A Satsang (Discourse) given by Maitreya on "What is Satsang?; Also, the War between Iran and Iraq; Blasphemy of The Holy Ghost."

11/01/1987 Satsang (Discourse) by


Maitreya: It seems we are all trying to contribute to Satsang. This is not what Satsang is supposed to be. So let's understand what Satsang means.

Satsang is a Sanskrit word. In other languages they probably have other similar names for it such as "discourse" in English. A person who is recognized in the community as a clear channel, or a fairly clear channel at least, will come to a group willing to participate in the Satsang.

Usually it's very spontaneous. It happens when the spirit of this person moves and becomes a pure channel for God. The discourse just comes out to reveal truth that was in the spirit of the audience. The audience has a consciousness of its own. Usually that consciousness produces a collective energy which has questions that we want to open up to and be answered.

The person who gives the Satsang is supposed to be clear enough to connect with the higher spirit for the group. It's not a discussion group, that everybody participates in the discussion. It's not a forum, that everybody has their opinions, ideas and become different channels for different energies. It's one person, focused on the collective mind of the group.

So he or she becomes the channel for that energy, in that time. And he spontaneously starts the Satsang and speaks the Satsangs out. Usually the group meditates in their own spirit and they feel the effect of the Satsang or the discourse in their own spirit. A lot of questions are usually answered in this way.

That's a good explanation. I just wanted all of us to know what Satsang means. If we start a discussion, we can call that something else. We can make it a discussion group, which is fine. That's another way of communicating or discussing things.

Satsang is not a discussion group. It's not a forum. The whole idea is that one person channels for the group, the group meditates and will receive answers in their spirit. Satsang is like a golden key, it opens doors that remain in the Spirit.

Question: When is this war between Iraq and Iran going to end?

Maitreya: Of course, it's very understandable that she's concerned about this war. She is living where this war is. It's probably very hard for us to understand the effect of that war on the lives in that country. If we are in the middle of the war, our views would be very limited. We would feel the effect of the suffering.

If we were there, we would see people suffering. The people don't have enough food to eat. The people have to struggle for their mere necessities. It's very easy for us to just walk in the store here and have whatever we want. It's pretty hard for us to imagine waiting probably a couple of hours to buy a chicken or vegetables. Or the price of everything starts skyrocketing every couple of weeks, and things like that.

When you're in that situation, you don't have the whole picture of what's happening. The only thing you are really concerned with is, when is the next meal coming? Are we going to be bombed tomorrow? Is it going to be my house next time, or my neighbor's house next week? What's going to happen?

It goes back to the story I told last week, about the soldier and the general. When you fight on the front of the battlefield, on the firing lines, what you see is the enemy -- probably a few of them. When you are the person who runs all the platoons, you have a bigger view. This goes on and on until you come to the general.

He's sitting in his room and knows everything happening in all parts of the battle. So to understand this war, we have to see the way God looks at it.

It has been prophesied that eventually there's going to be two camps on earth. The very name Persia, which is the old name of Iran, has been clearly given in the prophecies (Ezek. 28-30). It's the only country whose name is completely clear to us. Older names are given for other countries in the prophecy. If you want to know which country it's talking about, you have to study the old history or geography.

So the only country's name which is clearly indicated is Persia -- Iran. And Iran is fighting with Iraq. Actually, it was Iraq who attacked Iran and then this war started. Now Iraq says, Let's make peace and Iran says, No. Now they've reached a point that the West feels they have to, if not support Iraq, at least help them not to lose the war.

By doing that, they are pushing Iran toward Russia. They're pushing the events, creating the fulfillment of those prophecies in Ezekiel. So we can see that many prophecies have been fulfilled but now everything is accelerating.

If Iran doesn't completely become a communist country, it will eventually become part of the Russian camp. And that prophecy is clear. It says that Iran, Syria, Libya and many countries in the Far East including India and China will be in that camp. That also relates exactly with the prophecy that reveals that millions of millions of soldiers will be in this last clash of humanity.

I know a lot of people probably don't like to think about this prophecy coming true. A lot of people say, "Armageddon has been cancelled because of low participants". I hope it's true, for we wish "good will thinking" to come true. Yet, again, God showed us that He has already given a lot of prophecies and they have been fulfilled, like the prophecies in Daniel. In THOTH, it has been clearly explained how they have been fulfilled so far.

We are now in the last phase of the fulfillment of all the karma that humanity has created the last 12,000 years. Now is the time of complete clearance -- clearing these karmas.

Of course, if everyone listened to us tomorrow, we could come together and create the Kingdom. We brought, according to many people who read THOTH, "The greatest revelation that ever came to earth."

The prophecy of the teaching that will bring unity to all religions of the world is fulfilled. It has given the system to bring the Kingdom on Earth. Still people won't participate. They won't join because they say, No, I have my own illusion. I have my own idea. I am a channel of this entity or I am a channel of that person. Or I have my children. I have my wife. I have my husband, my wedding, my mortgage to pay...

Just like 2,000 years ago, Jesus (Esa) said, Come to the wedding and participate. They said, No, we have our own things to do. They didn't want to listen. They even crucified Him. Yet, could they stop His Mission? No, they couldn't stop His Mission. He went on and it manifested itself anyway.

Some people say, If Esa comes this time, we're not going to do the same thing. Here we have brought this teaching that has given all the answers and then we receive a letter, "No man has all the answers." We are not presenting a man. We are presenting the Father. We present God. God has all the answers. He knows how all this should be.

Just like in the time of Muhammed. They looked at him as a person -- he walks, he talks, he sits, he sleeps, he eats -- so how can it be? How can he, a person, have all the answers? How can he become a Prophet of God?

Muhammed said, God never sent any Prophet who didn't speak, eat, talk or walk. It is the same thing. We have these problems. So humans have their own concepts of all these problems and they don't want to give in to a new idea or the answer to these problems.

That is why they have to go through these purifications, so they come to this conclusion, Yes, this is the answer. If something happens in the Middle East, it affects the United States. If something happens in South America, it affects Asia. Whatever happens in South Africa affects Australia.

The earth right now is so interconnected. It's not like separated countries and nations that you have nothing to do with. So we can see that this interconnectedness will be realized in even greater degree through these purifications, through this suffering.

Probably a million people -- one million people -- have died in seven years of war between Iran and Iraq. It is terrible. It shouldn't even have happened. Why has it happened? Because there is narrowness of interest. Everybody says, Me, Me, Me. And that does not bring the Kingdom. If everybody says, Me, it won't happen. If everybody says, No, it is one Earth, it is One God and we are all His children, then we can share the universe together.

We have to come to the conclusion that we have to share together, really share and praise the Lord for the bounty He has provided for us. But humanity is not there yet. They still have the narrowness of interest and each country, nation and person wants to protect their own interest. This probably was possible in the past when there was not such an interconnectedness between nations.

Just like, in the past there were tribes. These tribes had fights with each other all the time. Eventually the head of this tribe and the head of that tribe started to realize that if they come together with cooperation, they could have even greater prosperity. Eventually, that tribe's son married this tribe's daughter and they became friends. They came together and became a greater tribe with greater prosperity. As it continued, nations started forming and the same thing happened between nations -- they became cooperative.

Now even nations are no longer enough. We will have greater prosperity, oneness and standard of living on the earth if we cooperate with one another. If we understand that as we cooperate and open ourselves to God, God will provide even greater bounty for us.

We though are still in the narrowness of the mind. That is why the bounty is being kept from humanity. After humanity opens itself up, we will see there is greater bounty in the universe than humanity ever could imagine.

So the answer to the question, When is this war going to finish? When humanity accepts the Kingdom, our teaching and the coming of the Golden Age.

Question: How would you define blasphemy of The Holy Ghost?

Maitreya: Blasphemy of The Holy Ghost. Well, The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of God. And the Spirit of God is in everything and in everyone. Then what happened in the Garden of Eden? God created man to be God-conscious -- always thinking about God, feeling His Presence, being in His Presence, loving His Presence, living His Presence and flowing with His Presence.

So, in that level, because God knows everything in the universe, life becomes a flow of Joy all the time. That is what the Garden of Eden or heaven is, because God is a Spirit. God is not a place to go. Heaven is not a place. As Esa said, all will recognize and worship God in the Spirit.

That woman at the well told him that the Jews go to Jerusalem and worship God, and she worships God on these mountains. Esa answered, You neither have to go to Jerusalem nor the mountains, you have to worship Him in the Spirit. The Spirit already knows what is good for us. If we flow with It and follow His Laws, then life becomes a Joy of God, becomes a flow of living.

But what happened in the Garden of Eden? Man said, No, I don't want Your knowledge, I want to know for myself what is good and evil. I have the ability to recognize what's good for me and what's bad for me. Now that is where the problems start. A lot of people say, Well, I can find everything myself. Yet, if you look at their life, it's a mess. Why? Because they're doing exactly the same thing that Adam and Eve did in the garden.

They also said we know what is good for us and what is bad. So they wanted to have the knowledge of good and evil. Instead of being spontaneous in the Spirit of God, they started thinking, what is good and what is bad. They started judging each other.

So they became judgmental -- another meaning of the knowing of good and evil. What is good and what is evil? This person is doing bad, doing evil. That other person is good, he does this for me. That's judging. So they thought, I know what is good and evil also.

The Spirit of God, which is The Holy Ghost, already knows what is good for us. If we flow in the Spirit of God, we will be flowing in the Joy of God, and it will be the Garden of Eden. When we become self-centered and we want to know good and evil by ourselves, then we are blaspheming the Spirit. Then we are saying, No, I don't want your Spirit, I want my own ego to tell me what would be good for me and what would be bad. That is when blasphemy of the Spirit is done. So the real blasphemy of the Spirit is when we are not God-conscious but self-conscious.

Blasphemy of The Holy Ghost is to be self-centered in all levels of human life -- in our personal life, in everything we do and are.

Question: Does that link somehow to what you talked about with the problem of the war?

Maitreya: It does. Everything connects with the Will of God and the will of man. If man had listened to the Will of God from the very beginning, was God-conscious and in the Spirit of God, we wouldn't have any war. As I said, the war and all the problems of humanity start because of ego.

Ego separates itself from God. Ego says, My will not thine. Ego says, I am separate from you. I am Iranian, you are from Iraq. I am Russian, you are from Africa. When we are One with God, there is no separation. Everything is God. How can I say you are from this place and I am from another place? We are all from God.

Separation from God creates separation from one another. I personally cannot become one with anyone else, because if I try to become one with anyone else, I'm trying to make my ego like other people's ego. You can never merge in this level.

If I become One with God and everybody else becomes One with God, then we are One. In that Oneness we all work toward His Will. We all feel His Spirit. We all listen to His Words which are revealed in the Scriptures. That's why He sent the Scriptures.

It is true that the Truth is within you and you are in the image of God. Also ego is as powerful as God Himself. That's why they say, Maya is as powerful as God. So when we go within ourselves sometimes it's very easy to accept what ego is telling us as God's Will or Words. Then we say, God's Will is what we think it is.

Yet God already sent His Laws, the Commandments -- Thou shalt not do this. Some people say, Well we've had enough of thou shalt not. Let's have thou shall instead of thou shall not because thou shall not has a negative connotation. They said, We don't want to listen to your shall nots, we want to listen to shall. So God says, Fine, go ahead, that's what Adam and Eve also told Me.

Our ego tells us how good this is. And it looks very good to the mind of men. What ego tells us looks very good because it is our will to do, to follow, because it looks good! Exactly as the Bible says, The fruit looked good and it looked tasteful. So Eve ate it, because it looked good. She not only ate it herself, she gave it to the man also, to Adam, and he ate it.

So what happened? Because it looked good, they ate it. Then when God came and said, Why did you eat? They didn't even give the argument that it looked good and it looked tasteful, and will make you wise or a god, that's why they ate it. Adam said, The woman made me eat it. And when He asked the woman, Eve said, The serpent made me eat it (the devil made me do it)! She didn't hide the truth from God. When you are in His Presence, you can't rationalize because you know, He knows you better than yourself. He knows the Truth. You can try to rationalize but it doesn't work. You see yourself face-to-face with Him. That's what happened to Adam and Eve. They saw themselves. They were rationalizing really, that what looked good to them was good for them.

So how many people out there are going toward what looks good to them? That's exactly where the knowledge of good and evil comes in. "It's my will, not Thine." That's why He sends the Scriptures. A lot of people don't like the Scriptures because they don't look as good to them as they think life should be. The scriptures don't say, go ahead and drink. Go party, it's OK. One night stands? Don't worry about it, if you like it, it's good.

Then what happens? We have the diseases that go with that kind of thinking and lifestyle. Why are those diseases there? They have their own Daharmas, their own reasons. There is nothing in the universe without reason. God doesn't create anything without reason behind it.

So it is the same for the wars. All the problems in the world come from, My will not Thine. That's why we need Communities of Light. We understand the Truth. We bring this realization to every person. Now the whole community, not only the individual, can flow with the Spirit of God.

Not only do communities have to flow with the Spirit of God but all the nations and the whole earth has to flow with the Spirit of God and the Will of God. And that is when the Kingdom comes. That is when no one will blaspheme the Spirit of the Lord or The Holy Ghost. Then The Holy Ghost will be in every person.

They will follow in His Will and they will not be prejudiced. They will not be separated from one another. They will not become obstacles in the way of the Lord. If they don't want God's Will, God is not going to be hurt. You can't go against God's Law. So if you go against His Law, you can't destroy His Law, you destroy yourself against it.

That's why it is so important to understand the Laws of the Lord and how the Laws of God work. We can think what we think is true. Yet, it might not be true in the eyes of God. That's why this thing has to be understood. Each person, each group, each movement has a truth -- a little of the Truth.

Yes, the Truth is within you. Yet, how many people are connected directly to the Source? That Truth comes from the Source. You have to be very, very pure to be connected to the Source and have that Joy. How many people say, "We find God within. Oh, don't worry about it, go ahead and meditate and find it yourself. You don't need anybody to tell you what the Will of God is."

If you know the Will of the Lord, you have to be Joyful. You have to have a very productive and flowing life. Now look at their life. Is their life Joyful? Is their life flowing? Or are they living in miserable situations? Because their words sound so profound, they just repeat what sounds so good. "Go ahead, just continue. You don't need anyone."

There's a lot of people who are lovers of words. They don't really grasp the depth of the meaning of them. They sound good but they are not It. Yet it is true, it is within you. Think how many people are that deep within themselves that they're connected with the Essence of themselves.

This is true. If they reach the Essence then they see that the Scriptures are the Truth. Then not only will they preach them, they also will follow them. They will not do adultery. They will reach the point where they don't even have the desire to go against God's Laws. They don't look at the woman with lust. They will not steal. They will not say the name of the Lord in vain....

It is not something that you should not do, the goal is to reach a point where there is no desire left to do it. If a person reached a point where he/she could say, Yes, what God said is True, then yes, he has found it within himself. Yet, if any person said, No, don't follow those things which are in the Scriptures, he's following his/her own will.

This is what each individual is doing, the nations are doing and the leaders are doing -- the whole earth is full of it. The Spirit of the Lord has come back to earth. Everything has been accelerated, and the vision is that eventually men will come to realize what God told them. It's not for His own good. It's for our own good.

He has prophesied that His Kingdom will come on earth. If He said in the past something will happen and it happened, this will also come true. We will see everything accelerated on the earth. It will come, we will see. We will be all together and every day we will see things accelerating themselves as part of the prophecy for humanity.

When they realize that, then we won't have these wars. We won't have these separations and we won't have racial problems. We won't have all these evils that are on earth. Not only that, we will also have different kinds of technology that won't destroy the earth.

So the whole thing is coming to a head for humanity. It's just like a diseased body. All of the diseased part has to be cut out first before it can heal itself. And that is where we are right now. I wish this thing would happen like a lot of people are saying, very, very harmoniously with no problems. Yet we see that things are not becoming more harmonious, but are even worse.

Those people who are in the Spirit of God and working for His Kingdom, have no fears at all of what's coming. Their strength is in God and they are One with each other because of God. Because of the Lord and because they are one with each other, they will go through this period very easily. They have nothing to fear of what is coming.

So, that is our strength. That is our power. That is our faith. The Spirit of God will do it. This Spirit has come to us and has told us that is what has to come to earth. Now we brought this Message down from the ethereal level onto the earth and it is on earth. The Spirit and the Message will go through and eventually humanity will realize that there is no choice, only God's way.

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