Meditation 2

A Satsang (Discourse) given by Maitreya on "Reincarnation; Love; The Best Way to Meditate; How Do We Start a Community Of Light?; Is There a Possibility to Speed Up Our Evolution?"

10/08/1989 Satsang (Discourse) by


Question: On the earth right now there are five billion people. There are more people than ever before. How can the principle of reincarnation be possible because of all these people on earth now? What about this aspect of so many people on earth now?

Maitreya: Well, there are infinite unit consciousnesses in the universe. And if there are infinite unit consciousnesses, then there are going to be infinite possibilities of being incarnated. So actually five billion is just a "drop in the bucket." You understand what that expression means? Very small in comparison with the possibility of the whole universe to become the state of human beings.

Question: It means that there are many people now unit consciousnesses who are not incarnated now or are somewhere else?

Maitreya: That's right. Actually, as I said, we are a very small percentage in comparison with what the universe can create. The reason that so many unit consciousnesses are present in this period of human history is that we are in a very special time for humans. This is the opportunity that they have now to realize a higher consciousness and become what they are intended to be. So that's why so many people are here to go to that stage.

Of course, that creates problems for the earth because the earth's capacity is becoming filled to its brim. But this number either will not stay as high as it is, or also we will reach out to infinite planets in space if we advance enough physically, mentally and spiritually. Then not only will we respect the earth and its inhabitants but also the space.

Question: It's about love. I can feel love for my children. I can feel love for my parents and friends. But when I speak about Love for God, I cannot feel it. I don't know Him. I don't know if it's a question.

Maitreya: I think the question is, Do you believe that God exists?

Guest: Yes.

Maitreya: There are three approaches to know God and to feel Him. One way is Love, is devotion. You just know God because you Love Him, you feel His Presence in everything, in everyone. And if you Love God then you can Love everyone and everything in the universe because they're connected to Him as a part of Him. That is the way of Devotion. Those who have that kind of Love are the people of heart. Their hearts are open to God. That is not the human kind of love that we have for our children, or friends, or relatives, etc, but for a higher consciousness, for something that is beyond human understanding.

Another approach is understanding through knowledge. Some people don't have that kind of heartfelt God relationship but they have the intellectual understanding that this universe could not have been created by chance. They see there is something here that created such a logical universe. Everything works logically. The day and night are necessary. We need sun for plants to grow.

When the children are born from a woman, the woman's body goes through many changes. Who does all those things behind all those miracles? So they can see the universe as a miracle, as a very scientific, very logical creation. These people might not have that kind of great devotional love toward God, but intellectually (with intelligence) they understand that there is a Logic behind the whole creation.

So they intellectually (illuminated) become involved with God. They understand God through knowledge. And by that understanding, through knowledge, they create Love for Him. They understand how wonderful He is, what a wonderful Mind created such an infinite universe. Eventually that logic, or knowledge ends up to the same thing, devotion or love for God.

But to gain that, you have to meditate, you have to close your eyes and meditate on these things. Eventually you realize, Yes, it's a wonderful thing that you are here. You have the ability of having this body, the ability to get in touch with your Spirit and understand God in that level. God is wonderful, I Love Him, and eventually He will also touch you.

That touching -- "He Touched Me," I'm sure you have heard that song -- that touching is enough. Once you are touched then there is no longer God as something abstract, He's something concrete for you. It's not something that you intellectually want to understand, but emotionally and personally you have a relationship with Him. As long as this relationship is not created, It can be realized intellectually and you try to understand It through His manifestation. But the way to go to Him is to be touched (experienced), and that touching comes through your meditation, through His Grace.

Of course, that is not the only way, because some people have never meditated and been touched. That's preparedness. You're prepared and you're in the moment that God can touch you, then that relationship is established. But that takes a lot of devotion, love and willingness. That's why, if you remember Christ said, "He who is the humblest in the Kingdom is the greatest." It needs to be a kind of humility that for a lot of humans is very hard to have, that humility of being so humble in front of God. And then God touched them. That is why meditation, Satsang, service and being in a spiritual environment makes us open our Spirit more. But in our societies that we have here now, they are so intellectual, and they are so hard on us that we have to close our Spirit, we have to be logical humans.

There are always two ways to look at everything, there's a human way or God's way. That's one reason it's said, "Whatever is above is below."

So even logic is two kinds: there is human logic and there is Godly logic. Logic is not bad. Intellect is not bad. Nothing is bad in this universe, it's how we use it. If we use our logic to create better weapons to kill other people, that's a logic of how to do it. You can use your logic to do that. But that is human logic and we are wasting a lot of resources and mental power, and whatever we have, to create some logical way to dominate others, or to gain something that we feel is ours. So that is the human kind of logic.

But if we use the same resources to create a better environment for everyone to live in, or use those resources to extract better energy from the sun, or water, or wind, etc, we're creating better living conditions for everyone. See? It's two different ways of using the same resources. If we become more and more God conscious, use more and more logic in higher consciousness, we will start using our logic for everyone, for the betterment of humanity. And how we can make it better for everyone is by creation of the Communities of Light, by creating an environment where you can think God, you can live God, you can be God. We can create an environment where everyone has enough resources to live together and at the same time not to destroy one another.

So in answer to your question, do you have a desire to know God?

Guest: Yes.

Maitreya: I always tell this story about this yogi. A man wanted to know God. He came to a Guru, or Master, or teacher, or whatever you want to call him, Rabbi or Father, and told him, "I want to know God." The Guru said, "Do you want to know God, really?" He said, "Yes, I've been meditating for such a long time and I haven't reached there (to know God) yet." He said, "OK come with me."

Then the teacher took him to a lake. They went to the lake together. Suddenly this teacher took his student's head, pushed him into the water, and kept him there. The student stayed there for a couple of seconds, thirty seconds, one minute -- he was becoming desperate for air. And he thought, "Probably he's going to let me go now." No, he was still keeping him down there. One minute five seconds, ten seconds, fifteen seconds, it's really bad. He wanted air, he didn't want anything else. One minute and twenty five seconds, one minute and thirty seconds, teacher or no teacher, he wanted air, no respect or anything left. He just wanted to come out of the water. One minute and forty seconds, he just pushed the teacher away and (taking a deep breath) came up out of the water and breathed fresh air. Then he said, "What are you doing? Are you going to kill me under the water?" The teacher said, "When you want God as badly as you wanted that breath, then you will know Him." See, that is when you want nothing else but Him.

You see, animals follow God, because God created them to do whatever they do. They go by their instinct. Plants follow God, because God created them to be the way they are. Everything in the universe follows His program or His creation. But the human doesn't have to. We have free will. We can choose Him or not choose Him. We can say, "No, I don't want God, I want the world." Any of us can decide today, "No, I don't want to do this Mission," and walk out this door and go away, that's it. But if I don't want anything else more than I want God, there's nothing else important...

A lot of people think if you only want God then you lose everything else. If I want only God then I don't have to love my children. I don't have to love my husband. I don't have to love my parents. So they think that is what God is asking them to do, that you leave all those things for Him. And that's not true. Actually, after you know God you love them in an even greater way, with a Love that you never Loved them before. You don't need them anymore as in a human relationship but you Love them very much, much deeper. You have a Godly Love for them. You don't need them as to be attached to them. You love them because they are a part of God. They are in the image of God.

A lot of people talk about God -- I love you, or I love this person, or I love that person. But if you really dissect that love and look into it closely, you see they really need those people. So that is not a real detached love. It's a very attached love. You're attached to them. However, when you know God you're no longer attached to them, but you Love them with Godly Love.

That is why God Loves humans so much, especially those who love Him, because they decide to love Him. He provided so many toys and so many things that humans can play with. And while they are playing with these toys and they are happy with their toys, God says, "OK, this child is happy with his toys."

Just like, as long as Isaac plays with his toys, we say, "Great, he's playing with his toys." So we do not have to spend time with him. But when he no longer plays with his toys and asks for us, then we have no choice but to respond to his call and say, "Yes, what do you want?" because he no longer wants to play with his toys, he wants us. So we have to respond to him.

That's exactly the same way God responds to us. As long as we play with our toys, or if we have an attachment with our earthly loved ones, God says, "OK this child is fine, he's playing with his game, he doesn't want Me." But then suddenly we throw all our toys away and say, "No I just want you, God where are you?" He has no choice. He says, "Yes my child, what do you want?"

Knowing God is not the easiest thing. Of course, it depends, God can do anything He wants to. Some people are touched without even trying too hard. But, if you look at those people who are touched, many other people think it's easy to know God because it seemed it was so easy for this other person, and they don't put too much effort into it. Some people have to put forth a lot of effort to do that. If you look into the person who apparently reached God easily, you'll see they have probably been meditating or working on their spiritual progress for much longer. If you believe in reincarnation, this may be many more lifetimes than a lot of other people who have a hard time to know God in this life. But meditation and prayer are the two tools that you can use to come close to God. Meditation, prayer, service and Satsang are the four pillars in knowing God.

Satsang means good company. Satsang means gathering and talking about God. In the Satsang sometimes the Words or the Spirit comes through in a way that it hits the people present. It hits their Spirit and their Spirit quickens. Have you heard in the Bible it says the Spirit quickened? That's what Satsang or, discourses like this do. I don't call it discourse because discourse does not only relate to spiritual things. Discourse can be about anything. Satsang quickens your Spirit, especially if you give it in an environment where the presence of God is stronger. You become closer and closer to Him, and you know His Ways instead of your way.

That's another problem. We have our own ways. We want to do things according to our way, according to what we think is good. See? But God has His own Way. And the more you know His Way, the less you have of your own way.

I have no choice but to do this Mission. I have no will of my own, but His Will. Now that is the question, "How much personal will do I want and how much God's Will do I want?" As I said, with prayer and meditation, you will know more and more His Will.

My Mission could have been just to sweep the floor. But if that is God's Will, that's what gives me Joy. Or God's Will is, I establish the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. That's the only way I can receive that same Joy. If I do anything else, it's not going to give me Joy. It doesn't matter how much money or prestige I would have. That emptiness is always going to be there because that is my will, not God's Will.

Guest: Meditation, prayer...

Maitreya: Meditation, prayer, service and Satsang are the four pillars.

Guest: What's the best way to meditate. Is it not thinking of anything? Or thinking about God, or what it is?

Maitreya: If you read the Scriptures, it says, "Be still and know that I am God." So true meditation is when you're physically, mentally and emotionally still. Completely still. But mind is tricky.

Some teachers compare it to a monkey. A monkey cannot stay in one place. He just has to jump all over. It's very hard to keep the monkey still. So that's what the great yogis, the great teachers, the great rishis, the people who meditated for a long time, realized, that the only way to keep the mind still is to give it something that it cannot think about, it cannot unfold.

When the mind is not still, the consciousness is like a turbulent lake, a lake that has a lot of waves in it. Now, imagine God being like the moon in the sky, and you're trying to see the moon in this lake of consciousness. And this lake of consciousness is very wavy because of the mind. What do you see? Almost nothing. So you see it's all broken up. But if you calm the consciousness, what happens? You see the moon.

So they came up with this device of giving the mind a word, a word which they call "mantra." What this mantra does is to give that mind something that it cannot solve. You sit and you repeat this mantra. Of course, the mantra can have a meaning which brings you also to God, and it can have no meaning at all. This mantra keeps the mind (monkey) busy, so your consciousness becomes still and you then see God.

There's another story that a gentleman had a lot of desires. He went to this great teacher and/or yogi, and said that he wanted a mantra or a powerful word that could fulfill all the desires he had. This yogi said, "Well I have such a word but I don't want to give it to you." He said, "Why not?" The yogi said, "Well, the thing is, if you use this word this great giant is going to appear. And this great giant can fulfill any desire you have. But there's only one problem with this giant, if you don't keep him busy he's going to kill you, because the only thing he doesn't like is to stay idle." Anyway this gentleman said, "Don't worry about it, I have so many desires I can keep him busy for many lifetimes." The yogi said, "OK, but I warned you he can't be kept idle."

He gave the word to this gentleman, and this gentleman repeated the word. Then this great giant came and said, "Yes Master, what do you want me to do for you?" He said, "Go and build me such and such a castle, with such an entrance and a top like this and bottom like this etc, etc." He thought, "It's going to take him at least a couple of weeks, or a month or two months to do that." And half an hour later this giant came back and said, "Yes, your castle is ready."

Anyway by two o'clock in the afternoon he was out of every desire he had, because everything was fulfilled. This giant became very upset that the man didn't have any more desires to give him. He said, "Hey, give me something to do, I can't just stay here idle." And he wanted to kill him.

The man said, "OK, OK just a second I'll have some more desires." He gave him something to do and then himself ran to the yogi, and said, "What do I do? I'm out of all my desires! He's going to kill me." The yogi said, "I told you that is the only problem." He said, "Yes, but what am I going to do? Now I'm in a bad situation, that was then." The yogi said, "OK there is one solution. Give him the tail of a dog and tell him to keep it straight. The moment he lets the tail go, it curls back. So it will keep him busy forever."

So that giant is the mind. You can fulfill your desires through your mind. You can think what you want, and get it. But the problem with the mind is it's always active. You gain something, you want more. You buy one house, you want two houses. You have one car, you want two cars. You have two cars, you want three. You want an airplane. Then you want a castle. You want to become famous. It just goes on and on. It never ends.

The mind is that giant. And that mantra is the tail of the dog. So you give the mantra to the mind and the mind occupies itself with this mantra (like the tail of the dog which the giant had). Eventually it reaches a point where it becomes tired of doing this and becomes still. Even that giant eventually became tired and fell asleep.

So what happens is the mind becomes still. When the mind becomes still, it has no desires left. It becomes completely calm. When it becomes completely calm, the consciousness, your true Essence, your I AM, your Atman which is already One with God, manifests. Then you will know yourself. You will know God, and you are touched.

To meditate is therefore, not to sit and think. That's not meditation, that is thinking. Still your mind is telling you, "What did I eat yesterday? Oh, I did that one. What am I going to do da, da, da, da. Alright, what did that person say to me? Oh I see. OK, well I have to do this thing, don't I? Yeah, right. This person likes me? No. I like him." You see? The mind goes on and on. But you replace that with this mantra.

This is what you do. Your mind says, "What did I do last night?" You say, "Well it doesn't matter, Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam." "OK, should I do this?" "No, it doesn't matter, Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam." After awhile it gives up. It says, "OK I give up." When it gives up, your Spirit will come through, your real Essence. So then you live in the moment, here and now. It doesn't mean that you don't think anymore, or you don't do what you're supposed to do.

You see, 95% of our human problems, our individual problems, are not really problems. We create them for ourselves because that mind, that ego, likes to be in trouble. It is the only way it knows that it exists. If I have trouble, if I have problems, I exist. Because I have problems, something out there is bothering "I." But if we reach a point that 95% of our problems, our desires, our attachments, and our things that are not necessary for us are gone, how many problems are left? Five percent? That five percent can be solved easily, can't it?

So you have a better grip of the problems in your life, and the real problems can be solved easily, especially if people help one another. If I am the only person out there and I am trying to make it, it's tough. But if I'm in a community and everyone, as a Body, helps one another as one, and I can help them and they can help me, then what happens? Again, 95% of our real personal problems are gone. So what is left is no problem.

God didn't create us to live like this, the way we live right now. A lot of people say, "There's a rat race out there, just everyone grabbing everything they can from each other and stepping on one another if they can, just to get their job security, their pensions, etc." We haven't been created to live like this.

We have been created to live in a family. We have been created to get married, to have children, and to become good parents, in such a way that the children respect us, and love us. When they grow up still that respect and love continues itself so they are our pension. They are our security in old age. Then the whole society should support such an environment. And the family in the Community of Light is even more comfortable because the community is secure, strong, and powerful, it's based on God. So we won't have burglaries, crimes and drugs in our communities. You see, the whole cause of the problems is that we are not following the set-up that God has created for us. If we follow the set-up, everyone is going to feel secure.

I was born in an environment where that set-up was almost followed to the point, and there wasn't any feeling of insecurity there. People felt very secure. They never were afraid or worried about what their pension was going to be, "Do I have a secure job? Am I going to receive a promotion?" etc. See, the reason these things are happening is because we forget the very essence, the very reason, why this insecurity comes in, that is the lack of a strong family and community.

So, this is the whole package together. A lot of people want to find happiness only by meditating, or going on a vacation, or going into the floating tanks, or using those special glasses with lights going on. But when they come out of it, their problem is still there. The crime is there. The drugs are there. The whole thing is there. So meditating alone is not the answer. To use these tools to feel good for a short time is not the answer. These all are escapism. Escapism does not solve human problems, but Communities of Light do. The answer is the whole package.

That is why the Mission of Maitreya, our Mission, is the whole package. It comes together. Meditation is a part of it. Family life is a part of it. Community is a part of it. That is the whole answer to all the problems we have.

Question: I find it's not easy to start a community. We don't know where to start.

Maitreya: Well, that's why it's so important to start this community really going, so we have an example, a model, and the people can come here and see how it works.

Putting two people together is hard. Putting three is harder. Putting four, and five, and twelve is going to be much harder. You see, that's why it is so important, again, to meditate on the community, so later you can meditate in the community!

Communities of Light are for mature people, very mature people who have reached a point where they want to sacrifice a little bit for something greater. They're not individuals who say, "Me, me, me only." If they are "me, me only," they're not going to last very long in the Communities of Light, because in the communities they have to at least give equal of what they take. Otherwise, that community is not going to last long.

If there is this much water, and I keep drinking it, what happens to this water? It's going to be gone. But if I drink a sip and put two sips back, what happens? After awhile it's going to overflow, because we are adding to the water.

So it almost seems the creation of the Communities of Light is against human nature. Humans don't like sacrifice. The human says, "What is in it for me? I want to get something out of this. Am I going to get more out of this, or am I going to give more?" And as long as you have that "me" attitude, you are not Community of Light stuff. But if you reach a point to know, "I want to be a part of this community, and I want to give more than I receive," then such people can live together, help one another and be willing to take on some responsibility that makes other people more free, comfortable and secure. Then everyone has more time to pursue higher things. It's very hard to find such people. They are very rare, a rare breed. But they are there.

The human and the earth are becoming more in trouble. We're seeing it's going to become more and more in trouble, it's not going to be better for awhile. As more people see this troubled earth, they realize there should be a way out. Then we have an alternative for them, the Communities of Light.

We have no choice then. We have to become more sacrificial. We have to realize the way we are going is the way to destruction. Either we are going to blow ourselves up, or we come to the point we say, "OK, we have to cooperate, we have to share, we have to become closer to one another. We have to give up something to gain something."

Do you want security? Do you want a more comfortable, crimeless and drugless environment, an environment based on the Spirit? Or do you want your ego, crime, drugs and a life out of the Spirit? That is the choice. But that choice has not been made by a lot of people yet, and that's why you have a hard time to create the Communities of Light.

Maybe that's why God gave this revelation and this teaching now, because this is the time humans are becoming ready for it. Fifty years ago probably they didn't need it. Everything was doing fine then. They had good businesses going, they were going all over the world making money. There was no crime, no drug problem. Fifty years ago probably the West was in heaven. But now you see that the Spirit is no longer moving in that direction. He wants something else to happen.

I started this Mission around eleven years ago. And after eleven years we have few people. Of course, probably half of it, or seven years of it, was a teaching period for myself.

So you are trying to create the Communities of Light there in Quebec. Maybe half of it is for you to learn something, to become more effective, to see what works and what doesn't.

Hopefully I learned my lessons, so probably we should be more effective now. Though we have few people, but they're good people. You see, they're few but they're strong in their belief, they're strong in what they want to do. They are willing and want to help. They make sure that more and more the teaching is getting out. It's no longer in the ethereal level, it's no longer only in heaven, it's on earth. And it's here to stay. We are reaching and touching a lot of other people right now. We cannot stop it any longer. It's too late, it's out. As more people respond and take more responsibility, it becomes easier. The life of the pioneer is never easy. You understand?

For instance, those pioneers who came first to the United States went through a lot of trouble to cut the trees, open the roads and start things going, etc. Of course, they destroyed the Indians but still they had to really go through a very hard life to start their life going.

So we are the pioneers. And if we have the spirit of the pioneer, we love it because we want to do something good for humanity, we want to get something great going. If we don't have the spirit of the pioneer then we fall back to our comfortable life, which is no longer comfortable. As I said, there is no place on earth where we can escape what is happening. There is no place. Even in the Bahamas they had a revolution, and they had to go and fight in that small island that the United States attacked three years ago. Anyway the point is, there is nowhere on earth that there is peace right now. The only peace probably we have is in this house right now.

So we are not here really doing small things. Sometimes we become stagnated by our thoughts that, "Oh, I'm doing so much, I'm tired and I have done so much for the Mission, etc." If you become irritated a little bit about things, remember what we are doing here. That is the only way not to become stagnated, to keep the focus high and on where we are going, not where we are. Where we are is not very good but where we are going is good. So we are marching there. We are rushing toward the goal.

It is like water in the river. As long as the water keeps going and rushing toward the sea (goal), it is fresh and joyful. Now if somehow a part of it is separated and becomes a pond (stagnated, no longer is rushing toward the goal) what happens to that pond? It spoils and becomes rotten. Do not become stagnated, rush toward the goal!

Consciousness has also been compared to a river going to the ocean. The ocean is God. The ocean is Spirit. Unit consciousnesses are like the water going toward that goal. As long as you have the goal in mind and you're going toward it, you're fresh, you're like the flowing water. But the moment you are cut off from the river or the flow, you become a small pond and you become stuck. You will be spoiled and a lot of disease will come to you, and you will be destroyed.

So keep the goal. Keep your focus on where we are going: the Communities of Light, The Greatest Sign, the creation of the Communities of Light everywhere.

It seems the Mission is easy, and it is, but it's not as easy as it looks. It can be done. Do you understand my teaching well?

Guest: Yes.

Maitreya: Have you read THOTH?

Guest: Not all, I read some of it all the time.

Maitreya: What part do you read?

Guest: I was translating the Essays and now I am reading the beginning of THOTH. I want to read it from the beginning.

Maitreya: Is it hard to understand?

Guest: No, not too much. Maybe the language, again. But I can go more slowly. I read somewhere in THOTH that evolution is going to happen anyway. It's always going on. When we want to advance faster in the path of evolution, what can we do? Is there a possibility to go faster?

Maitreya: Well, evolution is a very slow process. Very slow. It takes millions of years to go from one species to another species. Also in the evolutionary process, if the species does not evolve to the next stage, the evolutionary force has no choice but to eliminate it, or change it to another species. So if we just sit here and say, "Evolution is going to take care of everything," then we might reach a point that we are actually in the way of evolution. But if we meditate and know that evolution is really what our Spirit wants to be done, if we know what the Spirit wants to be done, then we can take, or accelerate the process to the next step. But if we don't know, or we are not aware of the Will of the Spirit, then we become an obstacle in the way.

You cannot oppose the Will of the Spirit because the Will of the Spirit is going to win anyway. The only thing you will do is, you will be crushed if you oppose the Will of the Spirit. So where we are now, is really a point of the next evolution for humanity.

Are we going to blow ourselves up and be destroyed completely? Or are we going to take the responsibility to evolve to a higher level of understanding one another? Humanity is becoming more and more aware that we are interdependent, we are very connected with one another. There is nothing separate. Now they realize that even the predators, the wolves and the lions, are necessary to eliminate the weak, the wounded and the ones who are not strong enough to withstand the evolutionary process.

So we can see, human understanding is increasing in all levels. But we are also realizing that whatever happens in Asia or Africa or Australia is going to affect us. We are not really separated islands. We are something very interdependent.

After realizing that we are so interdependent, can we still afford to go ahead and separate ourselves from other nations, and say, "Well, no, we want all the resources and we don't care what happens to them?" We can't do that any longer, because they will say, "No, we're not going to give them to you."

That's what happened in 1973 when the Arabs embargoed oil. What happened? Suddenly, the whole West was shook up. They said, "Hey, we didn't know you can do that. You can't do that. You haven't done that for the last 50 years." Suddenly everyone woke up in the morning, and there was no gas in the pumps. We're living in an interdependent world right now. And this realization is coming to more and more people, that we cannot afford anymore to feel separate from one another.

The consciousness of being more united, and that we have no choice but to share this earth together, is increasing. Of course, there is always confusion, when you go from one level of consciousness to another level of consciousness. Because as long as you are here (in a lower level) and you know everything on this level, you are fine. You know everything and you're very comfortable with what you are, where you are, and what you know. But if you want to go from here to there (higher level), what happens? It's a period of confusion, until you reach this point. Then at this point you know everything is fine.

That is where human evolution is right now, because we're leaving that self-centered feeling of, "We are separated from them, we can do whatever we want to, we are fine because we have everything, and we don't need to worry about this realization." Oh no. There is interdependence there.

So in this period, of course, we are confused, until we reach the point and realize, "OK, yes, we have to share with one another. We are one planet and we have to share, we have to get along, we have to understand one another. We can't separate one another by misunderstanding, because that person wears that kind of clothes and different than the clothes I wear, and he does his prayer different than I do, so he's bad or good and all those prejudicities that exist in our lives. The more humans realize that they have to know each other, the more they also become unified. They become more alike.

If I understand how Hindus or Buddhists think, I might think twice. Maybe they have something to offer. If I'm a Moslem and I know about Jewish philosophy or Christian philosophy, I might think twice and say, "Well, they have good things going on for them." Or if I am a Jew or a Christian and know how a Baha'i thinks or a Moslem thinks, what happens to me? I might find a couple of good points that they have that I can take and add to my own. So after awhile, we become a more unified earth with a more expanded consciousness.

And what does The Greatest Sign do? It encourages us to be more in touch with other religions, and other cultures, to expand ourselves, to go a little further. So we have a lot of beautiful things here for individual and collective consciousness together that we can use and improve ourselves.

We are the wave of the future. I am the accelerator of this point of evolution in human history!

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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