Question and Answer Sessions With Maitreya

Feast of Tabernacles


Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the third session of the Feast, of our gathering for questions and answers. Today we do not have any formal questions. But a couple of minutes before I came to the session someone asked me a question related to the difference between Christians and New Agers.

He was saying that a lot of Christians have thought they are never going to be perfect; they are never going to be good no matter what they do, and New Agers think all are god and they say that they are perfect already, and what do I think about that?

Some people come to the Mission and say, I am already a Paravipra. They are adamant they are perfect. Usually their background is pretty much the New Ager and they think they are god.

Some people who come to the Mission, no matter how much they help the Mission, are here, are helpful, and they have progressed and all that, they keep saying, No, no, no, I am not a Paravipra. You have the wrong person. The person who asked the question noticed this mostly in the Christians, who have that attitude.

So which one is better, not believing that we can ever become perfect or a Paravipra, or you already think you are a Paravipra and come to the Mission and announce, I am a Paravipra?

Well, I said, neither of them, because if you are a Paravipra you will manifest your Paraviprahood with your actions. Therefore you do not have to tell anyone you are a Paravipra. If you are not perfect, again you will show with your actions and you do not have to say, I am not.

So Paraviprahood is not something you believe but what you manifest. Usually it is other people who realize that, Yes, this person is right at the top of it. He talks about God all the time, not himself.

If you are perfect, you would not be in the body. You would be merged with God. Then God pushes you back to the earth, and you will be following the Eternal Divine Path to Its max, you would be in the Communities of Light, and you would be helping the community to manifest Gods Will and bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

So you do not have to say you are perfect or you are a Paravipra. That by itself shows there is a huge ego still present. That person thinks he is better than other people. The moment you think you are better than other people, you are not a recognized and perfected person because when you reach Pure Consciousness and oneness with God, there is no separation, who is higher, who is lower, who is perfect, who is not, who is better, who is not, what religion is best, etc.

The whole idea of, I am better than thee, is the very essence of ego that has created the problems for the religions and humanity. They are in such a mess that they cannot see that they are all humans; they are all the children of God. It is only one earth, one spaceship, in the middle of billions and billions of spaceships. They cannot recognize that they are just a speck in the universe but at the same time they have the potential to reach a state that they can become one with God.

Therefore if a person says, No, no, I am not a Paravipra, it means that they do not want to accept that they can become perfect, that they can be(come) God, and they have the ability to progress. The person who says, I am already perfect, does not recognize that being perfect cannot be equated with being in the body.

When you are in the body, you have some karma. You have some arrangement for you to be able to stay in the body. Therefore you still might be attached to the things that might be artificial, might be created just for you to stay in the body. But still that pure perfection, which is Pure Consciousness, has not been achieved.

Therefore we can understand that it is a process, it is a way you walk through it and eventually you reach it. When you reach it you leave your body and you become one with God. Then we can recognize that we are all here to work with each other, to progress, to see one another, to help each other, and to become more and more Godly.

How can you become more Godly? You meditate. You awaken your spiritual forces. You come and join the community.

If you have a hard time to create a community or join one, that is a problem right there that you somehow cannot detach yourself from this external world to the point that you come and join the community or create the community.

If you cannot sacrifice in the community, you have a problem. If you cannot be surrendered and submissive to the Will of God for what He has created for you to be, you have a problem. If you cannot expand yourself to recognize that God is everything and everything is God, therefore you are a part of God, so is everyone else, you have a problem.

If you cannot do any of them, you say, Well, I am in the process of becoming one and working towards it. If you say, I am not a Paravipra, and you say, I have given up. I am not going to even try. I am not going to even put any effort toward perfection, you are an escapist. And if you say, I am already perfect, I am a Paravipra, it means again, I am an escapist. I do not want to see myself squarely. Therefore I am perfect. Do not tell me I am not perfect. Whatever I do is perfect. Whatever I say is perfect. My life is perfect. I do not want to progress.

Then you look at your life and you see it is a mess. Your financial situation is a mess. Your relationship is a mess. Your life is in a mess. At the same time you say, I am perfect.

We can see a lot of people are in delusion, either they think they are perfect and they escape the reality of seeing the truth of exactly how their life is, or they say, No, I am not a Paravipra. I cannot be a Paravipra, and they again escape to not wanting to struggle and go toward the perfection. So both of them are not correct.

The correct way is to see exactly who you are, where you are, what is your situation, face it, face yourself, take hold of the problems in your life, resolve them, solve them, and then follow the Eternal Divine Path.

So that was the question that was asked. I was asked to bring it up.

So either believing that you are already perfect, or believing you are never going to be perfect, both have flaws.

Now I will release the mic. If anyone has any question, go ahead. Otherwise we will read from THOTH.

Ulf is asking:

Ulf504_1: What do you mean by you?

Maitreya: I mean everyone. Our teaching is for everyone. When I say, you, it means everyone.

Go ahead, Ulf.

Ulf504_1: What is the difference between God in the absolute world and God in the material world? And the second question is, What is the difference between God in the absolute and God trapped in Maya?

Maitreya: I take both of them as one question. It sounded like you wanted to know what the difference is between God in the absolute and God manifested.

God in the absolute is in the state of Pure Consciousness, or equilibrium. It is the Knower, the Doer, and the Manifestor, without doing, without claiming to know, and therefore It just IS.

In that state the Bliss, Grace, Knowledge and Eternity exists, which is beyond mind and beyond minds comprehension, because it is beyond mind. There is no history. There is no time. The knowledge of all things is present. In that state God is so perfect that there is no concern about whatever is manifested.

The part that recognizes the darkness in the universe, the part that has gone astray and goes away from the perfection and has created the amnesia of remembering where they came from and who they are, it is this part of God that is concerned about the darkness and sent His Spirit into the darkness. The Spirit went through the process of the Eternal Divine Path and found a way to bring the darkness back to Light. In that state God is manifested in the creation and uses the higher level (unmanifested or manifested but not completely in darkness) and the darkness, to create the universe.

The higher levels of elements are in higher consciousness. The lower elements become the lower level of consciousness. Therefore ether, air, luminous, liquid, and solid factors have been created in the universe. Eventually the dust, super novas, higher heavier metal, and eventually galaxies, black holes, stars, and solar systems have been created to a point that planets became suitable for life. In this solar system, it is earth.

Some people say, When did life start? Life always is there, was there, and will be there. When the correct elements come together, life has an opportunity to manifest itself as a living being.

Through the evolutionary process, according to the state of that planet, beings are evolved to a state that they can meditate, they can know themselves, they can progress, and they can realize that they are here to become Divine, to return to God.

So the whole purpose of creation and the Creator, which is the part of God that is concerned about the darkness and manifested this universe, is to be(come) Divine. Those beings that eventually find a suitable situation for them to create life and become beings is to realize that their Goal In Life Is To Be(Come) Divine.

Because they have fallen into darkness, they start thinking that the goal of the life is to have a lot of pleasures, the goal of life is to have a lot of money, the goal of the life is to be successful, the goal of the life is to be accepted in the society, and they have created societies that teach them, that is the goal of your life. They never question why this whole universe evolved so I become a being, was put on this planet, and why has all this evolved that I become a being?

That is why God tried to guide them, to tell them, to help them. He sent Adam. He sent many Messengers. He used to be connected to beings to guide them and help them to return and become Divine. But they misused their powers, that energy, and therefore they fell further.

Eventually God even closed their third eyes and spiritual understandings, and started sending them Prophets. Great Prophets came to them, and each of them gave humanity one part of the truth and told them there is a God and the reason for the life is to turn around, worship God, focus on God, know God exists, become good, become a better person, and eventually reach Godhead.

That was the Mystical Paths. So the Mystical Paths said that the goal is to reach God. Therefore forget about this world, just meditate, become poor, and you do not need to work, you do not need to manifest anything, become a yogi, go to the mountains, seek Godhood or Godliness, and forget about this external world.

But this external world needs to be replenished; they had to till the ground and grow food. Some people started doing that, and they became attached to this world, their life, the family, wife, husband, kids, and the society. Societies grew into empires. Eventually the whole thing completely spun toward selfishness and worldliness.

So this yogi said, Forget about this world. They are completely lost. They have no idea why they are here, and they became escapists.

Then God chose Abram and Abraham, and He promised his children would become Prophets. The second message was, You have to create Communities of Light. You have to come together and share. Create an environment that your physiological and safety needs can be taken care of, or you can sit there and meditate without being a burden on anyone else.

Then He sent Christ saying, You also have to sacrifice in the community.

Then surrendering and submission, Islam.

And universalism, expansion of the mind.

So God in manifestation is concerned about the welfare of this darkness. He has been trying to guide man to go back to Pure Consciousness. So God Himself in that state also can withdraw and go back to the equilibrium and oneness. In that oneness there is no Paravipra, there is no lower caste, higher caste, better, bad, worse, murderer, prime minister, king. They are all in the same state of being. They are in Pure Consciousness.

When that state is reached and all the dark side of the universe goes back to that state, we do not need creation, we do not need manifestation, and we do not need universes. We are back to the indescribable state of being that we all used to be in. That is why we are able to experience it again because what we are still is in our Soul. That is really what we are.

What we are in this state is an illusion. That is not really what we are.

If we understand this, the very idea of who is better, who is worse, who is higher, who is a Paravipra, who is not, who is higher than anyone else, completely vanishes. There is a manifestation. There are some set-ups in this manifestation. Let us set those set-ups back the way they have been created to be, so accelerate our progress toward going back and going to Godhead or that higher state of being.

Therefore God in the unmanifested state, in the state of Pure Consciousness, is content and complete by Itself and has no need for creation, our worship or our adoration. God in a state of manifestation, is concerned, manifested the universe, and demands our attention and adoration, not because He needs it but because the most compact shape in the universe is a circle. The circle has only one Center. That is why it is so compact.

That is why always the circle has been used to symbolize God. If everyone adores the Center, is focused on one Center, then we can become unified. God in the unmanifested state and focusing on something unmanifested is hard for a lot of people. That is why the concept of Messiah or the King has been accepted in many cultures, and He is supposed to be chosen by God, anointed to be the King, and the rest focus on that Center. He becomes the rallying point and unifying Center to create again a circle around Him.

If there are two centers then we do not have a circle anymore; we have an oval. It no longer is the most compact shape in the universe.

If we can create such an environment and Communities of Light focused on the Center and the Center focused on God, can bring the Laws and energy of God to this circle and implement them into the Communities of Light, we can create an environment that the physiological and safety needs of everyone are taken care of and people have time to meditate and understand what the goal of Life is.

The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, to become Godly, to return back to Godhead, to Pure Consciousness.

So this manifested God, or in the state of manifestation, has already set up a system the way it should work. He has created man and woman from the being that used to be one. He put them on earth with the specific duties and responsibilities with different kinds of bodies, Laws, and Daharmas for them.

Marriage between them will create children. The coming together of these couples will create the Communities of Light. In the Communities of Light children will progress and from the very beginning know, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. Men and woman can create an environment that the older people are taken care of and the children are nurtured. They will sacrifice, stay together, become one, create the environment of the family, come together, create the Communities of Light, follow the Eternal Divine Path, choose their leaders, and create the hierarchy from these communities. Therefore everyones progress is accelerated toward Pure Consciousness, unity, and the goal of this creation.

So the manifested God has already gone through the darkness, created the Eternal Divine Path, closed the third eye of man, and sent all the religions, and now after 12,000 years, enough people have progressed. They can call themselves not Paravipras, or they can call themselves Paravipras. It does not make any difference.

The only thing they know is they see this truth clearly in this Revelation and teaching and say, Yes it makes sense. We have not been created. Our Essence has always been with God. We failed.

God did not create this universe imperfect. We were imperfect from the very beginning. Actually God is trying to make us perfect.

There is a question. Many times people come to this room and say, Well, if God is all powerful, why didnt He create us perfect in the first place? Why do we have to struggle to become perfect?

It is because He never created you. You came from the Essence of God, have been here, you are here, and you will be here. But where are you going to be? In Pure Consciousness and oneness, or in darkness which is the gnashing of the teeth and hell that many religions tried to depict and explain how terrible that state of being is?

That is your decision. That is the only decision you really have to make, to choose this Mission, work for the creation of the Communities of Light, realize that is the set up the manifested God has set up for this universe, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. This creation was created so we return back to Pure Consciousness.

Then you realize, I am taught by Maitreya these things but the society says, No, buy, buy, do this, do that, become rich, become famous, become successful, become educated, this and that. There is a conflict there.

God says, Become Divine. How can you reconcile this? If you have been created to be a lawyer, you have the aptitude and ability, you can understand the laws and you can bring justice and make other people see what a just action is in every situation, great. Become a lawyer. Become a judge.

If you have been created to build wonderful bridges and know how to calculate and understand the architecture and engineering aspects, become a good engineer. You do not have to really struggle to become one. You just have it. God has put it in your heart.

But at the same time the goal is not to become an engineer. The goal is not to be a judge or a lawyer. The goal is to become Divine. If you can become a lawyer and stay Divine, great. Go ahead; that is fantastic. But if you have to become a lawyer by selling your Soul, that is not a good bargain.

So we can see there is no conflict between our teachings and being educated. There is no conflict between our teachings and being a scientist. There is no conflict. What did God put in your heart?

If God put in your heart to become the best cook or the best sweeper in the community, so be it. Still you have, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Divine. So know thyself to know God.

We can see there is a perfect set-up that has been given by God. But man, according to his will and the darkness, has changed it to the wrong teaching. The false prophets and false teachers are all over the place. Just watch your TV. How many people tell you what is the goal of your life? And no one says: The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine.

This Revelation has come in this time of the darkness on earth. That is why it is called: Coming as the thief of the night. It is telling humanity, You have gone wrong. The way you are going is the way to destruction. It is not God who is destroying you; it is you going against the Laws of God, which I just explained what is the set-up, The tribulation and the destruction coming to you is because of your actions and going to darkness.

So we can see there is a difference in God in the unmanifested or absolute state. For that state there is no time, there is no manifestation, there is no desire to even consider such a dark state. It is complete Bliss, Oneness, Unity, and Knowledge. In the manifested state, God is concerned. God has planned, worked, and created the universe so the darkness and those who have fallen away from the unity can return to God.

I hope that answered your question.

Samuel: Maitreya, so my first action is to assist humanity on the Eternal Divine Path through Communities of Light, and the second action is to assist the universe on the Eternal Divine Path to higher consciousness. What is this second action beyond humanity called the universe?

I have an understanding of how to assist humanity. Of course, it is in THOTH, The Holiest Of The Holies. But what is this assisting the universe? I do not understand that.

Maitreya: If you follow the Eternal Divine Path, assist the Communities of Light, create the Hierarchy, bring the Kingdom on earth,,,, as we taught many times that one of our goals is to eventually reach toward the space, probably settle other planets, and spread throughout the universe. Who knows, maybe we will find other beings in other planets and we will teach them the Eternal Divine Path.

The beauty of the Eternal Divine Path is that no matter where you implement it, it is going to work. You can use it for a small community if truly people follow the Eternal Divine Path. You can use it for a city. You can use it for a continent or the whole earth and spread it to other planets. If you find other beings that they are not following the Eternal Divine Path, teach them to follow the Eternal Divine Path, and they also will be helped.

Even if you do not go to other planets and just help one community, you are helping the universe because the more the beings go toward understanding what the goal of the life is, the less pressure there is on the universe, and there is more Light and there will be less darkness.

So in the very low level of your action, or in the highest of reaching other planets, implementing the Eternal Divine Path, you are still helping the universe. As more Light is created there is going to be less darkness, and we will progress toward helping the universe that the critical point will be reached and the Light would be able to change the darkness in an accelerated rate. Therefore eventually all the dark parts of the universe shall become Light and return to Godhead.

As we said many times, think universally but act locally. Do not be concerned how much your help or your dedication to the Communities of Light or the Eternal Divine Path helps the rest of the universe, but what is important and necessary at this time, at this location, and how can you implement the Will of God in the place and location you are at?

If you do that you will help the universe, even if you are not intending to. As the song in the movie about Saint Francis of Assisi says, Take your time, day by day, stone by stone. Eventually the work you do, which seems so unimportant and ineffective, will manifest great things.

So we go day by day. We do mundanity that needs to be done. We take care of the problems that come up at the moment.

We do not sit there and say, No, no I have to help the universe. I do not have time for this mundanity. I cannot put the stone by stone. I have to build the skyscraper right today. You are never going to do it. You are never going to be able to manifest.

So take your time. Take care of the small little things. As it manifests and becomes larger, and more people are involved, eventually they will manifest great things and the earth will see our point.

Our point is that all religions have come from the same God and each of them have a part of the Eternal Divine Path. They eventually have to come to this conclusion that, Yes, He is right. If there is one God, why do we have so many religions? If God created us, why didnt He create us perfect? These are the questions that humanity eventually has to face.

Did God create us here to worship Him? Why? God is an egomaniac or something that He needs us to worship Him?

Isnt God perfect and has no need of this creation? Then why do we have to worship Him?

All these answers are given and we are putting this out, working very hard, and we know it eventually will give great fruit because we are going toward creation of something that has been started from the humble beginnings. Therefore, do not worry about how your action or what you do affects the whole universe. Know that it will. Start small, go little by little, and eventually it will manifest great things.

I hope that answered your question.

EDP To Reach The Goal: Will the New Order of the ages, the one world government as it is stated in THOTH (Children of Abram, tablet 18) come before the Communities of Light are created, or the Communities of Light have to be created first to choose the leaders?

Maitreya: If you look at the booklet, The Plan, in the middle of the booklet there is a drawing of the hierarchy. You can see there are two pyramids that have been created in that drawing. There is an arrow, as it shows, that from one goes to the other. The whole idea of the creation of the final hierarchy is to let the Communities of Light choose their leaders, and from these leaders the whole hierarchy will emerge to the highest level in the hierarchy of the Kingdom.

We do not have the Communities of Light. We have not created them. We have not built the Temple. We have not really reached the point that we can send the teachers and the implementers all over the world so we can create the communities based on the Eternal Divine Path.

Should we wait until those are manifested so we can have the leaders come from the Communities of Light? That is going to be pretty hard to do.

Therefore the Plan is at this time to find the facilitating body. In the facilitating body, we invite the people to come and join us, those who are dedicated, intelligent, their loyalty and focus is completely to God, and their oneness with each other is complete and perfect.

To manifest this facilitating body, which we envision to be twelve people, these twelve people will continue to carry on the Missions day-to-day work and at the same time manifest a system that has been already envisioned to reach every corner on earth and to communities, spread the teachings and the Mission, and create the Communities of Light every where.

As a Community of Light is formed, the person who is in that area and helping those communities will become the Elder in that community. The community will choose their leader themselves. Because this person has experienced the process of creation of the Communities of Light and knows the teachings related to the facilitating body, he can advise them, can help them, and can teach them the teaching. But he is not the leader of the community. They will have their own leaders and therefore they will work with whatever has been manifesting in their community, and they will continue to progress and attract other people.

When their numbers become twenty-four, they become two communities, three, four, five, until they become around 2,000 people. When they reach that point they can choose their leadership. The person who has been in that level in that area to help the other people who were in the facilitating body will become the Elder of the 2,000-people community but they have their own leaders, and so on.

As they expand and they communities and the higher level of hierarchy, the people who have helped to come to that point and have that position in the facilitating body will become the Elders of those bodies. If the people who are in those communities or different levels are created and choose their own Elders, then those Elders become very respected members of the community. When they retire, they are supported until the end of their lives. When they have finished their living, the community becomes a regular functioning community in many levels.

As these levels are created, eventually the hierarchy will manifest from the Communities of Light to the highest level all over the world and reach a point that they can even choose their own Eldest.

So that is how the manifestation of the hierarchy, from the Communities of Light is envisioned, and the oneness and unity on earth will come. It will come from the facilitating body, creation of different levels of the hierarchy, to the bottom, to the Communities of Light.

But this hierarchy is not the hierarchy of the leaders. They are just facilitating to create a body that functions to encourage in the local level for the manifestation of the Communities of Light. It is the leaders, Elders, and Eldest who manifests from this community, which eventually will become the true hierarchy of our organization or the Kingdom of God.

Therefore it is two triangles, one comes from the top to the bottom, and another comes from the bottom to the top. When we create the one that comes from the bottom to the top, then the hierarchy in fact has been manifested.

I hope that makes sense. If you have any other question, go ahead.

Shahnaz: A question from Shahnaz: Imam and Maitreya. Could you discuss more about Imams service at this time?

Maitreya: The word Imam can be referring to the Moslem leaders in Shia, or it can be referring to the leaders in the mosques in the Sunni religion or branches.

I suppose Shahnaz means the leaders like Khomeini, for example, they also call him Imam. If we take that as what she means, I gather she is from Iran so she probably is talking about Imam in the sense of Khomeini.

When a new Revelation comes, especially the Seventh Revealer, all other religions before it are done with. What Khomeini came to create was a desire for Moslems, or specifically for Shias, to replace the secular governments that started directly after Prophet Muhammad and the Caliphs, the four Caliphs. After that their leaders kind of became secular, and it has been secular all along.

After 1,400 years, eventually Khomeini succeeded to replace the secular government with the Islamic government. At the same time they have learned a lot from the other systems. Therefore the system is a combination of the western idea and eastern understanding of the replacement of the Prophet with a spiritual person.

If she means by Imam the leaders that are now in Iran, their function really is to find the Messiah or the last Revealer, and surrender their teachings and understanding to that new Revelation. If they are really Moslems and they are surrendered and submitted to God, they should realize that this is the time that this Revelation has come, and there have been three Revelations after Islam. They should overcome their desire to be leaders of Moslems but surrender and submit to the Will of God.

Therefore the function of Imam, at this time, is no longer valid after this Revelation.

Shahnaz: I mean, Karim Aga Khan.

Maitreya: Oh, Karim Aga Khan. Who is Karim Aga Khan? I suppose he is another person in Islam who probably claims to be Imam. Most probably he has his own teachings, and claims to be the Imam.

Let me give you the mic. Go ahead.

Shahnaz: Hi. How are you? Sal-OM.

Maitreya: Sal-OM.

Shahnaz: Karim Aga Khan is the Imam for the Ishmaelis, Moslems. He has come from Aza Ali. His lesson is very similar to what I hear in your lesson and read about. It is to be all together. Because the other Moslems are waiting for Imam, or they say if you not Moslem, you cannot go to paradise. Or, if you are not Sunni you cannot be Shia. If you not Shia you cannot The Christians say, if you are not Christian you cannot go to paradise.

But the one who I see and hear, they say anyone is good and they try to do whatever God asks for, is this Karim Aga Khan, this Ishmaeli leader, and you. I was telling Tahirah, I believe in both of them. But in the Ishmaeli religion they believe the Imam stays from the time of Ali, to all the way to the end of world. It is like the sun and moon. God is Sun and Moon, and they believe in Imam.

I was wondering if you have any more things to explain about that because I love both of you. Sometimes I become confused which one to choose. But after I asked God, it just came to my brain, both of you is like, I do not know in English, but in Persian, like a tarozo. One cycle tarozo you and one cycle tarozo him, and is the same, equal. For me any time I do meditation, both of you come to my mind.

Like Christianity, because I love to go to church and a lot of things they say, if you do not become Christian you cannot come to church. Or some Moslems maybe they say that.

For this reason I want to see if like I love both of you, what is going to happen? [laughing].

Maitreya: OK, first, tarozo means scale in English.

You said we teach similar. Did he open the Seven Seals? Fulfill the prophecies? Is he from the genealogy of King David and Prophet Muhammad, and has a genetic connection to the Hebrew race and the people who are prophesied to come? That is my question to you.

Shahnaz: He has a genetic connection from Hazrat Ali. And yes very similar, he did open the philosophy for us. I think he has a site. I never talked to him but I know it is a telephone number if anyone has a question or in the site if you have any question. I never asked because I feel like so pure, the same as Tahirah talks about you, and I just can feel how much I love you and how much you are true. It is the same way for him for me. I never think I need any question.

Right now Tahirah was telling me, you do not have any question? It come to my brain for a little while I was like, how can I choose you or him until I get my question answered? It is like, I cannot choose. I love both of you [laughing].

I become very relaxed the times I do Haree Om Shrii Hung. Anytime I drive or have any problem, I just do Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam. I sing with my kids.

It is the same thing for me. I never asked him questions but if someone have questions I can get the site for example for you because he and you understand more spiritually to talk about things, and I am not that high like to talk about spiritual things. This is just a question and say like, the time Prophet can be here it is you, all Prophets right now, can Imam also be there because the time Hazrat Muhammad was Prophet, Hazrat Ali was Imam?

So that comes to my mind. I say because you are Prophet, he is called Imam. It is very interesting for me, everything you say, the way you go, and he goes, is the same way. I think it goes the same way.

So that is what I wanted know, what is your answer for me?

Maitreya: Well, Hazrat Ali was teaching what Muhammad taught. Is Karim Aga Khan teaching what I teach? Is he teaching the Eternal Divine Path, saying that I am the Prophet of God, that it is the last Prophet, it is the teaching that has come from God, let us go and follow him?

Or is he saying, No, come and follow me. Maybe he has a good teaching but that does not mean he is the Messiah, he is the Major Manifestation that God said is going to come at this time. He is not the One that has fulfilled all the prophecies from all religions.

I do not know if you have heard or not, in Christianity there is a saying that Christ said, You cannot have two masters. You have to choose one. Or you will choose one and abandon the other or you will become confused, as you said, and it is going to be hard to reconcile between two pulls. Choosing one is equal with discarding the other one.

As we discussed in the beginning, if there are two centers it is no longer a circle and unity but there is disunity and separation in the group or the people that are in the circle. With all these things, you have to truly study and find out, which one is more from God or is from God at this time?

If he comes and teaches our teachings and acknowledges the station that God has given to this Mission and me, then we can talk with him and see how high it is and if he can become a teacher of the Mission.

Equaling us together it is not a correct way because that is not what God said. Not that I am better than him or I egoistically want to dominate him or anything like that but that is what God said, You can only have one master. The one who fulfills the prophecies, opens the Seven Seals, is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, and all the evidence that has been given has to be weighed against what he says and who he is.

There are a lot of good people. There are a lot of good teachers out there but that does not mean that we have to accept all of them.

The Ishmaeli group is another branch of Islam that they have their own ideas. Actually Bab and Bahaullah came from that branch. You can say in a way, they finished that movement by becoming the twin Prophets prophesied to come.

You have to weigh all this evidence and then see, what is from God and what is your desire to follow? Being a good teacher and having good ideas does not make you a Messiah, or the Prophet, or the Chosen from God to be the Center to unify all together.

I do not want to discourage you from listening to him but at the same time you have to make a decision, which one is truly from God and which one is not.

Maybe you should send him an e-mail or something. Tell him to come to talk to me. Maybe he is chosen to teach this Mission.

But at the same time you have to recognize which one is the One that has been prophesied to come and choose the one that is the correct one. I cannot see one person can follow many people and at the same time feel that they can do well.

I will release the mic. If you have any follow-up, go ahead.

OK then, I will leave you all to God. We will see you at the next Feast of Tabernacles. I will not be coming to this room or any room, and the only way you can hear me is if you can gather together seven people and they want to hear about the Mission.

All the questions are answered, as you can see. Therefore you can go to the website, study, search for the answers, become proficient in them, reach out, and become a center of manifestation. Teach humanity that indeed whoever is not following this teaching and is not one with it, is all finished. This is the end of all the manifestations and teachings before it.

This is the only one that can be accepted and followed by everyone to unify humanity together.

Sal-OM everyone. See you next year.

Q&A Sessions 2008

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