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A Satsang (Discourse) given by Maitreya on the "Universal Mind or God."

01/04/89 Satsang (Discourse) With


(Some questions were asked through a translator)

Question: In one of the last Satsangs you said that God doesn't need to be served by humans. Do you mean He doesn't need humans, He doesn't need us? Because then why did God create humans?

Maitreya: I said that God doesn't need our service. If we serve Him, it's not for Him, it's for us. It's not a question of whether God needs humans or not, but that we are a part of God. The question doesn't really arise as to who needs whom. The question is that there is no separation.

When we are all one how can we say who is serving whom? So in a sense He's enjoying His play, part of which is human. And we're enjoying Him because He is our salvation. So it's a kind of mutual enjoyment.

Question: My question has to do with the Universal Mind. It seems like people are picking up thoughts from this Universal Mind. Like the other night we were discussing the phrase, "You are of the Order of Melchizedek." Did that somehow get into the Universal Mind? I have the conception that what is in the Universal Mind comes from God and is pure, it's not filtered by human error. And yet from where are all these errors being picked up?

Maitreya: First of all we have to ask the question, Is any thought really from the Universal Mind? You're saying, "If it comes from the Universal Mind, it is pure." That is true.

However, we could say, people pick up one name, or one phrase from the whole and then use it out of context. They come up with all these ideas themselves and relate that to the Universal Mind, which is not true, it's from their active imagination. They might have a very active imagination and imagine things, because the human mind is very powerful. It can create things that seem to be very true, and very real, but they are not.

It is like this woman who went to Tibet to learn meditation. In the process she tried to create a companion for herself just by thinking. Through her mind she eventually created this Yogi that she could manifest each time she thought about it. Eventually, the Yogi that she had created through her mind became so powerful that he started taking over her life. And he became dangerous for her, but just in her own imagination. It was a creation created by the power of the mind. However, her impurities and fears made her creation fearful to her.

What is our mind? Our mind is the same mind that God uses. The difference is that probably some people use 5% of their brain. Some people use 6%. Some people use 10%. The most intelligent human uses 12% of his brain so he can use 12% of the Universal Mind. If you can increase that 12% to 20% you have a very powerful mind. You could create things with your mind and become a creator.

Some people's minds become so powerful that they fall in the trap of their own minds. They create things in the ethereal (heavenly) level, and their creation becomes the very obstacle on their way to God.

That is why God had to send books like the Bible, the Koran, the Upanishads and all the Scriptures to show the truth to men and not let them fall into their own traps.

So the very notion that this is from the Universal Mind, as I said, is very questionable. This is not from the Universal Mind. This is man-made. The human takes a name or phrase and builds on it. After awhile they forget completely the origin of it. And everyone is just like a lamb. If you have ever seen lambs, when one lamb jumps over a creek, the rest of the lambs start jumping after him. They don't even know where they are going, they jump and follow the crowd.

The rest take it and say, Yeah, Yeah, Melchizedek is the Order of this and that, and they think that is the way it should be. However, when you look at the Bible, the Word of God says contrary to it. The Bible and the truth in it, and all the Scriptures, come from the Universal Mind, come from God. The Word of God is the yardstick you can use to see if a saying is from Him (Universal Mind) or not. If what is said conforms to the Scriptures, it is from God. Otherwise it is not.

If we didn't have these Scriptures, we wouldn't have any standards. We wouldn't have anything to measure any saying against. That is why God gives the Scriptures and sends the Prophets, to bring His Word to humanity because He knows human imagination is very, very active.

Question: What you said today about the Order of Melchizedek for example, is getting clearer and clearer. How come a few years ago you were not able to say it like this? Why did you use this name at that time and now you change? Didn't the Spirit tell you at that time that it was not really alright to use this name? Or was it necessary to use it for awhile to attract people and then let it go?

Maitreya: You answered your own question. The reason was that it stayed with us for awhile and the people became attracted to it, we became attracted to it. We explained it that way and eventually we realized that that is not really the true way. So now it becomes very clear to us that the Bible is referring to Melchizedek in a completely different way, and the meaning of it is not as most people have taken it.

In the process of apparently making this mistake, we become clearer on what the real meaning of the Bible and meanings behind the Word of God are, instead of taking any word in it and just following it because some other people follow it.

As it is explained, in answer to that question, Abraham is telling Melchizedek that, "I am giving this money to you, so that later on you don't tell me that I became rich through you." It completely shows that he is not really giving because he's respecting Melchizedek or accepting him as the forever priest of God. But Abraham is giving Melchizedek this tithe because he feels if he doesn't give it, he might later on accuse him of not paying his taxes or whatever was customary to do. This is the same way that Esa (Jesus) paid taxes, not that he wanted to pay it to a tyrant king, but he did it just to avoid getting in trouble.

Now it is very clear to us the meaning of Melchizedek and who he was. If we had not gone through this process, probably it would have gone unnoticed. Now it's very clear to us what truly Melchizedek is. That is why we went through this process. So in a way, sometimes God allows us to make a mistake so we learn the lesson profoundly.

Furthermore, as we explained in our other literature, when we reached out to spread the Message, we were flooded with many people, groups, etc. They brought many conflicting and confusing ideas to the Mission. For awhile they even confused us. Later on we realized this happened so that the prophecy that Christ and his disciples "shall be caught up together in the clouds," would be fulfilled. As it is explained in THOTH, cloud means confusion.

We and many who were supposed to join us (disciples) were caught in the confusion between the old teachings and the new ones (New Agers). The concept of the Order of Melchizedek is one such concept which was accepted in that period of confusion. Now that this cloud (confusion) is lifting, the true place of this concept was understood in a deeper level. So we all were caught in the cloud for awhile. The seven years of confusion are lifting and our teaching will gain its original clarity as it was revealed before this seven year period of confusion (cloud) passed us!

Question: In the beginning of the Bible it was written, there was Adam and Eve and then they had children. I don't know with whom their children got married but anyway they found other people and they got married. They were supposed to be alone. And then they said, There were giants at that time. Where did the giants come from and what were they doing there?

Maitreya: It is explained in THOTH what the giants were. The human had power and the ability to manipulate universal forces, life- forces. So through this process some giants (large beings) were created. Also, at that time humans knew about genetic engineering and through genetic engineering they created some giants. It is also explained in THOTH that more than one human was created. Each of them was called Adam. The human was male and female in one body. Then they were separated into man and woman. They married, had children and their children married people from other races or other people's children, etc.

Question: Like they speak in the Tablet of Emerald, there are giants, prisoners in the center of the earth. Maybe it's just the imagination of someone?

Maitreya: That is the experience of the Emerald. If you haven't experienced that, that is just imagination. Unless you experienced that, and you know for sure there are giants in the center of the earth, then that's not your truth. After the Heaven on Earth is created, these all can be very thoroughly investigated to see if what these people say is true or not.

Question: You said you have to experience a thing to know about it. Maybe it's the same for THOTH, we have to experience it to know if it's alright or not, I mean if it is from God.

Maitreya: Yes. If you create a community without following the Eternal Divine Path, see what happens to it.

Question: I mean to know what THOTH is you have to experience it. Like what you said about the Tablet of Emerald. I don't know if it's true or not because I didn't experience it. It's the same for THOTH. All the things in THOTH, like what we're talking about, the giants, I have to experience it also to know it?


: Well, you cannot experience everything in the uni- verse. You don't have that much time. So you just create the Kingdom first, and then you'll have enough time, energy and resources to experience and experiment. However, right now, the most important thing is to create the Communities of Light to bring the Kingdom on Earth. If you believe in that, the rest is not really that important. Until that is manifested, the rest is someone else's experience.

If you see the way to create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth as given in THOTH, then that is the only experience you need to follow right now.

God also revealed how to recognize the One who will bring unity and peace to earth. If you see the signs on earth, the fulfillment of prophecies through me and the truth in our teachings, that should be sufficient to guide you to the right path. Many people had great experiences with me and they still fell into Maya!

Question: This part is for me. Maybe for some people it's not important, or more it depends. But I agree with you that the important thing is about the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth and the Eternal Divine Path.

Maitreya: We have to have our priorities. What is our priority here? To create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth first. That question on giants has been answered in many different ways. Some say they were from outer space and they came on earth. Fine. Are you going to waste your time now to go and find out if they were from outer space? Or was it genetic engineering? Or by giants do they means dinosaurs? So who is right? Are there Cyclopes, with one eye, and they were magicians, etc? So all of these are questions you can ask yourself, but how far are you going to go?

Question: As with King David before, was Goliath a giant?


: That's what they say. Probably he was a very tall man. He was probably the tallest man the enemy had, and King David was a very tiny person. So when you compare a huge person to a regular-sized person, to them he seemed much bigger than King David. And later on, as we said, this notion just snowballed, and instead of a tall man, he became a giant.

These things are not important enough to waste a lot of mental energy on. When the Kingdom comes, you'll have enough time to meditate on all those things. Also remember, there is exaggeration. The human likes to exaggerate. As words come from generation to generation, each generation probably adds a little bit to it. After ten or fifteen generations, it will be out of proportion.

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