A Satsang (Discourse) given by Maitreya on "Respect; The Middle Path; How to Guide Others; Healing Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually; Immortality and Eternity."

08/21/1989 Satsang (Discourse) by


It's not criticizing if I suggest some things as ethical behavior for the community, but by following them we create greater awareness. It's kind of an awareness in you that "not stretching my legs in front of the person who's respectful or an elder," brings more respect for yourself too because you become more disciplined. Your mind becomes keener. You're not "wishy-washy" and just do every-thing that feels good. There is something that you do have respect for, you do keep your focus on, instead of, "Whatever is good for me and I feel good about, I'm going to do it." I don't think that is the way of God. If that was the way of God, we all would be in the Garden of Eden with Eve eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

What happened to Eve? Eve felt good. The serpent told her, "You can do whatever you want to." You're going to become God. Don't worry about it, go ahead and eat of the tree of knowledge. And she looked and saw, "It looks good. Yeah, let's eat it." And she ate it. Sometimes what looks good and feels good might not be good for you!

These things I say are disciplinary things and we need keener awareness.

Question: We talk a lot about the middle path here at the Mission. I'm not sure that I completely understand what that means. Could you explain further?

Maitreya: Yes. It's just like when you throw a stone in the water, the water goes down and up, and down and up, and down and up. It creates waves in the pond (lake, etc). Eventually, it settles down to be calm water.

That's actually what most of human life is. Human life goes up and down. Humans fluctuate all the time. They feel good for a couple of days or a couple of hours, and then they crash for a couple of hours or a couple of days. Or they want to go ahead and do a lot of things in their lives, and then if it doesn't happen the way they planned, they become depressed. "Either I have to have everything or I'm depressed." Or, "I become completely undisciplined, or completely rigid."

For instance, a very revolutionary thing happened in the 1960's. The young generation felt that the old generation was too strict. They were spending all their time and energy working for money to have a good life, which they considered as buying a house, buying cars, etc. And that's when the new generation went the other way. They said, "No, we don't want to follow any discipline. We don't want to follow any rules or regulations." So they went far the other way. See, that is going to the extremes.

The middle path is the path of stillness, the path of consistency, to be constant, and in this path you don't go to extremes. If something good happens to you, you know it is temporary and you enjoy it. You just look through it and see if it's really from God or from the higher Spirit, then you just take it and enjoy it as it is. If it isn't good, you don't completely fall to despair, because still you know that that's temporary and that's not something to really be concerned about. So you become a constant mind.

That is actually what the yogis try to achieve, a constant level of consciousness which neither goes too high, nor goes too low. One day you praise someone to the highest, and the next day if he or she doesn't give you what you want, you slander them to nothingness. That's extreme. You don't have to take them that high, or put them that low. If you are constant, you realize the Divinity or Beauty in them, and at the same time you realize their shortcomings. When they are good and they exalt you, you know it is temporary. When they don't exalt you, still you know that's temporary. So the middle path is the path of consistency, the path of being still.

That is what God is. God says, "Be still and know I am God." And in that still mind everything is just a passing event. This state has been likened to: you're staying at the top of a bridge and the life is like a river, it's coming and going underneath. So you are really not changing. It is the time and the life that is changing as likened to the water. In a sense you become the witness entity of the life. You look at it as just some scene, it's just a play. It comes and goes, and you laugh at how the players are becoming so involved in it. They are playing the life as real, and they are very serious about it. They feel that is really it, and so they play ego trip games in this life. But in the constant mind there's no play, no games, because you are no longer the player. Actually if you want to play, you are the best player in the game because you know exactly what is happening.

It is just like watching a football game on television. The person who watches the game knows better what is going on than the people who play in the game. You know exactly where every player is because you are sitting back and looking at it. But the players themselves don't. Each person is concerned with, "What is in front of me? Who am I going to give the ball to? Can I throw the ball now or wait?"

But the person sitting back can say, "Hey, don't throw the ball now because the other person will get in front of you, etc." The person who is in the play is very serious, that play is very serious to him. Even some of the people who watch the play become very serious about it. They really become a part of the play. But the person who just watches unattached says, "Hey, this is just a play. Don't become upset about it." Some people become absolutely absorbed in the play. If their team doesn't win they become really angry and upset.

But consistency is when your mind becomes still in that level.

Question: When I'm watching that play going on, there are times when I feel like I want to guide. See my problem is that sometimes I get upset when I'm trying to guide, because I want to help and improve someone else. What can I do instead? I mean, what is the way of handling that to help someone learn something but not getting into it to where I get myself upset?

Maitreya: Well, first of all the person you want to help has to want the help. You can't help someone who doesn't want help.

Question: I'm speaking about children right now, the two year olds.

Maitreya: I see, the two year olds. If you become angry or upset, it means that you are not in that calm mind yet. As long as you're not in that calm mind, you cannot guide. When you are in that calm mind you don't become upset.

That is the goal of meditation. The goal of meditation, fasting, chanting, dancing, and all these things is to still your mind. What happens with chanting? Chanting stills the mind, eventually, when you do it for a long time. When you're that still mind, you don't become upset. Of course, it's easier to say than do.

There was a yogi who meditated on the top of the mountain for ten years without coming down the mountain. So he felt he was a great yogi. Eventually one day, he had to come down the mountain. He had to go to the market. Someone pushed him a little bit and he became very angry. He pushed him away from himself and said, "What are you doing, I'm a great yogi, don't you realize that?" And the man who was pushing him said, "If you're a great yogi, why is this anger coming from you?" Then he realized, "Wow, I've been wasting my time for ten years!" He hadn't realized anything because he still didn't have that calm mind of the yogi.

In that sense you have to watch yourself. If you are in a good state of mind, the children will pick this up. They will do what you want them to do. If you are not, they won't. Actually children are the best Gurus, the best teachers there are, because they are so pure in Spirit that they feel you. If you are in that still state of mind they do what-ever you want them to do because they trust you, they know that what you say is true and good. Yet you can yell at them and tell them that you want to discipline them according to your standards and they might not listen. The question is, are your standards pure enough? Do you really completely know what you're doing, to tell a child what to do and what not to do? If you do, that child knows it very, very simply. They feel your love and your depth, and if it is Truth, they comply.

Question: It's happened many times when you give Satsang and since you started the Mission that you were asked questions about healing. But always a different approach to healing or a different way to see it or to try to understand it, was explained. Again I have received a couple of letters, and a specific letter still asking me about healing and where to find it in the Mission, and which a previous Satsang speaks about. So I introduce my question this way to get deeper on many levels of that subject and more about self-healing.

When you come in touch with the Mission in the beginning, first you discover that in THOTH there was supposed to be a healing center in the Temple. Then after that it seemed it changed and the healing center is not going to be in the Temple but somewhere else close to the community. But how can there be a healing center if you have to heal yourself? Now if we could go into more detail about healing, for I'm trying to clarify the subject in such a way that this Satsang is going to help many people along with the other Satsangs there are on the different parts of this subject.

First of all, why do human beings get sick, get disease or illness? How come it happens to the human being in the creation? When did it start, in the creation and history that man began to have disease?

Maitreya: Well, to answer your question about many people who have questions about healing, this Mission didn't start as a healing mission. It didn't start as, "I am a healer so everyone come here, I will heal them." It started as The Plan, as THOTH, as unification of all religions of the world. But as it evolved we heard a lot of people asking about healing. They wanted to ask that kind of question.

So, it really is not the priority in the Mission of Maitreya, what the healing is and what the healing process is. Therefore, the concentration in this lifetime is not physical, personal healing. But unfortunately, or fortunately, a lot of people are very interested in this topic, they are interested in healing. And as Christ said, "If I can do it, so can you," or, "If you have the faith of a mustard seed you can do many great things." So, right now, before I say anything about healing, let everyone know this is not a personal healing mission.

Actually I was thinking tonight about, what is the criteria to come and join the Mission? It sounds like there are two different kinds of people who come to the Mission: One, are those who come to hear me and go away, and the others are those who come here and want to do the Mission.

Those who want to come and hear me, it seems like most of them want to come here and be healed right away. And then they say, "Well, I was healed, or I was not healed." They really are not interested in the Word of God, The Plan, the unification of the religions, Communities of Light, creation of the hierarchy on earth and all those things. It is a very self-centered approach to something which is greater than any religion or revelation that has come to humanity for the last 12,000 years. And that saddens me, because such a great Mission is here and we can heal the whole earth together. Then they have just to think about themselves and say, "Are you going to heal me or not?" See?

So the guideline for the people coming here actually is to tell them, If you're coming here to be healed, don't come. If you're coming to hear the Word of God and the Will of God, then come. That is for the people who just want to come here, hear, and go away. We are talking about God and His Will, how we can unify humanity, and how we can create the Communities of Light. In the Communities of Light then people can heal themselves. They don't need me to heal them. God is with them. Is God with me? God is with you.

For the other people who come here to stay and help the Mission, the other guideline is, Take care of your problems first before coming to the Mission, because we want you here to do the Mission. We don't need problems, we need solutions. If you still have a lot of problems, don't come. As Meher Baba said, "Come to me when you're happy." If you're not happy don't come to me. Just take care of your unhappiness, take care of your business, take care of your problems. When you don't have any problems then come to the Mission, because this is the Mission to solve the problems of earth, not your individual problem(s). We have a lot to be done and we don't need to add to the problems we already have here. We want to get rid of some of these problems, not add to them.

So it seems we have answered the question of healing many, many times and the conclusion always was, you have to learn how to heal yourself. We are not here this lifetime to give individual healing but we are here to heal the earth. If we heal the earth, then everyone can heal themselves.

The disease in humanity relates to their karma, relates to the problems they have created for themselves in this lifetime, the previous lifetime, many lifetimes. So they need an environment where they can get rid of those karmas.

What good did it do that Christ healed them? Eventually he realized that the unclean spirit goes, finds seven more and comes back, and the last state of the man is worse than he was before (Math. 12:45 and Luke 11:26). So Christ learned that lesson very well in that lifetime. That's why when Muhammad came, he never healed anyone. But still he created a great religion of the world. Or Moses didn't heal anyone. Or Joshua didn't heal anyone. So this healing is still carried on in the Christian world, Christendom. It seems that it is in Christendom that healing is very important.

It is not that important in the Jewish faith, or in the Islamic faith, or in the Hindu faith. The reason for it is that Christians always refer to the fact that Christ healed people. But we have to understand that he also eventually realized that he didn't help the person. That person's state became worse than before, because that person did not want to meditate. That person did not want to realize what he had done in previous lifetimes. He wasn't repentant.

Repentance is the beginning of healing. If they want to heal themselves they have to start to repent, they have to start to see that what they do is affecting themselves and others. That is karma. That is the beginning of creating bad reactions.

If you want to heal yourself, just kneel down, go to God with a humble heart, repent, meditate, and ask Him for forgiveness, and you will see, you will start healing yourself.

Question: This explains your point of view and the point of view of the Mission on the healing, it is clear from this. But I don't know if it's going to answer the questions that many people have on healing. Sometimes they are very sick, and they come and ask those questions. Also, even if you say that, you wrote in THOTH that there is going to be a healing center in the Temple.

Maitreya: Alright, about the healing center. There is help. There are tools or aids. There are some processes that can help the healing of the people. For instance, different colors of light have different effects on the psychic energy, or crystals have the ability to withdraw the negative forces because crystals are solidified ether. Ether is where the karmas dissolve into. So when you work with crystals, colors, and all those things, it helps you to get rid of some of the very shallow negativity, not deep negativity.

They really take care of the negativity you pick up in this body, not in your spirit, not the karmas. Karmas don't go away with crystals or colors or all the things that a lot of people use to heal themselves or others. They just take the negativity that we pick up in our day-to-day lives. When we go outside into the world we pick up a lot of negative energy from the environment that we are in.

That is why the yogis used to go to the mountains, so they could be away from all that negativity. These tools as mentioned can help a person to get rid of those negativities so they can at least meditate better. So when we say, healing center, it doesn't mean healing center that heals you to the core of your spirit. It is an assistance. It assists you in your healing process but it is eventually you who should do it.

Also when you do healing, it's possible that one person heals another. I don't say that it's not possible. But that person who is healed has not learned how to heal himself or herself. It won't help the person who is healed very much, because that spirit is still going to come back. The last state of the person might even become worse than it was before. That's why we're not recommending that people heal one another.

Also, when you heal someone, you push the unclean spirit out of that person. If you do it in the Temple, what you are doing is really releasing a lot of negativity and unclean spirits in the Temple. We are trying to clean the Temple as much as possible and create a much better environment, so when the people go there they can get rid of their shallow negativities. So with all these reasons we decided that a healing center shouldn't be in the Temple. But if people want to create places where they can heal themselves, being helped a little bit in the process, it can be done somewhere else. For instance, these topics can also be studied -- What is the effect of the lights? What is the effect of the crystals? If someone finds something that helps other people, that would be fine, but it will not heal them completely. It is very temporary.

I have seen people who have devised a lot of ways to feel good. For instance, there are -- I don't know if you have heard about them -- lights like glasses that you put on your eyes and in 15 minutes they say it's just like meditating for years or hours, etc. Of course, it's exaggerated, but go and see if the people who use them really have the peace of God. Have they really been healed? Those things are very temporary things.

It's just like taking a hot bath. A hot bath relaxes you. But two hours later you are the same person, all the spirit, all those negativities, and all those anxieties are back. It's not something that's constant (still mind). It's not the middle path. It doesn't take you to the middle path.

See, we have to be observant. We have to be really meditative about all these things that we are told. A lot of people jump on the bandwagon, and then they say, "Oh, it didn't work." They followed another fashion, and again another fashion, and another fashion. Now just imagine what happened in the last seven or eight years. So many different ways or fashions or beliefs came in and went away. There are fashionable spiritual followings but the fashions are very short-lived. They don't live long.

However, the true Spirit lives for thousands of years, just like when Christ comes and his energy goes on for thousands of years. That wasn't a fashion. It was from the Spirit of God.

But if you're going to rebirthing, to the floating tanks, to all those things that came for the last couple of years, all of them became the ultimate spiritual experience and six months to one year later, where are they? Where are those floating tanks? Not very many are using them. Now everyone uses those glasses. So it was temporary. If it was permanent it would have stayed.

Question: So what you were just giving is to take out the shallow negativities of this body in this lifetime. What about the food, fasting, or the colon irrigation? Are they also just for this part? Even the air, or good water or all of this part is all for the shallow negativities of this body in this lifetime?

Maitreya: Yes, because you see, the body is like an antenna. What you see on the tube of the television is not the tube itself. There is something, some electricity, some picture that comes into the television that you can see. But the television has to be in good working condition in order to show you the best picture it can.

Now, the body is the same way. The body is like a tube. It is not the spirit, and/or the Soul, but in order for the Spirit to manifest Itself to the highest level, this vessel has to be in the best shape. If it is in the best shape then it can manifest greater Spirit. All this good water, good air, exercise, meditation, yoga, fasting, dancing, chanting, all of these things (of course, chanting probably also goes with the Spirit), which are done physically, are to make this physical body a good antenna.

Question: Some people say there are four kinds of diseases, usually, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. So you are speaking more about those physical in this lifetime and a few ways to take care of them. As for mental, I remember that you did a Satsang on this one also. But emotional, I don't hear so much about it, and spiritual, it's more a karmic aspect or what?

Maitreya: Right, some people distinguish between emotional and spiritual, or mental and emotional. Emotions really are the impure psychic centers which are really spirit. You don't have emotional problems if you don't have any spiritual problems. When the spirit is not grown enough, when it has not reached to the highest level possible, there are emotional problems. Emotional problems are the result of the immaturity of the spirit. An immature person is emotional. A mature person cannot be emotional because his maturity will carry him over every situation. In that sense he or she doesn't need to become emotional. She or he evaluates the situation, looks at it and then decides how to act in that situation. So that problem never arises. An emotional problem is really a spiritual problem.

A mental problem, of course, is related to mental activity. It can be physical, like brain damage. So again your antenna is not receiving all the messages that it should receive. Just like on television, if one part of the television doesn't work properly, you won't receive anything on your tube because there is something damaged. And there are mental problems which have nothing to do with the brain itself that are also spiritual. That is when, again, that person has been caught in one level of the psychic centers, called chakras. Also physically they are fit but mentally they cannot function.

Question: They are the ones also, you said once, that kept all the negativity of a small town and sometimes they are necessary.

Maitreya: Right, they call them Majzob in the East. They are crazy but they are not violent. They are crazy about God. They are absorbed into the Spirit and they usually are very beautiful. They might seem crazy, but they really are picking up a lot of negativity from the community. If those people weren't there, that community would have received much more negativity. Probably, it's just a thought, maybe that's why we have so many problems in the western society right now, like burglary. The communities are experiencing so many burglaries and crime is rising, maybe because we lock up those crazy people somewhere else in institutions. It is just a thought, it might not be completely true but if they were around the community, and the community was compassionate enough to love them and take care of them, that compassion and love that they bring to him or her would be multiplied to the rest of the community. So sometimes we feel we are curing one problem, and we create many others.

Question: You spoke a little bit about psychic centers, the chakras. In every kind of disease is there a relation with the chakras, or is there more percentage when it's physical or mental or spiritual, or it depends? Is there always a relation between the purity of the psychic centers and disease?

Maitreya: Not necessarily. For instance, if you cut your hand, that is completely physical. That has nothing to do with the chakras. You chopped your hand off and that is a purely physical problem, or if you smashed your hand and destroyed something, or your kidneys are gone and the reason is, for instance, that they became infected. But if it's not purely physical usually it has a spiritual base. That's right.

Question: The chakra is in relation with a more spiritual disease?

Maitreya: Chakras are the spirit. Of course, there is an exaggeration about them. We see in Eastern drawings, they draw centers which grow and cover the whole universe, etc. Just like any other religion whose followers exaggerated about it, there is some exaggeration about chakras. But they exist, they are true. And if the energy becomes caught in the lower chakras, then the disease will easily overtake you, because the energy becomes stalled there, just like water that is no longer flowing in the river. What happens to a small pond? It becomes smelly and starts getting spoiled. It is the same thing that happens to the energy. If the energy is stalled in the lower chakras they become dirty, spoiled and easily create diseases.

Question: What about all the doctors, physicians, hospitals and all the drugs, I mean the medicines that the people are using for themselves? Everyone, actually almost everyone, is using these. What is the relation with this and what you propose as self-healing in all those things? Because even if they get to the hospital and see a doctor, they're going to get sick again. They just go for the physical body. So what do you have to say on this?

Maitreya: Even before the doctors and all this doctor community was created, there were people who were very familiar with the different drugs and different herbs, who could give you some different herbs to help you. So really the whole doctor profession, study and education comes from that base of the medicine men of the past. We have herbs, we have plants, and we have different chemicals in the universe which affect different parts of the human physical and mental body.

Just like drugs, when someone takes drugs, their mental activity increases. And they open some parts of themselves which usually they couldn't have done. So in a sense, everything is Spirit, everything is spiritual. Because everything is Spirit, Spirit has manifested Itself in different planes, in different levels. And because It's manifested in some plants in some level of consciousness, that plant also affects that level of consciousness or physical body, or mental body, or emotional, etc. So the whole thing is interrelated. When the doctors or the laboratories discover a drug that affects a part of the human, that is what they are doing. They are really discovering what level of consciousness that drug affects a person. But the problem is also to affect that level of consciousness, it might have side effects. As I said, they cure one problem but they create others.

Another reason the people are sick and go to the doctors (and they have to spend millions of dollars, and such a huge budget is going toward this problem) is because the people don't know how to heal themselves. They don't eat properly. They don't drink right. They don't take care of themselves. They don't have time. They drink a lot of coffee, and eat a lot of chocolate, and work the whole day without any real rest. In order to keep up with this kind of working schedule, they have to drink more coffee and eat more chocolate, so after awhile they can't live without coffee and chocolate, etc. Then the whole society becomes coffee, chocolate consciousness. And they get diseases, of course.

Question: So all the pharmaceutical industry, all the diseases of humanity, all the hospitals and doctors, in a way this is what we want to heal because it means the people are very sick, the humanity is very sick? So many hospitals, so many doctors, so many drugs play with the life of the people. For myself, it seems that the physicians, nowadays, are the new priests, because they say to the people, "Do this, Do that, Take this drug." The people go there and they tell all their problems to the doctor instead of going like before to the priest. In fact they trust them. It seems that it's really an important problem that means that humanity is sick and it needs to be healed?

Maitreya: Actually, the highest level of alcoholism is among doctors. The reason they become alcoholics is because they have to deal with the life and death of the people, and deeply inside themselves they know that they don't know everything. So their consciousness is always fighting with them to play God, and at the same time know that they are not God. It is a very, very demanding situation that they put themselves in. But if they don't play God then the people won't trust them. So they are in such a dilemma.

We know that this health problem and health institutions are probably one of the biggest industries in the western world. Now we'll say, "OK, let's cure people so they don't have to go to the doctor." But that will not cure the problem. Communities of Light cure the problem.

When the people live together and share, when they don't need to go through that kind of pressure from the external world, and when they eventually learn how to heal themselves -- and as they learn more to help themselves and create a calmer, nicer, more beautiful, more one and respectful environment for each other and they have better food, better water, a better environment -- they won't need to go to the doctors as much.

Even in those communities eventually people who have been born to learn about these drugs and healing can help others to heal themselves. Not in a sense that they completely heal you, that you don't have to do anything else, but they can give you a good herb, a good mental help, they can just sit and talk with you. That is healing. If you need someone to talk to, there is someone to talk with. They can just sit and talk with that person. Not having someone to talk to is a part of the disease of the West.

It is not a healthy environment to have two people living in one house who hate each other because they know each other's shortcomings so well, and also because both of their minds have been polluted, working out there. Both of them have to work out there and when they come home both need someone to talk to. He needs some attention, something to get rid of his negativities. She needs some attention to get rid of her negativities. Again we get to the same point that none of them has the love or energy to give to the other. What happens? They're completely separate. Living in such an environment, one house here, one house there, each with only one or two people, that is diseaseful. That creates a lot of energy blockage in you. That kind of situation is not healthy or humane.

So again we return to the Communities of Light. We return to create environments that people live more naturally, like humans have to live. Then this will help everyone heal themselves. All those organizations which have become so big because of the system we have created, the way of life we have created, what's going to happen to them? Gone!

Question: OK, just to finish with this, when someone is going to die, an accident or something like this, and a doctor gives him a few pills, or the right treatment to save his life, is this kind of act alright? I mean, this person is maybe going to be saved and going to come back to life again, but was it right to do it, when it's a case of an emergency?

Maitreya: You mean come to life or you mean put them on the life-saver machine?

Question: No, come back to life again. You know sometimes you just need to be there at the right time and you give the right things, do the right things and this person is saved. Or can you be there and do nothing because he has to heal himself?

Maitreya: But again we are talking about the hospital, we're talking about doctors in this system that we are working with now. OK. That again would create higher insurance costs, higher expenses, bigger and more problems for the people who have to support this kind of activity. But in the Communities of Light or in the environment that we're trying to create, if we had an emergency, we can help that person with the medicine, with the herbs, with whatever we know. At the same time it won't be that much of a burden on the society.

Question: Alright, that is when there will be Communities of Light but right now there's no community. There's one starting but right now all over the world there are no Communities of Light. So is it right to do it for these people?

Maitreya: When there's an emergency, you have to do the best you can. After you do your best, whatever happens is up to God. So if there is a possibility for a person to be treated and get well, we can suppose that the whole thing was a set-up of God for a purpose or for a reason, so that person could learn something, leave his or her body and come back to tell other people what happened to them, etc. And so we have to do our best in that situation. What that best is depends on the people involved in that situation.

Question: OK, just to finish with this aspect. Like acupuncture and working on the energy in the body, is it in relation also with the crystals or lights you spoke of? Is it just a shallow negativity of the physical body in this lifetime also that you're working on?

Maitreya: That's right. Again acupuncture is a kind of opening of the energy blockage. It opens those places that have been blocked. But the person himself eventually has to overcome the negativities himself or herself. See acupuncture doesn't heal your emotional problems. It doesn't heal your spiritual problems. It heals your physical problems because it opens the flow of energy in your body. Those problems can be helped on the physical level. That is what the healing center can be called. It is on the physical level that you can help another person to get rid of some of the negativity that they pick up from the earth, which creates the blockage.

Question: Is it right to say that usually each kind of disease, like cancer or AIDS or other kinds, have the same cause or the same origin for the people? They pass in the same pitfall and they fall there and this is why they came back in this lifetime, so they can have this kind of disease? Or is it always different for everyone? The cause of cancer for example, because that's a very big one, also because of all the people who get cancer, is it for the same karmic reason? Or is it all for different reasons, or is there a principle line you can see that usually it's for this kind of reason that before they did this and today they have this? Because there's much information coming out now on this aspect, on all the diseases with the karmic and spiritual explanations. Is it right to say that, or can it be very different from one person to another that we cannot say anything about that?

Maitreya: The question is what good does it do if you categorize those things, what relates to what karma?

Question: But when you know which kind of cause, maybe, a cause as to why you have cancer, maybe it can help you to heal it more deeply?

Maitreya: I don't think so. I don't think if you know just what the cause is, because someone else said what the cause is, that it will help you to heal yourself. But if you realize in your meditation what the cause of your disease is because of something you did in the previous lifetime, then you can heal yourself. Even sometimes you don't need to know what the cause is. If you keep the consciousness, the Spirit in the Light, eventually these things will be healed by themselves without you even knowing what the cause was. The most important thing is that you learn your lesson.

Through your meditation, through your contemplation, through your deep realizations, you learn that some of your actions, habits, etc, are no good, especially if you look at the pattern of your life. You will see that, "I always get myself in this kind of trouble. This is the pattern of my life. No matter where I am put, eventually I'm going to end up this way. What is this?" Then if you do that, after awhile you see there is a pattern involved. No matter what situation you were in, that eventually happened to you. That negativity has nothing to do with anyone else, that is you who are carrying it with you. That is you who has created this kind of karma.

When you break that pattern, that's a part of the meditation. Not having any pattern in your life, you will be flexible all the time. You don't have to follow a special pattern. So those patterns are what we have created our lives around and if we can break them, then we can heal ourselves.

So the cause is not that important in that situation, because the cause is really there to learn the lesson. The reason you created bad karma, the cause of the bad karma, is that you didn't follow God's Laws. That is the real cause. If you learn what the cause is, in that essence then you will learn your lesson.

But if you say, "All the cancer is caused by such and such karmas these people did in previous lifetimes," that doesn't give you that much of a realization. It's very general. And that might not be the truth. It might have been truth for that person who realized that he or she has cancer because of things she or he did some lifetime ago. But again, that is his or her realization, that is not going to be there for everyone.

Question: Can we say there is a relation between those healing centers where you can assist the people to heal themselves, the order of Enoch or Science based on Spirit or maybe the Michael order, and also was it a bit like this before in Atlantis because they said there were healing temples there?

Maitreya: There is always a relationship between physical, mental and spiritual; tama, raja, satva; Enoch, Michael, Gabriel, etc. They are completely interrelated. Of course, energy is raja. When you do acupuncture you're really releasing the energy, raja guna, flowing in your body to higher chakras, to higher centers. Acupuncture just breaks that blockage which blocks the flow of the energy.

So if you are working with the energy of the body, you are working with the raja guna, you're working with the Michael energy. If you're working with the physical body alone, for instance surgery is almost a purely physical thing, you take this part of the organ and put it somewhere else. That is completely physical. So that is kind of a tama energy, tama surgery. Science based on Spirit works to realize the physical aspect in the universe based on Spirit. If you can spiritually help some people, then that is spiritual help and that is the highest of the three.

That is what we're trying to do here. Communities of Light and the creation of the Communities of Light are spiritual because we're creating an environment to let the people reach the highest level possible, or to their Spirit, and so this is the highest level of healing that we are doing here. That's why you have to tell everyone to bring their consciousness higher, from their physical or mental healing to realize we need healing for the whole earth. And that is done through the Communities of Light.

Question: I hope this is going to help a lot of people. These answers on this subject will be clearer for a lot of people because we're going to have it on paper. Always focus on God is one of the answers on this.

This is a question that is not really direct from this subject of healing but it's in relation to this subject.

Sometimes I have in my mind what's the difference between immortality and eternity. It seems sometimes that we think of immortality more in relation with the physical body but maybe also there's immortality in another way than the physical body. Anyway if you're immortal, your physical body is always there? So what's the difference between immortality and eternity?

Maitreya: OK. Everything is immortal. They have never been created. They can never be destroyed. God is not like me and you that if we need something we run to the grocery store close by, or a couple of blocks from here. Everything is God. So It has been here forever and It's going to be here forever. He created everything from Himself, that has already been there. He cannot say, "Create something besides the three gunas." There are only three creative forces in the universe and the consciousness. And they have been there, they are there, they're going to be there forever. That is, they are immortal. That means they are never going to be destroyed.

Question: You are speaking about immortality right now, not eternity?

Maitreya: Yes. So immortality means something that lives forever. Lives! Eternity means, never ends. Almost the same thing, isn't it? Immortality and eternity. But eternity also can be related to higher levels of consciousness. You reach eternity when you are in Pure Consciousness. In eternity you have the awareness of your immortality. But in your immortality you might not have the awareness of eternity.

Question: Is it the sixth and the seventh levels of consciousness?

Maitreya: Exactly. In the sixth and the seventh levels you realize that everything is God. It's never going to be destroyed. It never has been created. So that is immortal. It's never going to be destroyed, it's going to be here forever. And eternity, if you want to differentiate it from immortality, is when you have the higher awareness of immortality.

Question: And our Soul is immortal or eternal, or our Soul is eternal and our spirit is immortal?

Maitreya: Then again that is two different definitions people have for the Soul and spirit. Some people use them interchangeably, no difference between them. We do differentiate them.

Soul is your Essence, is what you are. It's one with God, It's already in Pure Consciousness, It's already one with God. Spirit is the vehicle that connects the Soul to the physical body. You can say that is the ethereal body that we call spirit.

So in a sense, Soul doesn't need to reach Pure Consciousness, it has to realize that it is in Pure Consciousness. If it separates Itself from God, it's an illusion. That's what Maya is. Maya is the illusion of separation from God. The Soul is already one with God, there is no illusion for the Soul in Its highest and purest Essence.

Just like, again, the television and the picture. If the picture would think it's the tube, if it had consciousness, then it falls to the Maya. When the Soul has the illusion of separation because of the crudification of it to identify Itself as the physical body, it has the illusion of separation. The separation really doesn't exist. You are never separated from God. Never! "Oh, God, where are you? I am in such trouble, where are you?" He's already there. That is the illusion of the crudified Soul (identifies Itself as body), that thinks you're separated.

The Spirit, of course, is used to connect the physical body to the Soul and that is actually where the psychic centers are. They are the ethereal body. The ethereal body, physical body, everything else is immortal, it never dies. It changes from one level to another. The physical body dies but it becomes what? Dust. It's not destroyed, it just changes its form. But the Essence, of course, is completely unchangeable. The Soul or God, Pure Consciousness doesn't change.

You can go back to the same questions of, "What is the middle path?" It's Pure Consciousness because consciousness never changes. If your emotions go up and then down, you are still in the ethereal level, you are affected with it.

Question: Sometimes at night I feel a very loving presence or entity just above my physical body and sometimes I just feel love permeating me. When the love is present is it always from God? I guess that's kind of a silly question because everything is God. But OK could you explain what I am tuning into when this happens to me?

Maitreya: What do you think it is? [Silence] That is your Higher Self. That's what you really want to be. That is your Essence which permeates Love and is beautiful. That is what God Loves about you. He tolerates your problems and what you are now, because He wants to take you to be that Love. And that's what all of us have to become, the Essence that is. Isn't it beautiful? Isn't it wonderful? Isn't it wonderful to know everything at the same time? Isn't that the Love which is so incredible, beyond understanding? That is what God wants you to become.


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