A Satsang (Discourse) given by Maitreya on, "Escapism and the Spiritual Path We Follow."

06/23/1991 Satsang (Discourse) With


Question: "They are this way, neither hot nor cold because they have overcome any effect of the external world on their bodies and Souls and are in the higher chakras," (from THOTH). I had believed this was the aim, to be in the higher chakras rather than ruled by the lower ones?

Maitreya: If you read THOTH more in depth, it explains that there is always a pitfall in every level of consciousness. For instance, when you're in the first chakra, you're poor in spirit. You want to become an escapist.

In the first chakra you're attracted to the external world. You want to fit in, to be a part of society. You want to be accepted by the society. Then more and more you realize it is not possible for you. You are poor in spirit. Other people are not poor in spirit, they are aggressive. They take advantage of each other. They take advantage of every situation.

If your spirit is called toward God, little by little you realize that your spirit is different than other people's. So you start mourning. You start complaining and saying, "What is this? Why am I not getting my fair share? Why am I not receiving what I need?" Everyone else seems to be very aggressive. You become a mourner. Eventually you conform to society. You try to be a part of it.

As you progress you realize, "All the problems in society come from the lack of righteousness." That's why you long for righteousness and you want to see everyone do the right thing. But at the same time you see it's not happening. You want to change things. You want to create a good environment around you. You want to have the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. You want everyone to be mild, loving and wonderful around you. This is what the Spirit is longing to see.

Then, of course, when you go to the higher level, you become compassionate for others for you now understand it's very hard to progress to that level (become loving, understanding, etc). You reach a point where you go to the ethereal level. In the fifth level, the ethereal, you see God. You see God is behind everything.

You say, "God is there in all things." You see what a wonderful universe He has created and that everything works for the best at the end. So you say, "Why should I do anything about it?" Again, you may become an escapist. In the first level and the fifth level there is a possibility that you become an escapist.

In the first level you were poor in spirit, you were afraid to take a stand, you were afraid to be aggressive. Your spirit wasn't a very aggressive spirit. But now in the fifth level, you have reached the higher chakras, a higher level. You can now affect your environment, but because you see God is behind all things, you may feel you do not have to act, or change or affect anything.

Some people even astral travel. They meet wonderful beings on the many ethereal levels. They can see ethereal things. They can see angels. They can see that the ethereal state of the universe is much vaster than this manifested world.

The manifested world is actually a very small part of the universe. In the time when the humans were more in spiritual and ethereal levels, the dream world was more real to humans than this external world. This external world was very little reality to them compared to the ethereal level which is much vaster than this world.

But we became cruder and cruder, and eventually we became this gross body. Now we are so crude that this world is more real to us than the ethereal world, the dream world.

That's why if we have an experience of the dream world, suddenly we become completely imbalanced to others. We become different. Other people think, "What happened to him? Maybe he went crazy or something." But in reality the ethereal level is much vaster than this external world.

Now by meditation and by escaping this world, by doing many exercises and reaching the ethereal world, you overcome some, or all, of the effect of the external world. You become neither cold nor hot. As I said, you may prefer to be in the ethereal level more often than this external world, to become an escapist again.

You might even meet some masters there in that level. We have heard a lot of people become channels of different masters. They channel those people. Many people channel the same person. It's the same master, but they say different things from the same master. The reason is that the ethereal level is so vast that you might become completely confused with its vastness. You might fall into another trap which is the vastness of this level.

Also as we said many times, you can create your own universe in the ethereal levels. Your thoughts are manifested to tangible things. So, many create a master in their own image and then become its channel. That is why many channels for the master with the same name say different things. The master is the creation of the channel and is in his or her own image.

Also, because you see how wonderfully this creation works and that God is behind everything, and you see these wonderful beings in the ethereal level, etc, you say, "I made it. I am there. I am in heaven." But as we have said many times, "If you see something, if there is a manifestation, it is not the ultimate." God is un-manifested.

If in your meditation, or your dream, or your realization, you reach a point where there are beautiful trees and a wonderful place to go, and there are beautiful masters and people there, you haven't made it yet. That is still a manifestation. There are trees, there are people, there are humans, there are masters. There is something tangible. God in Its ultimate form is intangible. He is Formless, Invisible, Nameless and Eternal (FINE).

In the highest manifestation God is a Spirit. God is Consciousness. So reaching the ethereal levels of consciousness is not the highest. You still might fall into a trap. You might become an escapist and say, "OK, I reached a point, I made it." You are trapped!

In this level some people become trapped in their own universe. When they enter the ethereal level they are powerful, they can do things in that level. They can manifest things.

It is just like the story I told you of this lady who went to Tibet. She really longed for companionship. She meditated on having a companion. Through her meditation she created a yogi who became her companion, by her own mental power. But because there still was some impurity in her, this creation that she had made became nastier and nastier to her everyday. It was her own creation. Her impurity was coming through that yogi to her because she wasn't pure.

He became so nasty that she didn't know what to do with him anymore. She longed to get rid of him, but she couldn't dissolve him. She couldn't destroy him. She couldn't say, "Go away." He just was there, and he was becoming nastier and nastier. Eventually she had to seek help from others to get rid of him. In a sense, we create most of the problems in our lives.

In that level you can create your own universe and you may become trapped in it. So the fifth level or the ethereal level can also be a great trap. You can actually manifest whatever your desires are, in that level.

That's why some people who have out of body experiences and enter this level become very scared. They rush back to their bodies. Have you seen some people when they have nightmares, wake up and they are shaken? They had some terrible experience. They usually say that they went someplace that was very scary, and they became scared.

What happens is, in that level whatever you think is manifested because you are in some level where you actually become co-creator. You can create things. But because you go there before you are pure enough, by your own thoughts you create scary scenes that scare you very much. This is why you rush back to your body, and when you wake up you are still not completely in your body. You had a nightmare.

See, becoming an escapist in that level, or in higher levels, or falling into each trap in the higher levels of consciousness also is what we have to overcome. We have to not fall into those traps.

So these people reach higher consciousness by becoming escapists, and they teach escapism to other people also. "This world is illusion, don't worry about this world. Don't worry about these problems of the world. You just meditate and you are responsible for your own spiritual progress. You are not responsible for the external world or whatever happens to it."

That is not what God created this universe for. God created this universe to help the consciousnesses to reach higher consciousness and eventually pure consciousness. That is why our answer is the Communities of Light.

In the Communities of Light you are not an escapist. You are working for the creation of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. In the process you also reach higher consciousness because you purify yourself more and more. By the time you reach the fifth level, or the ethereal level, you can also do everything by force that those people who are in that higher level do. At the same time you don't become trapped into it because you can return to the body and resume your work with the Communities of Light.

You can even go one step higher, to the sixth level. That is where you and God are One. You feel that you are a pure channel for God. In that level you are really close to Pure Consciousness. You go in and out of that level, of course. You feel you are like God, at the same time you are in the body. So you act in the body just like everyone else but in consciousness you are absolutely One with the Will of God. You create love, compassion, understanding, gentleness, etc.

In that level you are no longer trapped because even the ethereal level loses its amazement to you. The ethereal level is still a manifested thing. The Will of the Father, the Spirit of God is not something manifested. It is even beyond the ethereal level. It is beyond the masters. It is beyond every teaching that is related to what the many different channels are saying, etc, which creates even more confusion.

God doesn't create confusion. God said the same thing to Moses, the same thing to Krishna, the same thing to Christ, the same thing to Muhammad, the same thing to Bab. He says the same thing. He doesn't change. He doesn't create confusion. He doesn't create separation. He doesn't create selfishness and self-centeredness.

He creates humility. He creates oneness. He creates love, compassion, understanding. These are the qualities that we have to create in ourselves.

We are not here to create power, "I can travel in the ethereal level," or "I can project my spirit, go and meet these masters here and there." We have to become loving, compassionate, understanding and humble. These are the qualities of God. We understand how He wants us to be and to become.

So we can see that is why God opposes that you reach these levels of consciousness by force, by overcoming being hot or cold. The goal is not to overcome being hot or cold. The goal is to be in the world and work with it, in the Communities of Light. Eventually when you overcome being hot or cold, still you are not affected by this world. Then you are in the world but not of it again. You see?

Indeed, that was the reason God threw Adam and Eve out of heaven (ethereal state). They were neither hot nor cold. They thought they were gods. They did not want to till the ground and help the universe. They also became self-centered.

They were thrown out of that state. They had to learn to be humble before they could enter heaven again. The same thing happens to humans who are more in the dream world than the gross world. They are thrown into the gross world to learn their lessons (chapter 6 of Genesis).

In the Communities of Light, when you reach the fifth or sixth level you have learned how to be in the world but not be affected by it. You have overcome your attachments and/or desires. You are no longer like that lady who longed for companionship. Of course, if there is company, you enjoy it.

Actually you enjoy it even more because you don't need it. If you need something, you are in trouble. You have to overcome that need. You don't need companionship but you enjoy companionship. Those are two different things.

If you have to work hard to make someone be with you, then that is a need. That is a desire. But if I don't desire that companionship but I have a lot of people who are around me, and we can have beautiful relationships with one another and create deep interpersonal relationships based on the word of God, then we talk about God and we dance with each other as we work with the work of God. Then it is wonderful. That is the joy of being.

That lady was on the ethereal level. She could manifest another person to be with her, but she still had a need. She wanted companionship. She desired. Her wanting was her impurity.

That is why the Communities of Light are such a wonderful process. You work in the process. We're not talking about, anyone who walks into the Communities of Light is perfect. No. That's one of the wonderful things about the community, you don't have to be perfect. But as the people progress and more people become perfect, the newcomers will be affected by them faster. After awhile it will become a clearing house. The people who come are going to be affected faster and progress is accelerated.

So becoming escapists, having those impurities and reaching higher consciousness, not understanding the Will of God which is to create the Communities of Light and working in them, is what God is opposing. He says, "If you do this, I'm going to spue you out of my mouth," because you are not ready yet to come to this level. You have desires.

You go to the ethereal level, but your desire is to stay there and enjoy those powers. Now the next lifetime, "I'm going to spue you out of my mouth." You're going to be put somewhere where you don't even have a chance to meditate. You have to learn your lessons.

The faster we learn these things, the faster we learn our lessons, the next lifetime we're going to be in a much better position. We're going to be in a place where we learn our lessons, faster and faster.

It doesn't mean, if you are in higher consciousness the next lifetime, the moment you come to this world, you know everything. But the difference is you learn your lessons faster because you have already learned them in a previous lifetime.

That is what God said. He doesn't oppose that you reach higher consciousness and you go to the higher chakras. That is the goal. But it has to be with purity, with understanding the Will of God, with doing the Will of God, and becoming one with His Will. It is to understand what He wants, not our will, not to say, "I am god. I can do whatever I want to."

There are a lot of people out there who say, "I am god." That's right, you are god. Really, you are not God, you have the potential to become god. You are in the image of God. You can become god but you have to purify yourself to reach there. If you reach a point where you overcome being hot or cold, sit there, enjoy it and do nothing, that is when God says, "I don't like this." Being god carries a lot of responsibility with it. Being god and irresponsible is what God opposes.

Guest: In higher consciousness I wasn't thinking at all of being out here in the ethereal. I'm talking about moving the energy from the lower chakras into the heart. Certainly the heart and the throat, so you're not affected in the same way by what's happening in the outer circumstances. I know that that's something I have. I don't want to live up there. I want my feet on the ground. I know that I've learned that I don't react to things anymore in the way I once did. I can be in the midst of things, and those lower chakras aren't bringing out responses that used to be there, because I seem to have learned something about moving the energy. But I don't think that I'm out here in the ethereal.

Maitreya: The ethereal is actually here (5th chakra). When you go here (third eye) it's getting close to Pure Consciousness. Here is the heart chakra. When you go out the top of the head, you are no longer living in the body. You merge with God.

Question: That's what I didn't understand about the hot and the cold then. It's like, "No, I don't react in those angry ways." But it seems like I should be, almost. "You're neither hot nor cold," and you aught to be one or the other it seems.

I don't know what to do with that. It seems that keeping a nice balance is then not quite the answer because then you're not totally involved.

Maitreya: Being in this chakra (fourth) and this chakra (fifth) is not bad. You didn't go and sit on the top of the mountains doing pranayama and yoga, trying to overcome the external world so you wouldn't be hot or cold. You still wrote. You go and visit your children. You came here. You are active. You are doing something. We are talking about those people who overcome by those kinds of exercises.

Even faster than using techniques (yoga, etc) to come to these higher levels, without having the pitfalls of these levels, is in the Communities of Light.

See, according to our teaching, everything can be of three kinds. Everything, even spiritual progress, can be of three kinds. It can be from ignorance, from passion, or from knowledge.

So if someone is in the spiritual path, you have to look at them. Is their spiritual path from ignorance, is it from passion, or is it from knowledge?

Guest: You've helped me to understand the hot and the cold. That's what was bothering me. I thought because I have achieved a kind of equilibrium and stay in a quite harmonious state that somehow now I'm neither hot nor cold. That has helped. Thank you.

Maitreya: You're welcome.

Question: Do you see that there is anything significant in the Dead Sea Scrolls and other modern day findings not available to the King James translation of the Bible?

Maitreya: Of course. God's work is usually vast. Anytime he comes to earth he leaves a lot of references to his work, the way he lives, the way he acts, the way he writes, the way he gives speeches, the people he associated with. Everything about the whole life should be considered, rather than only just the few words that were given by his disciples and, in the case of the New Testament, were written down 170 years later and came to us as Scripture (New Testament).

Actually the Old Testament was completely lost after the Hebrews and Jews (both the Northern Kingdom and Southern Kingdom) were destroyed. They completely lost their Bible. They didn't know what the book was saying.

It wasn't like now, that we could just make millions of copies of the Bible and distribute it everywhere. They probably had a couple of hand-written copies in the whole kingdom. Actually in the Bible it says that after they came back to rebuild the temple, they found a book in the old wall. They took it as, this is the original Bible that they used to study.

Again it is a well known fact that the Bible was really written down as Scriptures (in organized form) 500 years before Christ. If we believe that the Hebrew stories started around 4-6,000 years ago, but were not written as Scripture until five hundred years before Christ, for over 3,000 years they weren't really written on paper in an organized form.

Even then, it is said that Moses wrote the first five books. Abraham didn't write them. Isaac didn't write them. Israel didn't write them. It was Moses who wrote them. We can see that a lot of things could have happened to affect the outcome. A lot of things have been said which are not recorded. Therefore, these books came to us as a very small portion of a great knowledge that most of it has been lost.

We know that there are other books that were left out of the Old Testament. They decided that those were not the original. The Dead Sea Scrolls that came to us by being found in the cave, show that Christ himself lived with the Essenes. He lived with them and was very familiar with their teachings. We can conclude that his parents lived with them too.

Then when he was twelve years old suddenly he disappeared. You don't hear anything about him until he is thirty years old when he started preaching. Where was he those eighteen years?

Of course, there are a lot of books which explain that he went to Egypt, he went to Persia, he went to India, he went to Tibet and gathered a lot of knowledge. There is even a monastery in India that has the story of Christ, that he went there, he was called Esa, that he was crucified, and all those things.

But God had a Plan. God had a reason for sending all these Prophets. He was giving every religion one Prophet and one message to bring to humanity. That is the most important part of the mission of each of these Prophets.

It's OK if you want to read the Dead Sea Scrolls. Probably it helps us to understand him a little deeper, how his life was, how he evolved to that level of consciousness, eventually realized that he had a mission and he had to reach out and go on, and his life was a miracle, etc.

The life of every Prophet is a miracle. It explains that there is a hand, there is a Spirit behind them that is guiding their lives step by step. Of themselves, they are regular people. They look like each of us. But there is something special about their lives. Something happens in their lives that shows that there is Spirit guiding them to that point when eventually they feel, "Yeah, I have no choice. God is calling me to do this work for Him, and I have to do it."

When you reach out and say, "I'm from God and I have this message for you," everyone starts laughing and says, "Who are you that God chooses you? Why didn't God choose me?" I would say, "Do you want the job? You can have it" [all laughing].

But a lot of people think it's a ego trip. This is something that is a wonderful thing, it doesn't happen to anyone. Also they are waiting for someone to come and bring this teaching, the unification, and the answers they are seeking. But when he comes and says, "Hey, I got it. This is what God wants us to do," they say, "No, no, no, we don't want to hear anything about that. Don't tell us what to do." So this teaching and that supplemental information are good to make us understand more the ways of God, how It works.

For instance, Christ was a member of the Essenes. He was a regular member. He looked like everyone else, read their Scriptures, and lived with them. But somehow he was so attracted to the spiritual thing that he had to leave his home and go to Egypt. He had to leave and go to Persia. He had to go to India, to Tibet. He was guided, he was forced to seek those teachings. He expanded his horizons.

Actually if you read the New Testament and compare it with the Bhagavad-Gita, sometimes the words are exact. It sounds like they took the words from one and put them into the other. And because the Bhagavad-Gita is older than the New Testament you can say that he already knew about the Bhagavad-Gita. So he almost was repeating the same words to the Hebrew people.

Of course, the Hebrews didn't have that teaching. They had their own teaching according to their tradition. Their tradition knew about those things. When Moses brought the teaching to his people, they knew about reincarnation, the law of karma, the effect of the different foods, the effect of the way you live, the chakras, everything. But it became lost and lost and lost.

By the time Christ came, they didn't know anything about it. The things he was talking about were very alien to them. That's why they couldn't understand what he said. They felt threatened. The people who are traditional feel threatened by a new teaching, by a new change because they feel someone is destroying something they have, which is not true. Indeed, these new teachings will expand theirs.

That's why the human likes to resist change. But who can stop God's Work? God's Work goes on without being stopped.

So in a sense, yes, those teachings are good for further information, to make our understanding deeper. But God preserved His teaching, or the words, or the understanding that we want to know about His Plan in every Scripture, like the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Mystical Paths, the Koran, the Baha'i Teaching, the sixth seal and our teaching.

So to understand The Greatest Sign and Its significance, and the relationship between all those teachings and the Eternal Divine Path can be found in the Bible, the Koran, the Old Testament, the New Testament and all those Scriptures. But if you want to know more about those Prophets in a deeper level, of course, any study would help.

Question: There's been a good deal of scholarship done about the things that were left out of the cannon of the Bible. Now we can say, "God was in charge of all of that," or we can say, "Hey, there were guys here who made these decisions for their own reasons," which was largely to preserve and enhance their own power.

A lot of what was eliminated had to do with women. I've read a good deal about that, and not just by women. There are many writings.

Some of what was left out of the original cannon were a lot of these kinds of things. In a way it was tampered with so that there would be no evidence of....well the feminine was really put down. I think women have suffered greatly because of the attitudes and biases that have come out of the way the story has been told. And that was done, I don't think by God personally at all. But I do think there were people who had the power to see to it that what they wanted it to be was in that document.

Maitreya: Exactly. A lot of things have been put in and changed. The doctrine was changed for the enhancement of the power of those who were in charge. That's why we have to bring justice to everyone. That justice includes women. It includes everyone else on earth. So injustice sounds like a very popular trend in human life. Justice is closer to the heart of God than anything else.

As we said, God is both male and female. God, Consciousness, is male, and the three creative forces, the Mother, is the female, The Holy Ghost. How can God live without the creative force, just as a Consciousness? He knows everything but He can do nothing. He could create nothing of Himself if He didn't have the creative force with It.

We have to recognize the place of the woman. What is the woman? Woman is the manifestation of The Holy Mother. For instance they say, "It was the woman who made man fall and be thrown out of heaven." Actually we can look at it this way, that if the woman is the cause of falling from The Grace and the reason for the human to be thrown out of heaven, then women are very powerful. So they can also bring man back to heaven. You see? They have the key to hell or heaven!

But what kind of women? The women who are Holy Mothers, who are Grace. What is man? Man is supposed to be the manifestation of the Father. Who is Father? Who has the Father's ability? Who is concerned? Who is consciousness?

If we can create men like Father and women like The Holy Mother, again that is a part of the Communities of Light, then no one is going to be out of heaven!

Also male and female energies are related to the physical body but it is not absolute. You can have a male body with Grace. You don't have to be macho or not graceful. You can be a female and not graceful at all. That's why Christ was called, "Full of knowledge and grace," both Knowledge, Father, and Grace, The Holy Mother.

We have to look at these things more, expand ourselves a little beyond our physical bodies, so we can put this fight to rest between males and females. "I have to have a fight with males and destroy them," or "These females are trying to get our privileges away from us." We have to understand that male and female are related to Spirit, to the higher thing.

If we see Grace in the other person as the female energy, and the Knowledge as the male energy, then we don't look at bodies as male or female. We can say, "OK, this body has Grace. This body has knowledge. This is more female. This is more male." It has nothing to do with our physical bodies.

It is all because we think in the manifested world. We look at things as manifested bodies. If we could go beyond that and go to Spirit, most of these problems that we have right now on earth are going to be dissolved and solved.

If, for instance, we look at the women as what they manifest, if they have a lot of knowledge they have a lot of male energy, and if they have a lot of Grace they have a lot of female energy, or they can have both. We don't look at them as bodies, we look at them as spirit, as what they manifest.

But, of course, if we become too attached to what happened in the past, then we will become slowed down in our spiritual progress because then we become bitter, "Why were these things done to women?" It's done. We can do nothing about it now. Can we do something about it now? Can we?

Guest: No. But they are still here, because it's deeply ingrained in the consciousness of this culture certainly.

Maitreya: I guess it is true of every culture. Grace is more submissive. Grace is more wonderful. Grace is not aggressive. Of course, female energy has more Grace in it. That's why female energy is not as aggressive as male energy.

Now, because the culture is changing, many women are also creating a lot of male energy. You see that we have aggressive women around, especially in the West. So this has nothing to do with your body. It is because the culture encouraged that aggressiveness to be, but I hope they don't lose The Grace.

That is the problem. You might become too aggressive and no longer manifest that Grace, the state of The Holy Ghost, the Mother, or male energy forgets to become knowledgeable. It has to become a balance, knowledge with Grace, male and female together. They have to recognize each other's place. Each has its own place.

There is no fight between them. Father doesn't fight with Mother. The Holy Ghost doesn't fight the Consciousness. The Holy Ghost and Consciousness work with one another. Because the moment the creative force is not combined with the Knowledge and the Consciousness, the creation is going to go out of hand. Everything is going to be destroyed. That is because the creative force doesn't have any guidance, how to create, what to create. If there is only Consciousness and it doesn't have any creative force, He doesn't have the ability to create. So there is no fight between these two.

Again we are falling into our own lower natures, into our human understanding of these things and that's why we have created such separation between male and female. There is no separation. Each of us are necessary. Males are necessary. Females are necessary. That is how the universe is created. There is the male, which is Consciousness, and there is the female, which is Grace, The Holy Mother.

Question: Do you think we're evolving to a place where every person will be more balanced between the two? Is that desirable?

Maitreya: That is also a part of the coming of the Kingdom. You can see that happening.

See that's another sign that we are going toward a more balanced earth. We are coming out of the period of darkness, of understanding things in a black and white state. There is nothing black and white in this universe. There are many shades in every color in this universe.

So that's why sometimes people say they don't receive their answer exactly the way they want it from me, because there is no black and white answer. There are many shades.

Question: Are the 144,000 an ultimate maximum number, applying to the Elders? My church background lead me to think they were the number to be saved at the return of the Christ.

Maitreya: When God uses a number, usually it is symbolic. He loves to play with symbols, just like hide and seek. He hides something here and He hides something there. He wants to make the play very interesting. He knows, because He is the best Master. He know that unless you find the Truth by yourself, it doesn't matter how much Truth I tell you, it won't make any difference if you are not ready for it.

That's why He hides things under here, under there and you trip over it and say, "Oh yeah, I found it." Then you run to everyone and say, "Did you know that, that, that, that." That is your realization, your understanding. That stays with your spirit because you found it. That's something you found, so it stays in your spirit forever.

God also gives everything in a mystery, in a symbolic way, in a way that you seek. If He said in the Bible, "144,000 will be saved, that's it, no one else will be, period," everyone would say, "OK, 144,000 will be saved and that's it." But he doesn't say that. He said, "Their number is 144,000."

Then, of course, later on He says, "There is also a crowd which will come to God at that time, that cannot be numbered." So there are 144,000 which He refers to as the twelve tribes of Israel (12,000 each), and then another huge number that also comes and joins them. First of all, is it really 144,000 exact? No, it's not.

When He says, for instance, Christ was fasting and meditating in the desert for forty days, it doesn't literally mean 40 days. It means a long period. When He says 144,000, He means a very large number of people are going to be called, are going to be chosen, are going to be taking up the Message. They are going to go and be on fire of Spirit, who are sent out to preach and give the Message to every corner on the earth. So this 144,000 which means a large number, doesn't have to be exactly. They are the Children of Israel.

What does the Children of Israel mean? The Children of Israel means the Children of Light, those who have lightened up their spirit, those who want to do the Will of God, those who are inspired, fired up with the Word of God, who take the Message, take the understanding and they go for it a hundred percent. They preach it and they take it to every corner of the world.

These are the people we call, Paravipras, those who realize the Eternal Divine Path. They go through It and they are fired up to give this Message of unity to humanity, to unify them, work to create the Communities of Light and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. These are the 144,000.

But is that all there is to it? No. There are also millions and millions, and billions of people who will hear this word, join the Communities of Light and create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Actually those are the ones who are called meek. They are poor in spirit. They are the people who will eventually see, "Yes, there is justice. There is righteousness. There are the words of God that come through these Paravipras (Children of Israel)."

The earth is going through this tribulation to prepare these people. Why do we have so many wars, so much tension, so much destruction? Are our systems working? They are not working, are they?

In the Constitution it says that, "...All men are created equal." Are they equal? It says that they should be able to pursue the happiness, "We are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." But do we have that?

What does it mean, "All men are created equal?" Does it mean all Americans are created equal? Or does that include Canadians and South Americans? Does it? It does.

So you see, the fulfillment of that Constitution hasn't even come true yet. It was not for that time when it was written. It was for this time. This is the time it's really going to manifest. That is what we are doing here. This is the time of seeing that all men are created equal. Does it include women? It sure does.

Guest: But it didn't when it was written.

Maitreya: Yes, well it was written 200 years ago. Are the woman equal? Do they receive their fair share and happiness?

We see, the words have been said. The spirit is willing but the flesh is still weak. Humanity is not there yet. We haven't created the vision of the founding fathers of the United States.

Why the United States? As we read THOTH it explains how the United States have been put aside. In what country could I go and preach to them, have them accept me as a person from another nation, and let me come and teach them something wonderful? It is only in the United States. If I go anywhere else, probably they wouldn't listen to me, they even may crucify me!

So there is something God has given as a very wonderful thing to this land, that we are here now to do it, to manifest all these things we all long for, with understanding, with a deeper level of what it means to be a woman. What is a woman? What is a man?

If we understand, then we see, "Yes, the only way we can have it is in the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, in the Communities of Light," with understanding what God means in His Scriptures and Words. Then we can manifest this word on earth according to His Prophets, according to His History, according to His Manifestation, according to His Chosen People and chosen place and the words that have come to us.

We haven't manifested His Words, and a lot of words have come to humanity for the last 6,000 years from the Prophets, from our founding fathers in the United States, etc.

Question: How does the Holy Word that you give relate to The Holy Ghost?

Maitreya: As I said, the Holy Name initiation is in four parts. This is the name of the Father and the name of the son which merge together and become one. There is no separation. It's the same thing.

Also the four parts relate to the consciousness and the three levels of manifestation, or the three gunas. The first three are related to tama, raja and satva. The last one is Pure Consciousness, or Consciousness. But you cannot separate them, they are all together as one.

So you can say the first three parts are related to The Holy Ghost. They bring up the lower level of consciousness, the lower energies to the higher level. The first three chakras are related to tama. The next two are raja. The sixth is satva, and the seventh is consciousness.

In the process of meditating on the Word, you transform the energy from the lower level to the higher level. Eventually you reach a point when you are neither hot nor cold. But that's a good hot or cold because you are working with the Communities of Light at the same time. You are not an escapist. You are not running away to the mountains and to the caves, forsaking the world and saying, "It's an illusion."

This world is not an illusion. This table exists. It is a relative truth. It is not absolute. This is not an absolute thing. It can be destroyed. It can be burned. It can be transformed to something else.

Absolute means the essence within yourself. It is something which cannot be born. It cannot be destroyed. It cannot be broken to anything else more essential than itself.

God always was there. There was no time that God wasn't. God was always there. It is the Essence of the universe. That Essence is what we have to become. That's why being attached to this body is not the ultimate. Even being attached to the heaven that has trees and water, and is a wonderful place, is not the ultimate because it is still manifestation. It is a manifested thing.

We have to go somewhere that's the Essence of God. That's the highest. We want to be the Essence, something that never dies, has never been born, and doesn't have any body.

Actually you could say that the universe is the body of God. And that's what creates the problem. Anything that manifests is under the influence of the three gunas. Anything under the influence of the three gunas goes up and down. It's cold and hot. It's a problem, it's trouble.

So the idea is, the whole Mission is a package. It all goes hand in hand. You cannot accept one part of it and throw the rest away. You can't say, "OK, I want the mantra, that's it. Just give me the mantra."

Like we received some letters asking, "Just send the mantra to me" [all laughing]. It cannot be uttered in the manifested world. How can I send it to you in a letter?

Still, I'm not going to give it to you. Why do you want the mantra? It's going to harm you even more if you don't understand the whole package. It goes with the package. It is not something that I can just give to you and you say, "OK, I got the mantra," and run away with it. What are you going to do with it?

You are playing with fire. Either you love the Mission and you receive the mantra, or you receive the mantra and eventually you are going to love the Mission. It doesn't work that you just take it and run away.

So that's how it works. It transforms your energy higher and higher. With the higher mantra, you receive a higher level of consciousness. Eventually when you receive the third one, which is the satva part of the Holy Word, you realize The Holy Ghost, The Grace.

The Grace is the most important. They say, "You are saved by Grace." Have you heard that? "You are saved by Grace," not by your works, not by your knowledge, not by your understanding, but with Grace. So we have to realize what Grace is. Such a wonderful thing.

It doesn't mean if you have The Grace you don't work. You don't do anything. You don't help. You don't say, "Oh, I have Grace, I don't want to do anything. I'll sit here and just space out." You didn't receive Grace, you are spaced out. That is two different things.

When you receive Grace, Grace is such a way that you can accomplish even more, beyond your own imagination. That is what Grace is. So when you receive the third part of the Word, you recognize very well what The Grace is.

Grace is not to be an escapist. Grace is not to be spacing out. Grace is something that brings a wonderful connection with the universe, with being. You are no longer alone or helpless. That is how the relationship between the Holy Ghost and the Word is.

When you reach that point, of course, you would know you are there. Even you might not know you are.

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