Question and Answer Sessions With Maitreya

Feast of Tabernacles


Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. I hope you all are having a good Feast of Tabernacles. This is the Feast that ends the Godly Feasts, which is in Leviticus 23 in the Bible that clearly God says you should keep them forever. Now they are brought back to humanity and replace any holidays that are man-made, with what God has created for man.

So this is a very beautiful time of year. Those who come to the Mission have recognized that in this time the energy on earth is incredible. Gods Presence surely is on earth. This is the rejoicing of the coming of the promises God has been fulfilling for 12,000 years. Now He has fulfilled all of them.

This is the last Revelation that has come to man. We are calling those who can hear and see this Vision clearly, to come and join us, and rejoice that the Kingdom of God is coming to earth.

More than a year ago we sent a Letter to Humanity, forewarning them of the coming of tribulation and inviting them to come and join us. Within a year you can see so many things have happened on earth. Many people are becoming afraid of the things that are happening in their lives, in their nations, and in their communities, the signs that those who have been chosen see as rejoicing signs that the peace, the unity, and the Kingdom are indeed at hand.

So this Mission is for the Elects and for those who have prepared themselves for this finality and see Gods Compassion is great. You are blessed that you can hear these Words and spread them to humanity, and awaken them to the existence of God. He truly exists and is in charge.

We have some questions that were sent in beforehand. So we will let the question be read, and then we can go from there.

Reader: The first question is: Paraviprahood. Complete devotion to doing Gods Will is my goal. What balance should I aim for between the Kingdom Of Heaven Within and building the Communities of Light? Is within a greater priority than Community?


God does not work in one level or the other. He works in all the levels.

Knowing thyself and creating the Kingdom within, and working on the community and creating the Communities of Light, are not mutually exclusive but they are a part of the process that they go hand-in-hand.

Through meditation and knowing ourselves, and through overcoming the weaknesses we have, we become better members in the community. By being in the community, observing, listening, learning, growing, and becoming a useful and productive member in the community, you will see yourself much better. So it is the process of interaction between personal growth and collective growth in the community that is the most effective.

Those who go to the mountains to escape the society and try to reach Pure Consciousness by themselves, as our teachings clearly indicate, will not succeed. God said that, Those who do that, when they come close to Me, I will spew them out of My Mouth.

God created this universe for a purpose and for a reason. That reason is to create an environment that people can meditate, can progress, and can be provided physiological and safety needs. Therefore they can accelerate their return to the Godhead.

But at the same time they cannot return until all those who have been called and saved will return together to Pure Consciousness. Individual endeavor to go to Pure Consciousness is not acceptable, without being in the community, working for the community, and creating the Communities of Light and helping others also to join this together. Individual salvation without the salvation of the community is an impossibility and is an illusion.

Therefore we have to recognize that our progress and the communitys progress are interwoven, and they are not two separate things that you can divide them as either/or. It is an integrated, interrelated process that we have to bring a balance between the two. If we go too far in any direction, there will be imbalance.

If you become too involved with the community without progressing, we create ego trips, problems, frictions, and the things that have destroyed many communities before us. If we work on ourselves, we will not have too much time to be in the community and work for the community and be able to have some feedback from other people how we are doing. We will become self-centered and disconnected from the activities of the community. We neither have the community as a priority nor our own progress.

Actually the very reason for the Communities of Light is to accelerate your individual progress. Your individual progress accelerates the creation of the Communities of Light. So participate in the community, meditate, and receive feedback from the community to see how the community looks at you.

As we have discussed many times, each person has three personalities. One, there is the person who they think they are, the qualities that they attach to themselves and say, I am a good person. I am this. I am a wonderful person, this and that. Second, there is the personality that other people see us who we are. According to their colored glasses, they see us as differently than what we think we are. And third, there is the one who really we are, neither the one that we think we are, nor the person that other people think we are.

Each person sees us with different glasses, and therefore we have many personalities or perceptions of who we are in other peoples eyes. But we also think of ourselves in a specific way and therefore those perceptions conflict with each other. We are surprised at why people do not see us the way we see ourselves. But in reality, you are none of them.

You are who God created you to be. To see who you really are is the process of self-realization and progress of the spirit toward you eventually facing yourself. You see, I really am this, with these good qualities and these bad qualities. My good qualities are good. You use them. The bad qualities, the Communities Of Light will give you feedback.

Maybe they will be nice to you for a month or so, or two months. But if you live in a Community Of Light for six months or a year, eventually the feedback comes from them, what they really think about you, and how they feel and they think you are.

So you have to create a balance between what you think you are, what they think you are, and become more and more what you really are. When you face the bad parts of you and rid yourself of them, you will progress. Anything you rid yourself of, you have progressed one step toward perfection.

The goal is to eventually bring together the personality that you think you are, and as other people also progress they become themselves and they see you as you are, then what you are, what the other people see who you are, and what you see that you exactly are, then you become complete. You become self-realized. You have no friction in your environment. You start understanding other people instead of craving to be understood.

As Saint Francis of Assisi taught that, try to understand than craving all the time, Me, me, me, me. Understand me, understand me.

Other people are busy to make you understand them, and you are busy to make them understand you. Therefore you both go right over the top of each others heads, and you never understand each other and the friction starts. So make a point to understand other people, and meditate on that. Instead of thinking about, Me, me, all the time, put yourself in other peoples shoes.

Actually that very saying of, Try to understand instead of to be understood, is the essence of compassion. If you are always craving to be understood, you have no compassion because you are always thinking, Me, me, me, me.

But the moment you want to understand, you are willing to put yourself in the other persons shoes or understand their situation and try to create an environment that is comfortable and Godly for everyone. That is the Essence of the people who live in the Communities of Light. Everyone is more concerned about other peoples comfort, Godliness, and progress, instead of always thinking about themselves.

Therefore create compassion, and you will progress and accelerate your journey in a greater degree.

I hope that answers your question. If you have a follow-up, go ahead. Otherwise we will go to the next question.


Please assist me in viewing Gods Mercy and Compassion in allowing mankind to suffer in the approaching sundering that is inevitable. I do not want to be judgmental; I want to be compassionate.


Imagine you have a cancerous tumor in your body and it is killing you. Then you decide you have to heal yourself. But you say, I would like to be compassionate toward this cancer. So if the tumor is there in the body and we say, Oh, let us be very compassionate about it and not to take it out, and let it be, eventually that cancer is going to kill you.

In the very beginning we read in the Bible that there was darkness and God moved through the darkness, went through the Eternal Divine Path, tried to help the lost Souls or the darkness back to the Godhead or the Light. But success was very slow so God created this universe from compassion because that darkness has free will.

We have come from God. The darkness is created by going away from God. They used their free will to go away and not go back to the Light. Because of that free will, even God cannot take you back to the Light if you resist His Guidance and His Way of returning you back to the Godhead.

Therefore the whole universe is created with Compassion, based on guiding the unit consciousnesses to become Divine, to return to the Light as they were before. But the resistance of the darkness has been in such a way that God had to create the evolutionary process. In each step He tried to help them, they would resist and do things that would delay their salvation.

He created man as male and female. They were very hard to guide because they were perfect. He divided man into male and female. They failed. They had the capacity to communicate with telepathy. They created the Tower of Babel. So you can see He has been compassionate all along.

Then He chose Abram and said, Abram, you are going to have this child. Then He changed his name to Abraham. Then, You are going to have this child. You are both going to have a Prophet come out of them, have a territory, and set an example for humanity.

All these actions were done in a compassionate way, to try to tell humanity, Wake up. The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. The goal of the life is to return to Godhead. The goal is to forget about this Maya and external world, come together, and create the Communities of Light.

We started this Mission with compassion, for thirty years calling humanity, Come. This is how God did it. It is here. But still they are in Maya, and darkness has taken them away from the Mission, and we are having a hard time to create even a Community of Light and start this Mission.

How much compassion and patience should God have, that eventually He says, OK, that is the line we are going to draw. This many people have progressed to this point. They are ready to go to the Light. But the rest of the darkness still is in darkness resisting the Call, resisting God, resisting the history and all the Revelations that have come from this Mission and explaining lucidly and clearly that, that is what God has been doing, and the darkness is not hearing and not following it.

Even Gods compassion, the logic behind it, which is to save those who can be saved in every creation, is not answered in a positive way by many. When the energy of the creation has reached to the point that it no longer can sustain the universe, this universe will fall back on itself. Those who have not been saved by then will be left behind, and that is what the Hindu religion calls the night or the time God goes to sleep.

In that time, if God does not save those who have progressed to the Light, those people who have progressed also are going to fall in that night, which is dark and cold, and gnashing of the teeth, as Christ put it, and some people call it hell. Isnt that more compassionate, to save those who have the Light and take them to the Light so they do not fall into that hell, than for God to say, Oh no, let us not do that. Let these people who have reached close to the Light also stay with the darkness, and the darkness comes and takes them?

So be compassionate by trying to give this Message to humanity. You can be compassionate by giving these Satsangs, teachings, the Letter to Humanity, and all the things we have been doing for the last thirty years to awaken man to understand that there is a God. He has a Plan. He said He was going to send Seven Revelations. He said Abraham was chosen to have children and progress, and each of them was going to bring a religion.

He prophesied that Bab and Bahaullah were going to come. They did. He prophesied who the Elects are; they are the salt of the world. He prophesied this Seventh Revelation would come to humanity. He saw the most compassionate way to reach those who have progressed and have become closer to light. And He warned and compassionately told the rest of humanity, You have to turn around and go to God because a big tribulation is coming.

It is just like Noah was telling people, Come to the ship. Come, a big flood is coming, because they were not listening to God, and they were terrible in that time. They laughed at Him, and they did not do what He called them to do.

That is exactly the same at this time. We are calling compassionately everyone to come and see how God said these things are going to happen, and they have happened.

Now it is here and they are saying, No. They are laughing at us and saying, You are crazy. How can you talk to God? No one talks to God. Those who are talking to God are in asylums or are crazy, and this and that, when our teaching is so logical.

I have not seen anyone yet to know me and call me crazy. Therefore it is not a delusional person who is saying these things.

We can see right now that the government, the financial system, the earth, is falling apart. How much more do you want to see is coming to you before you become awakened and say, Yes, it is Gods doing?

Maitreya said a year and a half ago, less than two years ago, that a big tribulation is going to come, and still I am sitting on the sidelines and I am doing nothing. The only thing I do is I try to find fault with Maitreya and His teaching instead of realizing that this is the most compassionate way to reach humanity.

Warn them, give them the Revelation, guide them to see what God has been doing from the very beginning, make them to realize that they have never been created, they always were with God and their Essence and God is One, that they have gone astray, they have gone away from the Will of God, and that as long as they use their free will to go from God, God cannot do anything about it.

If God could have done anything about it, He would have done it from the very beginning. In the darkness He would have just told them, OK that is it, you are all going to come to the Light. That would have been the end of the story. We did not need to create the creation and send the Prophets, guide them, and send the Scriptures.

Why is He doing all these things? It is because you have free will to accept Gods Way or not to accept Gods Way. If you choose not to accept Gods Way, then no one can do anything about it. You choose to do differently than the Essence and the Daharma, and the reasons God created this universe. Therefore you are in Maya, and you are in delusion. By making people understand this, you are the most compassionate person and you are in the Essence, doing the Will of God.

So realize the teaching. Understand the Way of God. Realize what God has been doing, how He Compassionately has been trying to turn the darkness around to the Light. Then you can see not only Gods Compassion but also He has all the rights to create tribulation and save those who have progressed, and leave those who have not progressed maybe for the next creation.

I hope that answered your question. I think that is the end of those two questions that have been sent here. If anyone has any other question, raise your hand.


Sal-OM Maitreya. Sal-OM everyone. I just wanted to maybe ask a follow-up to that question. Like the tribulation that is coming up, can we say that it is not only just God bringing the tribulation on humanity, but humanity not knowing the Laws of the universe or the set-up of these words and what is the purpose of life, going against the Laws, bringing the tribulation on themselves by being ignorant of this, of the reality behind this universe?

So then looking at it this way, in fact it is not really God bringing the tribulation on the humans but it is their own doing? Thanks God! Thanks Maitreya, and Sal-OM everyone.

Maitreya: There has never been a responsibility on Gods Shoulder. Who went away from God in the first place? Who fell to the darkness? It is really those unit consciousnesses that failed and went to the darkness that are the responsible parties. From the very beginning they were responsible all through creation. They were responsible through history, and they are responsible now.

God did not have the Law of Karma before that darkness, everything was in Light; there was no action and reaction. There was no Maya and attraction. Who brought them to this universe? Those unit consciousnesses.

They created the darkness. They were attracted to the powers. They created ego. They became separated. The only thing God did was to create the universe that accelerates the process for them to see themselves faster and clearer.

What you are saying is absolutely what happens and is happening. It goes exactly with what we said: Because of the free will, the unit consciousnesses or human can choose the Way of God and go back to Light, or the way of the darkness and fall further away from the Light.

So the responsibility is squarely on the unit consciousnesses themselves. The only thing God can do is to guide them, create the universe, create Maya so they fall into it and they see it is never going to be satisfying. No matter how much Maya or pleasure you follow and you try to satisfy yourself, it never is going to be enough. It is never going to end. It is the darkness.

One of the beautiful parts of this Mission is that it puts the responsibility squarely on your shoulders.

No Savior can save you. If a Savior or God could save you by snapping their fingers, why did God not do it when there was darkness in the beginning? That is the wonderful question everyone should ask. It is a wonderful question asking the Christians, Moslems, Hindus, and Buddhists. He could not do it because darkness had the free will, and they still have the free will.

The Messiah will not come, snap his fingers, and everything is going to be OK until the human understands these teachings in depth and takes the responsibility, dedicates himself to the Communities of Light, creates the community, creates the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, provides the physiological and safety needs for everyone, but teaches the children and humanity that the goal of the life is to be(come) Divine, and to become Divine do not use your prosperity and physiological and safety needs for sensual gratification.

Use them for more time to meditate, more time to analyze yourself, more time to be in the Communities of Light and learn about yourself, the community, and the Way of God, and progress faster toward the creation and environment that everyone will progress faster to become Divine; be sharing, honest, and good. Those are the qualities that God wants humanity to develop in the Communities of Light.

These are the truths that all these religions that have dogma and are attached to their dogmas should realize, Why did God create the universe in the first place?

Some people say, He created for His own pleasure, a game. It is just like God needs games, or He is depressed, or He does not have anything better to do instead of being in complete bliss and oneness of Itself, which has no desire in it? That idea is so human.

Some people say He created it to worship Him. Why? He is an egomaniac that He needs someone to worship Him? What kind of God is that?

But our explanation makes sense. It is logical. God does not want any of those. God even does not need our worship. But if we worship God, we are focusing on the Light.

If you worship someone or something, you want to know about how they think, how they live, how they feel, and how they want you to be. Because you worship them and you respect them, you try to accommodate to their will.

Gods Will is to go away from the darkness and go to God. So it is a struggle between the will of the darkness and the Will of God.

It sounds like the will of the darkness is winning. But the darkness itself is creation, in the creation, and creation made by God. Therefore God has complete power over creation and can change it, can destroy it, can create a new one, or turn it down, or turn it up, or whatever He wants to do.

At this time, those who do not listen to us, they think they are the winners. But pretty soon we will see who is the true winner and only those who progress toward Light will be saved. That is to me very compassionate.

God did not just say, OK these couple of people, these couple of unit consciousnesses who are close to me, I am just going to take these three, and I am going to leave the darkness to itself to fall further away. No. He sent His own Spirit into the darkness, and went through the Eternal Divine Path. He created the creation. He created the history. He sent the Prophets. He sent the Scriptures. He warned them. He guided them. He called them.

But at the end, if they are not going to listen to all of these, does He have the right to say, OK, the time is up? That is exactly what He is saying right now to humanity. Look at the Scriptures. Look at the end time. God prophesied, When the Seventh Angel comes and He brings the whole truth to you, which makes sense, the time is up.

You can go your merry way and think differently, but that is exactly what your Scriptures and other Scriptures on earth sent by God are telling everyone. You can have all of these fuzzy new age ideas that, Oh everyone is going to be saved. Do not worry about it, and, Just work on yourself; do not listen to God and the Scriptures.

But the fuzzy ideas are not going to take you anywhere. God said that this is the way it is going to happen.

I am just a Warner. I am not making these things up by myself and saying these things are going to happen. Just read your Scriptures. Read the Word of God. Listen to your Prophets. Then see, this Revelation has been prophesied to come. This is the end time. The time is up.

If you have any other question, go ahead. If you have a follow-up, raise your hand.

There is a question with Usama. He is asking:

Usama60: What do you think the all-seeing-eye means?

Maitreya: In the highest level the all-seeing-eye is God, which sees everything, knows everything, and guides everything in the universe at the same time. That all-seeing eye is the true seeing eye of the universe. But also God has put that all-seeing eye in the human as well. It is called the third eye. If you have opened it, you can see the Spirit and many things that other people cannot see. That eye will see as much as God wants it to see, and therefore you become a spiritual person.

In fact that eye was opened before the last 12,000 years, and the spiritual world was more real to them than this external world.

Twelve-thousand years ago God closed the third eye and gave man the two external eyes, which they can now use to see the external world, and it is more real to them than the spiritual world. That is why He had to send the Prophets and the Scriptures to guide them because they no longer were connected to Spirit.

When they were connected to Spirit, they misused it, abused it, and used the power for their lower natures. Therefore the third eye was closed. So we can see that the all-seeing eye is available to you. But when you have that all-seeing eye, you should not misuse it.

As Christ said, When your eyes become single, you are filled with light. When your two eyes are single in the middle of your forehead (or the third eye, and eventually you can open the third eye) your whole body will be filled with light.

So it depends which all-seeing eye you are talking about. That is the explanation. If you are talking about the Universal All-Seeing Eye, that is the Eye of the Word of God. If you are talking about the individual eye, then that is the third eye.

Usama60: Mr. Maitreya, repent from your sins and believe in Jesus Christ the savior before it will be too late for you.


Well, you are neither the judge nor the jury. God is the judge. Therefore we leave God to judge us. God has already judged all the religions.

Jesus never was his name anyway. It is only 1/7th of Gods Revelation. If you study our teachings, you will see that Christianity has been affected with the pagan ideology. Therefore they have to repent and come to God if they really want to know the truth.

There is a question:

Tahirah7: The teachings of knowing God's Will and doing all our actions from "knowledge" rather than from ignorance, or passion. What is the best way to remain in a meditative state of mind all the time, so that we choose the right action according to His Will?

Maitreya: As we have discussed, with the meditation process in the Mission

, if you can hear The Word and the vibration that it creates constantly and eventually come to the conclusion that you can put your question in that vibration and receive answers, and more and more meditate in that vibration, you really do not need any formal meditation anymore. You will constantly be in that vibration and connected. You can talk. You can walk. You can do things and at the same time hear The Word and evaluate every situation you are in and receive the answer at any moment.

It is easier said than done. If you practice, however, after a while, you would be able to do it because then you constantly can hear The Word and you can know exactly what to do in every situation.

Therefore in this Revelation, God has given the way man can be connected to God directly. He has given the way to heal yourself. He has given the way to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually. As Christ said, we cannot heal other people. When we heal other people, He realized that it will leave that person, and it goes and finds seven more vicious unclean spirits, and since the man did not have the ability to heal himself in the first place, those seven spirits come with the unclean spirits and occupy the man, and his state becomes worse that before.

So in this lifetime, we teach you how to heal. We teach you how to be with God all the time. We teach you how you have the free will to choose God or not. So it is not a dogmatic religion that says, Oh, believe in this name and you will be saved, when that name never was his anyway in the first place.

You are actually praising Zeus instead of Christ himself. Then you accuse other people that they do not know what they are talking about when you should go and read our teachings, and realize that you have been deceived. You have to repent and come back to Gods Way and Revelation, and know that the way to God is the Eternal Divine Path.

Therefore the way to be in Gods Presence all the time is to meditate, to recognize The Word, to be with The Word, to sleep with the Word, to walk with The Word, to talk with The Word, to work with The Word, and therefore you are with The Word, or God, all the time.

Then you will receive your answer clearly what to do, which is from knowledge. It is not from passion. It is not from ignorance.

That is the answer to your question.

Mandala_07: Can you explain what Lucifer is actually?

Maitreya: Sure. Lucifer means the angel of Light. In our teachings, it is the tama guna force, the crudifying force in the universe. God used the crudifying force and His own Body and the darkness (the consciousnesses which were in darkness), and created the universe.

The more those consciousnesses go toward the external world and Maya, the stronger the power of the tama guna will be and they are crudified, and the consciousness becomes more and more flesh to a point that they become so crudified that they are the flesh. They no longer are the Spirit.

Since without the tama guna there would not have been any creation, it is called Lucifer. It is the angel of Light. It was needed. It is useful. God chose it to create the universe, and therefore it is one of the three angels.

The three angels stand for the satva guna, raja guna, and tama guna. Each of them are necessary for creation to function. The more you go toward God, tama guna has less power over you. Therefore you release your spirit back to God.

The more you concentrate on the external world, the tama guna, or the Lucifer, or the devil, or whatever you want to call him, or call it, the more it will have greater power over you and you will exchange the Godliness for the worldliness. The world becomes your master, and therefore you are tempted. The temptation is related to Lucifer or the devil.

As we know, temptation is from the lower nature of man. Therefore your Lucifer, or devil, is within you. So is God.

They are not beings up there that are telling you what to do and what not to do. But it is your lower nature that takes you away from God, or it is your higher nature, which is God, that takes you away from the world.

That is the choice that really each human has one choice only, to choose God or not to choose God. Those are two choices, but really in the finality there is only one choice. If you do not choose God, you surely will be tempted, fall in your lower nature, and you will go to the external world.

Lucifer has been depicted in the Kali Age, which is the age of darkness, as a being, with the horn and red clothing, and it goes around and tempts people.

Of course God also has been depicted as a very wonderful man with the big beard sitting on His throne, something up there. Actually that reminds me more of Zeus than the real God, which is Consciousness and the three creative forces.

So if we can go beyond images, which God said you should not have any, because God cannot have an image, God is Consciousness. Any image we create is going to divert us and take us away from the truth of God and Spirit. Then we can see that indeed, Lucifer is a part of creation. The devil is interwoven in the creation, and it is our lower nature. By meditation and listening to Gods Revelation and Scriptures, Lucifer becomes our friend.

The devil is no longer darkness, but it is a guiding light as the angel of Light. We can see clearly through the emptiness of the offering of this world, and we become more and more directed or attracted to God.

That is exactly what the devil did to Christ at the time of temptation. He tempted him three times. But each time He saw the fallacy of his offering. Therefore the very devil became a light in Christs way to overcome the three temptations of the first three chakras and go to the fourth, or Light. Therefore we can see the devil is not a person or individual or being; it is a force in the universe that we can overcome.

So the two descriptions of Lucifer as the angel of Light and devil as the tempter, is for the tama guna. If we are in our lower nature, temptation will come to us.

Of course many religions relate that to, The devil is tempting you. But really it is you yourself tempting yourself by following your lower nature. It is Light when you overcome the lower nature, see the emptiness and the state of temporary of this universe, and you long for permanency instead of becoming attached to something that is temporary.

It sounds like we are at the end of our session here. And my suspicion is correct; I think all the questions have been answered. Still I will be here two more sessions during the Feast. We will talk about whatever is on your mind. As you can see, God is concerned that humanity is not listening to this Call. We have to realize what is happening here and awaken humanity to this truth.

There is no doubt this will happen as God promised before and fulfilled them. Listen to the testimonials which were given at the beginning of the Feast, read the website, and follow the Mission. If you have a question, send it to me and to the Mission, and let us clarify everything that God has sent, and how logical and correct they are.

I leave you all to God until next session. Sal-OM everyone.

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