The Greatest Sign: Welcome To Guests (This An Open House Satsang), The Greatest Sign, Who Is The Founder Of The Communities Of Light?, The Fourth Seal - Surrendering and Submission, Who Are You?, Does The Maitreya In London Teach What You Teach, Or Speak Through You?, From Where Did You Get Your Teaching?, What Is The Heart Of Your Whole Greatest Sign?, What Is The Lesson Of The Sixth Seal?, Are You The One Whom Gautama Spoke About?, Are You Giving Humanity More Than Christ?, Can You Open The Hearts Of People To The Christ Love?


Open House Satsang (Discourse) With


At The Feast Of Tabernacles 09/27/91

R.D.: (Welcoming the guests in French.) Sal-Om. Welcome to everyone. Welcome in the energy and vibration of Maitreya and the Mission of Maitreya.

It is a special moment because Maitreya is here in Quebec, and he agreed to give a public Satsang on this particular night. Actually, we celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles. It is a Sacred Feast. Its origin can be found in the Old Testament.

Concerning the language, are there any who need translation? Is English a problem for many people? Can you raise your hand if you need translation? Well, almost all of you raised your hands so there will be translation. Maitreya agreed to it, even if it is unusual for a Satsang. We will try not to stop the flow, or interfere with the words of Maitreya.

Also, if you have any questions you are invited to ask them at the end of the Satsang. They will be repeated, if necessary, in French, and translated into English. It will be the same for the answers.

If you look over to the side, there are models of the Temple, and also of a Community of Light, as the Mission proposes them. In the front, The Greatest Sign, composed of seven signs, is hung. It is a mandala, or a yantra.

Also, as you noticed, admission was free. But donations can be made by placing them in the box on the table near the door as you leave.

No photographs may be taken except for the people of the Mission. There are materials (literature) on the two tables in the back of the room. At the end of Satsang you will be free to have a look and ask for whatever you want.

There is also a book for the people interested to write their names and addresses for future contact or more information.

It was a Baha'i Faith group who just played and sang. That was beautiful. We respect that teaching and the two original Prophets. You can notice the fifth sign (the nine pointed star) of The Greatest Sign is a part of the Mission's teaching.

We hope everyone will empty their cups to receive the new wine. It is necessary.

Maitreya is coming in a very humble and simple way. He doesn't judge anyone, and we hope that no one will judge him (remember the teaching of the Bible).

Good evening to all.

Maitreya: We have a Satsang every night at this time, but there are more people here tonight, how come [laughing]? Oh, I forgot, we have an open Satsang tonight. Well, great. Welcome!

Of course, my name is Maitreya. That name, Maitreya, has been given to me by another organization. So a lot of people were witnesses that this name was given to me, fulfilling the prophecy that many will come and call themselves Maitreya.

Tonight we will go over my teaching a little bit. As we go over it, we can see that this teaching unifies all the religions of the world. Again, the Spirit of God has risen on earth to guide us all to a unity that is only possible through God, or through the Spirit.

Sometimes people ask me, "Where are you from?" I answer, "I am from God. Where are you from?" They say, "If you are from God, I am from God too." I say, "Well, we are from the same place then, and we are one. There is no separation between us."

The earth has been divided by categories and concepts that we have created. The human likes to categorize everything because if they can categorize something, they can relate to it much easier. But in order to become a united world, a united people of the planet earth, we have to go beyond these concepts.

The fastest way to do it is through the Spirit. If we realize that all the great religions of the world have come from one Source and one Spirit, then a lot of concepts are going to break down, aren't they?

If the many people who are called Hindus, or Christians, or Jews, or Moslems, or Baha'is, or Jains, or whatever religions they are in, realized that all their truth has come from the same Source, they would have to realize that they are all children of the same Spirit, wouldn't they?

There are some teachings that teach that all the religions of the world are basically the same, therefore they come from the same Spirit. But as we go through the explanation of The Greatest Sign tonight, we will realize that not all of them are the same, but each of them have a very outstanding message. If we understand that each of them have a message, and when we put all of these messages together we find a greater truth, not only would we unify all the religions of the world, but we would reveal a greater truth, a truth which is greater than the parts, and each religion is in that greater truth.

So we are going to explain a little of our teaching here, and then we will take questions. As you can see we have a small sign here which we call The Greatest Sign. We have a bigger one up behind me. Since I can't go back and point to that one, I will point to the small one here, but you can see the correspondent for the small one in the back.

I am sure, if you look at The Greatest Sign, right away you will recognize a couple of the signs there, for instance, the signs for the Hebrews (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)) and Christians (cross-s.gif (869 bytes)) which are very well known in the Western world. We say in our teaching that the whole base of our teaching is to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. The Kingdom Of Heaven is based on the Communities of Light. And the Communities of Light are based on the Eternal Divine Path.

Now you might ask, what is the Eternal Divine Path? Well, if you look at the first sign (ichng-s.gif (891 bytes)), the sign at the very bottom of The Greatest Sign, you will see an I-Ching there. Is everyone familiar with the I-Ching?

If you look at this I-Ching, it is in the horizontal position. What do we do when we want to sleep? We lie down, don't we? We become horizontal.

The I-Ching in the horizontal position symbolizes unawakened spiritual forces in the human. If some people are familiar with the mystical teachings, it relates to the kundalini. If you aren't, that's OK, it is not that important.

The kundalini, or the spiritual forces, are usually asleep and not awakened. When our spiritual forces are not awakened we don't have any concept of the Spirit. We are really a rational animal. We eat, sleep, make children, and die. That's exactly what animals do also. They don't have any spiritual tendencies.

But when our spiritual forces awaken, then we feel, "There is more than this physical body." We are not just here to eat, sleep, make children, and live for our physical body and die.

So that is when we start realizing, and we become more meditative in a sense. If we have not started to meditate yet, we become a more meditative person. Our spiritual forces start awakening and we really become a mystic.

We are searching, looking for mysteries, reading, meditating, understanding, getting in touch with people who are spiritually awakened, etc. So this horizontal I-Ching (ichng-s.gif (891 bytes)), which is the first sign in The Greatest Sign, relates to all the Mystical Paths on earth. That covers Hinduism, Buddhism, Mystical Christianity, Cabalists, Sufis, and whoever is trying to have a personal experience with God, with the Spirit.

So whoever meditates, whoever tries to become in touch with himself or herself, whoever has a mystical tendency, teaches mysticism, or tries to have a personal experience with God, falls into this first sign, the horizontal I-Ching. With the first sign we cover all the Mystical Paths.

Now the next sign you can see is the sign of the Hebrews (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)), or Judaism. If you read the Old Testament, the whole Old Testament is based on, "God wants to find a people who will create the tribes of Israel and create communities." So we teach that after you awaken your spiritual forces, you direct your energies toward the creation of the Communities of Light. This is the sign of the Communities of Light.

In this sign for the Communities of Light, you can see that there is a triangle downward and a triangle upward. The triangle downward is the Spirit of God coming to humanity. The triangle upward is the hierarchy which will emerge from the Communities of Light.

So after meditation we have to direct our energies toward creating a good environment that is conducive to everyone's physical, mental and spiritual progress.

With the first sign we include all the Mystical Paths. With the second sign we include the Old Testament and the religions related to the Old Testament.

The third sign, of course, is the sign of Christianity (cross-s.gif (869 bytes)), Christ. What was the symbolic message that Christ brought to humanity? He sacrificed all the way to the cross for his ideal. So in a sense, in order to create such an environment and create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth based on the Communities of Light, not being self-centered, or sacrifice is necessary.

In a community where everyone wants their own interests and are not interested to share, that community is not a Community of Light. Sharing is the essence of bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. By sharing with everyone in the community, we can create an environment for everyone to have a place to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually. So in the third sign we cover Christianity.

Now when we sacrifice, or we work hard to help others, if the people progress a little bit we become very excited, elated and say, "Oh, great, such a great work I am doing. I am helping people." If they don't progress we feel let down and we become depressed. So the next step in our teaching is surrender and submission (islms15c.jpg (912 bytes)).

Surrendering means, when we do some work we say, "OK this is the work I had to do. I did it but I surrender the result to the Spirit." With this we are not attached to the result of our actions. So we neither become too elated, we don't go too high, nor do we become depressed, we don't go too low. We stay steady, and that is where we want our minds to be, to have steady minds. As it is said, "Be still and know that I am God." So that fourth seal, the very name Islam comes from the word "tasleim" which means to be submissive and surrendered.

But still we might direct our effort to a very small part of the universe. That's why the next step is universalism (baha-s.gif (97 bytes)). The Spirit is everything, the whole universe is the Spirit, is God. In separating one part from the other, we are violating that very unity based on God. That's why the fifth seal is the seal of universalism, or Baha'i.

In going through these five steps, meditating and awakening your spiritual forces, directing your energy toward creating the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth or the Communities of Light, sacrificing for them, being submitted and surrendered to them, and being universal, you become a very dynamic spiritual force.

Such people who meditate and awaken their spiritual forces, who are trying to create a good environment for themselves and others to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually, who are ready to sacrifice for it and not be attached to the result of their actions, and at the same time direct this energy to the whole universe, become the people who are free of all the narrowness of the mind, all the attachment to the results. They (kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)) are free to go on and create the environment that we all long to see.

So we tell humanity, "Look, we unified all the Mystical Religions, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Baha'i into one teaching." We are telling them, "You don't have to give up your teaching, it is fine. You can keep whatever you have. But look, there is more. You are a part of a greater truth."

The Moslems don't have to be fighting with the Jews. The Hindus don't have to kill the Moslems. The Christians don't have to be against those who don't have the same inspiration. But by understanding that we are all a part of a greater truth, we can keep everything we have, expand ourselves, and open ourselves to other truths.

Look at the signs right now that we have on earth. What do we have? Do we really have a peaceful earth? Do we have a good environment? Is the air on earth clean to breathe? Are our oceans pure? Are our political systems in harmony? Are our economical systems in prosperity? Is there peace on earth?

We look at it and say, "No, there is not." Something has gone wrong on this earth. We need something to correct it, to bring it back to the peace for which everyone longs but no one knows how to achieve. Now we give an alternative which says, "This is the way to do it."

God prophesied that He would send a unified teaching to humanity. Here it is. He said He would send a way to bring his Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and the Communities of Light are the base of it.

So we can see the Spirit of God has again risen on earth to guide us into a new era, the Golden Age that all the Prophets and all religions have prophesied will come. That is what we are to do.

I am ready for questions.

Question: Can you speak French?

Maitreya: [in French] I don't understand French.

Question: I know the Kingdom of the earth. I am Saint Peter. I work with the government to change it. This is supposed to come in Quebec. Secondly, in the year seventeen I bought over 350 acres. [R.D. asking what is the question] I received the keys to the kingdom of the earth. I am Saint Peter, back on the earth. So now I work with the government.

Maitreya: There is a saying that God revealed that, "You know them by their fruits." It is much easier to show people that you are Saint Peter by your works. If you manifest that you are Saint Peter, everyone is going to accept you as Saint Peter.

Comment: I have revelation from the Lord Jesus, may I send it to you please?

Maitreya: Fine. Any other questions?

Question: Could you tell us please who is the founder of the Communities of Light and if you have any books on this?

Maitreya: Yes, we have literature in the Mission.

Question: Could you explain the essential difference between your teachings and the Baha'i teachings?

Maitreya: Yes. The Baha'i teaching basically says that all the teachings of the world are the same because they basically say the same thing. We say that is true, but also each of the great religions of the world have different messages for humanity, as we explained.

For instance, the Old Testament message is the Communities of Light. God has been looking for a people who will accept Him as their God, or King, and they become a tribe, or a community. They were based on the community.

The family structure is very strong in the Jewish community. They survived so many disasters because of that. So the whole thing is based on the communities and tribes.

You can see at the third seal of Christianity, Christ sacrificed himself for his ideal. Then you go to Islam where the very name Islam means to be submissive and surrendered to God. The Baha'i teaching is very universal. It represents universalism. It says everything basically is the same.

So you can see that each religion also has a different message. Although they might touch other messages in every religion, but there are different messages in each of them. When you put them together, you gain a greater truth, which is the Eternal Divine Path, as we just explained: meditation, Communities of Light, sacrifice, submission and surrendering, become a universalist, and then a Paravipra, and that is the Eternal Divine Path.

That is a Path. That is the fastest Path to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually, because each seal frees you from some of the pitfalls in the spiritual path.

Therefore you can see that though Baha'is are also universalists, it says all the religions are the same. But we don't say that. We say there is a difference between the messages.

Question: I want to know more about to be surrendered to God on the fourth seal. You spoke about submission, now I want to know about to be surrendered, to surrender.

Maitreya: When we do a work, or accomplish something, usually we become very attached to the result of our action. For instance, when we do something great, we like something in return. That is the human way.

Humans like to see the result. So they do something and they say, "Am I going to receive something out of it?" The mind wants to receive something back. That is when we become attached to the result. We want to have something in return.

If the result is good, we feel, "Wow, what a great person I am. I am doing all these great things myself." The ego comes in, and we fall from Grace. The moment the ego comes in we fall from Grace. Or, if the result is not good, we say, "What is going on here? I am putting so much effort on this thing and it is not giving any result." So we become depressed.

Again, a spiritual person shouldn't become depressed because he is not attached to the result. He just does his work. He lets God come through and says whatever he has to say, or does whatever he has to do and says, "OK God, this is your work. I've done my work. I'm here to just give this Message to everyone." It is just as Christ said, "I am just a sower of the seed."

I am just putting the seeds right here. How many Souls are there? How good are they? Whose Soul is going to take it and make it grow to 70 and 100-fold? Whose seed is going to be choked by the world and never produce anything? I know that I am not the doer.

So if I surrender the result of my actions, if I say, "I did this, I gave this Satsang, I put this seed in the Soul, I am not attached to the result," I am free. I can go and do another thing.

Even greater than surrendering is submission. Submission means that you always remember that it is the Spirit doing it through you. You don't do anything, it is the Spirit doing it through you, so there is no "I" involved at all. If there is no "I" involved, how can you get attached to something that you haven't done?

Of course, submission is a very hard thing to remember all the time. So it is, "Be submissive all the time, but if you forget and you start getting attached to the results of your actions, surrender the result to God." Be surrendered!

Question: When we don't even know what to do, how do you surrender to God, or submit to God?

Comment: [from audience] Do not eat.

Maitreya: Fast. That's a good thing to do. That is a very good thing to do. Yes, that is a good suggestion, to fast and pray. I can't argue with that.

But there is another way to look at the Mission, at what we are doing here. If you see that all the religions of the world have been unified, if you see that all the prophecies are fulfilled, if you see that all the signs on earth are pointing out that something has to be done, if you also fast and meditate, you will realize that this is the Will of God. If you accept that, then you will follow to do His Will.

Another way of looking at the coming of Maitreya is that he shows the way. Of course, it might take some time for an individual to realize and completely accept that, but if you realize that is the fulfillment of the prophecies and this is really going to work, and we know that God prophesied that He is going to bring his Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and anytime He promised anything He fulfilled it, then we know His Kingdom will come.

Who do you want to be with? With the one who is going to bring the Kingdom on earth and fulfill the prophecies, or with someone who is not going to result in that fulfillment? I want to be with the one who is going to make it.

If you find another teaching and another revelation that is better than this one and is going to answer all, I'll follow it too. I haven't found it yet. So if you see that the name Maitreya, the prophecies of the name Maitreya the Christ, the coming of his teachings and all these things that have been given to humanity are here, this is the Will of God, isn't it?

Well, as we said, actually since I started the organization, we received many Maitreyas to our organization. I always told them, "Fine, that is great. First, if you want to come and join together, that's great, let's just join. If you don't want to join, fine, then you go ahead and do your work, and I'll do my work. Whoever is from God is going to manifest and eventually we all are going to find which one is the truth, and which one is not. I am not here to fight anyone."

So that is how you know them.

Question: Is an initiate, a Prophet, a son of God, or the Son of God the voice of the consciousness?

Maitreya: What do you mean by consciousness?

Question: The real question is, who are you?

Maitreya: Who are you?

Comment: I should be able to find an answer to the question I asked.

Maitreya: I don't [laughing]. I cannot. Well, who am I? That is a good question. As in Christ's time, they asked, "Are you the Christ?" He said, "If I say I am, you won't believe me, and if I say I am not, I am lying." So be it the same here.

Question: You probably heard about the Maitreya from London. Does he teach approximately the same thing as you?

Maitreya: Well, we haven't found him yet. Where is he? Has anyone seen him?

Comment: Does he speak through you?

Maitreya: No, I speak for God directly. Maitreya doesn't speak for another Maitreya. Maitreya speaks directly.

We have been promised that there is going to be a Maitreya in London for the last ten years. Maybe Mr. Creme is mixing up his direction a little and looking in the wrong places. Still, let him find his Maitreya and let's see what he has to say. I would like to hear what he has to say.

But if you have been promised once and the promise was not fulfilled, you say, "OK, that might be OK." If you are promised twice and it doesn't get fulfilled, you get a little suspicious, don't you? But when you get promised four and five times, and you still don't get any result, you had better ask yourself what is going on here.

If you still believe after someone promises you four or five times and he or she doesn't fulfill it, you'd better say, "Well, there is something really not right there."

Question: From where did you get your teachings? From where did you get the Mission?

Maitreya: Well, you are asking for a story of about two or three hours of explanation of how everything happened. But in a very brief, I was guided, shown and confirmed again and again that this is the teaching of unification and the fulfillment of the prophecies, and it is the fulfillment of many, many prayers to come to earth. It is from God.

Question: Could you talk more about the Hindu tradition, the Taoist tradition, that seems to be at the heart of your whole Sign?

Maitreya: The I-Ching you mean? The very center, the I-Ching? We're not teaching Taoism alone. Taoism is a part of the Mystical Paths, it is mysticism. So it is part of the first sign.

The center sign has absolutely a different meaning. As you see, there is a red dot in the very center of the center sign. The red dot (actually it is orange-red) is the sign of activity. It is the sign of movement or energy. That symbolizes the beginning of creation, the very center of The Greatest Sign.

As the beginning of the creation started, things started evolving. As it evolved, the two other forces beside energy, or movement, were released. The blue color symbolizes the crudifying force. To crudify means to condense, to make things become smaller, to manifest. The white color is the color of the sentient force. That is the positive force in the universe. As it expands itself it opens up to a lotus. So the lotus is the opening of the creation. The lotustica is the power of destruction.

I've known a lot of people who know it as a swastika. But it is a lotustica in our teaching.

If you want to build a new house, what do you do? You first destroy the old house and then you build a new one over it. You don't build a new house over the old foundation. If you do that, it is going to fall apart after a couple of years. Destruction and construction go hand in hand in the universe. And that is the cycle of life.

So the very center sign is the symbol of God Himself. As you can see, the I-Ching in the first sign was in the horizontal position. As you progress, when you reach the fourth sign (islms15c.jpg (912 bytes)), it becomes vertical. Vertical means awakened, your spiritual forces are awakened now, after you went through the first three steps.

When you know the Will of God and you are surrendered to it, your spiritual forces are awakened. And when you continue, when you reach the seventh sign (center-s.gif (899 bytes)) you and the Father, God, become in each others' image. Do you see these two signs are in each others' image?

It says also in the Scriptures that, "We are made in His image." So we and God become the same. We become as God, perfect.

Question: What was the lesson of the sixth sign?

Maitreya: When you go toward these five steps, you become a dynamic spiritual person, and the Kingdom Of Heaven Within you will be established. You see there are three Kingdoms [pointing], here is one, the second seal (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)), two, the sixth seal (kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)), and the big one (sdot150c.gif (930 bytes)). Do you see the large one in the middle of The Greatest Sign?

The large one is the Kingdom Of Heaven In Heaven. It is already established. That's why God is in the center.

So that's the Kingdom Of Heaven In Heaven, the large one. Then there is a Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, which as we said relates to the Old Testament, the Kingdom, and the Communities of Light, the communities that choose God as their guidance. So there is also the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, which is this second seal (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)).

Also when you go through these five steps, the Kingdom Of Heaven within you (kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)) will be established. You will have the justice of God.

Some people believe, "The Kingdom of Heaven is only within me." Some people say, "No, the Kingdom of God has to come to earth, there is no such thing as the Kingdom Of Heaven Within." And some people say, "No, we have to die and go to heaven in God's Kingdom." We say all of you are right, and at the same time all of you are wrong.

There are three kingdoms. When these three kingdoms become one, then the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, Within you, and in Heaven will be established. It is going to be in absolutely the same image as the Kingdom Of Heaven In Heaven.

So in this aspect also we will unify these different teachings that contradict one another.

Comment: I know you are Maitreya, and even if you were not Maitreya, you are good. If you are good only that counts.

Maitreya: Thank you. That's a great realization. You have to keep that, go to the rest of the world and tell everyone.

Question: About Buddha, Gautama, with all the Buddhas before, they always announced the next one who was supposed to come, the next Buddha. Are you the one who Gautama spoke about? Are you the one who has been prophesied by the Buddha?

Maitreya: Didn't he say that his name was going to be Maitreya? He even said that he was going to bring the world teaching, he was going to be the world teacher. What does it mean to be a world teacher? It means a teaching that covers the whole world. That's what it means and that is exactly what The Greatest Sign does, doesn't it? So you come to your own conclusion.

As we said before, if I say I am, you might not believe it. It has to come from your heart. If it comes from your heart then you know it.

Question: The Jews knew it was the law that if someone smites you, you smite him back. Christ said something else, that you have to forgive them if they smite you, or present your other cheek. And you, what is your opinion about that? What is really the thing you are giving to humanity more than this?

Maitreya: Christ said, "If someone slaps you, let them slap you on the other side." Is that what you are saying? Yes. Prophet Muhammad said, "If someone slaps you, slap him back."

Wow, then which one is true? Do we let them slap us, or should we slap them back?

Our teaching is that if someone does something bad to you individually, forgive them. But if they do something bad to the society, do not forgive them. Because if someone is doing something bad to society, they are affecting the whole community. But if someone does something bad to me, I just forgive them and continue my life. That is where, "Forgive so you will be forgiven" comes from.

Sounds good? No? Well, that is what we teach [laughing]. Because, for instance, we teach that the people who are in charge of society are very responsible for what they do to the society. If they do something that is not good for society they should be answering for what they do, because their actions affect the whole of society and their followers.

If you are in the position of leadership you are responsible for what happens. Such people can hurt the society. But if one individual did something bad to another individual, if they want to forgive each other, that's great.

Question: Do you have the possibility to open the heart of the people?

Maitreya: I hope so [laughing].

Question: To the Christ Love?

Maitreya: Well, he said, "Love one another as I love you." He didn't say love one another as you love each other [laughing].

Why did he say that? Because the love of God is a Compassionate Love. It is a corrective love. It is not just words, "I love you," and then eat your breakfast, take your purse, and run to work.

Comment: From inside.

Maitreya: But that cannot come from anywhere else but inside because God is within you. Not only is He within you, He is without you too. God is everything.

If you find it within yourself, you found it without yourself too. You see? So within and without become the same thing. If you are one with God, then within and without is the same thing.

Question: Is it possible to open the heart?

Maitreya: That is your birthright. That is why you have been born to be here, to become Divine. And the Eternal Divine Path is the way to do it. It is talking about meditation and practices that awaken your spiritual forces.

How can you have the heart of God if your spiritual forces have not been awakened? So that is the first step you do. The second step is to direct that energy to a worthwhile cause, Communities of Light.

Question: How to awake this force?

Maitreya: Someone can do it for you suddenly, but it is not going to stay with you for a long time because you didn't do it, you do not know how. Someone else opened it for you. But if you want to reach a point where you have your heart open all the time, it is a gradual work. And you have to do it because then you know what the pitfalls are, where to turn, where not to turn, and how to be. Eventually when you reach the point where you open your own heart then you can keep it open.

Question: And what is this work? What is the technique?

Maitreya: Well, that's what we are talking about here. Meditation, concentration, spiritual practices, the things that are given in every Mystical Path. In every Mystical Path you go to, they are going to give you some techniques.

Have you ever seen the whirling dervishes, the dancing dervishes? They whirl and they dance, or a yogi who does yoga, or a sufi who meditates, or a Cabalist who reads a lot of literature and tries to concentrate on the meaning of them, on the tree of life and all of that? There are many ways, but they are all supposed to reach one place.

Comment: It takes too much time.

Maitreya: Oh, you want instant coffee [all laughing]. Yes, I know that. A lot of people in the 1960's tried to open that center by using drugs. What happened to them? They got somewhere they were not supposed to go, and some of them just couldn't handle it.

Our body is like an antenna and the more our body is strong and prepared for the higher energies, the easier we can handle those energies. Now just put 200v into a small wire and what is going to happen? It is going to burn out.

The spiritual path is a preparation. You have to prepare yourself. Those who are looking for an instant realization are not going to be able to handle it very well.

Question: If a spiritual master takes you by the hand and helps you to get there won't it be faster like that?

Maitreya: Oh yes, that is a very important part of the spiritual path. You might be able to get there by yourself, but also you might get lost by yourself too. You see?

There is a way that you have to walk to get there, and there are a lot of branches that come from this Path that go to places where you don't want to go. If attraction of the world is so strong that 99% of humanity are lost in it, just imagine the attraction of the spiritual world.

The spiritual world is much, much more wonderful. And there are a lot of pitfalls along the way. You gain a little power and you just go crazy. You say, "Oh, I can read this person's mind. Oh, great, I have reached it."

No, you have a long way to go yet. You see, that is also Maya, that is also a pitfall. But the spiritual teacher turns you around from that place and says, "No, no. You don't meditate to learn powers."

I guess you forced me to tell a story about someone. There was a yogi, and he wanted to learn meditation. He went to this master and asked, "Give me something on which to meditate." He said, "Fine, this is a mantra. Go and meditate on it, and come back ten years from now. Don't come to me until you accomplish something great."

This yogi went and meditated for eight years. He returned to his teacher and said, "Come, come come." The teacher said, "What? I told you don't come back for ten years." He said, "You don't know what I have accomplished. I accomplished a great thing."

The teacher said, "Great. You progressed faster than I thought. Let's see what you have." So this yogi took his teacher to the lake, and he started walking on the water. The master looked at him for awhile, then called a boatman. He gave him ten cents and said, "Get me to that yogi."

He got to that yogi walking on the water and he told him, "What you have accomplished I can buy with ten cents. Go meditate again." You see?

Greater than meditation is to share God (Satsang) with someone. Greater than prayer is to fulfill someone else's need. Greater than fasting is to feed someone who is starving!

So the spiritual path is a path that we have to walk very carefully, very sincerely, very strongly, and have guidance.

Comments: When we are ready, I mean, when we have received light, there are no more techniques, only the heart remains. It is like the difference to make love and to give love.

Maitreya: Yes, some people say, "God is love." That's true. But also God is everything else. That's why we say, God just is. Put anything in front of It, It becomes that.

God is whatever you want Him to be. So God is everything. Also He is the Love that you talk about.

What you say is true but there is more to it. God just is. So God is Love. God is creation. God is me. God is you. God is the floor. God is the ceiling. God is this pointer. God is everything there is.

That is the God we have to realize.


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