The Sixth Seal (Paravipras)

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At The Feast Of Tabernacles 9/21/94

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Maitreya: Let us have a moment of silence. Let us close our eyes and bring our energies together, and bring our spirit one with the Spirit of God that we all focus on Him, His Spirit. Realize that He is the Doer and we are just instruments to let Him manifest through us. Let us all let Him flow through us. He meditates. He awakens His spiritual forces. He directs all His energy to create the Kingdom Of Heaven in the universe. He sacrifices. He surrenders and submits to Himself. And He is a universalist. Sal-Om!

We are going to talk about Paravipras today and maybe tomorrow morning as well. Probably today we are just going to cover how the principle of Paravipras came about.

The first question, as usual, would be: Where did the seal of the Paravipras start? The answer is: It started in eternity. How did it start in eternity? Because the Eternal Divine Path started in eternity, so the concept of Paravipras started in eternity.

What happened when the first big bang happened? Who made the big bang? Since the balance of the forces (three gunas) were disturbed, the big bang occurred. So in a sense, God made the big bang.

That is the problem with scientists. Scientists put God out. If they bring God into science as the Logic behind it all, it will make even more sense.

Of course, everyone else also puts God out of everything, and that is the real problem. The problem is that you cannot put God out of anything. The moment you put God out of anything, that thing falls apart.

He should be included in all things. He wants the people to say, "Yes, God also is in this." The food you eat, God is in it. The books you read, your mind, your eyes, your hands, your life, everything, He is a part. No matter where you are, what you do, what happens, God is always there.

So, the big bang also started with God. But when the big bang started, what happened? There was chaos. As in the first verse in the Bible it says, "Darkness was upon the face of the deep." There was chaos, and God decided, according to our teaching, to bring order to this chaos.

Darkness is the symbol of chaos and confusion. When our minds are in darkness it is when we say, "Our minds are in the clouds." What happens when our minds are cloudy? The clouds make us confused, with doubt, destruction, and all that.

God wanted to bring order to this confusion. That is why He sent His Spirit to that darkness. The only way He could understand that darkness was to go in, to experience it, "What is that darkness?"

God is not all academia; he is also a practitioner. He doesn't just sit and read the books and theorize about things. He engages Himself into the universe in order to know it. He goes inside. He plunges in.

He doesn't say, "Oh, I'm afraid, I'm not going to touch it. This is out of my league. I am not going to be able to do anything about it." He just plunges in. As you plunge into a situation, of course, you may make some mistakes, but you learn in the process. As we learn from our mistakes, we make fewer ones.

That's what He did, He just plunged in, He sent His Spirit into that darkness. He, His Spirit, as the First Begotten Son, started meditating, being with the darkness and thinking about the darkness. He realized that any time tama guna dominates, these unit consciousnesses become more self-centered and feel more separate from one another. Any time satva guna dominates, they feel to be a part of the universe and each other. So he realized that tama guna is the reason for chaos.

This very force still exists and makes the chaos we see on earth. People are separated from one another by believing, "I am white, I am woman, I am from this part of earth, so I am better than those from the other parts," etc., or "I have a castle, this car, and this airplane, I am better than these people who do not have any of these, etc." Everyone is separating somehow from other people with some concepts which are very external.

Internally we are all the same. If we look at each other internally, Spirit doesn't have color. Spirit doesn't have any wealth (when you die, you leave all this behind). Spirit doesn't belong to any nationality or any part of the universe, It belongs to the whole universe. Then if we could look at each other's spirit, we could see that there is no separation. Of course you have to have Eyes to see this!

See, the separation starts when we identify ourselves with something external. If we don't identify ourselves with external things, what is left between us? Nothing, we are just a part of the Spirit, of God, and we are not separated. That solves the problem of all those hot topics that people talk about on television all the time, about colors, genders, nationalities, etc.

The people are afraid, and they think, "If we give what we have, our standard of living is going to be lower." Access to greater energy brings a higher standard of living. If we unify and spend the resources we use now to keep ourselves separated from one another, to find out more about energy in the universe, we could all have a higher standard of living. In reality the universe is energy. The salvation is to reach to the space and find unlimited energy there. That will make the standard of living higher for everyone. We also should learn how to use energy more efficiently.

Back to our lecture, the Spirit of God (The First Begotten Son) realized that the more tama guna there is in the environment, the more they are tamasic, the more they are selfish, the more they are self-centered, and the more they are separated. He realized that there is tama guna, satva guna, and raja guna. He realized that the more sentient, the more satvic environment he creates, the better relationship people are going to have with one another. He started trying to help those unit consciousnesses to realize what He has realized. He tried to bring them into Higher Consciousness!

He realized that we need a good environment, in order for people to progress. He realized the Communities of Light (COLs) are necessary to accomplish this. He realized that we have to have good communities, teach our children good characteristics, good manners, good teaching, and to bring God into our lives.

He realized that to create such an environment (COLs), sacrifice is necessary. He has to give of himself. If everyone says, "What is in it for me?" then everyone is trying to pull the resources to themselves. What happens? Sure, someone is going to have more than they need, and some others will starve. That is going to create skirmishes, war, destruction, and evils we are trying to solve.

Humanity has to realize that: They are responsible for this earth. Any action affects everyone else. What I do here affects everyone else around me. Whatever anyone else does also affects everyone else around them.

We have to realize that we are interconnected. We are connected with one another. It is not that we are all separated from one another, or I can do as I please because my action will not affect anyone. So that again brings us to realize that we have a responsibility, an individual responsibility toward the external world. We have to create an individual awareness that we are interconnected to everyone else, and so act in a way that everyone could enjoy the universe!

You may sacrifice to help others and/or create the COLs, and nothing may happen. So you may become discouraged and start saying, "I am sacrificing so much, I gave up so much and nothing is happening." So you may become discouraged.

It is like, sometimes, I feel that I have received such a wonderful Revelation that makes sense, it is beautiful, etc. Why, why is there so much resistance to it? Why don't people just take it and say, "Yes, it fulfills the prophecies, it unifies the religions of the world, let's go for it and help this happen." Why are they not coming to help and spread it all over the earth? Where are the missionaries to start doing these things together? Instead they ask, "Heal me, give me this, give me that, show us signs and wonders, perform miracles and/or give us favors." As Prophet Muhammad said, "The human never tires of asking for favors [laughter]." Instead of saying, "Forget about me, let's get behind this wonderful Revelation and do it," they say, "Oh, is he doing any miracles, would he heal me?" So you can become really discouraged.

Later on many unit consciousnesses started joining him and he felt, "Oh, look at me, what I am doing. I am such a wonderful, great being that I have so many followers." He thought that he was doing it. So he started having a big ego. When you get a big ego, what happens? You go down, you fall.

It was then that The Spirit of God, the First Begotten Son realized that if you become attached to the results of your actions, you are bound to either become discouraged or egotistical. That is because if what you are trying to accomplish doesn't happen, you become discouraged, and if it happens, you may become egotistical. So you go up and down in the process.

As the Bhagavad-Gita says, "The realized person has a steady mind that is focused completely on what he is supposed to do. He neither goes very high, nor very low." How do you do that? You do that by not being attached to the results of your actions. You do the actions, but the result is God's.

The idea is to not go very high and not go very low. The idea is to stay steady and constant. If you are going up and down, you are like being on a roller coaster.


Disciple: I was seeing the energy out in the ocean and Maitreya floating too, floating, floating, just real fine, enjoying. Then I see all of us running, "Where is Maitreya?" grabbing the tube. The tube couldn't hold us all. We sunk under the water. Maitreya said, "No, no, don't..."

Maitreya: That is right. If you hang onto the physical Maitreya instead of the Spirit behind him (God), you will sink. Actually, remember the saying that, "If you see the Buddha, kill him." Why? See, you are not going to go to God by just hanging onto Maitreya and the teacher. You have to eventually rely on yourself.

That is why I am here, to connect you to God. I am not going to connect you to me. Then I am going to create another cult, if I connect you to me. Actually it is much easier to do it that way [laughter].

Believe me, it is much easier. I can tell you all, "You are wonderful. You have done very well. You are all OK, you are the chosen ones because of me," and then let you do whatever you want. If I said, "Don't worry about it, everything is fine, just meditate, you are going to go to heaven," you are going to love me [laughter]. Then a lot of people would be here. That is very easy. That is the easier way to do it than teaching the Eternal Divine Path. But the Eternal Divine Path is the truth.

But God didn't want it that way. He didn't create me that way. I can't lie. That is the one thing God cannot do. God cannot lie. He is truthful.

This time is not for individual healing, as we have said many times. We are here to heal the whole earth, the whole of humanity this time. This is the healing power for the whole of humanity.

We cannot hang onto ourselves and be self-centered. That is the whole idea, to get out of ourselves, to completely forget about the body and, "Me, me," but instead, "What does God want me to do? What is His Will?"

So surrender the results of your actions to God. You do the job, you do the work, you do what He wants you to do, but don't become discouraged or down and say, "Why is it not happening? Why are the people not coming?" Who cares? Do you believe it or not? It is an individual decision, "Is it my faith or not?"

It will still be my faith even if none of you were here. Still I would believe in the Eternal Divine Path. I would still believe in THOTH. I would still believe in this Revelation. This is my faith. I don't care if anyone else in the whole universe accepts my teaching or my faith, but that is my faith.

That is important, that everyone accepts that faith for himself or herself that, "This is my faith." The moment that is your faith, then there is another Maitreya there. We will have two Maitreyas, three Maitreyas, ten Maitreyas, a hundred Maitreyas with that faith, and they are going to preach it to other people.

He realized that he should not be attached to the results of his actions. Then he realized that even with not being attached to the result of his actions still he said, "I am not attached to the result of my actions, and I surrender to God" [laughter]. There is that I, still there. So he realized, "Really, who is the doer here anyway? Am I really the doer?" He recognized, "No, really it is God who is doing it through me." When he realized that, then there was nothing left there. There was no I left.

You see, if He is flowing through you and is the Doer, how can there be any result for you? The result is already His because He has done it. How can you surrender the result of something that you have never done? So you become completely detached from anything that happens or is done around you.

Of course, some people might sometimes feel that I don't appreciate what they do. They work very hard and they say, "Maitreya doesn't even thank me for what I have done." In that state, I am doing whatever God does through me, and you are doing whatever God does through you.

So why should I thank you for something that God has done anyway? See? If you expect me to thank you, then you are already attached to the result of your action! Besides if it is your faith, your thanks go to God. You actually have to thank God who provided you His Spirit so you would be able to know these things and do these things for Him. Or, let Him do it through you!

It is a completely different view of life. It is a completely different view from the worldly ways. It is not that you are trying to please other people. You are trying to please just yourself and God. Of course, through that, everyone else is going to be pleased because you become more and more effective, more and more wonderful, and more and more flowing in your life. You become happy.

Everyone likes a happy person, so you have to be happy. How can you be happy? Let God come through you. He is always Happy. How can God come through you? You become submissive to Him.

OK, I have three pages to go, and I haven't got to the second topic yet [laughter]. Half an hour is gone.

Also he realized, "God is coming through me, fine! I am going to help these people. I love these people around me, my neighbors, my family, my children, the people from my city, my country, or race. I am going to help these people." But as he tried to help them he realized that he was becoming narrow. His help was concentrated on only one part of the universe.

He realized that, "God is Everything." How can you separate anything from anything in the universe? The moment you do that, you are not following God. That is because the moment you say, this part is better than that part, you are separating one part of God from the other. You cannot do that and still claim you Know God!

You have to realize that everything is from God and is God. No matter what is created, it is good because it is from God, and God is Good. So everything is good, and they each have their place. It doesn't matter if it doesn't appeal to our egos or us, still they are a part of God. Because God is everything.

It is just like when humanity used to kill the wolves because the wolves didn't appeal to them. They were such pests attacking their sheep, etc. But now they are realizing that they are necessary for keeping the population of the rodents, elks and other animals down. If you kill the wolves, there are going to be too many elks, too many grazing animals, and they are going to graze the land to a desert. There is going to be over-grazing, and there is going to be erosion and destruction of the land. In the long run, everyone would be worse off if there were no wolves. So some humans didn't like it, but it was necessary for the wolves to be in that ecosystem.

That is exactly the same about everything else. We might not like it but God likes it. God knows what He is doing. It is necessary. It has to be there.

After we realize that God is everything, we become Universalists. The moment we awaken our spiritual forces, we realize that we have to work toward the creation of the Communities of Light and a good environment. The Communities of Light don't really mean, "You have to create Communities of Light." At least work on yourself to be a good person and create a good environment around yourself. It starts from you. It starts within you. You can't work on anyone else. You can work only on yourself. You can help no one but yourself. You do not compete with anyone but yourself.

By starting to work on yourself, you are really starting the Communities of Light. Of course, as you progress you will reach out. As you become more, you will want to help other people, you will have no choice, you will have to reach out to the community, to become involved. Of course, whatever you can, your ability and what you are, you can manifest out there.

If each person, four or five billion people on earth, would have done a little to help the earth, it would be in a very, very good shape. But the problem is that they are not only not helping the earth and themselves, but they are destroying the earth. They are going against being what God (Good) created them to be.

So a Paravipra is one who awakens his spiritual forces, directs the energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifices (sacrifice really means, not to be self-centered, not being selfish and thinking about ourselves all the time), becomes surrendered and submissive to God, and becomes a universalist. When you go through these five steps you become a Paravipra.

The Spirit of God went through these five steps, became a Paravipra, and reached Pure Consciousness. That is when God said, "Let there be light... And there was light." (Read THOTH)

All of the seven steps of the Eternal Divine Path are given now in the manifestation. It is no longer only in eternity. That is where the idea comes from.

The First Begotten Son became the first spiritual teacher to humanity. He brought the seven steps of the Eternal Divine Path to humanity. But we can see how humanity does not want to follow the seven steps.

In reality, there are really five steps in the Eternal Divine Path. When we follow the first five steps in the Eternal Divine Path, the result is being a Paravipra, which its reward is to reach Pure Consciousness. So the last two seals are the result of following the first five steps in the Eternal Divine Path.

So, what are we asking humanity? Does anyone know what we are asking humanity?


Disciple: To unify. It awakens their spiritual forces.

Maitreya: Right. That is the first step in the Eternal Divine Path. It is to awaken your spiritual forces. That is the first step, and that is related to all the Mystical Paths on earth. No matter what kind of religion they are, as long as they talk about a personal experience, a personal awakening of the spiritual forces, they are in the first step of the Eternal Divine Path.

So we are asking humanity to meditate, do the Reminder, do the Haree Om Shrii Hung, gaze on The Greatest Sign, chant, say/do the rosary, fast, pray, and all those things.


Disciple: Those are all a part of the First Seal.

Maitreya: That is right. It is all awakening of the spiritual forces.


Disciple: Cleanliness, internally and externally.

Maitreya: Cleanliness, internally and externally, that is right. Also eating good food, breathing good air, using sunshine, exercise, innercise, etc. are all important for physical and mental health.


Disciple: Give Satsang.

Maitreya: Share God with other people, right. Follow the Fifteen Commandments, the Thirty-Three Virtues. All these things are for awakening our spiritual forces. They are all related to the first step.

If we do not do the first step, can we go to the second step? We can't. Then, how many people really want to do these things? Do you do all of them [someone says no]. See, at least she is honest about it [laughter]. Are you doing all of that?


Disciple: Not all at one time [laughter, and a lot of talking together here]. I do a little here and a little there.

Maitreya: That's all right. Who does all of them?


Disciple: I do all of them but maybe I don't do the Reminder twice a day all the time, but I do, do them.

Disciple: So you aren't doing all of them.

Maitreya: See? That is the first step we are asking humanity to do. That is a lot to ask, isn't it? They don't want to do it.

In the next step we say that you have to be aware that you are connected to everyone else, and you have to become a responsible person. You have to become a self-policing person, you have to love your neighbor as yourself, and you have to create the Communities of Light. You have to engage yourself to create a better community for everyone around you, you have to be good to your husband, you have to be good to your wife, you have to be good to your children, you have to respect the elders, listen to your parents and God, etc. That is the second step: creation of the Communities of Light. How many people want to do that? Not very many people really want to do that.

Now, not only that, we also have to sacrifice. It means that you can't just live in your house (a wife, husband, and a couple of children) and think that you are OK. You have to open your house to other people, you have to open your community to other people. You have to reach out to other people and if it is necessary, invite them to your house or community.

The feeling should be, this house really doesn't belong to us, it belongs to everyone. It is open to everyone to come in, to talk about God and share God with us, and be with us.

You are asked not to be self-centered, not to think all the time as, "What is in it for me? What is in it for me?" How many people have come to the Mission thinking, "What is in it for me?"

Actually a lot of people came to check it out. To check to see what is in it for them! What were they expecting to see? They did not come to see what God expects from them! They came with their own expectations. It does not work that way. It will work only if you are seeking God and His Will, not your will. Then you may find Him here!

It is just what Christ said, "What did you expect to see?" when they went to John the Baptist. "What did you expect to see, a man in fine raiment?" But he wasn't in fine linen. He was in rough clothes and eating honey locusts.

But they went to see, to see what? They expected something. In a human sense they expected something, not in a spiritual sense. Everyone thought, "When the Christ comes, the Kingdom is going to come." But Christ came many times and they tortured him, they stoned him, they rejected him, and they shot at him. See how the expectation and the belief of the humans, and what the truth of the matter is, are so different. Of course, they judge you too with that same mind. But that is OK. Our trust is not in man but in God.

Actually, we have to give thanks for this time that we are in an environment where we can preach without any fear. God has provided us an environment that we can reach out, we can put a newsletter out, we can come together and even talk about these things without being persecuted. That is great! That is why God provided us with this environment. This environment was created so that this Revelation can be preached all throughout the earth, without the fear of persecution. Thanks be to God!

I was wondering why God brought me here. Maybe that is why He brought me to the US. I would be gone by now if I was preaching this thing in a place where there is no tolerance for new ideas. I would have become another martyr or something similar by now.

After they kill you, they make another religion from your teachings, according to their own beliefs. As long as the Prophet is alive, they say, "No, don't listen to him. He doesn't know what he is talking about, he is crazy, etc." After they kill you, then they change the religion the way they want it to be and make a new religion. It is then, after it is diluted, that many will follow.

The fourth step we expect humanity to follow is, "Surrender the result to God." They say, "What God?" Most people really don't believe in God. In recent years they even don't want to talk about God at all. If you use the word God, they look at you with a blank stare, meaning: Oh, one of those crazy religious people. They do not want anything to do with you.

I do not blame them. Most of the present religions are either politicized or have lost their Truth and originality. They have more and more become political forces than God's Truth!

But we have no fear, God said His Kingdom will come. You see, that is our strength and salvation. God has revealed to us that He promises and He Fulfills His promises. So He Promised us that His kingdom will come on earth, and it will. No matter what is happening with the Mission, if we see this clearly, then we never will be discouraged.

Most of the problems on earth will be solved by the creation of the COLs. Cooperation, sharing, and understanding can easily solve the rest, probably about 5% are real problems. These 5% can easily be solved in the COLs.

What God is Revealing through the Mission is how it can be done. He is giving the blueprint. The only way you can bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (KOHOE) is through the Communities of Light. The Communities of Light are the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. And the base of the communities are the married couples bound in God together.

The marriage is not based on selfishness. It is not based on earthy love. It is not based on the empty words we may say when we do not really mean them such as, "Oh, I love you, I love you, you look good, etc." It is not based on financial security so we can go bowling, we may go on vacation, etc. Or, "Oh, you didn't take me bowling, you are not good. You didn't take me on a vacation, you do not love me. You're not making enough money," or this and that.

No, it is that you both focus on God. You're not focused on each other, but on His Will. Then other problems just all fall into their places. Really the other problems are no problems because you are both focused on God. Actually, as I said many times before, that is the only way you can become One. But we don't want to get to that one very much. We have many more things to talk about.

Now God realized that it is very hard to bring people to Pure Consciousness in the ethereal level. So He created the creation. He sent the First Begotten Son as their teacher. He taught them the Eternal Divine Path: Not to be self-centered, to meditate (to awaken their spiritual forces), to be concerned for their communities anywhere they are. You start from you, your house, your neighbors, your neighborhood, etc.

But the human said, "I want to know, or I already know, what is right and wrong, what is good and evil." See, as long as you are focused on God, you listen to Him and His Prophets for what is good and evil. You don't go with what feels good but, "What does God say is good?" But most people say, "I know what is good for me, I do whatever makes me feel good. If it feels good, I do it." But not all things, which feel good, are good!

But if you are focused on God instead of yourself (are God-centered instead of self-centered), what do you say? You say, "Is what I do according to the Will/Words of God? It feels good to me, but does it feel good to God?" That is when you listen to the Scriptures and His Words.

God is not democratic. He doesn't sit and say, "Let's discuss it [laughter]. What does the majority think about that? Let's vote on it. If the majority votes on it, then we accept it. If the majority feels good, let's do it [laughter]." He doesn't say that. He says, "Thou shalt not do this," period. "I'm not going to discuss it, OK?"

There is a place for democracy, that is true. But not with God and His Commandments/Ways/Laws.

It is just like, I made this car and know how it works best. You did not make the car. So you don't know what kind of oil to put in it, you don't know what kind of gas to put in it, what is connected to what, and how it can run the best. Now, you bring the car to some people who say, "Let's discuss it to see what kind of oil we should put in this car. What the majority says, goes." Should I accept that? I know that car, I made that car and I know best what is good for it. I made this creation. I know what are the best ways in this creation. That is when I can tell them, "Thou shall put super gas in this car [laughter]." And they shall.

This is exactly the same thing. God said, "Thou shalt not do these things." It is not open to discussion. That is the way it is, and we follow whatever He says. If you do not, as history has shown us, destruction follows!

That is what happened to Adam and Eve, they became self-centered. They said, "I shall know better than God what is good for me." How many people say that these days? The majority of the people say, "I am big enough, I am old enough, to do whatever I want to do, for ME."

Adam and Eve said the same thing, "We know what is best for us. We are not going to listen to anyone else. We are not going to listen to God." That is why the human fell. That was the beginning of the crudification of the body.

We didn't have this body. First of all, we were man and woman in one body. God saw, "Man is alone," all one. He said, "Let us divide them into man and woman." You know what happened. They were thrown out of the Garden of Eden, given this body, chaos on earth, etc. If you do not remember it, read THOTH.

But as they were crudified, eventually the human reached the point that God could choose a people to start to bring this teaching to humanity, in a more effective way. That is why He chose Noah. He realized that throwing man out of Eden, etc., was not enough. He had to start something even more crude than that. He destroyed all of the old humanity with the flood. He only kept a few of them. He said, "I have had enough of this generation. They are not going to see My Ways." He decided to create a new kind of man.

It is just like what He did with the dinosaurs. How many different branches of dinosaurs were there? They are just now finding out that the dinosaurs eventually evolved into birds. They thought that they were all extinct but they are realizing, "Yes, many of them are extinct, but at least one branch of them evolved into birds." Dinosaurs that lost their ways and would not evolve into birds became extinct.

See, that is what we were telling people in the Internet. The creationists were saying, "God said, 'Be,' or, 'Let it be,' and that was it, it was. God said and everything was." The evolutionists were saying, "No, no, it is just by chance. It just happened by itself." I said, "Look, God created the universe in an evolutionary manner."

Statistically it is more plausible that there is a Creator than that the whole thing came about by chance. Therefore, scientists and those who believe only in evolution and put the Creator out of the picture, are wrong.

For those who say there is no evolution: We are in the image of God, how do we work, how do we do things? We do them in an evolutionary way, don't we? We create computers. In the beginning we create a computer which is very primitive, we make it evolve to something greater, better, etc. It is the same about cars, videos, etc., or any other human invention. If we are in His Image and create things in an evolutionary way, so does God. So God created the universe in an evolutionary process. With this there is no separation between evolution and creation. They are One!

Anyway, so God destroyed those people who were not evolving to higher consciousness. He said, "That is enough. These people are not getting to the place they should be." So He destroyed them and created new humans.

That is when the symbol of Noah came about, Noah was the father of a new creation, and his children were the new creation. We evolved from those children. Our third eyes were closed so we no longer could see the things people before them did.

That is why after the flood, Noah brought a new way of worshipping God. He set an example by burning fire and sacrificing animals (burning meat), etc. Before that time, the human didn't need that. Before that there is nothing in the Bible that says anything about burnt offerings or animal sacrifice, etc. It was because the human was becoming grosser, and they were disconnected from God, that Noah introduced this new concept. They were disconnected from the Spirit. They were more flesh. The more flesh we become, the more we go away from God.

These new teachings by Noah were the beginning of the Mystical Paths. That is from where the Mystical Paths have come to humanity. They evolved into the Vedas and other mystical teachings all over the world.


Disciple: The Greatest Sign was here on earth, well, it was in eternity, so the people knew about it before Noah. But who was Noah? The coming of Noah was this whole plan of God showing The Greatest Sign?

Maitreya: With Noah, God started to separate every sign and sent them one at a time.


Disciple: So, The Greatest Sign shows history from 6,000 years ago.

Maitreya: It shows history from 12,000 years ago.


Disciple: It started from Noah 12,000 years ago?

Maitreya: Yes. So He started to send one teaching, one religion, one sign, one seal at a time.

Now, Noah brought the First Seal, the Mystical Paths, which spread all over the earth. Every religion, every nation, every people have some mystics among them. They are called with different names in each culture. For instance, in India they are called Brahmins, or Gurus, or Rishis, or Mahatmas. In Buddhism they are called Lamas, and things like that. In Judaism they are called Cabalists. In Christianity they are called Saints. In Islam they are called Sufis. In Baha'is, Bab was a mystic himself. He was a very reclusive and meditative person.

So we can see that the Mystical Paths are in every religion. There is no religion, no teaching, that doesn't have a Mystical Path. That is why it is the base and the Spirit of all religions and also in our teachings. If you aren't a mystic, if you don't have the inclination for mysticism, you are probably not much interested in our teaching anyway because you are probably hanging onto your dogma and you don't break off from your dogmas. Dogmas are very binding.

I was talking to someone who was a Christian, and he was talking about what the Christians believe. I said, "What would have happened if you had been born in an Islamic or Buddhist country, etc.? You would have become a Moslem or a Buddhist, or a Hindu, wouldn't you? You are a Christian because you were born in this environment. Go beyond it. Go beyond your environment. Break out. That is the only way you can understand and expand your mind. Otherwise, you are going to stay in that prison for the rest of your life. You believe in these things because you've been told to believe in these things."

We here in the Mission are so different. We were told what we should believe, in any cultures we were born in, but we don't. We broke away. We expanded ourselves. I should be a Moslem. Probably I would have become a very dogmatic Moslem too [laughter]. I would probably think all the rest of humanity was evil because they are not Moslem.

Right from the very beginning I said, "Show me God. If you don't show me God, how can I believe in It?" I had to see God. "If you show me, I will believe It. If you don't, I won't," as simple as that. They couldn't show Him to me.

So you have to question your beliefs, "Where did my beliefs come from? I've been told as a child. I've been told to believe this and I do."


Disciple: There are many groups, like Christian groups, and missionaries, that go to different countries and do their converting through their Bible, Scriptures, what about that?

Maitreya: Also there are a lot of Moslems who go around converting, or Buddhists, or Hindus. See, so there is this conversion going on all over.


Disciple: Actually, that is part of expansion.

Maitreya: Do you know that Islam is the fastest growing religion on earth right now? They are converting more people. Actually, there are ten million Moslems in America, and there were a couple of million a few years ago. Many, especially blacks and minorities, are joining Islam.

So you see the conversion is happening everywhere. It is good in a sense because it expands people's minds a little bit. They go from one religion to another religion, so at least they have two backgrounds, two views of the religions.


Disciples: But it is not good in the other sense. They used this to gain more political powers.

Maitreya: That's right! Actually, the way many people who convert others do it is for political reasons than for true belief. Some may have pure reason as their belief and conviction (which can be three kinds, of course). If it is done from political reasons, that is not good. Again religion becomes politicized. The moment a religion is politicized, it is destroyed. It is not good. God is not in it any more. People are in it for what they can obtain out of this power base that they belong to.

But our teaching expands the minds of the people. The moment you understand our teaching and accept it, you no longer are a Christian, a Jew, a Hindu, or a Moslem. You are beyond all of them.

That is why it is so wonderful. You can talk with them. You can tell them you know about their religion. You can read the Koran. If you are a Christian, you are not supposed to read the Koran. That is bad for you. That is heresy.

If you are a Moslem, you are not supposed to read about Hinduism or the Bhagavad-Gita. It is such an ignorance not to read the Bhagavad-Gita. If you haven't read the Bhagavad-Gita, or, the Upanishads, how do you know the Mystical Paths?

When you are in this Mission, you can read The Book of Mormon. There is no problem. You can read anything you want. You become open-minded. Isaac can go to the library and pick up anything he wants to. Even atheism, it's OK. Read about atheism and see what they think. Or, the agnostics, what do they think? You are expanded. You are free. You are open. You are not afraid. You break all bondages. See, here is the healing we are doing in this Mission. You are free.

Of course, you can bind yourself still and hang onto your cultures, religions, and beliefs from the past, but that is your problem. We freed you. It is your fear that is not letting you go. We can do nothing about that. The only thing we can do is tell you, "Let go of them. Go to the higher thing. Expand yourself. Become a greater person, listen to The Greatest Sign and our teaching." We are creating brave people here, people who really are open. They can be great scientists because they have no hang-ups about evolution and creation, because both science and creation are a part of the Mission.

You see, this is such an expanding and great teaching for humanity. It can help humanity to create a great civilization for everyone. It is then that we can connect ourselves to the rest of the universe, and bring wonderful things to humanity and the earth. That is the Goal!

It is not just, do the Kirtan two times a day and say you did it and that is it, you are in heaven. There is greatness, if you really understand this teaching there is greatness in it that is brought to humanity.

Of course, as we said, we are way ahead of humanity, way, way ahead of humanity. But they will reach where we are. They are coming along, slowly, but surely.

So, Noah and this new human, whose third eyes were closed, survived the flood. Now God did not have to struggle with them any more. If they don't have their third eyes open, the human thinks that the external world is the only reality. They would think that this earth and this life are the ultimate reality. They cannot see the Spirit. They would be bound by their illusions. They would no longer be able to use the spiritual powers to disturb the universe, etc. They would be earth-bound. From these earth-bound humans, some would evolve and understand the Spirit. It is these who God would open their third eyes and show them beyond the physical universe, the Spirit.

This human, of course, evolved, and eventually God chose Abraham to create another part of His Teaching and open the Second Seal. God told Abraham, "Take your family and go away from your house and go to the new land that I will show you. You will prosper there." He took his wife, left his country and went to another land. He didn't find his wife in the other land, he took his wife from the original land he was born in. This time, I guess, my wife would be in another land!


Maitreyii: You took me from Denver to Albuquerque [laughter].

Maitreya: Right! So it applied even in this lifetime!


Disciple: He also took you to Denver.

Maitreya: Yes indeed.


Disciple: You went to Denver to meet him.

Maitreya: From Connecticut suddenly she decided to go to Colorado.


Maitreyii: I intuitively felt that I had to go to Colorado.

Maitreya: God works in the most mysterious ways!

So Abram took his wife and his belongings and started leaving his birthplace. Later he had a child by his concubine, Hagar, named Ishmael. God called Abram and said, "I will bless you." God gave Abram the promises of the birthright and the scepter (these topics we covered in our lecture last year). He gave this first blessing for Ishmael.

Then He changed Abram's name to Abraham, and Sarai's name to Sarah and gave them the same promises, the scepter and the birthright. This second promise was for Isaac.

If the Christians and the Jews understand only this part of the Bible, they would have no choice but to accept at least Islam as a part of God's Plan. That is because He promised the same thing to Ishmael, from where the Arabs came (Birthright) and a Prophet came from them (Scepter). These things are in their Bible. Then, of course, from Abraham and Sarah, through Isaac's children, came Christ.

Abraham started the Second Seal, the community. The whole Old Testament, after Abraham is about God is trying to find a people as chosen ones for Himself. They are His chosen people. They are His tribes (community). They are supposed to bring Him into every level of their lives (COLs).

What is in the Old Testament? It teaches elaborate rituals, which cover all aspects of the Children Of Israel. These were all given to the COI to bring God to every level of their life, in every moment, etc. They were to bring God into their lives all the time.

You can't put Him out of your life even for a second. If you put Him out in that second, you fail in that second. That is what He is trying to do in the Old Testament, God is trying to choose a people, bring a tribe (community) that will chose Him as their King, as their Savior, as their Lord. Such a community is the Community of Light.


Disciple: Could you give us some examples of putting God out of your life?

Maitreya: Any time we do an action without consulting Him is putting God out of our lives. That is the extreme of it.

It is very hard to bring God to our life all the time, in this environment, in this world we live in now. But it is much easier to do it in the Communities of Light, where things are much more relaxed and the people are talking about God all the time.

For instance, you decide that you will do the Reminder every day, twice a day. That is a decision you make, "I am going to do it. From now on I am going to do the Reminder twice a day every day, no matter what." After two weeks, three weeks, when you feel the Reminder is taking too much of your time, you may say, "Oh well, that's OK if I do not do my Reminder today." After a while you do not feel doing it at all! In the COLs this will not happen.

See, we made a promise to God that we were going to do it, but our laziness takes us from following what we promised God we were going to do. Of course, there are other extreme cases. We can just expand it to anything else. Drinking hard liquor, for instance. The Bible says, "You shall not drink hard liquor." We still do it. We go to the parties, everyone else does it and then we say, "OK, I am going to do it because if I don't then I am not socializing." You see, socializing becomes more important than what God said, so you are putting God out of your decision.

Another example, for instance, you don't have money for your necessities and then you go and buy some very luxurious clothes. You didn't consult God. Is that really the thing to do? "Is it Your Will that I do this, or is it Your Will that I spend my money for a more necessary thing?" instead of spending it for a luxurious piece of clothing that you would probably wear a couple of times and then would be bored of it.

See, it really depends on what your priorities are in life. If your priorities are, as we said, God is first, your spiritual teacher is second, your parents are third, and your spouse is fourth, then your actions and thoughts also will be priorities.

Your parents, of course, should be good parents. Your spiritual teacher should be a good spiritual teacher. And of course, your God should be the True God. So if you know the True God and your spiritual teacher connects you to the True God, he is a good spiritual teacher.

If your parents connect you to a true spiritual teacher, they are good (God) parents. It is just like a lot of parents know that they have to connect their children to God. If they don't, they are not connected.

All these steps you have to think about. You have to re-evaluate your life again from the very base. Anything you do, "Is that really a part of God's Will? Does God want me to do this?" Did God really say, "Keep Christmas?" You see, this all comes up just like a chain. If you really start re-evaluating your life and really want to listen to God, then these decisions come one after another.

It is not that I am against Christmas. I don't care, the rest of the universe keeps whatever day they want as the new year. God, however, told us what are His Holy Days, the New Year, etc. Actually, culturally, probably, I should follow what the Iranians do, but I don't. I follow what God told me to do.

So I had to evaluate my values, "What is it that God wants me to do?" God told me, "These are my Holy Days, and you keep them forever Holy." I didn't question it. I didn't say, "No, my father and mother did it some other way. What they do/did/is/was culturally more acceptable, and I want to be accepted by the culture, so I am going to do it no matter what Maitreya says, or what God says." Again you see? You have to consult Him and follow what He has revealed as Truth.

As we said, in the teaching in the Mission it is even given how to go to the bathroom. It is a very mundane thing but that is how it should be done. That is why I say, the only acceptable culture is God's Culture. That is what we are trying to bring to humanity. God's Culture is international. It doesn't know any boundaries. It is universal.

Imagine that we unify humanity and then everyone says that they want to keep their holidays. Every nation, every people then would say, "We want to keep our holidays. We are not going to follow what you say." What are we going to have? We are going to have 365 days of holidays.

Now, back to the lecture: Christ came and opened another seal of The Greatest Sign, sacrifice. What did Christ do? He went all the way to the cross for his ideal. Of course, God prophesied that, that was what was going to happen when Christ came. All through the Bible it was prophesied that that was going to happen to him, "He is going to be crucified." What is the symbol of crucifixion? It is the cross, the symbol of sacrifice.

Also, as we discussed before, there are so many number threes in the New Testament. We came up with the three gifts, three falls, three days and three nights in the belly of the earth, and the many other threes there. That again shows the relationship between three and Christ's teachings. And it is the third sign in The Greatest Sign.

Of course, Prophet Muhammad came and he brought the concept of submission and surrendering. After Prophet Muhammad, came Bab. Bab brought the teaching of universalism. So these five steps of The Greatest Sign came to humanity one after another, after the flood of Noah.

Now, when you go through these five steps, what happens? If you really, really go through these five steps, understand them and become them, what would happen? I mean, if you really concentrate on The Greatest Sign, understand it, and bring it into your life, what should happen? If you do, you are going against the tide. But this tide is going to change because that is what God said. God said, "My Kingdom will come on earth."

Eventually humanity will realize that their happiness, their peace, and their unity is based on God. If they don't follow what He says, they will bring destruction to themselves.

It has already happened to many cultures in history. What happened to the Romans? They also thought, do it if it feels good. They became so arrogant that they said that all the roads end in Rome. Big ego, "All the roads end to Rome." That means that they were really the first ones in the earth. They had the power. They were the greatest Empire. What happened to them? In one hundred years they fell apart. Then what did they accept? All their gods bowed down in front of whom? They bowed down in front of Christ. They accepted Christianity.

So, we can see that when God says that, "I am going to do this," He prepares the way. Now the Last Revelation of God is on earth. This time it all is given to humanity in a peaceful environment. No, never any of the other Prophets did it the way God did it this time. This time He comes and puts it all down, prints it with the laser printer [laughter], etc.

It is here. It is done. It is written. It is published. It is put on the paper and printed out. So, in a sense I am done with the whole thing. The only thing is that I am sitting here repeating myself over and over again to see what is next.

The goal of the Mission is to create Paravipras. We all make up the facilitating body and this project needs a lot of help, a lot of support, physically, mentally, and spiritually, in all levels. It is not a small job, it is a big, huge, fantastic, tremendous, gigantic thing.

Who is a Paravipra?


Disciple: One who follows the Eternal Divine Path.

Maitreya: So a Paravipra follows The Eternal Divine Path. What else is a Paravipra?


Disciple: Incorruptible.

Maitreya: Incorruptible. What else?


Disciple: Sacrifices all for the ideology.

Maitreya: Alright. What else, is a part of the Eternal Divine Path? [all talking at once]


Disciple: He knows the difference in the classes of people, so he is able to guide humanity through the different steps in any one of those classes.

Maitreya: We will talk about that tomorrow. What else? They are different in spirit. They are born as regular humans, like everyone else but are deeper in spirit. From the very beginning they feel different. They are searchers. They cannot commit themselves to the dogma of where they were born or what they were raised in. They question everything about, "Is that true? Is that right? Why do you say that? What is your proof? Why? Why?"

Physically, Paravipras exercise, they innercise, they strengthen their bodies, they keep their bodies strong. They are physically strong. Mentally they connect with intellectual things, study, read, and connect to the Internet [laughter]. And they are spiritually strong. They know The Greatest Sign, our teachings and exercise them. So they are physically, mentally, and spiritually strong.

That is because you need to be balanced. If you are physically strong, mentally and spiritually you might not be. You have a big body, but nothing else.

If you are mentally very strong but you are very dry intellectually, you become a good financial person, or a good lawyer. Mentally you are very strong, but physically and spiritually you are not.

To become only spiritually strong is even not good. To meditate all the time and not take care of your body physically and mentally causes you to become an escapist, because you don't have enough physical and mental strength to get on with life and do something positive. So we have to be strong in all three levels.

Paravipras ceaselessly work to bring His Kingdom within and on earth. They follow the Fifteen Commandments and the Thirty-Three Virtues. They are the true Elected Ones.

Every religion that came said, "We are the Elected Ones," the Jews, the Christians, the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Moslems, the Baha'is. But who is the Chosen One? It is not that you are following a teacher, but you are following a Path. You are not a Chosen One by coming here. You are not a Chosen One because you are in the Mission of Maitreya, or claim that you know my teaching. You are chosen when you walk the Path, when you awaken your spiritual forces, when you reach to the community to create Communities of Light, when you sacrifice, when you surrender and submit, and you become a universalist. Then you are an Elect. You are a Paravipra.

You are not a Paravipra just because you believe in the Mission of Maitreya, or you can tell us about The Greatest Sign, etc. You walk the Path. See again, individual responsibility is very present here. It is up to you to walk the Path. I show you the Path, but you walk It.

You can't put the responsibility on me and say, "OK, he is going to take my karma and I will go to heaven." Yes, I can take you to heaven, but what did God say? I can take you to heaven but He is going to throw you out of His Mouth. He will spue you out of heaven and say, "No, go back. You haven't learned the Path by yourself yet. You didn't walk the Eternal Divine Path, you cannot stay here. Go back. That is where I want you to be until you learn your lessons and learn how to walk the Eternal Divine Path."

Again, we create incredible people. If each of us walks this Path, we have no choice but to be incredible. We have no choice but to be effective. We have no choice but to be an example for humanity.

That is the goal. The goal is not to heal. The goal is not to say, "Oh, wonderful Maitreya, I love you." Those are a part of it, of course. It is a package. You have to love your God with all your heart, mind, and spirit. Because I connect you to God. I will direct you to God all the time. That is where you connect. That is what the true Elect means in the spiritual world. It means you become the Eternal Divine Path and walk it.

Paravipras have the qualities of all classes in the society. They are leaders, they will lead people, humanity, to a greater civilization, a greater earth for everyone.

The earth is a mess. Who wants to be born here on this earth? There is so much suffering, so much destruction, so much separation, so much ego, and so many lies. Why?

Paravipras will create a great environment, a better earth. Then we will come back here. They are the facilitators to ever increase human progress to a higher level. We will talk tomorrow about how that is done, and how society can progress to a greater degree in every cycle. They are the new generation in humans, the next step in human evolution.



Lecture By Maitreya

At The Feast Of Tabernacles


Paravipras, The Sixth Seal

Part II

Part II Audio

(To Part 1)

Maitreya: Let's take a moment of silence. Let's bring God again to our body, into our unity, and we like lotus petals around the center, each as a petal around this table, become all connected to the root as one. Sal-Om.

How was the evolution lecture yesterday? Did she eventually get to tell what I was giving away [laughter]? Does anyone remember the part that I was giving away? It was about the evolving manner.


Disciple: About how the creationists say the universe was there, be.

Maitreya: Yes. They say God said, "Be," and it was. We say God evolved things like the human does. I'm going to go ahead and tell it after all.

If we are in His Image, we do things the way He does, don't we? Would we say, "Computer be," and we would have the ultimate perfect one? Don't we have to start from a less powerful computer and learn how to, eventually, make it perfect? The truth is that we do things in an evolving way, we make something, and then we gradually improve it to perfection. It's the same way with God.

It does not make sense what creationists say, that God said, "Let it Be," and it was, and that was it, it was perfect. They say that it was perfect from the beginning and it is going to be perfect forever, no changing, no evolution, etc. is needed!

Even now, in the present time, we can see evolution at work. For instance, in the case of the endangered species, or animals which were already destroyed in our lifetime, what about those? If God was supposed to have created them and they were going to be here forever, then why are they not here with us any longer? Would God say be, and they again would be with us? He is not doing it, is He? They are gone. Creation without evolution is illogical, very illogical. God is a Logical God. Evolution without God is also illogical. The thought that all was done by chance is less possible than that a Consciousness is behind creation.

Today we are going to talk about the coming of the Kingdom. We described yesterday who is a Paravipra. We also talked about what kind of characteristics he has. Now the question is, "Why do we need Paravipras?"

Now that we have established who the Paravipras are, we want to see why we need Paravipras, where does the whole thing we are discussing here fall in the prophecies and how God said that we will have the elected people, those who will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Let's start with some prophecies. First of all, King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream, which is in the book of Daniel. The king gathered together all the wise men of the kingdom. He revealed to them, "I had a dream but I'm not going to tell you what the dream was. If you are wise, you tell me what the dream was and then I will believe in your interpretation." The wise men said, "How can we know what your dream was? We can't do that."

Eventually someone said, "There is a man by the name of Daniel who is a Prophet and does prophecy, and he also is a wise person." The king asked Daniel to come. Daniel told the king that, the king had a dream of an image. "This image's head was of fine gold, his breast and his arms of silver, his belly and thighs of brass, his legs of iron, his feet part of iron and part of clay. Thou sawest till that a stone was cut out without hands, which smote the image upon his feet that were of iron and clay, and brake them to pieces." (Daniel 2:32-34).

So it was a very interesting and apparently strong image, but the foundation was of clay. It didn't have much support. So when it was smote by that stone, "Then was the iron, the clay, the brass, the silver, and the gold, [were] broken to pieces together, and became like the chaff of the summer threshingfloor; and the wind carried them away, that no place was found for them: And the stone that smote the image became a great mountain, and filled the whole earth." (Daniel 2:35).

Then Daniel went on and explained to the king that each of these parts of gold, silver, brass, iron, and clay and iron, are a kingdom which will come. But each kingdom, as they come one after the other, lose their fineness.

Gold is one of the finest metals we have on earth, after platinum. Gold is also the symbol of warmth. There is warmth to it. Silver is still fine and precious, but it is not as precious as gold. Then the building of the image goes from brass to iron. Then eventually it is made of iron and clay.

So he said that five kingdoms are going to come to humanity and as these kingdoms come, their fineness is going to fade away, until a stone is going to be cut, but not from the hand of a man. If it is not cut from the hand of a man, where is it cut from? It is cut from heaven, it comes from God. This stone is going to hit the feet of that statue and destroy the whole thing to nothingness. It is going to be so devastated that there is no place that it can be found, it is going to be completely gone.

Then it goes on saying: That stone a stone can be a small thing, very little (at least in the beginning when it first smites the image) but, "The stone will increase and become a mountain, and that mountain will fill the whole earth."

What is the shape of a mountain? It is a triangle upward. What is the triangle upward in our teaching? It is a hierarchy. Triangle upward is an earthy, human hierarchy. A mountain (three-dimensional triangle upward) is a Heavenly Hierarchy. Here we are talking about the earthly and Godly kingdom. This stone becomes a mountain, God's Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (KOHOE). After these five earthly hierarchies, His Kingdom is going to come.

What is the kingdom? The kingdom is also the hierarchy, the king, the head minister or the wise men, and then the less wise men, and it goes down to the bottom. That is a hierarchy. The organizational structure looks like a triangle upward, or a mountain. The image, however, was the earthly kingdoms (hierarchies).

To understand what these all mean, we can go back to the flood of Noah. If you remember, after the flood of Noah, we teach that Noah had three sons, and each of these sons was a symbol for one or two different types of humans. His sons were whom?


Disciple: Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

Maitreya: Good! You are reading your THOTH? Very good! I am very pleased with your progress, do you know that? Very good. You are really doing very well.


Disciple: Don't tell me that [laughter].

Maitreya: But, you have a long way to go [laughter]. So Ham, Ham is not good for you [laughter], very interesting. Ham is a symbol for two kinds of humans, the Shudras or workers, and the Ksattriyas or warriors. Maybe that is why it is called Ham. It brings Ham mentality to those who eat it!

Who are the Shudras? Shudras are usually very simple-minded, down-to-earth people who are really interested in day-to-day life. Mostly their concerns are, "Where am I going to live, and where is my next meal going to come from?" As long as those things are provided for them, they are satisfied.

If those are provided, they really don't care much about anything else. Which is OK, that is a great place to be. You just are satisfied to have food, a place to live and be safe (physiological and safety needs), and that is it. You are happy. That is mostly what they care about.

But, of course, because those are the only concerns they have, they also have a lot of fears because they are so attached to the physiological and safety needs, "Where does my next food come from? What if I don't acquire my next food? I probably should do something about it that my food is always provided, I have a place to live, and all this." So there is a lot of fear in them.

After the flood of Noah, we can see that another class started emerging. We call them the Ksattriyas, or warriors. Nimrod is the first king mentioned in the Bible who created a kingdom. His kingdom was Babel. It became a symbol of babbling and confusion.

The warriors or the Ksattriyas are very courageous. Just imagine there was a tribe, or some people, some Shudras who were living in a village and there was a volcano close to them. These people were all worshipping this volcano, as god. They were all chanting, drumming and jumping [laughter]. Suddenly one of them said, "I want to go and see what is up there."

All the Shudras said, "No, no don't go! It is going to eat you and swallow you up. There are gods up there. You can't go up there. You can't even look at those gods, if you do you will die."

This person, however, was a courageous person, a Ksattriya. He had leadership ability. He did not listen to their fears and went up the mountain and went to the volcano. He saw it was just fire coming out, nothing else, and he realized that, "There is no god up here." He went back.

The moment he went back the people started worshipping him. They said, "He went to the gods, saw the gods and came back, and he is still alive. He should be a god himself." So they started worshipping him instead of worshipping the mountain. He became the chief of the village, he became a god. Also because he was courageous, they accepted him as their leader.

The Ksattriyas have leadership abilities. They like honor, they like to protect their subjects, etc.

As Ksattriyas became more powerful, they started expanding their territories. This chief attacked other tribes and became the chief of a couple of tribes. A couple of tribes attacked a couple of other tribes, until after awhile they became a nation, and eventually empires, etc. Really that period after the flood of Noah, we can see is kind of a kingdom period. It was the Ksattriyan period.

Now Nebuchadnezzar, according to this image, is the gold, the head of the image. He is the culmination, or the highest level of the kings. After that, Daniel said that there would be a decline, from gold, to silver, to brass, etc.

So, we can see that there is a decline in the fineness in the image. Nebuchadnezzar reigned from around 3,000 years to 3,500 years ago. After that came the Persian Empire (silver part of the image). Then came the Grecian Empire (brass), then the Roman Empire (iron), and of course, the feet.

After Nebuchadnezzar, the period of intellectuals started. The intellectuals gradually replaced the warrior class. In Daniel it was also prophesied that at the time of the Roman Empire there would appear a little horn. That little horn would destroy the Prophets and destroy many things on earth, change the time, etc.

One example is the way they made us to keep the time. The way we now count the time, is a Roman invention. As I have said many times, the way we keep time is very illogical. For example, we say it is twelve o'clock midnight and then one hour later it is 1 o'clock in the morning [laughter]. It is pitch dark. How can it be morning? It is very illogical.

But that was also prophesied that, that little horn would change many things, and they did. They changed the time. They changed the Holy Days to holidays. They changed many things that we are following now that have nothing to do with God. The Mission is trying to correct this.

Anyway, that little horn would come to humanity, it would change many things, etc., and the intellectual domination would increase to the point that we are now at. That domination of the intellect lasts for 2,300 years. As the Bible says, "A time, a time, and a dividing of times," or twenty-three hundred days. It started three hundred years before Christ. Christ came around two thousand years ago so we are pretty close to the end of this domination.

We can see the signs that the intellectual understanding is losing its ground more and more. More people are bringing different theories, different alternatives to the way we think. For instance, even evolution itself is not something that is completely written in stone as science has explained it to us. They used to say that all humans have come from Homo sapiens. Now there is an understanding that, "Maybe humans did evolve from different species in different parts of the earth." We might not have all come from the same species.

This decline of the kings and the coming of the intellectual domination increased. When was the zenith, the height of intellectual strength? It was the Renaissance. In the Renaissance, suddenly the intellectuals, with that revolution, brought a new way of thinking to humanity. After this intellectual domination comes, after these five kings come, that is when that stone which came and destroyed the image comes. What is that stone?


Disciple: The Revelation of God. The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Maitreya: But how is it going to come?


Disciple: The Greatest Sign.

Maitreya: The Greatest Sign, our teaching is that Stone. That is the way it is explained how the Kingdom will come. Do you think we can bring the Kingdom with the people who were there in that meeting with our Mayor last night, or should we have Communities of Light? It is going to come from the Communities of Light.

It is going to come from the people who are brought up to be responsible people. As we said, it is going to come from the people who accept responsibility and are self-policing and self-examining, who are interested in the community and becoming active and involved citizens. And there would be many of them.

It is a "catch-22." We have to create the Kingdom. We need responsible people who want to get involved to do it, to create the Kingdom. People, however, do not want to get involved. We have not found true Paravipras yet. Or, humanity has not reached a point to realize our teachings. In any case, we need people to do this and people are not ready. The fewer people, the less effectively we can reach out to find people who are prepared for this. That is a "catch-22." We, however, will have enough people to do it, because God said we would! That is why we all are teachers, we have to teach people that they have to become community aware. They have to become involved. That is the base of the Kingdom.

In the Neighborhood Association I said to our neighbors, "If you don't support me by participating in the Association, I can do nothing for you." It is the same thing for the Mission. If I don't have support, even if I could do something, I wouldn't, because we are trying to create individuals who think about the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth and will help to establish it, people who think about God, who think about the Mission, our Teachings and its implementation, not "What is in it for me?" Otherwise I (and/or God) can't (or won't) do anything for you. We all have to grow up from being little children to Paravipras.

We have to create Communities of Light. We have to create awareness. We have to educate people that they have to grow up. This is a time of growing up for humanity. We have to bring His Kingdom on earth. Our happiness is also related to not always thinking about, "Me, me, me, me" all the time.

What does the human need? What does the human long for? Do you think our longings are finite? No. Our longings are infinite. Really the only way we can satisfy the thirst for happiness, or our longing, is by understanding the Infinite.

What makes you happy? Anyone? Having a lot of money, a home, or whatever? What makes you happy? I mean material things!


Disciple: Having a nice house, a car, to travel, and things like that.

Maitreya: What if you had all that. Don't you also want to have an airplane? That sounds good, huh? Come on [laughter].


Disciple: Well, if you want me to, all right [laughter].

Maitreya: Or a yacht? [everyone talking and laughing together here]


Disciple: A yacht to cruise you all around the world, to every port.

Maitreya: We can give Satsang there. That's a yacht from God [laughter], which doesn't count. Having a yacht, having an airplane, now what?


Disciple: A spaceship.

Maitreya: You want a spaceship. Why not?

If we get to a place that we can buy a spaceship, probably the people will want to buy a spaceship as well. See, it never ends. Your happiness is not related to something out of you. People are having all those things and still are not happy.

So this teaching and our coming is the stone that Daniel is talking about. Our Mission is small, but the stone has already hit the feet of the statue. That is why it is crumbling. That is again our salvation, no matter what happens, His Kingdom will come.

You can see, it has already hit the feet of the statue and the statue is crumbling. It says that not only will it crumble, you will not find it any more. It will be gone forever. But, of course, it takes time. It is going to take some time before it is fulfilled.

Now this was the spiritual explanation of what is going to happen. What is the historical explanation of what took place in this period of intellectual domination?

As our teachings have explained in THOTH, after the flood of Noah, there were five classes of people. The first class was the worker class (Shudras). The Shudras looked up to the Ksattriyas, the warrior class, and the Ksattriyas became the dominating class.

The interesting thing is that in each period of history there is one class that dominates. The only class that doesn't dominate is the Shudra class, the workers. They only dominate in a revolution and only at the last moment of the revolution. When a revolution eventually happens, in the moment after the revolution there is a short period of chaos, when the people loot, etc. That is the period when they dominate.

It is just like when there were the riots in Los Angeles. Who participated in those riots? It was the people who held themselves back because they felt they didn't have any power to do anything, the Shudras. The moment the authority is not there, they riot, destroy, and do whatever they think they can get away with. It is in that very short span of time after the revolution when the old authority is destroyed, and the new authority has not yet manifested, that the Shudras dominate. Since they are not as refined as other classes, they create chaos and destruction.

When they start this chaotic period who comes in and brings order? It is the new police for the new order. Who are the police? The police are the Ksattriyan class. They have the Ksattriyan mentality, they want to keep the order. So always, after that short period after the revolution, it is the Ksattriyan class that takes over the society.

We saw that after the flood of Noah, the Ksattriyan class (kings) appeared. We had a lot of kings and kingdoms that came until the Roman Empire.

Who did the Ksattriyas lose their power to? They lost it to the intellectuals. How did they lose their power to the intellectuals? Do you know?


Disciple: I think so but...

Maitreya: Just go ahead.


Disciple: The Ksattriyas aren't good managers, so they would have ministers who would actually start managing the kingdom.

Maitreya: Correct. See, as the kingdom becomes larger and more sophisticated, what do you need? You need ministers, you need political understanding, you need tools for war, etc. You need people who can deal with other kingdoms and administer the kingdom as well, the hierarchy to carry out the duties in the kingdom, and the bureaucracy that is necessary. If the kingdom becomes very large, you need a bureaucracy and hierarchy to manage it.

Do you think the Ksattriyas have the ability to do that? No. They are very good in getting things done by conquering, etc., and overcoming the situation. But after they conquer a large territory, they don't know what to do with the Shudras [laughter]. That is when you need administrators, etc. That is when the intellectuals started coming into the picture. They started to become the ministers. There was a king but he had to have ministers, wise men, public relations people, and all those things.

Little by little the intellectuals became more powerful than the king himself. Of course, they are smart, so they didn't destroy the king to take over. They said, "You are the king. You sit there, but we really are the power." After awhile the king became the figurehead.

A very good example of this was in Europe. There were many kings there but the Catholic Church ran Europe. They were telling the kings what to do. They were more powerful than the kings themselves were. But the Catholic Church didn't destroy the kingdoms. They let the kingdoms stay, they did whatever they wanted to do.

So the intellectuals, little by little, took over and they became more important. In the time of the Roman Empire, they brought the separation of powers to the senates, parliaments, Czars, and so they separated the powers and brought the democratic process to their system.

That is when you see the intellectual understanding starting to come to humanity from Rome and also from Greece. From the Greeks came great philosophers, Aristotle, Socrates, etc., who brought the ideas of intellectual domination.

Each of these classes has special characteristics. The Shudras, as we said, like to work, and they are only interested in physiological and safety needs.

At the same time there is no class that we don't need. We need all the classes. It is not that, "It's bad to be a Shudra." We should not look down on them as, "Oh, no, he's a Shudra. He is untouchable." It is just like in India, who have untouchables as a class. There is a no class who are the untouchables. That is ridiculous. There is nothing that God created which is untouchable. All are God.

God has created everything good. That is why we need Shudras because they get the work done in the society. If there are no Shudras and everyone would sit there and start thinking and theorizing, nothing would get done.

Ksattriyas, of course, are courageous. They are the leaders. They go to the new situations without fear.

That is probably why the intellectuals like the king too, because the kings were very courageous individuals and they could enter a new situation without fear. But at the same time they are authoritative, and they are afraid of change they did not create and may threaten their position.

It is just like the Huntas in Haiti. They are afraid of change. They don't want to lose what they have. They can see the possibilities that letting go might bring to them. They use their authority. But who can stop the progress in the universe?

If you study the dictatorships in the different countries, you can see that they are afraid of change. They want to keep everything the way it is. But we know that everything changes, so eventually they are forced to leave.

One of the characteristics of intellectuals is that they are very sensual. They love sensual enjoyment, and they do not know when to stop. They have no limit. Eventually they destroy themselves in the process. The wealth they make they spend for their sensual enjoyments. Also they are overly individualistic. It is good to be individualistic but you can go overboard. Everything should be in balance, the middle path.

Even in a democracy you choose a President. Someone has to have the last word because if not, you are going to have chaos. It is OK to be democratic and bring in all the ideas from the group for the people who participate in the process, but eventually a decision has to be made of what to do with all these ideas and which one to choose and implement. That is what the head (leader) decides.

Sometimes there is no good answer, no solution to a situation but a bunch of probable paths to take. When are you going to stop the discussion, and make a decision? So there has to be a democratic process but there always has to be a final word from somewhere that is accepted by the majority, or sometimes even is not acceptable to the majority but it is from Spirit (God). A good leader sometimes has to make unpopular decision(s).

That is actually what democracy means. Democracy doesn't mean that everyone has the ability to make decisions but a decision is made that satisfies the majority of the group. But intellectuals love the over-stretched democratic process, individuality is stretched beyond its limits, and they are very sensual.

The next step is the business people. How do the business people take over? We know how the intellectuals took over and became the dominating class.


Disciple: The Vipras (intellectuals) want the goods the businessmen have, for their sensual enjoyment.

Maitreya: That's right! What did we say? We said that the intellectuals' weakness is that they are very sensual.

The intellectuals, as we said, were the dominating class. They had the money. They had all the resources. What did they do with the money? They spent it for sensual things: beautiful homes, nicer carriages, very beautiful paintings in their homes, etc.

Who was selling these things to the intellectuals?


Disciples: Businessmen.

Maitreya: Right. Actually in France, Louis XVI owed most of his kingdom to the business people [laughter]. He was the king but he didn't have much money left. He was bankrupt because he had spent all his money to buy the beautiful things that he wanted.

So that is how the businessmen took over, little by little. They are still doing it. The advertisements on the television say, "Buy this. Buy that." Who is buying these things? It is the intellectuals because they want them. Who is benefiting? It is the business people. Who is the dominating force in this society? It is the business people. So the businessman is the privileged class and the dominating class. They set the pace for the rest of the society to follow!

Evolution and reincarnation go hand in hand. The dinosaur, which jumped a little higher, the next lifetime he jumped even higher, and higher, and eventually he created a little wing. The next lifetime he created a bigger wing, and a bigger wing. Eventually he became a bird. If someone came from the tama guna, for the first time, he would probably come as a Shudra.


Disciple: I just saw something. The dinosaur was big on the land. As he got to the sky, even though he received wings, he became smaller.

Maitreya: That's right! Also, do you know why the dinosaurs were so large? It was because they were vegetarian. They needed big stomachs to hold a lot of vegetables so they could receive enough nutrition in their bodies. That's why if you look at the dinosaurs they had big stomachs. They had little heads, little hands, and they were mostly stomachs because they needed a lot of food.

Actually the digestive system, the intestines, of the cow is much longer than the tiger's and meat-eating animals, because the cow needs longer intestines to extract all the nutrients from the vegetables. With tigers probably the meat is more concentrated nutrition so it doesn't need those long intestines.


Disciples: Man has a shorter colon because he's not supposed to eat meat, right?

Maitreya: No, we can have both, but our teeth are made for vegetables because we cut the vegetables with the front teeth and chew them with the back teeth. Our elongated teeth are no longer as long as the tiger and meat-eating animals. That is why it is recommended to be mostly vegetarian. But eating meat is not absolutely prohibited.

Eating too much meat is not good. That's why we have so many diseases. Too much meat can bring disease to a person.

Now they are coming up with a new hierarchy for food. It resembles a pyramid. The vegetables and the grains are on the bottom, and the meat and sugar are on the small area at the top. It is more representative of the actual needs of the human.

So the Ksattriyas became the dominating class to the Shudras. What did they do? They exploited the Shudras. They made the Shudras to work, make enough money, and give it to the king. The king brought their children to the military, made armies, waged wars, won more territory, and became more powerful and prosperous. But what did he bring to them? He brought to them peace. He brought to them protection.

That is what the Shudra wants. He wants to be protected, wants to not be afraid of the neighboring tribes. The king provided that for them so they also supported the king.

The Ksattriyas became a bigger chief, a king, and eventually an emperor. The bigger they became the more they exploited the workers (Shudras).

Now when the intellectual people came, what did they do? We already said that they had all the powers of the king and all the administrative abilities, and the king was dependent on them. Also they would probably tell the army what to do. They would make the decisions for the army.

The intellectuals exploited both the Ksattriyas and the Shudras. Then, of course, they became rich. They became the dominating class. They had the money. They could spend it and secure all the goodies they wanted.

Who became rich because of this? The Vaeshyas, the businessmen became rich by providing these intellectuals with what they desired, and they desired a lot. Businessmen started becoming richer and richer, and eventually, in the Industrial Revolution, they took over the society. Who did they exploit?

You go to college, you are very intellectual, you graduate from college with very good grades and a degree, and now you are ready to go to work. Where do you go to work? You go to the companies [laughter]. You are intellectual but are you exploiting anyone? No. Are you exploited? Yes.

What does the army do? Why did we go to war in the Middle East? Why did we do that? Do we care for what Saddam Hussein does or does not do? No. It was for the oil. Who wants oil? Who needs oil? Industries, business people need oil. Who told the army (Ksattriyas) to go there? The Ksattriyas had to go there because the businessmen wanted them to.

If you are a minimum wage worker, where do you go to work? You go to Macdonald's, don't you [laughter]? Who is the business class exploiting? All the other three classes are exploited. What do they become? All of them become workers. Who do they work for? They all work for the businessmen, don't they? We are all being exploited.

So the Vaeshyas (businessmen) become the dominating class. They exploit the other three classes.

Now what happens to these intellectuals? Are they happy with this situation? They are not happy. Are the armies (Ksattriyas) or the Shudras happy? They eventually will not be. This dissatisfaction, eventually, will creep into the society.

We have a frustrated society. What happens when that frustration increases? Eventually the intellectuals can't take it anymore, the Ksattriyas can't take it any more, so the intellectuals create the Ksattriyan characteristics. They will become courageous. They will rebel against the system.

Just take the Internet, or look at the message area in Fidonet. Everyone is complaining. They don't like this, they don't like that. Why? They are all frustrated. Eventually the intellectuals create the Ksattriyan abilities, and they, with the help of other Ksattriyas, revolt against the dominating class.

It is just like what happened in Russia. It became the Russian Revolution. This is what Marx and Engle talked about, that the wealth is going to accumulate into the hands of a few people and the rest of society will become workers, be exploited, and the worker revolution or the Bolshevik Revolution happens.

But Marx and Engle didn't explain what would happen after that. They could not explain because they didn't know what could happen after that. But we explain what happens after that.

What happened to Russia? The worker revolution came. Who made the worker revolution? Did the workers really revolt? Or, was it Lenin who brought the revolution to Russia? Who was Lenin? Was he a Shudra? Was he a Ksattriya?


Disciple: He was an intellectual.

Maitreya: Exactly! He was an intellectual who also created Ksattriyan abilities. He was courageous, and he had leadership abilities. He said, "No, we can't take it any more. We are going to do something about this." Everyone said, "Yes, yes, we have to do something about it," and they started following him.

Also in any revolution there are many attempts that are going to take place. Usually it is not the first person who starts the revolution that wins. Probably many, many leaders are going to emerge and eventually one of them will succeed.

We in the Mission are against revolution because revolution usually comes from the bottom of society. When it comes from the bottom of society, they want to change things faster than the society is prepared to accept. That is why revolutions are almost always bloody, short-lived, and they don't always succeed as it was planned.

It is evolution that succeeds. It is slow. It is just like a slow cooker. In a slow cooker, food is better than putting it on the hot fire and cooking it fast. With the fast cooking, the top cooks but the middle is still raw (just like revolution). In evolution the society becomes ready by the time the change comes.

That is why we are not revolutionists. We are evolutionists. This is the time of the evolutionary process that the human consciousnesses are in. What I am explaining are the historical events that have happened. It is not necessary that it will happen again because after the Russian Revolution, the Western world realized that they have to spread the wealth throughout the society to prevent a revolution like the one that occurred in Russia. That is why they devised different methods of doing this.

In the West the wealth is more spread out. Of course it is changing now. More and more people are becoming richer and the middle class is becoming the lower class. But after the Russian Revolution, they devised ways to spread the wealth so it wouldn't happen here.

We are explaining what happened in the past. That is what happened in Russia, at least. In Russia, at that time, very few people, the Czars and their close associates, were very wealthy and the rest were very poor.

The same thing is happening in Haiti now. The Hunta, the businessmen close to them, are very rich and the rest of the people are very poor. That is why when the troops went into Haiti, the poor people were delighted that they came.

As we said, when the Vaeshyas become the dominating class, all the other classes become the workers. If this continues, we will have a revolution. The moment the revolution happens, who is in charge? Who becomes the dominating class, in the moment of revolution?


Disciple: The Shudra class.

Maitreya: Yes. Why?


Disciple: Because of their number.

Maitreya: That's right. Also there is no police force. It is just like those riots that happened when the police are not around.

So in that brief moment, the Shudras become the dominating class. What happens after that? Who becomes the dominating class next? Who do we need to put the Shudras down, to put the riots down? We need the policemen. So the Ksattriyan domination comes in.

That is exactly what happened in Russia. After Lenin, who took over? The army took over, the generals. And what is happening to Russia now, who is taking over? The intellectuals are taking over.

When the intellectuals become the dominating force, what do they want? They want business, they want individuality, they want to satisfy their sensual longings, etc. Who is going to benefit from that process? The Vaeshyas will benefit, the businessmen. Who is eventually going to become the dominating force? It is the businesses, Macdonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, AT&T, etc.

Do you see how the cycle goes on? It goes from Shudras, Ksattriyas, Vipras (intellectuals), Vaeshyas (businessmen), Shudra revolution, Ksattriyas, etc. As we will explain later, Marx and Engle did not know what will happen after the Communist revolution. But our explanation shows what happens after the Shudra revolution.

We can see that our explanation is correct. After Russia became a Ksattriyan-dominated country for a long time, for fifty or sixty years, now we see the intellectuals coming in. They want individual freedom and democracy.

Right after that, what is coming in? The businessmen (Vaeshyas) are coming in and they eventually are going to become the dominating force. It is written on the wall, you see? I don't have to prophesy who is going to win. I can tell you who is going to win because I know about cyclical social movements, as we just explained above. Those communist generals are desperately trying to stop something that is happening in Russia. They are trying to stop something that is unstoppable.

This process of cyclical social movements can be easily understood in the graphic below:

In every phase, for instance, one class dominates, it starts from the Shudras, they go through their phase and then the Ksattriyas start. They go through their phase and the Vipras start. They go through their phase and then the Vaeshyas start. The very interesting thing is that every time they go through each phase, there is progress and the next phase starts in a higher level (more understandings of the process, more prosperous, etc.).

That is because the characteristic of the universe is progressive, it is not regressive. Everything progresses to a greater betterment for everyone.

Also in each phase, in every period, in every cycle of Shudras, Ksattriyas, Vipras, and Vaeshyas, each time a new period starts (the new period is usually started before the last one hits the bottom), the new people start thinking about the new period. "That's terrible, we don't want to stay like this," etc. So the new period starts before, while the last phase is still going to the bottom.

It is just like, we are giving these ideas out but society is still going down the drain, or the whole earth is going down the drain. Although our ideas are for the New World to come, society is still in the old way of thinking. In the evolutionary process, eventually, humanity will become ready to see that our way is the way! It is then that the new period starts and then there is the progressive time, it progresses and reaches its peak. After it reaches its peak, it starts declining and then stagnation.

Every period has five phases. It starts from the new period, it progresses, it reaches its zenith, usually in its zenith at the top it stays steady for a long time, and then it starts declining, and eventually hits the bottom (dies). We can see these phases in everything. It is in life. It is in our living. It is in any ideology. It is in every period. That is why the circle of life has been accepted by many religions, that life is circular as well.

But the good thing is that at the end of the cycle there is progress. Of course, we become old and we die, but we come back. We start the circle again, but in a better shape (progress). See, everything is a circle in life, even our social progress. But in every period that we go through, those phases, the next period we have progressed. We are in a higher level.

Now, if this vicious cycle is there, how can we break it? That is a good question. How can we break this cycle?


Disciple: Paravipras.

Maitreya: What do the Paravipras do?


Disciple: They have been (are) all these different classes and so they know how to bring the whole thing together and how to get them to come along out of that cycle.

Disciple: In other words, when one class is dominating they know how to pull them into the next class domination.

Maitreya: Exactly! Good! If we know these cycles exist and we choose Paravipras who know about them as our leaders, since they are at the top of the society they can smooth out the process without revolution. We can then benefit from each class without letting the bad part of that class affect us.

Who is a Paravipra? He is an honest person. He is an intellectual. He is physically fit. He has all the characteristics in each class, and he knows about these cycles. Now imagine we are living in a society run by Paravipras. Let us look at this scenario:

It is after the revolution. The Shudras are revolting and looting everything. Who does the Paravipra call? He calls the army. He tells them, "Go get these Shudras rioting and bring order." Then when the order is restored he creates a new government, legislation, courts, etc. What are these made of? They are made up of intellectuals.

Are the intellectuals bad? Should we have intellectuals? What is the contribution of the intellectuals to the society? Their contributions are science, discoveries, new ideas, medicine, administration, etc. They work in the administrative bodies. They are on the committees. They are the problem solvers. So, they are not bad. We have to use them too.

Are the Vaeshyas bad? Are the business people bad? No. If we don't have business people, how can we get all the materials, labor and capital together and create usable products? They become bad when they become the dominating forces and they become greedy, etc.

The business people were doing fine. They were bringing out so many wonderful things in this country. Now what is happening? They just run over the neighborhood and you can do nothing about it. Why? Because, first, the neighborhood is not organized, and second, they are not in the Communities of Light (they are not united).

That is another thing the business domination brings, greed. Everyone thinks they are businessmen now, and they want to make money. They want to be number one. That doesn't happen. That is the problem. That is why there is disunity.

So, the Paravipras know that. Now, for instance, if we had a Paravipra leadership on earth, what would they do? They would ease the way for the next dominating force. They would sense the society, the business is no longer as useful as it used to be, that it has become a greedy process.

Or, in Russia, if there was a Paravipra-dominated leadership they would ease the way for the intellectuals to come. But at the same time they would take out the bad part of the intellectuals and would not let those bad parts bring a bad effect to the society.

That is why we said that we need to create the Paravipras. These Paravipras should be the leaders. Little by little, by understanding this teaching (not only us, everyone should understand this), none of these classes should become the dominating class. Any time they become a dominating class, Paravipras ease the way for the next class to come along.

Actually it is not good for any class to become a dominating class because any time they become dominating, they will destroy themselves. What happened when the Ksattriyas dominated the Shudras? They brought war and destruction.

They weren't democratic. If my neighbor even looked a little different than me if you put the butter on the top of the bread and they put it on the bottom [laughter] then we would have war. We wouldn't have the intellectuals to go between, discuss it and say, "Why do you put the butter on the bottom of your bread?" and eventually come to some agreement.

Intellectuals say, "Let's have a meeting to see which is better, to put the butter on the top or on the bottom?" They eventually would decide, "Let's open the bread and put it in the middle [laughter] so we don't have to fight."

The Ksattriyas have problems for themselves and eventually destroyed themselves. What did the intellectuals do? The intellectuals gave away their wealth to be enslaved by the Vaeshyas and then they blamed the Vaeshyas for enslaving them.

Why don't you become smart with your money and don't give it to the people who enslave you? Be smart with your pocketbook, where you spend your money. You see, the customer is very powerful. Where you spend your money you can support. If you do not believe in something, don't spend your money for those things.

If you believe that Hollywood is pushing many ideas that you don't like, don't go to the movies. Don't spend your money on them to make them wealthy. You are a part of the problem by supporting them financially. Put your money where your ideology is.

That is another smart thing that people have to learn, how to support the things that are good, and not support the things that are not good. I know it feels good to go to the movies and spend money for what they present, but think a little deeper of how they also put God out of our lives. Aren't we here to be with God? Then we have to purify our lives from anything that is keeping us from this Goal. Indeed, if most people would only support God-oriented movies, that is what they would make. We have the power to tell the business people what to produce!

So, what the Paravipras do is they make this process a kind of dance. Still, the cycles happen but they will go smoothly.

What is the best society? What is the best state of society? It is when all these classes are working in balance. We have nice business people who are thinking about nothing but being nice and providing good products for consumption by the Vipras, Ksattriyas, and the workers. They are not greedy, they are very good people. The only thing they are concerned with is, "What can I create that is best for society?"

We have intellectuals who are working for the betterment of the life of everyone in the community and on earth. There are Ksattriyas who are there to bring peace, not to enforce anyone's ideology but to bring peace to everyone and to humanity. The workers also have their physiological and safety needs taken care of and they are very happy.

Therefore, the best society is a balanced society in which there are no ups and downs. But, of course, that is not going to happen right now because we don't have that kind of balance. Right now the path is going up and down.

As the Paravipras come, these periods of ups and downs will decrease in intensity constantly until they will be flattened. It becomes close to being a progressive line.

Eventually the society will become more into the ideal of balance between these classes, as can be seen in the graph above.

So, why are we then trying to create Paravipras? Is it that we just come to the Feast and dance a little bit of Kirtan, meditate, and go home and forget about the whole thing? No. As I have said, we are trying to create a new civilization.

With this teaching, we have revealed to humanity a truth that no one knew about before we brought it from God. They are either capitalist, or communist, or of different ideologies. Now we are saying, again, not only all religions are OK, they have their places. We can say to them also, "All your ideologies are OK too, but they each have their own place." We resolve and solve this for them, as God revealed that He has done these All.

Also, we solve a question that many people have been asking for decades. After the Shudra (Bolshevik) revolution, what happens? The people in the communist ideology, even before this happened to Russia, asked, "What is after communism?" If everything has an antithesis, what is it for communism? No one knew the answer.

The communist ideology is based on this theory that: There is always a thesis and antithesis. They go against one another. Either the one wins or they merge and become a synthesis. Then that synthesis will become thesis and there will be an antithesis for this new thesis, and this cycle goes on and on.

What happens after the communist revolution? The question arises then, what would be the antithesis for communism? No one could answer it. We again have the answer. Communist ideology is based on the Shudra revolution. After the Shudra revolution, Ksattriyas become the dominating force, then the Vipras, then Vaeshyas, and eventually another Shudra revolution, etc. Again, we are solving humanity's problems one more time. We are showing that, this resolves another nagging question.

Furthermore, in our ideal society, these Guiding Lights should be followed:

"Minimum necessity of food, shelter and clothing should be provided for all, while education and medical care should be adequately available." There are two things that should be free to everyone: education and medicine. Everyone should have those with no conditions, no questions should be asked as to why they need them. If someone wants to be educated and has the ability to study and learn, he or she should be provided with opportunities to do that. Of course it should not become a way to become escapist (going to school forever without benefiting the society). Everyone also should have access to health providers and medicine, in a reasonable manner.

Also the minimum food, shelter, and clothing should be provided. That means minimal, so it doesn't encourage people to become lazy. Minimum means minimum. It means you just survive with it. That encourages people to work and contribute to society.

"Minimum standard of living should be guaranteed for those who participate in activities of society and its prosperity," much higher than the minimum that we give to those people who do not participate in the society. That minimum standard of living increases with the prosperity of the society. So those who participate, for instance Shudras, who participate in the society should be provided a minimum standard of living.


Disciple: Won't they be making money to provide those things?

Maitreya: Yes. But if there is 20% inflation eating up their money fast, it has to be adjusted so that their standard of living is not destroyed. A minimum standard of living has to be promised for those who participate in the society.

"Mental ability (intellect) is superior to physical ability (laborer), and spiritual understanding is superior to mental. Therefore, the humans should be utilized according to their dominating character with having this hierarchy of characteristics in mind."

If someone is intellectually superior, they should be utilized for more intellectual endeavors than using them as laborers. But, of course, remember, the Paravipra is all of them. He does not mind taking a shovel and digging the ground if that is necessary. If intellectual endeavors are necessary, he might do that as well.

However, if one person is intellectually superior, but he is not very spiritual, he or she should be utilized in that level. If he is neither intellectually nor spiritually superior, then he is a Shudra. If he works, then he should be provided a minimum standard of living.

Of course, the spiritual understanding is superior to intellectual understanding. So a person who is superior in the spirit should be provided or utilized in that level, as a teacher, as a guide, etc.

"The utilization of these abilities should be ever-progressive toward higher ones." So eventually we will have very few Shudras, we are going to have a lot of robots doing most of the mundane work. Even the Shudras in our system will become more and more intellectual. The intellectuals will become more and more spiritual. The spiritual people will probably go to heaven and Pure Consciousness and are not going to be around [laughter]. So others have to come from below (tama guna), etc. Even this is an evolutionary process.

"Accumulation of individual wealth should be directed toward human advancement. When this accumulation starts to become a burden on others and is used for exploitation, the collective body (of Paravipras) has complete power over that wealth to use it in a proper way for further human advancement."

As we said, if the wealth is in the hands of a few people, what is going to happen? It is going to lead to a revolution. There is no doubt about that.


Disciple: That is what is happening here in America.

Maitreya: It could happen, it could happen here too if a few become very rich and most people become poor.


Disciple: More and more people in neighborhoods are getting two, three, four hundred, half million, million dollar homes. You see it a lot in Florida. You say, "My gosh, where is this coming from?" It looks like the middle class is being taxed. They will be taxed a lot more than a poor person. So the middle class is having to be taxed more.

Maitreya: So the middle class is becoming poor.


Disciple: We're becoming more lower-middle class, when there is more wealth.

Maitreya: Actually, that is going to happen more often because so far there was a fear of a communist revolution and now that the communist ideology fell, there is not that strain any more. It is going to be completely unrestrained. That ideology is not even considered dangerous any longer so you will see that the standard of living is going to be lower.

It is more difficult to make it these days. Two people have to work and still they are not going to make it. It is going to become worse and worse. God said that it is going to get worse, so that has been predicted.

It is going to become worse, there is no doubt about that. But in our system when you get to this point, the Paravipras can direct the wealth back to the people. With this the standard of living goes up, and the wealth is spread more equally.

The human mind always thinks, "What is in it for me? What is in it for me?" That is from where the destruction comes to them. The human thinks upside down. We are trying to make them right side up and it is a very hard thing to do.

As I said, this is the time to understand these points, to understand that, your actions affect everyone else. You can't just say, "I will have it all and I do not care about anyone else." That kind of thinking will bring destruction to everyone. Humans have to understand these Truths.

The only way out is the Communities of Light. Just see how many solutions have been given here in this Mission, one after another, it has been proved that we have the answers. We have the solutions, the unification, and the explanation.

Have all these come from one man, one human mind? Can it come from one little mind of a human? Many people say, "I can't believe that one person can have all the solutions." That is right, no person has all the solutions but God does.

He prophesied that He is going to send this to humanity. Now He has sent it. Look at how the solutions are given one after another, the explanation, the unification of the religions, the unification of ideologies. Look how He explains the ideologies, communism and capitalism, that none of them is perfect, each of them have flaws, but they have their place, there is a cyclical movement.

See, God even created social progress self-sustaining. As He created the universe self-sustaining, He created our societies self-sustaining, cyclical, and with every cycle humans progress to a higher level.

That is fine if no one is listening to us now, they are going to go through a revolution. They are going to progress but they are going to go through it slowly and painfully.

Anyway, "All things depend on time, place and people involved (the situation). According to the situation, the decisions can be from ignorance (tama), passion (raja), or knowledge (satva)."

All this teaching is still based on the time, place, and people involved. As Baba taught, we also follow, "Subjective approach with objective adjustment." We are going toward this, we are going toward the creation of the Communities of Light, but we adjust ourselves by the situation of where we are at the moment.

At the same time, we are learning the things that are happening now. We make mistakes but we don't make the same mistake twice. That is progress.

So that is how the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (KOHOE) is going to come.

The next topic we are going to talk about is Zion and Mount Zion. What is Mount Zion? It is a mountain, it is the hierarchy, isn't it? Didn't the dream Daniel interpreted for the king have a mountain in it? It talked about a mountain that will fill the earth. That is the Hierarchy that is the Heavenly Hierarchy, Mount Zion.

The human hierarchy is two-dimensional. It is a triangle upward, president, vice president, etc. But our hierarchy (God's Hierarchy) is not two-dimensional, it is three dimensional, like a mountain. God is at the top of our Hierarchy, then the Eldest, and the Elders, then the administrative, judiciary, Elders and legislative bodies. There are four parts in our Hierarchy. It is three-dimensional. It looks more like a mountain.

What is Zion? Zion is the triangle downward (3dss150c.gif (898 bytes)). What is the triangle downward? It is justice, the Spirit of God. So the triangle upward (3upss15c.gif (899 bytes)) is the Hierarchy and the triangle downward (3dss150c.gif (898 bytes)) is the Spirit of God (Justice). Do we have this triangle downward (3dss150c.gif (898 bytes)) in our systems (hierarchy) on earth? No, in the earthly systems they have put God out of the systems. These two triangles together (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)) is the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Paravipras are the Leaders of the KOHOE. Paravipras are the Ones who are connected to God. If the leaders of a society are not connected to God, what happens to that society? It falls apart.

Now how many different Kingdoms do we have?


Disciple: Three.

Maitreya: We have three Kingdoms. What are they?


Disciple: The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, the Kingdom Of Heaven In Heaven, and the Kingdom Of Heaven Within.

Maitreya: Who is the King of all these three?


All Disciples: God.

Maitreya: God is the only True King of all these three Kingdoms. Sal-Om!

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