5th and 6th Seals

Lecture Explaining the Fifth and Sixth Seals in The Greatest Sign and Their Relationship with the Chakras.

10/19/1989 Lecture By


On The Fifth And Sixth Seals Of

The Greatest Sign

: It's the same energy, it depends on how you use it. If you use it in the higher consciousness it becomes Grace. If you don't use it, it becomes anger. It's the same energy, no different. If someone can be powerfully angry, they can be powerfully graceful.

So that's why we can't hate people. If they have some problem, something that we feel they are strong about but is not good, such as un-resolvable anger, we have to guide them to transform these energies to higher levels so they become good, for example, transform anger to Grace (Shakti).

Actually we should live our lives so we never do or say anything that we don't want to do or say in front of everyone else. Then we will have no secrets and so we are innocent.

Audience: I like Maitreya's writing that says that Christ is within everyone on earth.

Maitreya: Yes, the Kingdom of Heaven is within you (kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)). But our teaching goes a little further. It's not only within you, it's without you too (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)). And also it's in heaven (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)).

Now let's have a moment of meditation. [silence]

Father, we have gathered together again here. May your Spirit be present and give us the highest truth You can present about this Mission, about what we are doing here on earth. We are One in You, and with that we can all connect to You and Your Mind, so we might be open to whatever truth you want to give to us today. Sal-Om.

We talked about how the promises given to Abram and Abraham were fulfilled through the Children of Israel, through Christ, through the Arabs and through Prophet Muhammad. Isaac and Ishmael both received the blessing, the birthright and the scepter. So both of them were eventually fulfilled.

When Prophet Muhammad was revealing his revelation, he also talked about, "If you do not follow the teachings, God will bring another Prophet and bring another people who will fulfill His Will on earth." So he already told the Moslems that there were going to be more Prophets coming. Of course, the Moslems don't follow that. They go by the word in the Koran that says, Prophet Muhammad is the "Khatem " of the Prophets, which has two meanings, for there are two ways to pronounce it. "Khatem" means "the end, finished." "Khatam " means "the seal, the seal of a ring, the top of a ring."

So if we take the Khatem as the end of the Prophets, we can go back to our teachings, to understand this word according to our teachings. If you remember we said, To be submissive and surrendered to God (islms15c.jpg (912 bytes)) is the highest realization. So after Prophet Muhammed, there is really no one who could bring anything higher in the spiritual realm. If you're submissive and surrendered to God, then you have a good grip on the spiritual realization, because you always know you are not attached to the results of your actions. And if you do something, it's God doing it through you. So again as we talked about in our previous lectures, you should not become attached to the result of your actions if you surrender the results to God or know He is the real doer (submission). You don't become depressed either.

What is depression? A lot of people have problems with depression, especially in the Western world, because they are such goal-oriented people. "We have to get things established. We have to get something going." And then they have to succeed, which is great. They work hard for it and a lot of them do succeed.

However, how many people can succeed in a limited world? So a lot of people don't succeed as they would like to. But they have to succeed, that is all the mind is set up for, to succeed or they're no good. The reason is that they're attached to the results of their actions. They want to see the result. If they do something, they want something for it.

If they have that feeling of success but at the same time believe in God, then they do their best and they see their success in a different way. Then they will not only see it in a material sense. They can see their success in a mental sense, in a spiritual sense and never become depressed. Depression is really the feeling that, "I didn't receive the result of my actions that I expected." That is the real base of depression, and because we expect something in return, we become depressed. "I did so much and the result didn't turn out exactly as I wanted." That's depressing.

So if that is the highest realization, then after Prophet Muhammad there is no other Prophet who is going to bring anything greater or higher in a sense of spiritual understanding. So he is the last Prophet in a spiritual sense.

Also, if you take it as "Khatam," which means the top of the ring, if you look at The Greatest Sign, where is Islam (islms15c.jpg (912 bytes))? It's at the top of the ring. It's just like a ring and Islam is at the top. It is the gem, the "bezel" of the ring of The Greatest Sign. See? So that saying also is true.

But Prophet Muhammad also said, If you don't believe, if you don't follow, or if you don't become completely submissive to God, God is going to send another Prophet and He's going to bring a new teaching. And that's exactly what happened.

After around twelve hundred years, another Prophet came. And that was Bab. Bab means " the door." Bab brought the teaching of the Babis. There are people still living in Persia, Iraq and those areas who are called Babis, the followers of Bab. And Bab brought the teaching that has a very universal flavor in it (baha-s.gif (97 bytes)).

He talked about how basically all religions of the world are the same. They have come from the same Mind, the same God, they're really the same thing, the same truth. So they are one. They are from the same God. Also, he went on and talked about how every nation should have courts, the providences should have courts and eventually we should have an International Court of Justice, and create an international feeling between humans. And we see right after Bab came, an international feeling started growing.

Since the eighteenth century, we see that humanity has been going more toward creating interrelationships with one another, becoming closer. They're sending ambassadors and creating greater relationships with one another, and a feeling of interdependence is growing more and more between them. Now we are even at a point where that is no longer enough. To have just a feeling of, Yes, we can trade or have international relationships, is not enough. We cannot even live without one another. What happens in Africa affects the United States. What happens in Europe affects Asia. What happens in Australia affects Canada.

We are so interrelated that we can no longer just have regular relationships and think that is enough. We are one big family, one big earth together, and we have no choice but to accept one another's existence and realize that we are interdependent. If the Arabs say tomorrow, No oil, we're in big trouble. If we say, No technology, they are in big trouble.

We all need one another. So we are going toward that understanding that we are very interdependent. We are one big spaceship, called earth. And we all are traveling together in it. If we want this spaceship to reach where it's supposed to go, we have to get our act together, or we're going to blow the whole thing up. Actually, we can blow the earth up fifty times. I don't know why we want to blow it up fifty times. The first time we blow it up, that's it, all is destroyed.

So we can see again, all the signs are there. All the signs are saying that we'd better realize, there's only one Spirit, we are one people. Even scientists believe that all humanity has come from one couple in Africa -- actually, they say they came from one woman in Africa, whom they call Eve, like Adam and Eve from whom everyone came. Even scientists now theorize there's one woman in Africa from whom everyone came.

The only difference was that in Africa the sun was too hot so they needed some kind of skin to protect them from that strong sun. So that's why they became black. When a branch of them, known as homo sapien, came a little north of the equator where the sun is not that hot, they became Caucasian. They became a little lighter. When they went to Sweden and North Europe, there was no longer such a strong sun there, and also they might have interbred with the Neanderthals there, and so they became more white. That's the only difference.

Those who went to Sweden and North Europe, because it was cold, they had to work hard in the winter to keep themselves warm so they had to use their minds, How am I going to make myself warm? How am I going to have enough to eat in the long cold winters, etc.? So intellectually they developed a scientific mind, or became industrious.

But in Africa they don't have to be worried about these things. It's warm. If they need food they just go to the tree, pick the fruit and eat it. They never think about, How am I going to have a better, more efficient house? They don't because they don't need an efficient house. They just put a couple of reeds and leaves together, and that's it. It's their house and they can live in it. And when the fruit around them finishes, they just move on and go somewhere else. So they never develop that kind of mentality to search for a better, more efficient way to do things. The industrial revolution, the industrial mind, came from Northern Europe or the Europeans. That is the reason for the differences. They had a different environment to evolve in their evolutionary journey.

When you come from the Middle East or a similar zone on earth, you see they have something from both. They have very cold winters and hot summers. So they have to be more efficient. Or, for instance, there are a lot of scientific discoveries also made by the people in the Middle East or Far East, etc. Actually, Europe was in the Dark Ages when the Arabs were working on scientific things and they created the alphabet, algebra, etc.

But the point is if we see this truth, we see that again we are created the same, even in the scientific way. Let's just leave the Spirit out for a moment and look at it in a scientific way. Even genetically we are no different. They have mapped our genes and they say, There's no difference between the ones in Africa, or the ones from America, or Australia, or anywhere. Genetically we are mapped the same. In truth, our origins are the genetic makeup that God created to make all living beings.

So now we can see the signs that are guiding us toward understanding this unity. By the coming of Bab, this new energy was released. And in the last two hundred years we are coming closer and closer to becoming one.

Of course, Bab came in the middle of a nation that was completely Islamic. He was from South Iran, a city called Shiraz. He preached the unity of all religions, and he said he was the Expected One. Later on he said that he was Bab, he was the door. He was the one who came before the Expected One.

A lot of people believed in him and his followers were very strong so his Mission started growing very fast. The Moslems became a little concerned, What's happening with this man who came and brought this teaching, and the people are following him, listening to him and accepting him as such? The king even sent one of his close scholars to see who is this man in Shiraz, who is proclaiming this new religion and teaching something other than Islam.

So this scholar went to see Bab and was converted. Oh, the king said, "That is dangerous. Even my closest scholar became converted to his teaching." So the whole government and structure became very concerned.

It was just like the Pharisees, Sadducees and Roman Empire who became concerned about Christ going around and the people following him. They thought he was going to start a revolution and tried to crucify him. But he said, My kingdom is not of this earth. My kingdom is from Spirit. I'm not opposing any government. I'm not here to destroy anything.

However, the carnal mind thinks differently. They are very afraid to lose their powers, their prestige, etc. But God is not opposed to them. It's a completely different thing with Him.

So a kind of opposition started rising toward Bab, and they imprisoned him. They moved him from one prison to another prison and eventually he was shot. He was killed by a firing squad. The story is that he hadn't finished his work with his secretary. So he told them, "I'm not finished yet." They insisted, "No, you have to be killed." He said, "Well, OK." And they shot at him. After the smoke was gone, they noticed he was not there. And they went and found him, he was dictating the last words to his secretary. By the time he was finished he said, "OK, now I'm ready, let's go." That's how he was killed.

So he's been shot at. He's been crucified. He's been stoned. He's been chased out of the village. But hopefully, with the preparation that God made to create this country with freedom of religion, we won't have that kind of problem this time. Hopefully. Maybe that's why God sent me here this time. Probably I would have been gone by now if I was somewhere else.

Bab was shot, and he was no longer on earth. But he chose a person by the name of Subh'I'azal as his successor. He was going to continue after Bab. And Subh'I'azal, of course, was a very mellow person, not a very strong personality. He just kept very low key. Eventually he moved from Iran to Iraq and started preaching there.

Subh'I'azal had a brother called Baha'u'llah. Of course, Bab also gave a title to himself, the name Baha'u'llah. So he also was called Baha'u'llah. Baha'u'llah means "Beauty of God..."

Baha'u'llah continued opposing his brother. He was more aggressive. He had more charisma. He could see that his brother was a mellow person, and wasn't really doing too much. He just continued receiving people. And so the Babi's faith became kind of a mellow faith.

Eventually the problem between Subh'I'azal and Baha'u'llah reached a point where Baha'u'llah left. He was kind of excommunicated from the Babi movement. He went and spent two or three years with the Sufis in Iraq. After two years he came back and said, "I am the Expected One. I am the one whom Bab was preaching would come after him."

Of course, Bab had preached already that the Expected One was going to come much later after him. That's why he wanted Subh'I'azal to just keep the faith going until the Expected One came. But because Subh'I'azal was such a mellow person, he wasn't aggressive enough to spread it out from where he was, Baha'u'llah was chosen to do that.

So Baha'u'llah, of course, started getting in trouble himself. And he was pushed out of Iraq to other countries and eventually ended up in Jerusalem. He lived in Jerusalem the rest of his life. Later he had a son, and his son brought the teaching to the West. It was Baha'u'llah's son who brought the Baha'i Faith to Europe and America. That's how the Baha'i Faith spread to the West, which is a good thing. Otherwise we wouldn't know too much about the Baha'i Faith and Bab. Probably it would be a small sect somewhere in Persia and Iraq, and we might have never heard about it.

So that again was God's work that Baha'u'llah spread the Babis and Baha'i Faith to the West, but that's what he was chosen to do. Of course, Baha'i also changed some of the teaching of Bab to make it more livable in that hostile environment. He had to mellow down some of the things that Bab had taught.

The point of all this teaching is the universalism (baha-s.gif (97 bytes)). That's why the Baha'is felt that they have all the answers, because they were open to all the religions. And they said, Basically we are the same.

But as we see in The Greatest Sign we are not the same. Each Prophet had a definite message, definitely a different message which is emphasized. Of course, all of them reveal the same truth, but each of them have a very strong emphasis on one of those truths.

For instance, Christianity emphasizes sacrifice (cross-s.gif (869 bytes)). You can see, Christ sacrificed all the way to the cross for his ideal. Or Islam, the very name Islam means to be submissive, to be surrendered to God (islms15c.jpg (912 bytes)). Or throughout the whole Old Testament, God is trying to find a people, a tribe, a community (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)) to accept Him as King. It is the emphasis there. I'm sure in the Old Testament we can read about sacrifice, surrendering and submission. It's still there, the truth is there. But the main point is the tribe, is the community (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)) that He wanted to choose, the community that will accept God. So not all of the religions are the same. They have different messages that they brought to humanity.

The Baha'i Faith (baha-s.gif (97 bytes)) is also part of the Mission, part of our teachings. They have beautiful teachings and they cover a lot of beautiful, wonderful things. They are the people who have been prophesied in the Bible, in The Revelation, that many of them will be killed and they will be given the white robes when they come to heaven. And that's exactly what happened to the followers of Bab. Many of them were killed and destroyed, and they were strong followers, very faithful and very strong.

In later verses in The Revelation also, they go to God and say, When is your justice going to come? And God tells them, Your brethren also have to be crucified, and have to suffer. And we see that is coming true right now, because a lot of Baha'is and Babis are being persecuted in Iran now.

They'll see that their brothers are still being persecuted. So God even told them, This is not the time. It's not you who are going to bring the whole truth, or the highest, or the last one. You have to wait until later on. So we can again see there's another prophecy, another sign given to us that, it's going to come a little later. And later for God probably is two hundred years.

So The Baha'i Faith (baha-s.gif (97 bytes)) also is a part of the Eternal Divine Path. Without universalism, without the feeling of the expansion of the mind, and covering all the religions of the world and everything in the universe, we are going to create separation and narrowness of the mind. And separation and narrowness of the mind is the essence of suffering. That's why we suffer, because we separate ourselves. And whenever it's "they and us," there is prejudice, there is narrowness of the mind, there is misunderstanding, there is suffering. No doubt about it.

But if there is no "them and us," we are open, aren't we? The people we like, we are open to, we take them in. We ask them questions. Who are you? What are you doing? What is your business? What is your work? What is your opinion? Then we know more "Who are you?" After awhile we know them and they know us. They say, Well, we have this thing in common. So we can get along and we can go on together. We don't have to be prejudiced.

So the Baha'i Faith came to the West. Also it was prophesied that a twin Prophet was going to come after the Baha'i Faith.

In 1945 there was a teacher who arose in India by the name of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti. He brought a concept very similar to Paravipra (kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)) which he called Sadvipra. His teaching was very different than Hinduism. He emphasized that not only do you have to believe in Hindu philosophy, but also the creation of a just world is very important. His work spread out to the whole earth. He had a lot of teachers, and those teachers went all over the world and started teaching his teachings.

I learned about him and his teaching in 1974. I was initiated by one of these teachers. He was one Prophet who came to prepare the way. Later on I realized my Mission. This fulfilled the prophecy of the coming of the twin Prophets. He is still alive.

So we can see, all points out that what we have brought to humanity is the fulfillment of many prayers and prophecies. Only what is from the Highest (God) will fulfill these prophecies. It is from God to bring the Golden Era to earth.

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