Feel God Deeply

A Satsang (Discourse) given by Maitreya on, "How to feel God Deeply; and, Why We Give Spiritual Names to People"

03/17/1990 Satsang (Discourse) With


Question: I have two questions. How can I feel God inside more and more deeply?

Maitreya: Love your God with all your heart, mind and spirit. That means focus your intention and your life physically, mentally and spiritually on God. As it has been said, You are saved by The Grace, and Grace is something that belongs to God. He can give it to anyone He wants to, and withdraw it from anyone He wants to. And the more you focus on Him, the more He focuses on you.

There are many, many ways and techniques to get close to God and experience God. One of them is to quiet our senses by fasting, meditation, service, Satsang, focusing on The Greatest Sign, and reading THOTH and Satsangs. Wrap yourself all with God's Ways and God's Energy, and focus on Him alone.

With all of that still it's up to God to touch us, to want to show us the deep realization of Him. It is not something we can demand. It is not something we can sit there and say, Oh God, you have to give it to me. It just doesn't come in the way a lot of people expect it to come.

One time you really put all your life on experiencing God, and it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. You give up and you start doing the most mundane thing in the universe, and you suddenly become filled up with this energy, this wonderful connection with God.

So it is not something you can really demand, or any special technique is needed. You can follow the techniques. You can purify your life physically, mentally and spiritually and still not experience God. And you might do that and experience God.

So in a sense it is something like God playing "hide and seek" with you. Just the moment you really go after Him and you try to be with Him, He runs away from you. It seems like He's not going to reveal Himself to you. But sometimes you say, No, no, no, I'm not going to do this anymore. You just give up and suddenly God is with you.

That's why some Great Masters call it, the play, a game for God. And that's how it happens. We shouldn't be serious about realizing God, but sincere. If you are serious it means that you are not flowing, you are not really opening your heart to God. Seriousness comes from the mind. God-realization comes from the heart. If you're too serious about realizing God, really you hide God from yourself because seriousness is a kind of, "You have to do it for me." You are the doer.

God doesn't work that way. The moment you say, You have to do it for me, He says, Oh yeah? He's going to do just exactly the opposite of what you want. But when you love Him completely with your heart and say, OK if you don't want to be with me fine, still I love you. Right away you make Him completely open to you. He starts following your heart. That is the way you can really enslave God, by loving Him, that is the way you can invoke His Grace.

He's like a little child when you love Him with your heart. But when you are trying to figure Him out with your mind, then you feel He has left you. He's no longer there. That's why they say, Entering heaven is just like walking on a tight rope. When you walk on the tight rope it's so hard. You have to balance yourself all the time. And that is how God works, it's very tricky.

Do you have another question? Do you understand what I'm saying?

Question: The essence, I think. I am beginning to understand better.

Maitreya: See, a lot of people have a preconception of God. God has to sit up there somewhere and doesn't move, and He has a long beard and white hair. Never does His hair fall out. He doesn't do anything. He just gives Grace. He's not attached or doesn't get engaged with day-to-day life. But God can do whatever He wants to.

You can't bind God with your concepts. The moment you create a mold, a model of what God should be, then you are trying to control God. You're trying to limit God. But then you realize that God can do whatever He wants to.

Just like they were saying, What kind of Prophet is Prophet Muhammad? He walks, he talks, he eats, he has seven wives and a child, etc. What is this? But Muhammad said, God does whatever He wants to. You can't mold Him. You can't put Him in a straight jacket and say, OK either you follow my model or you are no God. You can't do that. That's why you have to open yourself.

We all have tunnel vision, a kind of one dimensional realization of our lives. We live our lives according to a mold, a model that society has told us how we should be in order to be accepted in our environment.

If you don't fall in that mold, people look at you strangely. What's the matter with this person? You feel out of that special set-up.

And that's why we also look at the world according to our glasses. We each have different glasses put on our eyes. One pair is blue. One is red. One is yellow, and different colors. So we see the world differently. And that is why, if it's not yellow, or it's not green, it's no good, it doesn't fall into my mold. And God-realization is when you break those molds.

You have to break yourself down to build yourself up again. That's why when we enter an environment like this, we see so many different energies present. But none of them are rejected. God doesn't reject any energy. He incorporates all energies together. So we have to expand ourselves much more in the Communities of Light.

That is fine, that is the external environment that I deal with but I also open myself to new energies, to new ways of seeing. Then when you can see God in everyone, in everything, you don't judge them, but accept them in your energy. They become a part of you. So you open yourself.

God-realization again, is a part of breaking your mold down, breaking your concepts down. And we all have concepts. We live in different cultures, with different environments, in different families, in different cities, or small cities, or villages, or a large city, etc. So we created a special kind of way of looking at the world.

But in the Communities of Light, or in God-realization, when you realize God then you see those molds. You see the people have put themselves in molds. They put a wall around themselves because it's much more comfortable. If you have only this room, it's easier to take care of this room than the whole house, or even a couple of houses.

So that's another thing, as you stay more and more in the Communities of Light, or you meditate, or you connect yourself to the energies that are different than your set energies, you expand yourself. Again it leads you to God because God is expanded. God doesn't Love just intellectuals. God doesn't Love only the people with the heart. God doesn't Love just people with the mind. God doesn't just like politicians, etc. He Loves all of them because all of them are necessary for His universe.

If God just Loves the people who joke and are happy, etc, what happens? Then anyone who wouldn't do that would be out of His Grace. Or, He likes only those people who are very serious. Some people like to laugh and joke around. They would be out of it, wouldn't they? Or the people who only like to work. They don't want to meditate. They love to work. That is their dharma. They like the service, or they want to feel God work through them. Or the person who likes to meditate a lot. Which one is good? All of them are good.

Some people have to meditate more. Some people have to work more. But the best way is to balance them altogether. When you balance yourself, you expand yourself more and more. Then through your meditation and going deep inside, you eventually realize there is only One Mind. You see, the same Spirit which is in you is within all of us. We're connected to one energy, one Spirit, one Oneness in the universe. It's not different, It's the same thing.

Just like flour, from flour you can make bread, you can make biscuits, you can make cookies. The main ingredient is flour. It's the same ingredient in all of them.

It's the same thing. Some people manifest in different ways. We're all connected to the same Spirit. We are One in that Essence, but we manifest Him in different ways.

And when you realize that within you, then you see God in everyone, because there's One God, One Energy. The difference is I manifest Him as a cookie, someone else manifests Him as a bagel, someone else manifests Him as Italian bread, another as French bread, or macaroni, but it's the same thing. It is flour. It comes from wheat. If you know the wheat, then when you look at the bread you know it is made from wheat.

But, of course, you enjoy it differently. You eat cookies after you eat your bread. You don't eat your cookie before the bread, or then you can't eat your bread.

So when you realize that within you, then you see, Yeah, that Thing that is within you is within everyone. Then you can enjoy everything and everyone in the universe, because it doesn't matter how they manifest It, It comes from the same source, doesn't It? Still It is God.

When one member here makes jokes, it is God making jokes. When they build the room, this is God who builds the room. When another starts doing this and doing that, it is God. It's the same thing. When another is sweeping the floor, or going to work, or making good comments about spelling dog backwards (God) [all laughing], or when one is typing, it's the same thing. It's God. Or when one is playing with the child, it's God through her doing it.

Then you can enjoy the life. You can look at everything and say, Beautiful, God is dancing all over. That is when you can deeply realize God, deeply feel God within you, because then you can see the dance of God everywhere. You can look at anything and say, Yeah, God is working through everyone. That is also when you can guide other people to God because you see God everywhere, and you see God in them.

That is what you love about them. You don't look at the faults or shortcomings, you look at God that is in them. That's why they love to progress, they love to get rid of their impurities and the things that keep them from going to God because they feel your love for them. You don't love them, you love God within them.

Then you can love anyone because you don't look at the person, per se. It doesn't matter how bad they are, you say, Hey there is the same God in them that is within me. I love that God, and I want them to become that God in them. So you can love them no matter how bad they are. Even if they attack you, or do something that hurts you, still you say, Oh this poor person, as Christ looked at those people who were nailing him and said, Oh Father, forgive them, they know not what they do. He realized God within them. They were nailing him but he forgave them. He didn't forgive their action, their action was terrible. But God also was in those people who were nailing him, so he forgave them.

So your life becomes much more flowing, much more non-violent, because you can just look at the things that have happened to you in the past, the people who hurt you, the people who stepped all over you and the situations you were in and still you can say, OK I forgive them and forget it. Now I can go ahead in my life with God. And then God opens many doors for you, many...

It is just like Jonathan Livingston Seagull who was living with all those hungry seagulls and birds. The only thing they wanted was to just have some food. And then he started going higher and higher.

When you start realizing this, then you start flying with eagles. The people who come and fly with you are also eagles, all the people who want God. They don't want to have that rat race out there.

That's when the Communities of Light start happening. The more eagles that come together, the stronger we are. The more Godly we are, the more the Communities of Light are based on God and God-consciousness. Also it is very important, especially in the beginning, that we have the support of the community in our endeavors toward God.

If you live out there all the time, and everyone is tight, self-centered and selfish, it affects you, doesn't it? If you are in communities that are open, loving, and supportive to one another it also makes you open up. You don't have to build those walls anymore. Just let self go out and open your heart.

So God-realization and feeling Him deeply is an all-around lifestyle. You can't go halfway with God. You have to go all the way. That's why I said, Those who stay to the end will be saved. You can't go halfway and say, Oh, let's just turn around here and do this thing for awhile and see what happens. OK, let's turn this way and let's stay for awhile. It's a lifestyle. You wrap yourself with God. That's why we are working toward Communities of Light. It is not just one philosophy, or teaching, or one realization, it is the whole thing, physically, mentally and spiritually.

It's something that grows on you. It takes time. Of course, as I said, God can do whatever He wants to. He can touch you right there in a minute, and you say, Hey, He touched me. Then that's it, for the rest of your life you're touched. But you have to let that Love grow in you. Let it flourish. And as it grows in you more and more, you become more flowing in God-consciousness. Then you can love God deeply, because you recognize His universe. That's another way to realize God, by recognizing His universe, and knowing His ways and His creation.

It is a complete turn-around. That is what baptism means. You can't belong to the world and also belong to God. You can be in the world, it's OK to be in the world. You have no choice, you have a body. But be not of it. You should be of God. It is a complete turn-around to God. It is a complete commitment to God, physically, mentally and spiritually. Without it you're going to be half-hearted. He said, If you are lukewarm, I'll throw you out of my mouth. It means that you are not completely whole-heartedly for Him. So when you turn-around completely, physically, mentally and spiritually, then you are baptized in the Spirit.

When you are baptized in the Spirit, the more you go toward God, the greater and deeper you're going to feel God within you. And it starts with the longing to want to know God. That's the first step. You want to know God. That is the beginning. That is when you are called to God.

God is calling you. Son come to me, come home. That longing is there that, I want to know God. I want to know God deeply. You have done many other things that you thought were going to give you joy and happiness. They did not. You wanted a house. You wanted money. You wanted the opposite sex. You wanted children. You wanted all those things for many, many lifetimes. They did not satisfy you.

Eventually you will reach a place where you will say, What is this? I'm not receiving any satisfaction out of all these things I've gathered around me, or I experienced. Still I am empty. Something inside is not filled up. That's when God says, OK son, you had enough. Now you can come to Me.

But still, of course, you have been living like that for many lifetimes, so your senses are still interested in the external world. So you go to God a little bit, you go to the world a little bit. You go to God a little bit, you go to the world. It's just back and forth. But anytime you go back to God, you go a little closer toward Him. Then again you go more to God, less to the world, then further to God and less to the world. Eventually you say, "I've had enough of the world, I don't want this, I want God." So God resides in you much deeper.

Any other questions? You had two questions, what is the other one. You thought I forgot?

Question: About THOTH, you speak much on prophecies. You don't speak about parables, the way Christ was speaking in the Bible about parables. Why in THOTH you don't speak very much about the parables of the Christ? I like the parables.

Maitreya: Well, I give a lot of parables in my Satsangs, don't I, such as the stories, etc? Christ actually mostly gave Satsangs. He didn't write anything himself. If you remember the disciples wrote what he said. It is a different energy when you give Satsang and in the moment a parable is appropriate, than writing a revelation that unifies the religions of the world.

You see, THOTH is a very heavy book [all laughing], a very heavy revelation. It is not written as a light-hearted revelation. God wants it to bring the unification of all religions and explain why they are unified, and why each of them falls in a special place according to the prophecies, according to God's Plan for the last 12,000 years, and that's how it happened. So it's a very deep thought of God. That is why it is so heavy a book.

I used to say, You can write books for every sentence in THOTH. If you really take one sentence and meditate on it, you can write about that sentence -- at least a lot of them have the potential that you realize for many lifetimes.

So that is why THOTH is not written as a light-hearted book. It's a testament for the legitimacy of this revelation, the legitimacy of the Mission. It's a testament for the legitimacy of what we are doing on earth, because it has been prophesied that such a teaching will come to earth. No one ever received this whole teaching in the last 12,000 years. There isn't a revelation that so concisely and precisely unifies all the religions of the world together, explains how they fall in the Path, how God prophesied each will come, and how He did it. We don't have anything like that in any religion or any teaching. That is why it has to be a heavy book. There was no place for parables. It is something that you have to read, reread, study, write about, talk about, and spread to humanity, as that is the way God wants it to be.

But in our Satsangs, yes. In Satsang it's much lighter because we deal with the moment, with the situation we are in now. So there is a parable that just pops up, which relates to that situation.

We use a lot of parables in our Satsangs. We even use some of Christ's parables. Just like, we are the sower of the seed. We just throw the seed out. Some of them fall on the wayside. Just like Christ said, Some of them fall on good soil. We didn't choose you to be here. God chose. The only thing we did was try to spread the Message.

Probably we have around 120-125 THOTHS out in the world now. What happened to those 125 people? Not all of them are here, are they? No they're not. But some of those books fell on good soil. And those are giving fruit. And some of them fell on stone and nothing happened. So see, his parables are still in force. It is not something that he said 2,000 years ago and that was it. No, it is true right now, here where we are, and it was true all this time.

We use the parables in our Satsangs as much as possible. They are wonderful parables. They are very beautifully said, and they have wonderful meanings. But not in this lifetime. This lifetime is not just for the parables, going and preaching in the streets, and being a few, twelve or seventy-two people going around, especially since the taxis, buses and gas are very expensive to do that [all laughing].

Question: I was just wondering, why in many teachings do different Masters or Gurus, like you here, put emphasis on the fact of giving a name to a chosen person who is following his teaching? And then you decide suddenly to give a name, or someone asks you for a spiritual name. So that's the first part of my question. Also, can this kind of Master give a name to someone who already received a name, or who already has the same name on his birth certificate? So I was wondering about the fact, all the history about the Masters giving names to their disciples.

Maitreya: Why does the Master want to give you a name, and can he give you a name that you already have and is on your birth certificate? Is that the question?

You see the human likes to attach memories to the things. For instance, if you listen to a certain song or music and say, Oh yeah, I remember the first time I heard it, I was in such and such a place, doing such and such a thing. Or, Oh yeah, I listened to this music with such and such a person. I have a good memory of it, or I have a bad memory about it.

Now you have been born with your given name, and you have a lot of memories attached to that name. That name has already created a personality of itself. So you are always going to attach those memories and personality to that name.

Being initiated, wanting to go to God, is baptism, is a turn-around. Now you are turning around and you are going toward God. It is better to have a new name, a better possibility of attaching your new experiences with this new name. You are being born again.

What happens when someone is born? You give them a name, don't you? When a child is born you say, What am I going to name him? It's the same thing.

You were initiated, you turned to God, you were born again, what are we going to name you? See, this same question pops up. Also when you receive this new name you are going to attach the new personality to it. The old person, the old clothes, the old habits, are going to fall off much faster if you can create a better habit, and replace the old name with a new name, a new personality, and a new understanding.

So that is why it is suggested. You don't have to, but it is a good technique to shed the old self and replace it with a new one. And what is the best way to relate to your new experience and your new growth? It is to have a new name. With that you experience much faster because you always think, Oh, it is my old name, or my old personality who used to be like that. It is not me anymore. It is not such a person who used to do these things. Now I am a new person with this new name and this new personality. It's much easier to get rid of the old self and replace it with the new.

Question: But can you give a name to yourself, your own name? Can you meditate and find a name and say, "Now I'm called like this?" Some people do this, "This is my new name."

Maitreya: Yes, you can do that if you want to. But you see, again, if you give yourself a name, it is the name you gave yourself. It is still the old me giving the new name to me [all laughing]. That's not going to help very much.

Question: You can't receive a name in meditation? When you meditate you can receive a new name?

Maitreya: You can do that too. But the question is the spiritual name also brings your focus to your teacher. This name has come from my teacher. This is come by his Grace. And you seek The Grace of the teacher.

As I said, Salvation comes by The Grace. It doesn't matter how much you mentally analyze these things, unless you feel The Grace of God, which is supposed to come through the teacher, you are just intellectualizing everything your teacher is doing for you. Why is it like this? You are questioning all his actions and things he does. And even when he explains it to you, still your analytical mind says, No, I can do it myself. You can try. But that is going to be different than when something brings your focus to God. Let God do it for you. God gave me this name.

Also you can receive a name through your meditation, but from whom? See, you can meditate and receive a name from the ethereal level or ethereal beings. Actually that name makes you become more possessed with that being, rather than released to God. That's why also we said you can't give the name to yourself. That name is almost like a mantra for you. And the teacher who gave it to you was supposed to receive it with a special energy which relates to you.

All these things considered, you have to accept the teacher first, as your teacher. After you do that then whatever he does is a kind of blessing for you, is a Grace for you. And that Grace is what will save you. It is your salvation. Otherwise no matter how we explain everything it's not going to get in.

That is the first step, to accept the teacher, first with your mind, probably, and eventually with your heart. As I said, you have to accept the Christ first, then proclaim him. See, accept it with your mind and heart, and then proclaim. This all goes together, to really receive The Grace within you.

As long as you haven't done that, then you can ask the questions, analyze things and have all kinds of ways to find, How can I get these things? What are these things for? Are these things to brainwash us, or to affect us in such a way to do this and that? This does not come from the heart, it comes from the analytical mind. And even with an analytical mind, still if you receive a name from the teacher who you believe in, it brings your focus back to him.

You have to get out of yourself. That is the whole process of a teacher, to get you out of yourself, to focus on him. And then he focuses you to God. But if you focus on his physical body, you're going to be in illusion. If the teacher attaches you to himself, you are in illusion. But if he attaches you to God and you focus on him, then you're going to be attached to God.

But if you're already connected to God directly, you don't need a teacher. Do you see The Greatest Sign and read THOTH and say, That's it, that's the revelation from God and I want to do it? You will be on fire and running all over the world writing about it, sending articles in, talking with the people and answering their questions and giving the Satsangs I give here to them. And you will become another Maitreya. Actually we have to create 144,000 Maitreyas.

As I said, Now we're creating centers here. Later on we're going to expand out, and you're going to give Satsangs. You're going to be teaching people these things.

So when you ask for a name, or when I, or any teacher gives you a name, it is His Grace. It comes from your Spiritual teacher and that is a blessing, that's The Grace for you. So that is something that makes you focus toward God more than your old self. So it's a kind of baptism. It's kind of being baptized with The Holy Ghost.

Question: So usually this name that the teacher gives to the person has no relationship to the birth certificate name that the person already has?

Maitreya: Usually it doesn't. But if it happens your new name has also been on the birth certificate, it shouldn't make any difference. Still this name came from the teacher. If it's given on your birth certificate, either it was by accident, or Spirit also was behind it. But the most important thing is now your new name is what the teacher gave you. That is what you are going to become. That is where your focus is. That energy came from him for a reason. He is connected to the higher Spirit, and he gave you that name so you become it.

If it's still on the birth certificate too, so much the better. You can even legally change your name to your new name [all laughing].

Question: If your father is your spiritual teacher, can he give you your spiritual name?

Maitreya: You mean when children are born, when they are a child? Yes, that's another thing people can do. They can ask for the name for their newborn from the Mission if they want to. They can send in a request. What are we going to call this child? And we can give them a name if they want it. When these children grow up, they can ask for another name also at the time of their initiation. If they choose to keep the birth name given to them through the Mission, it will become their spiritual name.

Question: It's about the last lesson on THOTH, about the creation of the man and woman. You said, The man was androgynous. Was it in that time, like today, with the concrete body or was it etheric? If it was etheric was there just one kind of body, not a body woman and a body man, just one kind of body that was androgynous?

Maitreya: It was the same body. "Man and woman He created them." It means they were the same body, but He created many of them. God separated them later on. It was one body, one body who was androgynous, man and woman.

Question: And when the separation occurred, a body woman and a body man?

Maitreya: In that first stage it was still very hard to help him because he was perfect. He was man and woman. He didn't need to fall in Maya much. There was no man or woman to attract them to one another. So they were very content and happy with what they were. What happened was, God looked and said, This man still is not learning his lessons fast enough.

The whole creation was made for man to learn his lessons. It is Maya. We shouldn't be self-centered and egoistic. See The Grace of God, realize Him in His creation, our Self, and our Spirit within. But that man didn't have that feeling, he was perfect. That's why God said, Well, man is alone, he is "all one." "Alone" means "all one."

See, you asked me if he was one body. God said "alone," "all one." So it was all like one. And that's when God decided to create even a greater attraction or Maya for man. So He separated them. That's when man really started getting in trouble [all laughing and agreeing].

Question: What is the story about the rib?

Maitreya: Exactly. That again shows that man and woman were in the same body. So He took a part of the man, and made woman.

Question: It was not a man, it was androgynous?

Maitreya: Right, but man means human here, not man as male. Actually in Persian Adam means "perfect man." If they say to you, "Are you going to grow up and become perfect?" they would ask you, "Are you ever going to become an Adam?" It means, Are you ever going to grow up, are you going to become perfect?

So Adam really means a perfect man. Perfect means he was both male and female. That's why He took a part of him, not in a fleshly sense, which the Bible symbolically says, He took a rib of man and made woman. So you have to look at the symbolic meaning of it. It really doesn't mean a rib, but means a part of him. He split his spirit (not Soul) into two. Now there is male and female.

Question: Speaking of that lecture about the creation, you related how God did the creation. You explained the three gunas, the first son of God, the creation, then the man, then the sun, the moon, the earth, all the animals and the evolution. When you look at the way you explain the creation, the universe, don't you think it's a self earthly way to look at the universe? It sounds like God only created the earth and the human on the earth. All the rest of the universe, like all the other planets or other human beings I don't think they have the same kind of way to look at how God did the creation, because they don't have the earth, and maybe they don't have the sun. Maybe they don't have the moon or....

Maitreya: How do you know?

Question: It looks like it's a very prominent way to explain the creation before in the history, the people were always thinking they were the center of the universe, the center of the creation, so it's still the same way of explaining the creation.

Maitreya: Look at it this way. We need the sun's energy, or something similar to the sun, if we want to have life forms. If you ever find another life form in another part of the universe you're going to see the basic elements are the same. They need earth. They need water. They need sun to create life.

Question: You're speaking about the same kind of life that we have here. Maybe there are other kinds of life?

Maitreya: Well, if we ever encounter any other kind of life, we'll talk about it then. As I say, as long as you haven't experienced it, it's out of your range of experience. Have you experienced it [all laughing]? Have you encountered any other life forms in the universe? There's a lot of talk about them. Let them bring these life forms here. We'll look at them, and then we can come to a conclusion as to what is the truth and what is not the truth. We will ask them how creation is explained in their Bible and then we will see they are similar.

But just speculating about something that we know nothing about, or even if we know, is not going to help us in this situation. It's just speculation. It's something that is not helpful for humanity. Why should we concentrate on something that is not helpful for us? If there is another kind of being out there who we don't know about, and it doesn't concern our situation right now, just leave it alone. Just get on with the situation now, with here and now.

Let's solve our problems now. Then if later on we reach the point where we can go to outer space and encounter other beings on other planets with even other life forms, we'll give a Satsang about them then [all laughing].

Also remember, Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible, so he wrote it according to his realization. Who knows, maybe earth is the center of the universe. Maybe we are the center of the universe. Maybe God just created one earth and one human being in all the whole universe, or maybe not.

Of course, logically it is impossible, because if there are billions and billions of stars in any galaxy, even our galaxy has more than one billion stars, and there are billions of galaxies, just billions times billions, the possibility that there is another earth and there is another sun, or even another kind of being on other planets, is more than otherwise. Logically you can say, Yes, there are other beings out there. But that doesn't concern us until we get to know them and are close to them. They are probably a billion light years from us. A lot of people talk about UFOs and beings from outer space, but no one is bringing concrete evidence. They haven't revealed it to us. Either they don't exist, or they don't want to reveal themselves to us, or we're not ready for them.

I don't blame them, if there are any beings out there who don't want to reveal themselves to us. Why should they come and reveal themselves to us, and involve themselves into our problems and troubles on earth? And also a lot of people are waiting for someone to come from outer space and say, Here I am to help you. What is it? Are we little children that we need someone to come and do things for us? Why shouldn't we grow up first? Let's grow up and get rid of the mess we made on earth first. Then if there is something out in space, they can come as brothers, not as Saviors.

Saviors have already come. They brought the teaching. They have shown us how to do it. Moses came. Abraham came. Christ came. Muhammad came. Bab came. They show us the way.

We are like little children still saying, No, no, no we want a Savior to come and do it for us. We don't want to do anything ourselves. Are we going to stay like little children?

No, we have to grow up. It's time to grow up. That's why we are here, to grow up. We have to get rid of our mess. If there are other beings out there then they come as brothers, not as Saviors.

So that's why we can also look at it as Moses did, for Moses the earth was the center of creation. Or you can symbolically look at it that the human is a wonderful creation of God.

Actually, in Islam when they say, God created man, they say "TabarakAllahu ahsan al khalighein." It means, "I created the greatest of My creations." He blessed it. Just like in the Bible, He blessed creation. So a lot of Scriptures tell us that man is the highest creation of God. For Moses also it was the same way, man was the highest creation of God. We are in the image of God. Are there other beings out there? Are they in the image of God too? Maybe they are.

Or symbolically look at it that any higher conscious being is in the image of God. Any higher conscious being probably needs the sun, or heat at least. You can look at the sun as heat. It can be a different form of being but probably they need heat to survive. They are made of solid, liquid, heat, air and ether.

So you don't have to look at it as a concrete human, but as a symbolic thing. Then when you look at it symbolically, you can expand your mind, and explain it to other beings.

Does it make sense? [all agreeing, even Isaac] Any other questions?

Comment: We love you.

Maitreya: Do you think God Loves you guys as much as you love God?

Comment: Much more because God knows us much more than we know Him.

Maitreya: Like a mother who loves her child. Which one has greater love, the child or the mother? Of course, the mother's love is greater toward the child than the love of the child toward the mother. Mother even has to be stern toward the child sometimes. The child might think mother does not love him or her. But beyond her stern face is the unconditional love. It is the same with God.

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