man. One leader was corrupt and it affected everyone else.

So that is why the importance of the Paravipras cannot be overemphasized. Paravipras are those who have gone through all the first five stages. And their best quality is that they are incorruptible.

In the sixth level there is no element. It is beyond the ethereal level. There are no elements left, but there are the three gunas. You have complete control over your mind. And with your mind you can even create if you want to. Not only can you bend a fork, probably you can bend Golden Gate Bridge. But you won't do it because that is stupid. Why do you want to bend the bridge? You don't do stupid things, at least you try not to.

Then you just follow God's Will. You use your power for God. You don't gain those powers and say, "Oh, I'm powerful, see, look at me, how powerful I am." So what? That's a big ego, that's not God-realization. The difference is, a lot of people have a smaller ego, you have a bigger ego. That's not the goal, to meditate and get a bigger ego. The whole goal of meditation is to not have any ego.

Of course, there is the last seal, the seventh seal, which is Pure Consciousness. We are no longer in the body. We are One with God. We are absorbed in the ocean. We are drops that fell in the ocean, and we no longer are drops, we are the ocean itself. So we expand ourselves to God-Consciousness.

In the seventh stage you are beyond even the three gunas, you are beyond mind. You are the Universal Mind, and you're one with God.

Do you have any questions?

Question: The colors that are supposed to be associated with these chakras, are they important?

Maitreya: Yes, there is a relationship between colors and chakras, but it is not permanent. It is temporary. That is why many yogis have seen chakras in different colors.

It is just like the picture of Christ. How many different pictures do we have? He has blond hair, he has blue eyes, he has dark hair. Which one is Esa? The truth is that God reveals to you according to your state of consciousness and realization.

So those colors related to chakras also are revealed according to that yogi's realization and power. They are not permanent colors. They change, they are different in different times, etc.

Question: Should we be aware to work with our chakras or should we not be aware?

Maitreya: Well, it shouldn't be a goal to concentrate on them all the time. As you meditate, as you do the Will of God, and as you try to become a channel for Him, He will reveal to you whatever you need to know. But if you sit there and do nothing else in your life but just try to find out what the chakras do to you, then that is not the goal. That becomes a kind of obstacle in your way, to get something done in this lifetime while you are here.

Actually that was one of the Satsangs a couple of nights ago. The question was that the person wanted to be in the Bliss all the time, in the Bliss of God. And the question was how come we had those Saints who we hear about who were always Blissful and Graceful, and now it's very hard to find people like that. Or we try to become like that and we can't achieve it.

The answer was that, probably we're not supposed to be like that in this time of history of the human. Maybe we are supposed to get on with the work. And when we create the Communities of Light maybe we'll have thousands of Saints who are Blissful and Graceful all the time, and they will know their chakras and know the effects. We can even come back ourselves and become one of them.

Just like Christ came back as St. Frances of Assisi. But that lifetime he didn't have to be crucified. He just became a Blissful, Graceful, wonderful being, and he enjoyed his life. He recognized and realized that state by being in communities which supported that kind of endeavor. But now if everyone is in the Blissful state, then who's going to get the work done to create the Communities of Light?

So in a different part of the story a different state of consciousness is necessary. Another answer is, Was Christ himself in that Blissful state all the time? He wasn't. He blasted everyone away, called them names and chased them away in the temple. He wasn't in that state. He wasn't working on those chakras, sitting there and always saying, OK, this chakra is affecting me this way, or affecting me that way, etc. But it's good to meditate, of course, and try to realize your potential, propensities, etc.

So this is not the time for that kind of meditation. The time now is to start the Communities of Light going, help the earth to return to a good shape, and help make this Planet a more livable and lovable place than it is. And the more we create the Communities of Light, the more we are going to have time to meditate and later on have those things.

So the goal is not to be concerned about the chakras much.

Question: Is it the same with the quartz crystals, those ones who work with quartz crystals on the chakras? Is it the same for this?

Maitreya: You mean not to use the crystals for chakra purification?

Question: I mean is there a relation with the ethereal body and the chakra with the crystals?

Maitreya: Sure. Actually chakras create the ethereal body. The chakras are etheric but each is in a different level of ether. The lower the chakra, the more crude the ether is, and the lower is the propensity that resides in it.

Crystals are solidified ether. If you look at the crystals they are so etheric. They are solidified ether. That's why they have some purifying effect on you. But anything created in the manifested world is cruder than spirit (ethereal body). So concentration on anything out of you will not take you to higher realization, because even a crystal is cruder than your lowest chakra. Ether is cruder than your mind and your Soul. So concentrating on something cruder than you will crudify you.

Of course, crystals have some effect on the people who need some help in the beginning, when they're completely in their first chakra. So then crystals have some purifying effect on them. That's why they are so attracted to crystals. But if you're in a higher level, then you're not attracted to them anymore because not only are they not going to help you, but they might even hinder you. They do have a purifying effect, however, it's not the highest.

Question: Every time I think about God, or if we're talking about God, I get like a spark inside, a dancing feeling and it's real though. Is that a chakra?

Maitreya: Yes, it's energy in you, right? That's right. Actually that is the kundalini which is dancing.

Question: So it's the kundalini coming up, dancing up?

Maitreya: That's right. If you meditate and you see the dance within you, that is the kundalini. He loves to dance. And that's how Krishna was, Krishna loved to dance.

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