Healing Powers

A Satsang (Discourse) given by Maitreya on "Use of Healing Powers."

02/05/1989 Satsang (Discourse) With


: You wanted to see me?


Guest: Yes, because Raymond [Mission's representative in Québec] asked me to work with him. Ananda Ma [a missionary from the Mission] is supposed to come to Québec in May. I'm living about l00 miles from Québec, so she's supposed to come with Raymond to just about five miles from where I'm living. So I know very well the arrangements I have to make.

I don't say yes or no immediately. I found out that you are in Albuquerque only four months ago. We had a convention in Shawinigan where Raymond had a table, with his THOTH and a few papers. That was the first time, not that I heard about Maitreya -- because I read a lot of books about Maitreya -- but knew that you were in Albuquerque. I heard about the one who is in London, and there's a few around the world I think.

Maitreya: There's a lot of them. I know of about five of them.


Guest: That's right. Before I say yes to work, I have to feel and I'm curious for sure. Like I said, I don't want to work for nothing. I want to work for the truth and that's all. That's the reason I'm here.

I knew that you were here at the end of October. So we're in February. That means about four months and I'm here. I was not supposed to go to California to work, but I'm here.

Maitreya: I'm here too.


Guest: Yes. I have some questions to ask you, because I told a few people I am going and they said, Ask that question, Ask that question. But for myself I don't have many questions, just to be here and that's all. I bought THOTH because I took a look at Raymond's book for about fifteen minutes. The feeling was good, so I said I want one even if it's in English. I'll take my time to read it. So that's why I'm here. That's all.

Maitreya: I'm glad you're here.


Guest: I'm glad to be here.

Maitreya: You're all looking for the truth. If I find a greater truth than what God has revealed to me, I will follow that truth. But the truth that has come through me to humanity is the answer to many prayers and expectations. And I feel that it unifies everything that is on earth to bring the peace for which we all long.

Humanity does not have very many choices. They can blow themselves up -- which they have the capability to do, not only one time, but fifty times. They can blow up the earth, or eventually realize that we are one planet. This is one spaceship that we're all living in, and somehow we have to get our act together, to come and realize that with the way we are going we are heading toward complete destruction.

We are representing an alternative to this "mad world" that we are living in right now. I'm not saying this, the Father is saying it through me that, This is Me who sent all these religions to the world, and this is how we can see the whole picture. Each of them are a part of the truth, and with each of them you have a part of the whole. Each of you have taken a part of the elephant and said, Oh, I've found him. But the whole elephant is greater than the parts.

Through a long period of experiences, eventually this truth came through me and I gave it to humanity. We are waiting to see that it is fulfilled. It will be fulfilled! Our work is very simple. It's a Message God has given to us and we give it to others. And when we give it to them, it is theirs. It is not just ours any longer.

I think we have a very viable solution to the problems that we are facing. And it's very simple. It's the creation of the Communities of Light. The Communities of Light are based on the seven seals, the Eternal Divine Path. Each seal represents one or more of the religions of the world. So it unifies all of them together, and brings a very subtle but powerful path to unify humanity without even touching the existing systems. They should be there, they're necessary for now.

We're not opposing anyone. We are not revolutionaries, so to raise a banner and start waving it. We are evolutionaries. This is the evolution that humanity is going through. Now is the time, and all the signs are there.

As I said to a gentlemen from Florida who met me in Toronto, If there's another Maitreya who has a greater truth, and he brings the fulfillment of the prophecies and the Message of the unifying force which has been prophesied to come to earth, I will follow him. That's fine. It doesn't matter who does it, or who brings it. The most important thing is it's here.

However, so far we have not found any better alternative. So this is It. Actually when I was in Toronto, it was the first time I reached out to humanity. Also it's interesting that Toronto means "Meeting Place."


Question: I have a question about the different ways of meditation. Some say we have to say our mantra for 20 or 30 minutes. Others say, only 10 minutes of saying the mantra, and stay about 10 or 20 minutes without any thinking. Just try to hear your Soul or your intuition. What's the way which is the best? Because if I'm speaking, at the same time you're speaking, how can we understand each other? I'm saying if I'm always saying my mantra, how can I have some intuition or answer from my Soul or indication from my interior?

Maitreya: As long as you're listening to what other people tell you is the right way, it is not going to take you where you can hear what is within you and telling you what is the truth. Whenever a person is telling you how to meditate, it's that person's experience. That is one problem on earth. Each person finds a part of the truth and grabs it and then comes back and says, I've found it. I say, Whenever you say, "I found it," you lost it.

God is not something you can find. He's something that goes on and on, and you find more of Him every moment. Even God sometimes surprises Himself. He realizes something and says, That is great. The joy of knowing God is that you can constantly realize Him more and more, and in deeper levels. If any person says, This is the only way, that means that person lost it right there.

That is that person's experience. So it is very good to listen to other people, what they say and what they recommend, and probably even practice it, if you want and if you have the time. But eventually you come to the conclusion from within yourself and His guidance, of what works best for you and humanity. Otherwise you become lost in the many different suggestions coming from so many different experiences of different people.

How to meditate is really a very individual thing. Some people meditate by driving. They have the best meditation when they are just driving long distances. Some people can meditate by going in a cave. Some people can meditate in their office. Any way that helps them to clear their minds, and eventually reach the Essence which is within them and hear the Word of God, or that silence and oneness and clarity, is meditation. When you are there, you know you are there because everything is clear and everything is crystallized in God.

So how to meditate is an individual thing but in general it is to calm your mind, to concentrate on your breath. Breathing and the rest of the consciousness are connected with each other. And when you learn to control your breath, then you can control your mind.

Mantras are the power words, or energy, or vibrations which have been meditated on by the great yogis or by people who have meditated for a long time, and they eventually realized the vibration of that one state of consciousness. So even different mantras take you to different states of consciousness. It depends on what state of consciousness you want to go, or are prepared to go to. So they are used to help you reach a particular state of consciousness. You might even arrive there without a mantra. But a mantra is a tool. So in essence it is calming your mind and controlling your breath.

After you breathe in, there is a moment of silence. Realize that silence. That is really your essence. That is the important thing in meditating. Then you breathe out, and again there is a silence.


Question: I've been initiated into Transcendental Meditation a year ago and he gave me a mantra. So I can change it if I don't feel comfortable with it?

Maitreya: You can do that, because Transcendental Meditation is the realization of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. That is what he brought to humanity, what he realized. And if you meditate on his mantra, as Esa (Jesus) said, The disciple is not greater than the Master. So where you go is where Maharishi Mahesh Yogi went. That is where he can take you. He can take where he is. Or if you're following another Master, like Sai Baba, he helps you to go where he is. Or if you follow any of the teachers who give you mantras or teach you, that is the highest you will reach with that teacher, because that mantra is their or their master(s) energy.


Question: What will happen if I change it? When you say that this mantra is an energy, if I change it what will happen?

Maitreya: You will go to a different kind of energy, a different kind of consciousness, because you're not meditating on that mantra anymore, you're meditating on some other.

You can just pick up any word and meditate on that. Any beautiful word that brings your consciousness toward God, can be used as a mantra. Hallelujah, for instance, is a mantra. Amen is a mantra. These are all different mantras. Even Allah is a mantra, as is Om.


Question: Does it have to have this "mmmm" sound in it or does it not make a difference?

Maitreya: Well, the Om is supposed to be the highest sound before complete silence. Actually, the greatest level of consciousness is where there is no sound, because sound is still the manifestation. God in the highest level, which is un-manifested, has no sound, no color, no taste, no anything of the manifested world. He just IS.

A mantra is supposed to take you to that state of silence. So eventually you have to even disregard the mantra, because if you become attached to the mantra you're going to stay with the mantra, a sound in the manifested world.


Question: You can meditate on your breath, you said. Is that the best way? Because your breath is the way God keeps you in life. You see breath and God, the same. And if you meditate on your breath instead of a mantra, if you can do it, it's God. This is not a mantra of transcendental or another mantra, it's God in you.

Maitreya: Another thing the mantra is supposed to do is to bring control to you over your breath. Without the mantra you might not have the same sequence of breathing the mantra, realizing the silent moment, and breathing out.

Mantra is a tool, it is not the end. It is the means to reach somewhere. When you reach there, as I said, eventually you don't need the mantra anymore. You meditate all the time, because breath goes in and out all the time.

It really is not a physical breath. It is something beyond the physical breath. And that is called prana, the life-force in the universe. Prana enters the body not only from your nostrils, it enters from all over the body from the centers where it comes in and goes out. And when you reach there you are in the flow.

The most important thing we preach, however, is creation of the Communities of Light. And these things will be added to you. As more Communities of Light are created, more people are going to have time to meditate on deeper levels. They won't have to say, Oh, I have to go to this meeting and that meeting. I have five minutes, so I can meditate five minutes. Maybe they are meditating on what they are going to say at the meeting, and then have to hurry and go to their meeting. Or they have twenty minutes at night to do it or not.

We will have more people talking about God, more people thinking about God and the energy is going to be in such a way, that when we close our eyes, we are there, in deep meditation.

These realizations have been written by a lot of great meditators. Where did they obtain these from? They used to live in Communities of Light. Communities of Light are not something new. They were here more than 12,000 years ago. Man started misusing his powers later, and so the earth was destroyed. But if they follow the Eternal Divine Path, there is very little possibility of misuse because it is very clearly laid out in The Greatest Sign what the Communities of Light should be or are.

So these things really have to be realized by self. It doesn't matter how much I talk about it, or so many masters or Great Souls talk about it. Unless you experience it, it is useless to you or the rest of humanity.

It is just like the five intellectuals who were trying to find out what is the taste of the mango. And they were arguing for hours. Eventually a yogi came along and just picked up the mango and ate it. He said, It tastes good. So you have to eat the mango. You have to experience it, and then when someone talks about it you know what that person really means.


Question: About the Communities of Light, I read The Plan, and in my mind this will be difficult because even in a family, a woman and a man with a few children, sometimes it's hard to live together. In a Community of Light you'll have twelve people plus children?

Maitreya: That is one unit.


Question: Yes, one unit of twelve people. So how are the people in those Communities of Light going to get along together?

Maitreya: The whole trick is to concentrate on God, not on one another. See, the problem with a lot of marriages and couples is that they concentrate on each other. They're each trying to find something from the other person. And you can never find true satisfaction from another person. You can find the real satisfaction only from God.

People marry to find love from each other. The man wants to find love from the woman, and the woman wants to find love from the man. It means neither of them has it, because if they had it they wouldn't look for it. So if I don't have love and you don't have love, how can we give it to each other?

However, if we each are connected to God, God has a lot of love. He can just give it to you over and over. Then you can give it to the other person(s), and the problems are solved.

But probably around 95-99% of the problems on earth come from ego, come from us. Really they don't exist, they're not there. If there's 1% or 2% of the real problems, and you're conscious and cooperative, you can solve them easily. Then you won't look to each other for fulfillment. You look to God. And if I am one with God and my partner is one with God, we already are one. If we are one, there is no problem.

So that is why The Greatest Sign has come to humanity, it brings the focus back to God, instead of to each other. You are talking about "now" families, I'm talking about future families.


Guest: For sure. I hope it's not too long.

Maitreya: If we create more and more men and women who are concentrating on God, they're going to create beautiful families which are based on God. And the family is the base of society. The family is like a block of society. You cannot build a building without blocks, and that's what the families are. If the family structure is weak, that society is weak.

No matter how powerful a society looks, how much they have, how many weapons they might pile up, they are going to be destroyed from within if the focus is not on God, the family structure and the Communities of Light. It has always happened in history. Look at the Romans, the Persians, the Greeks. Nobody destroyed them from without. They were decayed from within because in the beginning they said, We trust in God, and then later on they said, We trust in ourselves. And then the fall started.

So the family unit based on God, not on each other, is the most important aspect in the creation of the Communities of Light and the Kingdom of God. Then there will not be any ego-made problems. Any other real problems can be easily solved.


Question: About healing. I've learned a lot of things on energy, and about some vitamins etc. I'm able to get one some alternative medicine, and also I learned energy with hands. What do you say about healing, how to cure?

Maitreya: Well, if I can heal, so can you. If Esa could heal a lot of people, so could those people heal themselves. One of the problems with one person healing another person is, the person who heals opens the aura of the other person and forces the impurity out of it. The person who is healed didn't learn anything.

If Esa healed someone, the person who was healed didn't learn how to heal himself. So what happened was that impurity which went out could come back any time, because that person hadn't learned how to block it, hadn't learned his lessons yet.

That's why later on Esa said, When an unclean spirit goes out, he goes and finds seven more and says, Come, let's go home, it is clean and we can reside in it. So the later state of the person is going to be worse than before.

What happens is that you heal the person but the person doesn't know how to heal himself. The approach is to teach people how to heal themselves, not to heal them. So if they can learn how to heal themselves, then they can block the negativity from themselves, and we will have much healthier and happier people rather than a few people being burdened to heal many. And that's why in this lifetime we're trying to heal the earth instead of healing individuals.


Question: Why did you accept to see us or to be seen by us?

Maitreya: What?


Question: To meet us? Why did you accept to give us an interview?

Maitreya: With you? Because you're good people, huh? Because you intensely desired it.


Guest II: I think so.

Question: I met a woman just before I left. She told me that she knows a lot of things. And she said, I know it here in my head but I can't believe in my heart. How can she believe what she's thinking? Because she did a lot of studying of meditation and everything, she knows a lot of things but she can't live it. So how can she take what she knows in her head, put it in her heart, and try to live it? She would like to live the Christ.

Maitreya: She has a lot of intellectual knowledge but she has not been able to live what she knows?


Guest: That's right. Integrate. She would like to live the Christ state of being, interior. She knows what it is but she can't live it.

Maitreya: That is not just her problem, that is a lot of people's problem. You can see it in a lot of preachers who preach the truth but do not follow what they preach. That's why Esa said, Listen to what the Elders say but don't do what they do. That is because the human has two parts. He has mind or intellect, and he has heart. It is very easy to go to the library, and find a lot of books and read about Spirit and God. It gives you some knowledge that you can talk about. But to live what you have heard or read, comes from the heart.

Sometimes you see people who can live it without ever having read anything about it. They have opened their hearts. They are very joyous. They love God but probably have never read a word about God. They can sing God. They can praise God. They can love God. They can be in Christ Consciousness. So they have their hearts open but their minds have little knowledge of it.

But the best way is if you open both: you open your heart to God so that you can live It without even knowing too much about It, and you open your mind by reading about Him so you can share Him with others. This will bring harmony between your heart and your mind. Then you will not only live It but be a channel for Him.

That is actually another part that we are working toward, that is to bring East and West together. West is always a symbol of the mind. It works with intellect. And East is the symbol of the heart. Easterners are very emotional. They love God but probably most can't write about Him.

Now we are approaching a time when a balance between heart and mind is possible. Now both East and West can open their hearts and so have the Compassion and Love of God, and have a good mind so they can read and intellectually understand God on deeper levels. So she probably should work on her heart, so she can live It.


Guest: You said you're the First Begotten Son of God...

Maitreya: I didn't say that.


Guest: Alright, I read it somewhere. What are we if you are the only First Begotten Son of God?

Maitreya: It has been prophesied in all cultures and religions of the world that there is one person who will bring to humanity the unification of the religions and will fulfill the prophecies. Also if you study the Scriptures, they all speak about how the Spirit of God manifests Itself on earth once in awhile in full manifestation for a new era to come, such as in the Bhavagad-Gita where Krishna says, When the morality is low and humanity is lost, my Spirit arises on earth to bring the new truth to them (or confirm the old ones) and guide them to the Life.

Father is Consciousness and Mother is the creative force in the universe. They are everywhere so there is not one single manifestation of them. In order for Father and Mother to manifest themselves they have to rise as a body, as something that humanity can relate to, as something to present the Mother and Father in full manifestation. And that is called the Messiah. It is called the Savior. It is called the Great Prophet(s). You can call It anything, it depends on your orientation.

I personally don't care if you want to call me the First Begotten Son or the last one or none. It doesn't make any difference. The most important thing is the Message. I'm here to connect humanity back to God. As long as we understand that and we go toward that goal, I'm satisfied. But for those who feel that being the First Begotten Son and the manifestation of the Messiah is important, that is also a very powerful Message for those who are waiting for a prophecy to be fulfilled.

We believe that the prophecy has already been fulfilled. What are you looking for? Are you looking for the unification of all religions? It is here. Are you looking for how the Kingdom Of Heaven comes to Earth? It is here. Are you looking for fulfillment of prophecies? It is done!

Another thing, you were talking about there are other Maitreyas saying they are the one(s). One of the prophecies is that many will come in my name and call themselves Maitreya (Messiah) and deceive many. I never called myself Maitreya. I was given the name Maitreya.

Furthermore I was born in that part of the earth that is east of Jerusalem and west of Tibet, and that fulfills another prophecy. A lot of Tibetans, Buddhists, Hindus, etc, are waiting for their Savior to come from the West, and Jews and Christians are waiting for him to come from the East. So that location is east of Jerusalem and west of Tibet. There are many other prophecies that we have written about in our literature which explain why we claim what we claim. But that is only if it's important to you. If it's not, that's fine, it doesn't matter. The most important point or thing is the Message.

It is important that you accept the Message. The importance of the Messiah is that: It confirms the existence of God and also since the Messiah is the full manifestation of God, he brings the true teaching from the Highest. So his teaching becomes a yardstick to measure other teachings. Then you have a measurement to measure other teachings against this measurement. Then you can examine other teachings and find who is a real teacher and who is a false prophet. Therefore to find the true Messiah is most important.


Question: To continue on the question, What are we, like everybody? Can God create one son only?

Maitreya: The reason he is called "begotten" is because he reached Pure Consciousness before creation. Have you read THOTH?


Guest: Just a few pages.

Maitreya: Creation started with the big bang that scientists are now realizing. The whole creation was in chaos. Everything was going in all different directions, and was in Darkness. "And God said, Let there be light." That light eventually reached Pure Consciousness. That was before creation. Actually that was the Spirit of God Himself who projected Its Light to the creation and eventually learned the lesson which is explained as the Eternal Divine Path and reached Pure Consciousness. And that is why he is called the First Begotten Son.

It is just like he (Isaac) is my first son. I can have other sons, but he's always my first son. That doesn't mean I can't have other sons. So any person, any unit consciousness, has the capacity to become a Son of God.


Guest: I understand now. That's better, because the way I thought was that he was the only Son of God.

Maitreya: Only begotten. The difference is that he was begotten before creation. Since the creation started any Soul, any individual, has the capacity to reach Sonhood. Actually in the Bible it says, Whoever overcometh will become my son (Rev. 21:7). See, that is exactly what the answer is, whoever overcomes. So the requirement is to overcome. After you overcome, you are the Son of God.


Guest: I saw your video cassette and I read all the Golden Keys booklets. I saw maybe a few pages of THOTH. That was all because I didn't have it in my hands except for five or ten minutes. But some excerpts that Raymond translated to French from THOTH were very nice. It's easy to understand.


Question: About the mantra you suggest, Haree Om Shrii Hung, I found it very long. My breath must be longer? Because that mantra is too long.

Maitreya: How do you breathe? You mean you breathe Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam?


Question: No, the first part on the inhalation, and the other part on the exhalation. But it's still too long. And another question, I'm French, when I say it can I say it in French, or must I say it in Sanscrit? Because that doesn't mean anything for me, Haree Om Shrii Hung. But if I said it in French it says something to me.

Maitreya: It is better if you can say it exactly as it sounds. Listen to how I say it, Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam, because that is how the energy flows with it. But if it's hard for you, it's OK. It maybe changes a little but it doesn't change completely. So come as close as possible then, that's fine.


Guest: Because when you meditate with Om, it's not long, you have enough breath. But with that mantra I had a problem.

Maitreya: That's the first time I heard that someone has a problem with the HOSH mantra. Maybe it's good for you, it makes you breathe deeper.


Question: Breathe longer? That would be better for my health.

Maitreya: Yes. How do you breathe? Do you breathe from your shoulders or with your diaphragm?


Guest: With the diaphragm.

Maitreya: And still you can't say the whole Haree Om Shrii Hung?


Guest: Yes, I'm able to but when I say it I'm almost out of breath. It's quite amazing.

Maitreya: That's OK, you're going to do fine.


Guest II: As I said, I'm a junior in this matter. I'm listening, because it's hard for me to follow everything that's said.

Maitreya: Well, if I say something that doesn't make sense to you right now, don't worry about it. There's so much that has been said, but if you meditate and see the truth, even a glimpse of it, eventually the rest will be added to you and will come to you.

It's not something intellectual to understand. Of course, you might understand it with the intellect in the beginning. Eventually it comes from the heart. And when the heart and mind become one then you have good ground to help others.


Question: What is the role of Sons of God, Masters, Mystical Paths, etc?

Maitreya: As I said, there is not one Son of God, there are many Sons of God. Many have been called or will be called. Actually Transcendental Meditation, Eastern Philosophy and Eastern Religion have been a kind of preparation for the West for a greater manifestation. Those Masters did not come here without a reason.

The coming of those teachers and bringing those truths to humanity had also been prophesied in the Bible (Rev. 7:2-3). You cannot understand the Bible unless you understand Eastern Philosophy (Mystical Paths) on a much deeper level. So when Esa said, "I forgive your sin, take your bed and go home," what is sin? It is karma, it is samskaras. He was forgiving his karma.

By the coming of these Masters to the West and using the media available here, now when we talk about karma, almost everyone knows, or at least has an inclination of what we mean by karma. So it has all been a preparation for humanity.

People asked Esa for signs and miracles. He became annoyed and asked them, "Can't you see the signs, when you see the sky is red in the sunset, you know it's going to be night pretty soon?" Just right now, you can look at the signs on the earth. There are signs all over the earth that say we have to create a new approach. We have to have something new to replace what we have because the older systems are not working.

So if we see the signs then it is very simple and easy for us to realize we need an alternative. It is time for God to guide humanity out of this mess.

And that is what we do here. We give an alternative. If you find a better alternative than what has come through me, as I said, we will follow that.

Question: About the prophecies. What about the prophecies that Nostradamus and a lot of Prophets made that we will have some very big earthquakes and everything? I know we've had some but what do we have to attend to those prophecies? What they said, is it supposed to arrive? Because it's bad what they prophesied.

Maitreya: Well, earth is in stress right now. Earth is not something inanimate, it's something alive. It has a life of its own.

It's just like, what happens if someone puts us in a very uncomfortable position? We react to it. And so right now earth is being forced into a very uncomfortable situation. We are polluting its air. Sinning is rampant. We are putting a lot of trash in it, we are destroying the ozone layer, etc, and earth doesn't like it. She feels we are doing bad things to her.

So she's going to react to it. You can see the reaction right now. Last year they had a drought in the United States. The year before they had a drought in Africa. And earthquakes have been here and are accelerating. The number of earthquakes have been much more in recent years than in previous years.

And we still have twelve years to go to the year 2,000. In this period probably we are not going to stop polluting the earth, and I'm sure they're not going to find an alternative, or a way to stop other problems, or become more God-conscious or stop what they are doing to the earth.

Again, the alternative is the Communities of Light. When the communities are created, people will not be wasteful. They will be respecting the earth instead of just disregarding it, selfishly each person saying, As long as I have my way, I don't care what the rest do, or what happens to them. That is because the very base of the communities is universalism and respect for everything in the universe. We will respect the earth as a part of the universe.

Also in the Communities of Light God's Laws are followed. There will not be sins which affect both man and earth (its environment). We will return to God's ways, and we will have security and abundance, the garden of Eden.

So again the alternative is to raise the consciousness of humanity, with alternative ways to bring higher standards of living to everyone according to Universal Laws, not just use something for today (like aerosol) without thinking about what is the effect of this product in the future. That is one project the Mission would eventually like to have, a research and development (R&D) wing where we study Metatronic Science. Metatronic Science is science based on the Universal Laws and the study of the effect of every product on earth and the universe before it can be released for use, because the earth keeps this polluted material in itself.

In the beginning earth cleaned itself before it created the life on it. Now, we are taking this pollution and releasing it back to earth. And this pollution is life-threatening. But there are alternatives. There are ways to have higher standards of living for all and not destroy earth also.

Actually we are just scratching the surface of the energy in the universe. Energy is infinite in the universe. If we just tap into the right sources we don't need to use just petroleum or coal or things that create pollution on earth. We can use crystals. We can use dams. We can use solar energy. We can use fission. We can use electromagnetic or many different other alternatives that can bring a greater standard of living to humanity without polluting the earth or the universe. There are ways to do it. But unless humanity is willing to realize its responsibility on earth, why they are here, and create that unity and awareness, we're not going to receive this knowledge in full.


Question: You told us a few moments ago that we must teach the people how to heal, how to cure themselves. And in your Temple you will have some healing chambers. Are they to heal, to cure, or to show them how to heal themselves?

Maitreya: Actually we are not going to have any healing centers in the Temple, but there might be some healing centers other places. Probably not everyone's going to learn how to heal themselves in the beginning. So it might be a good way to heal them, or to bring them to a point where they can see it is possible to do it, and then guide them how to do it themselves.

Just like a child, you don't send him to school and say, "Read this book." You have to explain a little bit about the alphabet, and after he starts learning, then let him take other books and read them.

We would like to teach everyone how to heal themselves but not everyone is capable of doing it. At least not right now. So in a sense it is good to get them started and then teach them how to do it themselves.


Question: Then how can a guy like me learn how to heal or cure people the right way?

Maitreya: It is a difficult question because healing power is a kind of realization. For instance she [referring to a member in the Mission] uses energy in healing, and many people eventually learned from her how to heal. But she never read about it. If you know that healing energy, then you know how to heal. And if you heal in a wrong way, it usually comes back to you and you will be affected.

Also one of the things about healing energy is you have to give something to the other person to heal them. I heard some people say, "No, you don't have to give them anything, just let their energy heal them." But still you have to give something. So it drains you eventually of your healing energy. The only thing you can probably tell them is, Pray.

Prayer is very healing, a powerful healing technique for everyone, and it's very simple. Know how to humbly go to God!


Question: Sometimes I try to cure and it's very good, and sometimes nothing happens. Sometimes they're cured and the people are alright, but sometimes there's no way. It's hard to see why it's not always good because what you want to give to people is healing, so it's love at the same time. Why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't?

Maitreya: The greatest healing is to create an environment where they learn how to heal themselves. That environment is the Community of Light, is the creation of a place where people can learn by themselves in a process of meditation, being in that environment, and learning from one another.

If you are somewhere that there are a lot of healers, after awhile you have no choice but to learn from them. If there are people who meditate a lot, you have no choice but to learn how to meditate. Otherwise you won't stay around, the energy will be too much for you. It just happens.

So the best way for this to happen is to create an environment where the people can see, feel, understand and come to that state that they understand the way(s). A lot of people want to understand intellectually. That doesn't work. It's just intellect, and intellect is very limited. It can go so far. The more you understand with intellect, the more questions are going to be there. It just branches out and after awhile, you completely lose what is the basic truth or common sense. As it says in The Revelation, you eat it, it is sweet, and then when it goes to the stomach it is bitter (Rev. 10:9-10). When you find the first intellectual realization, in the beginning, you really enjoy it. You say, It's beautiful! I want to know more. But the more you know, the more there is to know, unless you close your eyes and say, No, I don't want to know. I want to be the knower! Then you know.


Question: So the key, the golden key, is the meditation for us?

Maitreya: Meditation and prayer. Meditation is when God talks to you. You calm your mind and you let Him talk to you. Prayer is when you talk to God. So if you want to have a conversation you have to have both. If you only meditate then God talks all the time, and you don't have anything to say. But if you pray, then He has to keep quiet. He has to start meditating. With meditation and prayer it will be a two-way relationship, a friendship. Meditation and prayer go together, either one alone is incomplete!


Question: You said to him that mostly he has to teach people how to heal themselves instead of healing them. So how would you teach me to heal myself? I have many diseases I'd like to get rid of.

Maitreya: There are a lot of people out there who would like to do that too. What you individually can do is meditate and become more familiar with those diseases, why they are there.

Any physical disease in manifestation has a spiritual base. Everything comes from Spirit. So if there is any disease, there is a spiritual base for it. There is a reason for it. And through your meditation you will go to the cause of it, and when the cause is cured the effect is gone. That's why we are also trying in the Mission to always look for the causes.

The cause of the physical, mental and spiritual problem is spiritual, is Spirit. If we can cure the Spirit, we can cure the physical body. But in eventuality one day this physical body has to go. All things man-ifested in the universe have a life span, because they are not the Essence, they are created. Anything that is created doesn't last forever in that state. The only thing that lasts forever is God.

So you cannot expect to heal this body forever. Even those yogis who live for a long time eventually have to give up this body and pick up another one. But if you believe in reincarnation and know it is true, then you don't worry about it. You do the Will of God and concentrate to do His Will, and when the time comes you say, "OK this body did its job, thank you very much, and good-by." You go and probably pick up another, and come back and preach the Kingdom Of Heaven and Communities of Light again.

They can't stop us. It's just like, they crucified Esa. Could they stop him? No, he came back as Muhammed. That is the truth.


Question: You said that when the job of this body is over you just lay it there and you take another one. I've heard many times that when you reach Pure Consciousness then you can live here with the body you have at that time.

Maitreya: People say a lot of things but the most important thing is, have you ever seen one?


Guest: Jesus' Ascension.

Guest II: Well, not in today's life.

Maitreya: Well, that again is another person's experience. As long as you haven't seen one, it is not yours.

It might be true, or it might not be! I'm not saying it is not true, but it is not your experience. If I know it's the truth and I say it is the way it is, as long as you haven't seen it, it is still my experience and not your experience. So as long as I haven't experienced it, I say, "Fine, OK that's great."

Also, I don't think that they really meant this physical body. It could be symbolic. They might have meant the light body, which is different, because in heaven nothing is physical. It's all Spirit.


Guest II: What is said was, When they live with their body, what they are doing is they increase their vibration and then they're not physical anymore because they increase their level of vibration.

Maitreya: Yes, that is the light body that a lot of people talk about. And they do astral projection, astral traveling and have out-of-body experiences. It still is done in the ethereal level in the universe. Ether is the fifth level in the universe. There are two more levels higher than this level. So even ascended masters are trapped, are in Maya!

There are powers in humans or in the universe which are called siddhis. Siddhis means powers in Sanscrit. And these siddhis enable you to do extraordinary things. But the problem with the siddhis is if you gain them without the pure heart you might misuse them. So the energy which comes through siddhis, instead of being directed toward higher chakras or levels, is going to be directed to the lower chakras or levels and that is what is called witchcraft or the ability to use the powers for personal gain(s).

Siddhis can be a trap, a danger in the path. If you received them on the way to God, by not really working for the siddhis or powers but by working for God's Will, and God granted them to you because you need them in your work, that's fine. But if you receive them by force, you ask for them, you meditate on them and really want them, God gives them to you.

God gives you whatever you want. If you want money, God gives you money. You say, "I want money." Meditate on money. God says, "OK here's your money. Get your money and get out of here, you want money, not Me." You are in the world, you're out of God. You sit there and meditate on the siddhis, and you say, "I want power, I want to leave my body, go for astral projection, go to the etheric level and have all those beautiful experiences I read about in this book." He says, "OK here they are. Get out of here too. You want powers, you do not want Me either."

If you say, however, "No, I don't want anything else but You," later, when He accepts that you really want Him, nothing else, you might have all those things besides Him, because you have overcome. He says, If you overcome, you will be my Son, and I'll give you every-thing (Rev. 21:7). See, there is no limitation in that level because He knows you love Him. You want Him. You don't want money. You don't want fame, powers, etc. Even if you want these things, you want them to use for His Plan.


Question: So then because you love Him He gives all that to you?

Maitreya: Wouldn't you give your son everything he wants that is good for him? You would give everything you have to him. Then the Father is going to do the same thing to His Sons. When you reach Sonhood, you are His Son. Of course, when you are His Son you are in Pure Consciousness, you are One with Him. You wouldn't ask Him for something that isn't good for you or something which would create a burden on the universe. Then if you ask Him, He's going to give it to you, because you are His Son.

But before you reach the Sonhood you say, "I want siddhis, I want powers, I want this and I want that." He says, "OK, here they are, just go and be happy with those things." So those things are not some-thing to long for -- astral projection, healing powers, etc, etc... If they come to you, great. Use them for God's purpose, for God's Will, for God's way.

Actually I have seen the best spirit in the people who accept the Will of God and do the Will of God, and they are the humblest of people. These are the people who don't think they have any power(s), although usually they do, but they don't even realize it. They are the people who do the Will of the Father best. The Father Loves them so dearly because they are so humble. As Esa said, the humblest is the greatest in heaven.

But if I gain some power and say, "Ah, I'm a great yogi, I can leave my body and go from here to there," or, "I am the greatest in the spiritual world," then you are on an ego trip. And the Father says, "OK, but you will not have Me, you are not My Son, I will spue you out of My mouth" (Rev. 3:16)!

Question: Is anything wrong if you want to experience that kind of thing for yourself to reach a higher level?

Maitreya: You see, you are looking for experience, you're not looking for God.


Guest II: Well, I think looking for God is the main goal. But if I get involved with what I call God's matter, maybe it would be an easy way. There's a need to get close to Him. Yes, if I get involved with what I call God's matter maybe it would be easier for me to get involved really with Him.

Maitreya: Well, in order to get involved with God's matter, you have to know God. You have to know His Will. What is His Will that you want to get involved with? In order to know His Will you have to meditate on Him, not ask for experiences. If you're meditating on experience, you get to the experience, not Him.


Question: It's like, sometimes when you are looking for a goal, and you have something, it is everything. That's because for human beings it's good sometimes to reach a carrot to bite a little bit of it. So it keeps you on the track, it keeps you interested. And that's the way I look at these matters. If I could cure myself, or if I could channel like you said, not always but sometimes, if that happens it keeps you interested. I'm just a very imperfect human. It means that I'm not always going toward the right direction. Sometimes I just go the wrong way, and I don't have anything to bring me back on the right track or to keep me on the right tract. We're talking about the final goal, and in my mind in the state that I am, actually, I said it would be wonderful if I could have some incentive along the way.


Guest: To say to me I'm on the right way.

Guest II: To tell you that you're going in the right direction.

Guest: Like Thomas in the Bible said, "Show me something." He said, "We're human." That's the reason that if you're going in a certain direction on that matter and you don't ever have anything to prove to yourself that you're on a good way, how can we stay on that way? The reason is, it's hard for us humans to always think God. Who is It first of all? Is All? Yes, It's all.

Maitreya: Thomas doubted, but remember Christ said: "Blessed are those who have not seen [not looking for experience] and believed." You are looking for a miracle, just look at your hand. Miracles are all over and all around you. Look at your eye. Look at your nose. Look at your body.

Look at your hand, it is the most perfect grabbing thing that has ever been created. Scientists have been working for a long time to create something that can grab and pick up so wonderfully. This is your miracle. Why do you need astral traveling to believe that God exists?


Question: Is it part of our evolution?

Maitreya: OK, now you are here, I'm telling you and accelerating your evolution [All laughing], "Look at your hand." Miracles are everywhere -- a miracle is happening every moment. Just look at the birth of a child. That's a miracle. The whole body of a woman is completely transformed, and she's completely changed hormonally just to create that child. Who knows what hormone needs to be in what time of the period of the birth to make the child come to that certain age? How does the body know that when you are 14 or 15 years old it's the time of puberty?

There is something there that creates all this. You say it is genetic but there is a Spirit behind genes that does that. Genes are just a mathematical equation that is created with the Greater Mind. Genes are a computer program. But there should be a programmer behind the program itself. So look at these miracles. Miracles are the simplest things. And God is in the simplest thing in life.


Guest: Ego wants the other thing. But we have to work with it because it's part of us, that ego. You can do nice things with ego, but sometimes you can do not nice things, it depends.

Guest II: Like for instance, what is very attractive for me is what you call astral projection. I've always been very much attracted by that fact.

Maitreya: Join a group called Eckankar. They do a lot of astral projection.


Guest: Soul trip they call that.

Guest II: But even there you're not ever sure. I'll go talk with them. I'm very suspicious. Because you know I met a girl, well, maybe 6-7 months ago, and she told me that she did some experience, talking with spirits. And she had a very bad experience.

Maitreya: Actually you can create a universe for yourself, or a creation of your own and become trapped in it. You see, astral projection is to go to the ethereal level of the universe and ether itself is a manifestation, it's not the ultimate. When you're doing astral projection, you have not reached your ultimate goal which is Pure Consciousness.


Guest II: No I don't think so, it's what I'd call a gadget. It's not a tool, it's a toy.

Maitreya: Also in astral projection and in the ethereal level, you can create things with your mind, Ether is very lucid and flexible. Mind can create things out of it. If you have an impure mind and you go to the astral level, you may create a scary situation for yourself and you will rush back to your body. You will wake up shaking from fear that you have created for yourself. And that is very similar to bardo, that Buddhists believe in Tibet. At the time of death they talk the person into the tunnel. Bardo they call it, the tunnel of death.

Really what they do is guide him in the astral level or etheric level. So the astral level and etheric level is not the goal. If your goal is to travel in the astral level, you will be trapped there. Go directly to God, to the Light.


Guest II: No, No, that is not my goal. This is just one of the nice things that can happen to you.

Maitreya: It can be a very bad thing also. As I said, it might trap you because there are pleasures there. There are things you can do. You can go places. You can create your own world and that's it. You experience so much pleasure in that level, you just forget about God.


Guest II: Well, there are many, many pleasures on earth and I think that you're always the same. So if I can stay away or stay good within all these occasions, why couldn't I stay good also if I experience?

Maitreya: But goodness also is relative. Some people are good. Some people are better. And there are better than better, and the best. So how good are you?

You might resist earthly pleasure but are you sure you can resist heavenly pleasures? You don't know until you try [all laughed...]. You know it is a possibility, you might try it and come out fine. But I am saying, that is not the Highest, because still it is the ethereal level and it can be a trap, as earth can be a trap. Go for the Highest.

Money, fame, pleasure, all those things are traps. I'm not talking about only you, I'm talking in general, that is a trap for some people. When you fall in that trap that is it, you are trapped. And if in the ethereal level you fall in one trap, that's still a trap.


Question: But isn't it the purpose of coming on earth to go through different experiments to get better?

Maitreya: Well, that is why I am here. I am here to get you off those pitfalls, and take you right to God, to Spirit, to tell you these things are still not It, there is a higher level that you want to experience. You want to experience the compassion and love. You want to experience the humility of God. You want to experience the simplicity of God. You want to find God here and now. You don't want to find it in the ethereal level, do you? No, you want to find it here.


Question: Tell me, when I'll be back home, if I tell someone, first what you told me, that you are here to take me right to God if I'm going through a different process, and this one asks me how did he tell you to do it, what should I answer?

Maitreya: I said, Look at your hand. [silence] That's how you do it.


Question: Well, if I look at my hand I can understand that it's quite a good machine. And no human has been able to make or create something equal. As you said, I can see that this is a miracle. It proves that something else exists if that has been done. But unfortunately I don't see yet how that will take me to God.

Maitreya: Just look at your hand. That's all!


Question: Sometimes when you say to someone, pray to God, they say to us, Who's God? How can he imagine? I pray to God, blah, blah, blah. OK, I pray. Who? I say, God is energy, so try to imagine energy. But that person says to me, I'd like to have a face with hair. It's hard just to say, pray to God. They ask us who's God? I don't know who's God, so I can't tell him. They can't imagine how to pray to God because they don't know Him. So how can we do it when a question like that is coming?

Maitreya: That is the way God loves humanity to pray to Him, to the Formless, Invisible, Nameless and Eternal. But unfortunately not all humans can pray to such an illusive God which is actually all over them, everywhere and is them. That's why it is necessary for God to come to earth once in awhile and say, "Well, here I am." And if you want a face and beard and hair, "OK here it is." Then they will be satisfied with that. God works with all levels of consciousness. That's why He satisfies all of them as long as they concentrate on Him and want Him.


Question: But what degree or level can we attain if we, like you said, pray to God, meditate and love God in this life? What's the level we can attain?

Maitreya: Pure Consciousness.


Question: Right away?

Maitreya: Right now, why not?


Question: We can do it within one lifetime?

Maitreya: As it's been said, If I can do it so can you.


Question: Yes, but a thousand, thousand lives and we're not still in Pure Consciousness. Maybe I don't know how many lives I've lived. Maybe 500, maybe a thousand and I'm still a human with imperfection, and I'm not in Pure Consciousness. And I love God and I meditate. Maybe in another thousand years, another thousand lifetimes, I can attain that.

Maitreya: Intellectually it's explained that there are three ways to reach God. There is a devotional way. You Love God with all your heart, mind and spirit. There is nothing more important than Him. If you reach that devotion, then you reach God.

Another is the way of knowledge, to know God, to understand His creation and how it works, and to come up with the complete definite answer that it cannot be created by accident, there has to be a Great Intelligence behind it. That is the way of knowledge.

The third one is the way of doing His Will, the way of Karma. That is, to know His Will and work as hard as you can to fulfill it, but at the same time know that it is He who is doing it through you. You are not attached to the result of your action. That is called submission. So you work for God because you see His Spirit is working through you, you know Him.

So there are three ways to know God. All three ways are covered in The Greatest Sign. The very center of The Greatest Sign is the devotional part (center-s.gif (899 bytes)). That is when you love God with all your heart, mind and spirit. The top one is the submission (). You do the Will of God and you let God work through you. And the bottom one is the way of knowledge (ichng-s.gif (891 bytes)). You meditate and you realize how the universe works and it can't be by accident.

So those are three ways to know God. But we recommend that you combine the three together. That is more powerful and accelerates the process.

We recommend the first sign (ichng-s.gif (891 bytes)) as the meditation, meditation to reach knowledge. You meditate. You go within yourself. You realize God there.

Then you work with the Communities of Light (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)). That is Karma Yoga. You're working His Will, to create an environment for everything and everyone. You sacrifice, so you humble yourself (cross-s.gif (869 bytes)). You try to do things for others instead of always for yourself. This is the way of humility.

Even then you realize that your work is done through you by God. Then you become submissive (islms15c.jpg (912 bytes)).

And then you expand your mind to universalism (baha-s.gif (97 bytes)) and embrace the whole universe. You destroy all the narrowness of the mind. Nothing binds you. There is no race. No sex. No nationality. Nothing. The only thing is you're one with the universe, which is God. So you expand your mind.

Such a person is a dynamic spiritual individual (kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)) because he's not bound with anything. He's completely free. That is how you become a dynamic force for God.

Then you will surely know God, because He is going to open doors for you, that you had never expected. Things happen and you know it's not you. You can't do those things. You were just a regular person walking around like everyone else. "How come these great things are happening to me? I'm not doing this. It should be God doing it." Then you realize Him, love Him and know Him!

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