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Satsang (Discourse) With


At The Feast Of Tabernacles 09/26/91


All: Singing Haree Om Shrii Hung...


Maitreya: That was great. Did you know that they used to do that to Esa? They used to put Esa in the center and his disciples would sing and dance around him. They also did chanting as we do. You don't hear it anymore but they had the same things. Of course it wasn't Haree Om Shrii Hung but it was something similar.

Good, we have the children's program tonight. It will be nice when we have hundreds of children. They will grow up together. They will sing, chant, and meditate. Just imagine what kind of children they are going to be.

And the fathers and mothers should be together when the child is born. It is important that the father and mother are present when the mother is pregnant. I wrote an essay for Roshan. It is probably a good thing that everyone read it, if you get a chance. It talks about pregnancy and the relationship between the mother, the child, and the father, and how important it is that all three be together when the child is forming.

I guess we are starting something on this earth, aren't we? Beautiful couples, beautiful children, communities, less crime, better education, people with higher intelligence, healthy people. We're doing good [all laughing].


Children's Program


[They presenting Maitreya with a gift]


Maitreya: Thank you. Thank you. They are beautiful. Did you make these yourselves? That's wonderful. They are pretty. Look at that, Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam. That one is the same thing, Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam. That's beautiful. And there are flowers, two flowers for me. Just like them, two intelligent boys [Gabor and Isaac], two flowers. And what is this? That's my picture. Really, I have a robe on and everything. What is that Gabor? [Gabor speaking in French that it was a picture of a mansion, and it said, "To Maitreya from Gabor"]. Thank you, both of you. They are beautiful. That was very nice.


Commentator: Isaac and Gabor would like to present the seven seals of The Greatest Sign. The first seal is meditate to know thyself [a child carrying in each seal as commentator explains each one]. The second seal is Communities of Light. The third seal, and the theme of our celebration, sacrifice. The fourth seal, surrender and submission. The fifth seal, universalism [all laughing because the children were so cute]. The sixth seal, Paravipras. And the seventh seal, Pure Consciousness.

They would like to lead us in Haree Om Shrii Hung [the children leading the chanting, until they got to laughing. Then they had large sacks of balloons which they let out in the room. Everyone helped them of course and the children brought them to Maitreya].


Maitreya: I guess we have more children than adults [all laughing]. We are just giving an opportunity to the adults. Oh, the balloons say Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam on them. Now we can see who are the children.

That was beautiful. That was a beautiful children's program. That was great. Thank you [the balloons continued]. Some kids can't be stopped [laughter].

I guess the earth belongs to us and our children. They are the wave of the future. No doubt about that. They are not narrow-minded. They have the strongest roots on earth.

We are all wonderful people and we are all wearing white clothes [laughing]. Our children are going to grow up with that beauty, love, and the nurturing that they need. They are going to grow up and create a world that doesn't have all these concepts that keep us from freeing ourselves from cultural concepts, religious concepts, parental concepts, societal concepts. Isn't that wonderful [all agreeing]?

Our children can roam around us, grow with us, be with us, feel the community and pick up energy from every one of us. And their spirit is going to be greater because they can learn from each of us and grow much greater than if they just lived in one apartment with their parents, and their parents have to go to work. And who do they have to grow with?

That is wonderful. That is beautiful. Children really present Heaven, don't they? No concepts. They are open to each other.

They don't look at each other as being black, or white, or yellow, or red. They just come together and start playing. They look at each other for awhile and then an hour later, no concept, no judgement, nothing at all. They just run around and that is wonderful.

That is a glimpse of the Communities of Light, isn't it? It just makes your heart sing. Is your heart singing too? Good. It was a very beautiful children's program, Isaac and Gabor.

How do you say beautiful in French? Beau, beau program [all laughing]. A very good program.

The energy is so good I don't want to start the Satsang [all laughing]. Maybe we shouldn't have Satsang. Maybe we should just sit here and have fun.

That's how children are. You raise them and you let them go for their own destiny, wherever they are going.

OK, let's get to the Satsang [the children are still singing the Haree Om]. Let's get the connection to God and let's see what God has for us tonight. Bring me to earth and hopefully we are a good channel for Him so He can manifest Himself as fully as possible.



I wanted to mention one thing in the Satsang before we start the questions. We had a question about if we can start a community here in Quebec. We could probably bring the people together for three couples or so. That is possible. But there is a concept that we have to recognize that most of the time we keep forgetting.

We are not yet really in a state of creating Communities of Light. We are in the state of creating the facilitating body. As we mentioned many times in our literature, the facilitating body is the body that keeps this Message and spreads it to the world. Eventually it reaches to all the four corners of the earth. It is going to be preached all around the world.

So what we are really doing is we are trying to take this Message to every corner of the earth. That is what the facilitating body is and what we are trying to do.

Of course, the facilitating body itself will form some kind of structure eventually when our numbers grow bigger and larger, when more people start joining us. But we don't have any earthly power, we don't have any earthly mandate, we don't have any earthly acceptance by humanity. We are connected to the Spirit, to God.

What we are doing is, we are bringing this Spirit through that structure to humanity, to every level and corner on earth, and then from the bottom of society, the earthly hierarchy will form. This will happen when the Communities of Light start building, just like lights popping up here and there. Have you seen when it rains how the mushrooms pop up everywhere?

After we reach this state and we have brought this energy through this facilitating body to humanity, then the Communities of Light will start popping up. They are going to choose their own representatives, and eventually they will replace us (the facilitating body).

As they replace us, we will become their elders because we have been in this and in this energy for a longer period. We can guide them and teach them about the Mission, The Greatest Sign, the Eternal Divine Path, and what it means to create community. So we become kind of elders for them to reveal this energy to them.

So in a sense, we are not that much into building the Communities of Light right now. Of course, as I said, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't start Communities of Light. That is OK. It can be a spontaneous formation of the facilitating body and the Communities of Light.

I wanted to mention that so that you might also meditate on the facilitating body. What does it mean to be part of the facilitating body? That's why I recommend to those people who really want to know about the Mission that they at least come and live in the Mission for six months, so we have more time and energy together. Don't build houses though [laughter]. If you build while you are there we wouldn't have time to talk about the Mission. While you are building houses, you're going to be busy. Just come and live there with us. When Mark was there he didn't really have too much of a chance to enjoy the teaching because he was busy building the rooms, etc.

Then, of course, you can go out and be a teacher, preach The Word and see how it is done.

I just wanted to get that cleared up. Now I'm ready for the questions.


Question: Sometimes I feel like a closet mystic because I live so much in my mind. Is saying the mantra the only way to balance that feeling?

Maitreya: What do you mean by 'closet mystic?' Can I ask who asked this question? [An American asked that question] I was going to say, it was probably some French person who didn't know English very well [all laughing]. They said it in such a way that it was hard to understand. But you?


Comment: These are questions from the beginning of the week, though. They are not where I'm at now.

Maitreya: Actually I was thinking about that. When you first come to the Feast you have different questions, because the energy is different. Now the questions have changed, absolutely. So I was wondering, should we go ahead and answer these questions or should we ask for new questions?


Question: I could ask another question. When you were giving the lecture, there was an area that I thought in my mind to think about. I didn't want to interrupt you. But now the question is coming to mind.

I think I answered it, though, in thinking about it, from my own point of view. Approaching all the Prophets of the world, Esa (Jesus) was known as the Only Begotten Son. How do I explain to someone else, when they say, "Jesus was the Only Begotten Son and he was the only one who died for us, etc. Buddha didn't, nor did all the other Prophets." How do I clarify that?

Maitreya: He was the Only Begotten Son. He was Christ. He was the Messiah. For instance, Isaac is my son. I send him to someone to give a message. Probably if he goes to the people where the language is different, instead of being called Isaac, he is called As-hagh. As-hagh is the Arabic and probably the Hebrew name for Isaac. He goes to another culture and they call him Isaac. He goes to another culture and, for example, they call him Issak.

He is the only son that I have. How many messengers were there? There were three messengers but all of them were the same person.

He is my first son, he didn't change. Probably the message didn't change, maybe a little bit for the different seals, but the messenger is the same.

The messenger is Buddha. The messenger is Krishna. The messenger is Muhammad. The messenger is Adam. The messenger is Noah. The messenger is Bab, and on and on.

That is true, he is the First Begotten Son but he comes and, as it says in the Bible, he opens all the seals. So there is more than one seal that he opened, and he brought all the truth to humanity. He was also Abraham, and the whole of humanity will be blessed through him.

If what they say is true and only the Christians are being blessed through Esa (Jesus), then what happens to the rest of humanity?

Was that the same answer that you reached yourself?


Participant: Yes.

Maitreya: Good. Actually that is the best way to answer questions, to ask yourself and then meditate. Then when the answer comes, it just stays with you. It is an answer from within. It will remain with you.

The answer is going to come to you if you really meditate on the question. Plus, of course, reading our literature, and listening and hearing Satsang connects you more and more to the higher Spirit and higher levels. Then as you are more connected, you can answer your own questions in higher levels.

That is the best way to receive the answers because when I say something to you, it is still external for you. It is not something that is internalized. But when you receive your answer yourself, then it is internalized.

Sometimes at the Mission someone receives an answer, and then they come and confirm it with me. And that is exactly the way I would have answered.


Question: How come in this time of unification, every country and region are separating themselves, or all want their independence?

Maitreya: Who are these people who are doing this bidding for independence? Are they Divine people? Are they in the Mission of Maitreya [all laughing]? Are they following The Eternal Divine Path? Do they know anything about the unification of the religions and the Communities of Light?

The answer is, no, they don't. These are the people who have their own agendas. They have that narrow view of what they want, and mostly they are politicians, or businessmen who have interest in doing so. To them, having a small place and being the president of it, is greater than being the head of a state of a greater country.

So they play with the emotions of the people and arose them based on their nationality, language, culture, religion, etc. That's how the politicians work with the people. They work with their emotions. That is why they want these separations to happen.

Again, we are not concerned about that. That is not important because eventually those feelings are going to subside. How much separation can we make? When those people separate themselves from these provinces, they are not a cohesive people, they are not unified. They have a small group inside their province who also do not want to be a part of this new province. They want to be separated. Where is it going to end? Is everyone going to end up in a small village [laughing], a village, village, and another village as a country? That's not going to work.

Eventually everyone will realize that what they are doing, is wrong, especially if they hear The Word, if they hear this Message and they realize it is their narrowness, and their attachments to their culture that is causing the separation.

What culture are you from if you believe in reincarnation? Are you really French, or have you been born in India sometime maybe? Are you Indian? Or maybe you were born in Africa? Are you black, or white? So how can you say who you are, or what culture you belong to? That is not really believing in reincarnation, and then is narrowing ourselves to one limited view of the world.

That's why this teaching is so wonderful, it expands you. If you really understand it, it stretches your imagination. And as you meditate more and more, you become freer and freer.

They cannot categorize you. Don't let them categorize you. Don't let them call you French, or American, or Persian, or black, or white, or yellow. Don't let them. If you don't believe that you can be categorized, you won't. But if you do, you will.

Also if some ignorant person categorizes you, just look at him like a wise man, looking at an ignorant man. Look at him like, "Hey, that is from ignorance that you are categorizing me." Don't even bother to answer such a person. Don't even confront those people who are narrow. Walk away from them and continue your expansion of the mind. Keep connected to God and expanding yourself instead of being affected by the external world and their categorization, and their telling you that, "You are not as good as us."

Actually, you categorize yourself. You say, "That is what I am. I am this, this, this, this, so I have to behave like this, this, this, this." So you don't let them categorize you. If you don't really believe that you are categorizable, no one can categorize you. "I've been born many times, in many different cultures, so I can't categorize myself in any special way."

Again, that is why expansion of the mind is so important. Understand this teaching, really understand it, and let it become a part of you. If you don't, then you become attached to your religion. You become attached to your culture. You become attached to your language. You become attached to everything, and that narrows you.

The man/woman who wants to unify all cultures, has no culture. He/she belongs to the culture of God. The man/woman who wants to unify all religions, has no religion but God. A man/woman who wants to unify all countries does not belong to one. He/she belongs to all, etc.

We can see all this is where vidya comes from, ignorance, doesn't it? These people want to do these things that are not according to the Will of God.

Who said that humanity is following the Will of God? They haven't been, and they are not. Of course, the Will of God sometime ago was that they be separated, that they be different nations, and that there be confusion among them.

The Bible teaches us He (God) came down and saw that they (humans) were building the tower of Babel. Their language was one and they had telepathic abilities but they weren't using their abilities for a greater purpose. They were trying to build something to make a name and fame for themselves, not to glorify God.

That's why He created such a situation and history. Now we are here and we can look at history and learn this lesson, that if we ever created telepathic ability and we became one great nation, as one world, one nation, we should not use that ability to glorify ourselves but to bring God's energy to all levels of our existence.

In the Greatest Sign here, if you look at the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, you will see this triangle downward in the Kingdom Of Heaven is the Spirit of God coming from heaven to earth. This triangle upward is the hierarchy which comes from the Communities of Light. So we have to bring the Spirit of God to earth, in the Communities of Light, in the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Is the Spirit of God in the hierarchies that we have right now on earth? Are our politicians connected to God? So that's your answer. That's why these things are happening right now.

Of course, there is one good aspect in it and that is that so far these people who want to be separated from the central government, or central power, were connected to this center power because those central powers kept them to themselves by force or political domination.

It is just like the satellites with Russia. Those countries who where connected to Russia didn't want to be with her. They wanted to be separate. Actually, Lithuania and Estonia and all those Baltic Countries wanted to be separate for forty or fifty years. They didn't want to be with Russia, but they had no choice. Politically, economically, and militarily Russia was a very powerful nation and they couldn't break away. Now they have the opportunity to do that.

It is just like Quebec which was very much related to Canada. Probably the people in Quebec didn't want to be Canadians. They wanted to be separated for what, a hundred-twenty and some years? We can see now the grip of the politicians, etc, are loosening up. So they decided they are going to separate if their demands are not met.

In that sense we can see that energy again supports our teaching that humanity is becoming more equal. That power that kept the satellites attached to the central governments by political and military might is loosening up.

The example of a good union is probably the United States. It is a union where all the union wants to stay in the union. No one wants to be separated. If you ask in New Mexico, because that's a state by itself, "Do you want to get away from the rest of the United States?" they would say, "No, we want to stay in." There is no tension there. That is the kind of Kingdom of God we want to create, that everyone wants to stay in the oneness.

So we can see again here a good example from which the rest of humanity could probably benefit. Wouldn't it be nice to have the United Countries of the Planet Earth, where every union on the planet earth wants to stay in the union, and at the same time support the diverse cultures, until we create one supra-culture?

Of course, there is tension even in the United States. There are blacks, there are whites, there are Spanish, etc. But ask any of them, "Do you want to separate?" Probably some groups would say yes but they are radicals. Most of the people would say, "No, we want to stay with the union."

So we can see that there is a good aspect of it because the grip of the politics, etc, is loosening up. There is a bad aspect of it because the politicians who are taking over are not connected to God. But, as we said, we don't care, it is not important.

In the Mission we don't concentrate on the negativity on earth because it doesn't matter. If you concentrate on the negativity, there is so much of it that it is going to smother you completely. Your mind would just become completely confused.

We concentrate on the positivity, the creating of the facilitating body, bringing that energy to earth, spreading it out everywhere on earth, and then creating the Communities of Light.

We have a viable solution to what is on earth now, and when the earth is in such a mess that no one has any answer we can say, "We have the answers here, you can come and join the Communities of Light." As we said, the economy is getting worse and the tensions between people are greater.

So that is why they are becoming separated, but don't be too worried about what is happening on earth. Get on with the work, please.


Question: What is it to have leadership?

Maitreya: Leadership is a quality in a person. It is just like charisma. Charisma actually comes from Christ, Krishna, Christus. Leadership comes from having charisma.

Of course, it doesn't come easily to the person. It's not something that you come to the world and you are a leader. Probably you have been meditating for many lifetimes. You have overcome some parts of yourself that had to be overcome.

A leader is probably more concerned about perfecting himself. He examines his motives and his abilities, "Why do I want to do this? Why do I want to take the people with me where I am going?"

A leader means, he who takes others with him somewhere, because if there is nowhere to go, why do they need a leader? Everyone can stay where they are. So a leader means to take some people with him where he goes.

The first step is to know what the goal is. Where are we going? Then know how to get there. You should have gone there before so you can take others with you there.

If you don't have a goal, you're going to take the people and just go in a circle over and over again, and you will go nowhere. So leadership can also be from three kinds. It can be from ignorance, passion or knowledge.

If a leader doesn't know where he or she is going, takes the people around in circles and never takes them anywhere, how good is that leader? If a leader has charisma and he or she uses that for financial gain, for her or his own lower nature, passion and things like that, then that is from passion.

But a leader who knows where he is going, takes other people with him where he is going, and where he is going is good (good means God), is a good leader. Because even leadership can be three kinds. God is good.

Those are the leaders we are trying to create in the Mission, leaders who want to take humanity to God. They want to show the way to Him. It's good to follow Him because God is Good.

So leadership is a quality. It is a charisma. It is an energy. It is the ability to discern, the ability to find the way and show the way to other people.

Of course, a leader cannot walk you to the road, he can show the way. He can say, "This is the way to go." Probably he starts walking, and you can either stay and not follow him (you fall away and never catch up), or you can start walking with him. You say, "He knows what he is doing, I should go with him."

Actually there was once a yogi. A lady came to him and said, "Who do you think you are that everyone follows you?" He started walking and she followed him [all laughing].


Question: The Christians teach that it is only by Grace that you are saved, not by any works or effort. Is that true or just a dogma?

Maitreya: When the children were doing their presentation, didn't you feel Grace? That is what Grace is. It is so wonderful. You feel so clean. You feel so wonderful. You feel so free.

That is what you want to have, you want to have Grace. That is where God is. That is what everyone has to feel.

But do the people out there really feel this Grace? No. They drink, smoke, watch television, they are unhappy, they yell at each other, etc. That is death. That is when their spirits are dying, or are dead.

Do you want Grace? It presented Itself here a half an hour ago. That is what Grace is. It is the feeling of cleanliness, the feeling of freedom, of oneness, of joy, of childlike character, etc.

That's why Christ said, "Children are the door to heaven." They are in heaven because they have that cleanliness, that innocence in them. They can just have joy with no mind, not too many questions, not too much judgementality. They are happy.

But it is very hard to be like that out in this world, isn't it, to be like that little child? Again we go back to the Communities of Light. In the Communities of Light we can be like that. We can create that Grace in us and be like that.

Even those who are trying to create the Communities of Light are affected by the external world all the time. Here, now, we can feel that Grace. We can feel that joy, that unity, that oneness, and be free. But when we go out there and we try, "I want to create the Communities of Light here, what is going on? I have to pay my mortgage. I have to do this. My landlord keeps calling me. The people are rude, disrespectful, not responsible, and they don't keep their promises. They are very much in their own trips and everything, and The Grace becomes smaller, smaller, and eventually is gone."

Grace is that feeling, that oneness with God. You are saved.

That is what the Christians are talking about. Of course, a lot of religions and their followers are talking about a lot of things, but they don't know what they are talking about. If they understand what they are talking about, that is true. But just saying, "You are saved by Grace," doesn't mean that the person who says it knows what Grace is.

In that feeling of Grace that we had, we were saved. We were like children playing with balloons. We were happy and weren't afraid of the world and its problems. We were saved. We were absolutely ecstatic about life. If they reach that Grace, that is true, they are saved by Grace.

Also what does Grace mean? Grace means to receive God's Grace, and the way to receive His Grace is to do His Will.

Actually Grace is pure energy. As we said, Holy Mother is the creative force. The creative force cannot move without energy. Energy is female and active, no polarity. It doesn't have any negativity or positivity. Tama guna is negative and satva guna is positive.

So the energy receives the polarity of the tama guna if energy falls under the influence of negativity. It becomes negative energy, worldly energy. When it becomes positive, it becomes higher thoughts. But when it stays still, it becomes unconditional love, or Grace, pure energy.

What does energy do? Energy moves things, doesn't it? So energy in us also moves us to do things. According to what we do, that energy either becomes crudified and becomes negativity, or it comes under the influence of the satva guna and becomes positive, higher thoughts and all that.

We can see then that is not true that you don't do anything, you don't work, or accomplish anything, and you are saved by Grace. If you use that energy for a good purpose, for a good thing, that energy becomes satva guna and becomes Grace also.

That is true, you are saved by Grace, but Grace comes when you do something that God gives you The Grace, and you feel the Grace of God through you.

So we have to know what The Grace is before we understand what the Christians mean. And I hope they understand what they mean when they say it. Do you think they understand what they mean?

That is a dogma that most of them just throw at you, and if you really knew The Grace you would probably just look at them and laugh at them. Just ask them, "Do you know what Grace is?"


Question: Shouldn't someone who is kind, compassionate, helping others, and does good deeds to his fellow man deserve something more than someone who does selfish actions and inflicts suffering on others?

Maitreya: I suppose that means how can a person who says, "You are saved by Grace," then turn around and be rude, selfish, and not do good to other people? How can you say that and then turn around and do those things?

Actually if you are in Grace, you are not going to be rude. You are going to be helping people, and wanting to let other people know also what Grace is. You will want to teach them what Grace is. Then when they learn what The Grace is they can also live with The Grace.

With two graceful people living together, it's a dance they are doing together. There is no longer any friction there. There is no friction between the people who have The Grace in them.

That's another way of thinking of the Communities of Light, everyone living in The Grace and dancing together without any friction, without any mind, without any judgementality, desire, or wants that are not according to the Will of God.

The more we purify ourselves, the more we climb up into that graceful state. That is another vision of the Communities of Light, when everyone is in Grace.

It's going to become easier and easier as we grow, we accomplish and we become a greater body. We can bring greater Grace to humanity.

So if a person says, "You are saved by Grace," and then turns around and is rude, he doesn't know what Grace is.


Question: Please explain the Mission's logo and why it was chosen [the one on the letterhead, the Buddha and it says The Goal Of The Life Is To Become Divine].

Maitreya: That's a long story. You want to hear the whole story? I was in the University of Mississippi when I decided that I was going to start the Mission.

I fought starting the Mission for one year. I kept saying to God, "You've got the wrong person, I'm not the one. You should go get some American. I don't even have a visa to stay here. What are You talking about? I can't stay here and do Your work."

Eventually I traveled all the way to Virginia Beach, to Edgar Cayce's Foundation, ARE. The Greatest Sign had been revealed to me by then but I wanted to know what were all these signs together here. Of course, I had a basic idea. It evolved very slowly. So I went to Edgar Cayce's Foundation to see what this Greatest Sign meant.

When I got there they had much information about signs, etc. I saw every sign they had was in The Greatest Sign. You could find them somewhere in The Greatest Sign.

After that I went completely into isolation, meditation, prayer and fasting. Eventually I said, "I have no choice." I had to do His Will. I had no money. I had no visa. I had no one. As I said, I was in school. No one knew me in the United States that I could stay with, etc.

So the only place I knew to go was Ananda Marga. I knew some people in that organization, I was connected. I said, "OK, the best way is just to leave Mississippi and go to Denver to see what happens." I got there and, of course, they knew me. I was meditating with them for three years. How did I get there? That's another story.

Anyway I got to Denver, and the second day, I was sitting in one of the rooms reading the Koran, extracting the verses, thinking about them and meditating. There was another person, a kind of hippie with a beard and long hair. Actually, we didn't get along at all from the very beginning when I got to that house.

But I could hear him. He was going upstairs, downstairs, upstairs, downstairs. Eventually he came, knocked on my door and said, "Hey, I want to go to this place called Shamballa. It's in the mountains. I want to go and meditate there." I said, "I'm not interested, thanks. I have things to do right now. You go ahead."

I thought he was going to go away but I heard him going up and down, and up and down again. A half an hour later he came to my door and said, "I want to go there. I don't want to go by myself. I want to go with someone, will you come with me?" I was getting tired of reading anyway, so I said, "OK, fine, let's go." I didn't want to be rude. He just wanted me to go with him.

He had a very old car. Almost everything in the car was going in different directions [all laughing]. We got to his car, and he started driving to the south of Denver. Eventually, we reached our destination.

We came to this mountain and found Shamballa. We had thought Shamballa was a kind of place where we could go and meditate. We turned into the parking place. It was in the middle of the mountains, almost at the top of the mountains. We saw a building there that said "Office."

Well, I wasn't shaved very well, and I had long hair a little bit. I had just come from Mississippi and had been driving for three or four days to get there. My car broke down in the middle of the way. Anyway, I wasn't looking very good and this guy was very hippie like.

When we opened this office door, here was this clean, nice, air conditioned place with secretaries who were very clean and nice sitting there. Suddenly they saw these two hippies open the door. They all jumped and ran toward us. They almost blocked us, "Don't come in" [all laughing], and they shoved this literature into our hands.

We told them, "We are here to meditate." They said, "We don't have any place to meditate. This is it. This is the literature we have." They almost pushed us out of the office.

We got out and I said, "So what? It didn't work." He said, "I came here to meditate. I want to meditate." I said, "OK fine, why don't we drive a little higher, to the top of the mountain, and we will sit there and meditate?"

So we drove all the way to the top of the mountain, around two miles more, and we sat there and meditated for half an hour. We came out of the meditation and we went back to the car. I just picked up the literature we received from that office to see what this Shamballa was all about.

I started reading the literature and I saw, Maitreya, Lord of the World. That was the name of the literature. After everything that had happened to me, the name Maitreya had been given to me, and everything, I told him, "I want to stop by and see what their literature is all about. I would like to buy some of their literature."

So we went back and opened the door, and these guys are jumping again and unhappy we were back. I said, "Well, we are here to buy some of your literature." They got a little happy about that. We got some of their literature and I got the book called, Maitreya, Lord of the World.


Questions: Were they related to Benjamin Creme?

Maitreya: No, it's a very old organization. It is in the mountains of Colorado, south of Denver. They had been teaching these things from the 1930's or 1940's. So I got the book, and the picture was on the cover of that literature. There is a lot of prophecy in that book about how Maitreya comes, unifies the world, and unifies the religions, etc.

Of course, that drawing is a 15th century drawing by a Buddhist. Maitreya is sitting on a chair. Buddha is usually shown in the lotus pose. And Maitreya is always depicted as sitting on the chair. As we said, he is going to come from the East but he is going to sit on the chair, which is a western symbol. So he's an eastern Soul in the West.

That logo symbolizes Maitreya sitting in his chair and giving the knowledge pose to the earth. Then our logo says, "The Goal Of The Life Is To Become Divine." Do you like our logo?


Participant: Yes.

Maitreya: Oh, good.


Question: Why is there one open eye and one closed eye?

Maitreya: That has been answered before, but I'll answer you anyway [laughing]. The reason is, the closed eye is looking internally. The open eye is looking externally. We have to bring the Kingdom internally and externally.

That is the knowledge pose of Buddha. He is bringing the knowledge to humanity.

That pose is called mudra. Have you heard about mudras? There are different mudras that have different meanings. If you are a Buddhist, they teach you every mudra and what they mean. Each mudra is suppose to affect the mind differently. This mudra imparts knowledge.

So Maitreya, an eastern Soul, comes to the West. He departs the knowledge of unification of all. He sits on a throne (a kingly stature). He is the fulfillment of all prophecies.


Since there are so many questions to be answered, I will give shorter answers to get to more questions.


Question: What is the best way to help our families who are not in favor of the Mission to help themselves to become less self-centered and more God-centered?

Maitreya: Well, you can help no one, period. The only person you can help is yourself. If you purify yourself, if you become less selfish, if you become less self-centered, if you become open, if you grow and become loving, etc, you are going to start affecting everyone around you.

As I said the other day, the moment you become selfish, you set up everyone else around you to become selfish. Then you complain about why everyone else is selfish [all laughing]. That is why you have to look at yourself in the first place.

You can save no one, you can only save yourself. If you save yourself then you can save others. That is a great mistake that many people make. They think, "Oh, if I can change him, or her, a little bit, to do it that way instead of doing it this way, my life is going to be wonderful." But that is not the way. The way is to look at yourself first, instead of looking at anyone else.

If you want to help your parents, your family, help yourself first.


Question: What about the Holy Names?

Maitreya: I suppose again that we are talking about the four parts of The Word, The Holy Name that we have in the Mission.

The Holy Name is the true name of God, the energy that created everything in the universe. There is nothing that doesn't have The Holy Word in it. That is the name of God that cannot be uttered in the physical world.

The Jewish people knew about it, that's why they said that you should not take the name of the Lord in vain. That means, whenever you take His Name and you utter it, that is in vain. Actually if you uttered The Word, that they knew was internal, they would stone you.

Prophet Muhammad knew about it. They asked him, "How many names does God have?" He said, "He has 3,000 names. Humanity knows 2,999 of them." That means there is one of them they don't know.

Christ healed with the name. He used the name of the Lord. That's why he said, "The Father does it through me." So he knew the name.

It is for the first time that we are giving this to the people since the Hebrews misused The Word. That is why it is so important to never utter It. It is something that when we initiate you with The Word, It is not utter-able.

Never can you give It from one person to another, unless you are authorized, unless you have been given the power to do it. You cannot initiate anyone in The Word unless you have the power to do it. It is not something that anyone can give to someone else.

Of course, the four parts of The Word are related to the consciousness and the three gunas, the four parts of the creation. Any part you receive stirs a different level of your consciousness and your being, and It purifies you. Of course, It might create some problem for you too.

It is just like if you have a pond and you don't stir it. All the junk is underneath, isn't it? It just sank to the bottom. The water on the top looks very nice, very clean. But put something in to stir the water, and what happens?

That is sometimes exactly what the initiation, or meditation, does to us. It just drops a big chunk of stone into that pond and all that junk underneath start coming up. Of course, I'm sitting there and getting this junk out as fast as I can [laughter].

But if you help also and you learn your lessons, of course, that is going to be faster.


Question: Is it possible to receive that Holy Name by any other way, or is it just a disciple or yourself who gives this Holy Name?

Maitreya: There is no one in the whole universe who knows The Holy Word but God. That's a pretty heavy answer, isn't it?

There are mantras that are given out. Actually, the first mantra that we give out, many people already have it. These people have been meditating on it for sometime. That is a preparatory mantra.

But The Word has been on earth. As I said, Christ knew It but he never gave It to anyone but a few of his disciples. Muhammad knew It but he never gave It to anyone. The Hebrews knew It, It was given to them but they misused It and that's why they wrote "yaweh.gif (110 bytes)," there are no vowels in that. That means you cannot pronounce It. It is not pronounceable at all.

That's why when we had a gentlemen from Africa write to us and say, "I cannot come to the United States, just give me The Name, write me the mantra and that's all I need," we wrote to him, "We can't do that. It is not possible to do that," because It is not utter-able, so It cannot be written down, or anything like that.

But It does have a relationship with the four parts of creation. The first three, of course, are the three gunas, tama, raja and satva. The fourth one is the consciousness.

So although it is one Word, it has four parts. It is just like a trinity, the Father (consciousness), Mother (three gunas) and of course It comes through the son. They are three in one. It is a very powerful mantra, and It cannot be given to you if you are not coming to do the Mission.

It is a dangerous mantra too, at the same time. It is just like as we talked about a surgeon's knife. If you give the surgeon's knife to a surgeon, what is he going to do? He is going to heal you, isn't he? If you give the same knife to a killer, what can he do? He can kill many people, can't he?

The knife is neither good nor evil. It depends on how you use it that it becomes good or evil. Nothing in this universe is good or evil.

That is why this is a very, very serious consideration. It is not something that you can take lightly. It is very, very important.


Question: What is mysticism for you?

Maitreya: Mysticism is when you search for the mysteries of God. Mysticism is the teaching that is trying to unify you, to bring you in touch with the Spirit, with the mystery.

What is the Spirit? The Spirit is mystery. The Spirit is something that a lot of people don't know about. Most of the people think, that's it, they are their physical bodies. They come, they eat, they regenerate, they sleep and they die. They have no consciousness of God in them.

That is why the kundalini is depicted as the sleeping serpent at the bottom of our spine. As long as this serpent is not awakened, we don't have any consciousness of God at all. We only want to take care of our physiological and safety needs, and that is all.

In that sense, animals and us are almost the same thing, aren't we? They eat, sleep, make children, and die. That's what we do too, eat, sleep, make children, and die. Really the human in that state is nothing but a rational animal.

But when that serpent, that mystical part, that kundalini, starts rising, it pierces different chakras that are asleep. Most of the people are not aware of their chakras, and chakras do all the work of the body for us. They heal us, they take care of us, they make us grow nails, etc.

Have you ever wondered how these nails grow, or when you get cut somewhere after awhile it is healed? Who heals it? Who heals your finger when it is cut? Something should be thinking about you, sending the energy here and building it up.

See, how wonderful God is, He takes care of you so well? He says, "Oh, my child got hurt. I had better heal him." So He starts sending good energy.

All these things are done by our chakras, by our centers, which, of course, are related to our spirit, and our spirit is related to God. So we are always connected to Him. There is no time that we are not connected.

When this kundalini starts rising in us, we start feeling, "Oh, there is more than this body in life, there is a Spirit. There is something that is much more interesting than eating, sleeping, making children, and dying. I am not just a rational animal. I am Divine. I have a Spirit in me."

That is when the process of searching starts, "Where am I coming from? Where am I going? Who am I? What is God? What is man? What is the relationship between these?" These question very rarely come to most humans.

The questions that are most important to them are, "Where am I going to get money? Where am I going to get my next television? Where is my car coming from? Am I going to get gas in this gas station or the next gas station?" Their thinking is just in that level of physiological and safety needs.

We can see a lot of people during their life going around and doing their things. But when that Spirit wakes up, suddenly they have an experience and their lives are turned around. That is when the kundalini arises suddenly, and it hits them. Then they say, "Hey, I am more than this. What am I doing?" Then they start searching for that mystery that they had no idea about.

Some of these people have no idea about where they are going, what they are doing, what is happening to their lives, and what an incredible force guides them mysteriously step-by-step, to where they are eventually supposed to go.

That is what mysticism is. Mysticism is the path of the mystic, mystery. Mystic or mysticism comes from mystery. That is what mysticism is. It is when you are no longer a rational animal, and you search for answers. You search for the mysteries so you become a mystic.

Of course, after you have had an experience, you become a mystic yourself because probably you didn't solve the whole mystery but you were touched by some mystery. You become a kind of mystic. Some people say, "He looks like a mystic." It sounds like a mystic has a special look.

So you see that is what mysticism is.


Question: What happens when we mix our mantras?

Maitreya: You get mixed up [all laughing]. Well, that's exactly what happens if you mix up your mantras, you get mixed up. If you are mixing your mantras, it means you haven't really found your home. You haven't found your answer, you are still looking.

When you've reached the Mission your search is done. You are no longer looking for anything. All the answers are here, so why should you go anywhere else? It is just like you reached home, and you are home. You just relax, take off your shoes, put your feet up and say, "That's it. I'm home. I don't have to go anywhere. I can just relax and have fun."

So don't mix your mantras.


Question: Did you quote from the Bhagavad-Gita, and if yes, was it only to support the Biblical message in a new way, or for a new purpose?

Maitreya: Nothing that we said is out of the Bible. Even the seven seal are in the Bible. So in a sense it is to confirm those teachings, but also to confirm the teachings of other Prophets.

If you mean by Biblical support only the Old Testament and the New Testament, no. We used it to also support the Koran, the teachings of the Baha'i, and everyone else. But we did use the Bhagavad-Gita.

Actually the Bhagavad-Gita is very much like the New Testament. If you read the Bhagavad-Gita and you read the New Testament, it is like they took the sentences from the Bhagavad-Gita and just put them right into the New Testament. Probably that shows that Christ was familiar with the Bhagavad-Gita himself, and confirms that he was in India and he knew about those teachings.

The answer is yes, we use the Bhagavad-Gita. The second part, no, we do not use it only to support the Biblical message. We use it to support all religions.


Question: Please explain the path of least resistance theory as you know it to be.

Maitreya: The path of least resistance is to resist as little as possible [all laughing].

You can see that theory in water. Water is one of the most powerful elements in the universe. Whenever water reaches a point where it can't go in a straight path, what does it do? Does it fight the stone, or say, "Hey stone, get out of my way or I'm going to punch you?" No, it doesn't. It just goes around it, and goes around it, and goes around it, and goes around it. In the course of time it erodes the stone and it makes its path straight.

That is the best way to understand what the path of least resistance is. It means, don't forgo your goal. Actually, that really means the subjective approach with objective adjustment.

What that means, really, is that you adjust yourself with every situation you are in, but you approach your goal. You don't forget your goal. If you are in a place where no one is listening to you, it doesn't mean that you can say, "No one is listening to me so I'm going to drop this Mission and everything. It is no good because no one is listening to me."

No, either you leave that place and go somewhere else and stay there, stay quiet, meditate and purify yourself, or maybe you are not purified enough to get the Message out. It is a very powerful Message. It demands you become purified every day.

Examine every motive you have in this Message. Your motive should be pure. If your motive is not pure, it is not going to work because God wants to create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. He doesn't want to create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth with impure people, does He? So He is going to examine every aspect in your life.

So that is what it really means, subjective approach with objective adjustment. It means to approach your goal all the time, keep your mind focused on where you are going, but adjust yourself to the situation you are in. That means the least resistance.


Question: What happened to the Lemurians who had the Eternal Divine Path?

Maitreya: They did have the Eternal Divine Path. As we said, Christ brought this to humanity and he taught everyone about it. They knew about it. It is from eternity. So they did know about it. Actually, the Lemurians were the spiritual teachers of their era, at the time. They kept the Atlanteans on the path of spirituality.

But, of course, the disaster came to them and their land was destroyed. Their land sank into the Pacific Ocean.

Australia is in the south of the Pacific Ocean. Those bushmen in Australia are probably the descendents of the Lemurians.

Originally there was no land there. As we know masses of land moved away from each other and another land came up, and they were living in that land. That land eventually fell back into the ocean. So that's how they were destroyed.

They found a part of some land in Texas that actually has the characteristic of the land in Australia. That means that the land found in Texas and Australia is from the same mass of land, probably from the land the Lemurians used to live on. After the Lemurians were destroyed, the Atlanteans lost their base of spiritual energy, so they became very egoistical.

They advanced scientifically and reached a point where they thought they were God themselves. They lost the humility of the Spirit. This attitude is also being repeated in our time. Many people who call themselves New Agers have the same attitude. If you look at the New Agers, they are not talking about the Communities of Light, selflessness and all that.

As you said, they are looking out for "number one." Who has more energy, who has more power? Actually some of them just try to stare you down, a power trip kind of thing. They are not gentle, loving and compassionate.

That is why the Atlanteans eventually destroyed themselves. Of course, the people who had the knowledge and knew that the era of ignorance was coming to earth, left Atlanta and Lemuria before that destruction came because they knew the destruction was imminent. The writing was on the wall so these spiritual people left.

That's why THOTH, one of the teachers of the Atlanteans and Lemurians, went to Egypt. He created all those pyramids, the teachings, and everything there. He taught them for years about this. But because the natives were not high enough in consciousness to understand his teaching, he had to put them in symbolic ways in the pyramids and all that. The natives took these people as gods.

Everyone who reads history is actually amazed at how the natives of Egypt, who were not very high in technology, suddenly created these huge pyramids. No one can explain how the people who were there could create such a wonderful thing.

And how could they move those stones, because those stones were hundreds of miles from where they were used? How did they do that? It would take hundreds of thousands of hours of manpower to pull those stones and bring them hundreds of miles from where they were to where they used them.

But, of course, the Atlanteans knew about gravity and all those things, how to use it, how to make things light, bring them over, etc. So we can see the teaching of the Lemurians/Atlanteans came as the mystical teachings into many cultures. They put it in a symbolic language. They will be understood little by little.

That is why The Holiest Of The Holies is called THOTH. It is bringing those teachings back, not in their symbolic meaning but in what they really mean.

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