A Satsang (Discourse) given by Maitreya on, "Healing."


Satsang (Discourse) with


aitreya: Good afternoon. We have some French speaking visitors from Quebec today. We have been talking for the last five days. There have been many questions asked and answered. Now, tonight, we are going to try to answer some more questions, if there are any. Of course, these questions will be translated to English before they will be answered. Every couple of sentences we can translate back to French. If there are any questions that they want to repeat from the previous nights, that's fine. If we have new questions that will also be fine. We can take those and answer them. So I'm open for any questions.

Question: When you speak about the people who have to heal themselves, what's the way for the people to learn to heal themselves?

M - Answer: The healing energy is all over the universe. Actually creation and life already exists in the universe, which is healing power. So the only thing we really need to do is know how to use it to regenerate ourselves, heal ourselves, if that is what we want to do, if our desire is to heal ourselves. Also, God has given the way, "Seek the Kingdom, and the rest will be added to you." As you seek the Kingdom, which is within you, without you, and is in heaven, so you will be healed and you will be helped in your way to a life more productive and more joyful. I'll stop here so Raymond can translate.

Question: She asks for more precision to your answer. Suppose that a woman or a person has cancer and is there any technique that you can suggest to the person like visualization or meditation or white light or something like this? Something specific, or technique things that you can suggest for that person to heal herself?

M - Answer: Well, there are many techniques that can be used. That is why each technique fits a special person or personality. If you emphasize only one technique, then that might be taken as the only way. That has happened in the past, that in the moment somebody gave a technique, or someone preached something for the moment, that became as the only way. That is not true. There are infinite ways to explain the universe, because the universe is infinite.

Question: She said, that with your answer we have to say to the person who's sick, I suppose the same person who we talked about, who had cancer, that the universe is full of energy, is full of possibilities to heal this person and she has to discover herself the way or the energy or the technique to heal herself? Is that what you say?

M - Answer: Now you're talking about a specific case, that is a different question. The first question was, how can we heal ourselves? That was a general question which we are talking about, how the future human is going to be. But if there is somebody sick right now, that is a completely different question. Of course, meditation is the way to realizing the way you can heal yourself -- or do you need to heal yourself? You might even not care much about this physical body but you want to do the work. Whatever happens to this physical body is not as important because you know that you're going to get another physical body anyway, if this deteriorates.

Question: Even if the person never meditates and she's sick now and even if she never meditates she can do it? Maybe it's too late?

M - Answer: It could be. Well it is really a matter of where we want to put our focus. If we want to put our focus on healing other people, it's OK. It is one way of serving humanity. Yet, as I said the other night, if you feed a person, he is going to be hungry the next day. If you teach him to provide shelter and food for himself, he might be happy for a while. However, if we can bring the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, not only can he feed and provide for himself but he can also justly live a very productive, good and respectful life. So where do we want to put our focus?

Question: But in the case we're speaking about, the person never meditated and she's sick and she wants to maybe heal herself. If she has never meditated, in this case, is she actually focused on what, or what's the relationship between this?

M - Answer: That was my question to her. Does she want to put her focus on healing others or healing this person, or does she feel she wants to put her focus on a higher thing? Now that we said that, ask her if she can do anything about this person who's sick. Does she have any alternative? Does she have any way to help the person who's sick? Can she help the other person with her or his disease?

Comment: She doesn't know.

M - A
nswer: What is the sickness? What is the problem? If she doesn't want to say it that's fine.

Question: This question was not necessarily a specific case, she took an example to explain her point of view but what she wants to know is when people come to see her, and ask her about their illness or of their things that they have because they don't feel right, their body have a kind of sickness. So she wants to know what to instruct to those people. OK, she's attracted by this, all those kinds of healing but also she's attracted by one specific kind of case. It is when the person is very blocked, very emotionally depressed, it's all inside, it's very, very tight and the person is not able to express him or her self. And this case she'd like to learn what's happening in the other person and how she can help this kind of person.

Maitreya: Has she ever tried to help another person?

Comment: Not really. She has already done a kind of polarity. She says maybe she helps the people but she doesn't know. Like in a kind of a thing she did. In her meditation she was visualizing on a person and putting light on the person.

Maitreya: Was the person helped?

Comment: She doesn't know.

M - Answer: If you can do something about a situation and you like to do it, go ahead and do it. But if you cannot do anything about the situation then you are wasting your time and the other person's time. It might be an ego trip. However, everyone can help to bring the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, then we can help everyone because there's going to be much more healing power, knowledge and everything we need on earth.

Question: To bring the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, the way to do it, is to speak about God to the others?

M - Answer: Not without discrimination. You have to see if the other people are interested or are in a receptive state. If a person doesn't want to hear about it, you are wasting your time. Unless he really wants to hear about it, and he or she doesn't know it. And also, it has been given in our writings how the Kingdom can be brought, by unifying the religions and creating the Communities of Light. One individual cannot bring the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth because it's a collective effort.

Question: There must be a beginning somewhere, she said.

M - Answer: It has already begun.

Question: Now Mark is asking a question about a specific case. It's a male of mature age. He's got cancer, generalized cancer. This man was already doing Transcendental Meditation and he was also practicing Zen, then Mark started to use his technique, ASA, is what you call this technique from the energy up there, and he did this technique on the man so now we're listening to him to know what's happening. He said, this is still the same case, that this man, after receiving Mark's technique, started to be better, slowly, but better. He was getting (talk between MI and MA to get the words here) this sickness that gets you swollen. So he start to reduce this and then he was better and was feeling good. And he stopped to do his meditation and his practice, and after a while he was, after this technique and this because he was better, he started this technique and started the meditation. But after that the thing started again on him. Mark said that this man, when he started to be sick again went back to see him.

Maitreya: So anyway, he went back to his previous meditation, then he got sick?

Comment: No. After he was getting well he was starting to do his meditation and technique of Zen and TM and then he was just very sick again. He was suffering more and more, then the sickness came back. After that he came back to see Mark to be healed again, to have new energy I suppose, and then it doesn't work very much because the sickness came back. So he didn't have choice, he had to have an operation in the hospital and then he started to have doubt inside of him and then after that when Mark decided he was not going to do anymore thing for him.

Maitreya: When you doubt, you can do nothing. Doubt is the first sin.

Question: So Mark wants to know about this case because Mark is a healer. He wants to know because when he saw he was not able to do anymore thing for this man, this man was getting more and more sick and that's when he went to the doctors in the hospital and relied on them, and he was not feeling good with this man because of what happened. And he was not able to help him anymore. So what the essence of his question is: he wants to know if it's normal to feel like this. Actually he was feeling a kind of responsible of this case because that illness was going more and more and more and he was feeling kind of responsible. He was asking himself and he asks you, if it was normal the way he did that -- I mean, not helping him anymore.

M - Answer: I don't know if it's normal or not but it's very human. Whenever the human puts effort in anything, he likes to have some results, because whatever we do, we think we are the doer. I'm not talking about him -- this is for everyone. This tape is going to many people, so it's not only your answer, but the answer to many others. If we become a channel, submissive to Him and believe that what we do, He is really doing it, then, if we don't receive any result, we won't be disappointed. That is what submission is.

Question: Mark has seen that because he's like a channel for the healing, he's opening himself, sometimes closing himself to this energy that's passing up through him. He asks himself -- we ask you in fact -- if there's a kind of a responsibility belong to him in this work because he's sometimes opening and sometimes closing in his work. Where is responsibility in this? Is the responsibility in this for him?

M - Answer: It's his responsibility to understand the energy. As he understands it, so he understands the Will. Then as he knows the Will, he does according to what the Will is. So there are no ups and downs anymore, because when you do the Will, it's always there.

Comment: He said before, in his last experiences, he decided to change the way he was working, then he decided to put out the sick people that he's working with, you know there's a lot, he put it all in a bag he said, then altogether like a unique form, just one form and then he decided to be like a channel the energy and let the energy pass through this only one form and not individually. It's a new way he's working now and this way seems the results the efficiency of his work is better.

M - Answer: Because he feels less that he is the doer. There's not an individual relationship but there's a more expanded relationship. He's more detached. Tell him another side of the same story that was just told us is, when the person you are trying to help or is believing in you doubts, you can do nothing about it. That is why it's said, Those who will stay to the end, will be saved. The moment you doubt, that's it. There is no way the energy can come in.

Question: And so I just want to ask a question about healing again. It is, when you said that everybody has to heal themselves, then you showed different ways for this -- for this I mean to get the energy on earth -- like with the Kingdom on Earth and the Communities of Light this will be much more energy that we're going to be able maybe to give to humanity.

M - Answer: If they want it.

Question: If they want, yes, of course. Also when you said, that for the healer that the best way to do is not to be the doer and stop trying to extend themselves in a way. But if you speak about a specific kind of illness, like mental illness. Like I have one case in fact, but I just speak about general mental illness. How can you help this kind of people to heal themselves when they're not able to even have consciousness that we are there?

M - Answer: Sometimes you don't need to help them. Sometimes you don't have to heal them. It was said, in almost every village there is one crazy person. They're not really crazy. They're more in touch than a lot of people that we call sane. So these people are the people who take a lot of negativity from their community and from their village, and transmit it to the higher level. Of course, these people usually are the people that love God a lot, and they are in love with God completely. Actually, they're crazy about him. (all laughing) Yet, there are people who do need to be healed. These are the people who are probably possessed by unclean spirits. These can be healed with invoking the power of God. And the third kind, are the people who have a damaged nerve, or a damaged brain, or tumor, or something is physically wrong with them.

The body is like an antenna. The better the antenna, the better it receives the voice or broadcasting of God. So that is why a lot of people say, The more you purify yourself, the better, the closer you become to God. Really what they are saying is, the better your antenna, the better you receive the messages. So those who you can help, help. Those who you cannot, you cannot.

Question: Now, what about another kind of illness, the handicapped people. It's more physical illness, those ones who are in the chair or the bed or something like this. What kind of thing is happening for them? I mean, do they do work for the community or do they have...

M - Answer: So that also goes for the handicapped people. If a handicapped is able to do things, of course, they are welcome in the Communities of Light. Even if they cannot do anything and we have enough resources to take care of them, of course, they are also to be taken care of. That is another purpose of the Communities of Light, to eliminate suffering as much as possible.

Question: While that time, before those communities are there, people are there and they're suffering, the suffering is everywhere, they live a very intensive and real life. This is it.

M - Answer: It is the same question that was answered in Golden Keys IV. If you want to be caught up with what is happening now, you will miss what is coming. This saying is exactly the same as Jesus (Esa) said to his disciples. His disciple said, "My father is dead. I have to go and bury him." And Jesus (Esa) said, "Let the dead bury the dead." It's just like a surgeon, the one who does surgery. He has to cut the person to get the spoiled part out of him. If he is concerned that "if I cut him he's going to have pain," he's never going to get the thing out. It also reminds me of the story of Mary, when she brought that very expensive perfume and put it on Jesus (Esa). Judas said, "We could have given this money to the poor." Jesus (Esa) said, "The poor are always going to be with us." So let's do the will of God, the Kingdom. The rest will be added to us.

Question: Mark said again that his technique, now that he's using with the sick people he's working on, is very efficient because now he's just starting the beginning of the work on the people, and the people after that, just a few words is enough able to continue themselves their illness. Because after that there's a relation between their body, their souls and their mind. So it seems like it's working strongly and it's working fine. But now, right now, there are a lot of people suffering. There's a lot of people that when we went to see them, there's a lot of suffering. And when people are suffering, like the example that was given before, the case of the cancer of the man, they not very much able to think and pray, they have very low energy, they're not able to work very much to do anything. So that is serious, when you receive it, it is very serious. He has to work. For the moment, he says, what do you mean by that? For the moment right now on the earth. The people are maybe not ready to kind of work. For the moment he has to work his way, like this because if he doesn't work the people are going to die, some of the people who come to see him.

M - Answer: I never said, stop doing what you're doing. I said if you want to do that thing, fine, go ahead and do it. But if you want to put your focus on higher things, that's fine, go ahead and put your focus on higher things. And also, Jesus (Esa) didn't stop healing people. He healed people but at the end he was what? He was completely left alone by himself at the cross. If it is his calling, so be it. Yet if he feels there's another calling, so be that. Healers are still a part of the Communities of Light. It is not separated.

Comment: So he still say that his technique is maybe something beyond his control. This energy up there and what is happening to the people is very special, there's a lot of change, it's a real nice work and for the people and it seems that he -- he knows that he's just a channel and that's up there the God, the energy that's working through him. So this is what he said.

Maitreya: OK, any other question?

Question: He said that for the thing that he was to speak about healing, he going to turn around - he's going to turn and come back with the same subjects. So Michele now has something. Now, Michele wants to speak again about the subject that we spoke about a few days ago, it's not about healing now. She wants to know more about attachment and detachment. She said that, suppose a person is attached to something or to somebody, attached - too much attachment. When this person has too much attachment, but she realizes, she has consciousness, that she needs to be detached of all those things. How can she help herself to be detached and become maybe just attached to God? This is me that add this.

Maitreya: That was a good one, the end question!

Question: She said she knew about that, that she needs to be just attached to God but if a person is just attached too much to somebody or something, but she has consciousness of this, how can she be free of this?

M - Answer: Do you know how many people are attached only to God? Very, very few! So if it's a question of being attached to something else but God, it really applies to 99.99% of humanity. The only way you can be detached from others is to be attached to God. So it's a kind of a "catch 22". You know what "catch 22" is? It is, the answer is the question and the question is really the answer. So the only way to be completely detached from this world is being completely attached to God. But very few people are completely attached to God. They're attached to the world. So they ask the question, how can we become detached? So you have to tell them, they have to be attached to God, and very few people are attached to God, they're attached to the earth. So this goes in a circle. That is why it was said, "Love Me with all your heart, mind and soul."

Now that I've said that I'll give you a more practical way to do it. (all laughing) Go through your situation in your meditation. Try to become still about it and realize why you are in that situation. It might be a subconscious or a psychological reason. So you can find similarly that you have been at the same situation before.

Question: Do you mean in this life or other lives?

M - Answer: You probably remember mostly in this life. If you can remember other lives also, you will see yourself also at the same situation. As you meditate and you bring up the similarity of this situation, you realize the reason behind it. When you find the reason why you're in this situation, keep that reason in the light and that situation will dissolve by itself.

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