Opposition of the World, How To Dance Haree Om Shrii Hung?, How To Deal With The Opposition Of The World?, Why Do You Recommend Women Wear Long Skirts?, Is Maya As Powerful As God?

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At The Feast Of Tabernacles 10/03/90

: When you dance Haree Om Shrii Hung, you have to let The Holy Ghost take over. After awhile you will dance Haree Om Shrii Hung in the Spirit. You don't have to do it formally. If you can just go with the Spirit, don't worry, let go. After awhile maybe The Holy Ghost will take over and you will start speaking in tongues and rolling around [all laughing] like the Holy Rollers, like the day of Pentecost. They started speaking in many different languages.

You may start speaking German, English, French, and even Persian, even Iraqi [all laughing]. So just let the Spirit take over. That's what Haree Om Shrii Hung is for. Don't be rigid about it. Let it get into you so that the Spirit starts dancing instead of you. You are not there anymore, just the Spirit is.

How is the Feast so far? Many people have put a lot of effort into this Feast. We have to thank all of them, even if some of them are not here. But we thank them for the effort they put into it. We have to let them know we appreciate what they did and that we wish they were here. But that's not ours to say.

We always just present the Mission, the Message. The rest is up to God. It's not us doing it. We give the Message and it's not ours anymore, it is theirs. They heard the Message and then we are free. We don't have to worry about, "Oh, I have to get this person to the Mission. Oh, why is she not coming? Why is he not coming?" It's alright.

There is a nice saying in Shakti's house, "Some people come into our lives and they go away. Some come and stay with us, they affect our lives, and we are never going to be the same."

That's also true about the Mission. Some people come and they have a little thing to do for the Mission, and they go away. They might return, you never know. But we shouldn't hang onto the people, try to force them to the Mission. Just present the Mission, give them your love, talk to them, and pray for them. If they make it, that's great, they have been called for it. If they do not make it, they have not been called, or they may be called later on. It's really not up to us.

Remember Christ only had twelve disciples, twelve dedicated disciples. It's very hard to find dedicated and responsible people who really want to be good. A lot of people want to feel good. Very few people want to be good. That's the difference between God's people and others. The people of God are good.

That's the question, do you want to feel good, or do you want to be good? When you want to be good, sometimes it doesn't feel good, because you give, and give, and the world takes, and takes, and takes. You say, "What happened? I gave all this and nothing happened, nothing manifested." That means that you are attached to the results of your actions. That means that you want something in return. You're expecting something.

So we do our best and leave the rest to the Lord, and He takes care of it. But we thank everyone for the effort they put into organizing this Feast.

Whatever God does for us, that's the way He wants it to happen. If the energy seems to be a little "not flowing," that's great. It means that new energy has come in. We have to blend this new energy with the old energy.

It's just like when you want to make a cocoa drink. You mix up cocoa with milk. At first the cocoa is a little lumpy and it doesn't mix up with the rest of the milk. You have to mix it up and really stir it for a long time before everything is mixed up and it's smooth again. Of course, if you put in another lump of cocoa, again you have to do the same thing, stirring and mixing the whole thing together.

That's why we are here this week, to bring our energy to a mixed energy. We expand our energy to one another so we eventually become one, we become flowing again, we become open, we become loving.

We Love one another as God Loves us. When we do that, we forget our being the separate selves, we become a collective body, the individual in the collective body.

The East is very collective in mind, the eastern part of the earth. The West is very individualistic. We have to bring a balance, reach a middle path. So we have to create an environment that is individual in the collective body. We have to create individuality with a collective consciousness, individuality in a collective oneness.

Then we can accomplish great things. That's also one of the reasons the Mission is here. We can see that the left and right sides of the brain of the human are becoming more in balance, as is the earth. We are becoming more balanced people in creativity and, at the same time, in the calculative part of the brain. The two spheres of the earth (East and West) are also becoming more balanced.

Question: How do you deal with the opposition of the world after you have grown spiritually? For example, the Prophets of the Old Testament suffered. Esa (Jesus) and most of his disciples were sentenced to death, and Bab was shot.

Maitreya: That's sad, isn't it? Whenever a Truth comes from God, the Prophet has to go through such a struggle to convey the message. Many times we can see from the very beginning, from Noah, to Moses, to Christ, to Muhammad, to Bab, all of them suffered great sufferings at the hands of those who thought they were doing the right thing.

The person who was teaching the new religion was an infidel to them. Because of their human minds and ways, they thought that what he said was against their traditions. What he said was against what they believed. To them, they were doing the right thing because he was saying what they were not used to hearing and understanding.

So to them they were doing the right thing to destroy these men who they felt were against them. But none of them really were. None of the Prophets were against anyone. Prophets bring a new teaching which actually progresses humanity to another step of understanding, to a higher level of realization.

But the human loves to resist new things, especially when it comes to religion and ideology. The human doesn't want to hear a new religion. He wants to stay where he is. He is comfortable. Familiarity is more comfortable than to learn a new way(s).

So when the Prophet comes and brings a new religion, a new ideology, a new revelation, probably he is ahead of his time. When he is ahead of humanity, they have a hard time to understand him. And because they have a hard time to understand, they don't want him to say what he is saying. Also it is probably that they feel it is opposing their social set-up.

It's just like Prophet Muhammad who came and said, "There is no God but Allah. There is no God but God." He was saying this in Mecca, the center of the worshipping of idols for three hundred and sixty-five days a year for all the religions around Mecca, going from India to North Africa. It was a route for traveling merchants. All these merchants would come and worship in Mecca. Each had their idol in Mecca.

Muhammad said, "There is no God but God." That meant there is only one God. Three hundred and sixty-five gods in Mecca were no gods any longer. So the people in Mecca became very up in arms at what he said.

They didn't pay too much attention to him in the beginning. But when his followers started growing and became strong, they said, "Well, this really is going to be a threat to the three hundred and sixty-five gods," and they were going to lose a lot of business because the merchants with different beliefs would no longer come that route to stay in Mecca, etc. So they started opposing him.

But after Muhammad succeeded, Mecca not only became a greater center of business, it became a great city. A lot of people started traveling to it, and they even started becoming greater in all levels, scientifically, merchandizing, and theologically. Everything became much greater than before.

So the resistance comes from human fears. No one has to fear anything from our Mission because we're not opposing anyone. We're not opposing business. We're not opposing any ideology. We're not opposing any religion. But still a lot of people resist us, probably because they have their own ideas of what their religion should be and of what ideology there should be.

If I was not in this country, who knows what would have happened with this new religion? In some other countries, anything against their religion or beliefs means they can cut off the head of the person. And that would be it, because what we say is too far out for them.

God has prepared humanity this time in such a way, that we can talk about these things without fear of being persecuted. At least not right away, because this is a country where individual expression is protected by law. So maybe that is why God guided us, or guided me, to come to this place and then revealed this new revelation to us.

So we don't have to worry about those things, and we can comfortably preach our Message and send out our literature to the many people who want it. Still even here, sometimes I am concerned about other people in other countries who receive our literature, that they might be in trouble.

Some countries have laws that the only religion you can follow is one religion. If you have any other ideology or any other religion, you might be in trouble.

Humans are not very flexible. They don't like new things, like new religions and new ideologies. They want to be comfortable with the old ways. With every new religion that comes, the old religion, the old set-up, opposes them for awhile. This occurred even with Buddha, and with Krishna. Anyone who believes in a new religion or ideology is going to be opposed a little bit. But the opposition never succeeds!

They even crucified Christ. Did they succeed to stop him? No. It really wasn't Christ as an individual who was doing this, it was the Spirit behind Christ. God wanted that revelation to come to humanity, to take hold of the spirit of the humans and expand them to this new revelation.

So we can see that it doesn't matter. This is the appearance that we see. We shouldn't become too much involved in appearances. Sometimes it appears that everything is falling apart and nothing is happening. But in Spirit, in the ethereal world, much is occurring.

We have not been able to make a lot of people really respond to this Message because they are very much caught up in their own individual problems, individual lives, and they're not able to come out of them. These individual problems become so important to them that the greater vision is not sinking in. They probably have a problem about, "Why say Sal-Om instead of saying hello?"

I don't want to call it the devil, but we are working with the principalities here. The principalities (I used to call them "creatures" in everyone), or these creatures, have been running our lives all the time until now. We close our eyes and we shed the light into that darkness. These creatures can only live in the darkness.

The moment you close your eyes and you shed light in the corners of the darkness in your spirit, those creatures start running away from it, because they can't live in the light. They're very afraid of the light. They run away to even deeper darkness in you.

They say, "What happened? We were running his life, or her life, now he wants to look at us. He wants to destroy us. The only thing that can destroy us is light." So when they see it they retreat. They retreat, they regroup and become even stronger. They bring their strength together and they fight back.

It's the same thing also, when the new revelation comes, that's light to the earth. This is light to the earth. The Greatest Sign is light to the earth. But all the religions of the world don't want to see this light. That's why in the beginning they withdraw, then they renew their strength, and then they want to come back and destroy. But they can't.

The same thing happens with you. When you meditate, those dark creatures maybe go deeper in a darker part of you, regroup and become stronger than before. But who is going to be the winner? You are going to be the winner if you keep up the fight and keep shedding the light on them, because you have the light.

Now we can see that we will be the winner if we continue meditating, if we keep going deeper and deeper in ourselves, and if we put the light within ourselves. Those creatures can't live for long.

It's the same thing as the Mission. Some people would come, and I would explain to them that this is the Mystical Paths. That is the Communities of Light. You can create Communities of Light. You sacrifice in the Communities of Light until you become submissive and surrendered. You become a universalist. You become a Paravipra and you help the whole universe. We go all around The Greatest Sign, and the people say, "Oh, interesting!" At the end they say, "Good luck," and they go away.

But if we could go on with the Mission, no matter what happens around us, we could see that all goes to God and we're not going to stop for anything. Nothing can stop us. So that's why I used to say, "Even if I have to do this Mission with my teeth, I will do it. I will drag it with my teeth and take it to where it is supposed to go."

So we shouldn't concentrate on the negativity that happens around us, but on the positivity of where we are going, and march toward that goal, that unity, that oneness. If we have seen the vision, our personal problems become no problems any longer. They really are small little things.

If you expand your consciousness to God, if you expand your consciousness to the vision, your personal problems will give up. In comparison to the universe, you are just a speck. You are a particle of dust in the universe.

The universe is twenty billion light years in size, and still they are finding more. That's all they have found. So far they have found twenty billion light years. That is, if you go with the speed of light (300 kilometers a second) it will take you twenty billion years to reach the brink of the universe that they know so far. Then compare yourself to this universe. You are just a speck. You are even smaller than a speck, and then you have problems [laughing]. And you think your problems are the most important things in the universe.

But if you really meditate on it, expand yourself and realize God, 99% of your problems are no problems. If you can see that 99% of your problems are no problems, then that real 1% of the problems can easily be solved. So really you don't have any problems.

If you don't have any problems, then you are in Joy, you are One with God. You can just completely be(come) One with the Spirit of God, dance, chant and do His Will all the time, with the focus on the positivity in everything that you do.

Isn't it wonderful that you're living in a period, in a time when God has revealed such a wonderful revelation and called us to Be, to work with Him, to be with Him, to help Him and to accomplish and establish His Kingdom and His Work? Isn't it wonderful to be connected to such an energy? If we realize that, and reach for this vision, then the rest is really not that important. Our march is toward there, our focus is there, our life is there, our connection is there.

So those small things are OK. As I said, 95%-99% of our problems we create ourselves because that is what ego needs, problems. Ego doesn't live without problems. If ego doesn't have problems, then ego does not exist. Ego doesn't want to let the problems go because if the problems go, where does the ego go? It has to dissolve itself. It has to let God through. It has to let the Spirit take over. So that's why we create our own problems.

We love problems. Ego loves problems. That's why our problems become so important, the most important things in the universe. How come no one understands our problems? We tell ourselves, "No one understands me."

You don't have to worry about who understands you. Do you understand yourself? That is the question. If you understand yourself, who cares if no one understands you? You understand yourself. Also, if you know your Self, you know God because Self and God are the same thing. You are a reflection of God. If you know your Self, you know God. If you know God, you know your Self.

See how everything is upside down on earth? So if you want to see God, you have to turn the world upside down. If you see you have all these problems, you have to see, "OK, what is this worldly problem that is just like an octopus with many hands to bind me and take my energy?" It just drains your energy. Ego drains energy. Spirit expands energy, it lets the energy flow.

So if we look at it, and see how this world is and how we can come out of it, we have to reverse the world to go to heaven. That is baptism by Spirit. Whatever the world takes us into, reverse. That's why it has been said, "Be in the world but not of it," because the world, which is called Maya, is as powerful as God Himself. Ego is as powerful as God.

That's why we meditate, we reverse the process by closing our eyes. The energy usually goes out all the time. When we meditate we close our senses, we close our eyes. The eyes actually are the light of our Soul. The eyes show our Soul, what kind of Soul we have.

The energy of the Soul goes out of the eyes. The eyes are looking out all the time, so the energy is going out. The moment you close your eyes, you really are closing yourself to the external world. You are reversing the energy, instead of it flowing without you, it flows within you. As I said, you have to reverse the energy.

You have to reverse the world because the world is completely upside down from heaven. Whatever the world offers you, heaven forbids you, not forbids you in a bad sense that you shouldn't have it, but you have to spiritualize it.

Nothing is bad in this universe, by how it is used it becomes good or evil. How does it become bad? How it is used. You have to spiritualize your world.

It just amazes me how powerful the world is, how powerful Maya is. Anyone who has heard about this wonderful revelation should be here and should be behind this Mission getting it done. Can't we see the handwriting on the wall?

What is more important, our personal problems, or what is happening to earth and earth's problems? Just amazingly there was the final vote to make Germany a united nation last night. I don't know if you have heard about it or not. There's a unified Germany now, and it happened last night, the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles. It is another sign toward fulfilling the prophecies of, "Europe will try to become united."

Also, when we had Passover this year, one of our brothers brought a candle. He said someone gave that candle to him and said, "When you light this candle, that is when the tribulation is going to start on earth." We could not find any other candle in the house. So we had to light that candle at Passover this year. It was in the beginning of this spring. So we can see, there is even another symbol, that the tribulation started.

The last seven years was the period of confusion. If you read the Scriptures, there are seven years of confusion, seven years when the Christ will be caught up, with his disciples, in the clouds (confusion). That happened in the last seven years.

What is the cloud the symbol for? When they want to say, "You are confused," they say, "Your head is in the clouds." It means you are confused. So cloud is the symbol for confusion.

Those seven years he's going to be caught in the confusion, in the clouds. After that seven year period is going to be the tribulation. So you can see that in the last seven years, from 1983 until 1990, there was a period of great confusion. A lot of things didn't work, and there was a lot of confusion on earth, in the Mission and those who were with us.

Now, after that Passover, we can see that prophecies are becoming fulfilled even in greater acceleration. We can see that one of the prophecies is that a great portion of Asia and some other countries are going to be united and create an army with millions of people. Where will those millions of people come from?

Which countries have the most people in them? China and India. These are the people who can easily create an army of a couple of million. China is almost one billion people. India is seven million people and with the other countries around them they would have more than two billion people. Probably the whole earth is around four and a half billion people. Most of the people are in Asia.

What is happening right now is that we can see there is a confrontation between Iraq and the United States. We know that Russia is no longer a super power. That has been prophesied, that came true. They have even admitted it themselves, they are no longer a super power.

Then the United States is isolated more and more, and we have a big debt here in this country. It is draining our resources. Even if there is one shooting in the Middle East, the price of oil is going to go to $100 a barrel. That will affect our whole economy. I'm just telling you, look at the writings on the wall.

If America is no longer a super power, and Russia is no longer a super power, who is going to replace this vacuum? Europe. Who is unified now? Germany. Who's going to lead it? Probably Germany.

See the trend is going toward the fulfillment of the prophecy of the ten kings that we talk about in THOTH, that is going to come from Europe. We talked about bringing about a confederation of many countries in Asia and some in North Africa. We see the prophecies are being fulfilled.

We are going toward the fulfillment of the prophecies. But God told us, "If you are with Me, you don't have to worry about it. If you are with Me, My Kingdom is going to come after these upheavals."

From where are these people going to come? Where is the safest place on earth during this period? The Communities of Light. The Communities of Light are going to be safe because, what are Communities of Light? They are communities where people follow God's Plan, the Eternal Divine Path.

In the Communities of Light we support one another. We don't need to be dependent upon the resources of this earth. If we create the Communities of Light, we will be self-sufficient ourselves. We will have everything that we need, with each other's help, and with each other's support.

That's when we can again see how important it is to create the Communities of Light. That is the way out of this. No individual, no one family, can withstand what is coming. But if we stand together, we can withstand it.

I'm not trying to scare you, but just look at the signs. We should not take these signs lightly. Some people do. Some people take these signs very lightly and it apparently doesn't affect them. They don't take it very seriously. They don't think about, why these things are happening. But this brother brought that candle and said that this is the way they told him it's going to be lit, and it was the night of Passover.

What does Passover mean? Passover means it is going to pass over us. So if it's going to pass over us, it means we are going to be safe. We don't have to worry about it. If you know prophecies and you know the way out, you don't have to worry about it.

Just like when they were creating the Declaration of Independence, they said, "Either we stand together or we're going to be hanged separately." That is actually the same thing here. We are here to come together.

We are going to stand together and win this, and after we come out of this tribulation and all these problems coming to earth, we are going to be having the answer on earth. We're going to be the people who are living in the Communities of Light and we're not afraid of anything that is coming.

Even right now, in that little community in New Mexico, we really don't have many problems. Well, I ask every week, "Do you have any problems?" Everyone says, "No we don't have any problems" [all laughing].

So if just four people can create an environment where they really are pretty independent from the external world, and live pretty good and comfortably, just imagine if more people would join us and create the Communities of Light, and be together and help one another. There's going to be much less stress, much less dependence on the external world. There's much less fear of what's coming, and all those things that are going to happen.

The world is not aware of these things. The world doesn't want to hear about these things. As I said, the greed of the people, the desires of the people, the attachments of the people, take them away from this Message. They are not ready for this Message. If they are not ready, they can't hear it.

Even if you hear it, it doesn't reach your heart. If it doesn't touch your heart, you won't respond. You have other things in your life that are important to you.

So it doesn't matter how many Satsangs I have given about these topics, over, and over, and over. I'm glad no one says, "You said that before. You're repeating yourself over and over."

But I guess probably it should be repeated over and over, so eventually it starts getting to some people and it touches them. Then they would realize, "Yeah, this person makes sense. He's talking about things that are current, here and now." Then they may join us in this wonderful journey. The reward is in the journey, as it has been said!

Some people think they have to float over to the ethereal level to know God. They don't have to go anywhere to know God. They can just sit here and know God. The Spirit is the highest in the spiritual world. It's even higher than the ethereal level and ethereal beings, and those wonderful astral projections that a lot of people do. Actually that is a trap that a lot of people fall into. They think if they go to the ethereal level they are very spiritual. No, they are not.

Actually a good spiritual person is a person who is really down to earth. His feet are solidly on the earth and he is not spaced out (space is ether). He is a very intelligent person. And he can manifest.

How about what Christ said? How do you know them? You know them by their fruit. A lot of people come to me and they want to have an experience, or they want to feel good, or see a miracle. Didn't Moses open the Red Sea for them? That would have been quite an experience.

What did they do after they went through the Red Sea to the other side? They started complaining, "Why did you bring us out of Egypt? We had food to eat there." He just opened the Red Sea for them. Did it make them better believers? No, it didn't.

Christ said the same thing. He said, "The generation of vipers ask for the signs and miracles." Christ did many miracles. He opened their eyes, he raised the dead, and healed many. Did they become better believers and rally around him? No, they crucified him. What happened? As someone mentioned today, there were only four people present to take him off the cross.

That's why I said, "Now He gave me a measurement to measure who is called for the Mission. You know them by their fruits." If they are not giving fruits, they are not called for the Mission. They are not giving any fruit. If they give fruit, they are fruitful. They are called to do this Mission.

That is the way we can do this Mission, with the people who are fruitful. They can give the fruit. But if you give a little fruit and you expect much in return, that's going to be a business. That is from passion. That is not from knowledge, that is not from higher Spirit.

So you can see that there are a lot of fine points that God has revealed to us, a lot of Wisdom that He has given us here to do this Mission. He has put us through many experiences for the last seven years. As I said, it was the seven years of confusion. We had to go through those experiences and become wise. Through this wisdom, we can look at our situation and the Mission, and say, "That is how it will be done. That is how the people are going to be called into it. That is how we can create the Communities of Light."

The Communities of Light are based on the Eternal Divine Path, based on The Greatest Sign, based on responsible, dedicated people. It is not something, "You just get spaced out in it." It's not an Eastern teaching of, "Just meditate, don't worry about anything else." It is not a Western teaching either, to be worried about everything, that, "I am the doer." But it is, do your best (as the Western Soul likes to be), but leave the result to God, to have the peace of the East. It's not something in the ethereal level. It's something down to earth, here and now.

This truth will free you. If your trust is really in God, you are free, but do your best.

You love everyone, you are with them, you have very deep interrelationships with everyone. You can create deep relationships with every person, love them and help them, but your trust is in God. With that you no longer become disappointed with anyone because you do your best and leave the rest to God. You know, "You can bring the horse to water, but you can't make him drink."

But you did your job, you brought the horse to the water. That's all you had to do. If he's not thirsty, he's not ready for water. You can do nothing for him.

That's exactly the same thing. We give the Message to everyone, and it's them who decide about the Message. If their Souls are thirsty and are called, they will drink of the fountain of this well and will thirst no more.

That was a wonderful thing that Theresa had in her writing. "Some people know by wisdom..." Can you read it?


: The humble know him by his ever-present Love. The noble know him by his fruits, and the wise know him by his Message to unify humanity and that "The Goal of the Life is to Be(come) Divine, That Divinity is Everything."

Maitreya: That's beautiful. That is a very wonderful sentence, the one about wisdom. Some see the wisdom in the Message, the Message that unifies all religions of the world together as one. That's a wonderful Message. Not only that, tomorrow we're going to talk about the Communities of Light and how they will manifest the hierarchy on earth. They are the way to create the Kingdom on earth.

How long are we going to go kill one another because of different religions, races, nations, languages? How long are we going to stay little children and fight, "My daddy is better than your daddy?" It's the same thing, "My language is better than your language. My castle is bigger than your castle. My interest is more important than yours," etc.

How long are you going to stay little children? You have to grow up. This is the time of growing up. Probably you have been teenagers for some time. Now you have to become adults. That is what humanity is going through, the birth pains.

In World War II they eventually came to the conclusion that we need the United Nations. They realized, it can't go on. Millions of people died in that war. They came and said, "Well, we can't just go on and kill one another as we did in this war. We'd better create a United Nations." At the very first assembly, some countries wanted more privileges than others. So that threw the whole United Nations out of the window.

But in the Communities of Light, we are proposing a united humanity under one Spirit, one nation, and one God. Also, the United Nations never brought God into the picture. So if you put God out of anything in your life, it's not going to work. God wants to be involved in every level in your life, physically, mentally and spiritually.

If we listen to God, we are not attached to our culture. We are not attached to our country. We are only attached to God. We want Him to let us know what is the right thing to do. God doesn't say. "Go and follow this culture or that culture." He says, "This is My Will. Follow My Will, no matter where you are." And His Will is the same in every culture, nation, religion, etc.

So we have to lift up our Spirit from these bondages that cling to humanity. These are all bondages: nationality, language, culture, ideas. "That's what I think it should be." These are all bondages. We have to lift ourselves up to the Spirit, to the Spirit of God.

What is that higher thing He wants us to do? He wants all to become one. The whole room lit up right now. When I say, "You lift up," everything lifted up. You lifted up beyond these boundaries.

In that level we are one. Can you see that? In that level we are one. In any other level we are not, we are separate. We are separated egos trying to feel our way. But in that higher level, in Spirit, we are one. We no longer belong to any special religion. We no longer belong to any race. We no longer belong to any country. We no longer belong to any culture. We belong to God.

That's why when anyone asks me where I am from I say, "I am from God." We are all from God. If we are all from God, we have only one place to go back to. Where? God.

Especially if you believe in reincarnation, God knows how many cultures you have been born into. You really belong to all of them. Therefore, you are beyond all those things, and you know you have come from God and you will return to Him. So that frees you. That lifts your Spirit beyond any triviality.

See, we are very few people, very brave people even being here. We invited many people to come and join us. But what happened? Someone wanted to tend to his field, and someone else wanted to attend to her husband. Another wanted to go to this country, or travel to that country. They even found another new religion to attend to.

These are excuses. All kinds of excuses are going to come to you to stay away. I heard there was a gentlemen tonight who came here to preach about his vision of the Feast. The staff had to invite him to leave. All these things are trying to keep us where we are, down to mundanity, separate from God. But if we lift ourselves up and be consistent in what we do and go on, without being dragged down by the other things that come to us, we will eventually succeed.

We will eventually succeed individually and collectively, physically, mentally, and spiritually, because all the physical problems we have are spiritual. Everything is spiritual. The emotional problems we have are spiritual. The mental problems we have are spiritual.

So if we keep our focus on God and lift our Spirit out of all these bondages, we will be free. We will be free physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Life is easy. Life is very simple. We make it complicated. The ego likes to make life complicated. The more complicated it is, the more ego feels it's alive. So let the ego go!

Question: Why do you recommend that women wear long skirts?

Maitreya: Well, Christ used to give parables about the kings. We don't have many kings around anymore, so I will give this parable related to the president so that we can easily relate.

It's just like, you have been invited to the White House, and the requirement is to wear a tuxedo. You wear a tuxedo to go to the White House, don't you?

Would you go with your shirt, or with a short skirt, or with any other kind of dress? Would you do that if the White House invited you to wear a tuxedo, and that was the requirement of going to that wedding, going to that ceremony? Would you do that? Would you even dare to do that?

Now if we are so concerned about worldly things and the presidents who are worldly, if we go to the Presence of God, and God said, "The requirement of coming to my wedding, to my Presence, is to wear a long skirt," wouldn't it be more appropriate, wouldn't you even be more concerned to wear a long skirt? Anyway, we not only require the women to wear long skirts, we require the men to wear long pants. So we're not discriminating there [all laughing].

If the president is that important to you that you wouldn't dare not to follow his instructions, think of how much more you should be concerned to follow God's instructions! Also, you don't have to wear an unattractive long skirt. You can wear a very beautiful dress and be very feminine, at the same time wear very nice long clothing. You can become a very beautiful and graceful woman, and manifest your female energy very beautifully, without really showing your body.

Manifest The Holy Ghost through yourself which is much more beautiful than the physical body. In the process, you also help men to see your spiritual beauty and respect you for it, rather than your physical beauty which might bring them down to their lower natures which stimulates their lower tendencies, such as violence, hate, etc.

Why do we have to present the body, which always in the spiritual world has been recommended to be disregarded as much as possible? It doesn't mean that we shouldn't be beautiful, we shouldn't be attractive, we shouldn't be graceful, but there is much more Grace in our Spirit that we can manifest than in our physical bodies.

Also, have you ever seen any angel in a short skirt [all laughing]? They are always depicted in beautiful long dresses, and in a very graceful and wonderful way. So there are many, many reasons for it. That also makes the attraction become more for the higher Spirit than for the physical body.

How long is your physical body going to stay beautiful? Forty, fifty, sixty, seventy years? Even if your physical body stayed beautiful to the end of your life, the most is what? A hundred years? It will be gone after that.

But what about your Spirit and your Soul? They are going to stay beautiful forever. Any progress you make in your Spirit, or your Soul, is going to stay with you, not only in this lifetime, but in the next lifetime, the lifetime after, and on, and on, and on.

That's why "The Goal of the Life is to Be(come) Divine." That means your Spirit and your Soul become beautiful, not your physical body. Also, you can become very beautiful and wear a beautiful dress but your emphasis and attraction -- we have to attract other people also for higher understanding -- can be done by beautifying your Spirit, your Soul. When you beautify your Spirit and Soul, believe me, your physical body is going to become much more beautiful than it ever was.

So there are many, many reasons for requesting that we be as modest as possible, especially since we are the forerunners and we have to be an example for everyone to emphasize the beauty in Soul and Spirit rather than the physical body.

Probably some of the problems we have out there in the physical world are because we emphasize too much on the physical body. The physical body brings the energy to the lower chakras. The lower chakras affect the mind, and the mind becomes confused.

When the mind becomes confused, the crime goes up, and the many things that are happening that they don't know how to stop, can be stopped by the couples in the Communities of Light and the following of God's requirements for our lives. See all those things can be taken care of without requiring huge budgets for police and protection and those things.

It seems nowadays everyone thinks any problem can be solved with money. The moment they have a problem they say, "OK, we need more in our budget to have more policemen." They get more policemen, but the crime also increases. "OK, we need more money to have more policemen." They don't look for the essence, the causes. They try to solve the results which have deeper causes. That is why they do not succeed.

Here in the Mission we are working with the causes of the problems. A lot of people out there are working with the effects of the problems. One of the causes of the problems is that we emphasize too much on our physical bodies. That is again the world. Worldly things bring us to our lower natures and create problems.

But if you want Godly things, Godly things say, "Go to your Spirit, to your Soul and emphasize that."

Question: Earlier you mentioned that Maya is just as powerful as God. Did you mean it appears to be as powerful, or that it really is?

Maitreya: It depends on what level of consciousness you are at. When you are in the lower level of consciousness, when the worldly problems become really important to you, so important that the only things you think about are the worldly problems and, "Where I am at, I'm not understood," this, that, the mind goes blah, blah, blah, blah, you have no idea of God.

Maya and the problems of the world become so real that some people even kill themselves, they commit suicide. They can't see a little further ahead that the Spirit is behind it, "Why did this thing happen to me?" Instead of seeing that Spirit, the thing that happens becomes their reality. So in that level that is the reality they know. They cannot see God.

When you learn how to avoid Maya, or overcome it, you see God in every action in your life. So in that low level, Maya is their only reality (their god).

However, the only Reality is God!

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