Will Paravipras Become God's People
And How Do They Relate To The Children Of Israel?,

How Can We Prepare For The Next Feast Of Tabernacles? Are All Invited?, Thank You Maitreya, How Can We Ever Thank You?

10/19/89 Satsang (Discourse) With



: Those are nice candles. You know white is the least selfish color in the universe. It gives out all the colors it receives. It keeps nothing in.

Black is the most selfish one. It keeps everything in and doesn't let anything out.

That's why I want you to wear white. You look so graceful and beautiful. Also one of the reasons to wear white, and long clothes for women, is that it makes you so graceful. When they have paintings of angels, they all have white long dresses, and it is so graceful.

I have never seen any woman wear a long white dress, and not look graceful. The other day I saw three of you outside, three white-clothed women. It looked just like angels were walking in the garden. I said, "Look at those angels, they really are pretty."

Also that's what we have to create, graceful, beautiful people in the communities, especially beautiful, graceful women who are in the community. Those who see them will want to be in such an environment with such graceful people.

For men it is also the same thing. It doesn't go just for women. It goes for men too. Men also can become graceful and very effective. Then I'm sure we're going to have a much more beautiful environment with all of us manifesting what we're supposed to manifest.

That Grace comes to us, it doesn't really have to be forced. We are just suggesting these things. As you meditate, and when you become closer to the Spirit, you will realize it yourself. Yes, it even feels better. As someone said today, she feels much more comfortable, much more respected, wearing modest clothes.

Also have you seen any angels with shorts? What angels! We are not of this world, we are from heaven. We come straight from heaven, so we have to bring heaven here. We have to become a duplicate of God's Kingdom. That's how the people are in God's Kingdom. Everyone is so graceful. Angels are so graceful.

Grace is beautiful. Grace is something that brings out the best in everyone. We have a little of it, not a lot of it in this world right now, because we are still trying to fight and make wars and kill one another. That's not very graceful, is it?


: The sign of the KOHOE (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)) [second seal] looks very similar to the sign of the Paravipras (kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)). Does that mean that the Paravipras will become God's people, God's nation, as the Children of Israel were supposed to be, but failed?


: Yes, if you go through The Greatest Sign, the sixth seal (kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)) is the seal of the Paravipras, or the Elected Ones. As we mentioned in THOTH, the Elected Ones are not an earthly nation, they are a nation in God. They are not an earthly nation but are like the Children of Abraham were. When they go through the first five steps then they become Paravipras. "Para" means beyond and "vipra" means intellect, so Paravipra means beyond intellect. It means intuition, understanding with feeling, understanding with deep knowledge of every situation. It's not something you analyze.

Of course, it's OK to analyze things. Intellect is not bad. You have to analyze and try to come to a conclusion, scientifically come to a conclusion, if you have a scientific mind. But eventual discovery usually comes from deep intuition.

Just like Einstein, who didn't even know from where E=MC2 came. He knew it was going to work. But he never could prove why it worked, because he received it from a higher consciousness. He realized this himself. In his writings you can see that he really deeply believed in the higher consciousness, in God. That's why he eventually came to the conclusion of the unified theory, or other people who came after him, that there is a unified force behind this creation.

So intuition is much stronger, much more powerful than intellect. Intellect can make mistakes but real intuition never makes mistakes. That's why we see intellectuals come up with these theories and principles, and then in ten or fifteen years, or later, someone else comes and destroys everything that the other person had come up with.

Look at the theory of Newton. They had followed that for centuries. Then Einstein brought his theory and Newton's theory was out of Grace, out of the academic acceptance. Later on probably someone is going to come and Einstein's theory is not going to be the accepted theory any longer. See, the intellect was good, Newton used it, analyzed it, and came to a conclusion. It made sense, but later on they realized a theory more suited to explain the creation.

And that is what Paravipra really means, "beyond intellect." He who has created intuition, realizing spiritual truth with the deep intuitional understanding. Such a person is not following society or the environment, or what the norm of the culture is, but what is the truth for that culture that can help it so it can come to a greater understanding of God and His Ways.

That's why we have a lot of preachers these days but not the real teachers. We see Christ is in the spiritual world everywhere, in the West, in the East, in the South, in the North. But people don't find true spiritual beings who they can really go to, learn and progress with. There are some who have some truth, who are connected to the Spirit, and are very good. But we need more of these kinds of people.

We don't only need spiritual people, we need spiritual people who also are down to earth, who are here and now and want to help the communities and want to solve the problems of the communities, etc.

So that's why just meditating and awakening your spiritual forces (ichng-s.gif (891 bytes)) is not enough. We need the Communities of Light (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)). Apparently it seems that the Children of Abraham, or Jewish people, failed, and God was angry. He was yelling at them, "You generation of," what-ever He called them. He showed anger.

But remember, God doesn't really become angry. He might look angry sometimes, but inside He's laughing at you. He looks very unhappy and angry, and He might even feel that you are very miserable or something like that. But inside He's laughing, saying, "This little child thinks I'm really serious about these things." It is His nature to be Joyful. How can a nature which is Joyful be bitter? It can't be bitter.

Of course, He might get a little upset if He said something is to be done the way He thinks is the best way to be done and that person doesn't do it the way it should have been done. Because if He's God, He's supposed to know everything. So if the other person doesn't do it He might become a little upset, but later on still He would say, "My little child didn't want to do it, or didn't understand it, or he wants his own way, he wants to do what he thinks is the best thing."

Sometimes you think your way is the best way but maybe the other person also has something that is worthwhile to listen to. At least you have to listen to other points of view. If the other person says, "This way is good," then you think, you meditate and you say, "Yes, that's good, he or she knew something about that situation."

Just like this Feast, if it were up to me probably we wouldn't be here. But one of our missionaries said, "Let's have it." Of course, I had mentioned it would be nice to start the Feast, and she, as usual, picked up on my word and said, "Let's do it." So I listened to her voice and we have the Feast.

Then she came up and said, "This is the building. It's a nice place." She found it. Actually when we had the World Unity Forum in Albuquerque, we looked everywhere for a place in Albuquerque just like this center. We couldn't find one. That's why we decided to go out of Albuquerque and have the Forum in the northern part of New Mexico. Then those problems happened and we decided, to have it in a hotel and just get it over with. And that was it.

Since then this center has become available. I didn't know that there was such a place. She came and said, "Let's have the Feast."

I felt we were pushing it. We didn't have the people, it was just the three of us. Of course, we were promised that a few more people were going to come and join us, but I have received so many promises before and then they didn't manifest. Well, that was the seven years of confusion, of course. I'm hoping from now on anyone who promises is going to carry it out.

But I wasn't sure we were going to have the people here, for sure, to help. And if we wound up with three people to carry out this Feast, that would be a very big job. So I was resisting a lot on that, however, I meditated on it. She was sincere, she really was sincere about it.

Eventually we gave in and said, "It's fine, sure, let's do it. We will just trust the Spirit and hopefully the three who promised, are going to be here." Of course, one is not here, but I wish he was here because he's very talented in music, and he does the Haree Om Shrii Hung very well.

Anyway, we have to consider other people's opinions, at least meditate on them. Maybe other people have something we can benefit from. If we find out that it is true then we should accept it. If we don't and we are right then of course, we have to stay firm in what we believe. We say either no, or yes, or bring it up and discuss it, and eventually come to an agreement with one another without irritating one another, or creating any resentment.

So with a lot of "Jewish" people it's very hard to know where their origin is. Are they really the Children of Israel? It's very hard to tell. They might be the Children of Israel but they might not.

There is a book called The Thirteen Tribes of Israel. The Thirteen Tribes of Israel talks about a nation by the name of Khazar that used to be just north of Iran on the West side of the Caspian Sea. The Caspian Sea is just north of Iran. These people called themselves Jews and they had a kingdom there.

What happened was, to the south they were connected to the Islamic dominated nations, like the Arab nations, Iran and places like that. To the west and north they were connected to the Christian nations. They were in the middle, pulled by two forces.

The king, in order to bring a balance and at the same time get tension away from these two powerful forces, claimed his nation as a "Jewish" nation. So they didn't have to be converted to become Moslems or Christians.

Also because Jewish people were one of the people of the book, Moslems accepted them being there and just continued to coexist with them. These people were eventually, of course, assimilated into the Russian culture. That's why we see there are so many Jewish people in Russia. Eventually a lot of them ended up in Europe and came to the United States.

Were these people really the Children of Israel? It's hard to tell. They might have been, because as we remember there were the ten tribes that many don't know what happened to them. Maybe some of them were the ones who left Israel, went to this area and resided there.

Really the word Jewish no longer is significant as a very unique nation, and without any other genes but the Children of Israel's genes in them. It means they lived a traumatic life. They were persecuted in many nations and a lot of things happened to them. It is very hard for them to have stayed as completely pure as many like to believe.

Also that was God's Plan. They had done their part. When God chose them as the chosen people, He chose them as a tribe, as a community. He didn't choose them as the Paravipras. They were chosen just to emphasize that the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth is so important, and that the Communities of Light are so important to us.

Now when The Greatest Sign comes, we can relate to the second seal (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)) of the Communities of Light, not that they were Paravipras. They really weren't the real chosen ones because if you say, only Jewish people are the chosen people then we are separating humans from humans again. That means the rest are not chosen?

God doesn't work that way. The whole universe is God. The whole universe is consciousness. So a chosen person can be a Jew, can be a Christian, can be a Moslem, can be a Hindu, can be a Buddhist, etc.

Now, what is the yardstick to find the chosen person? That is where The Greatest Sign comes in. Not only do you have to work toward the creation of the Communities of Light, which is the second seal (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)), you also have to learn not to be self-centered, to sacrifice (cross-s.gif (869 bytes)), to be submissive to the Will of God (islms15c.jpg (912 bytes)), and to become a Universalist (baha-s.gif (97 bytes)). Then you are a Paravipra (kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)).

Then you are the real Children of Israel. You are the child of Light, and that is why you can see that there is a similarity between the sixth seal (kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)) and the second seal (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)). Both of these seals relate to the Kingdom, to the chosen ones. But one of them relates to the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, which is the Communities of Light. That is related to the Jewish people and the Children of Israel, and they were very earthly too.

Jewish people are very smart, very earthly and became good business people. Anywhere they went they were industrious people. After awhile they became the richest people around because they knew how to become involved with business and things like that.

They are also very community oriented, very family oriented. Family is very strong and powerful. Actually that's why they survived, because the family structure was powerful. That's why Jewish people are so strong, their family structure is strong and the community power is strong.

But the real Children of Israel are the people who reach the sixth seal (kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)). They go through that process, they realize God, and they work for the whole universe. Such a people are the ones who are going to be attracted to the Mission, to our work. They are going to start working in a higher level, not as a separated nation, but as a nation of God. As I said, it can be any person. We just reach out and we invite them again and again to come here, and as they realize The Greatest Sign more, greater numbers of them will join us.

In The Revelation, if you read about the sixth seal, you will see that it talks about how those who reach the sixth seal are the real Jews. It relates to them as the real Jewish people. The reason for it is that it is the truth, because Jewish people were supposed to be an example of God-conscious people for the rest of humanity.

But they were not the Paravipras. They were just chosen to bring the concept of communities and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. The only way the Kingdom can come is through communities which accept God as their only King and their only source of strength and relationship, etc.

So I don't think they failed. I think they transmitted the message which they were supposed to give to humanity, very well. That's why we have it here, in The Greatest Sign. It very powerfully gives the idea of the community, the family structure, etc.


: What can I do to prepare for the next Feast of Tabernacles? Are all invited or only those connected to the Mission?


: Start putting money away, [all laughing] so you have money to pay for it.

But besides that, of course, we have to start practicing the tools the Mission has given for our purification. We saw a glimpse of the Mission's tools, the things that we recommend to be done here, for instance, chanting, dancing, meditating, doing The Reminder, fasting, and keeping the Sabbath Holy by keeping it quiet, restful, and fasting on Saturday.

Read THOTH, meditate, look at The Greatest Sign, read the transcripts of what we talked about, become more familiar with the Mission, and become closer to the Spirit of God that brought you here and put us altogether. Eventually get involved with the Mission's activities, etc.

Really we are the first people who started the Feast of Tabernacles together. So we are very special in a kind of way, and we saw a glimpse of it how it's done and how wonderful it can be. The energy here was so wonderful. The people who came blended together so well, and that's beautiful. No un-blending energy really was felt here. We flowed together and it was very, very pretty. The Feast will continue like that.

As we become a stronger family -- as a group of people who realize this teaching and what we are doing here, as incredible things are happening on earth -- we will create a nucleus, a powerful nucleus that's going to radiate that Spirit out. It doesn't matter what kind of energy comes later on, they're just going to be filled with this energy.

The Mission is like a pond right now. It's a small body of water, it's a small seed germinating. When you have a small pond, if you put a big stone in it, what happens? The water jumps all over and is greatly disturbed. Also it evaporates faster. But as more water is added to this pond, eventually it becomes a big lake. Now throw a big stone in the lake, what happens? A couple of waves occur. The lake stays calm and undisturbed.

So hopefully we accomplished something this week that is going to carry on with you when you leave here, and you'll be more sincere about really continuing with these tools, meditating on what we did this week, and become stronger in your faith. Then you will become stronger in your commitment to this work by doing it and being connected with the Mission and with us.

If we work together we create greater and greater strength among ourselves. So next year when the Feast comes, we will already have a strong nucleus built up around the Feast. We have twelve more people who are really as one together with us. Then we're going to start the Feast next year with a much stronger beginning, with a greater degree of the energy together. So it's important that we follow these things to the next Feast and prepare ourselves for that, which is to come.

It seems that it's going to be a much larger Feast, it's closer to more people in Florida and it's easier for the people from Quebec to come there. Also we have those working in Boston. It will be easier for the people from Boston to come too. Who knows from where else they're going to come?

The people from India, six of them, really wanted to come to this Feast. They didn't make it, they didn't receive visas. It's sad that we should have these barriers between humans and humans, blocking the ability of the good people to come together, because we still have separation between borders, etc. But they might still be interested to come to Florida.

Maybe someone wants to come from Australia, Asia, Africa, South America, etc. The only thing is we are going to do our best, and we are going to continue for the next twelve months to reach as many people out there as we can. Our secretary will probably be at the computer typing away at it. Of course, hopefully we will have more people to help the Mission. But that's where we are right now.

When next year comes, of course, anyone can come. The Feast doesn't belong only to the people who are connected to us. Anyone who is interested can come to the Feast of Tabernacles. It is the Feast of the Lord. It belongs to everyone and anyone who loves the Lord and wants to be with Him. It doesn't belong to only the Mission. It doesn't belong to only those who are connected to us, it belongs to every being.

Of course, it's going to be expensive for some people to come there. Hopefully we're going to have the Feast in many places in the future, so the people don't have to travel. But Florida is so accessible it seems like it is as easy to have it in Florida as to have it at the same time in Quebec or Boston.

So that is the way, really wrap yourself up into the Mission, into the things that we have been given, if you want to be prepared, because these things have a very subtle and powerful spiritual effect on us.

Like I said, Haree Om Shrii Hung is a mantra. It's something that affects your chakras. It brings the energy up, up, up. Hopefully one day in the Feast we might have 24 hours of Haree Om Shrii Hung going on.

Just imagine if we have a couple of thousand people in groups. If we have around 900 people we can have groups of 20 to chant for half an hour segments. So for 24 hours someone is singing Haree Om Shrii Hung. If you want to meditate, go to that room where they're singing Haree Om Shrii Hung, and just sit and meditate. You're going to have a very good meditation. We're not there yet, but that's another thing that can be done in the Feast. As it grows, as I said, we can have it everywhere.

The Reminder itself is very powerful and very effective. It has a lot of effect on the body. You stretch muscles that you never use. Actually it's a kind of yoga in itself. It's a kind of I-Ching at the same time, because you are concentrating on higher thoughts, in higher energy. It makes you very healthy, it pushes the mucus out of your body. When you bend your head, the mucus comes out of your body. It helps to get rid of some of the toxins in your body. Mucus is a toxin. Mucus is not something that comes from nowhere, it's a toxin.

With the bath ideation, every time you take a bath, you baptize yourself. You promise that you're going to be pure and you're baptized. That's an act of baptism. And every time you baptize yourself you have a new start, don't you? You can have a new start every day, and on and on. There's so much there that it's hard to go over all of them.

If you don't use these tools, you won't see the effect. You have to do them and do them constantly, every day, for a long period of time to see the effect. Just like an athlete who doesn't exercise for a couple of days or a couple of weeks is out of shape, this is the same thing. If you don't do these exercises for a long time, you will be out of shape. You will no longer feel like doing them anymore.

Also it is a discipline. It disciplines you to do these in a specific time period. You create a stronger mind and a stronger will because you have to do it, and you want to do it.

There are a lot of wonderful reasons behind using these tools. It's not just a silly Haree Om Shrii Hung. Of course, it's very hard for intellectuals to do the Haree Om Shrii Hung because it sounds silly to them, they are so tight, they are so intellectual. "I should dance like that? Am I crazy or something? What are these silly things this guy is telling us to do?" But if they do it they will love it. If they do it for awhile they will love it especially when more people are doing it.

As I said, just imagine five or six hundred people singing Haree Om Shrii Hung together. You would go to samadhi! It is a very powerful thing.

So that is the way we prepare ourselves for the next Feast. When the next Feast comes then we are going to sing Haree Om Shrii Hung very well. Oh, we're already doing it.

That's how it's done, and everyone can come. It sounds like a poem, doesn't it? That's how it's done, everyone can come.


: This next question could really be from all of us. Thank you Maitreya, thank you, thank you, thank you, how can we ever thank you?


: By doing the Will of the Father. That is how it's done. That is music to my ears, when I see someone is doing the Will of the Father, is doing the Mission. When I hear someone is typing those letters, transcribing the Satsangs, or whatever they feel to do at that moment, that click, click, click is just like music saying, "I am going to the world."

People are going to be touched by these words. They are going to be realizing that the unification of humanity is here. We are here to do it, and they are here to hear these words that come from the Spirit.

This earth desperately needs this teaching. As Christ said, "When the sky is red, you know it's going to be a fair night." That is a sign. And that's what they're asking, Give us a sign. Of course, it is the vipers who are still asking for the signs. But eventually you say, this is the Sign. We look around us and we see the signs are all over the earth.

So why am I here? That is why I am here. Otherwise I wouldn't be here, I would be in the heart of the Father in Bliss, and not worry about this earth, just being in the Blissful state of being in the Spirit.

But I'm here for a reason, for a purpose and that purpose is my focus. That's all I am here for. Otherwise probably I would leave my body tomorrow. And that purpose is very, very important for my presence here.

So that is how you can thank the Lord for what we are here and do here. We are doing His Will by doing the Mission and letting it happen. It will happen. No doubt about that.

God has provided us with this situation so it is much easier now than ever to do it. We have reached many more Souls, a wider area, than any other Prophet in history has reached. Moses, or Abraham, or Christ, or Mohammed, or Bab never had the opportunity to send letters to the rest of the world, make a video tape and let humanity know the Message is here.

We have the ability to reach a much greater mass at this time than ever before. There is, of course, a critical point that many are aware of, and if we can bring the mass to that critical point to realize that we need a change on this earth, it's going to happen. I don't know if you know about the critical point.

If there is something heavy under the water and you start putting air bubbles underneath it, there is a point when just one more bubble added causes that thing to start coming up to the surface. Until that last bubble, it's going to stay down there. It's very hard to move it. But when you put that last bubble it comes to the surface.

That's probably when we will have l43,999. After the last person (144,000) comes and joins us, we will see the Mission start coming right out of the bottom of the lake.

So we just need that critical mass, that critical point of changing this world to the New Era, the Golden Age, the age when we understand the Spirit and we are connected to the Spirit. A lot of people out there are not connected to the Spirit, are completely gross and don't even know they have a Spirit. When your heart is touched by that Spirit, then you are on your way to Pure Consciousness, to progress and know God works in your life. Some of us are luckier to know that in this lifetime and to see the hand of God in our lives.

Like that story I told you this morning about what happened to me, that can't happen just by itself. There should be a Spirit doing it. But it is not only in my life, it's in your life too. If you are sensitive enough, you can see God working through your life, the way He worked to get you here the way you are. Sometimes you don't realize it, but it is true.

You do not realize God is in your life when your mind is not calm but is disturbed. For instance, your boyfriend leaves you. You let him go and he never comes back. But if you meditate and see the Spirit behind it, then you say, "Well, if that hadn't happened I wouldn't be here, would I?" You probably would still be with your boyfriend.

Or I divorced. OK that hurts. You had such a nice relationship, family, everything and then it happened. When it happened, you became upset. But did you meditate on it? If it had not happened you probably would not be here.

These are all happening with the Spirit behind them. They happen because you have reached a point in your evolution that you have to go on to another level. You have to leave your attachment and go on. Evolution is not by chance. There is a Spirit even behind evolution. Evolution is a Spirit.

If we can recognize that, realize that and see that we are here to do this Mission strongly and powerfully, we are called for it. We see the Spirit in it so we know we are called for it. If we're called for it, then we meditate, we become closer to the Spirit, become stronger in the Spirit and we do it together.

Then I will thank you if that happens because the sooner you do it, the earlier I can go back [all laughing]!

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