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                                             Satsang (Discourse) With


At The Feast Of Tabernacles 10/10/90


Maitreya: How do you like the Kirtan, the wholeday, twelve hours of dancing? Was it good? [all saying yes] Be honest, really, was it good? Who didn't like it?


Guest: Well, my ego said sometimes, "This is enough." But it was good for my Soul.

Guest: It made me feel like we were praising God. Sometimes thoughts would come and go fast. You would go into levels where it was not good, and then you'd realize what you were doing again and you'd feel that God was there. It was a goodexercise, a good mental and physical exercise.

Maitreya: But did you notice, when we were doing The Reminder, the whole thing was so together? Everyone was one. The energy was one, was completely mixed together as one energy. Everyone was saying exactly the same words together. There was one voice coming from all the people. That's what kirtan is supposed to do, make the energy become mixed up, and become one.

That is because when we come here, we come from different backgrounds, different cultures, with different energies. Then when we do kirtan for such a long time, that mixes us all together much more. We become united in one Spirit, instead of being separated in flesh.

I guess one of the problems was that we had so few groups. If we have six to eight groups, then each group would sing for a half an hour every three to four hours. It would be much easier for everyone to do that.

The number of people is the hand of God. The more people there are to do God's Will, the more God's Hand is stretched out to do His Will. The number is the Will of God, or the Hand of God. The greater the number, the easier everything is, even doing twelve hours of Kirtan.

Did you sit around and meditate when the others were singing? Wasn't that a nice meditation? Your consciousness goes with the rhythm.

Did you see the dance? Did you see your Soul dancing while you were meditating and they were singing? No? [all laughing] Oh, that's the best part of it. You sit there and instead of you dancing, your Soul dances in you. Krishna is there dancing with the sound of Haree Om Shrii Hung.

That's what I was doing in my room, meditating with your singing and my Spirit was just dancing within. That's a pretty good feeling when you see your Soul dancing. You don't dance, your body doesn't dance. Your physical body stays in meditation but your Soul dances inside. Actually that is the real Kirtan. Your Soul knows how to dance, and your body stays still or dances according to the Spirit (Holy Ghost).

Well, this is the last night that we're going to be together this year. I hope you all enjoyed the Feast, and that you received whatever you were expecting to receive from it.

Actually according to the tradition of the Hebrew teaching, this is how the seven days of the Feast of Tabernacles are kept: Six days are the period of purification, the seventh day symbolizes one thousand years.

For six thousand years humanity goes through purification in the era of Kali Yuga or the period of ignorance. Then humanity is left alone almost completely to themselves. They go through wars, destruction, tribulation, religions, upheavals and all these separations that we have on earth.

When the sixth day is finished, like God said, "The seventh day is Sabbath," it's the time of rest, a joyful rest. It is a time of meditation and bringing God back to our lives. That's what the seventh day is, or the last thousand years, the beginning of the Kingdom of God.

This one thousand year period is a time of completely dancing, chanting, praising God, remembering Him and forgetting about the time, where you are, and your problems. That iswhy the seventh day in the Feast of Tabernacles is a Holy Convocation.

We gather together and we forget about the philosophies, teachings or anything. The only thing we do is just sing and dance. We sing and dance, and we make a great noise to the Lord. That's what He wants us to do.

When we sing, He sings with us. That's why I said, if we meditate when other people sing Haree Om Shrii Hung, if we really meditate deeply, we will see our Spirit starts dancing to Haree Om Shrii Hung.

He doesn't dance the way you do. He just goes all over. He jumps down, bends, rolls around, speaks in tongues, like holy rollers. He just goes all over. He's a very good dancer.So if you sit there and meditate when people are chanting Haree Om Shrii Hung and really immerse yourself into the rhythm of it, you will see how the Spirit (Holy Ghost) takes over, and what a Joyful and Good dancer He/She is. Then you see the Spirit within you clearly.

The singing of Haree Om Shrii Hung is not a matter of how loud you sing, or who is singing higher than other people, but the rhythm of it. If you listen to the rhythm of Haree Om Shrii Hung, after awhile it becomes like riding a camel in a caravan. The caravan just goes on, and on. If you have ever heard a caravan, the camels have bells which rhythmically ring, ding, ding, ding. After awhile the camel is so in tune with this rhythm that he goes for long distances without getting tired. That is what that rhythm does. It makes the camel go on for hours without getting tired.That's why it always reminds me of the desert. Now the earth is free. We free the earth.

That's when you get to the real Haree Om Shrii Hung. When you really get to that rhythm, you never will be tired. Actually, you want to go on, and on. You can't stop it. You can just go on, and on. Then after you finish singing, still you see it is going on within you. The vibration starts expanding to the room, to the house, in everything that we look at, that rhythm is there.

That is what is important about Haree Om Shrii Hung, to see that rhythm. When you reach that rhythm it goes on,and on and on. It really empties you completely of any mind you might have. If you are thinking about something else, you are not in the rhythm. It means you are going off of the rhythm. Bring your mind back to Haree Om Shrii Hung.If you really become that rhythm, as we said, it's a deep meditation. You don't think of anything else. The whole Spirit within you starts dancing Haree Om Shrii Hung with you. Then you see, after you finish, probably tonight after you go to bed, you will have a better Haree Om Shrii Hung than the one you had during the day, because you close your eyes, like meditation, and your Spirit is going to sing Haree Om Shrii Hung the whole night [all laughing].

If you really get to the rhythm, after awhile you're not going to be in this dimension. You're going to be in another dimension completely, a quieter dimension. It's not this dimension of mind. It's a completely quiet dimension. The only thing is, as I say, you hear the rhythm, but everything is quieter. Everything becomes quiet.

People who use drugs sometimes have that experience of the quiet mind. I don't know. You should know [all laughing]. I heard about that.

You don't have to use drugs to reach there, you can get there with meditation and Haree Om Shrii Hung. The only way you can explain it is, everything is quieter. Time is lucid. For instance, a minute seems like years. You experience that kind of experience. This is higher consciousness.

So if you really get the kirtan, it has a lot of benefits. Also when you sing, dance, and play an instrument, it brings a greater degree of rhythm between your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. You become more graceful, more in tune with all the levels. Your physical body doesn't take you this way, your mind takes you that way, and your Spirit is gone. You just bring them all together. You become healthier because by bringing these three in harmony with one another, you bring greater health to yourself also.

What is the goal of healing? To teach ourselves how to heal ourselves. So all these little tools are given to us to use to intune ourselves better to the Spirit. Of course, other people might look at it and say, "It looks weird." Actually, I was going to ask you, "Have you ever done such a weird thing for such a long time [all laughing]? The mind says, "I have better things to do, then to go around chanting for nine hours. What is this?" But it has great spiritual, physical and mental benefits for everyone. That's why probably it's a good idea, even if you don't do it at all for a whole year, to do twelve hours a year. That's not too much, is it?

So we will keep that tradition, especially if we have more people. Just imagine if we have five to six hundred people dancing and chanting it. A lot of people are going to go right to samadhi, when they realize that rhythm. Imagine five hundred people getting into that rhythm together. It's going to be fantastic. Another day of Pentecost!

So tonight is the last night of our Satsangs. First of all I have to thank everyone who helped us to get this center and come here, and all the people who came to help from Florida. Thanks goes to them, like your mother, Dottie Sue, Heather and all the wonderful people. We wish they were all here, but they're not. That's OK. Those who were supposed to be here, were.

Also thanks to everyone who helped the Feast go so smoothly and nicely. We solved all the problems that were here. Of course, there was one problem we couldn't solve. We tried, it didn't work. I guess we tried anyway. We hope we at least affected them (in a good sense) a little bit.

Question: In the Haree Om Shrii Hung, I felt the vibration. Why is it when you do it in another language, in Sanskrit, it's higher than in English?

Maitreya: Sanskrit is the closest language on earth to the spiritual language. Actually the spiritual language, as the name of the Lord, cannot be pronounced on earth. That's why the Holy Name that we give to initiates, in the different parts of the initiations, cannot be pronounced in the external world, because the spiritual world is much subtler than the external world.

That's why in the Hebrew tribes, uttering the name of the Lord was forbidden. Later on if you uttered the name of the Lord, they would stone you. The reason was, they knew It could not be pronounced. That's why even the name Jehovah, or Jehwah, or whatever they try to say, is not His Name. His Name is never pronounced. It always was four consonants (not pronounceable) as the representation of the name of the Lord. They never wrote it out.

The moment you try to write it, the moment you try to pronounce it, it loses its vibration, because it's in Spirit. The name of the Lord is in Spirit.

When we make a language and we talk, it is no longer in Spirit, it's in the physical level. Even on the ethereal level, it cannot be pronounced, because still that is manifested.

So that language, that spiritual language, sometimes comes to some people and they speak in tongues. But the moment they speak it, again, it is no longer the spiritual language. It becomes crude and comes to earth.

That's why they need an interpreter, to interpret what the person who spoke in tongues meant. That person who translates the speaking in tongues, really translates from his or her spirit. It's not just tongues that are spoken, it's Spirit that talks to that person and it can be interpreted in that level.

If you listen to the people who speak in tongues, you hear what they say is very close to Sanskrit. Of course, it's not exactly the same thing but it's very close to Sanskrit. That's why Sanskrit is the closest language to the Spirit on earth.

Our Haree Om Shrii Hung mantra has also been chosen from Sanskrit because it is closer to the spiritual energy in us. That is why you felt Its wonderful energy, and that is the reason why it was chosen.

Question: How come there are so few people in the Mission of Maitreya considering the number of years since you started and the fact that you are the Messiah?

Maitreya: Well, we have to be thankful that we haven't been crucified yet [all laughing]. Just study the life of every Prophet and every Messiah who came. The result was opposition, and only a few people gathered around him. They came to him because his teaching was completely different than anything they had ever heard before.

Actually I discussed this matter many times. This question has been asked many, many times, and I answered this many, many times. I hope eventually this answer is established in everyone's mind.

Just study other Prophets. Anytime someone came and brought a new religion, a new message, a new teaching, the old set-up opposed him. They resisted to forego their old set-up, and accept the new and better one. That is the nature of men. They resist change, even if it is good for them. Just read the Old Testament, what did they do to the Prophets? They crucified them. They threw them out of the cities. The kings didn't listen to them. Even when a king did, the people didn't listen to the king because the king was saying something that the people didn't want to hear, and on, and on.

So please get the answer. The answer is, anytime the Prophets come with a new message, there is a great opposition to it and toward it. If we understand that, we will completely realize that actually the whole thing this time was provided for us in such a way that I can sit here and talk about these things without being afraid of being arrested or prosecuted, because God had already set up the situation that having different opinions, or religions, is not prosecutable in this country.

Why has this been provided? So now we can easily and much better reach out to humanity with our Message. Actually, when we find contactees in other countries, one of my concerns for that contactee is, if he or she might get in trouble because they are preaching our Mission. Of course, a lot of countries probably have been affected by the western style of accepting many religions in their country. So they are not as opposed to different organizations.

For instance, we have a couple of gentlemen in Nigeria who are connected to us. I was concerned for them. But they said they have Christianity, Islam, some African religions, and also many branches of Hinduism in their country. So I felt more comfortable.

If I had started this Mission in an Islamic country, where they are very strict Islamic, I probably wouldn't be here talking to you. If you are not a Moslem, you are an infidel. Whoever is an infidel, his blood is pretty much not worth anything. So we have to consider all these facts.

We are saying the truth and humanity has a hard time to accept the truth. When the dogmas creep into a religion, that is usually when the religion becomes accepted by the mass. When there is a dogma that is simple and is easily accepted, everyone says, "Oh yeah, I want to hear, if the only thing required is that I accept that Prophet as the last Prophet. OK. He is the last Prophet. Now I can go do whatever I want to." Or if, "It's the only way," "OK. That's the only way. I accept, I can now go wherever I want and do whatever I want."

But in the beginning, the founder is usually pretty strict. He says, "If you want to go to God, you have to follow the Eternal Divine Path." Following the Eternal Divine Path is not easy. In the Spirit it is easy. In the flesh it is not. When you reach the Spirit, it is very simple. You say, "That is the only way." You look at it and say, "That makes sense. It's possible." But in the flesh, "Oh, no, I join with others to make a community, I have to sacrifice, I have to become submissive to God, I have to become a universalist?" The flesh says no to it. It's very hard to follow that.

But in Spirit it is not. It's very simple. It easily can be done. That's why this call from the Mission is to the people who are in Spirit, those who have gone to a level of spiritual progress where they say, "Yes, that makes sense. I have been waiting for it. I've been looking for this truth. I've been searching for this wonderful thing. Now I accept it as my way, or as a new revelation, or a new religion," whatever you want to call it. It depends on how you define religion.

Actually, if a movement gains a lot of people into it, sometimes you have to be a little concerned about that, and see what's going on that so many people are joining it without any reservation or anything like that.

God Himself has a hard time to find a few good people, a few good men to join Him. So people in the Spirit who are willing to go in the Spirit and be with the Spirit are rare.

You are rare people, sitting here listening to this new revelation which is completely beyond most of your backgrounds, the backgrounds you've been brought up in. It's against my own background, the way I was brought up. So I should have been a pretty far out person that God said, "I give this to you and you will accept it."

At first I said, "No, I can't do that. You mean all these other religions are the same as Islam, Judaism, and Christianity?" Islam just accepts three religions as the people of the book, Islam, Christianity and Judaism (at least tradition says so).

According to them, Hinduism is not of the people of the book. But God guided me into Hinduism, and to learn and know about it before He revealed this truth to me. So I was pretty impressed with the Mystical Paths and Hinduism before the revelation came to me.

When I understood the concepts of karma, reincarnation, and Dharma, they made sense. For the first time religions made sense to me. Before that they didn't. "The only way is this way. Don't ask questions. We can't answer you."

I had a lot of questions. "Where is God, I can't see Him? Where is He? Show me God." I was a pretty materialistic-minded, scientific-minded person. I wanted to see God. If you show me God, I will accept It. If I can't see It, It's not there.

Actually, I was very interested in dialectic materialism, "Everything is by chance. Everything is matter. Everything happened by chance and evolution, etc. So there is no intelligence behind it to guide it." It's much simpler that way. If there was no religion, I would have been a very scientific-minded person. If there was no God, I would have been comfortable with it.

But I bumped into this Guru from India who said, "God is everything." Now, that made sense. God is everything. So the chair is God, the air is God, the earth is God. Then I could see God. He showed me God.

Look at your hand. It's the most wonderful grabbing thing in the universe. It's so flexible. It grabs, it moves, it bends. It adjusts itself to every grabbing situation. Who made this? It can't be by chance. The possibility that it happened by chance is even more remote than if there is an Intelligence behind it, that perfected it to be a very wonderful grabbing instrument.

Then I could realize God in seeing the creation. That's where it started. I could see the creation was made with such a wonderful Intelligence behind it. It couldn't be by chance.

As I said, the statistical possibility of the whole creation, which is such a wonderful creation, having been created by chance is more remote than if it was created by an Intelligence, by the Spirit behind it.

I also started meditating. Through meditation, of course, there were experiences. There were realizations. There were feelings inside that confirmed what was outside. So I found God within and God without. It's the same thing, within you and without you. God is everywhere. Close your eyes, you can meditate. Open your eyes, you can meditate. If you are really in a meditative state, you don't have to close your eyes to meditate.

You can look at another person. The other person has eyes, has a nose, has a mouth. He can walk. He can talk. Who created all these wonderful instruments? He has a mind. He has a brain. He can think. He can discern. He has intelligence. He can conclude, and all those things. Who gave him all those things? Where did they come from? What is mind? What is the intelligence in each person? What makes us to think? Where did that thought come from? Where do the decisions we make come from?

All these things have to be questioned. When we question them, we realize God more and more. We believe in the Universal Mind. There is a Mind behind our mind. He is really the Thinker. He Thinks! He lets us know. He makes us believe.

Therefore, according to my background, this teaching is a very far out teaching. I had to adjust myself. Actually, God had already taken care of it because I really wasn't a religious person when I came to the United States. I was a completely materialistic person, material was it. As I said, I bumped into my Guru, my teacher, who said, "God is everything." That made sense. I was amazed at how simple it was to realize God. How simple it was, and I was missing it for thirty years.

I eventually ended up spending a very intensive period with the revelations (Holy Books, etc), that actually became so intense that I had to leave Mississippi to go for a vacation, to get away from it all.

I had a cousin living in Chicago, and I said, "I'm just going to go visit my cousin. I'll stay there for a week and just will forget all this crazy trend of thought and revelations. Then I'll come back and finish my education, pass my comprehensive examinations, write my thesis, receive my doctorate, and go back home."

My family was waiting for me. They wanted me to finish my education and go back home. They already had everything planned for me, how it was going to be.

Then I went to Chicago. The first night I arrived there, my cousin said, "Do you want to go see the Baha'i Temple tomorrow?" I said, "OK." The next day we went to the Baha'i Temple. When I came to the steps, the first thing I saw were all these signs, the swastika (tosss15c.gif (892 bytes)), the sign of Solomon, (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)) the cross of Christianity (cross-s.gif (869 bytes)), the crescent moon of Islam (islms15c.jpg (912 bytes)) and the nine-pointed star of the Baha'i Faith (baha-s.gif (97 bytes)). Oh, just a flash of realization came in!

The decision of forgetting about this trend of thought was out. The whole next week was spent reading about Baha'i and his teaching and all those things. Eventually The Greatest Sign started to be formed.

All the prophecies seemed to be fulfilling. All the prophecies are fulfilled. Little by little He revealed that this is the Mission that I have to do.

Now I had to finish my education and receive my degree. I didn't have a visa to stay in this country. The immigration office and the university were after me to finish my exams. At the same time this revelation was coming to me. Also I wasn't sure. I said, "Why me? I'm just here to finish my education. You've got the wrong person. I can't be the one. There are so many people out there, You can get one of them. I just want to finish my education."

So I left the university area and went to another small city for two months. I lived in one apartment by myself, just meditating, going over the Scriptures, revelations, The Greatest Sign, etc.

Eventually He convinced me that there was no choice for me. That was it, I had to go for it. I had no visa, no money. I had to finish my education, pass my exams, and all those things.

By now the immigration office was sending me letters, "If you don't take your exams within a month, you have to leave." And they were right, in their level of consciousness. I was just here to study. I was not here to get involved in these things. They had just let me in to get my degree. But God had something else in mind!

Anyway, from there everything evolved. I went to Denver and one day I had only one cent in my pocket, and I had this revelation to change the world to the new Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. That is called desperate, isn't it? No visa, no place to stay, receiving letters, "Get out of the country," I can't study anymore, etc.

This revelation and trend of thought was so powerful that I couldn't even touch the college books. At the same time I had no worry about all this at all because I knew it was going to happen. It wasn't important. None of them was important. The important thing was, that was what I had to do.

Of course, you know the rest of the story. We talked about it last year, for a whole session. Now we are here. We have The Greatest Sign.

Quite a few people have touched this revelation. Some people really started doing it and helping out. There are probably thousands of people out there who know about us. Our name is even in the book, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow by Constance Cumby.

The woman who wrote that book doesn't know anything about us, of course. The only thing she said was that she knows about an organization called the Mission of Maitreya. She's very against Maitreya. But she doesn't realize, "Many will come in my name...and will deceive many."

Actually the point she builds all the book on, as to why the other Maitreyas are false, is the same point that we don't agree on with the other Maitreyas. We agree with her. So really she is proving indirectly that the Mission of Maitreya is the true one, the real one.

According to her, they (the other Maitreyas) believe that Esa (Jesus) wasn't the only begotten Son, and on, and on. We do believe that Christ was and is the First and Only Begotten Son. So her reasoning completely supports our position, that we are the real one, not those whom she tries to discredit. Of course, she doesn't know too much about our teaching and what we do. She just mentions that we're out there, an organization called the Mission of Maitreya.

So in a couple of years of being here, with that kind of start, it is not bad to even have your name in a well-read book. Actually I'm pleased with the progress of the Mission of Maitreya because I believe that God is doing it. The Spirit of God is touching people. The Spirit of God is awakening us. The Spirit of God is letting a lot of people see the vision.

I don't understand why you think that there are not enough people connected to the Mission of Maitreya, because there are many people connected. Very wonderful people are connected, people whose spirits want to do, they are strong people. They want to do something about this. They want to be involved.

We don't have as many followers as Rajneesh had. I don't want to have that kind of environment, teaching, etc. Of course, he had some truth too. Everyone has some truth, but we have to see on what level it is.

We're not putting his truth down. But his truth is still a very small part of The Greatest Sign. See, if he says something that is the truth, we accept that as a part of the truth of God. But still that is narrow. That is an extraction of Hinduism. That's the problem with most of the Gurus who came to the West. They were mostly Hindus, and they were preaching Hinduism.

We don't preach Hinduism. We don't preach Islam. We don't preach Christianity. We don't preach Judaism. We don't preach the Baha'i Faith. We preach all of them, at the same time, none of them. The whole is greater than the parts! We put them all together.

We don't give you only Hindu names, or Sanskrit names. We give Arabic names, Persian names, Japanese names. The whole idea is much broader, much greater than just following a Sufi, or following a Guru, or following a Master.

This is the new wine. In history, it is shown that new wine is almost always not accepted as readily as other teachers and other teachings. So again I refer you to the life of the other Prophets, the Old Testament, Christ, Moses, Noah, etc. You can see all of them went through a great struggle.

Actually, compared with all of them, this lifetime we really didn't go through that much of a struggle. We didn't have stones thrown at us. We weren't thrown out of a city, or the desert, etc. And of course, we're still alive.

We don't know what's going to happen in the future. But it is not prophesied that it is going to happen that way in this lifetime.

Of course, I am hoping that everyone comes and joins us. The sooner this happens, the sooner the Kingdom will come and human suffering will stop. However, the human is stubborn. They will not submit until they go through a great tribulation and see our teaching is the only way out: One God, one religion, one people, one world.

We want all people who are dedicated to come. The first ones especially have to be really dedicated. If the first ones are not dedicated, forget about the tenth level and the fifteenth levels. It's completely not going to work. That's why it's so important to only accept dedicated people, at least in the beginning.

God said, "Many are called, few will be chosen." I am not the one who chooses, God chooses you. That's why if you're not chosen, or you are chosen, it's between you and Him.

My responsibility is to give this Message. Do you like the Message? Does it make sense? Then my work is done. Now it is your Message. Now you have to give it to others, wherever you are, to whomever you meet, in any situation you are in. Have you done that? Then come and join us to create Communities of Light, that we may have greater Light to share with others.

If I can enlighten, or light, as the first flame, thirteen other flames, and these thirteen can light another thirteen who join, and those go out and touch others, each fifty or a hundred, eventually we will have a lot of people who will be in touch with the Light, with the Mission.

But it's going to take time. You're going to go back and say, "Yes, that makes sense. I Love the Message. I want to go and touch everyone I know." So you go and you touch them, and they say, "Are you OK? Did Maitreya do something to you? Did he brainwash you? Is it a cult?" and all these questions.

Of course, as I said many times, our work is even harder because of what happened in the 60's and 70's. A lot of cult groups, a lot of teachers, false teachers, and false religions came to the West, and they did a lot of damage. Now everyone is afraid of any organization or any movement. They say, "Oh, this is a cult too, like anyone else."

But that was also prophesied, "Many will come and call themselves Christ." They call themselves teachers. Actually there are more teachers than students. Everyone says, "I know, I can teach you. I can become a teacher." Just look at the spiritual organizations in the yellow pages. There are so many different things from palm reading, to crystals, to tea leaf reading, and on, and on. There are page after page of New Age movements, and all those things.

Even those who are not advertising, if you talk with them they say, "We are perfect, we know everything already." They don't know anything. Also who becomes a teacher? Shirley MacLaine becomes a teacher. She charges you $700-$800 to be with her for a weekend because she's an artist. Then we charge $777 for eight days and everyone says, "Oh, no, you are expensive."

What do you expect? People like that kind of glamour. They go for glamour. If an artist or someone talks about chakras, she's worth more. "Oh, that's fine, $700 for one night, great." There it is, they go for it. Probably she has more followers than we do.

But you shouldn't count the strength and the truth by the number of the followers, but by the Message itself, by the Truth itself.

Actually sometimes I feel this question is a little negative because if you saw the Message and you liked the Message, and you saw the truth, why concentrate on the number of followers?

Who cares how many people are here? How many people were with Christ when he was crucified? There was no one there to take him off the cross. Everyone left him. Even his closest disciples left him. They were with him three years. They spent time with him. They saw the miracles. They saw his teaching, his love, his compassion, his understanding, and everything. They loved him.

Peter said, "I love you. I'm going to come to the cross with you." But Christ said, "By sunrise you're going to deny me three times." As someone said the other night, "There were only four people with Christ when he was crucified." So if you look at all these things, you see that actually the Mission is not doing bad at all.

Therefore, consider these things. Don't look at the world. Don't look at the glamorous things that are happening with some people, like Ramtha. Do you like truth, or do you like a show?

One of the things to discern and understand as to who is the true one, is to look at if they fulfill the prophecies. That's another way God wanted us not to be deceived by the appearances. That's why God sent all those prophecies.

The Christians and Jews are waiting for their Messiah to come from the East. The Hindus and Buddhists from Tibet are waiting for the Messiah to come from the West. Now, look at my birth place. Where is it located? It is located east of Jerusalem and west of Tibet. One prophecy fulfilled.

"He will not call himself Christ." Who is Christ? I didn't say Maitreya is Christ. They put an ad in every major capital in the world that Maitreya is the Christ. Did I give the name to myself? I did not. So Maitreya is the Christ. I never called myself Maitreya. Fulfillment of another prophecy.

"Many will come and call THEMSELVES Christ." They call themselves Christ. Christ himself doesn't call himself Maitreya. Fulfillment of the prophecy.

Many, many other things that are fulfilled. So if you look at these prophecies and see the Message, the Message is exactly according to prophecy. The Kingdom is the way to come. The prophecies are fulfilled. Who cares how many people are following?

So don't let those things bring doubt to you. Concentrate on the greater things, then we will all really be as One together in Him. Also, as I said, when the true Messiah came, when Christ came, when Muhammad came, when Moses came, when Noah came, see how they were treated by humanity.

Humanity doesn't want to know the truth. They don't want to unify. Actually some people might even be threatened by our teaching. They probably say, "It's against our interest and the geo-political set-up we have created on earth." But how long can you continue with the geo-political set-up when that means to suppress other people, or to destroy the whole earth and blow the earth up many times over? Eventually you have to give in.

We are already seeing these geo-political set-ups are crumbling. God is destroying and taking back the blessing He gave to the Children of Abram (Abraham).

The Romans opposed Christ's teaching in the beginning but eventually they accepted it as their national religion. So if you look at all these things and see all the signs that are there, the place we go to is fine. Just go to the Spirit and look at everything from the Spirit. You'll see there is no fear there at all, but the fear itself. You have to go somewhere where even the fear fears to follow you. Can you do that? Can you go somewhere where the fear fears to follow you? Then you will see God and His Hand in our work.

Question: What is proof to you?

Maitreya: We just talked about it. It's all the proof, the proof that God exists, the proof that this universe is created by the Spirit, with Intelligence, with the Universal Mind, the proof that we exist and there is life in us.

That itself is a miracle, that we're alive. We can move our hands. We can see. We can talk. We can sing. We can sit. We can stand. All of these are proof that there is something incredible in this universe.

Life exists. And what is life? It's God. If there was no life, we would never know that there was a universe there. There is a universe out there and we are alive, so the life exists. We have the life. This is the proof.

What is that life? It is God. How has this life been guided through the eons to create such a wonderful universe? It has been guided with Intelligence, with the Universal Mind, with God. I don't know what other kind of proof you really need.

Of course, the question is a very Zen kind of question. It doesn't have any real direction. What kind of proof are you looking for? Can we ask who asked this question?

Question: Two questions. Does God evolve with us, and show this evolvement through the son? God always was. Did He have all of the intelligence for the future, the whole, everything, and then He evolved through man? Like where we are now, if God projected Himself it would all be done. Everything would be perfected and mankind would be perfected. So God evolves with us, or we with Him?



: Let me put it this way. If you read our explanation of the creation in THOTH, everything came from consciousness and the three creative forces. So before any creation, consciousness and the three gunas were in a state of balance, nothing was created. The whole universe was in the state of pure bliss, pure, no creation, everything in balance. The only thing that really existed was consciousness.

The three gunas, or creative forces, were not yet released. They weren't crudifying anything. In that state God, you can say, was in the state of sleep. So no awareness existed of the external world. The only thing probably was the state of dreaminess. That dreaminess was completely un-manifested.

The moment God woke up, it was just like when we wake up, we don't know where we are. The first thing we remember is, "Oh I know, I know something." The next thing is, "I do." We jump up from our bed, that is, "I do, I can move." Then we start remembering, "Oh yeah, this is my room. We are in this center. We are having the Feast of Tabernacles," exactly the same process that God went through when the creation started.

Creation goes to sleep after awhile. That's how we have the nights and days of Brahma, or how God evolves. He comes to existence. He wakes up and He doesn't remember where He is. Of course, scientists call it the big bang. He wakes up and the big bang starts. A couple of seconds later God remembers, "Oh yeah, I know, I know something." Then He starts moving, "Oh yeah, I can do." And then He starts remembering, "Yeah, I created the universe a couple of billion years ago," and so on.

Then the creative forces start crudifying everything from consciousness, to ether, to earth, to fire, to liquid, and to solid states. As these things evolved, God also remembered in a deeper degree how His universe was created and how His universe works. When everything was evolved to the solid phase, then because of these three creative forces, ego evolved.

Not only does God know, God does, and God remembers, also each unit consciousness, each spark of God in the universe, has the capability of knowing, doing, and remembering.

That is when the unit consciousnesses evolve. When the unit consciousnesses evolve, because of these three creative forces, and especially tama guna (the remembrance), we separate ourselves from the universe. We create an illusion of being completely separate consciousnesses.

We like to talk about what a wonderful thing we did. We remember all our lives what wonderful powers we have, or the wonderful things we did in our lifetime, because they are related to our ego, that we did all those things. We have a past. We have a remembrance. These things are related to the ego.

So because of that separation, the illusion of separation, we have a separated ego. That is when Maya comes in. Maya really means illusion of separation from God.

If you don't feel separated from God, you have no illusion. You know these things are not absolute truth, they are a relative truth. They are truth, they are real, but they are not absolute truth. They are relative truth. Their Essence is not what we see. Their Essence is consciousness and the three gunas.

And because of that illusion of separation the ego evolved, the unit consciousnesses evolved, and eventually everything evolved to plants, animals, and humans, etc. Humans then think they are separated from God because of their ego.

Then we have to meditate on God, or remember, or after many lifetimes eventually reach a point and say, "This does not work. How many times am I going to go and see all the places in the world? I had such a desire to go to California, to Paris, to Florida, to Saudi Arabia, India, wherever I wanted to go, and still I am unhappy." Or, "I wanted one car. I got one car. I got two cars. I wanted an airplane. I got an airplane. I wanted a yacht. I got a yacht."

You could even be richer than Trump, and then the next day everything goes down the drain. Even he was not satisfied. He had to have a scandal because he wasn't satisfied with what he had. He still wanted something else.

So if Trump is not happy, are we ever going to become rich like him? Even if you do, still you are not going to be happy. So probably he's pretty disillusioned himself right now. He's looking for something, something that is more satisfying than having all that real estate, and money, and Taj Mohall, etc. He wants something that will fill him up.

What is that? Eventually when you are ready you bump into your teacher. He says, "Hi, you need God. You don't need all that junk. You have to be connected to God."

That is when you realize, "Yes, I am here to be(come) Divine. That is the goal of the life. That is why I am here. I'm not here to be a lawyer. I'm not here to be a doctor. I'm not here to be a professor. I'm not here to be a teacher. I'm not here to make all that money. I'm here to know God, be with God and do His Will. I am here to become Divine."

Of course, we're not opposed to you being a lawyer, being a teacher, being a scientist, being a doctor. But you have to become a Divine Doctor, a Divine Lawyer, a Divine Scientist, a Divine Teacher. Your first priority is to become Divine. That is the goal of the life. The rest is secondary to this.

After you are Divine, you can be whatever you were created to be. You can become an acupuncturist, a Divine Acupuncturist, or a Divine Mother, or a Divine Father, or whatever it is your call to be.

You see that the whole Plan evolves from God to everything, but at the same time everything evolves with God. So there is no explanation for, are we evolving from human to God, or are we evolving from God to human? The whole thing, when that big bang started, spontaneously happened.

If you have reached Pure Consciousness in a previous creation, this time when the creation is created, you will still be in Pure Consciousness. Your work is done. But if you were pretty close to Pure Consciousness, probably you would become a teacher in the next creation. It depends on how much you work toward God.

See, you don't lose anything in spiritual progress. In everything else you lose. It doesn't matter how many houses you have. When you die, you leave the houses. No matter how wonderful a body you have, when you die, the body stays here and you go. The only thing you take with you is your Soul and Spirit. Everything else remains behind. Everything else!

So that is why you have to work on your Soul, not on your body, or your possessions, or anything else. Those things are Maya. Those things are going to stay behind.

But if you gain the slightest progress in your spirit, you are going to take that with you to the next life. Does it make sense? Does that answer your question?

Question: So the more we're open to God and realize God, the faster we evolve?


Maitreya: That is a good way to put it. Also, it's even better to realize the Eternal Divine Path.

Comment: God is there, already evolved to the fullest. It's man who is closing Him off. Man covers his Soul. He's not ready. He closes it off.

Maitreya: Sometimes they don't even close themselves off, they just don't have the consciousness of realizing God. They are in such a great illusion of separation, that they don't even have the slightest idea that God exists.

Comment: But God chose you because you're so open, and you're going to get us through that.

Maitreya: Thank you.

Question: Where do we put a stop to, or say no to, our desire for comfort? Or do we seek discomfort in our devotion to God?



: I don't think God is against us to be comfortable, or to have material possessions, or having enough to eat, or a place to sleep.

We can look at the stories about many people who had many possessions, like Job. Job was a very rich man, wasn't he? He had a garden, many servants, etc, but at the same time, he was a chosen person on earth to God.

Even the devil came to God, and God said, "What do you think about my servant Job?" The devil said, "Sure, you give all the good things to him. What do you expect? Of course, he's going to love you."

Actually regular humans are exactly the opposite. When they are rich, comfortable, and everything goes their way, they forget about God. The moment they are in trouble, they kneel and ask God for help. It is then that they remember Him. That is not the kind of servant, follower, or lover He wants.

Still God said, "OK, now we're going to take away everything we gave to Job, to see if he's still going to Love Me." So what happened? God took his children, took his wife, took his possessions, gave him disease, put him to ashes, etc.

The people came and said, "Come on, give up God." All his friends came and sat with him, and they meditated together for seven days. Eventually they said, "The only way you can get out of these problems is if you just forsake God." Job said, "No, that I can't do." They said, "Why do you want this God who takes all your money away from you, your wife away from you, gives you disease, your children are all dead, etc. Just curse Him and you're going to be OK."

That's what the devil wanted him to do. If Job had cursed God, He wouldn't have given everything back to him. But Job said, "No, I won't. I won't do that. I will continue just loving God."

So the whole question is, how attached are we to our possessions? Not how much comfort and possessions we have, but how attached are we to them? Who is our Master, God or the world?

It is just like that story about this poor yogi, who had a Guru. He was always working for him, serving him, being with him, and loving him. He progressed so fast that his Guru said one day, "You know everything I know. I can't teach you any more."

The yogi said, "Where am I going to go? I just know you as my Guru and my teacher. I can't go anywhere. If I know everything from you, what is the next step?" The Guru said, "Well, you have to go to such a such a city, a large city somewhere in India, and there is a person by the name of King Joneka. You go and spend time with him, and he is going to teach you greater things than I."

This yogi was pretty upset about his teacher's suggestion that he go and work with a king. So from the very beginning he started thinking about, "I am a great yogi who suffers, and who doesn't have anything in his life but two underwear. I wash one and put it out to dry, and put the other one on. Whenever that one is dirty, I wash this one and put that other one on. I have nothing. I am naked. The only possession I have are these two underwear, and he wants me to go to learn from this rich king who probably thinks he's the greatest king in the world?" His mind just started going on, and on, babbling [laughing].

But in India, when your teacher says something, that's it. That's the word of God. You don't argue with it. You don't say, "You are pushing me," or "You are pushy," or "You do it this way, or that way." It's just that you go and do it.

So he didn't have any choice. He said, "OK, I'm going to go and see who this Joneka is. But I'm not going to stay with him. I'm just going to listen to my teacher to go there, but I will not stay."

So he went to King Joneka and he said to the guard at the gate, "Go and say to Joneka that this great yogi is here and he wants to see him right away." The messenger went to the king and said, "A naked man is at the door. He was sent by his teacher to see you. He says he is a great yogi, and he wants to see you. But his attitude is very bad. We can't even stand his attitude. He doesn't want to be a little polite, to ask if he can see King Joneka." King Joneka said to him, "OK, send him to such and such a room, tell him to bathe, and when I'm ready I'm going to call him."

That hurt the yogi. "Who does this king think he is, that he's sending me away, and telling me to wait for him for a couple of hours?" He really was in a bad mood now. His mind was going in a hundred different directions.

Anyway, this yogi went and took a bath. He washed his one underwear, put it up to be dried, and sat there and started meditating. He said, "Oh well, at least I have a nice quiet place to meditate."

After about twenty minutes of meditation, suddenly someone yelled, "The castle is on fire!"

The first thing the yogi thought was, "Oh, my underwear is going to burn" [all laughing]. He jumped up and ran to save his underwear. While he was trying to do this, he saw King Joneka staying there calm, with no attachment to all his castle and city. The king ordered, "You get the water. You go there, put the water here," and with complete detachment was putting the fire out.

The yogi suddenly saw it clearly. He said to himself, "Wow, look at that. His whole kingdom is on fire and he's detached about it. He doesn't care. I have only one underwear and I am attached to it."

After he put the fire out, the time came and King Joneka said, "OK, bring that yogi to me now to see what he has to say." Then the yogi realized that King Joneka was a great yogi, he was a great master, a great realized Soul. He was not attached. He had all the kingdom, all the castle, but he didn't care. He was more attached to God.

So that's the way our comfort also should be. If we're comfortable, that's OK. But we shouldn't gain the world and lose our Soul. That is the price we are going to pay if we are attached to the world. If the world can buy our Soul, then it's not a good bargain.

You have to go and say, "No, thank you very much, I don't want your money. I don't want your offering. I don't want this comfort. I don't want this castle. I don't want this kingdom because I have to sell my Soul."

As I said, the only thing that can progress is your Soul, isn't it? Anything else, even your kingdom, is going to be left here. The only thing you are going to take with you is your Soul. That is why you have to watch your Soul very carefully, not to sell it. The more you sell your Soul, the more you did a bad bargain. You lost the only thing you have, the only jewel in you which has to progress to God.

You gain the world, but when you die and leave the world, your Soul goes to the other world and you are asked, "What did you do?" You would answer, "Nothing. I just sold my Soul. I had a lot of comfort, a lot of money, a lot of things, but my Soul did not progress." Then you will be told, "You did not learn your lessons, you have to go back (to hell or the world) and you may learn your lessons this time. However, this time where you are going to be put will be worse than the life you just left."

So it's not bad if you can gain the comfort and keep your Soul, it's OK. It is like King Joneka and/or Job, who had everything that everyone wanted materially, but at the same time their trust was in God. Their trust was not in this world.

That is the lesson, we should put our trust in God completely, not in anyone in this world who might help us in any way. If they help us in any way, they help themselves, because they want to help their own Soul, their own spirit.

Christ was and still is a king connected to God. The whole system we present is based on the people who will be the leaders of the society, but they are connected to God.

That is when the Kingdom comes, when the leaders are connected to God instead of to the material world. If they are connected to the material world, they will have to sell their Souls.They cannot be effective people. The earth is falling apart because we lost those leaders who are connected to God, most of them at least.

As I said many times, nothing is bad in this universe, nothing at all. If God created it, it is good. If it is useful, it is good. But by how it is used, it becomes good or evil. It depends upon the usage of the thing, just like a knife. In the hand of the right person it is a good tool. In the hand of a killer, it becomes evil.

Comfort or material possessions are not bad, if you can use them for the right purpose. Of course, if the comfort comes to a point that it becomes superficial, if it makes you lazy, if it makes your mind dull (that is what a lot of wealth does to the mind and body, it makes them lazy, it makes the mind dull), then probably you have to reevaluate your life and say, "What am I doing with this comfort?"

So probably you can do something about it. Start meditating, and find out why it is working that way. Eventually you will come up with, maybe it's affecting you somehow physically,mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You may see you are not following God's Will, etc.

But after Job didn't give in to the devil, God gave everything back to him even ten times more than he had. Still with all that wealth, he Loved God alone.

That's the only requirement, don't forget your spiritual progress no matter where you are. If you are poor, don't forget. If you are rich, don't forget.

Of course, I like the middle path, those people who are not too rich and not too poor. Because if you're too poor, you're always thinking about from where the next meal will come. If you're too rich, you become too attached to the material world.

As Christ said, "It's easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle than a rich man to go to God." What he meant was, a rich man who is attached to what he has. That, of course, becomes an obstacle in your way to God.

So the priority is our Soul. The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Divine. It doesn't say the goal of the life is to be anything else. It is to be(come) Divine. That is why we have been born and we are here. Anything else is secondary.

Question: Dear Maitreya, since there are hundreds or thousands of universes, and we are committed to this universe to become Pure Consciousness, what happens to the other universes?

Maitreya: Dear Questioner [all laughing]. It was so formal, like writing a letter, Dear Maitreya.

Again it is easier to believe that there are other universes, than that there are none. Just imagine, let's stretch our imagination and go to the end of the universe, if we can. What happens? Wherever it ends, that end has to end somewhere else. Something else starts there, and then it continues also to the end of that universe, and that ends, that has to end somewhere. The universe is infinite.

We know around twenty billion light years of this universe, because that is the limit that they have found so far for this universe. They haven't seen it. They have realized it with the infrared analysis from the galaxies twenty billion light years away. We haven't seen it, but we know there are twenty billion light years that stretches out. It's even longer than that. They are finding new boundaries every day.

Only God knows the limit and how many are there. We are in this universe, and even in this universe we're in one galaxy.Even in the whole galaxy, we are in one of the billions of solar systems that are around us. Even in the whole of this solar system, we are one of twelve planets. Then in the earth we are just a speck of it. We are little humans.

So compared with the whole scheme, we are really smaller than a particle of dust, even smaller than a molecule, or an atom in the whole. Now God gives us the opportunity to know Him, to reach Pure Consciousness, to reach a greater degree in understanding Him.

We are marching and trying to help all this universe to Pure Consciousness. Now the question is, what happened to the other universes?

Probably after we are done with this universe we will go to other universes [all laughing]. Who knows maybe there is a parallel universe? Maybe right now there is another universe and Maitreya is sitting there in the chair. All those people from Canada are in those universes [all laughing]. The people from Massachusetts are in those universes sitting at the Duncan Center in those universes. They don't like the food in that center, and they are going the same place that we are. They are asking the same questions about other universes, and Maitreya is answering exactly the way I am answering [all laughing].

Let's help this universe to Pure Consciousness first, then when we are done with it, we can worry about the other ones. They are so far away, that it boggles the human mind. Even thinking about this universe alone is mind-boggling, twenty billion light years. That means, if you travel 300 kilometers a second it takes you twenty billion years to reach the end of the universe. 300 kilometers is what? How many kilometers is it from here to Canada? Probably around 2,000 kilometers. So you can go to Canada from here in seven seconds at the speed of light. Now go twenty billion years to reach the end. Still, no one is sure that is really the end, maybe it's not and there is more than that. Some people say we can send a family, or a couple of families by spaceship, and then they can have plants, food, and everything grown for them, and they can have children and their children are going to have children. Then repeat the same process and continue until they reach there. But still, going for twenty billion years


: How does a Guru affect you?

Maitreya: A Guru is as powerful as your faith, and as powerless as your doubts.

There's a story about a Guru who was an archer. He was so good in arching that he could close his eyes and hit anything he wanted, without even looking. Because he would do it in the Spirit, he knew what and how to hit his target.

He would only accept twelve disciples every ten years. So every ten years hundreds of people would come to become his disciples, and he would only choose twelve and reject the rest.

There was a man there who wanted to be his disciple so bad that he did everything necessary to be accepted. The time came. Everyone who came went through the exam, and this man went to the Guru and said, "I have done every requirement that you asked and I really want to be your disciple."

Probably the teacher became a little annoyed that he was so presumptuous, and he wanted to talk him into being his disciple. When the time came, even though he had met all the requirements, the Guru didn't accept him. He rejected him and he chose twelve other disciples.

So these twelve disciples stayed with him for around nine and a half years. One day when they were sitting together, he told them the last part of their lessons about how to become an archer like him, or a teacher of the Spirit. They started making some music and noise. They had a big drum, and they were beating on it. Suddenly an arrow came right to the drum and tore the drum.

Everyone said, "What was that? Get that person who did that." They looked all over the place. No one was around. They said probably it was a stray arrow or something. So they brought another drum and they started drumming. Five minutes later another arrow came and landed right on the drum. "What is happening here? There is a person who knows what he is doing."

The teacher said, "Come, spread out and find that person who is doing this. We are the best archers around, and we are mocked by someone with arrows. It cannot be tolerated." So they spread out and ten miles away they found this person who was sitting in front of a statue and meditating. He had a bow and arrows beside him. The disciples went and called their teacher, and they told him what they had found.

The teacher said, "It cannot be. Even I, the best archer in the whole country, cannot hit a target farther than five miles away. We were ten miles from this person." So he became very interested in this person and went to meet him.

They came and asked him, "Did you shoot the arrow which hit our drum?" He casually said, "Yes, you were making too much noise and were disturbing my meditation. Sorry about your drums, I will pay for them."

The teacher said, "Never mind the drums, tell me where and from whom you learned to hit a small target like a drum from ten miles away." He bowed down in front of the teacher and said, "Sir, you do not remember me, but if you recall, I am the person who had a great desire to be your student, but you did not accept me. After you rejected me, I went and made a statue of you -- here it is -- and meditated on you. As the time passed, Spirit started to open up to me and because of my devotion, I learned everything from Spirit."

The teacher bowed down in front of him and said,"Your devotion and dedication was enough to please the Spirit to teach you all there is. Now I am your student to teach me how to Love God as you do." As Christ also said, "Your Father healed you."

Christ was just a bridge, a way shower. It is our devotion, Love and dedication which takes us there. The more you have devotion and Love for God, and are dedicated to do His Will,the faster Spirit will guide you to the Truth.

The Guru really is just a connection, someone who some people need to connect them to God. However, Christ is the Way and the Truth.

If the Guru connects you to himself or herself, that teacher is a false teacher. But if he or she connects you to God, then you are free. You can also be connected to God, and also can connect others to Him.


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