Seventh Seal (Unification)

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Given At The

Feast of Tabernacles 2002

Part I September 23, 2002

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Maitreya: Let us have a moment of silence. Let us close our eyes, bring our energy together, and let the Spirit of God come through. Feel the unity and oneness with each other. Approach this topic with an open mind, with the realization that the Spirit of God has done such a wonderful thing, and humanity has to realize that this is indeed the way of salvation. Let us bring our focus to the center of the table. That is where Gods Spirit always resides. So whenever we sit at this round table, God is always present among us. Sal-OM. Let us have a moment of silence. Let us close our eyes, bring our energy together, and let the Spirit of God come through. Feel the unity and oneness with each other. Approach this topic with an open mind, with the realization that the Spirit of God has done such a wonderful thing, and humanity has to realize that this is indeed the way of salvation. Let us bring our focus to the center of the table. That is where Gods Spirit always resides. So whenever we sit at this round table, God is always present among us. Sal-OM.

As we see, this is a round table just like King Arthurs table. The six couples in the community will sit around it. Of course, the HOSH is God, is always present among them when they have their meetings, or whatever they do in their communities.

Well, the topic is not the table today [laugher]. The topic is the Seven Seals, Seven Angels, or Seven Signs that are the seals of the Mission. If you notice in the website, we have five presentations only, for the Second Seal, Third Seal, Fourth Seal, Fifth Seal, and Sixth Seal. I just never could sit down and write the presentation for the Seventh Seal. It just would not come. It would not present itself. I always had a problem, What am I going to talk about in the Seventh Seal?

When we had the Feasts, how many times did we have the Seventh Seal? We had it at least twice and I never wrote the presentation at all, because there was nothing that I could put down.

With this new information that came this year from Brother Frank and the new prophecies that came by John, and all that, it eventually came. It was one week before the Feast, and I sat down one night and it just flowed and came right to the paper. That is the outline that we are going to go through.

Of course, my presentation is not as fancy and wonderful as Sarah-jis. Mine is mostly outlined and right to the point. That shows the difference between men and woman, doesnt it [laughter]? Men are intellectual and go right to the point, and women make it prettier. That is why we need both of them. Otherwise, a world with men would be pretty dry, wouldnt it? Everything is outlining only, no pictures, nothing [laughter].

Then let us go through this presentation. Actually, the outline is only around twelve pages. So we are going to have a lot of things to cover and go over. Of course, these lectures and everything we do here is not only for us. They are for the future also, so the future humanity can look to see what we talked about here and they probably will benefit a lot.

The first question is going to be, What Are the Seven Seals? [topics in bolded blue are part of the outline]. If you have the PowerPoint presentation on your computer, you can go to the second page, and you will find the topic. It says: What are the Seven Seals?

Of course, the topics that are yellow in the presentation are also URL connections. You can connect and go right to the website and know exactly what the Seven Seals are.

So what are the Seven Seals? Can anyone tell me what the Seven Seals are? [silence] No one knows the Seven Seals [laughter]?

Audience: Everyone is waiting for someone else to speak.

Maitreya: Tahirah, tell us.

Tahirah: The Seven Seals are the seven messages from seven Prophets. They are from God, and make up each of the religions.

Maitreya: Exactly. The Seven Seals are the Seven Revelations. All this time everyone was trying to solve the problem of the Seven Seals in The Revelation. Everyone came with different ideas and explanations.

Also, the book says, Do not add to it, and do not explain it. The only person who can explain it is, you know who [laughter], the Lion of the tribe of Judah. The only person who can add to this book is he.

If anyone else does it, what is going to happen to them? Bad things are going to happen to them. Of course, we do not want bad things to happen to them but that is true.

There was that person by the name of Koresh in Waco, Texas. He was trying to write something about the Seven Seals. His trouble was that he did not know what they meant.

Actually, I tried to get in touch with him and say, Hello, the Seven Seals are opened here. Here is the meaning. You do not have to worry about it. Just tell the government, I am sorry, I made a mistake, so then everything is going to be OK. But, of course, I was not able to come in contact with him. If he knew that, maybe he would still be alive.

A lot of people think that they are the chosen ones and God sent them to bring their Christ and everything. Great. But how many are going to be there?

You have to have that back up. It is like you have to have a resume. If you go get a job, what do they ask you? They ask you, Do you have a resume? And they look at the resume, OK, you have done this, great. You fit the job.

We have the best resume for this Revelation in the Mission. We have a good resume. Here are twelve pages of resume that people can look at.

These Revelations are the Seven Seals, are the Seven Revelations, and make up the seven parts of The Greatest Sign. The first is to awaken your spiritual forces, and then the Second Seal is the Communities of Light. Then is sacrifice (Third Seal), surrendering and submission (Fourth Seal), universalism (Fifth Seal), Elects (Sixth Seal), and Pure Consciousness (Seventh Seal). So we can see that the mystery of the Seven Seals is revealed here to us.

When Did the Seven Seals Form?

Some people say, Oh, when did the Seven Seals start? Was it when the First Begotten Son went through the Eternal Divine Path, or was it even before that, that God knew about the Seven Seals?

The Seven Seals really started in eternity. Eternally, God knew intuitively what is the best way to create an environment where humans can progress to the highest, in the fastest way possible. God already knew what is the best way to do it. That is why when it says that He projected His Spirit to the world, He could easily go through it.

It is just like us, as we learn our lessons each lifetime, next lifetime it will become easier and easier to remember. It is like a lot of humans go through all their lives and even do not think about God. They are not interested in meditation. They do not want to know about other religions. But we do. Why?

We have been in many religions and meditated for so many lifetimes that in this lifetime we suddenly felt that we are different. We want to do differently than everyone else. We are not like everyone else that like the regular life. So it becomes easier and easier to remember these things.

Now we know it is in eternity. Have Humans Ever Known About the Seven Seals? As we read THOTH, we can easily see that in the beginning the First Begotten Son knew about the Seven Seals.

Of course, he came back as Adam, as the Spiritual teacher for the first humans who were created by God. He taught them the Eternal Divine Path. They knew about the Eternal Divine Path. They knew about meditation, awakening of your spiritual forces, Communities of Light, and everything.

But, of course, what happened? They did not listen to Him. That is where the Garden of Eden and the fall of man came, because man became self-centered. Instead of listening to God and the Christ who came, which was the Spirit of God who came to humanity, they became self-centered, they did not listen to him, and they fell.

That made them fall from The Grace, and falling from Grace is hell. That is what hell is really. If you do not have The Grace, that is it, you are in hell. You have fallen.

Therefore, as is explained, they fell more and more and more. Eventually, they became so gross that He gave them the skins of flesh, a body. Then, until the flood of Noah, He just had enough of them.

The next topic you can click is: Why/How Did We Lose the Knowledge of the Seven Seals? That is how we lost it. Again here, how many people are listening to the Mission and this Revelation? This is the most fantastic Revelation that has ever come to humanity, and it exactly explains what was Gods Plan. How many people are even in this room right now? Very few people come here and listened to it.

They think they already know. They do not. They do not already know. That is the problem.

So that is how we lost the knowledge. At the time of the flood of Noah, God closed our third eyes. He created a new man. That is why we do not have our third eyes open. We have to meditate, we have to awaken our spiritual forces, in order to have our third eyes open and see the spiritual world.

There is a question here.

Question: Maitreya, when we leave our bodies and God sends us back in a new body, if we know, however many seals of the Eternal Divine Path, we have to go over those again when we come back into the new body?

Did the people, from Adam and all who knew the Eternal Divine Path until the third eyes were closed, have to do that also? I mean they did not have bodies like ours but did they go in and out of their bodies and then have to come back and re-know the Eternal Divine Path like us?

Maitreya: Yes, the question is about when we come back and have a new body. We have to go through the meditation, remember past lifetimes, and remember what we knew to that point. Did they also have to do this before that?

Apparently, they had a much longer life span. As we said, they lived 800 years, 900 years, and 950 years. Also, they matured slower too. They married when they were 150 years. So they were kids for 50 or 60 years. That is not bad [laughter]; they played for 50 or 60 years. You are a teenager for what? That is not very good [laughter], being a teenager for 30 years.

Anytime you die, you leave your ego behind. You really go to God but your ego is hanging somewhere in the universe waiting for you. The moment you come back to the body, you pick up your ego and you start where you left off.

But you have lost your brain. The brain is the place that you have your memory in this lifetime. So when you die, your brain dies, and it wipes out.

But all the memory of the universe is where? It is in the Akashic Records. It is like a big server somewhere that not only your computer work station (as your brain) has all the memory in it, but the server has all the memory in it also. Therefore, when you come back, if you connect yourself to the server, what do you have? You have all the memories there. You say, OK these are my memories.

But if you never meditated in the previous lifetime, never progressed, do you have anything in the server to download to your station? No, you do not. So you do not have that ability to progress as fast as the person who already has the memory in the universe waiting for them.

There has never been a Prophet who was not born from a mother. There has never been a Prophet who did not go through the regular childhood before he realized that he has a mission to do. So we can see that everyone is born as a child and then they eventually recognize and realize, Oh yes,

And they are different. From the very beginning they are usually more meditative children. Somehow everyone realizes that their spirit is different.

So, yes, you have to go through it, but you go faster. Even, they did the same thing. But if you live 900 years, you should reach Pure Consciousness by then [laughter]. If you do not make it, probably God says, She is not going to do it, someone else should go.

So at the time of the flood of Noah, when God closed the third eyes, He also revealed the teaching or the essence of how to Know thyself to Noah. And Noah passed it to his children. It was an oral tradition of telling them how to meditate, how to awaken their spiritual forces. He might even have given them The Word.

They knew about The Word. That is why later on the Jewish people called Him, Yahweh.

But at the same time, if you uttered the name of the Lord, you would be stoned. That is because they knew that the name of the Lord, the true name of the Lord, could not be pronounced, could not be uttered outwardly. That is why if they did that, they would be stoned in the Hebrew community.

Of course, that teaching which came from Noah to humanity is the Mystical Teaching. The human did not have any third eye open any more. They could not have the spiritual eye, they could not see the Spirit. Therefore, they needed a teacher, they needed a revealer. They needed someone who could awaken them again to open their third eyes.

If you click the presentation it says, Flood of Noah (Mystical Paths, First Seal). This teaching eventually came to us, in the written form, as the Vedas.

The most important part of the Vedas is called the Vedanta. Vedanta means the end of Vedas. When you read the Vedanta, the only thing it talks about is that atman and Atman are one; atman (with the small a) is the same as Atman (God, with the big A).

So the essence of the Vedas, or the Mystical Paths, is to know that you and God are one, Be still and know that I am God, or, Know thyself to know God, or, Self and God are the same. In Persian, God is called Khoda. It is just like Shirineh Khoda, the sweetness of God.

The self is called quod. So, quod and Quoda are so similar, arent they? Instead of saying, me, you can say, quod. But if you want to say God, you say, Quoda. It is essentially the same thing as quod. It comes from the same root.

So knowing thyself is to know God. You want to know God? Know thyself. Meditate, close your eyes, and quiet the senses to know what God is.

Of course after this flood of Noah You can go to the next page in the presentation, how many sons did Noah have?

Audience: Three.

Maitreya: Three. Of course, you are reading in the presentation [laughter]. No cheating here. What were their names?

Audience: Shem, Japheth, and Ham.

Maitreya: You should not eat ham (laughter).

The Three Sons of Noah and Five Classes of Humanity.

So there were three sons of Noah. That was good, that was very good. I did not expect you to know the names of the children of Noah. That is good. I expect these guys to know because they have been here for so many years. That is great that you know also.

So there were three sons. Before that always the Bible says, He had this son, he had this son, and then he had this son. Suddenly, after Shem, God says, He had three sons. No longer was it, He begat that and he begat that. Suddenly, Noah had three sons.

It is because these three sons were a new kind of human. They did not have their third eyes open anymore. They did not have all the qualities. They no longer were Paravipras. They were symbols of the five classes of humanity that were created for the last 12,000 years.

Of course, Ham represents the Shudras (or workers) and warrior classes. Japheth represents the intellectual and business people. And Shem represents the spiritual beings that came to us.

That is why most of the people who came, as Abraham, David, and the great Prophets, all came from the lineage of Shem. There is nothing that came from Ham or Japheth.

Why these five classes? Why did God create these five classes? Go to the next topic which is: Cyclical Movements in the Society and the Five Classes in the Society. God created them because God had a Plan. Now with these five classes, God could control the history of humanity and bring it to this point.

We said there were five classes. There were Shudras or workers. What do workers do? The most important thing to the worker is, where is the next meal coming from?

They work hard to make their life comfortable. As long as they have their physiological and safety needs taken care of, what do they do? They are satisfied. They watch the football games [laughter]. They have no other ambition in life but to just have their physiological and safety needs taken care of. If they take care of that, they are happy like a clam [laughter]. Is that what they say?

Sarah: Yes, Happy like a clam.

Maitreya: So just imagine these workers are working in the village, and there is a big volcano by the village. It is rumbling and putting fire up. All these Shudras are saying, Hey, this god is angry. They are worshipping the mountain and are afraid of going over to see what it is.

Suddenly, one of them says, I want to go up to see what is up there. The other villagers say, No, do not do that. God is there. He is going to kill you if you go up there.

Probably some of them went up there, fell into the volcano, and died. Or, the legend was, if you go up there, you are going to die.

He says, No, I am going to go and look. He goes there and looks. It is just a volcano making ashes and smoke. He comes back. The moment he comes back, everyone starts worshipping him. They say, Hey, he went and saw the god and came back. And he was not afraid. So he is god himself now.

What does he become? He becomes the chief of them. They worship him. That was the courageous one. He was more courageous than a Shudra was. The courageous one becomes the chief of the tribe.

Then two chiefs and three chiefs came together and became a bigger group. Eventually, they created nations and empires. That is when the period of the warriors, or the kingly period, started.

Of course, it started with Nimrod. Nimrod was the first one who became a mighty king. And eventually it came to Nebuchadnezzer, who was the head of gold of the statue. He was the highest among the warrior class.

As the empire expanded, what did they need? They needed someone to manage it, to create armies, to create clerks, to create a bureaucracy, a kind of way to take care of the business while the king is going to war and doing things. So they started to have prime ministers and intellectuals who took care of the different aspects of the war or created war machines.

Who creates war machines? They are created by those who are scientific-minded, the intellectuals. So intellectuals started becoming more and more prominent in the kings courts . They reached a point that they kept the king up there, but they really were the people in charge.

One of the characteristics of the intellectuals is that they love comfort and sensual gratification. That is why the money they earn from their work is spent to buy material things. Who do they buy them from? They buy from the business people.

So the business people started to become more powerful. The zenith of the intellectual time was the Renaissance. It is just what happened in France. In that period the intellectuals became the greatest power on earth.

The period of the business people started at the time of the Industrial Revolution. In the Industrial Revolution, we were spending all our money and things to purchase the goodies that the Industrial Revolution brought to humanity. Of course, it brought a higher standard of living at the same time.

The Shudras, the warriors, and the intellectuals, all the three classes at the time of the Vaeshyan (businessmen) era, become what? They become Shudras. They become workers. Then what happened?

If you are a worker, you are a manual worker somewhere working for a business. If you are an intellectual, you go to the university. When you get your degree, where do you go to work? You go to work for a business or a company.

If you are a warrior or you have the warrior capabilities, who hires you? Businessmen hire you. You become a security guard, or you go to the army. And who controls the army? Business people control the army. So we can see that even the army and all those people become what? They become the slaves of the businessmen.

Of course, this does not have to stay forever. Eventually, the warrior class and the intellectual class cannot take it anymore.

As we said, there are a lot of people who do not like the things happening in the world right now. They, of course, will get together and a new cycle will start, and it will go over and over. So that is why God created these five classes.

The Brahmin class (or spiritual people) never is involved in this cyclical movement because they are not attached to it. They do not need the warriors, or the Shudras, or the businessmen, or the intellectuals. They are just sitting out and telling the people, Hey, this is an illusion. You guys are caught in this illusion. Get out of it. All of this just is nothing. You can just get along, create Communities of Light, gain the power of your life, and live happily ever after. Your goal is not to have all these goodies in your life but to become Divine. So they never really were connected to this cyclical movement in the society.

Of course, this explanation has been given by Baba. Baba brought the idea of the PROUT (Progressive Utilization Theory), and he explained this cyclical movement. But he never explained how historically it also happened. The Mission explained how it historically happened.

So the cyclical movement is: First, the Shudras (workers) who just work and they are happy. Then the warrior class comes, which we said were the kingdoms and the empires. Then it was the intellectual class, and then the Vaeshyan class (business class).

In the time of the workers, as we said, the warrior class easily took over the workers because they saw he was a hero. He went to the top of the mountain. They accepted him as the leader. There was no revolution or anything that happened.

At the time of the intellectual class, they snuck into the kings palace and little by little took over. There was no big revolution that happened.

But at the time of the business people, because they make every other class Shudras That is where the idea of Marx and Engels comes that they talked about the Communist Ideology and the idea of thesis, anti-thesis, and synthesis.

Anything has an anti-thesis. Anything in the universe always has an opposite to it. That is why they fight with each other and eventually they either merge together or one of them overcomes. Whatever happens, either merges or whatever comes, it becomes the synthesis.

Then with that, the synthesis itself becomes the thesis. That is going to have an anti-thesis, and on and on, and it goes on forever. They came up with the idea of the worker is against the rich people, business people. So that is the thesis and anti-thesis, and that is eventually going to become a Communist Revolution.

But they never explained what happens after that. If the Communist idea comes, that becomes another thesis. What is the anti-thesis of Communism? They never explained that.

Also we saw that the Communist ideology did not work. After seventy years, Russia fell apart. Then it became what? It now has become more business-oriented than any other country.

This explanation explains how the cycle continues. But, the only place, as we said, the revolution might happen is at the time of the business people because everyone becomes Shudras, and they revolt against that idea.

Paravipras are the people who are going to smooth the transition of these cyclical movements by realizing where humanity is, what is the next step that should come and therefore, they smooth it out. It becomes a rise and evolutionary step instead of a revolution that will happen in every situation that businessmen take over.

I am not going to go into too much detail. It is probably a topic that we covered once for the whole lecture. It is a long, very complicated topic.

The next topic in the outline is: Historical Explanation. That was the four classes that we just covered.

But there was another plan that was a spiritual plan for the last 12,000 years and that was when God chose Abraham, promised his children, and all of that. That was the spiritual plan after the flood of Noah.

There were two plans, one was the spiritual plan of the Judeo, Christian, Islamic, Bahai Plan, and the other one was the Mystical Plan, the Mystical part of the plan, which these religions did not emphasize at all.

Next topic is The Spiritual Plan After the Flood of Noah. As we said there were two plans.

Abram (Abraham) was Chosen.

There is a link there in the outline. If you click that, you will go to the explanation of the Second Seal. We explained that previously. The whole lecture was on this topic, the Second Seal. It was during a Feast that the theme was the Second Seal, and we had a lecture at that time. So you can go read about that.

In essence, God promised two promises. You can go to the next page. First God chose Abraham and asked him to leave his family, his land, and go to another place. And he did. Then God said, Because you listened to me, I will bless you, and all the nations will be blessed through you.

But it is interesting that God gave the promises to Abraham, to David, to Adam, to all of them, but he really is the same person that He gave His Promises to [laughter]. He is a little tricky there, isnt He [much laughter]?

He said, OK I will bless you. I am going to bless all the earth through you. He is the First Begotten Son. He is giving it to Abraham. We say, Oh, Abraham was such a great person.

Or, He gives it to David. He says, You are going to be king forever. It is the same person.

He says, Christ is going to come as Christ, he is going to come as Muhammad. It is the same person. It is a little interesting, funny there, to see that God is giving all these promises, but it is the same person that He is giving them to.

Two Promises of the Scepter and the Birthright.

So He gave the promises to Abraham and also He gave the promises to his children. He gave two promises to Abraham, one was the birthright and the other one was the Scepter. The Scepter is the symbol of the kingly spiritual domination. And the promise of the birthright is the birthright that the father used to give to the older son as the material possession.

So the material blessing of the father would go to the first son. Of course, as we see in the time of Isaac, instead of him giving it to Esau, he gave it to Jacob who was younger.

These two promises were given to Abram. Then God changed the name of Abram to Abraham. Abram means, father of one nation. Abraham means, father of many nations. He gave the same promises to him also.

Promises Given to Abram (Ishmael).

So the first promises to Abram were to his son, which became one nation. The son of Abram was Ishmael, and there is one nation. We call them Arabs.

All over the world there is one nation called the Arabs, which goes all the way from Saudi Arabia, to the Middle East, to North Africa, to Spain, and to South America. These are all Arabs. God told them that He was going to give them a land that was never going to end and that you cannot count the number. And that is what it is. It is all over the place.

Prophet Muhammad, Surrendering and Submission to God.

The Fourth Seal.

The Kingdom was Given to Muslims for a Short Period of Time, as Christ Predicted.

Of course, the spiritual domination came by Prophet Muhammad. The promise was given to Abram, Ishmael.

Prophet Muhammad brought the idea of surrendering and submission to God, the Fourth Seal. The Kingdom was given to the Moslems for a short period of time as Christ predicted.

At the end of Christs mission, what did he tell the Jews? He told them that the Kingdom would be taken away from them and given to another nation.

Christ never created any nation. He never was King. He never passed any laws. Who did that? Prophet Muhammad did that.

Also actually, the Islamic teaching is very close to the Jewish teaching. They are very similar. They have a lot of laws and they have to follow those laws. We know that the Jews and Moslems (Arabs) have come from the same father. The Moslems are from Ishmael, and the Jews are from Isaac.

Now they are at each others throats and are killing each other, two brothers. You can see that two brothers are doing that together.

The Kingdom was taken and given to the Moslems. We see right there another sign that God has done all these things to this point. If Christians, Moslems, and Jews realize this, they should get together. At least these three religions should come together easily.

Of course, from the lineage of Prophet Muhammad also came Bab. Bab came as the next Prophet after Prophet Muhammad. And he brought the concept of universalism. He is from the lineage of Prophet Muhammad.

Another thing in this lecture is that I am going to give it as the third person. So I am going to relate to Maitreya as another person who I am talking about. That is because later people might give this lecture, and they are going to talk about Maitreya. So this way they can relate to the teaching. Otherwise, I am going to say, Me, me, me, me. After a while the lecture is all going to be, Me and I.

Bab (Universalism Fifth Seal).

Maitreya (A Sayyed Seventh Angel).

So Maitreya in this case is also from the lineage of Prophet Muhammad, because his ancestry is also called Sayyed. Sayyed in the Islamic countries means the person who is from the lineage of Prophet Muhammad.

Actually, if you look at the Mullahs, there are two kinds of Mullahs. Their turbans are either black or white, or any other color. If it is black, it means that that person is a Sayyed; he is from the lineage of Prophet Muhammad.

We can go to the next page: Promises Also Given to Abraham (Isaac). As we said, God changed the name of Abram to Abraham. It means the father of many nations. And He changed the name of Sarai to Sarah. It means our princess. Then He promised them a son also.

Of course, Sarah did not believe. It is very hard to make Sarah believe. If you can make Sarah believe, you can make anyone believe [laughter].

So Sarah did not believe. She started giggling and said, No, God, I am not going to have a child. I am ninety years old and my husband is ninety-nine. And it is not going to happen. God said, Yes, it will. I said it is going to happen so it will.

That is exactly what the promise is given to us. The Kingdom of Heaven, God said, will come. Therefore, it will. Although it seems it is such a small group and the world is so powerful, His Kingdom will come.

Of course, He gave the same promise to Isaac, the son of Abraham, the Scepter and birthright, the material possession.

Promises Given to Jacob (Israel).

Actually, He promised Jacob more than just one nation. He promised many nations, and a company of nations. He promised Abraham a nation to Isaac, and then to Jacob (or Israel) He promised many nations, or a company of nations.

They eventually become the United States, the company of nations. The United States, more than one state, makes up the states that they united. And, of course, England, which the kingdom was so vast that the sun never set on it. So we can see again God said He would do these things and He did them. And that is our salvation.

The nation of Israel is formed.

Israel eventually became a nation and they set an example for humanity for the Second Seal that God wants to be the King of the Communities of Light. That is what the Communities of Light are. In the Communities of Light, God is the King and His Laws are the Laws that, in the community, have to be followed.

It is not an intellectual thing, No we are going to talk about it and discuss it. Let us do differently than what God said. No, God said, This is the way it should be done, and in the community everyone says, Yes. That is based on Scripture. God said it should be this way and therefore, we will follow them.

Actually, the Children of Israel did have the same kind of set-up in their system. They had judges. They did not have kings.

Judges would be anointed by the people. They would emerge from the people. Then they would put oil on their heads, and they would become anointed judges. They were also the spiritual source for the community.

They Rejected God as Their King.

But, of course, the neighbors of the Children of Israel all had kings, and all of that. And the people in Israel, the Hebrews said, No, we want kings too. We do not want to have judges.

Samuel was the judge at that time. He went to God and says, God, they rejected me.

God said, No, they did not reject you. They rejected Me, because you were My Mouthpiece. You were the person I was coming through. They do not want you any more, actually they are cutting themselves off from Me by doing that, because if the head is not connected to God, the body is going to be completely disconnected.

They Chose their Own King (Saul).

So, they rejected God, and they chose their king. So God said, OK, go ahead, choose your king. But I will tell you that you are going to be disconnected from God, from My Law.

They chose Saul. Saul was a tall, handsome man. They said, Well, that is what we want. And what happened? Saul did exactly to them what God had said.

God Chose a Good (God) King (David) for Them.

Then God said, You do not know what you are doing. I am going to choose you a king. He chose David as the king and promised that his children would be kings forever. Remember, that is the discussion that we had with Brother Frank. So he still says that we have to continue that tradition.

But when the Seventh Angel comes, this is a new heaven and a new earth. It is a new thing. The old traditions come to a stop.

The Children of Israel Were Divided into Two Nations (House of Israel and House of Judah).

Of course, the Children of Israel were divided into two nations, the House of Judah and the House of Israel. The House of Judah were the ones who eventually went to Syria, Iran, and Persia. Brother Frank believes that I am descended from that.

Those of the House of Judah were the ones who were prophesied that Christ would come from. The Shiloh would come from Judah.

The House of Israel was Conquered and was Taken Away by the Assyrians.

The people knew that the Assyrians were going to come to Israel and conquer them. A lot of them left before the Assyrians came.

Some of them went to the north. That is because they could not go south; it was Egypt, their enemy. They could not go east because it was the Assyrians coming to them. The only way they could go was north, northwest, or west.

Of course, some people believe that the tribe of Dan were fishermen. So they took their ships and left before the Assyrians came. They eventually ended up in England and Europe. The Danube, Danish, and all those names with Dan in Europe, they say are from the tribe of Dan, which came to Europe and settled there.

Also a lot of them went to the north and northeast, which created a kingdom in the north of Iran, called Khazar. They said that they were Jewish people. Eventually, they left from that kingdom to Russia and Europe, and became the Jewish people in Europe, and they eventually came to the United States.

But the tribe of Judah, from which the Kingly Messiah is supposed to come, was the House of Judah. They were in the south, not in the north. This is when the Northern Kingdom was attacked by the Assyrians, and they left.

We can go the page that says, The House Of Judah also was Conquered and Their Royalties and Craftsmen were taken away by King Nebuchadnezzer.

So the tribes come to Europe and to the United States. Eventually they create England as a nation and America as the united nations.

Also, the House of Judah, the Southern Kingdom, which the Messiah was supposed to come from because he said that the Shiloh is going to come from Judah, also was conquered by Nebuchadnezzer. But Nebuchadnezzer took them to Iraq. Later on when Cyrus conquered Iraq, they were taken to Iran.

There are still two very strong Jewish communities in the southern side in Tehran. One of my best friends was a Jewish person when I was in Iran, when I was growing up and in high school.

The Jews Returned, but the House of Israel Did Not.

The Jews went into Iran. What did Cyrus do? Cyrus sent them back and gave them enough resources to rebuild the temple. That is why we can see that only the Jewish tribe, Benjamin, and the Levites with them returned, only three tribes of Israel. The rest became the Northern Kingdom.

That is what Christ was talking about, that woman in the north. Do you remember at the well? He was talking about that woman. That woman was in the Northern Kingdom.

And she was telling Christ, We do not have to go to Jerusalem. We can worship God in this mountain. And when the Messiah comes he is going to tell us what is the truth.

Then Christ told her, You neither have to go to Jerusalem nor do you have to worship in the mountain. You have to worship It in your spirit. What was he talking about, In your spirit? The only way you can worship God in spirit is through meditation. Going to spirit means meditation, closing your eyes, and worshipping God in your body, because your body is the temple of God.

So the Jews come back to Israel. They built the temple. They lived there and then Christ came.

Christ (Shiloh) Came From the Jews (House of Judah).

Christ came as Shiloh. The promise was that Judah would bring the Messiah. So he is the fulfillment of the Scepter, even to Isaac. He, of course, became a Messiah.

And it says that, When the Shiloh comes, that promise is finished. It is done. It is over.

The House of Israel (came to the United Kingdom and the United States).

And they created two nations that we know now.

Christ (Christ Ben Joseph Sacrifice Third Seal).

Christ came as Christ Ben Joseph. That is another term that I learned from Brother Frank. And that makes a lot of sense. He said, There are two Christs. According to him, of course, as he believes, every Prophet is Christ. But he says that it was Christ Ben Joseph who brought the sacrifice, or the Third Seal.

Maitreya (Christ Ben Adam Seventh Seal).

And Maitreya is the Christ Ben Adam, which is the Seventh Angel. Why? Why was the first Christ, Christ Ben Joseph, but Maitreya is Ben Adam? Does anyone have any idea?

Shirin: One brought the seal and the other one brought the conclusion.

Maitreya: Very good. Who was Adam, the first Adam who came to humanity? Did he know about all the Seven Seals? He knew about the Seven Seals, didnt he?

But when Christ came, which seal did he bring? He brought the Third Seal. Very good. Very close.

So he is the son of Joseph. But really Maitreya is the son of Adam because Adam and him both know the Seven Seals, the whole Plan. That is why I accepted it from him because it made a lot of sense.

Now we have exactly what Adam (the first humans when they were created) was teaching. You have this whole truth that has been given. And that is why we can create an environment that God intended then to be created. But it never manifested.

We had to have the history and God had to show us that if we do it ourselves, that is what we are going to have. We are going to have a mess.

Just look at how many wars are there. In a lecture today, it was said there have been thousands and thousands of wars. In six thousand years, we have had thousands of wars, destruction is still going on, and they are still talking about peace. Still the United Nations tries to bring peace, and they cannot because it is not based on God.

Actually, there is a group in the United Nations that got in touch with me, Global Nations. They have the idea of creating a world government. They wanted me to join them as a spiritual advisor to them. They are very impressed with our teaching and everything.

But I told them, Look, we have a conflict here. I already know how to create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. And you are telling me that I just become an advisor to what you have. What you have are good ideas, but they are not God ideas. We have to go with God ideas. That was a couple of weeks ago and I have not heard from them.

But they have been trying to bring peace for the last 6,000 years and God is telling them, This is the way to do it. He said this from the very beginning. He says it now, This is the way to do it. And that is the way it can be done.

He gave us the lesson of history so we can realize the mess we are going to make ourselves if we do not listen to God. And now God sends the way it can be done.

Maitreya is the Only Prophet/Messenger, who is From Both Lineages (Unified),

from Abram and Abraham, from Prophet Muhammad and Isaac. There is no other Prophet you can find that has both lineages. That is another thing we unify, the lineages of the two Prophets.

That was the historical plan. That was the Judeo-Christian-Islamic-Bahai Plan that God chose Abraham.

The Flood of Noah and the Mystical Paths.

There was another Plan, a parallel plan, for the Mystical Paths that we explained came from the flood of Noah. At the time of the flood of Noah, God gave the teaching of the Mystical Paths to Noah and he passed it to his children.

Mystical Paths in All Religions.

That is why in every religion you find the Mystical Paths. The Mystical Paths are the mystical understandings, and is actually the spirit of all religions.

If you do not have the understanding of the mystical teachings, you do not understand your religion. Period. That is why we can see that the saints in Christianity are so highly regarded because they have had an experience with God. They just did not say, Oh yes, I accept a couple of dogmas. I am Christian.

They could explain God. They were different. They were presenting the Spirit of God to the Christians.

Why are Sufis so well known in the Islamic tradition? It is because they had an experience with God. They realized, Yes, God and I are one. That is why the Sufi jumps and says, Annallah. Annallah means, I am God.

Of course, the orthodox Moslems were petrified. How can you become God? God is God. Muhammad is the Prophet. And we are just here to believe a couple of dogmas and that is it. We are saved.

But the Sufis say, No, we cannot just believe that. We have to Actually, in the beginning they did not believe in the Islamic tradition. But the orthodox leaders gave them such a hard time that eventually they said, OK. That is God. That is Prophet Muhammad.

They argued that, Prophet Muhammad himself had spiritual experiences. So he had a direct relationship with God and that was why he understood God so well. Therefore, we have to do the same thing. And then they let them alone a little bit.

In Judaism they have the Cabbala teaching. And that is mysticism in the Jewish teaching. There are many, many other spirited old religions, like the Shamans in Australia, or the Africans who believe everything has a spirit. The tree has a spirit. The earth has a spirit. And they have to create that relationship with them.

But, of course, the very organized way, or one as a Mystical Path, is the religion that came through Noah and eventually came as the Vedas, as we explained before. They are more deeply meditated on, and manifested.

Of course, my own experience, Maitreyas First Experience of Spirituality was Mystical Paths (Baba). If I did not have that first experience of meditation and seeing that God is everything, I would not be here. I would probably have a job as an accountant or a managerial thing, or teaching, or something, somewhere, doing my work. But that experience just completely turned my life around.

That is why we see, even in my case, the first mystical experience is more important than the dogmas that everyone has in their religions. Therefore, we have to tell everyone who has a religion, Close your eyes. Just shut them up. Close your eyes, and see. Then maybe you will experience something. Then you will say, OK, I was wrong. These were all dogmas.

You can have some experience as I did. Therefore, we all have to strive for that experience, for that direct relationship with God.

Of course, maybe God would not give you all this Revelation that He gave through me. But He will give you something that you can hang onto and say, Yes, I have had some experience with God.

Baba (Sixth Seal Sadvipra/Paravipra) was from the Hindu Tradition and has Fulfilled Many Prophecies of His Coming.

From the Mystical Paths eventually came Baba. Baba was the Sixth Seal. He brought the concept of Sadvipra and Paravipra. He was from the Hindu tradition and had fulfilled many prophecies that were foretold for the coming of Baba as the reincarnation of Shiva. He actually purified the Tantric teachings and brought the concept of Sadvipra and the cyclical movement to humanity.

Next topic is: The Parallel Plan for The Mystical Paths. We will continue on that.

The Mystical Paths are Brought Back and Unified with the Rest of Gods Plan.

Again, we unified the Mystical Paths and the rest of the Plan of God, which was the Judeo-Christian- Islamic-Bahai, one Plan, and the Mystical Paths, another plan.

And now the Mission of Maitreya is the only Revelation that brings all of them together. Not even the Bahais have done that. Not even Baba talked about that. Baba never talked about the Judeo-Christian-Bahai-Moslem part of the plan. He did not know. He just knew about the Hindu philosophy, Tantra, and he purified it and brought the beautiful concept of the Sadvipras.

But the Mission of Maitreya is the only Revelation that brings all of them together, gives the whole picture, and says, Here it is. These are the two plans. Now they are one. They are unified as one plan to humanity.

Maitreya is the Only Revealer that Brought all the Paths

(Judaic, Christian, Islamic, Bahai, plus Mystical Paths) Together. He has Opened the Book Sealed with the Seven Seals (The Mystery Of God Is Finished)!

That Book sealed with the Seven Seals has all the truth in it, all the Revelation, because it unifies all the Plans together and reveals them to humanity. Now we can clearly see where each of them falls.

It is interesting, you go and look at these preachers who condemn the Buddhists. They say, Devil worshippers. That is a part of Gods Plan also. We can see in this book, in this Revelation, it clearly says that, that has also been a part of Gods Revelation.

The Book Sealed With the Seven Seals.

Now we have covered the prophecies and saw these two Plans.

Prophecies of the End Time.

Also there was a prophecy for the end time. Now all these things happened to this point and then God also said that there is going to be an end time, and at that end time, the Prophets have had that Vision.

Prophets are Instructed to Seal (Not to Reveal) the Visions They Had of the End Times.

It is just like Daniel, Ezekiel, and all those Prophets who had this Vision were told, Seal the visions. Do not reveal them to anyone.

That is why we can see that no one has this teaching and has revealed this truth before this Revelation because God said, Do not reveal it. That is why we can see that Daniel said, I saw the vision. But he does not explain to us what that vision was, or the same thing as Ezekiel, another Prophet. They put it in such an elaborate way of explaining it, and put it in a very mystical way, that it is very hard to understand. So there is a prophecy of the end time and that vision is sealed.

The Whole Plan Of God is in the Book Sealed with the Seven Seals.

As we said, the only way you can know that Plan is when that Book is revealed to humanity. Now that Book is revealed and that is why we, who are prepared for it, see it so clearly. Those who are still hanging onto their dogmas cannot, because they are still limited with the little things they know intellectually, but they do not have the direct experience with God. So they cannot see clearly that, it is Gods doing.

He sent all these religions. He did close the eye of the humans and sent the teaching of the Mystical Paths. And all of them are from God. There is no separation between any religions on earth.

The whole Plan of God is in the Book sealed with the Seven Seals. This Book Only Can be Opened by the Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah.

I always thought, Well, it is reincarnation. God promised David that he was going to be coming back, to be king. He would be reincarnated again and again. So that promise was fulfilled that way. But now we know also that He showed it another way.

Actually, the tribe of Judah was the tribe who was taken to Assyria and went to Persia. Of course, what happened? Eventually, I was born and I came here to the United States to pursue my education. Suddenly, I end up here talking to you about the Seven Seals.

The only person who can open that Book is the one from the lineage of the tribe of Judah. No one can claim that they can open or know the Seven Seals, or even approach The Revelation and say, Oh, we know what The Revelation means.

They cannot because they do not have the credentials. That is the only person who can do it. That is what it says, No one could open the Book but the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

That is why, again we go back to what John was saying about the New Agers. They are saying, Oh, everyone is fine. Just meditate. Do not worry. Do not listen to anyone.

The word of God says, No. You cannot do that. The only person who can do it is the Lion of the tribe of Judah. That is what you have to listen to, and not to anyone who says, I have a little realization, I can be your teacher. Or, I can take you to God. They cannot.

The Only Time that the Whole Universe Rejoiced was when this Book was opened and God Is Indeed Glorified: (Jallal u llal).

Never, ever has the whole universe rejoiced but when that Book was opened.

The whole universe is rejoicing. God and heaven are rejoicing because this Book is opened now. But humanity still is not rejoicing. That is something that you have to see, Why, why are they not rejoicing? Why cant they see this that clearly? Why, that is the question.

Prophecies of the Coming of the Seventh Angel.

How Can we Find the Prophets of God, and in this case, The Seventh Angel?

How can we find them? Someone comes and says, I am the Prophet. Do we just accept him?

I say that I am the Seventh Angel, would you accept me? Well, you would [laughter]. But anyone who would come and say, I am a Prophet, should we accept them?

Or, I talk to the dead. There is a program recently coming up and everyone is talking about it, I am talking to the dead. Should we follow him and say, Well, it is from God?

Did God say you know them by knowing the dead people? So we can see that, how do we know a Prophet? How does God send a Prophet?

Disciple: The prophecies.

Maitreya: Exactly. He says, I am going to send these prophecies with all these Prophets.

Christ came. He fulfilled the prophecies. Prophet Muhammad came; he fulfilled the prophecies. Bab came; he fulfilled the prophecies. Baba came; he fulfilled the prophecies. So we have to look for the prophecies and to see if the Prophet has fulfilled them.

The Seventh Angel has Fulfilled all the Prophecies of all Prophets before Him.

When I started the Mission, I loved the teaching. I was not looking for prophecies. The only thing I really knew was that I was born west of Tibet and east of Jerusalem. I said, That is great. That is one prophecy fulfilled.

The Jews and the Christians are waiting for him to come from the east. There it is, Tehran is east of Jerusalem. The Hindus and Buddhists are waiting for him to come from the west, and Tehran is in the west of Tibet. I thought that is good enough for prophecies [laughter].

Then a disciple came along and she just kept saying, Oh, look at this, look at that. I found this. I found that. She put them together and said, Oh, that is great. Now we had ten or fifteen prophecies.

Then John comes and said, No, we have all these other things, that he just piled them up on me. And then, of course, Brother Frank came and put more on it. I said, OK, great.

So now I realize, there has never been a Prophet who fulfilled so many prophecies, never ever. And also, all the prophecies that other Prophets fulfilled are also fulfilled through this Mission, all of them.

It is just like, You have to be from the lineage of Prophet Muhammad; It is. You have to be from the lineage of King David; It is.

Also still, that coming from the east of Jerusalem and west of Tibet stands true. That is true. So many, many other things that are fulfilled by other Prophets also are fulfilled. So we fulfill all the prophecies also.

If someone says, The only way I am going to believe in him is if he fulfilled these prophecies, you can say, Yes, he did.

When we were writing in the newsgroup in that period, the Bahais said, Well, he was supposed to be born in Tehran. I said, Yes, he was. [laughing]

He is the Spirit of all the Prophets before Him Combined (Unification).

Again you can see the unification. Why had he all the spirits? As we said, he is the Christ Ben Adam. Only Adam knew the Seven Seals and all the truth. Therefore, he is the Spirit of all of them.

Prophet Muhammad, we want to create the Kingdom. Maybe we even pass laws later on. Christ, we teach sacrifice. We accept all of those teachings before us. Therefore, we accept the Spirit of all the Prophets.

Next, Prophecies Fulfilled by Maitreya. Also, what prophecies are fulfilled through this Mission? Let us go through them. Of course, I am not going to go into the detail of them, but I am just going to explain and probably just say the very basics of them.

He Opened the Seven Seals.

Revealed the Book Sealed with the Seven Seals (THOTH). His birth place, time, etc.

Was born in Persia.

That is a prophecy that he would be born in Persia.

He is a descendent of Persian kings.

That is what John explained to you yesterday, why, and how. He is a descendent of Persian kings. I like that one, I keep saying it [laughter].

He came after the destruction of the Persian Empire.

Before we reached out in 1980, when I met Sarah-ji and we decided to start the Mission together, six months later, after I decided to stay in the United States, the two thousand-five hundred years of the Persian Empire just went down the drain. You remember the revolution of Iran, Khomeini? The Shah was disposed of. Never had it happened in Iran in such a strong way to get rid of the Kingdom. It was two thousand-five hundred years of kingdom and it went down the drain, completely.

He (The Seventh Angel) is also a descendent of King David and Prophet Muhammad.

He comethIn The Clouds (time of confusion).

He cometh in the cloud. What does that mean, He cometh in the cloud?

Disciple: Confusion.

Maitreya: Confusion. Are we confused in this earth right now? Are we having problems, trouble? There is confusion for sure.

Every Eye Shall see Him.

What does that mean, Every eye shall see him? How can everyone see me?

Disciples: Third eyes open.

Maitreya: That is one of the meanings. If your third eye is open, if you have had mystical experiences, if you have been prepared, when you hear the Mission you say, Yes, that makes sense. Nothing else made sense to me up to this point.

It is just like me. Never did anything make sense to me, not my traditional religion, not other religions. None of them made sense until this Revelation came and I said, Yes. Of course, Baba made sense because I had an experience.

Also, well, do you want to see me? Go to the Internet. You can go to our website and there it is. I am there. My Word, my picture, you can see them.

So God fulfills these things in so many different ways: Mystical ways (internally), and human ways (externally). Externally you can see me anywhere in the world. The only thing you need is a very cheap computer, an Internet connection, and you are there. You can do it.

As a Thief of the Night.

What does that mean, As a thief of the night? What does a thief do?

Disciples: Quietly comes in.

Maitreya: Quietly comes in. Sneaks in when no one is looking and steals things away. Is the Mission quiet? It has been quiet for twenty-two years and is still quiet. And they do not know what is happening to them. They think they are powerful. But God is the most powerful and He will prevail. So we are sneaking in like the thief of the night.

To the West.

Did I come to the West? It has been prophesied actually. The prophecy that Christ will come to the West has been a very long tradition in the western cultures. It was in Europe.

It came to the United States. A lot of people knew about it and a lot of people had visions that he will come. We will talk about it.

To America.

He will come to the United States, to America. That is also prophesied. Even in the Bahai prophecies it has been said that he is going to come. In the Mormon prophecies, and even before the Mormons, there were some visionaries in England, the Irish tradition. There had been some visionaries there, and they have seen that Christ will come in America.

A City in America.

To a city. That is an interesting one that even the city has been pinpointed. That is from Joseph Smith, the Mormons. He was a visionary.

If you go to that URL, that I have here, to that part about Joseph Smith, it says, Christ comes to the Rocky Mountains, west of the U.S. In the spring of 1844 Joseph Smith received a vision called The White Horse Prophecy. He saw that Jesus would return in the Rocky Mountains. Later, Smith saw that the return of Jesus would be in America in the temple described by Ezekiel in the Bible, which would be located in the Rocky Mountains.

The Mission started in Denver, the middle of the Rocky Mountains. That is the Rocky Mountains. The Rocky Mountains also end at Santa Fe, which is just a little north of Albuquerque and Rio Rancho.

We were talking about city just now. How do you find the city? Another vision says, The kingdom will start in the city west of a large river.

Joseph Smith was the founder of the Mormon Church. He saw in a vision that the Kingdom of God would be west of a large river.

What does Rio Grande mean?

Disciples: Large River.

Maitreya: It means large river, doesnt it [all laughing]? And where is Rio Rancho?

Disciples: West of the river.

Maitreya: When we moved to Rio Rancho, they had a contest, What will we call this city? Then they came up with the name: City Of Vision. This is the Vision that will manifest to this city. That is another interesting thing. And Rio Rancho is west of the Rio Grande River, a large river.

Also, at this time, he (Joseph Smith) saw a vision of a great river and Jesus was on the west side of the river. He thought it was going to be in the Mississippi area. He traveled on the Mississippi River until he saw a mountain and a town in a valley west of the river. He told his followers that this town would now be called Nauvoo. He said it was a Greek word meaning, Plateau.

First of all, the city has to have a mountain. We have a mountain. It has to have a river, the city itself has to be on the west, and it has to have a plateau.

Of course, Joseph Smith could not find the city. Why couldnt he find Rio Rancho? It did not exist. At that time, Rio Rancho was not around yet. Actually, it started to be built around 30 40 years ago. There was not such a city. It was not built.

God knew it was going to be built, but Joseph Smith did not. He thought that he was going to found it.

So as I said, God has given where it is going to come, even the city. The only thing He did not give us is our plat number and the number of the house and what it is.

We can stop here probably and pick up the rest of the lecture tomorrow. [go to part II of the lecture.]

Lecture At The Feast of Tabernacles
Seventh Seal



Part II September 24, 2002

Part II Audio

(To Part 1)

Maitreya: This is the Mission of Maitreya. We are having our Feast of Tabernacles yearly gathering. We gather together eight days as commanded by God in Leviticus 23 in the Bible. For eight days we will celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles. We are in the middle of it. This is the second part of my lecture. We covered half of it yesterday, and we are going to go through the rest. It is called, The Seven Seals, Mission of Maitreya, Eternal Divine Path.

As I said yesterday, this is a lecture about the Mission, so really it is about me and the Mission. It is very hard for me to talk about this as Maitreya himself and say, Maitreya fulfilled this prophecy, Maitreya fulfilled that prophecy. Maybe it is better to look at it as I am a third person giving this lecture. So I am talking about Maitreya, the Mission, and all that. In that case, in the future if someone wants to give a lecture on the same topic, they can use this lecture and say almost the same things that I am saying today.

We went through many topics yesterday. And we also covered the prophecies fulfilled through this Mission and how we can find the Prophets. That is the only way we can find if a person is a Prophet or not.

If they have not fulfilled the prophecies, no matter how wonderful a thing they are saying, it is not 100% directly from God. Prophet Muhammad, Christ, even Moses, and Bab, all of them had fulfilled the prophecies. Even in the prophecy that He cometh in the clouds, we said that clouds meant confusion.

Every eye shall see him. We described that one.

As the thief of the night, well, the Mission is very quiet and not very many people know about it. Really, we are sneaking into the human society right now. And we are just calling the Elects to come and join us.

A lot of people come here but really you do not become attracted to the Mission, unless you are an Elect. Then you are attracted.

I want to repeat some points again because probably this is one of the things that John did not cover in the prophecies. John covered that he is going to come to the West, and he is going to come to the United States, in America.

Also there is something that we just found out around a month ago when we were discussing with Brother Frank about succession in the Mission. Do you remember that he directed us to go to a website to study? One of the things there was about Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith apparently had a vision of the city in the United States that Christ is going to appear. Probably it would be of interest to you, John, if you want to study in that URL about Joseph Smith.

I went through that yesterday, but I am going to read his vision one more time so that you would know what it says there. Christ comes in the Rocky Mountains, west area of the U.S. In the spring of 1844, Joseph Smith received a vision called, The White Horse Prophecy. He saw that Jesus would return in the Rockies. Later Smith saw that the return of Jesus would be in America, in the temple described by Ezekiel in the Bible, which would be located in the Rocky Mountains.

And this is my quote: The Mission started in Denver. That is the Rocky Mountains, right in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. Everyone knows where Denver is and everyone knows it is in the Rocky Mountains.

The Rocky Mountains also end just to the north of Albuquerque, where the city of Santa Fe is, which is very close to us in Rio Rancho. So his vision was correct on that.

Then it goes on and says, At this time, he (Joseph Smith) saw a vision of a great river and Jesus was on the west side of the river. He thought large river in the vision meant the Mississippi because that was the largest in the United States. So his conclusion, logically, was, Well that is what it should be.

He traveled on the Mississippi River until he saw a mountain and a town in a valley west of the river. He told his followers that this town would now be called Nauvoo. He said it was a Greek word meaning, plateau.

Of course, Rio Rancho is to the west of the Rio Grande. What does Rio Grande mean? It means large river. We are right on the west of the river, and we are on a plateau. It is higher than the rest of the place. And the Sandia Mountains are right in the city.

This time God not only fulfilled all the prophecies you found and other people found, but it also gives the city, the place it is going to come, and everything. So I just wanted to mention that you could probably look into that too if you wanted to add to the rest.

With a New Name

The next prophecy is the name. A lot of people are still waiting for him to come with whatever name they know, Muhammad, or Christ, or Jesus.

Of course, we know that Jesus was not his name. The Bible clearly says that he will come with a new name. So it does not have to be exactly the same name that they are waiting for.

His Names were given to Him (except the title Jallalullah).

These names were given to him. All of my names, none of them did I give to myself: Maitreya, Vigi Kumar, Joseph Emmanuel. None of them did I give to myself. I was born with Muhammad. The Moslems are waiting for their Messiah to come or their Madhi to come.

I received Maitreya from Baba. I received Vigi Kumar from Baba. Of course, it is a long story. You all know what happened. It is in the website if you want to go and read about it. There is one week of lecture about, How He Became Maitreya, or how I realized what my Mission is.

So all these names were given to me, except the title, Jallalullah, that I recently gave to myself. And that was also to emphasize that Jallalullah means, the glory of God. It is not Bahaullah. A lot of Bahais say that Bahaullah means the glory of God. It does not mean that. It means the beauty of God. Bahaullah does not mean the glory of God.

Of course, they go and say that any place in the Bible, or any Scripture that says, Glory of God, is referring to Bahaullah. Yet that name does not even mean the glory of God! So that is why I gave that title to myself so everyone would recognize that Bahaullah does not mean the glory of God, but Jallalullah means the glory of God.

This Mission, of course, is glorifying God for sure. There is no doubt. Even if you are an atheist or an agnostic, still if you read THOTH you will see that God said He was going to do these things in history in the last 12,000 years, and He did them. Even if you are an intellectual, if you do not have any heart, any relationship to God, you can still realize that God said He was going to do these things and therefore, you will believe in Him.

Next, All Great Religions on the earth have predicted the coming of this Mission. Every religion has predicted that this Mission will come.

Hinduism (Kalki Avatar).

In Hinduism they are waiting for the Kalki Avatar. Of course, I am not going to go through all the details about any of them, as they are on the website, and they have already been published there.

Actually, this lecture is mostly an outline of what the Mission is all about. Really, if you want to know the details, go to the website: That is why the website is such a big website because it has so much material to cover. So that is why I am just going to quickly go through them.

Zoroastrianism (Shah-Bahram).

The Zoroastrians are waiting for Shah-Bahram. Shah means king. Bahram is the name of their coming Messiah.

Judaism (Messiah).

In Judaism he is called Messiah. They are waiting for their Messiah to come. Of course, Christ came really as their Messiah but they never accepted him as the one they were waiting for. But, of course, still they are calling for the Messiah.

Buddhism (The Maitreya).

In Buddhism, he is called Maitreya. The Buddhists say, What do you cover from our religion? Even the name I started the Mission with is a Buddhist name. So they should be pretty happy that that is the name that has been given, and they should see that they are included also.

Navajo/Native Americans (The Great Spirit).

Navajo and Native American Indians are waiting for Maasauu or something like that with that pronunciation. Actually, if you look at it, Maasauu is very similar to Messiah, isnt it? It is very similar. So the American Indians are waiting for him. Actually, they are waiting for him to come with a beard and a white robe.

That is how I started the Mission. Actually, when I went to Toronto, I went with sandals, my robe, and a beard. I was traveling in the airport. I remember that everyone was looking, Who is he, with the beard? They thought I was just going to blast them away. They thought, Oh, it is the second coming.

So they are waiting for their Great Spirit to come, and we do represent the Great Spirit, and that is God.

Christianity (Christ returns).

Christians, of course, are looking for the return of the Christ, and they have the address exactly where they can find him. The only thing is that they have to look at the prophecies. They say, Coming from the plateau, in a city west of a large river, in the United States. What else do they need?

Islam (Mahdi).

In Islam, of course, they are looking for Madhi. As I said, this Mission has fulfilled every prophecy before it. Although Bab represented Madhi, the Mission represents Madhi too. Bab was from the lineage of Prophet Muhammad; the Mission is from Prophet Muhammad. Also Christ was from the lineage of King David, and the Mission is too.

So the Mission covers all of them. It brings the whole thing, unifies even those things together.

Bahais/Babis (He Who God Shall Make Manifest)

Bahais and the Babis are waiting for, He who God shall make manifest. Of course, Bahaullah claimed that he was the one that Bab was talking about. We know better because there are a lot of things in the Bahai teaching, which are not perfect. And God said, It is not perfect. Also, as we know, he threw a lot of things he wrote away. How can he be the last revealer if he threw half of his revelations into the river? He could have covered everything that God revealed to humanity.

So we see that Bahaullah also could not be the Seventh Angel. He was a co-Prophet with Bab, the two Prophets that were prophesied to come.

In The Last Days

Knowledge shall increase


In the last days, knowledge shall increase. What happened since World War II? Suddenly from horse and carriage, we are space traveling. Who gave those things to humanity? Of course, our scientists say, Well, we discovered them. But in reality God let them to discover.

It is just like Einstein knew that he could not come up with those equations himself. They had to come from the higher power. And he believed in God and higher consciousness. So we can see that even scientists are used by God to reveal these things to humanity. So, Knowledge shall increase.

Next is, False Prophets and Antichrists will arise. Do we have more teachers this time than before, more chiefs than Indians? So we can see that there are a lot of people who say, I am the teacher. I know the truth. Come and follow me.

There is a truth in it. Anyone who is a little higher in consciousness can help the person a little lower than themselves. But how far can they take them? They can take them to their own level. But there is much more.

We can see, even if you can astral project still you have not made it. You became caught in the ethereal level instead of going to Pure Consciousness.

New Revelation will come.

We know that our teaching is not an extension of any other religion. It is absolutely a new Revelation. Nothing like it has been on earth for at least 12,000 years, or before Noah. So we can see that this is an absolutely new Revelation. But it is a new Revelation, which includes every other revelation.

Babylon the great (old world orders) will fall

. We are witnesses of the change of the power structure on earth. There is great upheaval going on right now. They will eventually realize that they either have to destroy themselves or listen to God and His Revelation and bring His Kingdom on earth.

As we saw, God is in control, as we explained yesterday. He directed the history. He is the One in control. No matter what these people think, they are not in control. God is in control. That is what they have to understand and realize.

We have to spread this Message and let the people understand that God is the only salvation of humanity; otherwise they are going to blow themselves up. It is as simple as that. We have the capability of blowing ourselves up fifty times.

Why do you want to blow yourself up fifty times? The first time you blow yourself up, that is it. You do not need to destroy another forty-nine times. But we have the capability to do that.

So that is our job, to spread this Message, to help the people to realize that we have to come together. This is the Revelation that unifies us. But at the same time we are individuals, and we have individual expression. That is why we have to be unified under this Revelation, not under our personalities.

Each of us has different personalities but we have to sometimes tolerate some personalities because we want to be unified. We cannot throw anyone from this Mission because it belongs to everyone.

So we have to realize that although we are unified under this teaching, we might have different personalities that do not match. This is OK. That is the way it is. We have to create so much tolerance that we would be able to tolerate some energies that otherwise we would not. So we create a greater ability to be with each other without getting to the personality problems.

We can see that God still is in power. But it has to be recognized by humanity that, Yes, really, God is in power and in control. The only way to create His Kingdom, which He meant from the very beginning, is the creation of the Communities of Light, and the creation of greater understanding and compassion for one another so that we can create an environment where everyone can grow physically, mentally, and spiritually and help one another.

That is another thing. We have to help each other. If we can help someone, we should.

So Babylon the great: means that this world is going to fall. There is no doubt about it; it is going to fall. Of course, there are a lot of people who think that they have the ability to continue it but it is not going to work.

Other prophecies [Third Revealer of the Greatest Name, The rest shall be martyred (Bahais in Iran), Foretold to come in 1982]

There are also other prophecies: The third revealer of the Greatest Name that a lot of people are waiting for. The Bahais are also waiting for it. They say they have two of them, and the third one they do not have. And we have The Word.

We are revealing The Word to humanity. Actually, I think this is the first time that really God permitted this to be revealed to everyone, to humanity.

Christ knew it. He healed people with them. He revealed it to his disciples. That is why they could heal the people. Of course, we do not heal people because we want individuals to become self-sufficient and heal themselves.

If I heal you, you have never learned how to heal yourself. I go away, and the bad spirit comes back. As Christ said, seven of them will gang up against you and your state is going to be even worse than before.

That is why we teach yoga and meditation, and we recommend that you familiarize yourself with your body so you can heal yourself. After a while we will not need any doctors, or we will need very few of them.

But the way we are going, if people really listen to us, a lot of people are going to be out of business [laughter] because we really do not need them. God already gave you the ability to heal yourself and know yourself. So you do not need any chiropractors, or doctors, or anyone. You can do it yourself.

Why yoga? When you do yoga, you heal yourself. You massage yourself and get the energy to move in your body and all that. So that is the recommendation of each person to become self-sufficient.

The rest shall be martyred. Of course, we know that the Bahais were martyred. They were living in Iran before the revolution. When the revolution came, they were the infidels. They were saying that there was a Prophet after Prophet Muhammad. And, that is a no, no in Islamic countries. Muhammad was the last Prophet and there is no other Prophet. Therefore, they were exterminated; they were absolutely destroyed. You cannot find any Bahais anymore in Iran. And it actually started there.

That is why God brought me here this time and then said, OK, in this country they have passed the law of the separation of church and state so you can preach My Word, because if anyone puts you on the cross or shoots at you, it is against the law, at least so far. If I had said these things in a Moslem country, I would be an infidel.

So we can see that God this time is very protective about His Revelation. He wanted it to be brought somewhere that it could be preached. He even provided the computer.

Now we are saying, and a lot of people out there can hear us. You can see He has provided a lot of means to disseminate this Revelation to a lot of people. We have probably reached more people in this time, in this period, than Christ reached in two hundred years because we have so many tools to work with.

Actually, it is in the Bible that those with the white robes, asked God, God, when will Your Kingdom come? And God said, You have to wait for a while. A little, actually, that is the answer to that question again that that Bahai was saying, wait a little until the rest of your brothers are also killed.

So waiting is a little this time, it is not a long, twelve hundred years, or five hundred years, or six hundred years. It is very little. You wait for a little, the rest also will be martyred. And that is what happened to the rest of the Bahais.

A lot of Bahais were killed in the revolution in Iran. So we can see that that also was fulfilled.

Also, of course, Mr. Crme went around and said that Maitreya is going to come in 1982. This you are all familiar with.

We did not even know about him. We reached out and we published THOTH. One day Sarah-ji came to me and said, Janice at work said, What did she say?

Sarah-ji: She said, Hey, have you seen that book about Maitreya? I said, No, what book? She said, Yes, it was in the bookstore, about Maitreya the Christ. It was from the Benjamin Crme organization.

Maitreya: And that is when we found out about Mr. Crme. We had already reached out in 1982. So that is another prophecy.

I guess that is enough prophecies, isnt it? We can go to the next topic: Mission of the Seventh Angel.

Now let us see, what is the Mission of the Seventh Angel? It is to: Open the Seven Seals.

So anyone, any Prophet before this prophecy, if they claim they are the Seventh Angel, can they be the Seventh Angel? None of them opened the Seventh Seal. No one came and said, Hey, this is what the Seven Seals mean in the Revelation.

In The Revelation, the Seven Seals means the Seven Revelations of God, the Seven Spirits of God that came through the different Prophets. Therefore the Seventh Angel has to open the Seven Seals. If he has not opened the Seven Seals, he cannot claim to be the Seventh Angel.

Reveal the Book Sealed with the Seven Seals.

The whole culmination, the whole zenith, the whole highest level of Revelation of God comes in chapter 5 of The Revelation. The whole universe is waiting for this book to be opened. And no one can open it. It is sealed with the Seven Seals, and everyone is crying and saying, Well, we cannot open it. How can it be opened? And they all gave up.

Even John started crying and saying, It is not going to be opened. And suddenly, The branch of the tribe of Judah is going to open it up. And then the whole universe, of course, rejoices.

We are in that point now that the Seven Seals are opened. The book is revealed.

Therefore, a period has finished, that period of 12,000 years that God was trying to show humanity that if God leaves humanity alone that is what is going to happen. Six thousand years of war, destruction, separation, dogmatic beliefs, false prophets, false kings, and all these things are going to happen to you.

God told the Children of Israel, You want a king? Fine. Go ahead and choose your king. They made a mistake and they choose Saul.

So that means, the human without God is lost, absolutely he is lost. And they are going to create a lot of problems for themselves.

And probably they could blow themselves up. Someone maybe gets an atomic bomb, they are desperate, and they blow the whole Is it, they blow it to kingdom come [laughter]? That is exactly what the atomic bomb does. It blows the whole thing.

What happened to Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Ten thousand people were killed. They were going around eating their food and living their lives, and then suddenly ten thousand of them just vanished. And the rest got diseased, their skin started to fall off, and all of that. What is that?

That was just a very small atomic bomb. The ones they have are a million times more potent than the one they had in Hiroshima. It is something that the human really has to think about.

And they are going do it. In the Cuban crisis, they almost did push the button. If Khrushchev hadnt backed off, probably someone would have pushed the button.

That is what the human is going to do. They are going to create separation, dogmas, and destruction is going to come to them. Now this is the blueprint of not doing it.

We have the blueprint to humanity. Look, God brought you to this point, now this is your salvation. You are either going to blow yourselves up, or you are going to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Which one are you going to choose?

So, do you see what responsibility is upon our shoulders? It was upon my shoulder. Now it is upon your shoulders too. Of course, at the same time you know so many wonderful things about God and you were prepared for it.

The next topic was: The Mission Of The Seventh Angel. The Mission of the Seventh Angel is to: Disseminate the teachings and spread the Message to all corners of the earth.

That is what we have been doing for the last twenty years. Every opportunity God gave to me, I pushed to the limit. No matter what, the smallest opportunity I received, I disseminated this Message out.

We have a wonderful website. We have a wonderful webmaster [laughter and applause] who is helping it very much. I think we have covered very good materials there.

Actually, if there is anything in the Mission, you can go and find out about it there. There is nothing that is not covered and is not there.

We have been answering questions for twenty-two years and I am at the point that it sounds like I have covered everything. Of course, once in a while someone comes and asks a question I have never been asked. But most of the questions have been really answered.

So we have fulfilled our responsibility to God and have tried to disseminate this information to everyone on earth. It is on the web, it is in the Internet, and everyone has access to it.

Gather the Elects.

The next responsibility of the Seventh Angel is to gather the Elects. And that is exactly who we are calling. We are calling the Elects, Come Elects, we need you to come and join us. Come closer to the Mission or wherever you are. Of course, we need a lot of people close to the Mission so we can get things going on around here. That is first. And second, of course, create teachers who can go and preach the teaching all over the world. And thirdly, they create people who have the ability to create more Communities of Light.

Eventually we can create more and more of the communities, and when humanity is ready then these communities can connect to each other and send e-mails to each other all the time, use computers, and all of that. We will even teach these things to humanity in a greater degree.

Create the facilitating Body.

That is another responsibility of the Seventh Angel, not only to bring the Elects together but also to create the facilitating body.

The facilitating body is the original hierarchy that will be created in the Mission. And this original hierarchy will facilitate the creation of the Communities of Light, and eventually, the final hierarchy will emerge from the bottom of the society to the top.

When, of course, that is created, this facilitating body will become the Elders so they will just sit back and help the body, but they do not have any authority because they were not really chosen by the people. The whole idea of the Mission is that people are going to emerge from these communities. So they are really going to be the people who will run the show.

But we need the facilitating body. We need a body that facilitates the dissemination of the teaching and at the same time the creation of the Communities of Light. So we need to create that body.

Who is going to be in that body? The Elects are going to be in that body.

Manifest the Hierarchy.

Eventually we have to create the Communities of Light. The Communities of Light are communities based on the Eternal Divine Path. From these communities, the leaders will emerge and eventually a hierarchy will be formed from them.

Wait until humanity is ready. Then we wait. When we have created all these things, then we wait for humanity to get ready. Also these Communities of Light are going to be wonderful places to be. People will want to be in them so they are going to join more and more.

There is a critical point. If we make the Mission to get to that critical point, the rest is going to just fall into place.

So we have to create that hierarchy from the Communities of Light, wait until humanity is ready and Bring Gods Kingdom on earth. That is really our goal of the Mission, to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Of course, I am the first fruit and the first revealer. You are the second fruit, or third fruit, or fourth fruit, or whatever, but you have received the Revelation.

Now it is your responsibility. This was my responsibility. When I gave it to you, it is now your responsibility.

God knew this even before I was born. He gave it to me and said, You have to do this.

Have I done a good job? OK, then you have to do the same thing.

We have to wait. We are not revolutionary people. We are an evolutionary people. We are at an evolutionary stage that the Kingdom will come. The Golden Age is coming. There is no doubt about that. This is a preparation for that coming.

So the only thing we have to do is we have to educate people. We are the educators; we educate humanity to see what they will do to themselves if they do not listen to God. God gave us a good resume that there is no doubt that this is from God.

If you still have doubt and you cannot see that this Revelation is from God, as I said, there is something wrong with you. That is because He gave even the address of the city where this is going to come.

Let us go to the next page: The Message Of The Seventh Angel. What is the message of the Seventh Angel? [many speaking at once here]

Disciple: Bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, through the Eternal Divine Path.

Maitreya: The Eternal Divine Path, that is the Message. The base of our teaching is very simple. It is a Path. It has no dogma. It has no glossy thing over it. Or, if you believe in a name you are going to be saved, or you have the last word, or you are the chosen people.

You are the chosen people if you follow the Eternal Divine Path. If you are not following the Eternal Divine Path, you are kidding yourself because you cannot get there.

Hopefully, we will find people who do not kid themselves. They will follow the Eternal Divine Path. They meditate; they awaken their spiritual forces. They look at themselves to know, What is my pattern, what is my problem? What do I do in my life that gets me to the same trouble over and over again? If we look at those patterns, we eventually will dissolve them and we will free ourselves from those subconscious set-ups.

So we can see that they meditate, they awaken their spiritual forces, they free themselves from the psychological, emotional, cultural, and whatever other things in this world that they put on us and bind us, and they free themselves. So they can say, OK I can live in the community. I can be helpful. I can be loving. I can be a part of it. I can be a light worker, become a light myself.

How can you live in the Community of Light if you do not have a light? You will be pushed out. You would be out of place, out of sync. But if you have the light, easily you can live in the Communities of Light and become one with it.

Then, of course, you realize that you have to sacrifice. Then you have to surrender and submit to God and become a universalist. Then you become an Elect. Oh, you know the Eternal Divine Path. I guess I have explained it many times that you have heard it.

So that is the real Message of this Mission: Eternal Divine Path. Of course, there is only one Path. Also it unifies all the religions of the world. That is what God meant by sending this religion, that religion, and that religion. He prophesied such a person would come and bring the next revelation. And he did.

All of this says God exists. The reason that I emphasize, God exists, is because 99% of the humans do not really believe that God exists.

They have religion. They have some beliefs. But they really, really do not have a direct relationship with God. They just believe something that their parents told them and say, OK, I believe God exists. But really they do not.

But here in our Mission, at least you see that God said He was going to do these things and He did them, therefore, He exists. Actually, intellectually you can say that He exists. Then you meditate and eventually you will have some relationship with Him.

Unification of all religions.

He also unified the Seven Angels. He unified all religions. There is no religion in the world that is not unified in the Mission. Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.

What religion is not included? Can anyone can come up with any religion that is not unified with the rest? There are the Mystical Paths, which cover a lot of religions. Any religion that says, Know thyself, is a part of the Mystical Paths.

Do Hindus say, Know thyself? Do Buddhists say, Know thyself? They are all in the Mystical Paths. And then, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Bahai, and all other religions are unified. Therefore, again, the Seventh Angel fulfilled that requirement.

Unity of the Universe and Man.

If you read the book, Universe And Man, you will see that again we have unified man with the universe. Every man, every woman is a universe in itself.

You have every element in the universe in you. So you really represent the universe, each of you. And that is how you are connected to the universe.

Your ultimate goal is to be(come) Pure Consciousness. You do not need this body anymore to become absolutely absorbed into the Godhead. Even then when the universe all becomes Pure Consciousness, you still are a part of the universe itself. So that is another unification.

The next responsibility of the Messenger, of the Seventh Angel: God is the King (Has to be Glorified).

That is why whenever we do something good, who has done it? God has done it. Whenever we do bad, who has done it? We did it [laughter]. Isnt it a terrible place to be? Can God do something that is not perfect? If we are doing something that is not perfect, who did it? We did it because we did not let the Spirit come through.

So you have to always let Him do the work. If He does the work, what happens? You do perfect things. Then your life becomes a joy, a dance, and something that you flow with. Anything is done in the proper time, and perfectly it is done, and correctly it is done. So we let Him come through.

And all glory goes to God. He does not need us to glorify Him. He does not need the glorification. He is perfect.

How can you glorify something that is already perfect? Perfection does not need glorification. Perfection is glorified, in another way. So He really does not need it.

We need to glorify Him. Why? We need to get out of ourselves. Forget about me, me, me, me all the time. By glorifying Him all the time, we do not think about ourselves but we think about God and we get out of ourselves. So we are free.

Also, as we said, If God is the King, we create Communities of Light. We follow Gods Laws. If God is not the king, we have kings, we have heads of state, we have dictators, we have presidents, we have this and that, which are not connected to God. So even the heads have to be connected to God.

If the head is not connected to God, is the body connected to God? No. If the head is sick, what happens to the body? The body feels sick. When you have a headache, do you feel good? Does your body feel good?

Again it is so important in the Mission that the head should be Paravipras. The head should be people who are connected to God. If they are not connected to God, the body is going to be also not connected.

Bring His Kingdom, which will bring Peace, Prosperity, and Good (God) life to man.

So that is the only way to prosperity, peace, unity, and a good life to man, by bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth based on the Communities of Light.

There is no other way. Anyone out there saying anything else that they say that they can bring peace, or, I have a good idea, let us create Global Nations, or, this and that, they are good ideas. They meant good. I am not saying they are bad people. They mean good. They want to do something good. But they want to do it according to human understanding instead of Gods understanding, which is now revealed to humanity.

The timing is perfect because we are on the brink of destroying ourselves or bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

OK, the next topic, the next page on the PowerPoint, is: What the Seventh Angel Unifies? We have talked about so many unifications that have occurred in the Mission. What do we unify in the Mission?

First of all, we unify All Religions on earth. That is the most important part of the unification that occurred in the Mission. We have unified all religions on earth.

Second we unified, Judeo, Christian, Islamic, Bahai Teachings with the Mystical Paths. No other revelation to this point unifies the Mystical Paths with the Judeo, Christian, Islamic, Bahai. Even the Bahai teaching mostly is really an extension of the Judeo, Christian, Islamic teachings. That is why they have a hard time with the Hindus and Buddhists. It is because they do not cover the Mystical Paths. So we can see that that is another unification.

The Mystical Paths is the Spirit of all religions. If you do not know the Mystical Paths, you do not know meditation, you do not understand Karma, reincarnation and all those things, and you do not understand your teaching.

When Christ said that Elijah is John the Baptist, he was talking about reincarnation. How did John come in the womb of Elizabeth as John the Baptist? He was reincarnated as John the Baptist. So we can see.

Now you say, Oh, now I understand. Now that I have realized the Mystical Paths and the teaching, I can see.

When Christ said, Your eyes have to be single, then your whole body will be full of light, if I was not in Ananda Marga, or I had not meditated, or heard about the third eye, I would not have understood that sentence. I would say, Hum, OK. Maybe the light is something that comes from the sky and goes to my body and fills me up.

That is why my first experience was mystical with Baba. Actually, my first experience with God was meditation. I closed my eyes, I saw the light, and everything made sense.

So we can see that the Mystical Paths is the Spirit of all religions. That is why that is the first step in the Eternal Divine Path.

You have to meditate and create the experience with God. As we said, God is not something that you explain. God is something that you experience.

You can explain Him forever and you are never going to find out about It. But when you experience It, you do not need an explanation anymore. You just experience It.

The East and The West.

So far the East was mostly spiritual and religious. The West was mostly mind and science.

This Revelation is the only Revelation that actually was revealed in the West. All other religions and revelations were revealed in the East.

So we can see that the East and the West also are unified. Actually, I was educated in a very Western way when I was growing up. I grew up very westernized. It was in the time of the Shah, and he was pretty westernized. He was skiing, going to Europe all the time, and all of that. So I was westernized.

When I came to the United States it was not a very big cultural shock for me. Actually, I did not know anything about meditation and did not even believe in God the way they presented It to me, but here I found the East.

I grew up very westernized in the East and became very easternized and found the East when I was in the West. It was absolutely upside down.

Also God now is releasing the energy between the West and the East, and they are becoming more balanced. The eastern people are learning more about science and all that. And the West is interested to know about God. That is because a lot of western Souls were born in the East now, and a lot of eastern Souls were born in the West. So they are getting mixed up. What else did the Seventh Angel unify?

All Prophecies.

As we said, before the Prophets had a couple of prophecies fulfilled with them. With the Seventh Angel, all the prophecies came together as one, too. And He represented all the prophecies of the Prophets before him also. So that is another unification.

Khatam and Khatem .

That is the big discussion in Islam that, What did Prophet Muhammad mean? Did he mean Khatem, the end of the Prophets, or Khatam the seal of the Prophets? Was he the seal of the Prophets, or was he the last Prophet?

Now we can see that our explanation unifies them. He is the seal of the Prophets. Where is Islam in The Greatest Sign? It is at the very top. If you make a ring of The Greatest Sign, where is Islam going to be? Islam is the seal.

Also, of course, he brought the highest spiritual realization. If you let God come through you all the time, are you and God one? You do not exist. God only exists. Isnt the goal of the life to become one with God? If you reach that point, you have reached the highest spiritual realization. So in that sense he brought the highest spiritual understanding. And therefore, he was the last Prophet.

Really the rest of the Prophets after him did not bring any great spiritual realization. They brought universalism, who is the Elects, and unification. But really, the most important is that you and God become one.

Next, Science and Religion. We also unified science and religion. There is no separation between science and religion. Whatever science realizes is what God has already created.

We are not against evolution. We are not against science.

Actually, we were talking about ice last night with Isaac. Water is the only element in the universe that when it freezes, it expands. That is the only element in the universe that when it freezes it expands, instead of becoming more condensed.

He had an explanation why. We were asking, Who do you think created it this way?

He said, God. [laughter]

Isnt it nice if you can study science at the same time realize who is behind it? Who created the science that those elements bind together to create new elements, and all that? And he did not hesitate, God, right away. He knew exactly what the answer was.

Capitalism, and Marx and Engels ideas from which communism came.

Capitalism says Free enterprise. Anyone who wants to can make capital, make money, reach out and make as much money as they want and live the way they want.

Communism says, No. Marx and Engels, as we explained yesterday, said, There is a thesis, an anti-thesis, and there is a fight between these two elements all the time. Eventually, one of them wins, or they merge together and become a synthesis. The synthesis becomes a thesis itself, and it is going to have an anti-thesis. Again the fight is going to go on. And it is going to continue forever.

So they came up with the idea that the capitalists, or the people who have the resources and money are going to be against the workers and the farmers, mostly the workers. So there is going to be a fight. And eventually they envisioned that communism would come, when everyone works according to their ability and takes according to their need.

Of course, we saw that communism did not work. Russia fell apart. Cuba is in trouble and all the people who followed the Communist ideology. It did not work.

And they never explained what happened after communism. After communism comes, that becomes what? That becomes the thesis itself, doesnt it? There has to be an anti-thesis for communism. What is it? They never explained that.

But in our teaching we explain the cyclical movements of the society, which was brought by Baba. We will see very comfortably that they are right, there is a thesis and an anti-thesis, but it has a cyclical way.

At the time of the revolution, who revolted against the thesis? It was the workers.

But the moment the revolution starts, who is going to put those workers out from the destruction, looting, and all of that? There has to be an army. The warrior class comes in.

Who ruled Russia for seventy years? It was the army, generals, etc. So the worker revolution transferred to the warrior or Ksattriyan Era. Then in the Ksattriyan Era, when they became more and more dependent on their intellectuals, Gorbachev came and said, No, this is not going to work. We need to become more business oriented and intellectual. Now Russia is in an intellectual era.

Of course, when the intellectual comes, the next is the business. You cannot live if you do not expand. Business has to expand. That is the nature of business. If you stay still, you die.

You have to expand, you have to eat other businesses and become bigger, larger, and huger. And eventually, what happens? A few businesses have all the resources and everyone else has become a worker. Again there is a revolution. And this cycle happens over and over.

So we unified these two ideologies. There is nothing wrong with capitalism, to a point. There is nothing wrong with the intellectuals having the ability to create, find out, research, understand the universe, and bring greater resources to humanity, to a point. There is nothing wrong with the system that has to bring peace to people by the Ksattriyan Era, but to a point. So we can see that none of them is perfect but all of them are necessary to run their courses.

Now if we leave it to humans and let these courses happen by themselves, when the time of the Vaeshyan Era (business era) comes, there will be a revolution and destruction, and all of that. But according to our teaching, the Paravipras will know this cyclical movement. So when the time comes to go to the next cycle, they facilitate the change. It very smoothly goes from one era to the next era, to the next era. And the human progress will progress forever to a point of balance.

When we reach that point of balance, then it is going to be a wonderful place to be. So we can see that is another unification that came through the Mission.

The next topic: The old concept of the community life with the latest technology of the new era.

What happened to us? We created big cities and had our own houses, and we separated each other from one another, We do not need our neighbor anymore because we have everything we want. We have heat. We have running water. We have protection of the police. We have everything we need. But we do not have community anymore.

There is no community. And not only is there no community, we both work. We do not have enough money to spend. So I do not need you. You do not need me. Again separation and it absolutely destroyed the family structure, the home structure, and the community structure.

We say, OK now we can go back, have the community but we can at the same time use technology. If twelve people come together and even if seven, eight, or nine of them work, three of them can stay home and create a good environment and community for the rest of the seven or eight people who go to work.

When they come home, they have a nice place to meditate and be together, to dance, to chant, to talk about God, to listen to the tapes, read on Pal Talk [laughter], all of that, and be joyful with it. Again we see that the new technology with the old community is unified.

Man and God (no middle man

). We do not believe in the mediator. You have to go to God directly. Even the spiritual teachers in the Mission are here to disseminate the Message, not to connect you to themselves.

If they do that then they are not good spiritual teachers. They have to realize that they are here just to give the Message, connect everyone to the Mission and to God. If they become an obstacle, then they are in the way.

We unify the Father, Son and The Holy Ghost. That is another discussion that has been going on for a thousand years, trinity, or unity, which one was it? And we explain it very well that both are correct.

God has two parts, male and female, or consciousness and the creative forces. And It is a Spirit. Therefore, It needs a body to come through. The body that He chooses and, of course, prophecies to come, when it comes, God comes through that body and he becomes the Son. So God is two parts, consciousness and the three gunas, or the creative force and son, which represent the Father and Mother.

There is One God. There are not three Gods, but at the same time three are necessary to manifest God on earth. That is the only way God can come to earth.

Can God come to earth as a Spirit? It is just like, how many radio stations do we have out there? We have thousands of them. Can you listen to all of them at the same time? You can just tune into one at a time.

So not only does God have to broadcast Himself, but also you have to be at the same wavelength to be able to pick it up, the same station. But if He comes through a body, that body can talk to you with a mouth so He can say something that you understand. So we unified the Father, Son, and The Holy Ghost.

Prophet, Messenger, Sons Of God, Messiah, etc. mean the same thing (unified).

Again, that is another unification in the Mission. They called Christ the Messiah and Prophet Muhammad a Prophet. But really Prophet Muhammad was the Messiah too because he was a Son of God. He presented God according to the Father, Son, and The Holy Ghost. He also presented God and The Holy Ghost, therefore, he was the Messiah.

Also the Moslems call Christ a Prophet. They do not call him a Messiah; they call him a Prophet. That is true also because he was also a Prophet; he had a message for humanity.

So again we unified that separation between all these concepts as one.

Lineages (Ishmael and Isaac). Again we unified the lineage of Ishmael and Isaac together in the Mission as one.

Evolution and Creation. Some people say it is creation. Creationists say, No, everything happened by God saying, Be, and it was, and that is it. It happened 6,000 years ago.

Of course, we know that evolution is almost a principle. The universe has been created billions of years ago. It was not really created 6,000 years ago.

Actually, the first time that I picked up the Bible in that church and I started reading Genesis, I said, Well, look at this, this is evolution, right there. God created this, and then created this, and then created that. It exactly matches the evolutionary process. So God created the universe in an evolutionary way.

Even the creation of a child is an evolutionary way because how many sperm are there? There are millions of them. Just one of them makes it. Who makes it? It is the stronger one, the faster one [laughter]. So we can see that even from the beginning, to create a child, it is a race. You are not going to make it if you are not strong and adaptive. So we can see that God created the whole universe in an evolutionary process.

He created many dinosaurs, many branches. Many of them are extinct but some of them became birds. Now you can see dinosaurs right in your backyard. They became birds. So we can see that God created it all that way and He floods the nature, and eventually some of those survive.

So we can see that there is no separation between evolution and creation for us. We look at the creation as an evolutionary process, which is created by God, and that is also unified.

Predestination and choice: Some people say, It is predestined, you have no choice. You are predestined to live like this and die. That is it.

I say, No, you have all the choices you want. According to our explanation, both are again correct. The closer you come to God, the more predestined you become. You lose your choices. But, of course, you are close to God. You have His Grace, beauty, wonder, and everything, but you do not have any choice.

Do I have any choice? I do not have much choice. The only thing I have choice about is to get this Mission out. I have few choices. But the person who is out there, has no mission or anything, and is not close to God, can wake up in the morning and say, Oh, I do not want to do anything today, and they do not do anything, or they go somewhere they want to.

So there is predestination for those who are close to God, and there is choice for those who are not. But, of course, those who are close to God have greater beauty of God with them. So that is again another unification.

Now, that is what I came up with. Does anyone else have another thing that I did not cover? What else did we unify in the Mission. This is brainstorming.

The next topic, etc. Brain storming of the audience.

Tahirah: Not added to, but when you were saying about, those who come close to God have less choice. But the ones who think they have all the choices and they say, Oh, I am free to do this, I am free to do that, actually, they are more bound than those who have fewer choices.

Maitreya: We can say, probably the best way of saying it is they have the more choice to go to the world and Maya and being destroyed.

Go ahead, John.

John: The Mission brings together the renunciates with the family life and the Communities of Light in our teaching.

Maitreya: OK, yes. Very good.

Sarah: I was thinking of the five different classes. They each have a place in society. It is not like the castes that they are separated and they cannot work with each other.

Maitreya: Another suggestion is the unification of all the classes in the society. Before this explanation they were separated as Vaeshyans, warriors, workers, and intellectuals. Now they each have a place in the cyclical movement. Is that what you mean?

Sarah: Yes, and you teach that we should accept each class. We should be able to work with different types of people in the different classes. Because right now it is very separated. The intellectuals live in one part of town and the workers live in another part of town. You teach that we should work together.

Maitreya: Sure. Social Classes.

Ishvara: You were just talking about family life and sannyasins. Unify daily life as community life with the family, life in the community. We unified the family with the community. Right now each family lives separately, not as a community.

Maitreya: OK, another suggestion is we unified family life with community life, which before this they were separated. Go ahead, Keyosha.

Keyosha: I was thinking that the Mission unifies the three Kingdoms, the Kingdom Of Heaven Within, The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and the Kingdom Of Heaven In Heaven.

Maitreya: Very good, Keyosha, very beautiful. Yes, you are right. So the unification of the three kingdoms.

Very good. OK that is great. Well, probably there is much more. There are so many things that are unified in this Mission that it is amazing. We could probably sit here the whole day and find more.

Let us go to the next page: Who will follow the Seventh Angel? Does anyone know? Who will follow the Seventh Angel?

Disciple: The Elects.

Maitreya: The Elects. That is right.

Elects (Paravipras)

: The Elects, which we call the Paravipras. Para means beyond. Vipra means intellect. They are beyond the intellect. They have gone beyond the intellectual understanding only, but they are spiritual.

Who are the Elects? (have been in the process of being chosen in the last twelve thousand years)

Who are the Elects? How can they be Elects? Have they been born in this lifetime and say, We are the Elects?

Probably they have been born many, many lifetimes in the last 12,000 years. They have been with every Prophet who came before. They have been helping the Prophet all this time along to this point. And now, when they see this Revelation they say, Yes, that makes sense. I love it. I want to be a part of this Revelation. These are the Elects. These are the ones who have been in the process of being prepared. So there is another Plan; the Plan also to prepare the Elects to this point.

God said, The Elects will inherit My Kingdom. How can they inherit the Kingdom? They will become the Paravipras. They are going to be the people who will hear this call, they will realize that they are Paravipras or they can become Paravipras, they will dedicate their lives to this Mission, and they will come forward as the Elects.

Therefore, we can see that that is who follows the Seventh Angel, the Elects, the Paravipras, those who have been prepared for this work.

Next page, Characteristics of Paravipras (Disciples). What are the characteristics of Paravipras? How do we know them?

They are Spiritually Advanced (follow the Eternal Divine Path).

That is how they give fruit. If they meditate, awaken their spiritual forces, they try to live in Communities of Light, and create the Communities of Light, if they sacrifice for them, surrender and submit to God, and become universalists, would they give fruit?

They will give big fruits, mangos, pears, oranges [laughter], and all kinds of fruit they will give to humanity. There is no doubt about that.

What other characteristics? [reading from the Pal Talk text: Maybe there are papayas. They are incorruptible.]

Exactly, very good.

Second is they are, Intellectually keen. They are not just spiritually high, but they also increase their intellect. Intellectually they study, they go to the Internet, they search, they find facts, and they intellectually stimulate themselves. Therefore, they do not become dull.

Anything you do not use in the universe, you become dull. It is just like a knife. If you do not sharpen the knife once in a while, what happens to the knife? It becomes dull. Unless you have one of those miracle knives that they never need sharpening [laughter].

So we can see that we have to sharpen our intellect also. We have to study. We have to continue being connected with the Internet at least so we can keep our intellect sharp all the time.

The third one of the characteristics of the Paravipra is: They are, Morally incorruptible.

Morally, they are not corruptible. If they get corrupted Who can get corrupt even more, the leaders, the heads? How many preachers did we have who had a lot of followers, and they fell? The higher you go, the harder you fall.

So that is another characteristic they should have, they should be morally incorruptible. If they are not morally incorruptible, they cannot be Paravipras.

Next, Have the characteristics of all the classes (workers, warriors, intellectuals, businessmen). They should have the ability for business. When it comes to business, they know how to handle the business.

Actually, I went to business school. So God sent me first to learn from the world and then said, OK, now go do My Mission. So they have to have business ability. Intellectually they should be able to sharpen their intellect. And they should be fearless like the warrior class.

Of course, if the door needs to be fixed, put your jeans on, and get on with the door and fix it. Also, you understand others better. If you just sit there and say, I am spiritual, everyone just look at me as a spiritual teacher and spirit, then what happens to you? You become very dull and one-dimensional.

Even meditating too much is not good, because if you meditate too much you become an escapist, The whole thing is illusion. Just meditate. You are going to be OK. It is just like those who say, Just meditate. Do not worry about it.

There is a room actually that says, Just chant. That is all you need to do. You do not need any of Gods Revelation or Bible. We can see that that is going too much the other way.

The next characteristic is: They understand the cyclical movements of the social progress.

The next page is Characteristics of Paravipras (continued).

They have leadership abilities (can create deep interpersonal relationships with others so they will be followed willingly). They do not force themselves. It would then become a cult.

We do not force ourselves here on anyones will. You are here because you want to. If you want to leave tomorrow, bye, bye. This is not a cult. It is something that you have seen the Vision, you have chosen to be here and to follow.

Next: They will help in creation of the Communities Of Light, and Manifestation of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (KOHOE). Of course, if we create the Communities of Light, the more we create the Communities of Light, the sooner the Kingdom will come. And they will help in doing that.

Next topic, next page, What are the Responsibilities of These Followers (Disciples)? Those who are called the disciples of the Seventh Angel, what is their responsibility?

It is to, Understand the Teachings. First, you have to understand the teachings. So that is one responsibility.

Second, Spread the Teachings. That is another responsibility. You cannot just understand the teachings and sit in your room and say, OK, I understand it. That is fine. I am OK. You have to reach out and touch as many people as possible.

Third, Follow the Teachings (get rid of their ego if any still left!). That is because if you are following the Eternal Divine Path, you cannot have any ego because you are meditating, you are working toward the Communities of Light, you are sacrificing. Unless you are in delusion.

You can be in delusion that you are following the Eternal Divine Path. Anyone can be in delusion that they are following the Eternal Divine Path. But if you follow it, you will not have any ego. I guarantee that.

Help Maitreya in all levels to accomplish His Mission.

You are my hands. You are my eyes. You are my ears. You are my energy out there.

I can reach so much. The rest is, you have to reach out farther than I can. So you have to help me in every level possible to accomplish this Mission.

Next page. What the Seventh Angel and His Followers will Accomplish:

Spread the Good (God) News of this New Revelation. They will spread the good news, or God news, of this new Revelation.

They Create the Communities of Light.

Bring the Kingdom Of God On Earth, and Within Everyone.

So that is what we have to accomplish. We have to spread Gods Revelation, create the Communities of Light, and bring the Kingdom Of God On Earth and within everyone.

Next page: What Will Happen After the Seventh Angel Accomplishes His Mission?

As we have said, God has fulfilled all Promises He has given to humanity. As we see, God said He is going to do this, He is going to do that, and He accomplished. Will He bring His Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth? He will. That is our salvation.

No matter what happens around us, no matter what happens in the Mission, our salvation is the focus that God said, I am going to do these things. He did them, therefore, this Mission will be accomplished because God never fails in His promises.

He has proven to us. He said to Abram, Abraham, He said He was going to send this Messiah, this Prophet, with this lineage, genealogy, and He has accomplished all of them. Will He bring His Kingdom on earth? Yes.

Everything is falling apart around us, should we be concerned? No. It does not matter because our goal is to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. God said it is going to come, and we have the blueprint.

Will we be doing it? Yes we will.

So we do not worry about anyone, who goes up, or comes, or leaves, or The only thing is: those who are called for it will come and do it.

That is why the first thing I ask you, Do you have any choice? If you have a choice, take your choices. That is fine. You do not belong here. But if you do not have any choice, then you belong here.

So Gods Kingdom will eventually come on earth.

Next topic: This Kingdom will last for a thousand years (a long time). As the Bible says, After the Seventh Angel, the Kingdom will come for a thousand years. Of course, a thousand does not have to be exactly to the date. It can be a little longer, a little shorter. But it is going to be for a long time.

Next page: What Will Happen After the Seventh Angel Accomplishes His Mission (continued).

After this thousand years, there will be a short time that man will fall again.

Again, if you read the Bible, in The Revelation it says, After a thousand years again the devil will be released from the pit and humanity falls to the Maya.

That is going to be really short. Why is it going to be really short? It is because humanity has already been prepared. The Paravipras already had the leadership of the human society. And now in that small period, they fall a little bit.

Why do they fall? It is because those who have not been reincarnated for a thousand years will be reincarnated again to give them one more chance to see if they will make it.

If they make it in that period, fine. They are given the last chance to see if they will redeem themselves.

Gods Kingdom will come to the Elects forever at that time. They will reach Pure Consciousness (will be with God forever). That is the Essence of our teaching and the Seventh Revelation. This is the.


We already discussed this. I will go very fast through it.

We are in the last Days of this era

. As we said, when the Seventh Angel comes, that is the culmination of all the prophecies and revelations, and from that point on, a new era is going to start. And we are in that era. We are in that point of Gods Plan.

All Prophecies are Fulfilled.

The Seven Seals are Opened.

The book with the Seven Seals is Revealed.

All Prophecies and Revelations before this Last Revelation are Fulfilled.

The Human is on the brink of a Great Evolutionary step.

Many will leap to the next step of evolution.

Many will not!

Those who will, will be reincarnated for a long time (a thousand years).

Those who fail will not be reincarnated for this period of time.

Then again there will be a short period of tribulation and disturbance.

After that, those who have prepared themselves (have overcome) will become the Sons of God.

Those who have not prepared themselves by this time will be thrown into the outer darkness (Hell) until the next creation.

Those who fail will have one more chance for a thousand years. If they do not make it then, they are going to be in big trouble.

Shakti: It is a very firm message to humanity from God.

Maitreya: This Is The Plan!

This is Gods Plan. This is the thing that is going to happen. I did not make it up. It is right in the Scripture. Read The Revelation, this is exactly what it says. Everything that He said came true to this point. How can He not do the rest of it?

OK, if there are no questions then, Sal-OM to everyone.

[the PP presentation had two more pages]

The End Of The Old Era and The Beginning of The New.

My salutations to the Divinity within all of you.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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