A Satsang (Discourse) given by Maitreya on "Unity; The difference between the way the Mission brings Unity to all and the others who preach unity; also many other topics."

11/11/90 Satsang (Discourse) By


Guest: I heard about the Mission from a new friend who I met in a spiritual group. I thought as long as I was coming out this way for the first time I would come and visit. So I called and was invited to Satsang.

Maitreya: (welcoming her & she thanking us for sharing our quarters with her) Whatever is good in us, it is God who is doing it through us. We're just a channel for Him to do His Will. This is what we think His Will is.

Do you know anything about The Greatest Sign?


Guest: I was sent some information in a packet which I really did read. The concepts are not that new, but the way you've put it together is new.

Maitreya: Where did you hear the concepts before?


Guest: Well, not those concepts, not the way it is put together in the Mission, but the overall idea of oneness.

Maitreya: Yes, everyone teaches about unity and oneness, that there is One Spirit and One God. But why did God create history? Why did God send so many different religions to the world? What is the unifying trend behind them?

Actually we were talking this morning about the teaching of Christ. We were reading in Matthew, chapter 5. He said, "If someone smites you, let them smite your other cheek." What's the difference between his teaching and when Muhammad said, "If someone smites you, smite him back?"

If it's from the same Spirit, which one is true? Which one is the Word of God? Is it from Christ, who said, "Let them smite you again," or the one who said, "Smite them back?"

If you understand God's revelation, you see that the teaching of Christ is more for individuals, for the person, for your individual growth. That's why if something bad is done to you, forgive them. If they take your coat, give them your cloak. Make them ashamed of themselves. It's an individual teaching for personal growth.

But Muhammad's teaching was more social. If someone did something which affects society in general, then you cannot forgive him because he is affecting the whole society.

As we learn how God's Spirit comes through all of them, the same Spirit with a different level of consciousness and purpose, then the teaching expands itself, and is understood in a much deeper level.

When we learn that, we have to forgive if someone did something bad to us. But if something bad is done to the society, we shouldn't forgive. We then can see both teachings have come from the same Spirit with two different purposes. There will not be any confusion, and we will also expand our understanding of God and His Teachings.

How is the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth going to come? It comes through the society, through individual and social purification. Individual purification is the progress of consciousness physically, mentally and spiritually. But at the same time there is a social aspect in the human. The society also has to purify itself.

So after we learn about these things, when we see the Spirit of God behind all these religions, then we can see the unity between all of them. Each of them comes from the same Spirit, but somehow there are different purposes behind them, and at the same time they are all unified by showing what is the purpose of each of them.

Just saying in general that the Spirit of God is One, so everything is united, which is true, doesn't explain some differences between the religions and the revelations. After we realize how God sent each of these religions, and each of them have a purpose in The Greatest Sign and His revelation, then we see the whole picture.

That is a more powerful and unifying force than just generally saying everything is from the same Spirit. As I said, that is true, but at the same time in our teachings the Hindu and Mystical Paths, Hebrew, Christian, Moslem, Baha'i, etc, are explained, so everyone sees themselves in one place in God's Plan. Then they each can expand themselves to a greater degree to include other revelations into their belief, see that God has sent them all, and be unified.

But do you think that someone put these ideas together? Is it possible a human put these ideas together? I mean the teaching that you said, "It was interesting the way this was put together?"


Guest: It was a different choice of words I'm sure. Yes, it was interesting the way it came together in your concept.

Maitreya: My questions was, do you think it could be a human concept?


Guest: Of course, it could be a human concept.

Maitreya: Can it be? A person could sit and put all those concepts together? Do you think that was the Spirit of God? Only the Spirit of God knew where each of these religions would fall in the whole picture. Or could someone sit there and say, "I'm going to put this symbol here and call it the Mystical Paths. There is the symbol for the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, the Communities," and on and on?


Guest: Well, I can see how they're all connected. Basically I thought they might be all connected by the fact that we are all from the One. And basically I thought that my concept of religion was that it was man-made, not God-made, that religions generally were made as a control, originally, with good intent, originally, so someone wouldn't hurt the next person. An example would be, "Do unto others."

Maitreya: That it was a social thing to create a better society?


Guest: Yes. In the process there became maybe hierarchies of control, and then fear.

Maitreya: Do you believe there is a Spirit? (Yes) Do you believe there is a God? (Yes) If there is a God, there is a truth about Him. Now we're talking about two things: there is One Truth, and there are many dogmas. When you are talking about control, dogma controls. God frees.

You are talking about religion based on dogmas. But religion based on the Truth is not created to bind man, it's created to free man.

When you understand God, you don't hurt your neighbor, because your neighbor is a part of God too. You don't need a social set-up to control you because you control yourself. The Spirit controls you. So the social laws are going to be very lax in a society where people are God-conscious. They don't need someone to watch over them. They don't need very many police.

Actually, the more you fall from The Grace and God-realization, the more police you need. Then you reach a point where it doesn't matter how many police you have, you can't get rid of crimes and problems because people don't have that connection with the Spirit to control themselves.

When you don't have that connection to control yourself, you always think, "No one is looking, so I can do something which is against the law or others' rights." But if you know God is always looking at you, you have your own conscience to control yourself. That's when the society again becomes the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.


Guest: Isn't the Kingdom of Heaven Within?

Maitreya: Do you see that triangle downward, and the triangle upward, the Star of David? The Star of David (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)) is the symbol of the Kingdom. As you see, there is one Star of David there, one Star of David here, and one big Star of David here in the center. There are three Stars of David in The Greatest Sign so there are three kingdoms.

According to our teaching there are three kingdoms: The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth which is based on the Communities of Light (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)), the Kingdom Of Heaven Within you, which every person creates within themselves (kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)), and the Kingdom Of Heaven In Heaven (

sdot150c.gif (930 bytes)). So there are three Kingdoms.

We have to all realize that each of them are necessary. Each of them are interrelated. The Kingdom Of Heaven on Earth will not come without the Kingdom Of Heaven Within you. The Kingdom Of Heaven Within you might come, but it's going to be very hard to live on an earth where the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth has not come.

You might become a good person, and connect yourself to God. But it is very hard for a good person to live in a society where a lot of people are not good. It's very hard for them, because they are good, but the others are not.

So it has to go hand-in-hand. That's why we believe, a person who goes through these five steps creates the Kingdom Of Heaven Within. And not only are these people good, but they are also effective. They meditate; they do their spiritual practices to be connected to God; they strive to create the Communities of Light (an environment where the people are good, live together and create a community). In order to create this community, sacrifice, not being self-centered, is necessary. Even with that, they have to become submissive.

Submission means you do your best and at the same time you surrender the results to God. The reason we become depressed, the reason we become unhappy, the reason we sometimes become too much elated but then we are depressed after that, is because we are attached to the results of our actions.

We do something good, we become elated. We just jump all over. Then tomorrow the thing we felt was good doesn't happen the way we want it, and we become completely down. So we go up and down like a roller coaster.

But with surrendering, we say, "God, it is really You who is the doer and the result is also Yours." Better than surrendering is submission. It means God is doing it through us.

I am not doing this Satsang. I'm just sitting here and giving the Word of God to you. If it affects you, if it hurts, if you see the truth and then go away and say, "Yeah, what Maitreya was saying is the truth, yes, that is the way it really should be done," it's up to God. I have to give the result to Him and He does whatever He wants to do with it.

I am not attached to the result, so I can give Satsang and go away. Then someone else comes, I give Satsang and go away. I am free. It's the same thing for everyone else in the Community of Light.

So with that we're going to become completely free from the results of our actions. Also we will become universalists. Being a universalist means, as you believe that there is One God, One Unity in the Spirit, and everything is God, so how can we separate between religions and religions, race and race, country and country, philosophy and philosophy? There can't be separation.

After realizing these five steps is when you create the Kingdom Of Heaven Within you. So not only do you create the Kingdom Of Heaven Within, but you strive to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven without.

I go to the mountains and meditate. I think I am such a wonderful person, I'm meditating all the time. Or I go to my room. Or I go to my beach. I go to whatever place I have, cut myself off from the world and say, "What a wonderful person I am." But when I encounter society I find out I was just escaping from truly seeing myself.

It is just like that yogi who was meditating in the mountains for ten years. He thought he was such a wonderful person. He was always happy sitting there meditating, breathing such good air, etc. He thought he was in control of his environment. One day he had to go to town. He had no choice. He went to town. With the first person who pushed him, he became so angry, and he pushed him back.

Suddenly he realized, "Wow, what am I doing? I thought I am such a good, wonderful yogi. I'm in control of myself. With the first push I became so angry. What is this?"


Guest: It's a lot easier when you're alone.

Maitreya: Right. It's very easy. And usually you fool yourself. If you are good, it doesn't make any difference if you are in a society or on a mountain. Still you have to stay calm, good, and centered. If you have not reached the point where you can be centered in the community, if you have not reached the point where you can be centered in the middle of the activities, you haven't got it yet.


Guest: And also to share it.

Maitreya: Exactly. As we say, "Better than meditation is to share God with someone else." It is a much better meditation. The Spirit of God comes through you much stronger.

So we believe the person who wants to create the Kingdom Of Heaven Within has to be in the community, otherwise it's not going to work. We don't believe in escapism. We don't believe in going to the mountains, meditating up there and saying, "Oh, I'm a wonderful yogi. I have all these siddhis (powers) and all those things."

If we can create such people more and more, who have the Kingdom Of Heaven Within and are striving to create the community together, eventually we will connect these communities to one another. That is when we will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

The more we have these kinds of communities (the more people who meditate, the more people who go through the Eternal Divine Path), the better and stronger communities we will have, the more powerful communities we will have, the more connected communities we will have, and eventually we will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. All of them are going to march to Pure Consciousness, to become in the image of God.

Many people say, "I am god." But what is God? God is Compassionate. God is Loving. God is Forgiveness. God is all the good Qualities of God. Yes, you are God if you can manifest those Qualities. If you haven't reached a point to manifest those Qualities, you are kidding yourself when you think you are God.

Yes, you are a part of God. You are a speck in God. But you have not yet reached to be God yourself. When you reach a point where you manifest those Qualities of God, then yes, you are a son of God, you are a child of God, you are a daughter of God.


Guest: Are we not children of God no matter what we are, whether or not we are serving yet, or not feeling yet, or not aware yet?

Maitreya: Children, yes. We were talking this morning that when God brings the sun up in the sky, He doesn't care if it's shining on a sinner or a Saint. The difference is that the sinner has an umbrella over his head. Although the sun is up, he's not receiving any. The problem with the sinner (who is self-centered, selfish and disconnected) is that he or she has his umbrella of ego over his head. God is giving The Grace all the time.

The Saint doesn't have any ego. He's open and says, "Oh, great, I'm receiving all this Grace." He's very happy.

So there is no difference between us. The difference is how much we're receiving the Spirit from Him.


Guest: By saying these separate things and learning these ways and putting it altogether, that comes together for you. Is this the only way that this can come together for someone?

Maitreya: Then we go back. One step we have to take is to believe that God has sent teachings and Scriptures to humanity for the last 12,000 years. Or, we don't need any of the Scriptures and teachings from the last 12,000 years. We are God, we know our way. And because we are a part of God we can throw out all these Scriptures, and we can create our own world and our own teaching. That's the one question you have to ask yourself, and choose which way you want to go.

Do you believe in Scriptures? Do you believe that the Scriptures are a part of God and the Word of God?


Guest: Why does this have to be a certain way? Why not just accept it? What I'm saying is, I can accept all of this, and I can accept it totally in the parts, the total of the parts. Why does it have to be done a certain way?

Maitreya: You accept part of our teaching. You also accept a part of other teachings. But what do you accept of it? How does it affect you? How does it help you to grow? Acceptance, OK, "I can accept everyone." But how is this going to affect me? How is this going to help me to grow? Where does this acceptance fall in the Plan of God, in the Spirit of God?

As we said, there are a lot of dogmas, and there is One Truth. Now if we accept every dogma and everything out there, what are we going to become?


Guest: We can honor different things just because it's someone's belief system, honor the spirit of all, but to accept for one's self the idea that it's really all coming from the same consciousness of God.

Maitreya: Well, that is true, but as we said, there are also dogmas which do not come from God. They come from the human ego. They are created by the human's narrow understanding of God, so they have created some dogmas. That is their belief system. That might be the truth, it might not be the truth, it might have a part of the truth, it might not have a part of the truth.


Guest: And you've covered all of the truth of all of them and put them together. But at the same time, for me, if there's something that has to be done a certain way, I have personal difficulty with that. Because it's following.... I respect it, and I can honor it, and I believe in each part of it as you have outlined it. But to have to do something a certain way is not, at this point, for me, generally easy to accept.

Maitreya: I understand you. You are not very unique in that aspect. We have had many, many people express this same understanding, because they are connected to what they call the "New Age Teachings."


Guest: Expound on that.

Maitreya: New Age Teachings basically say, "I am god, because God is everything. I already know everything myself and this is within me. As long as I can discern that from within myself, and rely on my own understanding, I am OK." Usually they don't refer to the Scriptures too much. The sense is that the Scriptures are outmoded, they are old, they are no longer good. They are no longer reliable.

"Because the truth is within me, I am my own god. I make my own decisions. I discern the truth. I found the truth within myself, so I am the source of the truth. I don't need any external thing to tell me how it should be done. So I respect your teaching, but I am my own truth, and I walk away and go do whatever I want to do."


Guest: No. All the teachings have great value. The learning process comes from many areas, many, many areas of all the religions. Yes, I agree with that. But the idea of having to do it a certain way, again to me, forgive me because I don't mean to say this in any fashion, not to be rude, I don't mean it in this way, is again awkward, if you have to do something. I'm not saying I'm a totally free spirit, that New Age flighty-mindedness. It's not that. It's a lot deeper than that for me. I have difficulty, at this point in my development, with "have to do" something a certain way.

Let me take it from a different point. I am not sure of your background. So your credentials for teaching me this are, please? Like you are teaching me something now. I want to believe you. So how did you come into this? Where did you get your learning from?

Maitreya: Let's go one by one. First there is truth in every teaching. You want to be open to every teaching so you can discern and understand the truth in all of them. Tell me, what teaching are we talking about? Do you have any special teaching that you are interested in?


Guest: Not any one particular one.

Maitreya: What I was going to do is to show you that every teaching on earth falls in The Greatest Sign.


Guest: I'm sure it does. I have no problem with that.

Maitreya: So we are not really limiting anyone here from understanding other teachings. It doesn't matter what teaching is out there, you can go and learn about it. What we are asking is to see where it falls in The Greatest Sign. If you go and just read the teachings, and find some truth in them, that's an isolated truth. You don't know where it falls according to other teachings. Where is its place in the whole Plan of God? But if you have a pattern, if you have a schematic that shows you where that teaching falls, then you can completely understand the teaching, find its place in the Plan of God, and go on.

You find a teaching, you find a truth, you love it, you go ahead because you see where it falls in the whole Plan. It even helps you in a greater degree. You don't just become attached to one teaching and that's it. So in that aspect it not only doesn't close you and limit you, but it opens you in an even greater degree to everything out there, until you reach a point where you don't have any questions anymore.

You need truth, and you need teaching as long as you have questions. But when you reach a point where you don't have any questions, you see a truth, you say, "That's great, I already know it," and you go on with other things. You get on with the Plan, and God's Will. So in that aspect, I don't think it's going to limit you.

In the aspect of my background, in many places in our teaching it says what my background is, and how I came across these teachings. As I said, when this teaching was coming to me, it was not something -- that's why I was emphasizing who put it together -- that I sat there and I put it together and came up with this teaching [guest saying she didn't think this]. What I was emphasizing was that there had to be the Spirit behind it that revealed this to me. When I was receiving this teaching, one of my concerns was, "When can anyone ever understand all this truth?" We are having just one session, sitting here and touching just the tip of the iceberg of what has been revealed in this Mission and what we are giving to humanity.


Guest: I didn't expect an instantaneous education. I appreciate your taking this time with me. It's very kind.

Maitreya: That's OK. That's my job. That's my work. That's why I'm here. Anyone who wants to hear this teaching and this revelation, I am obligated to reveal it to them. After I do that, my job is done. It's between them and God. I leave them to God and He can do whatever He wants with them. If they see a truth, a glimpse of light in it, again it's between them and God. They work it out with Him. I'm just a channel for Him.

I'm not the channel of any being. I'm a channel for God Himself. That's another thing, there are a lot of channels out there, who channel a lot of beings, and all those things.


Guest: What do you think about that?

Maitreya: Well, I think everyone has to go right to the Highest Source, which is God Himself, read His Word in the Scriptures, and with a very discerning mind, compare their words with the Word of God to see if it is the truth. As it has been said before, do not just accept any teaching. Actually, I appreciate very much a healthy skepticism, even for this teaching. That is great. Compare this teaching with the Scriptures to see if what I say is exactly what God says in the Scriptures. That's fine. You will see the truth in it. If it's not, do not accept it.

Even if I say something that is not according to God's Word, do not accept it. So with those channels also, you have to be very discerning of what they say. Is it according to God? Is it according to His Word? Or is it not?

Also there are some channels who might have just a little of the truth, a part of the truth. The rest of what they say has no truth. So you also have to have a discerning mind as to which part to accept and which one not to accept.

If you are in the spiritual path, you are a warrior. You are a brave Soul. You are a Soul who has put yourself in the path that is very narrow. You have to be very discerning about where you are going, what you are doing, who you are connected to, and who you are talking to, to find the path.

So it is healthy to have that skepticism. But eventually, if you have a discerning mind and are looking for the truth, God will guide you in the right path.

About my background, I believe that my teachings have come to me, not only in this lifetime but in many, many lifetimes. That's why they have accumulated together so that I can sit here and talk about God in such a way that it has the authority in it. I believe that God has sent these teachings over and over to humanity through many, many lifetimes, and eventually they accumulated themselves to this teaching which covers every other teaching on earth and unifies them together.

This teaching has come in this moment to humanity to help them out of the difficulties they have. Our teaching is not only meditation. Our teaching is not only prayer, The Holy Ghost. It is based on the Communities of Light. It's the understanding of the Mystical Paths, understanding of the Hebrew Old Testament, the teaching of the New Testament, Koran, Baha'i teaching, and the many other teachings that are unified together, not as all of them from the same Spirit and saying the same thing, but each of these has a special message for humanity, from the Spirit and if they follow it, they will create the Communities of Light. And the whole Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth will be based on the Communities of Light.


Guest: Those are Communities of Light in various parts of the world?

Maitreya: We're trying to establish them. That is one of the things we're trying here. There are other people who are trying in Florida, for instance. We have people in Quebec, Canada. In Massachusetts, we have some people. We have people in Nigeria, West Africa, etc. We are hoping eventually to have many, many people all over the world to start doing it. The whole idea is to include the whole of humanity.

Just look at what is happening to the earth. Who is going to win the war in the Middle East? It is prophesied that it's going to happen in the Middle East. If you read chapters 37-40 of Ezekiel, it completely puts the prophecy right in front of you, how it's going to happen, who is going to be coming together and come against the other forces, how Europe is going to rise as the powerful super power on earth, etc.

We just saw Russia fell apart. It is not even considered a super power anymore. And the United States, do you think after this war with Iraq it's going to stay a super power? Who is going to fill the vacuum? Europe.

So we're not just teaching meditation here. We're teaching the whole aspect of your life, even from going to the bathroom to the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth [all laughing]. We believe that we have something that humanity is waiting for, and for which it is being prepared.

Many people get connected with the Mission and we never hear from them again, which is OK. But as the earth more and more is going toward that period, they will eventually realize, "This teaching and all those teachings out there are a part of a greater truth. The whole is greater than the parts. There are a lot of parts there. We can go and take this part, and this part, and this part, and this part, but eventually we have to be able to put them together, in order to see the whole picture."

So we believe we have the whole picture here because this is the only teaching that teaches us how each great religion of the world is a part of a Greater Truth, and how all prophecies are fulfilled or are being fulfilled. Also it is the end of the old era when we need a new wine in a new skin. This is the new wine.

That's why I asked you, do you believe in the Scriptures? Do you believe in the prophecies? That's another way to discern and understand the truth behind the teaching because with the human mind, it doesn't matter how much you accumulate knowledge, still it's going to be limited.

Eventually you have to reach a point where you should say, "I cannot completely rely on my own understanding, but on the understanding of the Spirit, of the prophecies behind the teaching, how it came about. All these things have been written down and given to humanity for them to discern, to read, to understand, to compare, and eventually to come to this conclusion: "Yes, this is the answer."

Of course, people have a tendency when someone says, "I have all the answers," to say, "No, how can anyone have all the answers?" But as I said, I don't have the answers. God has the answers. God has chosen this vehicle to bring this truth, these answers to humanity. Even if we look behind my picture, there is a writing there that says, "Don't become attached to my body. Don't become attached to my picture. Become attached to the Spirit behind it."


Guest: You're supposed to do that in every person.

Maitreya: Exactly, but not everyone can do that. A lot of people can't....


Guest: No, but somewhere in each of us is that Spirit.

Maitreya: Of course. If you didn't have that Spirit, you wouldn't be alive anyway [all laughing].


Guest: The name Maitreya is very interesting. This is originally your name?

Maitreya: No. My original name is Mohammed. That is also prophesied. I didn't give the name Maitreya to myself, it was given to me. That fulfills the prophecies that, "Many will come in my name and call themselves Christ," or Maitreya, "and will deceive many." I didn't give the name Maitreya to myself. I didn't even say that Maitreya is Christ. Some other groups took ads in papers all over the world. They spent around one million dollars and they announced that Maitreya is the Christ. I never called myself Maitreya. I was given the name Maitreya. This group realized that Maitreya is Christ.


Guest: I didn't know about that at all.

Maitreya: Yes, that's the organization Tara Center and Benjamin Creme. They also have a Maitreya who was supposed to appear since 1980. Ten years and he hasn't appeared yet. They are the people who claim that Maitreya is Christ.

So the name was given to me. It was my spiritual name from my spiritual teacher.


Guest: From your spiritual teacher? It was channeled through you, or given to you in a special way?

Maitreya: Just like, who was the spiritual teacher of Christ? John the Baptist. John the Baptist had to baptize Esa before he became Christ. After he was baptized he realized his mission. Then he started reaching his revelations. It is the same thing, I had to be initiated by another teacher in a physical body, and the name Maitreya was given to me as my spiritual name. After that, these revelations started coming to me.


Guest: Ohh! I'm always amazed at how things manifest.

Maitreya: Well, God works in mysterious ways.

So we think we have all of the answers and the only answer [laughing]. As I said, if you look at the prophecies, that's one of the ways to discern what is the truth and if a teaching is the truth. Many times I've said, "If there is someone else who has fulfilled all the prophecies on earth, has a better teaching than what we have here, that will bring unity to humanity, please let us know."

You're going to Arizona and you're getting in touch with a lot of people there. If you find something better than this, please bring it to us and let us know.


Guest: Actually, I was going to try to connect with some Indian cultures just for my own growth in connecting with elemental forms, the land, earth, etc.

Maitreya: Did you know the Indians had this teaching, Communities of Light? That was the whole teaching that had been given to them, to create communities, to love the land, to grow corn and to share with one another. Did you also know that they have a prophecy that Christ is going to come back to the United States, he's going to wear a white robe and have a beard? Really, they do. Now you know. When you go there, ask them. Are you going to the Hopis?


Guest: Navaho.

Maitreya: Ask them about the Messa. So similar to Messiah. They should know about that.


Guest: Would it mainly be the Hopis that would know about this?

Maitreya: Hopis know more about those prophecies than any other American Indian. Actually, they are pretty protective about their knowledge, about the Messiah, etc. They are waiting for this teaching too.

We are hoping also to get connected with the American Indians because they also have a lot of truth in them. They have a lot of truth but they also have to understand other truth.

Why did the white man come to the United States and almost destroy their culture? It was given to Abraham. The land promised to Abraham and his children was the United States, a land flowing with milk and honey. Israel is not a land of milk and honey. It's a pretty dried out place (at least with not as much milk and honey as here). But the land of milk and honey was this land, that was given to Abraham.

Again according to our teaching, if you get more familiar with it, you will see it says that, a part of the children of Abraham eventually reached the United States. They are mostly the children of Joseph who came here. Joseph was the person who was supposed to have the birthright, the material possession that had been given to Abraham and his children.

So we can see that if the Indians realized that, they wouldn't be that bitter about the white man who came to their country. That was also the Will of God that happened to them.


Guest: Was it true that Christ was here too?

Maitreya: That's what they say. He taught them the same things, community, sharing and all that. If you study any teaching of any great teacher, always they emphasize community.


Guest: Like the Mormons?

Maitreya: Exactly. But none of them have been given the Eternal Divine Path so crystallized, so far.

Even Buddha talked about Sanga and Dharma. Sanga means community. Dharma means the innate nature of each person. So if you have communities where each person can manifest their innate nature, Dharma, then we're going to have what? Again we're going to have the Communities of Light, communities based on God's Spirit, not communities based on greed or anything else, but based on the Spirit, on God.


Guest: If I had known that this was your format, that we would be asking questions, I would have thought all the way over here.

Maitreya: Well, you got connected with us, and if you get connected with the Indians, maybe you are the bridge between us and the Indians. If you have any other questions, I will be available here and we can discuss them further.


Guest: I can't think of anything more.

Maitreya: Good, you are in Pure Consciousness.


Guest: I appreciate your time. It was wonderful of you to do this.

Maitreya: As I said, that's my job.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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All Thanks To God (ATTG).