Question and Answer Sessions With Maitreya

Feast of Tabernacles


Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Feast of Tabernacles of 2008. Thanks God for the Blessing that has been sent to humanity through this Mission.

I wanted to bring everyones attention to what happened this weekend. They say Wall Street is melting, and we told them a year and a half ago that it would. Still they are hoping that they can save this world and their ways, when God said their ways will not work anymore. We can see that they indeed are not working.

The whole humanity has to recognize that God has sent them a Revelation, and when the Revelation comes, they either listen to it or go against it. Whoever goes against God will break themselves against the Laws of the universe. Therefore this is the Message that we have to take to all and show them what the next step is. The next step is to come together under the banner of God.

I think we have some questions that were sent to the Mission in advance. So we will go to them to see what the questions are.

Question: In reference to Esa the Christ, "He was in the world, and the world knew him not," also, "His own received him not" (John 1:11), is this the same world treatment that you, Maitreya, are currently receiving?

Maitreya: Anytime a Prophet or a Revelation comes to man, man resists it and does not listen to God and His Prophet. The only Prophet really that God sent and the people listened to, was Jonah, and God prevented the disaster that was coming to those people who listened to the Prophet.

Noah came and forewarned everyone that a huge flood was going to come and destroy them. They laughed at him. He started building a ship in the middle of the desert. They thought he was crazy.

Christ came. They crucified him.

Mohammed came. They stoned him.

Bab came. They shot at him and killed him.

So humanity is stubborn in their beliefs, dogmas, cultures, and what man has taught them. That is why in this lifetime God clearly said that this Revelation comes as the thief of the night.

One interpretation is that He comes at night, when it is very dark and quiet, and no one hears Him. Moreover, after He is gone away, they say, Well, how come we did not know that?

Another interpretation is that He comes at the time that the darkness is very thick and humanity is lost in intellectual persuasions and sensual gratification, and they have put God out of every level in their lives. They have fallen as in the time of Noah. The violence, destruction, wars, and selfishness has prevailed.

As Krishna has clearly said in the Bhagavad-Gita, when such a situation exists, My Spirit, the Spirit of God, will arise on earth and try to bring humanity back to Godliness and spirituality.

God knew all these things are going to happen and He foretold, as our teaching clearly shows, that a period of intellectual domination would come on earth and at the end there would be Seven Revelations. The Seventh Revelation will reveal the whole truth and explain the creation, history, and all the religions, and how they are all from one Spirit, from one God.

It will unify governments, spirituality, and science. No matter what level of consciousness or things related to man, they are covered in our teachings from the lowest level to the highest possible. It is the Light for humanity to come, take, see, and follow.

Of course in the time of Christ, Esa, it was prophesied that He would be crucified. That was a part of His mission that many Prophets before Him foretold; that is what they are going to do to the Major Manifestation from the Hebrew race.

The promise that God gave to Isaac was a kingly spiritual personality. He came as the Lamb of God, innocent, and perfect. But they shed His blood. That blood took away the curse that God had put on Adam and Eve, and The Grace was released to humanity. Therefore He was the perfect Lamb that was crucified, and his blood was shed for humanity to receive The Grace in a greater degree.

In our case, God separated a land at the time of Peleg and put it aside from the rest of the lands on earth. No one knew too much about it until the discovery of the United States and the North, South, and Central Americas. He created an environment that ideas, opinions, and freedom of expression were promoted and became law.

Then God brought the Seventh Revelation that He wanted to be written down, perfected, and presented in the Internet to all. No two versions, or no disciples, will say what the real Prophet said.

It was given to humanity, therefore we are able to sit here in this room and give this Revelation and Truth to the whole earth. Everyone on earth can hear us. Since the freedom of expression and ideas are supported in the West, although we have been alive for sixty some years and for thirty years have been preaching this, we have not yet been put under pressure, Why do you say things that are not according to the dominating religion in this country and culture?

So God has prepared the way for this Revelation to be completely different than the Revelation before it. Not only our Revelation is revealed and completed, it was written down and put in the Internet for all to see. No matter where you are on earth, if you have the Internet connection (which most people have by now) at least those people that intellectually can come and read about it, can come to our website and see what has been revealed.

Of course the Maya also has become stronger at this time. That is why people are not spending as much time to seek the truth. They either accepted one religion or the other, and each of them believes that they are the one who has the truth.

Moslems say, We are the last one, and when our Mehdi comes He is going to teach Islam.

Christians say, When Christ comes, He is going to change everyone to Christianity. I was talking to a Mormon today and he was saying how when Christ comes, everyone will become Mormon.

Jews are still waiting for the Messiah to come, and they say, We are the chosen ones, and everyone else should bow in front of us and accept us as the chosen people of God.

No matter where you look or what religion you talk to, they think they are the one, when God clearly said there are going to be Seven Revelations and only the Seventh One has the whole truth and reveals the Mystery of God.

Although we have come into the world and the world is not recognizing it, although we have called the Elects and the Elects are not coming to recognize the Mission, we have not been put in the same situation as other Prophets that they can be stoned, shot at, killed, and crucified.

But one thing we have in common is: Few are listening to it, to the Message. Even those who have received it and listen to it, most of them have been caught into the world and cannot release themselves from the Maya and the worldly responsibility to come and dedicate themselves 100% to this cause.

God knew this. The Maya is strong, the lifestyles are expensive, and expectations are high for their lives. The set-up of communities is not promoted, learned, or accepted. Therefore many people have a lot of problems to follow the teachings, to know the teachings, to become the teachings, and they are affected with the external world. They are in the world and are of it.

God said, this Revelation is the time of the thief of the night. When the thief comes and it is night, He is very quiet and comes when very few people notice He is here. He does his job and leaves.

It is the next day that everyone wakes up and says, Hey, what happened? There was a thief here last night, the night before. But the night before that they did not know He was there.

So there are some similarities between these teachings and Revelation, and other Revelations in history, and there are differences. We cannot say completely that it is the same as in the time of Christ.

Christ did not have the Internet. Christ could not write it down, correct it, and make it perfect in thirty years. Christ did not have an environment where there was religious freedom and He could say anything He wanted, and if the king heard it he would not be unhappy about it.

We can see that God has provided the environment for this Mission specifically to be able to manifest itself and spread the Word all over the world in one lifetime. It never, ever happened in any Prophets lifetime that He comes, reveals the Revelation, writes it down, perfects it, and puts it in a place that anyone on earth can receive it, read it, understand it, and love it.

So we can see it is different. It has been supported by God. As He said, there are many angels that support this Revelation in the Mission.

Now, why are the Elects not responding? Why are the Paravipras not rushing here and doing what they are supposed to do? Maybe not all of them have been born yet. Maybe this lifetime for me is a kind of relationship with the people that I have had in the previous lifetimes, and I had to finish some unfinished business. We accept that I have come in many lifetimes, and each lifetime I brought a Revelation to humanity and in any position I accepted from God to spread His Words. I have had relationships with a lot of people in many levels, so I have created some karmic relationships with many people that in this lifetime seem to be coming to an end. When I come the next lifetime, I will have a clear-ended relationship with a lot of things that have been happening in previous lifetimes. So that also can be the reason.

There is no doubt that the new generation that is coming, the children that are growing, they will make a point, maybe in my next lifetime, to seek this in a greater degree and many Paravipras then, or Elects, probably will be born at that time. There is a possibility that not all the Elects have been born in this lifetime.

This lifetime is the lifetime of education. Also the Maya, the misunderstanding, the darkness on earth is so thick that people are not willing to forego their desires and whatever their little lives are offering them to drop, come here, and say, Here I am. What should I do?

So there are many factors and reasons for why it is happening the way it is happening. But there is one thing for sure, God said His Kingdom will come and all the indications are that we have His Revelation to bring the Kingdom. That is our salvation, to realize that God said He would do things and He has done them. Therefore, this also will happen.

If you believe I am who I say I am, and if you believe that this Revelation is the Revelation that God said He would send with the Seventh Angel, then you have nothing to worry about. God said it is going to happen, and it will happen.

Therefore it does not matter who comes, who does not, who falls, and who does not. Different personalities that we might have to deal with, none of them are really the background noise. They are the foreground noise. Therefore just listen to them, deal with them, and be with them. Thanks God for them to be here with you and doing whatever they do and help. But know in the background there are many things that are happening, so many things.

Many people have many expectations, and God has clearly shown that all their expectations have been fulfilled with this Mission. There is nothing to worry about or to be attached to, but strengthen your own faith in this Mission and this Revelation. Prove to yourself that this is It.

I have proven it to myself but still if someone proves it to me that I am wrong, I am the first person who is going to drop the whole thing. But since I proved it to myself, I am willing to go to the end of wherever it takes me.

That is the question: Are you willing to go to the end of wherever it takes you? If you believe this is from God, then that is the decision you should make. It should become your life, as it has become mine.

That is really the question each person has to ask, Is it really from God? Did He fulfill all the prophecies, genealogy, genetic connection, Revelation, Seven Seals opened, the Book with the Seven Seals that no one could have opened and even the twenty-four Elders were stressed that no one was able to do it, and now they are opened?

Then really, nothing is important anymore. There is no doubt eventually humanity is going to see this and realize that there is only One God, and He really exists.

The atheists, agnostics, and intellectuals eventually have to acknowledge, Yes. God said He would send this Revelation with the Seven Seals, and He has. Therefore God exists. I cannot rely on my intellect alone, but by intuition and accepting Gods Way. That is what we are trying to do: Gods Way.

So it is a strong, powerful Revelation and Mission. It is for humanity to recognize that all the religions have been sent by one God. It is perfect in simplicity and power. Therefore the human has no choice but to eventually see the truth in it.

So that is faith. It is not really a faith but a knowingness.

Someone was telling me today, I really do not have faith anymore. I just know. And he is right.

Faith is something that you believe without being able to prove it. But this Mission proved it, God exists; proved it, He promised and fulfilled those promises.

You do not say, Oh, I just believe. You do not believe, you know. When you know, it is no longer faith but the truth. And that is the truth.

So to answer your question in brief, yes there are some similarities here. There are some differences. But we are not worried about it. We understand them. We see Gods Hand in what He has done.

We do our best, and we thank God any Elects have come. If they are truly Elects, they will understand this teaching and hopefully they will manifest many things, but at the same time they recognize it is God doing through them. They are not the doer.

I hope that answered your question.

We will go to the next question.

Question: How can your Paravipras reverse this treatment and receive you, yet, this time?

Maitreya: Paravipras have many characteristics. One of them is that they have the patience for honor, and they will do their best. When they do a lot they know it is done for God. Their humility and effectiveness in many levels will help the Mission to spread and manifest itself everywhere.

If you are a Paravipra or an Elect, you are indeed the salt of the world. You recognize this Mission clearly, and you will manifest great things without being attached to them or try to create a big ego or dominate or create an environment that people see you as egoistical instead of humble.

Such a people will recognize this Mission, will recognize me. They will come forward, and they will become my brothers and co-workers, with the understanding that they have to connect everyone to me and God, not to themselves.

As I said, maybe not too many Paravipras are born at this time. That is why the saying, The thief of the night. He comes very quietly. Not many people will recognize Him.

But God said it will happen in three lifetimes. Maybe a lot of them will be born next lifetime when I come, and we will have many people who will recognize this. Or when I am not born yet, many people will recognize this, and they should.

Any prophecies that the American Indians are looking for have been fulfilled. Even they believe that the four corners area is where the Light will manifest. The four corners area is at the northwest of New Mexico. They are looking for the Older Brother who will bring the rest of the sign that they have.

If they bring their sign and compare it to The Greatest Sign, they will see that, yes, indeed, that completes what they have.

They have the Mystical Paths. They have to add the rest of The Greatest Sign to their understanding to perfect their communities, to recognize that indeed the Communities of Light are what God told them to create.

The Communities of Light connect with each other instead of creating different tribes that have wars and destruction between them. They are all the children of the same God, The Great Spirit.

If the Moslems look at our teachings, they will see that indeed this is the last Revelation that they were waiting for as Mehdi will bring the government of God and His Laws to man. They will find their Caliph in our teachings.

The Christians will see that indeed God said there are going to be Seven Revelations, and it is fulfilled, or the Jews, Hindus, or Buddhists.

The Kalki Avatar is going to come in three lifetimes to perfect His Revelation.

So all these things are given for all the religions and people to recognize that what they believe is already fulfilled, but perhaps not the way they thought it was going to happen.

Christ is not going to come from the sky and everyone will see Him at the same time. How can everyone see Him if He comes in Europe and you are in Africa, or Russia, or the United States, or South America? But if you go to the Internet, everyone can see Him.

He is not going to come and just snap His Fingers and say, His Kingdom come, and it will. If He could have done that, as we have said many times, why didnt He do it in the first place when He found the darkness? He could have just snapped His Fingers then, and everything would have been fine.

But He will come. He will bring the Revelation. He will perfect it. He will spread it, and the tribulation will come. More and more humans will recognize that their ways, their systems, and their set-ups are not going to work.

So far God has been supporting them. But not anymore. That is when they have to recognize that they have been blessed because of The Grace of God, not because of their own doing.

If they recognize that then they will listen to God, they will create the Communities of Light, they will create the system based on the Laws of God, they will share, and they will follow the Daharma of everything. In the community the elder people will be taken care of, the children will be protected and taken care of, and the young will be responsible and respectful to parents and grandparents. Children will be grown up in an environment that they will be Godly. That is the Communities of Light.

What we have now is the world of darkness. That is why it is called night.

So if there are Paravipras here and they have recognized this Mission and seen this Vision, then they have to step forward. They should say, I am called for this Mission, and therefore that is my life. I have been born to do this.

As I said, as it became my life, I have been born to do this. If you have not, then you cannot call yourself a Paravipra but you are a part of the Call to a limited degree.

But the true Paravipras, 144,000, are the people who have overcome fears, attachments, desires, and will overcome even in a greater degree in the next 1,000 years. Then they will become the Children of God, the Sons of God.

So to be a Paravipra, first of all you have to realize who a Paravipra is, recognize who I am, and then realize where you fall in the Mission and how you can best help to make more people realize this Mission, me, and the Revelation of God, and make more Paravipras find this truth and bring them together so we can eventually have 144,000 absolutely dedicated, intelligent, detached, and able people who can shake this world in its foundation and make the rest of humanity also recognize that God really exists.

It is our problem that we failed from the very beginning. It was our free will that made us go to darkness. It is our free will that makes us return and go back to God. So the responsibility is ours.

There is no Messiah who is going to come and say, OK, you just believe in a couple of dogmas and therefore you go to heaven, and those who do not believe in the dogmas that you believe, will go to hell. How can a part of God, which has fallen, go to hell unless there is a hope that there is going to be another creation and they might also have a chance to go to God?

But there is a time limit. If you do not make it in this creation, this creation is going to withdraw and go to darkness, and cold, and hell, etc. Therefore there is an urgency. But it is not that you go to hell forever, in eternity, and you are never going to have a chance to return.

You will have a chance. But it might take billions of years if you do not make it in this one. So there is an urgency.

So recognize my station. Recognize the Missions station. Recognize that God indeed exists. God is not a fallacy. It is not an intellectual discussion. It is not a description. You cannot explain It. You experience It. Then you can realize how wonderful this teaching is, how expanding it will become, and how much truth it gives you. It frees you from yourself.

Someone said, I talk to God. Ask, Who is I, and who is God? He said, I, me, talking to God.

You ask, is there an I, is there a Soul, is there a person in me that talks to God? Then who is that I? Isnt that I the illusion of separation from God? The only reason I say, I talk to God, is because it is God and I. It is a separation.

That is not submission. Submission means there is no I. You do not talk to God. God talks through you. You are one.

So let us become that oneness. Let us become the Children of God. Let us recognize this Mission, and overcome our fears, attachments, and desires. So become a Paravipra and therefore we can all come together and manifest the Mission in a greater degree.

I hope that answered your question.

Are there any other questions?

Reader: Yes, there are two more questions. This is the next one.

Question: Maitreya, today's parents and grandparents, look at so many of their young and see them addicted to drugs, sex, money, spending, and crazy music. Parents are helpless to change the young and set them on a correct path. God looks at His children, addicted to the world and its Maya, and is not so helpless. He has His Plan?

Maitreya: Yes, indeed. He has His Plan. One of the reasons that the children do not listen to their parents is because parents no longer are real parents. They themselves are addicted to television, radio, drinking, smoking, sex, or whatever you just said.

They do not have the community to support them. Therefore their marriages usually are rocky. We have heard that there are many dysfunctional families. Dysfunctional, why are they dysfunctional?

Something has gone wrong with the family. There are parts that are missing. The selfishness has prevailed. Each member of the family is in a bubble, separated from each other. There is no connection. There is no support system as the community to hold them together. Every family is like a bubble in the community they live in.

Each house has a couple of people, or one or two people live in it, and some of them even do not know who the neighbor is, yet call themselves a community. Also of course there is television, radio, Internet, MySpace, U-Tube, and porn all over the Internet, crazy music, and drugs. So you are in a bubble, you have no guidance; you do not have any elder or role model.

Who becomes your role model? The football players and baseball players or basketball players, or tennis players, or Olympic winners? What do they do? Do they teach God, Communities of Light, sharing, unity, and greater things that we talk about in the Mission?

How many times do you hear the word God now besides the preaching on some preaching radio or television shows, where they teach the things that are only one seventh of the truth?

How many times do we hear God in regular programs on television, which most people listen to and hear? None. Very, very little.

So you can see the whole package has gone wrong, and so many different things are pushing humanity to different places, to different directions.

What does the young man have to do, or the young woman? They see television that says, Buy this, buy that, do this, and do that. You are OK. You do not have to listen to your parents.

I had my son. Well, he is twenty-one now but in school they subliminally were telling him, do not listen to your parents. It was not only to my son but to everyone.

Parents do not have many rights any more. They have been taken away from them. Really the school tells the child what to do, how to think, and what to think. It seems like it is a conspiracy that brainwashes them to their way of thinking. Is there any Godliness in any of those classes? No, not one.

What do the poor parents have to do? That is when the strength of the parents should come in. They have to set an example for the child to see they are different. They are not sex-addicts, drunks, unethical, and many other things that are taught out there. It is not easy for a lot of people because they are also affected with all this pressure and pulled to different directions themselves.

The answer comes, as you said, God has His own Plan. The Plan has been given. The way out has been shown. The Communities of Light are the answer where the grandparents are grandparents, the parents are parents, and the children are children. The schools are there to teach them mathematics and other educational, intellectual, and strengthening courses, not to show them how to use sexual things to not become pregnant or diseased. They are completely lost.

The Way of God is to recognize what is the natural way, why God created man, woman, child, male, female, when they should marry, and how the community should become a strength and gluing power to keep them together instead of creating selfish ways of, You do not understand me. You go your way, and Ill go my way.

But marriage should be a strength of the community based on Gods Ways. Therefore they stay together and become one in God.

Indeed they do not focus on each other. They focus on God. Because they both love God, they become one. That is how you become one in the couples relationship. But if one in the couple is Godly and the other one is not, there is friction. That is why the society is falling apart and the young people are lost. They listen to the false teachers.

Therefore we need the Communities of Light. We have to turn humanity around and bring them back to Godliness.

Of course they are not listening to us right now. But as we see, their world is crumbling. Their world is being destroyed. It is not that God wants to destroy them but only in a heap of dirt that has nothing already built on it can you put the foundation for a new house.

So the old house has to be torn down until everyone says, OK we need a new house. That is where we come in and say, Here is Gods Plan. Come in and take it. Therefore you become Godly and create Godly societies.

Yes indeed, children are under a lot of pressure. They are not taught Godliness. A lot of false teachers and false prophets are out there that teach children wrong things when God said, Parents are responsible for the child. But the parents have been put out.

So parenting these days is one of the most difficult things to do. When they try to take your powers away from you and tell your children differently than what you believe, the only course of action you have is to stay firm in your belief and your understanding of God and the Mission, and set an example that they eventually will see your way and come back to you.

If they did not, the world won. If they did, then you did a good job.

I hope that answered your question. Go to the next one.

Question: How can we know and do Gods Will during this time of pause between His Revelation of the Eternal Divine Plan and the sundering?

Maitreya: In this time, know the teaching, realize what this Mission is all about, and recognize that God said it will come. It has. See how God said there would be a pause, and this pause is when the start of the tribulation comes. Many will be affected. The only way to escape it is to come together, share our resources, and create an environment that the physiological and safety needs of everyone is provided and recognize that not every place on earth is safe. Staying stubborn in where you are and not coming to where the Mission has already said is the best place to be, is to take the responsibility in your own hands and not listen to God.

The American Indians believe that the only safe place is, as I said, the four-corners area here in New Mexico. It is in their prophecies. It is their understanding.

Is that true? Maybe. But one thing for sure, God did bring this Revelation here in this land fulfilling the vision of Joseph Smith as a city on a plateau with a big river and the mountains close by.

Would the American Indians say, Yes, this is the place the Light will come and will be the safest place in the world, and then it would be destroyed in the tribulation?

Maybe wherever you are is also going to be safe. That is fine. Maybe not. One thing for sure, this area will be.

So probably if I was someone else out there and I knew all these facts and the truth and after one year after the Letter to Humanity they are saying the whole system of mankind is shaking in its foundation and is melting down, the Babylon the Great is being destroyed, I would think twice to stay where I am. I would pack up, straighten out my life, and rush to New Mexico. That is one thing you have to do.

Know the teachings. Understand what the teachings are. Preach them. Reach out. Recognize what they are.

If you are not coming here, at least spread the Mission. Become a contact. Make everyone realize that indeed the Prophet of the coming of the end time is here. It is the time that all the religions and people have been waiting for. You have to do everything that is necessary for this Mission to be recognized, spread, understood, and realized with as many people as possible.

So our time is to spread the Mission, save ourselves the grief of the coming of the tribulation, come together, create the Communities of Light, help and share, and manifest the New Jerusalem.

Therefore when humanity goes through the tribulation, they will have a model, they will have a teaching, they will have something they can look at and say, Yes, this is working. Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Moslems, Bahais, and American Indians are all getting along fine here. They are sharing. They do not need as much as individual people who have to save millions of dollars to be able to withstand the old age, the disease, and the fears of loneliness and being abandoned that come with the system that we have created on earth.

Realize that the Communities of Light are the answer to every possible level of human existence. Recognize that the Essence of God is in every man, woman, and child. Realize that there is no enemy on earth that you can go and kill with no remorse because their culture is different, or language, or religion, or whatever is different. Or if you want something they have, you go and take it, when there are infinite resources out there in space.

So God has provided every possibility for the human to live in the Garden of Eden, without the problems that Adam and Eve had created in the Garden of Eden by going against the nature, against the Daharma, because they said, We know better than God.

Isnt that what intellectuals say, We know better than God?

Actually there was someone in the room, I do not know if he came here today or not, and he was asking about Humanism, that humans solve their problems by themselves. They do not need an entity like God, we can think through them and solve them.

The question is just like, Well I am going to fix my car myself when I have no idea how the engine works. You might spend years by yourself and eventually figure out how the engine works. Even after you realize how the engine works, you realize there was an engineer who made the engine, and the engineer still knows more than you do. Then probably you would prefer to take it to a mechanic who knows how the creator or the engineer put it together and therefore can help you and probably fix it in a hour or so or in a couple of hours, instead of years.

So humans want to solve the problems by themselves. They have been at it for 12,000 years. Have they succeeded? No. They have made a mess of the earth, and the violence, destruction, separation, and all those things are there, and humanity has not been able to fix them.

Therefore, we can see humans cannot do it by themselves. They have to know how it is created and how things will work. Now the manual has been given to them and It tells them, OK, do it this way.

So that is what we can do: Understand this teaching, realize Gods Way and implement it in our lives and in the community where we live, come together, and make a Mission able to reach out and spread to every corner on earth. It is not just by the Internet but by its presence, the ability to teach it to everyone and make them realize that all religions of the world have come from one God, with personal commitment, personal progress, overcoming your culture and your understanding, and replacing it with Gods and the Missions understanding.

Empty your cups. Just turn the cup around and say, It is empty. Maitreya, pour and fill it up for me.

Then I will tell you, Go to the website. Study the teachings. Read THOTH. You do not even have to pay a penny for reading THOTH in the website. And pay your tithes so that the Mission can have enough resources to do what it is supposed to do.

You have to follow Gods Words and follow what He told you to do and what the Mission stands for. Put God and His Mission first.

God is first, then my spiritual teacher, then my parents, then my spouse. That is it. Just those four beings, the hierarchy of beings in your life: God, spiritual teacher, parents, and your spouse.

You have to pay your tithes, follow the Eternal Divine Path, realize the signs of the time, and put your life accordingly.

I hope that answered your question.

Eternallyworthy is asking:

Eternallyworthy: Well, I like Jesus and he said God's Will is always done in heaven and "likewise" on earth (my interpretation). I believe the surrendering is important because we do not know what the best way is.

Maitreya: Eternallyworthy, I do not see any question in your writing. You are just stating what you believe. Is there any question there?

OK we can take it as, he says he loves Jesus and everything that happens in heaven, happens on earth, and he believes that, Surrendering is important because we do not know what the best way is.

I suppose you are from the Christian background, so you love Jesus. But we have to forewarn you, his name never was Jesus. There is no J in Hebrew. His name never was Yshua or Yweh either. Those are the corrupt forms of the Sacred Name.

His earthly name was Esa. You can see similar names in the Hebrew language, like Esau, and the Bible surely says you are saved by His name. If Jesus is not His name, I would be very worried to follow a name that never was His name.

So I would go study the website that we have posted in this room [] and recognize that God also said there are going to be Seven Revelations. Christs Revelation is one seventh of them.

Also Christianity has been influenced with the pagan religions tremendously. So after you really know what the reality is, you recognize that most of your understanding and belief is based on dogmas and the teaching of Paul, who was not even an apostle. So if I were you I would be very worried about what I believe and I would correct what is not correct, is full of dogma, and is influenced with a lot of opinions and ideas that are not from God.

You recognize that God promised both to Abram and Abraham that Ishmael and Isaac, a Messiah, a Prophet, would also come. You can see that although Christ is the only way and no one goes to the Father but through him, He has come seven times.

If I were you, I would not love the name Jesus. I would love the Words of God. I would go and correct a lot of things that are not correct in what I believe.

Ulf504 is asking:

Ulf504_1: What is the meaning of "opening of the Seventh Seal?

Maitreya: Seven is a very mystical number in a lot of religions. In the last thirty, or forty years, or fifty years, the Hindu and Mystical Path religions have flooded the western world. Actually some words are now in the dictionary that were not there fifty years ago, like Maya, meditation, chakras, etc. Even the Beatles made Maharishi Mahesh Yogi a celebrity in the West, and he brought some meditation techniques. Then a flood of gurus, Sufis, and people from other cultures flooded the United States and Europe, and they started teaching all these teachings, for example, the seven chakras.

Each chakra has different colors and different propensities. Any time you overcome one of them you go to another one, and you have progressed in a higher degree. When you reach to the seventh chakra, that is the goal. That is when you reach the ultimate. You know the truth. You know all.

We can see in the Bible, in The Revelation, there are the Seven Seals, seven churches, seven candlesticks. There are many sevens. Many people have tried to interpret, What do they mean? Although The Revelation says, Do not add to it, do not subtract from it, and if you do you will be cursed, still many people try to interpret The Revelation.

Some people say the seven candlesticks and all those are relating to the chakras. A lot of Christians say, It is different. The tribulation is going to come in seven years, each year means one of them.

God said, Do not interpret. You cannot open the Book.

Still they do it. They write books. They sell millions of them. They become famous for their interpretation, when God said, Only the Lion of the Tribe of Judah will be able to do it. Still the human says, No, no, I am going to do it. I am better than the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. I will open the Book sealed with the Seven Seals.

Now of course the person who is going to open it is going to be the person who is from the lineage of King David, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. He will fulfill the prophecies. He comes from the East to the West. His genealogy will connect Him to King David, and His genetic mapping will also prove that is the truth.

So the Seven Seals are the Seals that the Book is sealed with. It means the Book cannot be read, it cannot be interpreted, and it cannot be understood, until the end time.

He revealed it to Daniel. He gave the vision of the end time to Daniel. But He said, Do not tell anyone. Keep it to yourself.

It is a mystery. It is something no one knows, not even great Prophets like Daniel were able to reveal it to humanity, or tell them what they saw.

Now the teachings of the Mystical Paths, like Hinduism, have been here probably for at least 12,000 years. Most believe they have been here 9,000 years or 8,000 years.

Then it went to the Zoroastrian religion, the first religion that taught that there is only One God.

Then the Hebrews taught the same thing. Abram founded the Hebrew religion, the Old Testament.

How did Abram know that God is One, that there is only One God? He started His mission in the south of Iraq, which is very close to where the Zoroastrian religion spread. We can conclude that he was a Zoroastrian.

The Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Bahai teachings, which were influenced with Abraham, are very close to the Zoroastrian religion: One God, with His opposing force, Ahriman (the devil); the fight between good and evil that God eventually will win.

So the Old Testament was written. In Genesis God promised that Abram was going to have a son from Hagar, and he was going to have a scepter (it is a kingly symbol) and the birthright, which is the territory.

He changed Abrams name to Abraham and promised Abraham will have a child by Sarah, who was ninety years old. Sarah actually laughed and said, Well, how can I have a child? I am ninety years old.

God said, No, you are going to have a child. After a year they had Isaac. God promised the same thing: Scepter (kingly spiritual symbol), and the territory. So the Old Testament was born. The Jewish religion was born.

Then Christ came as the promised Messiah from Isaac. Christianity was formed.

Then Mohammad came as the promise to Ishmael and Abram. Islam was formed. Then there was an expectation in the Islamic countries that there was going to be another Revelation. Bab and Bahaullah came, the two prophesied Prophets in the Old Testament.

All of their followers claimed they have come from One God, but their God is better than the other religions God.

Now God chooses a Vessel, calls him Maitreya, and tells Him, Here is what I did. Here is the Mystery that Daniel could not reveal to humanity. The mystery is, I have sent all these religions. The mystery is, each of them have a message, a way, a quality, something that you have to understand, create, and/or follow.

Hinduism and the Mystical Paths is the awakening of your spiritual forces. I took away your spiritual forces, your spiritual understanding, 12,000 years ago and made them latent, made you not to have them anymore. But I did not do that so that I keep them away from you forever. The reason I did that was because you misused them 12,000 years ago. I had to take them away from you so that you would not hurt yourself.

It is just like a little child having a very sharp knife. He might cut himself. What do you do? Take the knife away from him.

I put the spiritual forces in the very base of your spine, and I told that to a very few who became the spiritual teachers. They orally taught that to the people who became disciples, and they kept it in a way of going from one generation to another.

This teaching and realization is in every religion, and many people have experienced the raising of the kundalini or the spiritual forces in their bodies. That is why you see the sign of Swastika in every culture. In every religion they have the mystical part.

Like the Jewish people, they have the Cabbala.

The Christians have the Saints.

The Moslems have the Sufis.

They are the people who have direct experience with the Spirit. However the awakening of your spiritual forces is not just to enjoy them or misuse them, but to use them toward creation of an environment that everyone has their physiological and safety needs taken care of, based on Gods Law that everyone can progress in a greater degree to the goal of life, which is to be(come) Divine.

The second part, I revealed to Abraham. That is why the twelve tribes of Israel were chosen as the people who would create twelve communities and follow Gods Way. He gave them the symbol of the two triangles: One up and one down. The one going up is the hierarchy or reaching to God. The one going down is the Spirit of God coming to man. Therefore the Second Seal, or Revelation, is the Old Testament.

Now in order to create such an environment that everyone progresses to the highest, you have to sacrifice. You have to give of yourself. You cannot be in a community, in an environment, that you want to share, everyones physiological and safety needs are taken care of, all can progress, and everyone says, What is in it for me only?, being selfish and not being able to share.

That is when the Christ came and said, You have to love your neighbor as you love yourself. That is the Essence of Compassion. When you think about yourself only, you have no compassion.

When you are willing to make other peoples lives also comfortable, then you are willing to give of yourself and you are not thinking about yourself alone, but about your neighbor (of course it is a symbolic neighbor meaning anyone), then you are out of being selfish and self-centered, and therefore you have compassion. That is the essence of compassion when you are able to put yourself in other peoples places and their welfare is also important to you.

Now you meditate, and you understand the Mystical Paths. You want to create the Communities of Light. You sacrifice for them. You think you are the doer. If you sacrifice and the community progresses you say, Oh, look at me. I am the person doing all these great things. You create a big ego.

If you do not succeed and the community is not progressing, you will say, Oh me, I am not effective. I am a failure. I am not good at what I do. You become depressed.

In the next step God says, Surrender and submit. Surrender means I do my best. In the Community of Light I try to awaken my spiritual forces, live in the community, sacrifice for it, and give more than I take. But I surrender the result to God. I am not attached to the result and no matter what the result was, I do my best.

Of course you can re-evaluate yourself, see where you went wrong, and perfect yourself more and more to do better. But at the same time never become depressed. If it is successful, it is God doing it through you. If it is not successful, Where have I gone wrong? I will improve myself. But I am not going to be depressed about it.

Greater than surrendering is submission. That means that you do not really exist. God is doing it through you, and therefore He will do a good job and perfect job because God is perfect. If it is not perfect it is you; if it is perfect it is God. So you do not take any credit for it.

That is the Message of Islam. Islam means surrendering and submission, and that is the Fourth Seal.

Now you are a Moslem and you have communities, a community of Moslems. You have your own Umma or community. Whoever is not in that Umma is an infidel. Their blood is OK to shed.

In the next step God says, No, you have to expand your consciousness. You have to realize God is everything and therefore It covers the whole universe. Your community is a part of a greater community. You are just a speck of the unity of the rest of the universe.

Therefore you have to expand yourself and realize that there is no such thing as an infidel. There is no such thing as separation between people, religions, and understanding. You cannot shed other peoples blood just because they are not in your religion.

You realize that the Essence of God is in every man, woman, and child, and you look at them as such. You cannot demonize other people so you can kill them. You cannot create wars that are selfish and are not based on the view of peace at the end for everyone.

You have to become universalists. You have to expand your consciousness. That is the message of Bahai or Bab, the founder, the Prophet.

If you go through these five steps: Awaken your spiritual forces, create the Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrender and submit to God, and become a universalist, that is what God has been talking about all through history, His Revelations, and the Scriptures, as, My Elects, My Children, My Chosen.

We call them Paravipras. Para means beyond. Vipra means intellect. It is these people who are the true children of God. They become dynamic spiritual people who work toward the awakening of their spiritual forces but do not misuse them. They long to have a community, and they work toward that community. They sacrifice for it. They give more than they receive. They surrender and submit to the Will of God.

We know the overall Will of God is the Eternal Divine Path, creation of the Communities of Light, and creation of the Kingdom of God on earth. But what is the Will of God for me in this umbrella, in this overall Will? Then you submit and surrender to that Will, and you do whatever God wants you to do.

Also you expand yourself to realize that every man, woman, child, and every part of the universe has the Essence of God in it and is God. Therefore, you do not look at people as different cultures, different religions, or different genders, but as the Essence of God. With this you shatter all the narrowness of the mind, you overcome every disease of the mind, and you become an Elect. You become a person that truly does Gods Will and works toward the creation of the Kingdom of God on earth.

Such people will help humanity eventually bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth and accelerate their progress toward reaching Pure Consciousness or returning back to the Godhead.

The Sixth Seal was revealed by a gentleman in India who awakened me to the realization of the Mystical Paths and eventually this Revelation. As in the seventh chakra the whole truth will be revealed to you, in the Seventh Seal, which is these teachings, the whole Mystery of God from the beginning of the creation to this point has been revealed. Also it is revealed what is going to happen from now until a thousand years.

These Seven Parts that each has created one or more major religion, and each has a unique message and is called a Seal, when put together reveals the Eternal Divine Path.

The Book that was sealed with the Seven Seals, which was the meaning of each of the Seals, could not be opened until the end time. Therefore the opening of the Seven Seals is to open the Book and the Seals, reveal that each Seal has a meaning or a message from different religions and when you put them together then the whole Plan of God will be revealed to you.

So the Seven Seals are revealed to humanity. The Book with the Seven Seals has been written down and put in the Internet.

These sessions are given to the people who want to know what the Seven Seals are. This session has been a Call to humanity to come and recognize that there is only one God, they are all His Children, and there is no separation.

There are not different religions. Each religion is one seventh of the whole truth. If they recognize that, they easily can come together and create an earth that will be shared.

We also recommend for the human to reach to space. There are infinite resources in space, and even use the green (they call it green) technology. We call it metatronic science, which does not have pollution. It is renewable. It is interdependent in the nature, and nature can provide enough with the use of the space. There are resources that you will not have the problem of the limited resources on earth.

You even can go and live on other planets. As God scattered man all over the earth, He now wants to scatter them all over the universe.

That is the Seventh Seal. The solutions to all the problems of the human have been given in this teaching. Science, nature, and God have been unified. It has been explained that science is what God has already created, and what they find is the creation of God.

This Revelation is not just a small realization in a very limited sense, but it is truly mind-boggling when you really understand what the teachings are. On the average it takes around seven years for the people who join us to be able to even fathom the depth of it and start recognizing how vast and inclusive it is.

So this opening of the Seven Seals has been prophesied in the Bible, and many prophecies in many religions all over the world in different parts of the earth have foretold its coming. In every religion, in every culture, in every prophecy, there are parts that are related to this Revelation.

Actually the amount of the prophecies that are fulfilled with this Mission is amazing. No other Prophet ever fulfilled this many prophecies.

So this is a Call to humanity to come to see that God said that the Seven Seals are going to be opened at the end time, and they have. We are at the end time. God said that after this Revelation is opened, there is going to be half an hour of silence, and after that, the Kingdom.

We are in that part of the silence. Also God has revealed that it will be implemented in three lifetimes. We believe in reincarnation. This is the time of the coming of the thief of the night. It is going to come quietly. The Message is going to be spread to a few who can listen, and they will establish and manifest a system that will continue to the next lifetime.

The next lifetime is going to be the implementation. It is going to spread and call people to come and join in a greater degree.

The third lifetime is going to be the execution or the ability to eventually bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

So in our teaching you can see different pieces of this puzzle have come from different cultures, from different religions, from different people, and they all fit together perfectly. No human could have put them together and say, Oh, it is my idea. It cannot be a human idea. It is impossible for a human to know all these truths, perfection, and different religions and their prophecies, fit them together, and come up with such a vast and incredible amount of truth.

That is why we claim that we indeed have opened the Seven Seals. God has blessed us to be the person that brings this Revelation to man. Now the human is called to come and see it.

We also were inspired and compelled to write a message to humanity and its leaders around a year ago, a year and a half ago, and called them to come and join me, join us, and told them if they do not, great tribulation and destruction is going to come to them [
]. Within a year we can see the financial system of the world is crumbling. There are wars and destruction, and the human is going toward a very hard time. There is going to be a lot of suffering for those who are not listening to the Call of God.

Unfortunately it is their decision. It is not really Gods doing. God has already told them what is going to happen. If they are not listening, you cannot blame Him.

It is like you tell a person that if he goes in this direction, there is a hole, and he is going to fall into it. And he goes and falls into the hole. It is not your fault that he falls into the hole, but he is the one who did not listen to you.

Because of the human actions, a lot of negativity and darkness has been created. The only way is to turn around and go toward God. That is baptism, and baptism of the spirit. Therefore humans have to turn around and go to God if they want the Light and escape this tribulation that is coming. The only way is this teaching. There is no other way.

They can try to fix things according to human thinking, way, and knowledge but it is too late for that. The only way is Gods Way.

So this is the Seventh Seal. It has a lot of aspects, a lot of dimensions. Basically it is the meaning or the message of each religion, which each is called a Seal, something that is locked away.

The Book is sealed with the Seven Seals. So each seal might be understood as what it means in general, but you do not see the relationship of this Seal with the next Seal and the next one. It is a mystery. No one knows until, as in chapter five of The Revelation where it says, The Lion of the Tribe of Judah opens the Book sealed with the Seven Seals. My genealogy, as I mentioned, goes to King David and I can claim that I have the potential to be the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Since God gave me this Revelation, all other prophecies, and other supporting evidence, the conclusion has to be, Yes, He is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

Now the Lion of the Tribe of Judah is here, the Book sealed with the Seven Seals has been opened by Him, and those who have been called and prepared are called to come and join it. That is the Kingdom of God on earth.

You might say, How do I know you are right with everything you say? I would say, You have to prove it to yourself. That is why the website is there, the teaching is there, I am here, and we all are here to discuss these things, look at the Revelation, look at the prophecies, look at the genealogy, look at the genetic makeup, look at the whole earth, and come to the conclusion that either I am right or I am not.

If I am right, then you are called for this Revelation. If I am not, then you have to prove it to me. I have already proven that I am right, unless someone really could prove it to me that I am not. It is going to be very hard to do that if you see all the evidence that God has provided for humanity.

So it is proven that this is the Revelation from God, and the Seven Seals are opened. This is the end time. This is the time for humanity to grow up, understand they are all the children of one God and stop putting their lives based on human ego but in the pure form of Gods Will and Way. So they can create the Communities of Light, bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and accelerate everyones progress to the highest in the fastest way possible.

I hope that answered your question.

Ulf504 is asking:

Ulf504_1: Do you know the thoughts of every human being in the world, Maitreya?

Maitreya: If I would have done that in the body I would have gone crazy. But I have a general idea of what they feel, think, and are.

I had a dream once that I experienced the Mind of God that He knew everything about everything in the whole universe. Even the smallest fish in the ocean was considered. It is mind-boggling. It is beyond human understanding to know everything at the same time about everything in the universe. That experience just was amazing. When we have such experiences we have to cherish them, understand them, and realize what is the highest in the spiritual world.

In a higher level, in the un-manifested level of Godhead, there is no thought actually. That is why it is unexplainable. It cannot be explained. When you reach there, even if you come back you cannot say, I can explain God. It is beyond thought. Therefore even knowing all the thoughts of everyone and knowing what is happening in the whole universe, is not the highest. Still there is mind present.

God is beyond mind. God is beyond ether. God is beyond matter and thought. Therefore God is an experience. It is Pure Consciousness. It is in a balanced state between Consciousness and the three creative forces. In that state there is no time, there is no space, there is no matter, there is no fire, there is no earth, there is no ether, and there is no air.

Now can you explain that? Can anyone explain the state where there is no mind, there is no time, there is no space, there is nothing? But it is there.

That is why they were asking Buddha, Explain God. He could not explain God. He had experienced It but he could not explain It. But they kept asking him, Explain God. He eventually came up with the word, Nirvana. It is not an explanation. It is just a name. You wonder, what does that mean?

Eventually the Buddhists interpreted it as nothingness. Nothing can come from nothing. Therefore there is something there. But it is in the state of equilibrium. There is no manifestation.

That is why I was saying to this gentleman, even ether is a manifestation, is still matter. So we do not even aim for ether. We aim for the higher than ether. We do not even aim for mind. We aim for Pure Consciousness.

Now can you reach Pure Consciousness in this environment on this earth? No, because you have to go to work, you have to go places, you have to watch television, you have to cope up with the news. You have to be worried about your job, your bank account, your mortgage, and your this and that.

But can you reach Pure Consciousness in the Communities of Light? Yes. That is why we have to create an environment that the physiological and safety needs of the humans are provided, and after that, teach them to meditate, to awaken their spiritual forces, to create the time that there were Rishis and Mahatmas and Great Beings that meditated and knew God and had experienced God. They could come to the rest of the community and say, Yes, there is God. I have experienced It.

They are not worried about their mortgage. They do not watch television and are completely drawn into advertisements, and, Buy this, buy that, see this; go here, go there. We know what is right for you. Do not listen to the Scriptures. Do not listen to God. Listen to us. They are false teachers.

That is why we see the creation of the Communities of Light is necessary. Understanding and realizing God is not an explanation. Therefore we have to create an environment that those who are ready, to experience it. To experience God is your birthright. That is what we have to create, an environment that you can have your birthright fulfilled, instead of listening to false teachers who tell you, No, the goal of the life is to become a lawyer, a doctor, make a lot of money, have this, and have that. They all are wrong teachings.

The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, to be(come) Godly, to create an environment that more people become Godly and eventually they experience God. Then when you experience God and another person experiences God, and you see each other, you both know that you have experienced God.

You do not have to explain it to each other. Neither will I ask you to explain God nor the other man will ask me to explain God because we both know it is not explainable.

As I said, this teaching has a lot of truth in it. You will find all this truth is original. It is not like other spiritual groups that steal from each other and put their name on it, expand it, include other peoples teachings, and at the end say, OK, me too. I am Maitreya too.

Have you fulfilled any prophecies?

No, but I have a lot of good words that I can give you.

A lot of people fall for it. But if you really study our teachings and go to the depth of them, you will find so much original truth that it is just amazing.

I guess it turned out to be two hours of Satsang instead of just me coming here and listening to the other Satsangs and answering the questions. But you never know with God.

Sal-OM everyone. Have a good day, and I will see you next session. If there is anyone you know who wants to know the truth, invite them to come over. I will be happy to talk to them. If there are religions or groups that they want to challenge me with their teaching and my teaching, they are also welcome.

Sal-OM everyone.

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