Want to be Number One, A Wedding Ceremony, "Number One" and "Me" Attitudes, Prophecies vs. a Statement of Expectation, What Is The Essence That Buddhists Try To Reach?, How Do We Serve God, Maitreya, And Humanity?, What Is Unity?

Satsang (Discourse) With



At The Feast Of Tabernacles 09/24/91


Wedding Ceremony

Maitreya: I have my invitation card [showing the card], so I can be here [laughter]. How is the couple doing? Are you nervous? A little bit.

It seems like it is such a joy to unite couples together as man and wife. It's always a very special occasion. So we are very happy to be at your union. If you want to backup, this is the time [all laughing]. I guess it is too late, you are already married. We're very glad that you want to be married in the Mission.

You know that marriage in the Mission means forever. When you are married, this goes even beyond this life. So we will start the ceremony.

I have to ask R.D. first, do you know all the reasons for marriage, social, individual, etc, why marriage is so important and the family is so important, individually, socially, etc?

R.D.: Yes.

Maitreya: Devi, do you know about marriage socially, individually, etc, and why it is so important to be married?

Devi: Yes.

Maitreya: Does everyone in the audience know the importance of marriage socially, spiritually and individually? Does anyone have any questions? So everyone knows that. R.D., are you sure that Devi is your other part?

R.D.: Yes.

Maitreya: Devi, did you like your name, Devi? It means "Divine." Are you sure that R.D. is your other part?



: Yes.


Maitreya: You know your duties, the man to be the provider and the protector, and the woman is the Grace, the center of the family, the warmth and the unity she can bring to the family?

[Asking Audience] Are you familiar with the importance of marriage, and are you prepared to be a part of the life of this couple, supporting them physically, mentally and spiritually?

Audience: Yes.

Maitreya: Then we can go on with the ceremony. May we have the candles lit?

This candle is the symbol of individual consciousness, and by lighting it, you become enlightened. You will try in your life to become enlightened like that candle, to be kindled. Now you can exchange the candles with one another. Just exchange the whole candle with each other. That means that you will share your light with one another, will try to bring the Light of God in one another's life.

Now take the candles out of the holders and bring them together as one, so you together become one, one flame. Put them in the water and extinguish the flames. This is the symbol of your egos (earthly consciousness, ether as water) turning to ashes together. Also it means that even after death (becoming ashes) you will be together and one.

Now take a little ash from the candles. With extinguishing the flames you unify, you become one. With extinguishing them, your egos become ashes. Now you can put the ashes on each others' third eye. So your ego becomes completely ashes and you become one in God.

We now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss one another.

I wish you a long life, prosperity, happiness, and that you stay together forever as one.

[Short break when everyone congratulates the couple, etc. Then to question box for Satsang questions.]





  : In reading much of the new literature available on today's market, I'm made aware of the looking out for "number one," and "come to know yourself, even if it means hurting someone else" kinds of literature. What about all of this "me" stuff?

Maitreya: Yes, that is true. Actually, most of the spiritual paths, nowadays, if you look at them, are the "me" stuff, "You have to find your own way. You have the truth yourself, you don't have to look at anything else or anyone else. You can do it by yourself."

That is why God sends the Scriptures. That's why God sends the Bible, the Koran, the Bhagavad-Gita and any Scriptures that the religions of the world are following (at least they claim to). All of them say we have to become one with God, we have to forget about "I" and let God come through more and more.

That is how we know what is truth and what is not truth. That is the standard God sent us to compare truth from falsehood. Then we measure them against His Word, "Is this what God said in His Scriptures? Did He teach us that we can do it by ourselves, and we don't need anyone or anything to guide us, or to take us to God?"

In the Scriptures He said something else. He sent different messages to us. If what they teach is exactly what God said, then they say the truth. If not, then they are false prophets.

As we remember God said, "My Word is not going to change, not a jot of it is going to change. My Word is going to stay forever. When I say something, it is going to stay true forever." It is the same truth that was here 2,000 years ago. It is the same truth that was here 6,000 years ago. It is the same truth that was here 3,000 years ago, and it is the same truth today.

The truth doesn't change. So if someone comes and teaches something that is not according to the Word of God, if you believe that the Scriptures are the Word of God, then you have a standard, something to measure their words against. Otherwise you don't have any measure and will be quickly confused.

For instance, in psychology they talk about the "normal" man. But they never define what is the "normal" man. How can you measure abnormality without having a standard of who is normal? Unless the psychologist who really knows what he is talking about sits down and says, "This is the criteria we established of who is a normal person," there is no way we can judge people as abnormal or normal. How can you know who is normal?

God has already done that. He has already sent the Scriptures that say, "If you do these things, you will reach Me. I created this universe, I know how it works. Then if you follow these Laws, these ways, you are going to be happy, you are going to reach that joy within yourself. If you don't, you won't. If you don't listen to My Word, if you just listen to your ego, you will become more self-centered and separated from Me, and that is hell."

That story about Adam and Eve very well explains the situation. God created them to follow His Laws, "Don't eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil." What is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? It is when we become self-centered, when we cut ourselves off from Grace. The moment we cut ourselves off from Grace what happens?

The moment we become selfish, we set ourselves up and everything else around us for selfishness. The moment we set ourselves up to be selfish, we are doing an injustice not only to ourselves but to everyone around us because our selfishness makes us follow our physical body which is self-centered.

And the physical senses, as we talked last night, are like wild horses that take us away from the Spirit, from God. So that "I" cult, or the things that they teach, that you are number one, you don't need anyone, you have to be by yourself and learn everything by yourself, really makes you more selfish, self-centered, and egoistical. That is exactly opposite to the Word of God.

But that has all been prophesied. In the last days the devil, well not the devil, but that selfishness, that power and energy that is creating such Maya in the world also will become stronger. The Maya is more powerful here than ever in the history of man. Everyone wants to have a television, a car, a big house, an airplane, and everything, to be number one, as you said. Everyone is trying for that. They would compromise anything for that, God, wife, husband, child. They want to get that Maya, that thing, that dream, that everyone has that they have to make it.

That is when they fall into the Maya, and then they become egoistical and self-centered. We can see the more they preach this, the more crime there is, and there is more separation, there are more drugs, there are more divorces, and the destruction of the society occurs.

As we said, when the family unit is destroyed, that society is destroyed. It doesn't matter how powerful or rich a society looks. Pure marriage based on God is the essence of a strong society.

Why have the Jewish people prevailed for 6,000 years? They survived because they had a strong family base. What is the family? In the family you have to forget yourself for your partner. You have to compromise until you become One in God.

If you keep your ego and he or she keeps his or her ego, what is going to happen? You are two separate egos. You are going your different ways. You might live in the same house but that is not oneness, that is not unity.

So that preaching of "be number one," and "just take care of yourself," is absolutely opposite to the teaching of the Spirit, absolutely opposite. Whoever teaches this has no knowledge of the Scripture, no knowledge of God, and no knowledge of the reality of the Spirit.

We have to let everyone who is preaching like that know that their preaching is wrong. The unity, oneness, marriage, and sacrifice for creating the Communities of Light and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, that is what the preaching of the Spirit is. That is how we can reach a higher level as human beings.

The more selfish you become, the more animal you will become. Animals are very selfish. The only thing they want is for themselves. If they want food, they just go and kill another animal and eat them. After they have eaten and have had enough, they go and have their water and sleep. That's all they are interested in, their physiological and safety needs.

Do we want to be animals? What good are we then? What in us is better than animals? In the sense of eating, drinking, sleeping, making children, and dying we are the same as animals. Animals do the same thing.

But we have something different. We can become Divine. We can reach higher consciousness. We can reach Godhood. That is the difference between us and animals.

Those who teach us to be animals are really doing us a disservice, aren't they? They tell us, "No, the only thing you need is to take care of your physiological and safety needs and to live to the fullest by yourself, and that's it. That's all life is about." The people who preach that don't know the Spirit because that's not the way it is.

The way it is, is not being self-centered. Actually that is the theme of the whole of the Spirit, not to be self-centered, not to be selfish but to be other-centered, to be God-centered, to be open, to become great people instead of selfish people.

Who are the great people? Gandhi was a great person. Christ was a great person. Who are the great people? The Saints in history were great people.

You show me any Saint who preaches "Be number one, be selfish and egoistical." Show me one Scripture, one Word, one Saint which taught that. Why don't we have those Saints anymore or those great people anymore? Because all of us are becoming selfish. All of us are becoming "me" and "mine."

When you drive, you see house, house, house, house, one couple, one couple, one couple, one couple. They are interested in only their own house, their own garden, their own car, and their own little things.

Probably not here, but when I was living in the big city even in an apartment, one neighbor didn't know his neighbor, and he was living there for more than ten years. They were living in an apartment with just one wall between them. They never talked. They never knew one another.

That happens very often. I'm sure there are a lot of big cities where that happens. That is such an environment to live in! It is such a life to live! And there will be such a consciousness in the person who is going to be there!

But that is not the preaching of the Spirit at all. That is not the way of human living at all. The preaching of the Spirit is openness to one another.

There are some people living in New York who can never go out of that environment because the consciousness becomes so small that they cannot even imagine leaving 5th Avenue. These big cities are so powerful. They powerfully can completely change your consciousness to that level.

They can leave if they want to. They can take a bus and go away. There are buses, and the buses come in and go out every day. But they never consider it, although they are miserable there. They just live there and their consciousness becomes so small, and they curse one another and they live a miserable life for the rest of their lives. That is when the ego collapses on itself absolutely.

But meditation is a process of expansion of the consciousness, going out of ego, including the whole earth, including the whole universe, and opening yourself to one another.

So those teachings are absolutely wrong.

Question: What do you think of Sai Baba?

Maitreya: What do I think about Sai Baba? Well, I don't think too much about Sai Baba [all laughing], or not very often. But I've heard about him. I know that a lot of people follow him. I have seen some of his pictures, some of his literature, that he does miracles, some manifestations that he manifests, etc.

What do I think about it? Well, those powers are called siddhis. That's what powers are in the spiritual path. Actually, you shouldn't strive for powers at all in the spiritual path. If God gave them to you, that's fine.

All of us have siddhis. Even the ability to move your hand, you have to have some power, some spiritual powers to do that. Some people eventually, through their meditation, gain different powers. They can even manifest physical things. If your mind is really concentrated you can manifested things.

So those powers, if they are used to help some people to know God better, I guess they are OK, they are good. But if they are used for selfish things, no, they are not OK. Even the powers can be from three kinds, they can be from ignorance, passion or knowledge.

Probably Moses was more powerful than Sai Baba because he opened the Red Sea. But did the people who followed him become better believers? No, they did not. They moved through the Red Sea, and on the other side they started yelling at Moses, "Why did you bring us out of Egypt? We had food, we had houses and we had comfort there. Now you brought us in this desert and we don't even have the little things we had."

Christ probably had more power. He healed a lot of people. He raised people from the dead. What did they do to him? They crucified him. So that didn't bring better believers, did it?

So miracles don't seem to work very well, do they? They don't make a better believer? Also Christ said, "Whatever I can do, you can do even greater. If I can heal you, you can heal yourself. If I can raise the dead, you can raise the dead."

You can do it if you have the faith of a mustard seed. You can tell this mountain to go away and it will. But what is it all based on? It is all based on faith. As we talked about last night, if you have the faith that this chair is going to take you to salvation, it will. If you really, really have faith in it. You remember that archer who had faith in that statue? He learned how to use the bow and arrow even better than the disciples of the teacher who did not have that much faith in their teacher.

So if Sai Baba uses his powers to guide people to the higher consciousness, to God, and all that, that's great. I am for it. But if he is doing it for selfish reasons, no, I am not for it. However, greater than any miracles is the Message of The Greatest Sign and the formation of the Communities of Light.

The question is really you have to see how he is using it. If he is using it to bring people to the Communities of Light, to show them the Eternal Divine Path, and to teach them how to meditate, create the Communities of Light and sacrifice for them, be submissive for the Will of God, be universal, become a Paravipra, create Communities of Light and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, I am for it 100%.

I really don't know how he uses his powers, so I can't really answer how I think about him. If I don't answer your question you can just tell me in more detail what you meant by the question.

Question: What is the difference between a stated expectation and a prophecy?

Maitreya: I don't understand the question. Can someone explain what that means, stated expectation? Who asked that question? [a hand went up] Do you speak English [with a smile, all laughing as it was one of the English-speaking participants].

Participant: Stated expectation, like a statement just in general but not something that was a prophecy, or was put in the Word as prophecy.

Maitreya: OK, so you expect something to happen, is that what it is? And the prophecies already said something is going to happen. Is that the difference?

Comment: Maybe it's the difference between a statement somewhere that expects something, versus a prophecy. What is the difference between something that states, "This is going to happen," versus a real prophecy.

Maitreya: I see! A prophecy is from God. God prophesied that this is going to happen this way. Usually He just doesn't prophesy like that, He sets very special kinds of circumstances. So there is an expectation from people that it has been prophesied.

It is just like when the Children of Israel were divided into two nations, the northern kingdom, the House of Israel, and the southern kingdom, the House of Judah, the Jews. Then both of them were conquered. The House of Israel was scattered and apparently no one knows what happened to the ten tribes. Of course, we know and we described what happened to them. But the southern kingdom also was carried away. They went to Assyria, and eventually to Persia. The Persian King sent them back, they built a temple, they returned to their land, and all that.

But when they came back to their land they didn't have any Bible anymore. They didn't have any book, they didn't have anything to know what their religion was or what it was all about. They accepted a book they had found in one of the walls of the old (destroyed) temple as their Bible.

That is why they longed for their savior to come. That is when the prophecy of the imminent coming of the Messiah started coming to them. The Messiah was going to come, do this, do that, be crucified and all those things that we know from the New Testament.

So prophecy comes from God. It is fulfilled, and it fulfills itself. Any prophecy God says is going to happen will come true and it will be fulfilled. If it not fulfilled, it is not a prophecy. It is then probably a statement.

There are big prophecies that affect everyone and there are small prophecies. There are psychics that have some power. As I said, siddhis means powers. Everyone has them. It is our birthright that we have powers.

You can see in couples, after awhile one looks at the other one and he or she understands what the other said. They don't even have to talk about it. They read through each other right away.

What is that? That's a power, isn't it? That's a kind of telepathy. Because they have been together, the consciousness becomes more and more in tune with one another. So that is a kind of a power.

Some people have the ability to see the future a little bit. That is another power, of course. But the higher in consciousness you go, the less you will use your powers because you realize that really it is God who decides about all these things. You use your powers only if it helps other people to become more conscious of their own powers and God.

In that sense, you don't use your powers at all after awhile. If God also chooses you for doing your work, he will give you the powers necessary to do the work. But you always realize that these are not your powers. These are God's Powers. They do not belong to you. That is the path of submission.

So again, if the guru comes and says, "I have all these powers, I can manifest this, come and follow me," then he is in the way. A teacher is supposed to take you to God, to connect you directly to God.

If the teacher connects you to himself or herself, then he is in the way. Actually that is why the title of one book says, "If you find the Buddha, kill him." Why? Because the Buddha is in the way. He is not letting you go to God. You became so attached to Buddha that you are forgetting the goal, Nirvana, God.

This is what the teacher should do. The teacher should connect you to the Spirit directly. Sometimes he may even sound rude to you by doing that, but that is where we all have to go. We all have to go to God. We have to connect to Him directly.

If we all connect ourselves to God, then how many people are connected to God here? Then we have thirteen people connected to God. Isn't it wonderful? Then you can each connect twelve other people to God, and they can connect twelve other people to God, and they can connect twelve other people to God, etc. We soon will reach the bottom of the society and everyone will be connected to God.

So if a statement is said which does not come true, it is not a prophecy. Actually I reserve prophecy only for God, the thing that God said is going to happen.

For instance, in the Bible, in The Revelation, there are prophecies. That is how it is going to be. He said there are going to be seven seals. This prophecy came true. He sent seven religions to the world. Each religion has an angel, and every time that angel comes people don't listen to him. They reject him. They crucify him. They stone him. They have their own egos, their ways they want it to be, and he doesn't follow the way they want it to be. They become upset. They reject him and say, "Why doesn't he listen to me? Why doesn't he give me what I want?" They become very upset about him, and they reject him.

They think they can reject God. You can't reject God. God is with you. It is you. How can you reject something that is already you? You can't reject Him. That's why the moment you return to Him you see He has always been there. He never left you.

God cannot reject us. We can have the illusion of rejecting God. It's just an illusion.

What is Maya? Maya is an illusion. What is an illusion? An illusion is being separate from God, not being connected, feeling that He is not there, that He is not one with us.

It is an illusion. How could God not be one with us? He is us. He is everything.

So we can't reject Him. When we reject Him, He just laughs at us. He says, "How can you reject Me? You can't reject Me, I'm already one with you. You are just rejecting yourself."

If you realize that you can't reject God because God is with us all the time, even when we don't feel Him, when we think we are smarter than Him or we can do things that He doesn't see or He doesn't know, then we realize that God is an incredible Being, an incredible God. He is us. He is all of us.

Then our concepts start falling away and we become more and more one with Him. When we become more one with Him, we also realize that whenever He said prophecy, anytime He said He was going to do something, He did it.

He promised Abraham he was going to have two sons. One of them was going to have many nations, and the other was going to have one nation. A Prophet was going to come out of each of them, and all of them were going to spread like the dust and the stars. And He did those things. How little faith can we have that we can see all these things happened and still not have the faith that God is going to fulfill the rest of His promises.

That faith makes you powerful. That faith makes you strong. That faith makes you withstand anything in your path. With that faith you can just go on with the work and at the same time not be affected by anything.

Of course, it's hard in the beginning. In the beginning you are still attached to the approval of everyone else in your life. You want to be accepted. You want to be loved.

We don't like to be rejected. We don't like to not be accepted. But as we go on with the work, and more and more we trust God, we just give the Message and leave them to God. We say, "OK, my work is done."

Here is the Message I received from God, it is: "The Eternal Divine Path and the Communities of Light are the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth." Did you hear what I said? I am done with you. I said it. I gave the Message.

If still you reject me, I'm not going to stop saying this to everyone else. I'm just going to go on to whoever will listen to me and I'm going to tell them, "This is the Message I received: The Communities of Light based on the Eternal Divine Path are the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Did you hear me? I'm done with you."

My task is to connect you to God. I don't want to be in the way. I don't want you to be attached to my body, to my miracles, to my hair, or to my eyes, or whatever. I want you to be connected to God.

Question: What is your opinion, or do you think that a Negro-African, or a Negro-American can be a great holy man or a deep and high Christian?

Maitreya: What do you mean by a deep and high Christian? Who asked the question? A Christian has so many different branches. Do you mean Catholic, do you mean Protestant, do you mean......

Question: The real question is, is it possible really to have a great holy man from the black people because I haven't seen any of them. On the whole of the calendar, I didn't see any black people.

Maitreya: They already have one. They just made a black person in New York a Saint. I forget his name, but he was a black person in New York.

Question: It is only since the 1950's that we started to realize that we have to do something with the black people.

Maitreya: Yes, before the 1950's they never really considered the blacks in society. They didn't count them too much. So it was a social decision not to include them in anything.

There were probably great blacks even before the 1950's but they were never considered. That was discrimination. Now that is a historical fact.

So the answer is yes, anyone can become great. It has nothing to do with your color. It depends upon how much you are following the Eternal Divine Path.

Question: What is, for you, the Essence of the Buddhi that every Buddhist tries to realize?

Maitreya: When you are actualized, when you reach the actualization of yourself and you realize your Essence, then you have reached the Buddhi.

There are two words in Sanskrit, vidya and avidya. Vidya means knowledge. Avidya means ignorance. Basically the human created avidya, ignorance. The reason is, as we discussed, because of our senses. Our senses are driving us to different wants, desires, attachments, and all those things.

That is what makes us not to see the Spirit behind everything. When eventually, through meditation, through Grace, or through whatever reason we reach a point where we can see the Spirit in a greater degree, then we can reach vidya, knowledge.

There are two Buddhist paths, Mahayana Buddhism and Hinayana Buddhism. Mahayana is the greater path of the Buddha and the other one is the lower path. That is what the names imply.

With all their meditation, rituals, and everything, they all want to reach Nirvana, to actualize themselves, to become one with the Self and realize Buddhahood. Of course, Buddha came around 2,500 years ago or so and he taught that.

How many of his followers reached that Buddhahood that he reached? Probably not very many because that was Buddha's realization, that was what he realized about the universe. It was great, the teaching was great. That was Buddha's experience. Whatever he teaches us which is good, we accept, and we incorporate into our teaching and into our belief.

There is a lot of good about every religion. As we said, each has lots of truth and some realization, so we can incorporate those parts. Whatever you want to call It, Buddhi, the teaching of Nirvana, Pure Consciousness, God, Godhood, Godhead, that indescribable state, It is the same state. It's just a different word, that's all.

For instance, you can call that chair in English. In French, what do you call a chair? Chaise. Someone who comes from another language will call it something else. We all mean the same thing, don't we? We all mean chair.

So we call it different things. We call it Buddhi. We call it Nirvana. We call it Pure Consciousness. We call it God. We call it Allah. We call it Krishna. We call it whatever we want to. The Essence of that thing doesn't change. The Essence is the same, the goal is to reach God, to reach that state of oneness, that unity.

Of course, the Buddhists elaborately describe that there is a Buddha in the center. There are four Buddhas sitting on the four sides. Then it goes on and on and creates a hierarchy of Buddhas. When you reach Buddhahood, you look at the eye of the Buddha. Buddha looks back at you, and through his eye you realize, wow, you have a long way to go [all laughing]. Then you come back and start all over.

That's another explanation of, "The road is narrow, the path is hard and few will choose it." Christ put it this other way, but it's the same thing. It says you meditate for many lifetimes and eventually you look at the eye of the Buddha and the Buddha looks back at you. You have to go back and start many, many hundreds of lifetimes to meditate to realize what Buddha meant.

That's what Christ said, "The road is narrow and few will be chosen." Doesn't it say the same thing? The work is hard, at least it seems hard in the beginning. When you get over your faults, after you find the turns, cranks, bushes, and how not to fall into the traps, it becomes easier and easier. Then you say, "Hey, this is great. I like this road. It becomes lighter and lighter." You can say, "Oh, now I can run. I don't even have to walk any longer."

Then you can start running and that road becomes wider and wider. They might even give you a car or something to drive [all laughing], or an airplane that goes faster and faster.

But in the beginning it is hard, and it is not fast. We have our attachments, we have desires, we have wants. Our bodies are still yelling at us, "Hey, do this, do that." We don't want to give up all those pleasures that we think that is what life is all about.

There's the pleasure of eating. There's the pleasure of making love. There's the pleasure of having. There's the pleasure of being, and having a lot of family and friends around. These are all pleasures that regular humans are very attached to.

That's why we are very, very brave people to even consider the path of the Spirit. You have to be a very brave person to even consider to go to the path of spirituality. And most of the people don't want to do this.

Twenty percent of the people have had some spiritual experience. Eighty-five percent of those people don't want to have anything to do with that experience. Around ninety percent out of the other fifteen percent, drop it after awhile and say, "It was just an illusion, my imagination."

Very few people really want to know what happened, "I had an experience. I know I had one. I had an experience. I want to know what it was. It was beyond these regular physical senses."

So you will choose the Spirit. And even in a spiritual path there are many, many falls and many pitfalls. With every turn you make, there are pitfalls that you might fall into.

That is why I believe that the Eternal Divine Path is the fastest path to higher consciousness. It is the highway, the highway to heaven [all laughing].

Buddhi is the same thing as Pure Consciousness.

Question: How to serve God, Maitreya, and humanity?

Maitreya: Create Communities of Light. If you want to serve God, learn the teaching, become proficient in every aspect of it, or at least in those parts that you can be proficient. Maybe it's too much to ask that all of you become proficient in every aspect of THOTH and our teaching, but at least become proficient in one subject, one topic.

With that you can present that topic at the Feast to the others. If you need some other people who are proficient in other topics, you can invite them to your cities and let them explain those topics to others.

Give the Message out. Anyone who listens, give the Message. Don't worry about it. If they don't listen, if they don't come back, don't worry about it. It's not up to you to convert them -- leave them to God.

I didn't convert you, or even don't want any credit for your being here. God brought you here. I am just a Messenger. I am a plain Messenger. I have a Message and I give it to you.

If you got the Message, then you can give it to anyone. You become the second level of messengers who can carry the Message to anyone who says, "What is this thing you are doing?"

Give it to him right away [all laughing]. Tell him, "Learn this: The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth is based on the Communities of Light. The Communities of Light are based on the Eternal Divine Path" [Maitreya was speaking really fast here and all laughed]. Give it to him that way, then leave him alone.

That's not very hard is it? You can even learn to say it faster and faster. You can even take a class. There is a class for fast talking.

How fast can you say it? The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth is based on the Communities of Light. The Communities of Light are based on the The Eternal Divine Path. Can you say it? The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth is based on the Communities of Light. The Communities of Light are based on the Eternal Divine Path [some trying to say this fast].

So that is not really difficult, it is really not. It is getting easier and easier for me, I don't know about anyone else. To me that's it. If I give the Message, my work is done. I just leave them to God, that's all. I'm not attached to being in the Mission, or not being in the Mission, or if they really want to do anything for the Mission or not.

It's not up to me. If they see the truth, it is then their Mission now. It is not my Mission any longer, it is theirs, absolutely theirs.

The only thing is if they seek my help in it, of course, I will help them. If they come and ask me, "I have this question, do you want to help me to see if it is exactly what you teach?" I will say, "Let's see what you have." Then we can sit and I can guide them, I can teach them, I can let them know what I have received from God. If they accept it, fine. If they don't accept it, then I leave them to God.

That's what God tells me. He tells me, "That's all you have to do. It's not up to you, who is going to accept it, who is not going to accept it, who is going to come to the Feast, or who is not going to come. It is not up to you."

Those who come to the Feast are supposed to be here. Those who are not here are not supposed to be here. That is the way it is. That takes a lot of burden off of all of us, doesn't it?

You just give the Message. Don't worry about if they are financially rich, or they have connections, or they have this and that. If they received the Message, they have to be inflamed. They should take it, go and give it to everyone. If they are not inflamed, then they haven't got the Message. The only thing I can do is I can repeat this Message over and over and over.

It is just like when we were trying to get these candles lit up, some of them wouldn't light. We had to hold the flame to them for a long time to eventually get them going. Some need more time to light. "Did you get it?" "No." Get another match. "You didn't get it?" "No." Get another match [all laughing]. Eventually they started getting it.

That is the truth. We are laughing at it but that is the truth. That is the real truth. So I keep repeating this Message. The Message is simple: The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth is based on the Communities of Light. The Communities of Light are based on the Eternal Divine Path.

Of course, if they ask, "What is the Eternal Divine Path," then they are in trouble [all laughing]. Then you can say, "The Eternal Divine Path consists of the seven seals, and the seven seals are prophecies and are the seven religions, plus all the Mystical Paths of the earth. So it unifies all the religions, Mystical Paths, and everything together. Also it is a Path. It is the fastest Path to Divinity. It creates the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth," and on and on.

Then it depends on how proficient you are, how much you know about the Eternal Divine Path, and how much Spirit (God) will be present in you when you give it to them.


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