Question and Answer Sessions With Maitreya

Feast of Tabernacles


Introduction: Sal-Om everyone. Before we begin this session let us all close our eyes and take a moment to clear our minds, bring ourselves completely to this moment, and focus on the Lord [silence].

Today we have the wonderful Blessing of having Maitreya Himself (GIWH) in the room. Other names and titles given to Him include the Kalki Avatar, the Christ, the Mehdi, He Whom God Shall Make Manifest, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the True White Brother from the East, the Seventh Angel, and many others. He is the representative of the One True God on earth, who comes to reveal the Mystery of God, unify the religions of the world and humanity, and bring the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, as has been prophesied. He will be available for the next two hours to answer questions on all aspects of His Teachings.

We did ask that people send in their questions beforehand, and some have been sent in. Therefore some of these questions will be answered first before Maitreya begins answering questions from the room. The questions sent in that are not answered today will be answered in the second session with Maitreya on Tuesday, October 6th, again from 12 to 2 PM MST.

You can still send in questions for that second session to

Now before we begin, please listen carefully to these guidelines of room conduct.

To ask a question of Maitreya, you are expected to have visited the website,, and know the base of His Teachings. You can find His answers to hundreds of questions on the website, so if you are new to the Mission, or have not read our literature deeply, you will likely find your answers there.

If you do have a question for Maitreya, please type it in text. If your question is chosen to be answered, a Mission representative will read your question, or, you may be asked to come to the mic and ask it yourself.

After Maitreya finishes answering your question, you may ask a follow-up. Please be courteous and ask only one question at a time. If there are no questions, we will read from Mission literature until another question is asked. If you do not follow these guidelines, or attempt to grab the mic without Maitreya's permission, you will be red-dotted and/or bounced.

Please note that this is a public forum, and whatever you say is in public domain. We do record these sessions and broadcast them later, or use them as we see fit. The mic is now released to Maitreya; please give Him your undivided attention and respect. Sal-Om.

Maitreya: Thank you very much, Noor. Welcome everyone to the Mission. These sessions are for answering questions. As Noor said, hundreds of questions or even more have been already answered. These special sessions only happen twice a year in the Feast. I used to have these sessions more often, but since the questions were all answered, now I come here rarely.

I hope you all have meditated, have gone to the website, have read the teachings that unify all the religions of the world, and are prepared to come here and ask questions of the Highest about what we are doing, how this Mission has come about, and how humanity is on the brink of the end time, which is the coming of the Golden Age. All the signs are there and all religions have been telling of this time to come.

I hope you are enjoying the Feast of Tabernacles, which is the most joyful and joyous Feast of the year from the seven Feasts that God demanded to be kept Holy. Enjoy the wonderful energy of God that comes to humanity in a greater degree at this time.

I will release the mic. Let us hear the first question and see what the answer will be.

Question: You once said in a Satsang 12/27/88 that laughing is the closest way to Pure Consciousness. Can laughter be from ignorance, passion, or knowledge? Can you clarify more on this subject of laughter and reaching Pure Consciousness? ATTG!

Maitreya: Great! The question is, is laughter closest to Pure Consciousness? Is all laughter OK and acceptable? Is there laughing that is from ignorance or passion, and which one is from knowledge?

Since I have been answering these questions for thirty years, and many of the people in this room have been with me all this time and it is time for them to answer the questions, I will refer the questions to the room and see if the people who have been in the Mission and know the teachings come up with the answers first before I eventually answer them. So the question is on the floor: Laughter, closest to Pure Consciousness? Is all laughter OK?

Go ahead, raise your hand, and see what your answers are. Go ahead, Tahirah.

Tahirah: Sal-Om Maitreya-Ji, and everyone. Since I asked the question, of course, I do believe that there can be three kinds of laughter: From passion, ignorance, or knowledge. To laugh at something that is not appropriate or laughing at something that we know is not of the highest, is not right. To laugh at something from knowledge is good. So I am just trying to understand the relationship of laughter and reaching Pure Consciousness.

I am thinking if it goes beyond when you are in a very high state of consciousness with God that everything is funny, funny in the sense that, I am not sure of the word, I do not know what the word would be, but I guess the word would be, a Joy, I am thinking of Joy.

Maitreya: Very good. OK. Anyone else? Go ahead, Keyosha.

Keyosha: Sal-Om. Just expanding on that, I think that what it comes down to is the purity of what you are laughing at. There are so many things out there that we can laugh at but when it is pure and the closer it is to God then I think the more it is from knowledge. The more it is of the world and of man's humor then the more it is of ignorance or passion.

Maitreya: Great truth in that. Anyone else want to try? Do not be shy. It is OK. Go ahead, Shakti.

Shakti: Sal-Om Maitreya-Ji and everyone. I hope you can hear me. When I thought of that, the answer to the question and of course I remember when Maitreya-Ji did say that and I had often wondered about it but never asked more. When I think of laughter being that state of Pure Consciousness when we are in such a state of ecstasy through the laughter, we are not thinking of anything. All we are doing is feeling that Joy and that Laughter at that moment. Maybe that might be what the feeling of Pure Consciousness at that moment would be, just that laughter, of course, laughter in the right way, in a Godly way, where you are just not thinking at that moment. That does not mean that we have reached the state of Pure Consciousness, but we are feeling it at that moment. Thanks God!

Maitreya: Yes, great. That Laughter which brings us to the moment, we are not worried about the past, we are not worried about the future, and we become here and now. That is beautiful. Anyone else?

OK, everything in this universe is of three kinds. Everything! There is nothing in this universe is not of three kinds.

The laughter that we were talking about that is closest to Pure Consciousness is the laughter that is not at the expense of anyone, it is not from ignorance that we make fun of someone just for the sake of laughter, it is not from passion that we want to kind of put down someone so we can dominate them. It is from knowledge, in an environment that two people are not calculative but they are friends. Indeed that kind of laughter can only be found in the Kingdom, when the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth comes and the people only relate to each other as friends, not calculatively as we have become at this time of human history. We have forgotten to be open and not always calculating in everything we do in our relationships, in our lives, in our conduct or friendships, or the things that we do.

I have seen such a laugh between people in that village in Iran that people laughed with such a joy that it seemed they had no care in the world. The most beautiful laugh I have seen was from an old man, who almost did not have any teeth at all. But he laughed with such joy that you had no choice but to laugh with him, or just love him because he was so "there" at that moment.

Another way to achieve that kind of laughter that is closest to Pure Consciousness is when you want to meditate but cannot. You just cannot meditate. You cannot concentrate. You cannot bring your mind to go through the process or to concentrate on the Mantra, so just start laughing, by yourself. It does not have to be with anyone else or at anyone else, but a laugh that is just personal, repetitive, and for a long time. After five or ten minutes of laughing like that you have no choice but to become happy.

If you do that among other people, in front of other people, they might start after a while, laughing with you, and you will affect them as you laugh.

Actually the first time I saw and realized how it can affect other people and it is contagious was when someone brought a video to one of our yoga classes at Mississippi State University, and for around fifteen minutes the yogi who was on the tape did nothing but laugh.

After five minutes, the whole class started laughing with him. They did not have any choice. Everyone became very joyous and happy. The way he laughed and did not care about the world, and he was right there in that moment, you could see that he really did not have many problems to think about.

But this world that we live in is becoming so calculative, full of problems, and unnatural that we have forgotten to create environments or relationships, which are based on purity, oneness, and the Love of God. Therefore we have forgotten that kind of laugh.

If you observe many people's lives, they laugh very little. They are very serious-faced and with a "sourpuss." Therefore they cannot enjoy themselves because they are in trouble financially, they are in trouble physically, they are in trouble mentally, and they are in trouble spiritually. They are in trouble in their relationships. They are just in trouble because each person or a small group of people want to make it by themselves. Therefore their lives become harder and harder, and eventually they reach the point that they wake up in the morning, run to work, come back home, find something to eat, do a couple of things, go to bed, and the next day, the same thing.

The true life, the most natural life, is in the environment that you can provide for yourself, your family, and the community from your immediate environment, naturally, with the way that it gives you joy to go to work because you love the things you do. You do not do it because you have to.

You will work with the people who are also natural and loving, not calculative and with a lot of problems. Therefore your relationships become in a deeper level, full of laughter and joy.

That kind of laugher and joy is one of the results of the Communities of Light and the Kingdom of God on earth. You cannot have that kind of relationship because you have forgotten. Little by little, we have became more comfortable, we have more material things, we have a lot of things that our grandparents and many of the people before us could not even imagine having, but at the same time, whenever we gain something we cut ourselves off from nature more and more and we reach a point where we are disconnected from the Essence. Therefore we no longer can laugh or even listen to the nature, which laughs.

That is the laugh we are talking about. We are talking about a joyous laugh, an uncalculated laugh for the sake of being with each other, loving one another in the deepest level possible without any calculations or desires but because you are friends and you love one another.

That is very hard to find in this state that we are in, but it is coming. The Kingdom is coming, the coming of the time that humanity eventually will realize that they have to share. We are not against the technology. We are not against the comforts of the life. But at the same time realize that if you do not share it affects you more than anyone else.

Of course sharing does not mean, "I do not have anything, and you share everything you have with me." You have to put effort. You have to put your ability into the relationship and create an environment where everyone is comfortable, but learn to share. Find the people who also want to share, and then share with each other.

Then you become friends with one another. Then when you joke and laugh and have deeper relationships with each other, you are not afraid that, "Oh, what is the angle of this person who is becoming close to me? Does he want something from me? Is he trying to take my money, my possessions, my material things? Or does he want to tell me what to do, or dominate me?" Whatever the reasons people are afraid of each other these days and they are not completely open to one another, will vanish because after a while you trust each other and you can relax, joke, be funny, and have fun with each other and laugh, and be(come) close to Pure Consciousness.

So when we talk about these things sometimes it is not possible to do it in the environment that we have but in the future when the Kingdom comes, we can.

I have seen that laugh. I have seen that yogi who laughs for fifteen minutes and we started laughing with him. It is contagious. It is meditative. It is to "Be here and now."

But if you laugh at someone else to put them down, if you laugh in a way that nothing is funny about the situation, then people wonder why you do that. Even in laughing there is a wisdom, time, place, and people involved.

Therefore your answer is, yes, there is laughing from knowledge. There is laughing from passion and from ignorance. Even laughing depends upon the time, place, and people.

I hope that answered your question. If you have a follow-up, Tahirah, go ahead.

OK, if there is no follow-up we will go to the next question.

Question: Sages of the past: Please elaborate on their history, time period, numbers, how did they achieve Sage-hood, and will they be part of the Communities of Light?

Maitreya: OK. The question on the floor is: Sages of the past, who were they, how many were there, how did they become Sages, and will they be in the Communities of Light? Anyone who knows anything about it can give us some answers. Go ahead Noor.

Noor: Sal-Om. Well, by my understanding, the Sages of the past include the Prophets of the Past of all the major religions that are in The Greatest Sign, as well as the minor Prophets, such as Jonah and all of the others in those religions, and anyone else who has been prepared for the last 12,000 years to be reincarnated at this time.

So as I understand it, I think that they will be a part of the Communities of Light; in fact they would probably be the ones who will create the Communities of Light in the beginning and develop them. The Sages of the past would be reincarnated to be the Sages of the present also, or the future, as is necessary. Thanks God!

Maitreya: Very good, Noor. Yes, you are right. If we did not have the Sages of the past, we would not have the Paravipras. If the Sages of the past had not progressed, we would not have been here calling the Elects. That is what we are counting on. That is correct. Absolutely.

Samuel, just go ahead and take the microphone.

Samuel: It is my understanding that all, actually to repeat what Noor just said, that all people that reached a higher consciousness and even the highest consciousness will be spewed out of God's Mouth to help us and to create the Communities of Light, which is exciting. It is just that I have not been able to find anything to read about them or to really get their place in history.

So I just assumed they came before Abraham and after Noah. But if anyone has any literature on them, I would like to know.

Maitreya: OK, I do not think we mention who is whom. We have some feelings and understandings of some of the people who come to the Mission. After a while we might understand who they are.

Just last night I was telling someone that his behavior and the way he acts reminds me of Omar in Islam who was arguing with Prophet Muhammad and many times even influenced Him, and He changed His mind because of Omar. I was telling this person that he has the behavior of Omar.

He was very concerned about my safety and that the Mission might not be accepted by many people, and they might even not be very happy at all.

I was telling him that I never had any fear in my life, ever, for anything I do. Anything I realize is correct and needs to be done, I do, and I am not going to stop doing them now. Therefore this Mission will go on. My trust is in God, etc.

At the same time it reminds me that when the Meccans wanted to attack Medina, they had created a huge army to come and fight Prophet Muhammad. He actually resisted it and said, "I am not going to fight. I am a peaceful man and whatever I am doing is from God. Therefore I am not going to fight them at all."

Omar was really upset about it and started arguing with Muhammad that they had to fight. The Meccans were coming toward him and he had no choice. Eventually a Revelation came that said, "Yes, go ahead and take the sword and fight against those who are coming to fight you." From this, the concept of Jihad was revealed.

So there is the possibility that this person who is pushing me to be more cautious, might be Omar. He kept saying, "No, no, he is not the one," and all that, which is OK. It is really nice that he has such humility and he does not want to accept that. He said that he is just here to serve the Mission, etc.

But there are some inklings and ways people act. We have recognized and seen that some of them act in a way that they could be the reincarnations of people from the past. They are the people God always chooses to come, join the Mission, and be a part of God's Plan.

But we have not made a record, posted somewhere in the website, or made a list out of them and said, "This person is this, this person is that, this person is that."

Bab did. When he started his mission, he had eighteen people join him and he believed that they were the twelve Imams, Prophet Muhammad and his daughter Fatima, and the four connections, or Babs, or doors that were connecting the last Imams to the followers. So he recognized each of them as such and revealed to them whose reincarnation they were.

That is interesting because I do not think that the Baha'is, or the people who followed Bab, believed in reincarnation. Yet there it is right there. Bab said, "These people have been born as Sages of the past, and they are here to help me to spread this mission."

But at this time either you are a Sage of the past, or you are not. It is not really that important to be recognized as a Sage of the past. It is not who you say you are. It is not who I say you are. It is what you manifest. God did not say you know them by what they say they are. God did not say you know them by what Maitreya says you are. He said, "You know them by their fruits." Therefore if you had been a Sage of the past, you love the Revelation and you will be manifesting great things for the Mission. Then we can say, "Yes, this person is really manifesting and giving a lot of fruits." Therefore we can conclude that he is a Great Soul.

Now how many of them were there? According to Islam there have been 144,000 Prophets who have come to humanity. As Noor said, there have been Major Prophets who have brought the Seven Revelations of God, and there have been minor Prophets who had very specific tasks or missions to accomplish.

There have been Rishis, Mahatmas, and many, many other beings in the past that have reached very high consciousness. Some of them even left their bodies because they reached a point that the body could not hold them anymore because they did not have any karma.

Ananda Marga has a place called Ananda Nagar. In that place they have designated locations where yogis, through their meditation, reached salvation, left their bodies, and reached Pure Consciousness, or at least they left their bodies in a very peaceful way.

It is like that American Indian who would say, "Well, this is a good day to die." He would go, make his own bed at the top of the tree, meditate there, and leave his body. So that means they are so familiar with their bodies and they are so attuned to the universe that they know that this is the time to leave. Therefore they go and do that.

So there are hundreds, thousands, and probably millions of Great Souls that have reached very high consciousness. But there are 144,000 that are amazingly in tune with God's Mission, and they are called the Elects. That is who we are looking for and we are calling to come and join us.

However as the Bible said, besides these, but there are millions and millions of others who will support the Mission and support the Paravipras to accomplish this Mission, and they are here as the supporters. They are also Great Souls but they do not have the aptitude, they do not have the ability, they do not have the desire to be a Paravipra, which is a person who absolutely 100% dedicates their life to the Mission and comes to the Mission close to me, so we can work together to accomplish this Mission.

How do they relate to the Communities of Light? Actually Communities of Light are the places to create such beings. In the beginning, of course, we will attract these Great Souls who will come to the Mission, who will create the Round Table, who will create the Facilitating Body and the Facilitating Hierarchy; those who will come, join, and help in any way they can.

They become great contacts for the Mission. They become the Light Bearers for the Mission, and they spread the word and the Mission. Eventually the hierarchy is going to come from the bottom of the society, from the people, by the people, and for the people. When the hierarchy manifests in full manifestation, they will be incarnated to help in any part of the hierarchy possible.

In the Communities of Light, their leaders and their judges will be Great Souls. Those who are in the Communities of Light also meditate, progress, and become Great Souls, even if they are not in the beginning.

Just being in the Communities of Light, that means you are a Great Soul. Now, are you a Sage? Again you know them by their fruits. That is the measure that we use to know who is really a Sage, who is a Paravipra, and who is a Great Soul.

It is not that I come here and say, "I am Maitreya," and "I am the Seventh Angel," and you should accept me as such. No. I gave fruit. I gave Revelation. I brought the unification of all religions. I fulfilled many prophecies. These are our fruit that now all of you look at and say, "Yes. It makes sense. It has to be from God with so much support and based on the Scriptures."

It is the same thing for us looking at you, and God said, "You know them by their fruit." We look at you and say, "OK, who gives fruit?" Someone gives fruit, they are manifesting, and they are dedicated to the Mission 100%, then we say, "Oh, this person is an Elect. He has been called to come and join the Mission and become a source of manifesting and spreading the Mission."

Eventually people will recognize that, "Such and such a person knows all the teachings, and is so spiritual and wonderful, and has no ego." Then they become great people in the Mission and therefore they have manifested and proven they are an Elect.

So they will be the ones who are going to create the Facilitating Body. They are the ones who are going to manifest the hierarchy from the Communities of Light. They are the ones that are going to be the leaders of the Communities of Light and create the full hierarchy eventually, which comes from the Communities of Light. They will be with the Communities of Light and the Teachings for the next thousand years until, of course, the time comes for the second resurrection after this Revelation.

I hope that answered all of your questions about the Sages of the past.

So we are not going to identify and make a list to say, "This person is this, this person is that, this person is that." It really does not matter. The most important thing is their fruit.

If they are the Sages of the past usually they say, "No, no, I am not, I am not. I am just a humble person." Therefore you become more interested because such a person is so humble that they do not even want to be called a Paravipra or Elect or Great Sage or anything like that, but they just want to do the Will of God.

If you have a follow-up, if I did not answer a part of your question, or anything else, go ahead, Samuel.

Samuel: One of the things that came across my mind after I had written this question was, maybe the sundering coming up is really going to be so universal around the world, and so gross that in a sense it is not necessary for the future builders of the Communities of Light to be here and experience that, and that the main emphasis and growth will come after the sundering occurs. Could you comment on that please?

Maitreya: Yes. That is a good observation actually. It is going to be terrible.

It is not only in the Bible that it talks about the coming of the destruction and the tribulation and the end time.

I have been engrossed in the American Indian prophecies for the last couple of months. It started from our brother in Canada who sent me a couple of Native American prophecies. After that just it evolved. After a while someone sent me a URL to a page that has a huge amount of prophecies from almost all the Native Americans from the north, central, and south. Eventually I sat down and wrote some comments on all the prophecies, which are going to be in our Newsbrief this month.

It is uncanny how similar they are to the Bible, Koran, and other Scriptures that are talking about the coming of this tribulation and upheaval, how amazing the destruction is going to be, and how asleep the human is.

All the signs have been fulfilled. Everything that Native Americans were expecting to happen and be fulfilled, is fulfilled. Actually they are wondering why it is not happening. They are wondering, "It is late. It should have happened a long time ago."

They also are waiting for someone to come. They call him, "The White Brother from the East," before it starts. We might say, "Oh well, why do we have to do anything and wait until the destruction comes and then after that we come together and start the hierarchy or the facilitating Body?"

God is proactive. God is not reactive. He sends this Revelation and everything now before the destruction comes, warns people, and calls people. Even if one or two Souls listen besides the Sages of the past and the Paravipras, that is the reward that God will have of being proactive.

Therefore we have to start to create what we preach for the future. It is not for this world; it is not for this system at this time but for what is coming.

We are not competing with any government. We are not competing with any people. We are not competing with any system. The tribulation will reach a point where most of humanity will realize that what they used to do is not going to work anymore.

There is another possibility, if we can create the Facilitating Body fast enough and reach a point where we have enough resources, people, organization, and manifestation that we can show humanity that there is another way, and to bring the Kingdom without letting the tribulation come. So we have to do our best. We have to reach out. We have to create the Facilitating Body.

The point is, if humans are listening, if humans are participating, if humans are able to overcome their egos and their desires, wants, lower natures, fears, and all that, and go to the limb, drop everything, and say, "Here I am. What can I do for you? What can I do for God? What I can do for this Mission?," then we will accelerate the process.

But of course if they do not listen, the less they listen, the less they come and participate, and manifest God's Will, the probability and possibility of the tribulation will increase.

Another way of looking at it is if we find the people who are dedicated to the Mission and they are with us and we have the resources, we can actually facilitate to find a lot of things that God had provided and hidden in places that will help to bring the Kingdom of Heaven. By researching and finding those abilities, we might be able to bring the Kingdom of Heaven without waiting for the tribulation to come.

But we do not have the resources; we do not have the people. If they are not the kind of people that will help to bring the Kingdom, we have no choice. I cannot search for a lot of things that have to be searched for and found out. I cannot, one person, do a lot of things that need to be done. Few people are in the Mission at this time that are dedicated and manifesting, and have dedicated their lives to manifest.

Therefore my conclusion is, the tribulation has to come. The push has to come to shove before humanity eventually wakes up and says, "All these people, all these religions, all these Revelations, all these sayings of the coming of the tribulation are not just a dream, or a saying of some crazy spiritual people. Look, God said the Seventh Angel is going to come, the Revelation of the Seven Seals is going to come. God said all these things are going to happen; there are going to be Seven Seals and Angels, and the American Indian prophecies and expectations are all fulfilled. What am I still doing not getting on with the Work of God and still holding onto my little life and am afraid of moving, etc.?"

That is fine. You can do that. It is not going to hurt me. But it is going to hurt you in the long run, and it is going to hurt humanity.

This is the time of sundering. It is not another church or group or organization that is here to be politically correct or make you feel good. It is here to tell you the Truth. And this is the Truth!

Did God send the Seven Revelations? God sent the Eternal Divine Path. God sent the Seven Angels and called humanity to come and join us. According to the Native Americans, it has happened four times before. God created the new man; they became greedy at the end and He had no choice but to destroy them.

It is just like the flood of Noah. God repented that He had created man because they were not listening to His Way, the natural way, and therefore He had reached a point that He said, "I have had enough of this," and He chose a few people and the rest He wiped off the earth.

Yes, I can come here and say, "Be good. Love one another and be happy, just believe in this name or that name, and come to my church. I have a pinball machine and all the facilities for your family to be happy. But give me your money. I am going to make millions and millions of dollars from you." The people who are not looking for truth, but they are looking to feel good instead of being good, will fall for these things.

So this is the time of sundering. This is a call to come, join, and be One.

If we are able to attract the people we need, and people come, we might be able to stop the tribulation. But it is up to you. Humans have free will.

So it is not that we should just sit here and say, "We do not have to do anything," and we let the tribulation come and everyone be destroyed, then we start doing. No, we have to do it now.

We have to start the process. We have to try our best to avoid and stop the tribulation and turn the human around.

Of course I am not holding my breath, because of what I know about humans. They are very fearful, very afraid, and very attached, and a lot of things that personally it amazes me the excuses they bring for not following God's Will.

This is the truth of it. This is the Essence of what is coming.

I know a lot of people say, "Oh, that is too negative, that creates a lot of fear in me. Don't say these things but tell me I am OK and everything is fine, nothing bad is going to happen to me, and you are going to heal me and give me all the goodies I want."

But that is not the truth. God did not say that. God said, "Turn around. Be baptized. Be Godly." Even He put the fearful in the same level as the whoremongers, adulterers, and all of that. So go to the limb. Let all your fears go, get on with God's Work, and become One with it. We do not have to wait until the tribulation and destruction comes.

The only reason the tribulation and destruction will come is because man chooses the wrong way and he makes wrong decisions. If they choose God and His Way, the natural way, the tribulation does not have to come. They can stop it.

It would have been much better for me personally, financially, and all that, if I said, "Oh no, do not worry about that, everything is OK, just meditate and send your tithes or send your money and you are going to be OK."

No, tithing is something God said you have to send in. You have to do it. It is not for me. If we can gather enough resources to create better videos, or reach out to more people, we can attract more people. But if we cannot, we cannot. Of course, my trust is in God!

So anyway, we should reach out. We should continue. We should create the Facilitating Body. We should come and join the Mission. If you are Round Table material, you will be invited to join the Round Table.

If you are a person that can manifest great things, you will be respected highly as a Great Soul. Eventually we can create the Facilitating Body and reach to the bottom of the communities in the world and create the hierarchy, at the same time we should let all the religions and people know that their expectations are fulfilled. It is time for them to recognize that, and come and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. So we have a choice.

I hope that answered your question. If you have a follow-up go ahead; otherwise we will go to the next question.

Samuel: This is a new teaching, and I am new to it. So I am involving myself in it and learning and growing. When I reach out to people and that is literally everyone I run across when I get out in the world, which is often, no one wants to hear it. Or no one follows up. I give them the information about, and no one seems to follow-up.

So I have the feeling that I need to prepare myself for after the sundering when the interest might be greater, or since I am an old man, the next lifetime, to prepare myself to dive into the Teachings, to explode with them and just be all that this individual consciousness could be so that I can assist and be of greater service in the future. Can you comment on that maybe?

Maitreya: Yes. Do your best and do not worry about it. It is not really up to you. It is up to God to manifest or not.

It is not surprising people are not listening. We have been at it for thirty-some years. How many people have really heard It? So I am not surprised that people do not want to follow it.

How many Hopi people are trying to tell these things to their people, and even they are losing a lot of young people to Maya and the external world? They have left the natural way and are following the unnatural ways. They think they are progressing, but in a sense you can say they should have progressed but they should not have lost their Souls.

You should not gain the world and lose your Soul. If you gain the world and share it with each other, then you do not lose your Soul because your Soul is still with one another.

Again it goes to sharing, the ability to use the technology and progress with the ability to share with one another. If you do not, then each person becomes disconnected from nature and other people, and that brings disease, unhappiness, depression, and a lot of other things that are related to self-centeredness and selfishness.

So do your best. Do not worry about it. It is not your fault. If they do not want to hear It, go to another person. If they also do not want to hear it, go to another person. Give them the Message and leave them to God.

OK, we will go to the next question.

Timothy: Sal-Om Maitreya-Ji and all. I have a question, but do not have a mic. Please talk more on God being proactive and not reactive. Is it fair to say God punishes people, for example, bad things happen to good people? Or are we more subject to the Law of Karma and when we break ourselves against what is the Law, we are subject to a reaction to our actions and therefore we punish ourselves and not God?

Maitreya: It is the result of our own action. God did not ask us to be separated from Him from the beginning but we separated ourselves from Him.

There is nothing negative that comes to us, which is from God. All the good things come from God. But anything that happens to us that is not good, it is not from God. It is from us. We have done it to ourselves, or it has been done to teach us a lesson. A lesson has to be learned and God put us in such a situation so we can learn and go on with God's Ways.

Or, when He calls us for His Work and we resist it, then of course it creates Karma, because if you are not saying, "Thy Will be done, not mine," then you create Karma. That is exactly what Karma means, "My will but not thine."

The Will of God clearly has been revealed to humanity in this Revelation. That is the creation of the Communities of Light and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and progressing toward Pure Consciousness. That is why we are here.

That is why this creation has been created, and that is the purpose of humanity for being born and having life. Man is not here to become a famous person, or to gather a lot of wealth, or whatever that our heart desires, but, "What has this creation been created for?" Therefore we will follow the Will of God.

If we do not, then we are creating Karma and we will pay for it. Or if you are not listening to the Call, especially if you have been chosen and God looks at our hearts and says, "You son, you daughter, you can manifest greater things." But if still you resist it, what do you expect?

He created the whole universe for this purpose. He is trying to turn around the darkness to go to the Light. Now the darkness says, "No, we still want to go back to darkness."

As Christ said, "The Path is narrow." I always had this vision that there is a Path. It is very narrow. On the two sides of the Path there are barb wires. If you go the straight Path, you are going to be OK. But if you wear blinders, are in the darkness, and do not know where you are going, you are going to hit to these barb wires, which is Karma, and you are going to be hurt and bruised.

Those barb wires are not there to hurt you if you had followed the Path. They are there to guide you not to go away from the Path but return back to the center of the Path and continue to go the straight Path to Pure Consciousness and God.

So all the bad things that happen to us are because we are not in the center of the straight Path but because we strayed to the sides and we are not learning our lessons by the things happening to us and realizing, "Hey, I have to go the straight Path. I have to follow God. I have to follow the Call of God for me."

Anytime we tell anyone about the Mission and this Revelation, they are called to come and join us. Actually you create a great call to them by telling them about this Mission. The moment that happens, they have a choice to come to the straight Path or go and hit the barb wires.

If something happened to the people, they are good people, according to your question... But what does that mean, "They are good people?" What, they are good Moslems? They are good Christians? They are good Hindus? They are good Buddhists? Those religions are no longer acceptable by God as being the best.

These religions are here to guide them to this Revelation. You are good if you are doing the Will of God. The Will of God is the call of this Revelation.

Also the people you call "good" might have a lot of karma from the last, or previous lifetimes. Therefore they are being punished for something that they have done before.

So we have to all recognize what is good, what is bad, what is the Will of God, and how our cultures and backgrounds have affected us. We come with these words that have no meaning anymore after this Revelation. Therefore we have to measure everything according to the Revelation of God and teaching.

Our vocabulary, words, and everything becomes clearer to us without being colored with all the things that happen to us in any lifetime. It is a very complicated subject but if you create complete dedication and love for the Mission and Revelation, it will become clearer and revealed to you in a greater degree.

I hope that answered your question. If you have a follow-up, go ahead.

What is Athena's question?

Athena: Sal-Om all. My question is regarding the current economic situation worldwide. Could this be part of God's sundering?

Maitreya: Absolutely! It is a situation where they do not know what they are doing. The Mission has already revealed the reason for it and the cure for it.

Everything in this universe has a limit. The financial situation and the free market economy is not an exception. When the market economy reaches saturation, it no longer can grow. It no longer can expand. That is the base of business.

If you do not expand, you die. Every businessman knows that. That is why you can see they acquire each other, they take over one another, even sometimes in a hostile way because they know if they do not expand, they will die.

Now their system has reached this saturation point. Of course, the amount of money they are throwing at it might force the economy to expand a little more in the next couple of years. But when the next saturation comes, no matter how much money they throw at it... even now, no matter how much money they throw at it, it is not working as well as they thought it would because it cannot expand.

It is like a balloon, it has a point of saturation. If you keep putting air in it, it is going to burst. We have been saying this since this happened and even before this happened in our teachings of the cyclical movements of society. The only way to go to the next step is to facilitate the coming of the next period or cycle. This, they are not doing.

The cyclical movements are the theory that the economists and the politicians do not know about. They think there are only the free market ideology, or communism or the un-free market ideology, and the followers of each think theirs is going to work by itself. They will not. Each of them are only valid for a period of time, and after that period of time none of them are going to work by themselves.

That is why Russia fell and became more of a free market economy. They do not have as many problems as the rest of the world because their economy is still expanding. They did not have any economy before. But they are also going to eventually reach a saturation point, and they are not going to be able to expand.

That is the problem with this financial set-up, and the timing is perfect. This will not be cleared or taken care of because the period for the current systems is over.

Of course, the people who are in power and have the finances do not want to let go of the status quo. The ability to be what they used to be still entices them to push and pull and put the burden on other people and expand. So the rich become richer and the poor become poorer, because the only place they can create financial ability or push more money to the system to expand it is by taxing us, by taxing you, by taxing people, or by borrowing.

That is why the average people are having a harder and harder time. The only way to escape the system and what is coming is in the Communities of Light and people joining together and sharing. Therefore they do not need as many resources and selfish wantings but will share with one another.

So that group, those people who share, are not going to be affected as much with the collapse of this system. The more you stay by yourself, the more you stay up there and you think you will make it by yourself, the more wrong you go because the time is up.

That is another push of God to those who are still hanging back and thinking they are going to make it by themselves. They cannot. They have to come together. They have to share. They have to create an environment where you become more and more independent from that external world and dependent on each other, so they can survive.

This coming of the great upheaval, even financial, it is not only earthquakes, the warming of the earth, the melting of the north pole and south pole, the raising of the water and typhoons, hurricanes, and all the destruction, which is coming; it is in all levels.

When God works and says, "This is My Prophet and I am sending you a Message," He is not kidding. I am just trying to get this through everyone's mind and brain. He is not kidding. He is Calling everyone to realize what is happening. In fifty years the whole system that they thought was going to be forever is bursting from its seams.

The reason is that it is God's Will. But also it has a logical explanation that the governments, the business people, the leaders, none of them know, and none of them want to listen.

They are continuing and thinking, "It is going to work, it is going to work." Yes, if I throw a couple of trillion dollars at it, it might work for a while. However, eventually it will not. I am telling you now it will not work.

Again, I know a lot of people say, "No, do not say these negative things; you make me very fearful, and your teaching and your Newsbrief is always negative and calling for destruction," but that is what is coming!

If you want to put your head in the snow and think because you do not see anything, no one sees you; it is not going to help you. It is like that bird who hides its head in the snow in the winter and because it does not see you, it thinks you do not see it either. But of course you see it. Its body is outside. You can easily shoot it.

That is what is happening to a lot of people. It is the same as that bird; they think they are safe but they are not, and they do not want to see it. The signs of the times are everywhere. What is happening is amazing. If you want to be like that bird, sure, fine, go ahead. But I am here to tell you the truth. I am just here to put it on the table as it is, and that is the way it is.

I hope you all read the commentaries on the Native American prophecies in this month's Newsbrief. Also read other Scriptures like the Bible, the Koran, etc. Meditate to see what God has been sending to humanity. What is the end of this human as we know him?

If the Native Americans are correct, then there have been four times that some humans were chosen and they were OK in the beginning. However, at the end they became greedy and unnatural, and put God out in every level of their lives. That is when the destruction came to them. Then they wonder why all these bad things are happening now?

That is why, and it is going to become worse.

Another amazing thing about what I found in these prophecies is that we at the right location on earth. The Native Americans believe that the land between the Grand Canyon and the Rio Grande is the place that God said is the safest place to be during these tribulations. Of course we have been saying that but even they are saying the same thing: This is the safest place to be.

But coming here alone is not going to be enough. You will only be safe if you are good-hearted and a part of God's Way.

Of course, coming here and creating problems for the Mission and not being a part of the Mission, is not going to work either. It is your heart. It is your progress and unity with God that will save you.

Therefore, yes indeed, the financial situation is a part of God's Way. In the Kingdom, the Paravipras will know how to deal with situations like this. If we had the Paravipra government at this time, they would have distributed the wealth to the people and encouraged the manifestation of great creativity as it was in the early years of the United States when the wealth was distributed more equally. The reason that so much creativity was released in this country was because it was virgin; it was open. Creativity was encouraged. Everyone who came here had the ability to manifest and bring great discoveries.

Can you do that anymore? Even if you have good ideas, you have to sell them to a big company. You cannot do it yourself anymore. So we can see the time of this cycle is finished.

Humans think they are smart and clever and they can create their own society. However, in the end their ways always backfire. They always destroy themselves by putting God out and becoming unnatural. When humans become unnatural, they eventually hurt themselves. They are not going to hurt God.

So yes, indeed, to answer your question, the financial situation is a part of the tribulation. I do not think the leaders or people in power are ready to hear what the solution is.

Around 20% of humanity has more than 90% of the resources. They are pretty comfortable and they do not care if you and I are not comfortable. Even when the middle class has been pushed to the brink, the only thing the rich still think about is, "How can I make more money from the money I have?" Making money has a limit. It cannot continue forever.

That is when the Paravipras come in. They create a way to distribute the wealth back to the people and that will stimulate their creativity and make a dynamic social movement that will benefit humanity. The current system will not because it is becoming too fat, too big, too expanded. It cannot go anywhere any more but down.

I hope that answered your question. But I do not think that Charlie Rose is going to invite me to tell him these things on his program because probably his rating is going to go way low after that.

Question: The next question is: A question came to mind about receiving a major organ from a donor. Are there any energies from the donor's organ that are also transferred to the recipient? And if so, can they affect their thinking and actions? Since it has to be kept alive for a certain amount of time and then is transferred... it puzzles me.

Maitreya: The question is, organ donor, heart, liver, kidney, and many other things. Now they even do the face. Is it going to affect the person who receives it? Why do you think it is going to affect a person by transferring organs? Have you had an experience with someone?

Tahirah: Sal-Om Maitreya and all. Yes, I had asked the question because I had a step-son who just had a liver transplant.

Maitreya: Has anyone else had any experience with that, or have seen people being affected with the transplants?

Unus: Sal-Om. Yes, I have. I have seen people affected by an organ transplant. They either have some change in mood or sometimes they claim that they remember things of the donor. I also have seen some studies done on this. I have watched some documentaries on this also.

Maitreya: What did the documentaries say?

Unus: Well, the documentaries, of course, are not approaching it from a spiritual angle but they are usually strictly scientific. In some cases the body fights against the organ, as you all probably know. In the documentary I watched, they were not giving answers but just asking questions.

Maitreya: When you have a transplant, you have to take some medicine to not to let the body reject it, like a heart transplant. This is true for any organ transplant, even kidney.

Unus: Yes, that is true. The immune system of the body is against the transplant so they have to give some medication to somehow weaken the immune system out. In fact, the person who receives the organ becomes more vulnerable to other diseases or infections. Therefore they watch it very carefully.

Maitreya: So if it was a natural thing, why do we need to take some medicine and force the body to accept an organ? Doesn't that seem to you a little unnatural?

Unus: Well, modern medicine most of the time is not so natural.

Maitreya: OK, with all this introduction and questions and answers, what do you think? Go ahead Noor.

Noor: Well, my best guess would be, it seems to me like the Soul stays with the body of the donor. It does not move with the organ. And the organ could have some energy in it, some prana. But the raja guna, the energy of the universe, is inherently neutral. It is made positive or negative by the things that are around it. So my best guess would be that the organ could carry some energies with it but that they would be neutral and change depending on the situation. And that would be spiritually.

But then physically, as you were talking about, since the organ is implanted unnaturally, the body does not accept it and then negative effects occur.

That would be my best guess, and it really is just a guess.

Maitreya: So you are saying it is OK to do it, to have donor organ and transplant?

Noor: No, I did not mean that at all. I was just trying to analyze it from how I understood energy. But that definitely does not mean it is a good thing.

Maitreya: OK, let me pose this question: Why do we end up having a dysfunctional liver or any organs? What happens that we have had these things?

Go ahead, Keyosha.

Keyosha: It is coming to me to sum it up in one word, "dis-ease."

Maitreya: That is what?

Keyosha: Just "dis-ease." In other words, not in tune with; something has gone out of whack.

Maitreya: Let us look at it this way. If you live in nature and naturally, then you will eat organic food that is not affected with commercial processing, ideally from the local area. You will also meditate, do yoga, be in tune with God, and live in the Communities of Light. You will live a very healthy life.

In contrast to this is living unnaturally with alcohol abuse, substance abuse, family abuse, social abuse, air pollution, and all the unnatural things that many are living with today. Their lives are selfish and self-centered, and they have no Godliness in them. They have destroyed their organs and then demand that society pay for a transplant. After receiving the transplant, they continue their previous lifestyle. They then need anti-rejection drugs, etc., and society also has to pay for all these things. Is that kosher?

[Shakti typed in text: It can be from knowledge, passion, or ignorance.]

Yes exactly, Shakti. Even in that case we can see it can be from knowledge, it can be from passion, or it can be from ignorance.

If a person lives Godly, tries to eat locally, organically grown food, helps people, creates an environment that a lot of people are changing to Godliness, or helps a lot of people, with all the precautions and goodness, suddenly creates or has such a disease that he needs a transplant and the people who love him or her are willing to pay for it, then is this a burden on the society? Eventually there has to be some criteria for whatever we do. There has to be a Godly way to figure out, is it good to do or not good to do?

There is a point of diminishing return. Even in economy there is a point that you do not invest, you do not spend your time, and you do not spend your money because no matter how much you invest, it does not return as much as you should receive back.

Yes, in a very specific, rare occasion, society or people might decide they are willing to do it, to pay for it, or to support it. On other occasions, they decide not to. But if it becomes a rule that everyone can get it and the middle class who pays the taxes pays for it, again the burden is on the middle class and the people who work hardest to live, because those who have the money have already passed a lot of laws that they do not pay very many taxes. The poor do not have any money to pay taxes anyway.

So again the middle class is going to be pushed to the brink. No wonder a lot of people in the middle class these days also want the government to support them instead of going to work because they realize that is an easier way to live than working for a year, and three months of your work goes toward taxes. You work three months, one-fourth of your work, for these people who want it free.

Does this transplant affect the person? Let's solve the problem and say, "OK, we have money, and everyone can have the operation." If it was natural, God would have created it in such a way that any one could transfer their organs to anyone they wanted to, and there would not be any complications or rejection of the organ. You would not need to take medicine to force the body to accept something alien that the body says is not kosher, "I do not want it. It is different. It is not mine. It is affecting me. I want to reject it."

That is what nature is saying, the body says, "I do not want this thing. What is this? It is different than mine. It has different energy. It has been given different food. Nutritionally it is defective. It is not the way my body has been grown up and is used to. I do not want it." And we are saying, "No. You have to have it. We are going to force you to have it."

So right there you can see that it is not natural. If it is not natural, it affects you. Anything that is not natural affects your moods, affects your mind, and probably affects your personality. Probably it is a good idea to have some studies done of these people and how they become after they receive the transplant, to see what the difference is. Are they going to be different or not?

I have a feeling they will be affected; it is going to affect them. I have a feeling that the closer the family bond is and the closer genetically they are to each other, the less rejection there will be, and the effect is going to be less than a person that you never knew and they have a different kind of lifestyle and suddenly the organ comes and you use it. But it is something that has to be used very rarely in this environment.

In the Kingdom, people will know they are going to be reincarnated. They will know they are going to have a better body that is theirs that is not going to be rejected. It will be from God. They are going to come back. Why push it?

At the same time, in the community, they would eat nutritional food, they meditate, they do yoga and pray, and they would be healthy. There will come a time when they know it is time for them to go, they have prepared themselves for the finality, and when the time comes they go peacefully without being too attached to this external world and change a lot of things in their bodies and at the end, eventually they are going to go anyway.

There is an age that no matter what you do, the law of diminishing returns applies. In the Golden Age, humans will be logical, believe in God and reincarnation, are detached, have a lucid or clear minds, and they will make the correct decision for every case. If the case is for a person whose continuation of life will benefit many, maybe the decision would be, "Yes, it is worth the expense; we will pay for it," and it will be done. If it is not going to help the person to help other people, or again it is going to be a diminishing return for the expenses, then the decision might be, "No, we are going to let him go or her go, and we will pray for him or her and we will wait for them to come back." We recognize when they come back, and we choose them to continue their work.

Then they even benefit humanity in a great degree because they are young, they are passionate and able, and they can help humanity or the people around them or whatever. Therefore it is worth it, or, maybe not.

It is a complicated topic, "politically incorrect," and the truth of it is, it depends. It can be from knowledge, from passion, or from ignorance, like everything else.

So your answer is, yes, it does. It affects a person but it is much deeper than just the transplant. It goes with the Communities of Light, good environment, nutritional value, and creating a place where the healthy people continue to live a long life. When the time comes, they have no hesitation to leave their bodies because they know they will return. So this attachment and fear that exists in humanity at this time is not there. They hang onto life for dear life as it they created it and gave it to themselves. They do not thank God for it.

I hope that answered your questions.

I am concerned for all of you. This Call is not just a call; it is serious. It is happening, and will happen, and the more you and humanity resist, the worse the destruction will be. The more humanity listens, comes, joins, and helps, the destruction is going to be smaller or not as bad as it has been predicted.

But one thing for sure, the Kingdom of God will come to earth and we have all the answers that humanity needs.

Sal-Om everyone. Have a wonderful Feast of Tabernacles. Enjoy it, love it, and be one with it. I will be here again two days from now, and we will continue the questions that have been sent to us and the questions in the room. If you have a question to send ahead of time, it will usually be answered in a deeper level because I will have time to meditate on it before I come to the room.

Have a good Feast of Tabernacles. See you in two days. Sal-Om everyone.

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