The Ego

A Satsang (Discourse) given by Maitreya on "The Ego; The Swastika; Why use the Hebrew symbols instead of the name Jesus?; Our Universal Mantra."

03/12/1989 Satsang (Discourse) by


: Most of the time I have to let the Spirit guide me as He might. I had the choice to attend three places this morning. One the Catholic, one the Episcopal service, in walking distance, and an AA meeting. I chose the AA meeting. They had a meeting at the motel. They had an open door. I went through it and I sat down in one of the seats, and I even enjoyed one of their cups of coffee.

Maitreya: That's why it's called Alcoholic Anonymous (AA), they're not going to ask you who you are or what you're doing there. They're just going to let you be their guest. But do you drink?

Guest: Oh, maybe about one beer a month.

Maitreya: You're not categorized as an alcoholic then.

Guest: Well, I don't think so. They had a thing that said, "Expect A Miracle." Then one of the speakers said, "You can only make progress little-by-little."

Audience: That's true until you meet Maitreya.

Guest: Right! I thought if they meet Maitreya they could really multiply and manifest their progress.

Maitreya: It depends if they can realize the Father through Maitreya.

Guest: They believe in the Greater Power.

Maitreya: You see, I am as powerful as your faith and as powerless as your doubts. If you believe in God, as Esa (Jesus) said, If you have faith as a mustard seed you can tell a mountain to go yonder and it will. But if you don't have any faith then it won't happen. Then you don't have faith in God. It doesn't matter if you tell this mountain, "Go yonder, go yonder, go yonder," if you don't believe, that's not going to happen. See, you are as powerful, and Father is going to work through you as much, as the faith you have on Father. If you don't have faith on Father it's not going to happen. But if you have faith and you tell it to happen, it will happen.

Guest: When you asked me if I had a good day, I realized I was trying to make myself have a bad day but the Spirit overcame it.

Maitreya: Good. Why did you want to have a bad day?

Guest: Oh, give me enough fears, doubt, lack of priority.

Maitreya: Tell that spirit, Get thee out of here!

Guest: Get thee out of here!

Maitreya: That's right. And let my Father come through. I don't want any doubt. I don't want any bad days. I want all good days.

Do you know from where the word "God" comes? God comes from good. See God is G-O-D, good is G-O-O-D. God and good is the same thing. So if you have a good day, that means you had a God day. God made it good for you.

But if you want to make your day bad, it is you, your ego that wants you to feel miserable. Then you sit there and say, I had such a miserable time. I'm such a miserable person. I had such a bad day. I need help. You're trying to feel sorry for yourself, or make other people feel sorry for you. It is your ego.

God doesn't want you to do that. God wants you to be happy, healthy, holy and go around, preach His name and praise Him, and praise everything in your life because God gave it to you. Praise your hands. Praise your eyes. Praise your being. Praise being here because God created you.

How can you feel bad if God created you? You can't feel bad, can you? Can you be miserable if God comes through you? God is not miserable. God is healthy, happy and very, very wonderful.

So if you are here trying to make your life miserable and you feel your life is miserable, or you're miserable, this is your ego talking. This is an unclean spirit that is taking over you. You have to tell that unclean spirit, Get thee out of here. I have nothing to do with you because my Father is happy, healthy and holy. He is not miserable.

Question: Why do people allow themselves to be miserable? Their ego?

Maitreya: Because they want attention. They want to go around and say, I'm very miserable, please give me some attention. They are looking for man's attention, they're not looking for God's attention. Do you want God's attention? Go to God. You don't have to tell anyone how miserable you are, your wife or anyone. Go to God and say, I'm miserable. God says, Why are you miserable? You are my son, how can you be miserable? I am your Father, I'm not miserable. How can an un-miserable Father have a miserable son? No, He can't. You see, then it's not God talking, it's you. Your ego is talking. It is the unclean spirit that is trying to come through and needs the attention of man.

You don't want the attention of man, do you? You want the attention of God.

Guest: I don't know why I would want the attention of man. My own ego does.

Maitreya: That's right. You see when you're striving for the attention of man, it is your ego. You don't need the attention of man. You need God.

Question: That leads me to a couple of questions. Why don't you make yourself more known to the world? Is it when you see it would be more advantageous than disadvantageous of the opposition of the world?

Maitreya: Well, we never tried not to be known by everyone. We tried our best to be known by everyone. But there is a lot of noise out there. You see there are a lot of things going on in the world that people are more interested in than knowing the truth of God Being here and the Message of God Being here. So the people are interested in their wife, husband, work, their country, their nation, their religion, and/or other people claiming to have the truth.

See, when the light comes, the darkness also becomes stronger. That is why, if you read the Bible, in the last days the devil becomes even more powerful. It reaches a point where everyone has the number 666, which means the number of attraction to the world. They become even more attracted to the world.

We even went to Miami to visit people there. They were prepared, they were waiting for this truth to come. And then when we came, everyone said, "No, No, No. We don't want to have anything to do with it."

It calls you to an action, and to a commitment. It calls you to commit yourself to a process, to a life. You progress physically, mentally and spiritually and also give yourself to a work that we have to do together. A lot of people don't want to do that. They just want to say, "No, we want to stay exactly where we are. We don't want to go any further."

It is not really that we don't want the people to know about us, but it is the people who are not responding the way they should. And that is also prophesied, that I come as a thief of the night. But our Message is out. Not very many people know about us. Probably a lot of people know about Maitreya in London who some other people are preaching about.

That's another prophecy, that many will come in my name and call themselves Maitreya or Christ and deceive many. But according to the Bible and God's promise, His Words and His Truth will prevail. We will eventually prevail and everyone will see that what we present to them is the way to salvation, physically, mentally and spiritually.

The way is the Eternal Divine Path, the Communities of Light, The Greatest Sign, and THOTH which are the fulfillment of a lot of prayers of humanity that they come to earth and that Father send them. We are here, and we are putting all these out.

But humanity, from the very beginning, doesn't respond because they don't want to be committed exactly as God wants them to be. They have a lot of other things they are interested in. Do you understand what I am saying?

Guest: Yes. I was thinking, in the Old Testament, during the Babylonian captivity, the people who took over Israel were forced to respect God.

Maitreya: Yes. But God doesn't want humanity to respect Him by force. You see, I probably can make you respect me because you're afraid of me. But that is not real love. Real love is when you love God because God is such a wonderful Being. He created the whole universe. So why wouldn't you love Him if He created such a wonderful earth, and He makes you happy, and realize yourself and why you are here, and all the wonderful things God is? That is what God wants you to love Him for.

If I make you love me because you're afraid of me, you really don't love me, you're afraid of me. And that is not the right love, that's not the right kind of respect. You have to respect God because God is Respectable. You have to love God because God is Lovable, not because you're afraid of Him. To respect out of fear is a very shallow respect. The moment fear is lifted, the respect is gone too. But if you respect me because I am respectable, then you're not afraid of me, we are one.

We love one another because we are lovable. We respect one another because we are respectable. So that is the kind of respect and love God wants humanity to have for Him. Probably He made them to respect Him in the mountain, Mount Zion, and the Israelites respected him out of fear. But what happened to them later? They forgot all about Him when He lifted that fear.

So that is not what God wants anymore. God wants you to respect Him because you want to respect Him, to love Him because you want to love Him.

Guest: I was meditating on The Greatest Sign and I noticed what I call the Nazi symbol. It isn't, I know it isn't.

Maitreya: You mean the sign that looks like the swastika? That is why we don't call it swastika. We call it Lotustica.

Guest: I know the swastika has been around for thousands of years.

Maitreya: Oh, it is the oldest symbol in the world.

Question: Why is it in the beginning and the end and not in between? You have it at the beginning (ichng-s.gif (891 bytes)) [going over the seals in The Greatest Sign], you have it at the end.

Maitreya: We have it here too (kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)).

Question: You don't have the circle part here either. It isn't fully developed, right?

Maitreya: That is when the spiritual forces start awakening. So when you awaken your spiritual forces, that is when the movement of the power of energy starts happening in you. And that happens in the sixth and seventh stages, which are the last stages of the awakening of the forces. That is why you see them at the very end. It is not in the beginning, it is just at the end.

Question: Awakening the forces. So it would be active, where this is passive?

Maitreya: That is right. This is passive. The horizontal I-Ching in the first sign () is passive, and the rest of the sign is the seventh sign. So really the Lotustica happens in the sixth and seventh stages when you become in the image of God. You see the last stage and the center stage are similar. The center stage (center-s.gif (899 bytes)) is God and the last stage is man (center-s.gif (899 bytes)). So when man awakens his spiritual forces, he becomes in the image of God. See those two [7st seal (center-s.gif (899 bytes)) and center HOSH Sign (center-s.gif (899 bytes))] are similar. So you and God are in each other's image. You can represent God in the greatest possibility and force. The sameness is there. That is why in the last stage, God and man become one. You become in the image of God. What does image means? Image mean likeness.

Guest: A dream of a possible, hopeful state. Well, image is what you see but not yet realize.

Maitreya: Image means likeness. When you draw an image of that glass, the image is like that glass. Of course, it is not completely that glass because it is an image of that glass. So although the last stage is in the image of God, still the center is much larger than the seventh seal. God the Father is always greater than the image which man can achieve.

So you can present God in His fullest when you are in His image, but still Father is Father and you are not. That is because He created the universe but you didn't. That's why the Koran says, "Is He who created the universe the same as he who did not?" Although you become in His image, Father, God is always greater than you. This is the Spirit which is the whole universe which is the Father and the Mother, which is the Logic and the Grace.

That's why, because He is Spirit, He cannot manifest Himself in the fullest form -- because He is everywhere and everything. And that is when He arises as a prophesied Messiah, or His Son. He comes to bring to humanity the highest truth. Then He manifests Himself in the highest possible for the era to come.

So although you can become in the image of God, you cannot become the Father.

Guest: God is greater than all your trouble or your ego or whatever.

Maitreya: Of course He is. Your ego is a very tricky and small thing. It just nags at you. It makes you miserable. It makes you forget about God. It makes you think about yourself all the time, instead of thinking about God. It makes a little problem in your life a mountain.

That's why Esa said, Tell the mountain go yonder. It goes away. That's what it really means. The trouble that you think is great, "I have the most trouble in the world," are just small things. Tell them, "Go away, go yonder," and they will. You don't have any trouble. You don't have any problems.

Most of humanity don't have problems. They create problems because that's the only way ego knows how to exist. Ego likes to have problems, because if ego has problems then it exists. And if it doesn't have problems then it becomes very miserable because it has to let God come in.

If you don't have any problems you can't sit there, be sorry for yourself, and be miserable. You can't tell everyone, "Oh, I feel miserable, please give me some attention." And you get the attention and say, "Oh, I'm alive, I still can make people give me attention." You see, ego is very tricky. It always wants you to forget about God and think about yourself all the time. What about me? Am I getting enough attention around here? Hey, are you looking at me? Are you giving me attention?

This is ego. But if you don't give it attention and let God come in, then you don't need human attention, and you become joyful and joyous. Then you can give other people a lot of attention.

Something interesting happens when you let God come through. You receive even more attention than you need. Then you say, "What happened? All my life I was striving to attract attention to myself and I was begging for it, and I felt miserable. I did all the tricks in the world so that I could receive this attention and I didn't receive it. People would give it to me like, 'OK, here is a little attention for you.'" But when you let God come through, and you start praising and glorifying God, suddenly the doors start opening for you. The people start giving you all the attention you need, even more than you need. Then you say, "What happened?"

The more you glorify God, the more you are glorified. The more you glorify yourself, the less you receive the glorification for which you really long. The more you glorify God, the more you will be glorified.

So you see, the human ego is completely upside down. It shows the life completely upside down to you. And that's why the people feel miserable and unhappy because the ego really doesn't let them understand the truth of God and humanity. Ego makes them want things that they need in a wrong way. But after you know God, you receive everything you always longed for and even more.

Guest: Well, this certainly changes our desires and wants.

Maitreya: Sure. As Esa said, If you look at a woman with lust you have already done adultery. You'd better take your eyes and pluck them out. You will be better off, because if one member of your body is destroyed but the rest is saved, it's better for you.

What happens to you when you put your attention and trust toward God? You reach a point where you don't have to follow the Ten Commandments. You are the Ten Commandments. "Thou shalt not do adultery." Esa said that 2,000 years ago. Moses said it 4,000 years ago. And still it is as true as 4,000 or 6,000 years ago. Thou shalt not do adultery.

But thou shalt not, is not enough. You have to reach a place where you don't even have the desire to go against God's Laws. When does this happen to you? When you are filled with the Father. That is how the Father is. That is the Law of the Father.

Father doesn't do adultery, not because He doesn't want to, but because there's no desire in Him to do that. So, that is why He gives that Law. But the true way to follow that Law is to reach a point where you have no desire to do adultery. That is how it changes your desire.

When the Spirit of the Father dwells in you, your desires change. You want to serve Him. You want to do His Will. You don't want to have too much to do with this world and worldly desires. That's how all of us have to become, to realize to let Him dwell in us and let His Laws become our laws. It is not to go around and knock everyone on the head, that they should follow God's Laws and the Ten Commandments, but as we follow the Ten Commandments, and He dwells in us, the other people will see the Light in us, will follow and will see the truth in what God says.

Actually one person said, I did not know the power of God's Laws until I started following them. After I started following them, I realized that they are wonderful. They freed me from many, many things. They made me strong. They put me in control of my life because God was in control of me.

As you said yourself, when you think you are in control of your life, that's when you mess it up.

Question: You're talking about God's Love. We talk about love but we don't really practice it do we?

Maitreya: Actually a lot of people don't know what the Love of God is. They talk about it but they don't know what it is. How can you practice something you don't know? God's Love is beyond human imagination. It is something you cannot imagine unless you experience it. After you experience it, there is no love on this earth that is comparable with it. It is a Love beyond human imagination, as God Himself is beyond human imagination. Unless you have a taste of Him, you don't know God. And you can have a taste of Him when you want nothing else but God. Nothing else in this universe is important for you but God.

It is just like that Master and his disciple. This disciple came to the Master and said, "Please show me how can I know God." He said, "OK, come with me." And he took him to the lake and he said, "OK come here." He put his hand over the head of the disciple and pushed him down into the water, and kept him there for 30 seconds, 40 seconds, 50 seconds, one minute. The disciple was down there for awhile and said to himself, The air is getting bad. He really needed new fresh air. He was under the water one minute ten seconds, one minute twenty seconds, one minute thirty seconds. The disciple was out of breath now. He completely needed air, and he didn't want anything else but the air. He didn't care about his Guru, his God or anything else. He just wanted oxygen. He needed air. One minute thirty seconds, forty seconds -- he couldn't stand it anymore. Anyway he just pushed away his teacher's hand and jumped up, and (taking a deep breath) said, "Oh, I want air." The Master said, "OK, how did you feel down there?" He said, "Are you crazy, were you going to kill me or something?" His Master said, "When you reach the point, the way you were under the water, when you wanted air more than anything, the same when you don't want anything else but God, then you might experience God. And when you experience It just like that air you needed, then you know He exists and He will fill you with His Spirit."

Question: Do you have to go through many stages and a lot of growth? You had to go through many stages. And I read somewhere that a Buddhist teacher was saying, "After you reach a certain point, if you see the Buddha, kill him." Does that mean you can't go back to your old garment, you've got to keep on growing?

Maitreya: A teacher is here to connect you to God. The teacher is like a bridge. The bridge takes you from one point to another point. If on the way of going over the bridge, to the other side, you become so interested in the bridge that you forget to go to the other side of the bridge, then the bridge itself becomes an obstacle in the way, doesn't it? That's why he said, "If you see the Buddha, kill him."

What it means is, Buddha is a way to take you to God. If you become so interested in the Buddha himself that you never reach God, then the Buddha himself is an obstacle in your path. Eventually you even have to go beyond the teacher, go to the Source Itself.

Of course, if the Source and the teacher are one, then you will see God through the teacher, so the teacher does not become an obstacle in your way. Many teachers become obstacles in your way because they make you interested in themselves instead of God.

So that's why we are here, to preach the Father, His Will, and what He wants us to do for Him. And that's why I'm here, to connect you to Father, to God. That's what He wants. This is the vision He sent (The Greatest Sign). This is the way He sent the religions of the world. That's how they are unified. That's how we can create Communities of Light and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. It's all God's Love and God's Will that He has done, and He is doing it here.

See God exists. God is here. God has been especially actively working for the last 12,000 years on earth. If you can see this then you can see that God is here.

Am I not showing you a glimpse of what God is and is doing by this? Then at least I'm giving you a hope that there is God, there is a possibility for you to realize Him and become one with Him.

The only thing left for you is to want Him so badly that nothing else is important to you but God. And also God wants you to do His Will on earth.

There are many people who have been called to come and help to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. So that's another aspect of the Mission, calling those people who want to do His Will. But another thing is that we are showing God is there, God is actively working. That is my way of showing you God exists. And if you know God exists, then you have the hope to know Him too.

Guest: He must increase, I must decrease (John 3:30).

Maitreya: Yes. That was my teacher. John the Baptist decreased after Esa started his mission, and Esa increased. Same thing. The person who initiated me had a great international organization. Since I started my Mission, their organization is not as powerful and as fast growing as it used to be. Now we will be increasing and they will be decreasing because John the Baptist did his job. He initiated me. He showed me who I am and this teaching came through him. And so that sentence is as true today as it was 2,000 years ago. We will increase and they will decrease.

What do you think that sentence means?

Guest: Well, I have a daily meditation, I call it a Soul Chant. And in it I have a sentence, Then the Lord God must increase until He be all in all and my individual identity would decrease until it be no more (John 3:30).

Maitreya: Well, you can say it, "I" as ego decreases and "He" as God, increases. That is true. The more God comes to you, the less of you is going to be there because God increases and "I" as ego, decreases. So God becomes more in you and you become less of your ego. That's what it means also. That is very nice, a very beautiful realization. That is true.

Every word of God has more than seven meanings. It depends upon what level of consciousness you are in. In any moment, you can understand His Word in different levels.

That's why everyone reads His Word and says, "Ah, that's what He means." They realize as much as they can realize from it. That's why everyone who reads the words of God thinks they realized Him. But you eventually realize that the realization of God is infinite. You realize It some, and the next day you realize It a little more, and the next day more and more because God is infinite. It's never ending. It never finishes.

You never finish realizing God. There is not a place of, "Ah, I realize God completely." No, even God Himself realizes Himself more and more. That's the wonderful thing about God. When you know God, you never become bored because you can realize Him every day more, and the joy of realizing Him every day more gives you the joy of being with Him, realizing, there is nothing comparable to Him in this manifested world.

In this manifested world it doesn't matter what you have or what you gain, eventually it is limited. Eventually it's going to create suffering. So whatever you gain in this world is going to create suffering, unless it's used for God.

But when you realize God, you realize, Why that is infinite, that is wonderful! You can realize Him more and more every day, and it is wonderful to be with Him. And that's the only thing worth to know. The rest is our limited ego, striving to be noticed or cherished or be alive. The less of your ego is there, the more of Him will be in you.

Guest: He's always abounding. And ego, I guess, must go.

Maitreya: It has to go. That is the only way. Ego go. God come. OK? I guess now you are strong. Go to Florida and give our Love to everyone there, and have a good trip tomorrow.

Is there anything else?

Question: One little question. I noticed when I was reading in THOTH, The Revelation of the Revelation, you don't write Jesus Christ. You leave it blank or you put down the Hebrew symbol for the name (yahshwah.gif (121 bytes)). Why do you do that?

Maitreya: Because his real name wasn't Jesus. He had two names. One was his sacred name which is the name of the Messiah (yahshwah.gif (121 bytes)). The Messiah always knows his sacred name. And as it is not pronounceable, we put the Hebrew equivalent for it. The Jewish people never uttered the name of the Lord. If they uttered the name of the Lord they would be stoned to death because they knew the real name of God cannot be pronounced.

Anything you call God on earth, is not His name. Also the name of the Son cannot be pronounced. That's why we put that Hebrew equivalent there (yahshwah.gif (121 bytes)). The name Jesus comes from Zeus. The "Je" ("Jay" sound) means victory, and "seus" means god Zeus. Have you ever heard about Zeus?

Guest: You mean the Greek god?

Maitreya: Right. After they accepted Christianity in the Roman Empire they changed the name of Esa, which was the earthly name of Jesus, and they replaced it with "Jay (victory to) Zeus." "Jay" means victory. "Zeus" means the god Zeus or victory to Zeus. So his name became Jesus.

In the East people know Jesus as Esa, Esa the Christ. Even in the writings that they found in a temple in India which are about Christ, the name has been referred to as Esa.

So his earthly name was Esa and his sacred name, which cannot be pronounced, is written in Hebrew with the five letters (yahshwah.gif (121 bytes)). That's why we use that as his sacred name, and Esa as his earthly name. Jesus never was his name.

You didn't know that did you?

Guest: No. I heard of the word Esa in a movie called the Missing Eighteen Years of Jesus. But I didn't know where it came from.

Maitreya: So that fulfills another prophecy that many will come and tell me, "We cast out devils in your name." And I say, "I know you not, you are the worker of iniquity," because they are not really using his name (yahshwah.gif (121 bytes)) to cast out the devils. They invoke the name of Zeus to cast out the devils. That's why I'm telling them, "No, I don't accept your work. Your work is not done in my name. You are casting out the devils not in my name but in the name of others."

Question: So when they use Jesus, or Yahweh or whatever, they can't use that name in vain because they don't know it.

Maitreya: To refer to him in those names is to take his name in vain. It doesn't matter what you call Him, you cannot pronounce His Name on earth. God's name is a sacred name. You can call Him every good word. You can call Him Good. You can call Him Wonderful. You can call Him Healer. You can call Him the most Knowledgeable. You can call Him the Omnipresent, Omniscient. All of them are His attributes. He has only one Name and that Name cannot be pronounced. So it doesn't matter whoever on earth says they have the Name of the Lord, they are calling it in vain. Unless you hear it within yourself, no other Name is His Name.

About your Soul Chant, was that one you gave to him? [Talking to the guest's previous spiritual teacher]

Audience: In the beginning. But then as time went on he listened within himself and it kept evolving, and he keeps using what comes to him from within.

Maitreya: OK. Why don't you replace that with chanting Haree Om Shrii Hung and meditate on that?

Guest: Because I'd probably mispronounce it.

Maitreya: Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam. That's it. You just meditate on that.

Guest: Why can't I say, The Goal of The Life Is to Become Divine?

Maitreya: You can say that too if you want to, and That Divinity is Everything. Om Nam Kevalam. That Divinity (God) is Everything.

So you are chanting, The Goal of your Life is to Be(come) Divine. How can you become Divine? When there is nothing left for you but God. That Divinity, God, Is Everything. God is Ma. God is you. God is me. God is this table. God is this house. God is this place. God is that water. So God is everything. God is a Spirit and everything is made by Spirit. So God is everything.

Guest: I guess I like to say things in English because I just feel that if you try to speak a language you do not understand that you won't receive anything.

Maitreya: But you're not talking about the language, you're pronouncing a mantra. You're pronouncing Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam and you know what that means.

Guest: Oh yes, I see.

Maitreya: See, you're not only pronouncing Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam but you're thinking about its meaning. Its meaning in English is, The Goal of The Life is to Be(come) Divine. That is the only goal you have in this life. The other goals are secondary. They are not as important as to become Divine.

You can have them. It doesn't mean that you don't have any other goals. But they are not as important as to become Divine, and That Divinity (God) is Everything. It is everything, everywhere and in everyone.

So that is much more powerful, much closer to God's Heart than any Soul Chant or any other mantra which you will encounter. If you want something higher, that is higher. If you want to continue with your Soul Chant, it's your choice. It doesn't make any difference to me. It is for you. It's not for me.

Whatever I say is not for me, it's for you. If God says Love me with all your heart, mind and spirit, it's not that God needs all your heart and spirit but because it's good for you to Love Him with all your heart, mind and spirit. See when God asks you for something, it is not for Him, it is for you. God knows what is better for you than yourself, because God knows you better than yourself. If you knew yourself as much as God knows you, then you and God would be one. You would be in the image of God.

So I just suggest. It's up to you to accept or not. That's how God is. He just suggests, especially in the era to come. It is up to every person to save themselves. He just shows the way. You are the person who walks the way. If you don't want to walk the way He shows, then you don't go to Him, you go somewhere else.

Guest: Well, I'm fearful, I hear the way, but I'm not ready to accept it.

Maitreya: But God is not fearful to tell you what the way is. He tells you what the way is. If you are fearful it is again your ego and your fear. It is not His fear or His ego.

He tells humanity, "This is the way to go." Humanity says, "Oh, no, no, no, we're afraid to go this way." But He's not going to stop saying, "This is the way. I Am the Way and the Truth and the Light, no one goes to the Father but through me." He's not afraid to say that. But if you're afraid to accept it, it is your fear, it is not His. So you have a choice to hang onto your fears for many lifetimes or this lifetime, or you say, "No, I will throw my fears out and I'll start to go through the way."

You see, God is not interested in human opinions, fears, interests, acceptance, or non-acceptance. He's not. He says what He has to say and He does what He has to do, and He gets His job done no matter what humans think, feel, accept, not accept, fear or not fear. Because He's God. He doesn't have human fears. It is the human who thinks, Oh, if I don't accept Him, He's going to be in trouble, miserable, I'm not going to accept Him. This is all our ego that thinks it is very important to accept Him or not. For Him it doesn't matter.

If you accept Him, you receive the Joy and Wonder of being with Him and knowing Him. If you don't accept Him, you will follow your fears, misery and all those things that keep every human miserable.

Guest: During the AA meeting the sponsor gave them all the reasons and all the talk, and being a very direct person, he said, Why don't you just quit drinking? And I guess that's what you're saying, Why don't you quit all your negative thinking of ego?

Maitreya: That's right. You see, you can send as many of your negativities to God as you want to. Negativity only affects the other person if there is ego in the other person. But if you send negativity to a person with no ego (God-filled), there is no ego to receive it. Then negativity comes right back to you. It's just like a boomerang.

You send negativity to God, God doesn't have any ego, it just comes right back to you. You can go ahead for the rest of your life and be negative about everything God gives you and reveals to you, and hang onto your fears, attachments and desires, and never reach anywhere. Or you can say, "No, I will throw them away and let God take over."

Then you will feel strong. You will feel powerful. You're not dragged down with every interest around you. You will not give in to the other people's trips, because you're in one trip and that's God's trip, and that's the best trip to be in. But if you want to let every person around you lead you into different trips and you follow those, you're not going to God, you're going to other people's trips.

Question: So how do you keep from being tripped up by other people?


: Just focus on God and be in His trip. You have only one focus, and that is God and that is doing His Will. What is His Will for you? What is His Will that has been revealed to you?

Guest: The first commandment by Him was, Love the Lord with all your mind and strength and so on. And I guess finally you reach a point where you can do the second commandment.

Maitreya: That was the goal 2,000 years ago. Now it is to create the Communities of Light and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. That is how you show you Love Him with all your heart, mind and spirit. That's His Will now. If you want to be in His trip, that is His trip for the era to come. Create the Communities of Light, follow the Eternal Divine Path.

You see, the Eternal Divine Path encompasses, or contains the Ten Commandments. If you don't follow the Ten Commandments, you can't follow the Eternal Divine Path either. So when you're following the Eternal Divine Path you're following the Ten Commandments. In the Eternal Divine Path you cannot do adultery. You cannot bare a false witness. You have no god beside Him.

So that's His Will and that's His trip. You don't want to be in any other trips. Be in His trip. And that is the only trip that is for humanity right now. Otherwise you're going to be in many other trips out there.

Well, as I said, give everyone in Florida our Love, and tell them that we Love them. I hope that God guides you to Him. Just focus on Him. Love Him with all your heart, mind and spirit. Don't think about yourself too much. Think about God. Sal-Om.

Audience: Sal-Om

Maitreya. Thank you.

Audience: Thanks God

Maitreya. :)

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