A Farewell and Commission by Maitreya to Two Disciples .

01/08/1989 Satsang (Discourse) With


Maitreya: Tonight is probably going to be our last formal Satsang with these two gentlemen, who speak French.

Well, you have been here for three weeks and have seen a sample of what the Communities of Light are going to be. Of course, this is not really the final form of the community, it is a beginning of one. As it grows and more people are here, it's going to have much more strength and beauty.

As we create strong communities and more people become God- conscious and work and move in the Grace all the time, we will have a lot of graceful people going around and tending to their daily lives. Hopefully as they focus more on God, they will focus less on their problems. And the problems will eventually vanish. Even if there is a real problem, with cooperation, love, understanding, and following the way to solve them, those real problems can be readily solved.

This will happen especially if we understand the Will of God and how He wants us to live our every day life, respecting one another, loving one another, and creating strong neighborhoods and communities. We will love our neighbors as we love ourselves.

Probably once in awhile one nation, or one neighborhood, or one county, or some small place on earth manifested itself in a limited sense as a loving community. But they didn't have the Eternal Divine Path. They didn't have the crystallized way of how it can be done. Also for the last twelve thousand years we were in an age of ignorance. Man's passion, ignorance and selfishness always interfered with this creation.

That's why God had to send each part of the Divine Path separately, and give them a little bit of the whole truth, a bit at a time. Now each main religion of the world has a small part of the truth. It is just like that story about the elephant and the five blind men. One touched the leg of the elephant and said, That elephant is a cylinder. Another caught the trunk and said, The elephant is a long meaty hose. The third one got the husks and he said, No, No the elephant is a bony hard thing. The fourth one caught the elephant's tail and said, The elephant is like a snake, and the fifth blind man touched its ear and said, No, it is like a leaf.

They started a big fight with each other because each of them said, I am the person who knows what the elephant looks like. But really the elephant looks completely different than what they had perceived. Now we brought the whole elephant to earth and we say, This is the whole elephant, this is the whole vision. Each of you have a part of it.

But they are still blind, and they say, No, the elephant is what we have. So we have to open their eyes and show them that this is the whole thing, if they want to see the whole vision!

God sent all these parts to humanity in different times. Now we are at the brink of the Golden Age. As Esa said, When you see the signs of the times you know a new teaching, a new era, is approaching. But still, even in this time, people say, Show me a sign. Bring the fire from the sky. Heal me. Give me everything I want, then I might believe in you.

Should we give the same answer to them that was given 2,000 years ago? You generation of vipers! You still look for the signs, for healing, and for opening of the seas? You look for all those things that have already been done for you? Have not the Prophets of the past done these things? Did you have greater faith then? No, you did not.

Then we refer them to the signs of the time. We refer them to the fulfillment of the prophecies. We refer them to the unification of all the religions of the world. We refer them to the way to bring the Kingdom On Earth.

If they are still refusing to accept it, shouldn't we just leave them to the Father, and tell them that we have done our work? We have given them the Message. We have brought the unity of all religions and Mystical Paths. But if still they don't want to do it, we just release them to the Father. He does to them as He pleases.

Therefore, your work is easy. You just give the Message. You just tell the people what you saw and heard here. Tell them the Good News, that the Kingdom is at hand -- Come and let's altogether mani-fest it. Those who are prepared for it will hear your voice, because your voice is my voice. Those who are prepared will know my voice, and when they hear it, they will respond. And those who are not given to respond will go even further astray.

So I send you out, back where you are from, and that is what you will do. Give the Message. Give the Good News and let them respond to it. If they don't respond, don't worry about it, it is not up to you. It is up to the Father. You are just channels for Him. It's easy, isn't it?

It is very easy. God Loves you, and you will touch many who will respond to your voice. And when they respond to your voice still know it is the Father, that He's doing it through you. If they do not respond to you, just release them to the Father. Pray for them that they may see and their eyes might be opened, and that they come and join us in this most Holy endeavor that we have undertaken.

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