Communities Of Light

Satsang (discourse) given by Maitreya on,
"Communities Of Light, and God's Will or your will."

03/04/1990 Satsang (Discourse) With


Guest: What the Waldorf Schools try to do is match what you're teaching and how you teach, to the developmental stage of the child, and also to take into account the whole child, the spirit, the Soul, everything.

Guest II: The basic idea is to try to have it as much as possible like a healthy home in every sense, so they are learning practical daily tasks, also spiritual things through stories, etc.

Maitreya: That sounds like Communities of Light, doesn't it? Children who grow in the community and learn in the community, are connected with different energies. It's not like having an apartment with just Mommy, Daddy and the child, where everyone else is out. In that kind of environment, when the child grows up, he is so narrow. His experience is very narrow. So he's afraid of the world or will be against it.

But the child who is raised in the community, when he grows up, he's free, he's open, he's much more flowing. That's one of the things Communities of Light does for the children and their future. Actually the whole society is based on the family. The families are the blocks of the society. If the family is weak, that society is weak. That would be the end of that society.

We can see this all through history. Anytime a nation started with a people, if you study their society, their family structure was very strong. The Jewish people, for example, why did they survive all those tribulations? Because they had strong family bonds.

In the beginning all great nations believed in God and said, "We trust in God." And later on when they became powerful and rich, they said, "No, no, we trust in ourselves because we're powerful, we can do whatever we want." God says, "Yeah? OK," and just withdraws His Grace. And that's it, that nation falls apart. The destruction starts from the family. When the family falls apart, the society falls apart.

So that's why our emphasis here is very much on families and couples. I'd love to have a lot of couples in the Mission. I'd love to have families connected to the Mission. So far I just got bachelors [all laughing]. But that's OK. I guess I have to wait a little more. See, this Message is based on families. God loves couples. He just loves couples.

Question: Is the family going to live in the Communities of Light? What's the difference between the family and the Community of Light?

Maitreya: Communities of Light are based on the families, the married couples. Every six couples gather together and create a unit in the Community of Light. The six couples, six women and six men, become one unit. That is not a Community of Light, they're a unit in a Community of Light.

Twelve such units create the first level in a Community of Light. And twelve of these twelve units create the second level. A Community of Light is around 2,000 people. Of course, it can be bigger. It can be smaller. It is not completely set how many, but twelve people is the base.

For instance, there are six couples, then a new couple joins them. They become seven couples. Other couples join, they become eight couples, nine couples, ten couples, eleven couples. When they become twelve couples, they split into two units. They become two six couple units and they can again accept other couples in their house or their unit. Eventually, when they become twelve couples again, they split to two six couples. So that's how they spread out.

Question: What are we going to do with the singles?

Maitreya: Singles? We don't let them in [all laughing].

Well, as we said, the base is the couples. The children of these couples in the community will grow together, so they create very strong bonds with one another. Probably, after awhile, many of them will marry at early ages because the communities support them.

Marriage is going to happen early in life. See if a man and a woman marry when they are sixteen or seventeen years old, when they are together for thirty or so years they almost know each other inside and out. They are completely one. I've seen that kind of marriage. For example, a couple is married for thirty years. And the man does this [raising hand] and she knows what it means. She does like that [lowering head] and he knows what happened. They are one with one another.

Guest I: Even physically after they're married for a long time, they come to resemble each other.

Maitreya: Exactly. Then put together these kinds of marriages based on God, on the Communities of Light based on the Eternal Divine Path, and you have a society that is very, very strong.

So Communities of Light will become a very powerful force on earth. Any nation that picks up this idea and implements it, is a nation that is blessed. It is a nation built on rock, not on sand. That's why after awhile we won't have so many bachelors or singles.

Also there is a decision that the single people have to make. Some people haven't been born to be married. They were born to dedicate all their life to do God's Will, to do His teaching, to help other people, to spread the Message, to go wherever they have to go because they don't have that connection to the family. They can just live day to day, go where they are supposed to be and preach God's Word.

Tomorrow someone is needed to go to India. It's very easy to send a person who is not married. OK, we have this opportunity, who wants to go to India?

Those who are married say, Oh, I have a child. I have my wife. I have my husband. I have this house. I have that payment. But the single person says, Oh, I'll go. I have nothing to worry about. I have no attachment. So there is a place for the singles.

But around the age of twenty-one, twenty-two, or twenty-three, if you're not married, you have to make a decision. Do you want to remain single for the rest of your life, or do you want to become a married person? With that decision you choose your path, which way to go. If you choose marriage, that is beautiful. That is a wonderful choice in God's Plan. If you choose not to, and decide to dedicate your life to God's Work, that is wonderful too. Then you become a teacher or a worker for God.

Guest I: I think these days sometimes there's a lot of searching that goes on too for the right person to be with. That's why, like you say, probably, to some extent it's a matter of you have to wait until the right person is there.

Maitreya: But, as I said, in the Communities of Light you already are raised together, so by the time you are fifteen, sixteen, or seventeen years old, you are almost married with the one you are supposed to marry. The only thing is just to say a couple of verses and you are accepted as married in society. Of course, there are exceptions in everything in the universe. However, exceptions are rare.

We have lost contact with our Essence. That's why people are so cruel, crude and uncompassionate. They don't have any compassion. Most people think, "What can I get out of any situation for me? How successful will I be materially (financially), etc?" That is how a machine works. "How efficient can I be in doing my work?" In this environment, the way we live is not intended for humans. It is intended for machines. We're not machines and that's why we don't like it.

So we're not talking about this kind of environment. In this kind of environment, of course, it's hard to find a good mate, because even the mate is calculative, and that again is the reason for so many divorces.

Guest I: Or also searching and having a hard time.

Maitreya: Also you never become one with another on the physical level. But if you are Godly, and your mate is Godly, then it's very easy for you to become one. This finger and this finger never can become one, because it's on the physical level. But in the Spirit, they are One.

So this is the vision. This is what we are trying to create on earth. That is actually the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (KOHOE), to bring the couples together, to create communities, to create an environment where everyone focuses their thoughts and their consciousnesses toward God.

And how it's going to be done, according to what I have received, is that there have been many religions of the world that have been revealed to humanity, but they are each a part of the puzzle. Each of them have a message. Each of them reveals a great truth. But when you put them together, you see the whole picture.

We are not against any religion. We are not trying to say this is the only way. They say, "You have to be a Jew to be a chosen person." "You have to be a Hindu to reach Pure Consciousness." "You have to be a Christian to follow the Only Begotten Son of God." "You have to become a Moslem, as Muhammad was the last Prophet," or "Follow Baha'i which preaches all religions of the world are basically the same."

We say, No, no. All of them have come from God. And we don't even say that all of them have the same message. There is a different message in every religion that has come from God. That different message makes that religion distinct. But when you put them all together then you see the whole picture, the whole truth.

That's what we call The Greatest Sign. And we're hoping that this wonderful truth is revealed to many people. They will say, Yeah, I can still be Christian, and I can be Catholic, but I can expand myself to see, What do Moslems talk about? Do they have any truth to offer to humanity, or are they all yielding a sword and killing one another, or shooting, or are they all terrorists [all laughing] or something like that? Or, do the Jews really have a place in God's Plan, or Hindus, or Buddhists, or any of them? The only thing you do here is expand yourself. You open yourself to other energies.

The more people do that, the more united we become. What have we here? We have Christians. We have Jews. We have Moslems. We have Hindus and probably all those varieties in these communities. And as this grows, later on, we have all kinds of people. So it's a wonderful vision.

Question: I have a question. Something I've been contemplating lately is, how can you tell the difference, when you intuitively receive something, whether it's your will or God's Will?

Maitreya: Well, that is where the Eternal Divine Path comes in. See, you have a measurement. Is it according to the Eternal Divine Path? Am I really meditating deep enough? Is it good for the community? Is it that my ego wants it, or is it according to "I am completely submissive to God?" If it is good for me, and it is good for everyone else, it is good. But if it's only good for me but it's not good for everyone else, maybe it's not from God. Is there any specific thing you received?

Question: Well, the specific thing is cleared up. I know what to do, it's good for the community and it's good for everyone. That's taken care of. It's just that sometimes I struggle with that, when I'm doing something because I know "I" want to do it, to tell the difference. Sometimes it feels like, or I think that, I got that from God and it's not necessarily the case.

Maitreya: Well, it's just like a weightlifter. You start lifting a little weight first. As you lift more and more, after awhile you become a strong person who can lift heavier weights. You can start by realizing small things in your life, if the way you are doing them is the Will of God. And as you go on, eventually you reach a point where you don't even have to think about it, because God works through you all the time. The Light comes in meditation. You don't really have to close your eyes to meditate. The Light is meditation. You talk like a meditation. You walk like a meditation. You do work in meditation. You accomplish something in meditation, even fall in meditation [all laughing].

Question: About "All is meditation." How do you meditate? What do you do when you meditate? What are the concrete aspects of meditation?

Maitreya: Meditation really means to still the mind. Even in the Bible it says, "Be still and know that I Am God." Your consciousness is like a lake. If the lake is wavy and there is a moon in the sky, do you see the reflection of the moon in the lake? You see very little or fragments of it. But if the lake is calm, then you see the reflection of the moon very clearly.

While your mind is going in all directions, you see very little of the reflection of God in it. But when you still the consciousness then you see clearly that you are not this body. There is a consciousness, there is a Spirit behind it. So the very reason for meditation is to still the mind.

Now there are many, many techniques on how to still the mind. Some people like to read the Scriptures. Some people like to go hiking, fishing, driving or meditating. All those things are really meditation. As long as what you do stills the mind, that is meditation.

Of course, the great Yogis and the great Masters have recognized that the reason the mind is turbulent is because of our senses, our eyes, our ears, our sense of touch, taste, and smell. All of these are the senses that attract the mind to the outside, to the external world. That's why they say, Shut the senses.

In order to shut the senses we close our eyes. One of the most powerful of the five senses in us is our eyes. Our eyes see and desire. When you desire, sense follows, then temptation comes, and the mind starts going in that direction. That is why it is recommended when you meditate to close your eyes.

Question: Is it necessary in driving to meditate with the eyes closed?

Maitreya: Yes, if you know what you're doing [all laughing]. If you leave the car to God, and let Him drive it for you, and He is in the mood of driving, He'll do it for you. But if He's not in the mood of driving He might not do it, and you know what happens to life without God!

So when you close your eyes, you shut out a great deal of the sensual attractions, you shut out the external. Also, still you have memory, the pleasure of the external world, the food, the taste, etc.

Now these Masters came upon using mantras. Mantra is made of higher energies, higher vibrations which they reveal to the people who want to meditate. So what mantra does is first makes you breathe much deeper, because breath and the activity of the brain are interrelated.

When you are in danger, you breathe faster. Why? Because the brain needs more oxygen. It needs more energy to think fast. You have to make a decision. You don't have time, so the mind has to work faster, and it needs more oxygen and prana to do it.

So that is why in meditation it's recommended, when you close your eyes, to also concentrate on your breathing. You breathe in the mantra, and you breathe out the mantra. But in the moment of changing from breathing in to breathing out there is a moment of silence. There is a moment of stillness. In that moment your mind is still. If you realize that moment you know what the still mind is.

So you recognize that still moment between breathing in and breathing out, and breathing out and breathing in. And when you recognize that stillness, little by little you learn how to still your mind. When your mind is still the Spirit just pours through you. Eventually everything becomes still. Everything becomes meditation.

Again we can go back to that Indian music. The background is still, the rest is going on but you are not attached to it.

The creation goes on but you are just an observer. The creation is movement, God is still, the witness entity!

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