Satsang (discourse) given by Maitreya on, "How To Discern The True Son Of God; Maitreya among us; Why is it so hard to get to our Goal and why do we have to suffer to reach It?; Tools Maitreya recommends; Are we doing God's Will or our will."

07/16/1989, Satsang (Discourse) With


: Our representatives spoke in your center. What did you think about it?


Guest: I listened carefully. I try to feel where the truth comes from. It's not that easy. I try to go with the feeling, that's the main discernment tool that we have.

Maitreya: That is your way, at least.


Guest: Yes, that is my way. I think it's a way that we have to discern, with the feelings, rather than through the mind. That tells us where to go. That's one of the ways I perceive.

Maitreya: And what did your feelings say? To go or not to go?


Guest: Study further. So I came here. The implication of what you represent is so important. I know there's a lot of people who come out saying that they are the channel, or they are the energy from the higher level. And some really are. So I try to see all this and discern, and by my work try to bring it to others. But at this point, I still have to go inside and look.

Maitreya: That's good.


Guest: Maybe you could add something there to it.

Maitreya: Well, I never claimed that my name is Maitreya, the name was given to me. I wasn't expecting to receive anything from higher energies but this was revealed through me. So, I never claimed to be carrying any energy which... of course, energy is there. I would like people to see the truth, what's been revealed through me, through the prophecies, through the teaching, through the words that have come through THOTH, through the truth of the unification of all religions together as one, through the possibility to bring peace and unity to humanity through the Communities of Light, the truth that the only way is the formation of the Communities of Light. And then they will see the prophecies are fulfilled.

And look at the time. As it has been said, When you see the sky is red in the evening, you know it's going to be a fair night. The signs of the time are all there, showing us that something has to be done. We need something so that earth can be saved, that we can be saved as humanity. If we look at it through all the signs and then to see the prophecies are fulfilled, to see that the answers are given here how to remedy our problems, then we see the truth which is here and now, and that we can do it.

If you feel the energy also, great. That is a bonus for you, that you can also be strengthened in your faith through feeling energy that is there and is here with us.

I hope this is the Highest Energy. I don't like to even think that we are presenting anything but the Highest in us and here. That's what we are striving for, to present the Highest and to be of the Highest. Of course, we are not looking for everyone who comes here to be perfect. But everyone is part of what they can do to accomplish what has been revealed to us. So if you look at the Mission and you see, "Yes, what Maitreya says and has been revealed through him makes sense," then you have the faith also to go and do it.

Yes, I've seen a lot of energies, a lot of people who claim to be channels etc, which is fine. They are part of God. God is infinite, so you can infinitely present Him, and still not scratch the surface because He's vast, He's infinite.

Infinite just boggles the mind. We just use the word infinite. What's does that really mean? Have you ever sat and thought about what the word infinite means? Infinite means never-ending.

It should end somewhere. When it ends somewhere, what happens to the end? The thing that it is begun with should end itself somewhere else. It just goes on and on. It just catches your mind. But we use the word without realizing what it really means. Many say, "I found it." How can you find infinity? You can't find infinity. Infinity cannot be found. You can realize Him more, but you never can find Him. That's why I say, "The moment you say you found It, you lost It," because how can you find infinity? You can't find infinity.

So it's alright. There can be many channels but they are a part of us. They are a part of God. They are a part of that infinity. But they have to realize what part of God they are in. The Greatest Sign clearly shows where each religion, each person, each energy, each channel, can find their place.

If they can find their place then we wouldn't have any separation. Fine, you are a channel of this and that, and your ideas of spirituality are this and that. That's fine. That is your experience. That is your spiritual understanding of God. That is your way. Sounds like "Yahweh" doesn't it? "Your way." So that's fine.

We accept you and your part. For instance, you said you have to feel. That is your way. That is fine, that is the way you find your way. And if you realize your way is just a part of infinite ways then we have no argument, we are one.

You are a part of a greater thing. You can expand yourself. You can become bigger than what you are now. You can't just close yourself, No, my way is the only way. If everyone doesn't follow your way, that's it, you believe they will go to hell. If you don't go Raymond's way, you are bad, you're no good. That's fine, Raymond's way is fine, for Raymond. And Mark's way is fine for Mark. But we can see ourselves in a greater degree, in greater things.

When you understand The Greatest Sign, then you feel humble. You feel, OK, even if I become the best Christian or the best Moslem, or the best Hindu, I'm still a part of something bigger than my religion, my way. Then we can just come together and become One.


Guest: Well, this feeling comes from an understanding of the Mother in creation, how she evolves, how she understands the creation and the way, not that it should go, but the way that she feels that it should go.

Maitreya: We talk about the Father and Mother. According to our teaching, Father is Consciousness and Mother is the Creative Force. And the Creative Force is the nurturer, the Creator, the one that cares for the Creation, and also is the destroyer. That is because if something is obsolete, it no longer is necessary, it has to go. So that is why you can see the Mother is depicted in the Hindu religion either as Radah or Kali. Kali is the woman dripping blood from her mouth, with many skulls around her neck, and is very ugly, very destructive. The other part is beautiful and graceful, and that is the consort of Krishna in the higher level.

So that is why the Mother is a very dangerous path. You have to really know what you're dealing with when you're following the Mother part of God. But the Father is just consciousness. It is the Controller, the Logic behind the universe. If there is no consciousness, or no Father, Mother doesn't have any direction of how to create. It's just a blind force which goes on creating and being created with no consciousness of Self.

Also she is Grace, and you never can know anything without Grace. So if you want to know Mother, know The Grace. It's been said, you are saved by Grace. Knowing that part of the Mother, saves you and leads you to understanding. But if you get caught in the creative force of the Mother you become very confused, because she likes to create all the time. In this state mother is just like the mind.

The mind just goes forever, it never stops. You can pop questions one after another and go through your life, and through all your lives, asking questions and never receive the ultimate answer. But the ultimate answer, you can't question. What is the ultimate answer? There is none in the level of mind. With The Grace, however, you reach a point where you don't have any questions, you just know. That knowingness eradicates all the questions for you.

So that is why, as I said, most of the religions or Prophets talked about the Father more than the Mother. And it seems like, well, they are male chauvinists.


Guest: There's a male polarity that doesn't seem to be balanced.

Maitreya: Yes, it is the followers of the Prophets who think they never mentioned the Mother. But that's not the truth. They mentioned the Mother, but also they knew that if you only know the Mother as The Grace which has been emphasized in every religion, and the Father as the Logic behind the universe, you have a very good grasp of being saved, of going beyond that trap of creation. That trap is all the way to the fifth level of consciousness.

Even when you go to the ethereal level, still you might fall in that trap of consciousness. There you reach a point where you can create your own universe. So you can create your own universe, and get trapped in that universe. See? You are so high now that you are in the ethereal level. That's pretty good. That's heaven. Still you might fall into that trap.

That's why I said, Mother is very dangerous. It's a very dangerous path, unless you just go for her Grace. Realize how beautiful her Grace is, and when you are in that Grace you have no questions. It's wonderful. It's ecstasy. It's a knowingness of the universe without having any questions. You know spontaneously everything at the same time, and there is no question of infinity. It is an indescribable state of being.

That is why no one can describe God. Eventually you can just call it "the state of the indescribable." So in that sense we support Mother. But also we warn, be careful with the Mother, because Mother is a dangerous, a very, very dangerous path.


Guest: But the discernment is possible to balance that, and that's what seems to be needed on the planet at this moment.

Maitreya: It is, it is. Actually we are having more and more people born with both energies. We have people who have a balance within themselves, the woman and man, or Mother and Father energies. That is where the balance comes in them, because they can see both sides of the energy. They can understand woman. They can understand man. Before that probably there was a more strict separation between men and women.

Not only is that true between us humans, also the planet itself is becoming more balanced. It's no longer East and West. The East is getting to realize that intellectual, industrial and technical knowledge is necessary and good. And the West is becoming more aware of the higher spiritual understanding and mystical experiences of the Eastern philosophy. So we can see, even that is another sign of the coming of the Golden Age that is approaching.

But how can we get there? How are we going to create an environment where this Golden Age can manifest itself? Communities of Light. And what are the Communities of Light? Communities based on the Eternal Divine Path. And what is the Eternal Divine Path? It's the seven religions of the world, which each have a message for humanity.

We have it here, don't we? We have the unification of all the religions, don't we? We have a Path, don't we? That Path clearly shows how to create the Communities of Light. What are the Communities of Light? They're the base of the new hierarchy for humanity.

When we create this hierarchy, what are we going to have? We're going to have a unified world. Then what are we looking for? Isn't humanity, all of us, looking for this, all the New Agers, old agers, and middle agers? We all want this. We all want peace. We all want unity. This is an evolutionary proposition. It's not revolutionary. We are not revolutionaries. We are not going to get a gun, go out and change governments. No, we don't want that. We want to create the Communities of Light. And the Communities of Light, when we spread out and have enough people, are easy, and simple.

Eventually humanity is going to look and say, Well, what are we doing? Everything is crumbling from old age. None of this is working.

Look around you. The governments are struggling. The third world can't pay their bills, and they have a lot of other trouble. Even industrial countries have problems. They don't know how to deal with all their difficulties. The Communist blocks are crumbling. They're becoming more democratic, and they don't know how to deal with their ideology any longer. You can see the signs all over the planet.

Someone asked me, "How can you claim you have all the answers?" I don't. I don't have any answers. These answers came through me. They came from God. He loves humanity. He wants them to have the answers and so He gave the answers to us. They are here, and any way I look at it, this is the answer.


Question: How come it was so hard to get there, that we had to pass through these really hard and painful suffering times?

Maitreya: Because some of us have doubts. Some are looking for power. Some of the people come here to be healed. Some people come here to receive Grace. They're not here to create the Communities of Light, and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

They want me to heal them. I tell them, why don't you heal yourself? You have all the power to do it. As Christ said, "If you have the faith of a mustard seed you can say to this mountain, Go away. It's going to go away." Have the faith of a mustard seed, heal yourself. I don't have to heal you. You have all the powers to do that. This is the time of the Golden Age. This is the time for you to heal yourself. The Christ doesn't have to come and heal you. You learn how to heal yourself.

All the tools are given to you. You have a beautiful mind. You have all the possibilities of having good food and nutrition. You have the ability to meditate. Even if you don't have time, come and join the Communities of Light. Eventually we are all going to have more time to meditate. Living in the community should be easier for everyone, as each person takes a part of the burden. So after awhile each of us has more time to concentrate on our progress, instead of being in that rat race out there and trying to make it.

Like Christ said, we invite them, "Come, it's here." And they say, "No, I have my field to attend to. I have my wife. I have my job. I have my child. I have my this. I have my that." What can you do, drag them in and tell them you have to do it? You can't do that. God doesn't even want you to do that. He wants you to go to Him with your open heart, with your understanding, with a real wanting to do His Will.


Guest: With the joy in our heart the people will see we are joyful and they will be pleased and wonder, "Why is he joyful?" So being in the New Age is showing them there is something that is going to be joyful.

Maitreya: Yes. Well, that is what we are trying to create here, to create an environment that is joyful, so that these people come and live in the Communities of Light. And the more they follow God's Will, the more joyful they become. If we are, then everyone who comes here should feel it. They should feel there is a joy here too. As the community grows, that joy is going to become greater. That's a good point. That's very true.


Question: And for us in Montreal we just can't start right away a Community of Light, but we meet once a week and the aim of this is to, well is to channel the energies through our physical bodies to go to the physical earth and heal this planet. It's so much needed, even if it's going to be healed anyway. And if people don't want it, if there's not enough people who want it, it's going to come by suffering through different cataclysms. That is the teaching that we hear a lot. And how could we, like in a group, do something that's more, where the energy is more focused where it is needed?

Maitreya: Well, you can start reading THOTH. You can start gazing at The Greatest Sign, talking about it, reading and explaining THOTH. If you have questions, send them to me so that I can send you the answers. And try to understand what the Eternal Path is, how it relates to other religions, and how it unifies everything together. Also start implementing the Eternal Divine Path in your day-to-day life.

What is the first step () in the Eternal Divine Path? To meditate. To know yourself. To realize within. So that is meditation. That is self-realization, self-improvement, knowing yourself.

What's the second step (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes))? Second is the Communities of Light. The like-minded people come together and start creating an environment that manifests God in a higher level.

How can these Communities of Light work? The third step () is sacrifice, not being self-centered. So you can share with one another whatever you have so you don't have to be as dependent on the outside, or the world. "Be in the world but not of it."

After that, the fourth seal (islms15c.jpg (912 bytes)) is submission, surrendering. So you concentrate all the time, that anything you do, or the energy that comes through you, you are not really the doer. It is God who is doing through you. So the ego dissolves right away, because I'm not doing anything. I'm not giving this Satsang, it's Father doing it through me. It's His Energy. It's His Will to be done.


Guest: But we are the living God, we are His Energy now, so we could feel good about ourselves, and be part of Him now and here.

Maitreya: Sure, but being His channel has many levels. The more you become submissive and surrendered to His Will and His Way and His Energy, the greater you manifest His Will and His Energy. So you might feel Him.

Actually there are many states of knowing God. The first state is you feel, "Yeah, there should be a God there." See that's the first question, "Yeah, there should be a God there." This universe could not be created just by accident. There should be a Logic there.

The second level is that, "No question, there is a God there." There's no longer a question that God is there.

The third level is that, What a universe He created! See you realize the wonderful Being behind it.

The fourth level is you touch and are touched by Him. You have a touching relationship. You say, "Yes, He touched me." Have you heard that song, He Touched Me?

In the fifth level you know Him, and you and He have a relation-ship together.

And the sixth level you are One. You have a very small thread of separation of I and Him.

On the seventh level there is no separation. There is no I left. Whatever is left is He.

That is the goal of submission. You reach a point where you decrease and He increases, as Saint Francis proclaimed. So the more we die in God, the more God increases in us, and we decrease, until It's only God. There is no you. You are gone. And then when you are gone, you become a pure channel for Him. That is the goal in the Communities of Light.

So submission eventually brings you to that Oneness where you decrease and He increases. So if we create more and more such people in the community, the energy of God becomes greater. The energy becomes more powerful. The energy becomes more focused. The energy becomes more Him. And the community based on God's Will eventually becomes the community which loves one another as I love you -- Godly Love.


Guest: To be the totality of which we can be, we have our will for this that is according to God's Will. It's not being submissive, it's just being. And being that totality we have our will that is according to God's Will. He wants us to have our way of creativity. So God's Will is expressing what we are.

Maitreya: I understand what you're saying. That is a fear of ego to lose itself. Ego thinks if it becomes submissive to God then "I" no longer exist. What about my creativity? That argument is a defense of the ego which is afraid to lose itself. But that is not true. When you become submissive to God you become a hundred times more creative. You don't lose your creativity, it becomes more enhanced. You become greater than what you are. You don't lose anything, you gain a lot.


Guest: Yes, you become -- but I have this understanding that doing God's Will, at this point I'm juggling with this fact, that I am OK of being what I want to be and it's according to God's Will that I express and experience my beingness, and through this, express His beingness through me. I feel truly I am God here through what I am, with my imperfection maybe at this point, but wanting to be my totality it's not going contrary to God's Will, even if this does not look to be submissive to His Will, it is. I am trying to understand all this question of will and if it's OK of being what I want to do.

Maitreya: You see, that is why God sends the Scriptures. That is why God sends the Prophets. A lot of people take the phrase, We are gods, and they say, "That's it, I am god, I don't need anything." They cut themselves off from all the old Scriptures and whatever God sends through the Prophets, "I don't need Prophets. I don't need Scriptures. I'm God."

That sounds like the same first thing that the serpent said to the woman, doesn't it? "You are God, you don't need God. Go ahead, eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil." And she said, "Yeah, I can eat it, and I'm God. I don't need Him, I don't need Her." And she went ahead and ate it.

But what happened to her? She lost it because she cut herself off from the Center. It is true, God is everything. But there is a Center in the universe which is the Logic behind this universe, and He knows this universe better than anyone. If we really want to be guided, we have to know His Will, because our will can be distorted. Our ego can get in our way. The creative force can crush us, and completely take us somewhere we never wanted to go. That's why God had to send the Scriptures. He had to send the Prophets and say, Here is My Will. This is the way to Me.

Yes, you are in My image. He said clearly man is in the image of God. Why did He say image? He didn't say, you are gods, which later, of course, Christ said, you are gods. But He used the term image. Image means you are not completely the same. There is, however, a possibility for you to become like Me. That is one of the things that you have to watch very carefully, that is, this teaching that many have received that you are god. You have to ask, is it the same as God's Will? Or am I following the same teachings that you are god, and you can go ahead and eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?


Guest: And what would save us from going to eat this apple is the feeling. This feeling inside of us tells us what is OK and we don't have someone who tests our ego by saying, eat this. The ego is not the ruler. We feel, is this OK? And no, inside of us says No, this is not the way, so we don't do it. So the main thing is to have this feeling to guide us. And that's what I'm trying to experiment with. The feeling is God's Will, we feel inside, we know it's good, we know that's the way, that's the path. We can express ourselves in the freedom of expressing what we want to express. Well it's not easy, the line is very thin.

Maitreya: I'm just giving you a warning. I'm not saying that your feeling might be right or wrong. If your feeling is really in tune with God, then it's right. But it is you who has to answer that question.

Is my feeling exactly the same as God's feeling? Do I still have a little ego left, or am I pure enough to judge that feeling as 100% right?

If you are pure enough and you have no ego left in you so you can say, "No, No, No, I have no ego left, I'm completely one with God and that is my feeling, that is my answer, that should be right," then you have to follow it. But if you have the slightest doubt there is a little ego left, you still have to be careful and aware of where this teaching may take you!


Guest: Well, the aim is always to do God's Will, but in respect of God in us, and with the full understanding that He lives through us and that He wants us to be our totality. So doing God's Will is being the totality that we can be. I don't think there is ego here. It's a good thing to be here on this planet at this time and ...

Maitreya: It's wonderful. It's incredible to be on this planet right now, because of what we can do here now, what we can accomplish. And we can do it. That is a wonderful feeling that great Prophets and Saints and teachers were looking for this time to be and to come. And we are here now. Now if we refuse to do it, we are missing big, aren't we?

As I said many times, If what I say is truth, the people who are ready, or whose feeling has been purified enough to know the Will of God, will know my voice. They will catch it right away. All religions of the world are unified. The way to creating the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth is given based on the Communities of Light. What else do we need? So if they know my voice, I'm done with them. It's their Mission. It's no longer my Mission. It's between them and God. They take it and carry it on.

So to answer what you said, see, the New Agers have some truth in them. Hindus have some truth in them. Christians have some truth. Moslems have some truth. Jews have some truth. Baha'is have some truth. Many organizations and groups have some truth, and we don't condemn any of them. But you have to understand what is their limit, where they stop in their truth, and as I said, where they fall in The Greatest Sign. If they find their place there, we are One.

We're not against New Agers. We're not against Moslems or Christians or Jews or whoever. I look at the earth and say, "I'm against no one." They're all a part of us, but it is they who have to realize what part of the greater truth they are. As long as we keep our tunnel vision and cut ourselves off from the rest of the whole we can be a part of, then actually we separate ourselves from God, from greater truth.

So that's why I'm suggesting to you, or to anyone, wherever you are is fine, but see where you are in the totality that you want to become. And the totality is given in The Greatest Sign. Just look at it. It's total. It's complete. It's perfect. It's vast. It's incredible. I have probably described The Greatest Sign 700-800 times and every time I describe it, it is completely different than the one I did before. It's just like God, realizing God every day more and more, and He never finishes.

You know that is the wonderful thing about God, you never finish realizing Him more. And you never become bored. The people think, if you're religious or God-conscious, you should be a very boring person or a bored person. Actually God is the least boring that I have encountered in my life.

So, the moment you say you found it, you lost it. No one finds God. Just realize God more and more.

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