How Can We Be Strong About Maitreya And The Mission When Our Family Does Not Support This?, What Do I Say When People Ask Me If You Are Jesus?, Difference Between A Contact And Representative? How Can I Become One Or The Other?, How Do Earthquakes Relate To God's Plan?

10/18/89 Satsang (Discourse) With


Question: How can we be strong in faith about Maitreya and the Mission when our family does not support this or is even against it?

Maitreya: Well, this is not a problem that's very unique to most of us. It's a problem that occurs all through history. If you study any Prophet who came to the earth and brought a new religion or new teaching, or even a new idea which had nothing to do with the religion, always there was an opposition to it because it was different from what the people were familiar with.

You can see this when Moses came, when Abraham came, when Christ came, when Muhammad came, etc. All of them were opposed, and all of them had to go through this struggle with the old system and the old way of thinking.

It is not a very unique thing that is happening to us. It even happened to me. When I decided that this is the Mission that I have to do, I was a student in a university in the U.S. I almost had my doctorate. I finished all my courses. The only thing that was left was to take the comprehensive examination and write my thesis and that would be it. Then I could get a very good job and very good position.

Actually, before I decided to start the Mission, around 53,000 Americans were working in the country that I supposed to go back to. It was booming with business and everyone was saying, "Hey, get your degree and come back, there's a lot of money here."

In the height of all this happening I received this revelation. God said, "Go ahead and do this, this is the thing you are going to do. Forget about your doctorate, position, money, etc."

So I wrote home that, "I'm not going to come back. I just decided to do this, for my future. In order to stay here and do it, I'm also getting married." Wow, that was a big blow to many who had a lot of expectations for me to go back. All the family, everyone was waiting. They were thinking, "He's going to get his degree and come back." All this time and money they spent on me, now it was going to give some fruit.

Then I wrote, "I can't come, I have a spiritual Mission to do. I received a revelation. I am the one everyone's been talking about. This revelation is the one for which everyone is waiting." They said, "He's crazy. He's gone bananas."

Then what happened was that they at least wanted me to go one more time and visit them, to see them and they could talk to me. Also I had the desire to see them at that moment in time. So around one or two years after we started the Mission, I decided to just go and visit them.

In that visitation, of course, they offered me all the bribes you could think of: The big house, the big money, the prettiest girl they could find. They just tried to change my mind. But I always remembered what Muhammad said.

See this happened to Prophet Muhammad too. He started his mission in Mecca, and Mecca was the center of idol worshipping. There were 365 idols in their place of worship, and everyday they worshipped one of these idols. Every idol belonged to a tribe, or a nation, or a people. There's a story that even the statue of Krishna was in the temple so when the Hindus came to Mecca they had their god there so they could worship Krishna. And the tribes of the Arabs themselves had many, many different gods, etc.

Suddenly Muhammad came and said, "I received this revelation that there is no god but God, La ilaho ill Allah, 'there is no god but God.'" That hurt all those merchants and all those people who had the power of Mecca in their hands and were prosperous. They were prosperous because they made this set up of 365 idols.

Everyone had their god. Everyone was happy. From all over the world they would come there, worship their god and bring the merchants to Mecca. These people bought, sold and made profits there. You could find almost anything you wanted in Mecca. There were merchants from everywhere in the world.

If you wanted some cashmere from places in India, you could find it. If you wanted something from Egypt, or from Persia, you could go to Mecca and buy it. Apparently it was a peaceful place. They had their gods, etc. And suddenly Muhammad came and said, "No, these gods are no God. There is only one God and that is God."

The merchants and people in power in Mecca became pretty upset, because if they would say what he said was true then their gods were no longer God, they were just idols. So they tried to bribe him. They tried to give him money, give him position, anything he wanted. He said, "If you give me the sun in one hand and the moon in the other, I'm not going to change my mind. I know what I received, and I believe what I received. It doesn't make any difference to me if you offer me the whole universe, still I'm going to go ahead and do my mission."

It's the same thing here, isn't it? They're going to try everything to get you, as they did it to me. They tried everything that was possible to get me to change my mind. I said, "No, I'm not going to change my mind. I'm going to go ahead with what I believe."

Then what happened? Six or seven years later, my mother came here to visit me. Who won eventually? I did. Because they saw my faith. They saw that I believe in what I do, and they're not going to be able to sway me.

That is the faith you have to create in yourself. That is the steadfastness in your belief. They're going to come around. They're going to come to you. They're going to come to you and say, "Yes, you were right." They're going to see your faith. They're going to see your strength. They're going to see your belief.

So I've been there myself. I understand how you feel, especially those of you who are married, have husbands and are close to your families. They're going to try to get you. Sometimes they might be very sweet in the beginning, "Poor kid, he doesn't understand. Be nice to him, or nice to her." In my case they probably would say, "He went and spent six or seven years alone in another country and he just got crazy. He went bananas." But I'm not bananas, I know I am not!

But that is the faith you have to create. You can't have two masters. You have to have only one master, either the world or God. If you create that kind of faith and oneness of mind about what you believe, believe me, everyone is going to have the incredibly highest respect possible for you. They might not like it in the beginning. The moment you say you want to go toward God, everyone tries to get you not to, "Oh, please don't go. Please!"

Sometimes I start even believing in the devil himself, that there is a devil that really is opposing people who go to God, trying to stop them to go to Him. But I call him the lower nature of man, because that's what they know. That's the way they have been trained. They have been brought up in the tradition according to where they live. That's all they know. They don't even question it.

When I started the Mission it amazed me to learn of what the people believed, and that they never questioned what they believed. Why? Where did it come from? Is that true? Where is the origin of this? How did it evolve? Is it really like this preacher says it is? They don't question. They just accept the preacher's word. They are brain-washed from childhood.

When you're a child you're very impressionable. So you take those impressions with you all through your life. You don't want to change, you're comfortable with them.

But the problem is, the only thing that is constant in this universe is change. And they will change too. Believe me, just have the faith. You will see they will change. They will come to you. They will.

What are we without faith? We are an empty shell going around and accepting what other people tell us to do. Do we really want to be like that, not really having the faith and belief that is revealed to us and to which we've been guided? What is man without faith? What is man without God? He's an animal, isn't he? We eat, we drink, we sleep, we make children and we die. That's what animals do, don't they?

What's the difference between us and animals? They don't have God. They don't have faith. They don't have the ability to know there is a Spirit in them to guide them, and they can have a connection to their friends, to their lover, to their companion.

That's the difference between humans and animals. That's why God Loves us, because we have the choice. We have the ability to choose Him, or not to choose Him.

God is the most beautiful. It's the most intelligent thing in the universe. He does the best thing in the best way possible in every situation. If you are with Him, the Spirit is with you. And the people who see you, will see it is true.

But you have to have the faith. You have to pray for those who despise you. Love them. Pray for them. Be patient with them but keep your faith, even if that means keep it only within yourself. Of course, the best is not only to take it within yourself, but also to proclaim it.

The first thing we do with our faith is we proclaim with our mouths that that is truth. But eventually we have to feel it with our hearts.

The mouth is a very loose thing sometimes. We sometimes let it open and say things we really don't believe. But if we really believe, have faith and keep saying it, eventually the heart starts seeing the truth. When we have it in our hearts, then we have the faith inside of ourselves. Then nothing can change us.

So if you believe and you have faith, you will win, be it your husband, your wife, your brother, your sister, anyone. They eventually will see that they cannot sway you away from your faith. The only thing they can do is to come with you.

As you see, I have been there and I know where you are and how you feel, how is it for you out there. But I found out that He's the only way to win this battle.

It's not really a battle because God never really fights with anything, He just says the truth. He can't help it, He has to say the truth.

Sometimes people don't like the truth but He has no choice. He has to say the truth. But it hits those people who are close to the truth. They say, "Yeah, what He says makes sense, doesn't it?" That creates faith in you. That is the only way to win.


Question: What do I say when people ask me if you are Jesus?

Maitreya: Say, No, he is not.


Question: How about Esa?

Maitreya: Yes, that's right. Jesus never was. There never was someone called Jesus, not in the flesh, not even in the heaven, not under the earth. There was no such person as Jesus.

See, that's another thing people don't question. Where did the name Jesus come from? There has never been this name. Jesus is a combination of "Jay" and "Zeus." It comes from the Sanskrit and Greek words, "Jay" meaning victory, praise be to, and "Zeus" meaning the god Zeus. So "Jay Zeus" means, praise to Zeus, or victory to Zeus, which eventually came to be known as "Jesus." His name never was Jesus. So I've never been Jesus either.

That's another thing, Christ already saw that that was going to happen, and prophesied that "Many will come and say, I healed in your name. And I say to you, I know you not," because they never did it in his name (Sacred Name).

His earthly name was Esa. If you say, "I heal you in the name of Esa," and the person got healed, then he knows you. Even better than that is to heal in the name of the Father (His Sacred Name), the Son (his Sacred Name) and The Holy Ghost, The Holy Mother (Her Sacred Name).

So to answer the question, you say, "No, he's not Jesus. Jesus never was."


Question: What is the difference between a contact person and a representative for the Mission, and how can I become one or the other?

Maitreya: Oh, that's a completely different question, going from that level to an organizational level.

A contact person is one who desires to contact the Mission with other energies or people who are interested. Usually they don't have too much knowledge about the Mission themselves. They have been in contact with us for a very short period of time.

For instance, someone in Africa hears about us and says, "I want to do something about this and help you, I like the idea." They don't really know what we are all about. They have never read THOTH, they do not have all of our literature, or they have received our literature for a very short period of time. But somehow they decide to help.

That's exactly how we got in touch with the people in Canada or even in Florida. Some person sent us a letter and said, "I'm interested to do something about this." And we said, "OK if you want to do something you can become a contact person." The very word means to contact, to create contact between us and whoever else is interested in the Mission. Of course, as more people get in touch with us through the person who is the contactee, he or she also becomes more familiar with our teachings.

Then they come to see us and they say, "Yes, this is what I wanted, and I'd like to do more." They become a representative of the Mission. Now they can present the Mission to other people. They can talk about it, and can say what THOTH says, what the Mission is all about, what we are trying to accomplish, etc.

Of course, after they are a representative for the Mission for awhile, they might even register us in the state or country where they are as a charter, for the Mission to become more organizationally acceptable to that providence or country they are from, and do whatever else there is.

Then further than that they might have the desire to come and join us here in Rio Rancho, to stay with us for awhile and become a missionary. A missionary is the person who goes to whoever wants him to present the Mission. For instance, if a contactee or a representative has enough people, and they desire to have a missionary there to visit with them, a missionary can go there to present the Mission in a greater degree, because he or she has lived with us, he has been here. There is more Satsang going on here, and they eventually become more familiar with the Mission so they can go out and do missionary work.

Of course, the more missionaries created, the more contactees created, the more representatives of the Mission created, then eventually one day we will see the Communities of Light start popping up everywhere, one after another.

At that time we will have to start thinking about creating the first body of the Elders. As the body of the Elders is created then it's going to trickle down through the whole earth so we will create a very strong network of the Elders, and eventually the Communities of Light are going to have representatives. The Mission will become a world-wide network system so that we eventually can be a viable system to whatever activity it represents itself as.

If everything on earth starts falling apart, everyone will see that we have a viable solution for the world. That's how it will be done.

We're not going to try to take over the world. That is not the way we do it. We always represent the truth to everyone and they can accept it or not accept it. That's how it's supposed to work in theory. But what our future is going to bring and how it's going to work out, we will see. Of course, we have to be flexible all the time, work with all the energy we have available to us, and go from there.

That's the difference between a representative of the Mission and a contactee.


Question: Did that cover the part, How can I become one or the other?

Maitreya: Yes. If you want to be a contactee, as I said, you say "I'd like to do something for the Mission. I don't know too much about it but I'd like to put people in contact with the Mission as much as I can." Then you become a contactee.

It's very easy and simple. You don't have to pass an examination, or any bar, or anything like that. The only thing that is necessary is the desire, you want to do it. And we need all kinds of energy.

Each person can reach different people, people who some other person can't reach. It's just very simple. The people you can't reach probably some other people can reach. The people others can reach, probably it's very hard for you to reach. People have different energy and different ways of thinking and understanding, so they feel more comfortable with a person similar to them.

If a group has gone through the same experiences, and then one of them understands our teaching and sees the truth in it, it's very easy for that one to make another person in that group understand our teaching, because they have had the same experiences. He can say to another person, "See, I have had the same experiences as you, but you see what we experienced wasn't perfect, it didn't work. Now this is going to work because it is from God." Whatever you realize from the Mission you can convey to another person with similar experiences. If I haven't had that same experience it's very hard for me to convey the Message to others with different experiences.


Question: We heard about a major earthquake in California yester-day, how does this relate to God's Plan?

Maitreya: Well, a couple of months after we decided to have the Feast of Tabernacles, we had hurricane Hugo. That was pretty drastic. It almost hit Miami.

You guys got your act together (to Florida members). I'm just kidding. Anyway, it just missed Miami and hit Charlotte, and went all the way to Canada. It became weak but still it did some damage in Maine and places like that.

Now that we have the Feast of Tabernacles going, we have the earthquake in California. What's the conclusion? Either we have to say it's just a coincidence and has nothing to do with us, it does not have any relationship, or it happened because it should have happened.

We all knew it was going to happen. Everyone knew there would be an earthquake in California. Actually, they say this was not the big one. This was a small earthquake. They're still waiting for the big one to come.

But we can also say, "Well, maybe there is a relationship." Or we can be very upset about it, 300 people died. We can become upset and say, "Why should these things happen?" We can also look at the Scriptures and say, "Scriptures prophesy these things will happen."

Again it depends on how you want to look at these things in your life. Do you want to look at them as a human looks at these things, or the way God looks at these things?

Also we may say, because we had the Feast of Tabernacles this energy got stronger. We became closer to God, we became a stronger force for Him. We purified ourselves in a greater degree, so we are gathering those people who are supposed to purify themselves for the age to come. Now God says, "If my people are coming together and are getting stronger, I can now start my work to purify the earth."

What is the earthquake? What is the famine? What is the flood? The hurricane? Should they happen? This is purification, like a karma.

Many people say we become sick because we have karmas. That is individual karma. Also we have a collective karma on earth, a collective consciousness on earth that has created collective karmas. These karmas have to burn out.

Probably San Francisco has a lot of karma. The biggest karma probably exists there. It's a large city. There are a lot of things going on in it, that I don't think are very much from the Spirit. So there is some purification needed. Or you can say it is a warning!

Actually if we say the Feast of Tabernacles is the Will of God and He says we have to keep it Holy, and we have this first one established and we started doing what God wants us to do, we really started to do His Will. The period of seven years that has been prophesied to be pretty rough on humanity has started.

But should we be afraid of that? Should we be concerned about what is happening? No, we shouldn't, because if we're in the Light nothing will touch us. The Communities of Light especially have nothing to fear. If you study the history, usually the small communities survive the big disasters, and they are the ones who carry the torch to the next generation.

So we can look at these things, and be upset and unhappy about them, or we can look at them and say, "Well, that can be a good thing, that can be a sign for humanity to come and let us do the Will of God. Let us do the Work of God and become God-conscious, and hopefully as He promised, this thing is not going to happen." As He said, "If you follow My Will, My Word and My Laws, I will give you the dew of the water in time. I will bless your land." I will take the disasters away from you.

As I said, He doesn't do it to us. We do it to ourselves. He knows His universe. He knows how He created it. He knows how the Laws work. Just like computer programming, if this and this and this happens, do this. If it doesn't happen, do this.

It's like the universe. The universe is really like a mind, a pro-gram. What is DNA? It's a program that is programmed with what to do in what situation, for what.

So the whole universe has been created and programmed. If we do these things, these things are going to happen. God is not doing it to us, we are doing it to ourselves by pushing the wrong buttons.

If you are using the word processor and you select something and you push the delete, everything is gone. It's the same thing. He says, "Do not do these things, this is My Program. This is My Universe, I programmed it this way. If you push this button everything is going to work fine. You are going to get your word processing done well and formatted, and you can publish a nice book and everything is going to be beautiful. If you push the wrong button it is not going to work. This is My Program, I am the Programmer. I know how it works. Do these things, and I'm going to do this for you."

So He is not really doing it to us, we are doing it to ourselves because we are not learning His Computer (universe).

It's again up to us how we want to look into this thing. For instance, we can look even further, such as the wars going on everywhere, the struggle going on between countries. Of course, we have been hearing, "Peace, Peace, Peace" for the last one and a half years. But believe me, the greatest war always starts when there is a lot of talk about peace.

I'm not trying to scare anyone but that is what God says He's going to do. I believe that what He says, He's going to do. I've seen that He prophesied, and He showed me He has done everything He prophesied so far.

We talked about Abraham and the promises God gave to him, and He fulfilled them, all of them. If He promised Abraham and He did it, and then He prophesied He's going to do these things, He's going to do them. He's a Man of His Word. He doesn't have two faces. He doesn't have to have one face and go behind us and make another face. He has only one face. He means what He says, and He says what He means.

Now we can rationalize and we can say, "Armageddon is cancelled because of lack of participation." We can say that, but that is rationalization. That is what Eve said too. She said, "Oh, that looks good. It makes you wise. Let's eat it."

Then God didn't change His Mind. He came in and said, "What did you eat this for? Get out of Heaven. Get out." He said He was going to do that and He did it. You see, He does what He says He will do.

So I believe that He is going to do what He says He will do. To me it's a very small sign of what is coming. I'm not prophesying, I'm not telling the future. I'm just repeating what the Bible, or great Scriptures, have revealed to us that He's going to do.

It's not only in the Bible, it's in the Koran. It's in the Hindu prophecies. It's in the Buddhist prophecies. This has been prophesied. It's not only in one religion. We say, "Maybe it only slipped into the Bible." It's not only in the Koran. It is in Hinduism. It is in Buddhism, etc.

So it is the way we can look at these things. I like my way because I don't become stagnant or too much concentrated on what happens. The most important thing is what we can do, where we are going, not where we are. It's not important where we are.

It is the same thing about our faith. It doesn't matter what happens on the outside, what is in our hearts is important. It's our faith and what is in our hearts that is important. It doesn't make any difference if the rest of the world says, "No, you are wrong." In my heart I know I am right. See, it's better to have a wrong faith than not having a faith at all.

So that's where we stand. We have to look to the future, what we are working for, instead of looking to what is happening now. What is happening now is not that important. We shouldn't even be too concerned about it. We can be concerned if we can help, or do something about the situation.

Of course, we read the newspaper, we see them. But if we meditate and understand why these things are happening, then we can just consider them, meditate on them and start going toward what we have to accomplish.

That is the way it is! And there is no doubt about it! [silence]


Do you think you can come with me where I am going? The path is narrow, very few find it. If the path is wide it will lead to destruction.

You can see it is not that hard, it's only to recognize, to realize that strength and faith within yourself. Faith is powerful. Faith is strong. Faith has strength. Nothing should sway you away from it. Nothing!

It didn't change Christ, did it? Even the kings told him, "Who do you think you are?" He said, "It doesn't matter who I think I am, who do you think I am?" That is faith. He knew who he was. He didn't have to yell to the whole world who he was. Really what he was saying was, it's none of your business [all laughing]. I know who I am.

So that's where we're going. You have to consider it. Can you come? [silence] You have to be very brave to say yes. If you say no, ohh. [One said, "You have to be brave to say no." all laughed]

Either way you should be brave, to say yes or no. I know it is too late for me. But still I have the choice. I can just walk away today and say I'm not going to do it. But I'm not a fool. [silence]

How can you have a glimpse of God and then not choose Him? Unless you're not ready for it. But it's easier than I paint it, much easier than I said. It's fun, a lot of fun.


[At this point we noticed a cricket jumping toward Maitreya and this conversation about the cricket was recorded:]


Audience: We're accelerating its consciousness.

Maitreya: Yes, it's smart whatever it is.


Audience: It's going toward you Maitreya. He has decided to follow Maitreya.

Maitreya: Yes, the Prophet Muhammad also was the same way. Even jins, still there is a lot of dispute in Islam about what jins means. They are supposed to be ethereal beings who would come and listen to his discourses. He said they come and join you when this revelation comes because it is so wonderful when it is from God. They come and join us. So even now the animals come and join us to hear Satsang. It's a cricket, huh!


Audience: Maybe he has a question [so serious, all laughed].

Maitreya: What is your question [to the cricket]? Oh that!


Audience: That's a contact person, a contact cricket.

Maitreya: Yes, you can be if you want to be [all roaring].


Audience: There's hope for us then if the cricket can get in.

Maitreya: He has the same problem, his family is not supporting him [all laughing]. [It's a nice Spirit here. All are encouraging the cricket to cross over the line from the cord of the microphone -- and he did].

Audience: He didn't hesitate.

Audience: He's smarter than most of us. [The cricket now was very close to Maitreya]

Audience: He's meditating.

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