History as Lessons

A Satsang (Discourse) given by Maitreya on "History and How We Can Look at it as a Lesson for Humanity."

07/03/1991 Satsang (Discourse) by



: Aren't we all of God? Maybe we're not all for Him, but we're all of Him.

Maitreya: Yes, we are all in the image of God. We have the potential to become god.

It is just like, wood has the potential to become a frame. But someone has to cut it, smooth it out, put it together and then make the frame. The wood also had the potential to become many other things. It could become a table. It could become a chair. It depends upon how we mold it, to become whatever we want it to become.

We have the potential to become god and become His channel but also God has created every one of us. It is just like we're raw material. Like wood in the hands of a carpenter who can make a chair, a table, a frame, or whatever he wants to, so we are raw material in His hands. He makes us into whatever He wants.

We are from Him but we each have a different potential to manifest different energies of Him. In a sense we can say, we have the potential to become god, to become a channel for Him, to become a rod for Him. The rod of God, huh?

Guest: Aren't we all?

Maitreya: Well, hopefully we are. If we purify ourselves enough and become a channel for Him completely, then we all become a rod of God.

But how many people out there are really manifesting what God created them to be? That is the question. That is the quest of the Soul to find, "Why am I here? What am I doing here? What is my innate nature?"

Guest: Of course, I'm not familiar with all the religions but don't the Buddhists and the Taoists teach that the world is perfect as it is?

Maitreya: Yes, but we don't teach that [all laughing]. That is the teaching of Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Cabbala, Sufism, Africans, all those teachings. Those religions are working with the relationship between man and God, "How can we accomplish to become a part of Him?" It is just to become a channel, to understand His Ways. That is the first step in The Greatest Sign.

So Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism and all the Mystical Paths fall into the first step in spiritual progress. If we follow those philosophies, then we don't have to do anything. Everything is perfect, so why should we do anything? We can just do nothing about it and let everything stay as it is.

But why did God give us hands, feet, intelligence, a mouth, nose and eyes? We have the ability to affect the universe. We have the ability to do good or evil. In the beginning of the path we have to choose.

We have free will. We have the ability to choose what we want. We can go this way which is good, is God. We can go that way which is not good and is evil.

So in essence when we stay still we are neither good nor evil. Nothing is good or evil in itself. It depends on how it is used that it becomes good or evil. We have the potential to act and make this universe a good place or an evil place.

In a sense that philosophy brings an escapist ideology to us that, "Everything is perfect so I don't have to do anything about it. So I am not really worthy, or I don't have the ability to affect anything." That's not the truth.

Guest: Well, I truly wonder how much choice we have to do good or evil. It depends on what we've been taught is good or evil, what we are aware of is good and evil. If we are not aware that something is good or evil, then we don't have that choice to do that. If we are raised to believe something is good, but someone else says that it's bad, who is right? How is an individual to determine one side or the other?

Maitreya: You can look at anything from how it affects humanity, how it affects our environment, how it affects the universe.

For instance, there are a range of things that can be good or evil. In one culture killing animals is evil. In another culture it is OK. Now which one is right? Is it the one which says, "If you kill a cow it's evil," or the one which says, "Killing a cow is good."

In that sense, we come to the question of, how much higher is this good or evil in the hierarchy of importance in the universe? Where does it fall in the scheme of the universe?

For instance, everyone agrees killing another person is evil.

Guest: Well now, I don't know. There have been billions of people killed in the name of God.

Maitreya: Most of the people agree that killing another person, with no perfect reason for doing it, is evil. Some people say it is OK if it's in war, or if someone attacks another country, kills another per-son, or in self-defense. That is where meditation comes in. That is where the discerning mind of an individual comes in.

Every individual has to discern what they were taught was good or evil. That is where the individual journey begins, because we all have been affected by our culture, our background, our parents, our teachers, etc.

They have taught us things as complete, as absolute. Then later in our lives we find that it is not absolute. We thought that if we act this way, that is the way life should be. Later on we realized that that is not it, there are other ways. That is when meditation comes in.

That is when we sit back and start discerning what is the real truth of what they have taught us, and what is the truth of the universe. What is the truth behind all these gimmicks, all these teachings that have been imposed on us? That is where we have to discern, we have to meditate, we have to think. We accept those things that are good and we reject those which are not good.

That's why the spiritual journey belongs only to brave people, those people who want to question. When they question, eventually, little by little they receive their answers. But that is not an overnight process. It's a very gradual process that we have to go through to become more and more understanding of what culturally was imposed on us and what is the truth of the things in the universe.

Guest: Only a very small percentage, you can say 1% of the people, are willing to contemplate deeply enough, hard enough, to have some self-realization.

Now according to all this literature you have written that I've read, it sounds very Utopian. It sounds as though people are just automatically going to start falling into this line of thought. Yet, it seems all through history only an exceedingly small percentage of the people were willing to sacrifice their ignorant comfort to have some self-realization. If that's the case, I don't see how this Community of Light can ever become anything more than just another sect with a few people.

Maitreya: If you study my teaching more, and as you get familiar with it, you will see that this whole history that you just referred to started 12,000 years ago. Before then, although the human was on earth, they had culture and they had many communities, etc, they didn't have any history.

We don't have any historical facts about what happened when the Atlanteans were here or before that, or anything that happened to humanity before that, because we didn't have history. The human was not the same human as we are now. They were more intuitive and connected to the Spirit than we are now, since we are more body than before.

So we can see that the history started around 12,000 years ago. Of course, we only know about 6,000 years of history. There was no writing about the first 6,000 years. No one wrote about it so we don't know anything about then. Humanity was in the process of becoming more crudified to this state where it is right now.

You say we read all this time in history, that the human never came to this conclusion that they need the Communities of Light, they have to come and meditate, they have to come together, share and create an environment that is physically, mentally and spiritually beneficial to everyone in it.

But those 6,000 years of history are a lesson for humanity. That's why God sent Abraham. God sent Isaac. God sent Christ. God sent Krishna. God sent Muhammad. God sent Bab.

Each of these Prophets brought one seal of The Greatest Sign. This now is the period of preparation for humanity. We are on the brink, or at a place where humanity is realizing that this earth is a very small place. It no longer is a place where if you want to go from here to Europe it's going to take you a couple of months by ship. If you want to go to Europe, you can take a Concord and be there in two and a half hours.

Can you say that the earth really shrank? It became a small place. What happens when people start meeting each other? There's conflict, always.

A long time ago, before history, there was a tribe here and a tribe there. This tribe had a conflict with the other tribe. They attacked one another and killed each other. Eventually they realized, "What is this we are doing? We are condemning their culture and they are condemning our culture."

Then probably the son of the chief of this tribe married the daughter of the chief of the other tribe. The tribes became closer and eventually their cultures became mixed. After awhile they became a bigger tribe. Then they fought with the bigger tribes around them. Those larger tribes then became one and they formed countries, and eventually they formed the empires, etc.

That's the process this earth is going through right now. We are realizing our culture is not accepted everywhere. The things we accept dearly, and think that is the way of life and it's wonderful, some other culture doesn't care about. Or, we think what the other cultures do seem so strange to us. They are so weird. They do different things. But we are becoming more and more aware of these differences.

That's why we can see right now that earth is in such stress because it's melting together. They are fighting one another. The whole earth is coming to a new realization. The whole humanity is coming to a new realization, that we have to do something about it. We need a new way, a new wine in a new skin.

How long are the Jews going to hate the Moslems, the Moslems hate the Christians, the Christians hate the Hindus, and the Hindus hate whoever? Eventually we have to come to this conclusion, "There is one unifying teaching."

Question: Do you believe that will happen?

Maitreya: I don't have to believe. God said it is going to happen and it will happen.

That is another way, you can trust and create faith that God said, "I am going to send this Prophet and this Prophet and this Prophet," and He did it. "I'm going to bring great knowledge at the end days," He brought it. Everything He said He is going to do, He has done.

Now He says, "My Kingdom will come." His Kingdom is based on the Communities of Light.

Question: Well, these interpretations have been made throughout history. Each hundred years has been, "This is the final coming. This is Armageddon. It is happening now." They have been saying this for the last 2,000 years. Why is this different now? Why is this just not more of the same?

Maitreya: There has never been a teaching that unifies and explains the coming of every major religion on earth. It explains the history, why every one of them happened, how they can be unified together, and how to create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. This teaching has never been on earth.

So that is very unique, and never in history have they had such a teaching.

Guest: I don't know.

Maitreya: That's OK. But that's true. Every hundred years, or an even shorter time, there is a call for Armageddon. There is a call of the end of the world. There has been this call but the prophecies had not been finished yet. The earth was not prepared for it. There was not so much knowledge on earth. People were not so close to one another. There was not so much stress.

I'm not saying this is going to happen overnight. But this teaching is here. It is on earth. It is no longer only in the ethereal level. It has been brought to humanity.

Will it happen in our lifetime? I don't know. It's up to God. The future belongs to Him alone.

Question: In reading your various writings -- well, I've only read a couple of these Golden Keys -- it states in different spots that the prophecies are being fulfilled. One of my questions is that since Maitreya is prophesied, the results must also be prophesied. What is the outcome? If you are here, and you are him, then the rest of the prophecies must be realized. So there must not be any question in your mind, which I'm sure there isn't. But there must not be any question in the minds of the disciples who determined that you are Maitreya. So the outcome must be known.

Maitreya: What outcome? The outcome of the creation of the Communities of Light?

Guest: The prophecies of this creation, of this world situation now. You must know. If you know that you are Maitreya, then you must know what your final result is, or will be. You must know what is going to happen.

Maitreya: Not necessarily. There are two points there. First, when God says, "I am going to send this teaching," He has to send it through someone. If it was not this body, it would be some other body. It doesn't really make that much difference. The difference is that He is going to send the teaching to humanity somehow. So He has to choose a human to send it through.

He sends this teaching: These are the Mystical Paths I gave to humanity. This is the creation of the Communities of Light which means not to be self-centered, to be a part of it and sacrifice for it to create it. Then you become submissive, and become a universalist. Such a person becomes a Paravipra or a dynamic spiritual person. Such people create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth; also they reach Pure Consciousness themselves and help others go to Pure Consciousness.

This is the teaching. This is the very Essence of what our teaching is. Now he chooses this body for any reason. If you believe in many lifetimes, in reincarnation, probably I did a good job every lifetime by giving the message out.

So where do you go to get a person to do something for you? You go to the person who already has proven he can do a job OK. So He comes to me and says, "Give this to humanity."

The second point is, then you come to the choice of humanity. If every human on earth accepts this teaching tonight, and then they come and create the Communities of Light, and become unified and united, what are we going to have tomorrow? We're going to have the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, aren't we?

Now if every individual on earth resists accepting this teaching what are we going to have?

Guest: Which is more likely.

Maitreya: That's it exactly. So we're going to have a greater struggle. You see, there is the choice again. We choose to be good or evil. We choose to create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, or resist it.

Couldn't they have accepted Christ when he came without crucifying him? They could have.

Guest: Many did. Some didn't.

Maitreya: So you see, that is the choice that is left to humanity. Of course, we know that there have been 12,000 years of history. Many people have been struggling and meditating.

Every lifetime they progressed a little bit, a little bit, a little bit. The vision to me was, there are now many people ready on earth to receive this teaching, so, "You just go and give the Message."

See, I am a Messenger. It's not really up to me. Remember the sower of the seed? You just sow the seeds. Some of them fall on good ground and give many fold. Some of them fall in the way, are trampled and destroyed. Some of them fall on the stones.

So you see, there is a choice. There is a preparation. There is a readiness. My job is to give this Message to anyone who wants it. What the result is, is not up to me. My job is finished. I gave the Message.

That choice brings the acceleration, or deceleration, of the process.

Question: I don't know, it's all very hard to assimilate. May I ask, what is to keep greed and fear from being the rulers in the hierarchy as they are now? That seems to be what rules this world, what drives everyone. Reading your Plan, it seems impossible that this should actually work because you're asking for the complete reversal of human nature.

Maitreya: That's right. That's exactly what we're asking for humanity to do. That is the process of meditation.

Greed is something that destroys itself. If you are patient enough a greedy person will destroy himself. That's the stupid thing about evil.

Evil, if you are patient enough and wait long enough, destroys itself because it's not based on the Universal Laws. God created the universe not to be greedy.

Guest: Well, I've heard that all my life but it's never been proven to me or shown to be actually true. I mean, I've heard to have faith that it's true, but I've never seen it actually proved. It seems that George Bush and company keep on going.

Maitreya: The Shah of Iran, or Saddam Hussein, or Manuel Noriega or all those kept on going too. But eventually they fell because that's what happens to greed, to the evil things. They eventually are going to be destroyed.

Now the greed is even stronger and more powerful than ever in human history because we have more knowledge and we have become more materialistic. There is more to have. So we are even more greedy than before. We were never so greedy. Everyone is out there to make it, and to make it for themselves.

That is what is tearing the whole earth apart. How long are they going to continue? How long do you think they are going to continue to be greedy and unsatisfied?

Guest: Until they ruin the world.

Maitreya: How many Souls are out there who see the greed of the earth and who don't like it? Those are the ones who are going to come to the Communities of Light. They are the gathering of the eagles. They are the gathering of the people who don't want this greedy world. They want community. They want the human relationship. They want a place based on God.

Actually that is a good process. The more greed becomes stronger, the more the people who are not greedy, who are not of this world, are going to be appalled by the whole thing.

Guest: It appears, in my limited view, that greed is going to win out.

Maitreya: Evil never wins. "Evil wins," is the realization of a lot of greedy people who are not realized Souls. That's why greed gets them. They see everyone else doing it, so "I have to do it too."

That is where meditation comes in. You meditate. You sit back. You go through it. "If I want to have everything that everyone else has, I have to trample over all these people to get there. Do I really want to do that?"

Guest: Many people are willing, without a thought, to do it.

Maitreya: That's fine. Let them do it. But if you are a higher Soul, you say, "No. I won't do it. It doesn't matter what the rest of the universe does. I won't do it. I personally won't trample over other people to get where I want to go."

Guest: You end up being trampled.

Maitreya: No. You don't need to be. That is where the Communities of Light come in. You don't get trampled in Communities of Light because they are based on the strength of the people together, people who want to create these communities not to be trampled over.

Maybe even the communities will be trampled for awhile, but as they become stronger and then grow, they will reach a point where they cannot be trampled over.

In this neighborhood we have a Neighborhood Watch. We started it. We have done things and eventually, little by little, we're affecting city hall. We are telling them, "We don't like the way you do business in our neighborhood. We would like to know what you are doing." Little by little, as our number grows, they are going to listen to us.

The number is the hand of God. The more people who start listening to God's Word and the way He wants the universe to be, the more we have the power to tell our leaders how it should be.

That is why being together and strengthening ourselves is important. If the individual says, "Oh, this world is evil, it's going to the evil way, I am very powerless and I can do nothing about it," of course, you can't. Any individual by himself can't do it. But if the individuals come together, it can be done. That collective strength is needed.

The evil people get together, because they are evil, they are afraid. The good people say, "I am good, I don't need anyone." And that's what happens to them, they become trampled over.

Actually the number of evil people are much less than the number of good people, or the poor in spirit.

Guest: That's hard to accept. It may be true but they sure do seem to appear in legion.

Maitreya: Appear. That's right because they are more together. They support one another. But good people somehow think, "I am good, I don't need it. I'm not going to do it." At the same time they mourn because they see that everything is evil around them, and they feel powerless.

That's why the whole Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth is based on the community. What is community? It is people who come together, gather together. And the community which is based on God has a lot of strength. No one can trample over them.

Guest: I don't know. There have just been so many millions of people who have been killed in the name of God. And they believe in their God just like you believe in your God, that they can do no wrong. Saddam Hussein believes in his God, and his people believe in this God. They kill in the name of their God. George Bush and his men believe in their God and they kill in the name of their God. Everybody is killing in the name of their God.

Maitreya: And how long are they going to go ahead and kill one another?

Guest: Well, they have been doing it for 6,000 years.

Maitreya: That is right, but not with this massive ability to destroy, and not with the consciousness of a lot of people raised to a point where they don't want war. They just think, "War is evil," period.

There are still many who glorify war. But a lot of people are also reaching a point where they see no matter what the reason for war, they are just not going to do it.

If the Moslem sees his teaching came from God, if the Christian sees his teaching came from God, if the Jew see his teaching came from God, and they all see that all of them are a part of a greater truth, it is easier to come together and become one then if the Christians say, "We are the only way," the Moslems say, "We have the last word," the Jews say, "We are the chosen people," and the Hindus say, "The way is to meditate and escape the world."

Again, that is another strength of our teaching. We don't reject you. We say, "You are OK. You are a Christian, fine. But your truth is a part of a greater truth." Now you are open. Open to what? You are open to read deeper about Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, and Baha'i, etc.

Guest: Yes, I agree.

Maitreya: That is bringing an easier way to unify humanity together. But if the Moslems say, "We are Moslems. We have to take over the world," the Christians say, "Everyone has to become Christian," the Jews say, "No, we are the chosen ones," and the Hindus try to make everyone Hindu, that is not going to work.

Guest: Neither is this when whoever is our next enemy, maybe it's South America or someone, decide to drop their bomb on the Sandias to wipe out Kirtland Air Force Base. It's not going to help you one bit to be Godlike because you're going to be in smithereens also.

It seems to me that the only outcome of all these weapons that are in this world is for all to be finally used. I mean, they are going to be used. They are not going to be dumped into the ocean. They are not going to be dismantled. There are too many people out there who want to prove that their weapons work, just like Bush and Saddam. They wanted to prove that their weapons work. Saddam had all his weapons, so he decided to give them a try. Bush had all his weapons, he decided to give them a try. The weapons are going to be used. The world is going to go to hell real quick one of these years.

Maitreya: I don't believe that, because God said He was going to fulfill those prophecies and He did it. He also said His Kingdom is going to come on earth, and it will. That is where the faith comes in.

Intellectually I can agree with you. Intellectually I can say, "Yes, all these weapons are there. We can destroy the earth fifty times."

That is the difference between intellect and Spirit. Intellect can analyze the situation and come to a conclusion. Spirit listens to the inner voice of God. That's why God gave us history. He gave all these teachings and explained that He was going to do this, and He did it. He also said that He is going to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, so He will.

Maybe there will be some use of these weapons in a very limited way, or maybe in a not so limited way. But there is always some survival. Always in history it has been proven that the small communities, the small rural places, the small groups of people who survive disasters, can carry the civilization to its next phase.

Guest: Yes, I agree.

Maitreya: If we can get some Communities of Light to survive, the next generation is going to be based on the unity of all religions together, based on the communities, cooperation, and all these things.

So even in the middle of evil there is always some good which comes out of it.

Guest: Well, I certainly hope so. I must say that I am so extremely cynical of things turning out right. I can imagine that this is going to be another great flood that is going to destroy 99.99% of this earth and there will be a little drop left to again repopulate.

Maitreya: That's why we are here. We are trying to get that drop. If we get even that drop......

Don't think personally. Some of the things that make us think like that is, "It effects me as a person." So you become, as you said, cynical about it.

You say, "Everything is evil around ME, so this destruction is going to destroy ME." But if you believe that you have never been born, and you never can be destroyed, so what?

Guest: Well, my ego does not allow that.

Maitreya: That's right [all laughing]. That's again where the meditation comes in. That's why you were connected to this energy to make that ego expand, to open itself up. Eventually it will see itself as a part of a greater scheme, as a greater system connected to God, connected to the Spirit.

When you are connected to the Spirit, those fears are going to fall apart and fall away. Those bombs are still there. Those bombs are not going to go away if you meditate and expand yourself. The problems around you are still going to be there, but you are not going to be affected because you are no longer connected to this earth. You are connected to the Spirit. You have faith.

That is why this teaching has been given to you, to show you that everything that God said, He did. Now God also said, "I'm going to bring My Kingdom on earth." And He says this is the way to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, through Communities of Light. It is based on the Communities of Light.

Is this community here going to be the one to survive for the next civilization? It doesn't make any difference. Someone somewhere is going to survive. That is up to God. The future belongs to God. How He is going to manifest it, only He knows. Maybe He doesn't even know. It doesn't make any difference. He works with the situations.

As I said, if everyone accepted this Message tonight, we would have the Kingdom tomorrow. So He is a flexible Spirit. But He usually gets things done the way He wants them done.

Guest: Which brings me to the point that the world is perfect as it is, that He already has it the way He wants it, that this is perfection, that evil is simply material, that evil, Maya, mater, matter -- good, evil is not anything real, it is simply a relative appearance. I don't know. I cannot make it settle.

Maitreya: That is not what I said. I didn't say this is perfect as it is. I said, God is flexible enough to work with the different situations and eventually come out of it the winner.

It's just like water. Water is a winner. Why? Because it is so flexible. If it is flowing here and hits a rock it doesn't say, "Hey, rock, go away." It says, "OK," and it goes around the rock. But it cuts through the rock little by little until eventually the rock is out of the way and the water gets its way.

For the water it is not perfect. The water wants to go straight. It doesn't want to go around the rock. But because it realizes there is a barrier there, it says, "OK I'll cope with this situation for awhile. I'll go around it." That's how God's Spirit is. The Spirit is very flexible.

But if a badger hit the same stone, what does he do? He starts digging it and trying to get it away, and he gets his hands all bloody and broken, etc.

As I said, "These problems are not going to go away." There are problems everywhere. We can all see them. The difference is that God doesn't get involved with them. God doesn't become unhappy about them.

Guest: I don't know. Well, I would just write down little things about your teaching like, where did the phrase the New Order of the Ages come from? That saying, that phrase, the New Order of the Ages, where does it come from? Has it been written about? Is this like George Bush's thousand points of light [all laughing]? Is this like George Bush's new world order, this New Order of the Ages?

Maitreya: If George Bush's New Order of the Ages was based on the Communities of Light it would be the same thing. Actually what he was saying about the thousand points of light was wonderful. He was talking about volunteers helping one another.

Guest: Oh, I thought he meant it was all bombs that he would drop. I'm sorry, I'm very disappointed in George Bush. I think he's a criminal, personally.

Maitreya: How come?

Guest: Because he is willing to kill his neighbor because he wants his oil. I think it is criminal. I think it is insane. I think they are all insane, personally.

Maitreya: Well, they are all caught up in the world. In their point of view, the way they see the world, they are doing the right thing. That is their consciousness. So we can't blame them. The only thing we can do is look at them and say, "That's where they are caught up."

Right now all of them are trying to patch up this earth. They really don't have a constructive base, or a solid foundation for what they do. They don't know any better.

But the solid foundation is the Communities of Light. That is the solid foundation, the communities based on God. That is how this earth will be healed. They try to patch it up.

Guest: I don't know. They are all criminals. Kuwait is as much a criminal as Iraq. We're all thugs. We are all as low as we can go.

Maitreya: You have to go one step beyond, and not look at the things as they are right now. It doesn't matter where we are, it is important where we are going. Where we are, that's where we are.

Actually anything that happens accelerates our Mission a little more because they don't have the answers. They are going to patch the thing up. But it is just like a rusted iron barrel, the more you patch it, the more holes there are going to be.

Guest: So it almost sounds as though you are encouraging this insanity, that this is the only way that's going to convince us to straighten out.

Maitreya: That is unfortunate but the human accepts God more in fear than love. This is a very unfortunate truth.

You never think about God until you are in trouble. "Oh, God please take this problem from me. I'm going to be a good boy. I'm going to go to church every Sunday. I'm going to give my alms," and everything. That's unfortunate.

My wish is that everyone accepts this tomorrow. And that's it. I can just go and spend my time somewhere else. I don't have to preach this revelation. I can just go away and be a very anonymous person somewhere living a small little life, or in another place.

But that is the problem. The problem is they have to be pushed to a point that they say, "It's not working." OK, they bombed Iraq. What happened? Is Saddam Hussein gone? Did democracy come to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia? What did it accomplish?

All those high goals and high words that they went to war with, did they ever come out?

Guest: No. It just helped the weapons manufacturers.

Maitreya: There are 600 oil wells burning and polluting the earth. And all this destruction. What was the accomplishment of all these things? It's very interesting to march and make big sounds. But if you get to the sense of it, it is going to be even worse. The problems are worse. There is a problem there right now and it's going to get worse.

That is according to prophecy too. That is where those wars and rumors of wars are going to start.

None of them have the answer. They are patching things up. They are still thinking worldly. No longer can this earth stay the way it is. It has to go to the next stage. It has to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Humanity has to realize that this is one spaceship and we are all in it together. They have to share, increase their understanding of each other, and unify.

Guest: Let's do it!

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