Question and Answer Sessions With Maitreya

Feast of Tabernacles


Introduction: Today we again have the great honor and blessing of having Maitreya Himself (GIWH) in the room. Other names and titles given to Him include the Kalki Avatar, the Christ, the Qa'im, He Whom God Shall Make Manifest, the First Begotten Son of God, the Blue Kachina, the Seventh Angel, and many others. He is the representative of God, the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, on earth, come to reveal the Mystery of God, unify the religions of the world and humanity, and bring the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, as has been prophesied. He will be available for the next two hours to answer questions on all aspects of His Teachings.

Again, we did ask that people send in their questions beforehand, and since this is the last session of this Feast, the questions that were sent in will be answered first before Maitreya begins answering questions from the room.

Also, the rules for room conduct for today are the same as on Sunday, but I will repeat them for those that were not here then.

To ask a question of Maitreya, you are expected to have visited the website,, and know the base of His Teachings. You can find His answers to hundreds of questions on the website, so if you are new to the Mission, or have not read our literature deeply, you will likely find your answers there.

If you do have a question for Maitreya, please type it in text. If your question is chosen to be answered, a Mission representative will read your question, or, you may be asked to come to the mic and ask it yourself.

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Please note that this is a public forum, and whatever you say is in public domain. We do record these sessions and broadcast them later, or use them as we see fit. The mic is now released to Maitreya; please give Him your undivided attention and respect. Sal-Om.

Maitreya: Sal-Om everyone. Thanks God for the introduction, Noor, as we ready for next two hours again to tackle all the question you might have. The questions that you have sent in, most of them will be read first and maybe we will make some exceptions sometimes and take from the room.

But most of the time we will concentrate on what has been sent in. And without any delay, we go right to the first question sent in.

Question: One's will and desire to overcome the subconscious mind, which is clinging to sin, or darkness, or ungodly activities: Finally we have an arsenal of tools which everyone can use to defeat lifetimes of darkness, shame, and the feeling that Perfection is unreachable. Also, the Grace of God is absolutely necessary. Would You, Maitreya, please synthesize this process?

Maitreya: Yes indeed. To reach Pure Consciousness and perfection always was reachable.

As Christ said, "Be perfect as the Father in heaven." Therefore even he made it clear that there is a way to be perfected. And he gave some of the guidelines even then as, "If your eye defiles you, take it out and throw it away." That means being completely one-pointed. And as the question says, now we have an arsenal of ways to do it, and concentrating and making our lives based on God and using these tools to overcome any attraction to the external world.

Now what we can further give to you to be able to do that, it is very simple: Follow the teachings and the recommendations that have been given to you, and it really is one sentence, Eternal Divine Path. That is the Essence of overcoming in every level in our lives and creating an environment that eventually will bring many to Pure Consciousness or perfection.

It is easier said than done, of course, but with following Eternal Divine Path, not only you meditate, you awaken your spiritual forces, you follow Mystical Paths to know thyself to become one with God, but also you create the environment that accelerates not only your progress but everyone else's progress and creates an environment that people can trust each other, and meditate in a deeper level, and create a place where physiological and safety needs are provided for everyone. And then they can read Christ's teachings as the Third Seal, Muhammad's teachings as the Fourth Seal, Bab and Baha'i's teaching as the Fifth Seal, and overcome to become an Elect.

If they have the leadership ability then they also become the Paravipra, the leader of the society. And they are so pure and trustworthy that everyone accepts them as people they can guide man to a greater degree, not a greedy way but a Godly way. And since they emerge eventually from the people, by the people, they will be for the people, not for anyone else or any other reasons to be there, not selfishly, not politically, but because God has chosen them to be connected to Him.

You not only use the tools you have been given but follow the Eternal Divine Path. Just using the tools helps you to a point. But in order to go all the way, you have to wrap yourself up in all levels of the teachings. That is when you benefit completely.

Otherwise the benefit is going to diminish. And the less you do the Eternal Divine Path, the less the effect of the rituals and the tools will be.

The most effective way is the way of the Path, which is Eternal. It is made from eternity and therefore it affects you to progress to the greater degree.

That way everyone can help each other. One of the things I see more and more, it is very hard for humans to come together and create the environment that it benefits everyone. And it seems to becoming harder and harder. When I was growing up, the community and relationship between people was much more trustworthy and simpler. And they could live together and grow together. But it is getting harder and harder to see that people can accomplish.

The earth is unbalanced. It is becoming less and less natural. They are going away from nature and the Way of God, what they have created for themselves, and therefore the environment is becoming harder and harder like iron.

But the Spirit is clay. The Spirit is humble like clay and dirt. And iron is hard. They do not mix. That is why the good people and the people who have the Spirit of the clay and humility are having a harder time to live in this time of history. And we have to create more clay so they can mix together and become one, and therefore they can create the community they can live in and progress and become God's Instruments.

Not only we have to follow all these things, we also have to realize that we live in a world that it is very hard to follow this teachings, and the whole society and the world is not ready to listen and follow these teachings. And a lot of people like to come and create the Communities of Light but they have been so engrossed in their lives and the problems that have been created for them in their lives, and they have to spend the time and energy for the things which would have been taken care of much easier in the Communities of Light.

We said the day before yesterday, the more we want to make it in this world by ourselves individually, the harder the life is going to be. And because people are becoming more and more self-centered, very few people want to help us to do what is necessary to be done, and the cooperation between people have been broken down.

And the good people are really having a hard time, because they want to do good and do Godly ways, and a lot of people, they do not want to do Godly Ways and they have dropped any responsibility, and therefore they feel comfortable because they only take care of themselves and those who need their help are not receiving their help. And that make it difficult for the people who want to help and not to be self-centered.

And that is why the societies and the communities are falling off. The children are not protected. The elder people are left to themselves and struggling. And the only people seem to be enjoying themselves are the young people that they are still healthy and they can work and financially can support themselves. But when they become old they will face the same problem in the society.

We can see when you do not follow God's Way you might feel you are doing great and your life is fantastic, but you will pay for it later, or even earlier. A lot of people or children have been abused and misused. And a lot of older people following ways that they would not have if the society was Godly.

Therefore you can see it is not only you have to follow the Eternal Divine Path, and clean your life and do the rituals, but you have to realize that you have to create the Communities of Light and go toward Godly Ways.

And of course the Godly Ways will win. We know that God's Kingdom is going to come no matter how bleak and bad it looks. Our salvation is that we know God is the Winner, He is the One that is going to be victorious.

We do our best and follow what is given. And the Essence of all those rituals is to follow Eternal Divine Path, to create an environment that not only you are Godly but other people also become Godly.

The more you become an example for other people as a Godly example, the more you will clean yourself and purify yourself, because gaining respect and the ability to guide others takes years to accomplish, and with one impurity or action which is impure you will lose all the respect and everything you had gained for all that time. So it becomes a Path of purification.

You really are not doing it for other people, you are doing it for yourself. When you want to be purified, an example for other people, that is the best way to make you think, meditate, realize what actions are pure, what actions are not pure. And if you have been chosen to be a leader or an example for other people, you start purifying yourself.

So putting yourself in a position that you want to become an example for others will accelerate your progress amazingly. But if you do whatever you want to do and you do not care if people do not respect you, then they do not. And you do whatever you want and your purity will not come.

It is a Great Package together. It is not one thing to say, "Do this and everything is going to be OK." But the human and universe also is simple but when come together it becomes very complex process.

The process is to have the Spirit and Grace of God with you, and through your meditation and through your realization of God's Ways you can purify yourself little by little and become more and more perfect and avoid the barbs of the Path, the narrow Path.

As we explained the other day, the narrow Path is like a Path with the barbs in it. If you stay in the middle of the Path, which is very narrow, the barbs have no effect on you. But if you fail and you start go astray from the Path, you will hit the barb wire and hurt yourself.

The best way is to always act that there is no suspicion from anyone, from your purity, not even the possibility that people might think you are impure. Therefore your actions and the way you act always is based on the perception that, he has no impurity in him.

And therefore you will progress toward God. And of course God's Grace will come to you.

And this realization of course, also you need God's Grace that you realize: You lose God's Grace the moment you do impure things. If you want God's Grace, then after a while you realize, the moment you do something which is not pure, God's Grace is not there anymore. So little by little you learn how not to be punished by Grace being taken away from you.

Just like the army way of disciplining people to do what an environment expects from you to follow. God's Way also is: The Grace comes to you, you feel it. Then you fail. Grace will be taken away from you. You realize, "I have done something that Grace is not there anymore." And therefore little by little you learn not to do those things but follow the Way that Grace will come through you more and more.

The less you do ungraceful things and sinful things, the more Grace will be with you. You will reach a point you do not have to think about it. It becomes your second nature not to do impure things.

So it is a package. It is the whole thing that has to come together: The rituals, the Communities of Light, following of the Eternal Divine Path, creation of the Kingdom, bringing the world to a place that every individual's physiological and safety needs are provided and taken care of at least to the minimum, therefore no one is afraid of life and old age and being left out.

And in Communities of Light, of course, the children are going to be protected and safely watched. Therefore they are not abused, or people who might not have a very high level of consciousness use them. And old people will be taken care of because community is based on taking care of old people. And the young people realize that their resources and their energy are needed to create such an environment. And therefore that becomes a Godly Way to live.

This is the beginning of creating an environment that the Grace of God will be with people all the time, and everyone acts in such a way that they will not be even accused, even thought of doing something which is not Godly. That is the goal, eventually to create so many people like that, that the earth will be a Heaven. The Heaven on earth shall return and the Garden of Eden will be created again.

Therefore it is a long way to go. Each individual has to work on themselves. They have to create the Kingdom of Heaven within and collectively create the Kingdom of Heaven without. They go together. You cannot have the Kingdom of Heaven within individually. Even if you try, as God said, He is going to spue you out of His Mouth and say, "Go back and create the collective Kingdom," or Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Therefore it is a long process but we have to start it somewhere. And we have started this Mission and these teachings and this Call to humanity. And waiting is to see if they can come, join, and create the place for everyone to progress.

So there is no formula for individuals alone to do it by themselves but it is an all out effort individually and collectively if we want to see the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

If we do not, of course, no one can force anyone to do a thing that they do not want to do. And it is not God's Way either. God's Way is understanding that if you do it, it is better for you and everyone else.

So if you are looking for one specific formula that I can give it to you and you reach Pure Consciousness tomorrow or tonight, there is not such a thing. Unless everyone comes together tomorrow and decide to follow the Eternal Divine Path, create the Communities of Light, everyone is going to be safe, and the old people are going to be taken care of, and children are going to be taken care of, the young people are not selfish and self-centered and only think about themselves, then we might accelerate the process. Even then it takes some time.

I hope that answered your question. The process is a struggle toward the Kingdom of Heaven, and no one is going to go to God unless that is done. And no one goes in but through His Teaching, and that is what is His Revelation: Create the Communities of Light. Create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Progress to that point, and eventually all of you go in. And hopefully at the end I come in with you.

I hope that at least gives you an idea of what this teaching is about. If you have a follow-up go ahead, otherwise we go to the next question.

Question: My question is about the Bible verse, "Therefore if thine eye be single thy whole body shall be full of light." First, I was wondering if this is equivalent with being one-pointed in doing God's Will, i.e., following one's Dharma in life?

And also I have begun to be more and more aware in my own life that when desires arise in me, it has to do with my two eyes (or attraction to the world), but when I am in tune with God, or am gazing on The Greatest Sign, I can feel my two eyes becoming more one. I know that following the Mission's teachings and tools is the way to work on being single-eyed. Is there anything else or in particular that you might share too that could help one to speed up or intensify this process? All thanks to God!

Maitreya: Yes, look at The Greatest Sign more often. It makes your eye become single.

As Christ said, "Light in the darkness which shineth but the darkness comprehended it not." So the Light is always there within us. Many people are not aware of it. It is in your third eye. Some people have seen it. Through their meditation, actually the more they gaze in The Greatest Sign, and the more they become one-pointed, as you said, the possibility of seeing that Light increases.

That third eye is bright like an eye and sees much more deeper in life than these two eyes. And the more you become Godly and you do not listen to your two eyes, which sees the external world, and the eye sees it and the heart desires it, and therefore we fall for it.

Of course other senses do not help in this process either. We hear things people they say, and they explain things that they are Maya, and we also desire them. Therefore eye, and ear, and smell, we smell the sweet savor. We desire it. So the senses are the ones that make us go to the external world.

Actually that is the only things we have that we know the external world exists. If we could not see, if we could not smell, if we could not hear, we could not touch, we could not know that there is an external world. We would have been completely cut off from all the attraction of this external world.

But the eye of course is the most powerful sense. Therefore our eyes sees it, it looks good, therefore we want to do it.

That is what the woman in the Bible said too, "It looked good." And then he rationalized it that it will give them knowledge of good and evil. Therefore they did it. Although God said, "Do not do it," she could not help herself and she went and did something that was not supposed to be done by her.

So we can see that the eye saw it, the lower nature desired it or made it feel good, and you have done it. And then you fall.

There is also a technique that some people use, by squeezing two eyes together they have seen the third eye. Of course that is pushing it. It is not happening naturally.

But if you meditate, eventually you will reach a point that you can see the third eye and the Light inside the body that has been always there but you could not see it. And when you open that, you actually can look at the thing, but not to see them with your two eyes, but you can see them through your third eye, or that Light, and things about them and life and external world are much clearer to you and what they mean.

So become a single eye has many meanings. One of them, of course, it is become more dedicated to what we do and become one-pointed. That makes sense because, what is the goal of life? The Goal Of Life Is To Be(come) Divine. How do you become Divine? You follow the Eternal Divine Path.

If your eyes are single and you are completely dedicated to the goal of the life, then everything else falls in their places. And after a while you realize all your life actually has been guided to this point and anything happens to you or to your life has a meaning for furthering your mission and your progress and why you are here on this earth.

If you find your Dharma, if you eventually gave up to what you want but what God wants for you or from you, then you become more and more dedicated to what you have been called to do. That is also called, "Become single eyed," or focused in something is going to help you progress tremendously.

Again it goes to the same conclusion as the answer before, if you do things that The Grace is going to leave you, if you do things that you feel bad about yourself why I did it. "Why I keep doing these things over and over? I know it is not good. I have repented many times. I have told myself I am not going to do this. Then I turn around, I see myself in the same situation. I see myself, I did something that I promised I am not going to do it, or I decided not to do it, and again I am doing it. The moment I do it I feel guilty, The Grace leaves me, God leaves me. What is it that I cannot control?"

That is where the meditation comes in. Sit down, close your eyes, meditate of what happens. "I have this impulse to go shopping although I know I do not have the resources, or the money to do it. What is it in me that I have to do it and I do not have any control over it?" It is just a very small example. Just realize how things work.

You do not have any control over it. Of course if you do the technique and the meditation that has been given through the Mission, by following the technique of going through expansion of the mind, going away from earth to the center of the universe... Some people tell me they even cannot finish the technique. They never can get to the center of the universe because their mind is so scattered, it is so in control of their soul that the moment they think a little bit they start thinking, "Oh, what did I eat last night? What did I do yesterday? Well, how about this, how about that? How about this person? How about that person? I go shopping instead of sitting here wasting my time meditating."

Right there, you do not have control over your mind. So that technique actually strengthens your ability to control your mind. As we said many times, your mind has been controlling you for many, many lifetimes. Now you sit there and close your eyes and say, "No. I want to think what is in every corner of this room."

The mind says, "No. You do not have to do that. Let me tell you what is important. That is not important. Why do you want to know everything in this room? How about, let us think about this thing I like more than what you are trying to do?"

And suddenly your mind is going somewhere else, "Oh no. I have to think about what is in this room, and what is in this house. Where is everything located? Where is this house located? Where is my city located? Where is the continent located? What does the whole earth look like? Where are the continents?"

You are controlling your mind. You are telling your mind, "No, No. I want to think about peace. Now, you just listen to me." It does not want to do that.

Then you want to leave the earth, and go to the stars, go to the center. The mind says, "It is too much. You are taking too much of my time. Do not waste your time. Listen to me. Do this."

Eventually you go to the center of the universe, your third eye, and meditation, and then come back, and all that. In the whole process mind is going to fight you. It may take a long time until little by little your mind becomes stronger, you are not going to listen to your impulses but to your Spirit.

The Spirit wants to meditate. The Spirit wants to go to God. The Spirit wants to progress. That is why you feel guilty, because the Spirit says, "You did it again. You are not listening to me. You are listening to your senses and impulses and the mind that has power over your actions." Therefore you follow it.

The other technique is, you sit down and see the problem. Go through it, "Why do I do that? I know I do not want to do this bad thing. I know I do not want to go shopping and spend my precious money that I really do not have on this thing." And truly go deep inside, what is it that makes you do that?

Of course if you do not listen to God, and you do not listen to the higher level... Just the whole society here, we did not listen to the signs and just spent and spent and spent and spent and bought all the junks that China sent to us. We are punished for it. The economy just snapped.

So if we do not listen to the signs, if we do not listen to the warning that our Spirit gives us, eventually we are going to pay for it. Eventually our credit cards go to the max, and our pocket money goes down to the drain, and we reach a point suddenly we are in debt, and you have to declare bankruptcy, and all that.

But we are disciplined, we can live very nicely with 90% of our income. With a little diligence and God's help and Grace we can just be fine. Or, in any situation, if we create God's Grace we can overcome any or desires we have which are not good, which are not Godly, we can overcome them.

God does not say, "Do not do anything." God says, "Spiritualize it. Purify it." Then that is OK. But of course be disciplined. Discipline your mind. And if you meditate and you really love God, little by little those impulses actually fall away.

Sometimes some of those impulses people have, when they come to the Mission and they become one-pointed and dedicated to God and His Ways, those addictions, those things that take us from being one-pointed, just fall away by itself, if the Grace of God is there. You really do not want to do it anymore. It just is not there. It just left you.

That is one way to do it, which is fantastic way to happen. It happens, it is God's Grace, God wants you to do it, it clarifies you. And of course there is a possibility that you have been meditating and progressing so much, in so many previous lifetimes, that when you come to the Mission it is very easy for you to just let them go and be one-pointed toward God.

Another way is to recognize what the essence and the reason for them. And the more you are dedicated to God and do His Will, those things fall off easily.

And yes indeed, "Your eyes be single" means, become one-pointed. It means to see the third eye. It means instead of having two external eyes that we started to have around 12,000 years ago, or at least we did not use that as much as we use now. And that third eye was opened before that. And now we have to go back, kind of force ourselves, or at least progress to a point that we see the third eye, and we realize the third eye sees more than these two eyes.

I hope that answered your question. If you have a follow-up, go ahead.

OK then, we go to the next question.

I keep forgetting asking you guys to participate. I think I am going to do it the next question, ask everyone to participate.

Go ahead, next question.

Question: This is a question about the Sixth Seal, Baba and Ananda Marga. As far as I have studied, every single religion of The Greatest Sign has predictions and prophecies of a Savior or Messiah to come, except for Ananda Marga. Even the many Mystical Paths all seem to have this expectation. However, I have not found anywhere that Baba predicts another Revealer.

I know that the Sixth Seal is an exception in many ways, and that God can do what He Wills. It just seems like this would make it very difficult for Baba's followers to open their hearts to something new, since they are not expecting anything else. Therefore, I was wondering why this is? Thank you.

Maitreya: I think I touched on that topic in some Satsangs. I will let you tell me if you remember any of that. Go ahead. [silence] I know this one is a tough one but if you remember anything, I will give you a couple of seconds to see if anyone can jump in and if you remember anything that we talked about.

Unus: Sal-Om. I do not remember the Satsangs, probably I have not read them yet. But I might guess that Ananda Marga, or Baba especially, had the purpose of, like, like how it happened. He was your spiritual teacher and he brought the - he helped you to gain the realization again in this lifetime. So it might have a little different purpose than the rest of the religions.

Maitreya: John the Baptist also came to acknowledge Christ is coming. But he did know that Christ is coming and acknowledged him. Although he did awaken Christ to the Christhood, and he realized who he is.

Go ahead Keyosha.

Keyosha: I was just thinking, in fact we were watching a video that the Round Table is putting together here at the Mission, so I suppose I have a little bit of luck in the fact that we just saw something on Ananda Marga last night. But, although it does not say about a Messiah or a specific Savior coming, it does talk about a time when humanity will be more one in the classes and there will be equity and true peace.

So maybe in that sense it still does... [sound went out]

Maitreya: You lost your sound.

I think I know what she was trying to say. In that video it talks about the sentence that eventually humans will come together and create the ideal environment. So indirect way, she was saying, eventually other people will come, which help to bring the Kingdom on earth.

But never directly anywhere in Ananda Marga is been preached that, "Yes, there is another person expected to come."

Bab said, "He Who Will Be Manifested would come." Prophet Muhammad said about there is going to be eventually the end time that someone would come. And Christ said he shall return. And Jewish people expecting the Messiah to come.

So the question is, how come Ananda Marga definitely did not mention that someone will come? How come?

Go ahead Samuel.

Samuel: He was initiating you and so he had the personal knowledge of who he was initiating. So in a sense he did not have to predict anything. He knew what role he was playing. So in that he handed, so called, "the ball" over to you. So he did not have to predict anything.

Maitreya: OK, so you say he knew that, that is why he did not say anything. But in one sense there seems to be an expectation and Ananda Marga is going to bring the unity and Kingdom on earth. They do not call them Kingdom. But I think they expect that.

So, anyone else? OK.

If you study the Hinduism and study the history, you can see the first time anyone who predicted of the coming of the Messiah or another person is Zoroaster, the Zoroastrian religion. He was the first time or first Prophet that predicted there is evil and there is God. Actually he personalized them. He called the evil Ahriman, and called God Ahura Mazda or Mazda.

They are in a struggle with each other, and eventually at the end time Shah Bahram, which later in Judaism became Messiah, will come, and God will be victorious over the Ahriman, or Devil, or Satan, which in Arabic and Persian language they call Shaitan. It is so similar, Satan and Shaitan.

So Zoroastrian and the idea of the Messiah came after Hinduism and also the Vedas. And when the revelation of Zoroaster came to humanity, the people who preached to were brothers or a part of the Indian continent. They came from the same race, from the same roots, and they were kind of a brothers. And when Zoroaster brought this idea and religion, there was a great fight between them. And there is a possibility where the epic of the Bhagavad-Gita might have come from.

And if you study Persian and Hindu languages, you can see what in Hindu they call them gods or divines, or 'devas,' in Persian language called 'dev,' which means a part of Satan angels. So although they came from the same source, after Zoroaster came, whatever was OK before, it became evil.

Just, we know what happened to the swastika. This week we received some pictures that Jackie Kennedy or Onassis, when she was young, she was wearing a clothes which had swastika on it. It was not a big deal. It was not a bad thing until Nazis came and everyone start calling evil.

So we can see there is something happened after Zoroaster came. And he brought the idea of Messiah, of coming of another Prophet, or someone who will come and bring the Kingdom of God eventually on earth and conquers the evil.

Hindu religion never accepted that. Hindu religion stayed with the idea that the guru is God and every guru is the last guru. That is why there are so many people in India have so many gurus and there is so much separation. And almost every village follows a different guru. And therefore there is not such a thing, after this guru it is going to be another guru coming.

So we can see when Krishna comes, he does not say, "After me there is going to be another Messiah, or Messenger comes." Or, when Shiva comes, the same thing. And if you historically look at it, even when Nanak came, although he had an Islamic mixing with the Hinduism, he never really predicts of the coming of another being, because he was influenced with the Hindu religion and Hindu understanding.

So when Baba comes, he comes to the same environment. He even does not have much idea of what other religions say, as God guided me to know all the religions of the world. And if you are in Ananda Marga, after a while you realize it is very Hindu. It is basically Hindu with the new twist of selfless service to humanity. So you become a Hindu who also sacrifices toward the creation of better environment.

So in that sense he was a revolutionary because all the other Hindus always say, "Oh, do not worry about it. Just meditate and take care of meditation and progress and you go to Heaven." The idea is, you progress individually and you drop like a drop of water into the ocean of God. And when the drop of the water falls into the ocean, what that drop becomes? It becomes the ocean itself. And you cannot go and say, "I can take the drop back from ocean." It just dissolves into the ocean. And therefore you reach the goal. You reach mukti or liberation.

Now in our teaching God says, "Do not do that. Even if you come to Me, if you reach this point to drop to the ocean, I am going to spue you out of My Mouth."

So the Mystical Paths and Hinduism according to that philosophy, God said, "Not acceptable." Maybe that is why in the time of Zoroaster, God decided, "Well, this is time to start revealing the Eternal Divine Path" as revealed to him that there is going to be a Messiah.

And then when Abram or Abraham came, who actually was Zoroaster himself, he already knew about the teaching of Zoroaster. Therefore he predicted of coming of Messiah. And eventually Jewish people came and grew up with the idea, there is going to be a Messiah comes.

But of course anytime the Messiah came they rejected him. They said, "No. This is not the Messiah we are waiting for." Maybe they were right in a sense because there would be more Messiahs to come.

So when Christ came, he said, "I shall return." Again he left the expectation of coming back. Someone else is going to come.

When he was in the Garden of Gethsemane that he prayed to God, he resisted his Dharma, which was supposed to go to cross, and he said, "Take this cup away from me." And then he realized it right away, it was not supposed to work that way. He said, "Thy Will be done, not mine." So the next time he comes as Prophet Muhammad, he brings surrendering and submission. So Christ at that moment became surrendered and submissive to God completely. In the next lifetime his Dharma or Revelation is surrendering and submission to God.

Prophet Muhammad comes and he says there is going to be another Being come and see how the person is going to come and eventually bring the Kingdom of God on earth. Therefore Prophet Muhammad predicted something to come.

Then Bab comes and says, "He Who Will Manifest," and of course Baha'u'llah said in 1,000 years another comes. Of course we know that is not correct, but still he predicted something to come.

But when Baba came, he is in India. He is grow in India. He has the culture of India. He has no idea of Messiah and the coming of another Being, and also if even was, he might have concluded that there is going to be another 1,000 years before someone come after him, because if he knew the Bible and - all the Prophets believed that they are the correct Mouthpiece of God and probably they felt they brought the complete Revelation. That is why the followers had that impression from them that they have completed their religion, or they themselves are going to return.

But at the same time all of them had a deep feeling that they do not have all the answers, they did not bring the whole thing. So when it came to Baba, he could not predict anything because God said it is going to happen pretty soon after that.

That is what happened. It was not even 100 years after Baba, less than 40 years after Baba suddenly this Revelation comes, which not only covers his teaching which is revolutionary, and there is another explanation that helps the coming of the Kingdom, but also it sees how God says all of them will come one after another.

So Baba was in a different culture. His mission was different. His dispensation actually was very short, around 30 years or 40 years after him suddenly this comes. Although he is going to be accepted, loved, and respected greatly for what he brought to humanity, his mission was not to come and predict someone come in the future because it really did not come in the future. It came in while he was still alive.

In the situation with Bab and Baha'u'llah, Bab said he expect it is going to come much later. If Baba would have done the same thing, there would have been a confusion that the person who is supposed to come is going to happen much later, and it did not. It really did not happen.

So he did not have the mission, or the upbringing, or the ability, to come up with the idea of the Messiah, or someone is going to come after him. So he indeed is a very unique Revealer and Teacher of man. He in many ways was kept away from the regular Revelation and followed the path of other great Revealers in Hinduism, like Krishna and Shiva, without predicting of the coming of another Being or Messiah.

The only Being who came in India and predicted the coming of another person after him is Buddha. Buddha came from India but he predicted that his dispensation is going to finish in 2,500 years and that is when Maitreya is going to show up.

But no other Revealer in Hindu or India, Indian continent ever predicted of coming another after him. So Baba was not an exception.

These are the reasons - some of the reasons, maybe there are even more - that Baba's teaching is different. He is really a Hindu and his teaching is really covers Hinduism mostly, with the addition of selfless service to humanity. That made him unique.

And also he explained who a Paravipra, or he called them Sadvipras, is. And he brought the idea of the cyclical movement, but never, of course, explained historically how that works. It is this Mission explains it historically. And also he never connected those teachings to Bible and the Scriptures of God. Again it was the Mission who connected the cyclical movement to history and how the Daniel and the Kingdom are related to that explanation of the cyclical movement.

So he did not bring everything. He did not explain everything. He did not know too much about other religions. Therefore he had a unique mission to bring the things he brought up, and the reason that the next Revelation is going to come right after, even when he was still alive, made it difficult for him to predict anyone to come after him. And God did not want him to do that.

I hope that answered your question. If it does not or you have a follow-up, go ahead.

Noor: Thank you, Maitreya. No, very much. Thank you. Thanks God!

My only follow-up would be, what is the Kalki Avatar then, if Hindu, if the Hindu religion does not really have predictions of the future Messiah? I could just research this on my own if you would prefer. But that would be my next question, that where does the concept of the Kalki Avatar come from in that case?

Maitreya: Actually, it is a fantastic question. Probably we are not going to have time to ask everyone to participate. But Kalki Avatar is the expectation of Hinduism in general.

Apparently even Hindus realize that they do not have all the answers. They recognize that there is something missing. And therefore, like every other religion that eventually they realize their religion needs more help, what they have is not perfect, and the whole Hinduism reached a point that they create the expectation of coming of a Being that comes as the Final Manifestation.

And also they might have been influenced with the Zoroastrian religion, because if you look at the expectation of the Zoroastrian, they expected Shah Bahram to come. They also expected for Mithra to come. And Mithraism became very powerful religion at the time of the Roman Empire. Actually many Romans converted to Mithraism. And if you really look at it, there is a possibility there is a transformation of the name Mithra to Metteyya and eventually to Maitreya. There can be a connection between those two names.

So the expectation might have traveled to India and influenced Buddha and his Revelation of the coming of the Metteyya, which eventually evolved to Maitreya. They are the same thing. So it might have a historical point, and eventually the idea not only came from the Zoroastrian but it influenced the Buddhism and Hinduism and they started having expectation of the coming of the Kalki Avatar and Maitreya, and therefore they joined this expectation.

But their gurus and their Revealers never did. Krishna does not talk about anyone coming after him. Shiva does not do that. Baba did not do that either.

But the idea also was enforced, probably, with the people who had more vision about what is going to happen in the future, and there are people in India that they have been influenced with the idea of the coming of someone at the end that will do exactly what Zoroaster said he will do. That idea came from there.

But culturally, even that idea is kind of alien and people do not even think about it too much. They mention it once in a while. They believe in it. But it is not as powerful as it is in Zoroaster-Judeo-Christian-Islamic-Baha'i religions.

I hope that makes sense.

Noor: Yes. Thank you very much. So maybe if Ananda Marga sticks around, the Margis in 50-100 years, when they realize that the way that they are doing is not going to work, maybe they will create expectations of the Messiah then, or something. Anyway, thank you very much. Thanks God!

Maitreya: Yes indeed. The whole idea is that tribulation is gong to come. More and more people are going to realize this is the teaching that has been predicted by all the religions of the world including Hindu and Buddhists, and when we reach the critical point, even the people in Ananda Marga or Krishna people or people who follow Tantra and Shiva, they realize, "Yes, there was some prediction of coming this," and they all eventually drop their resistance and join when our number increases.

OK, we go to the next question.

Question: Regarding the sundering: As Joseph, son of Jacob, interpreted Pharaoh's dream of seven years of plenty, and seven years of famine, should we store eatable rice, grains, canned goods, and water before the coming Sundering? What preparations should we observe?

Maitreya: OK, what does everyone think about that? We know the tribulation is coming. Should we become prepared for it? How?

Go ahead Unus.

Unus: Well, I think the best way to prepare for the tribulation is to join the Mission, know the teachings, jump into the bandwagon and everything, and not worry about things and just progress.

But at the same time like how Prophet Muhammad said, "First secure the camel and then leave it to God," I think we should also, at the same time, secure our camel.

So I think the preparing in some ways from knowledge should be good, not from anxiety or fear but from knowledge. But at the same time I think, at a point we do not have any choice but to accept what it is. These are my thoughts.

Maitreya: Good thoughts and good explanations. So the best way is to join the Mission and create the Communities of Light, so not to worry about what is happening and what is coming.

The next question is: Not everyone is with the Mission and the Communities of Light at this point. Yes, that is the greatest way to do it, and everyone come and join the community, and we are more and more independent from the external world, and hopefully if something happens we will have our own farm and gardens and places grow food and vegetables and grains and have cattle and cows and sheep and milk and everything we need. But we are not there.

How about now? Should we stock up for the inevitable?

Go ahead Samuel.

Samuel: OK, all thanks to God. First of all, our current society tells everyone to store up food and water at least for one month based on, and in fact - and the goal they say is six months - based on what is going on around the world today with the weather and with any disaster, electricity could go out at any time, and so on and so forth.

So current society is already suggesting to humanity to have some level of storage. And I have some level of storage. But my thoughts on this subject are, in a sense, that there is going to be a passover, and the passover is those people who are actively associated and working with the Mission.

Maitreya: OK, then if we keep Passover every year the disaster is going to pass us over. That is a good one. OK. But also as Unus said, secure the camel, then trust God. Now what is the answer? It sounds it is becoming more and more complicated, doesn't it?

Anyone else want to try?

OK. When I was growing up, my mother always had a storage place, and she always had rice and beans and the things which were not perishable, even feta cheese and ghee, whatever they call them, for six months. She was a very Godly woman for sure. She did her prayer every day on time and all the time. But she also had those things available and stored up for inevitable time.

Of course, they just had come out of the World War II. The famine and the war and destruction and the hardship they went through affected them greatly and created such consciousness... maybe.

And also in that village, every year they harvested at the end of the summer, and by the fall and the time of the Feast of Tabernacles - of course they did not celebrate it, the Feast of Tabernacles, but that is another thing about the Feast of Tabernacles happens after harvest, after you harvest all your yearly growth and beans and everything - and they had huge storage places which had been built inside the houses, and the only way to access them was at the top and bottom. So when they had everything ready they would go and pour everything from the top of the roof into that hole to the storage place.

And after they poured it into the storage place they put something at the top very tight, that no bugs or animals could get in, so in a sense it was almost mouse-proof or animal-proof to go and eat any of the food they provided. And the only way to get anything out, in the bottom was a small hole. They would pull it out and the rice or the beans would come out and they took as much as they wanted and then put that thing back and closed it up. So they had for the whole year prepared for next summer.

So I was grown up with the environment that always there was a preparation, not of the fear, but of necessity, as being a good idea. So in a sense it is a good idea to have some preparation in our life for if something might happen that we might not be prepared for. And in this environment, with the coming of the tribulation, it becomes even more necessary for everyone to think of the possibility of something might happen that they might not have access to the stores, especially in this lifestyle that they have created for us.

We have all our dependence on the supermarkets. They bring food, they have transportation and they bring food for us from everywhere, from South America, Central America, California, anywhere, you name it, and they bring something and put it in the shelf for us and we go and just pick it up. What happens if trucks did not come in, could not come in? No one has any extra.

But maybe in a month, two months, three months, eventually government or people open the roads and food starts trickling in. Or, people start alternative way to feed themselves or feed the city or society. But for a couple of months you might not have anything. And you have to go and join the rest of the crowd to put your hand in anything that you might find.

So in order to secure our camel, it is not a bad idea to storage some food or something between two, three months to six months. Just it is a good idea. Of course at the end, trust on God and see what is going to happen.

But of course better than that is and was for the people to come together, create Communities of Light. At least create community. If they do not want to create Communities of Light or cannot, at least create an environment that they can share and store food and whatever they need, especially water. If there is something happen, they would be protected, their family would be protected for a while, and they do not have to go out there and join the crowd for a while, and be safe until an alternative is found and somehow they are, they survive.

But it should not become a panic. It should not become like some people who prepare by going to the mountain and storing their food in the caves and for years. They just go overboard.

If something like that happened and in six months we are not safe and it is time to go, so what, you go. It is not such a big thing. But it is always good to be prepared. It is always good to think ahead. And it is not a bad idea.

But I was hoping by the time of the tribulation we would have the Communities of Light and we would have been much more prepared, not only for six months, but have our own farm that we could stand for a long time.

Of course there are other ideas, like Native Americans. They believe this world has been destroyed four times before and every time it happens, Native Americans, they went underground, and there was an underground city that they were directed to go under and stay safe. Very much like the story of Noah that Noah built the ship and they all went in.

Let us find that city, see if there is a city underground and we can find it and all the good people who are in the Communities of Light might go underneath and wait for the destruction to finish. Even then, probably you have to store food in that city.

I was just talk about Noah. Noah did not just sit there and say, "Well, I just trust in God and everything is going to be OK." God said, "No, build the ship. Be prepared. Follow something that also in this external world makes sense." Therefore he had to put the effort to build the ship and be prepared for the inevitable.

So it is a good idea, yes indeed, to be prepared. But do not worry about it. Trust in God, but be prepared, and see what God is going to reveal to us.

If we had the Communities of Light I would have done some other things at this time. But I do not have the Communities of Light here now, therefore I have to work with whatever we have.

If we had the Communities of Light probably we could have reached out to see if there are other possibilities that the Communities of Light would have stayed safe in this time. This is not the time for the Communities of Light, and therefore we do not have the people to come here and look for safe places that we might escape the tribulation. But of course God knows best what is happening and what is going to come, and if He wants us to be where we are, of course that is where we stay.

One thing for sure, God guided me into this city and this environment, and recently, as I said in the last Satsang, it seems to be the Four Corners and this area a safe place. I am not saying it is the only place it is going to be, of course, God probably has many other places that can be safe. But one thing for sure, this is one of the safest places you can be.

But at the same time of course, be prepared. But do not be panicky. I hope that answered your question. If it does not, go ahead and ask a follow-up.

Yes indeed, we will eventually know what to do. At this time we are in a safe place, but nothing has come for further instructions what should be done.

Go ahead, Keyosha.

Keyosha: Sal-Om again Maitreya. Thank you. Thank God! I just wanted to ask because it is something I have wondered about lately, of course I really understand the way that you answered the last question, but if it ever came to a point where maybe there was very little food at some point or whatever, for whatever reason, so in regards to that I was just wondering, how long can a body reasonably make it by fasting or by eating very, very little? And it probably depends on what kind of food is available too if you are eating very, very little, I would imagine. But I will release the mic.

Maitreya: In case of thirst, usually it is around three to four days, or a little longer, that you can survive without no liquid or drink.

In the case of food, if your body is used to fasting every Saturday and follow our teachings, you probably can survive around 30 days or longer. So if you are fasting with a little food, probably you can stay alive even longer than for 30 days. Surely in the Bible it mentions many times that there have been beings that they have fasted for 40 days and 40 nights.

And of course, if you have been fasting for so long, when it comes time for you to break your fast you can go very slow. You cannot just eat a big meal, that is going to be a huge shock to the body. It is known some people actually die because of that.

Actually I know a person in that village that he was very poor, and his life almost was being constant in the fast. And he received an inheritance, and he went and bought a lamb. And he ate the whole thing. Next day he died. They found him dead.

So if you fast for that long, you have to start with juice probably, very slowly, and eventually break your fast to a point that your body is ready to receive solid food, or more food for the body.

But usually you can stay without water between three to ten days, or five days, six days, and without food between 30 to 40 days if you are in a good shape. So I hope that answered your question.

Go ahead Samuel.

Samuel: There would be, say, no utilities available to us. And say, assume there is no food. So it would be very helpful to have a camping stove with propane bottles of gas available so that you can boil contaminated water for a long time. And then it would be used for cooking and for drinking, because water would be the most critical element in stretching out a survival period. So that is what I have to say.

Maitreya: That is true. You have to, as you said, have water. That is more important than food. But if you have six months food stored, and if you do not use it as much as you used to, you probably can stretch that to eight months or nine months of use.

And even better than having propane is the solar oven, if you can afford it. And the solar oven, of course, does not need any fuel. One of the ovens that is selling in African, Sahara and African countries, or the people they do not have fuel anymore or they cannot find trees, is becoming the solar ovens. They reflect the rays and the heat of the sun to the center of the oven and they can become very hot. And you almost can cook anything you want with them.

So if you can afford it, have a solar oven. Or of course propane is fine too. But the problem with propane is they eventually run out and you do not have unlimited resources. Unless there is a huge pollution on earth that blocks the sun, seems the sun ovens are a good alternative for the people who want to have something to heat things up.

OK, any other follow-up for that question?

Good suggestion from Sarah-Ji, also you might have some pans that collect rain for water if you do not have access to a brook or something. That is another thing you might gather yourself, some pans to collect water.

OK, if there is nothing else we can go to the next question, if there is any.

Question: Yes, there is one more here: What is meant by the term "God is Everything?"

Maitreya: OK, who knows what does that mean, God is everything? Of course the person who asked that question is not there today, but I decided to go to answer his question because he is working and he could not make it, and he is a very helpful person in the Mission. Therefore I make an exception for him so he can listen to it later.

But let us see if anyone knows what it means, God is everything.

Go ahead Samuel.

Samuel: Well, the teachings have told us that in the beginning, during the time of creation, that when darkness appeared and God wanted to create the universe so that darkness can be accelerated in the process of achieving Light, He used His own Body. And my understanding is that it is within the atom, and the Essence of God is within the atom, and everything is made from atoms. And so anything that is of the material, created world is made from atoms and has, is made from God's Body and therefore we all, everything, has the Essence of God in it. That is my understanding.

Maitreya: That is a good understanding: Atoms are everything, therefore, everything is atoms. And God created atoms, therefore everything is God.

Now Timothy has an interesting answer. Do you have a mic, Timothy? OK. I wish everyone have a mic when you guys come to the room. That would be nice to come to the mic and tell us about your ideas. That is OK, do not worry about it. Just it is a nice idea to see your inputs when you have such a good answer there to record your voices in the audio. He says:

Timothy: God is Consciousness and the creative forces and all things become of this.

Maitreya: That is a good answer: Everything is the Consciousness and three gunas. Even atom has been created with Consciousness and three gunas, therefore God is everything.

And apparently everyone already knows how God is everything. Even the darkness is a part of God. They used to be one with God. There was no separation between the darkness and the Light. The only problem was, suddenly the light decided, "My will, not the Collective Will," so they went astray, they went away from the Essence or Oneness and they created darkness, "And the dark was upon the face of the deep."

Suddenly God said, "Well, what is that? It is not like me. It does not have Light. It is full of darkness. It is separated. It has its own ideas. Before that we were one. We were fine. No problem. And now the darkness is creating a disease in My Body. It has to be healed. Now how are we going to do it? How are we going to heal this disease or darkness?"

He cannot go to the store around the block and buy material and put them together, or get some Aspirin or Tylenol or whatever you take to heal yourself a little bit, or go to the doctor and say, "Hey, we have these doctors here. He is sick, my body is sick. How we can get rid of it?" The only material He has is His own Body. That includes the Consciousness (Father) and the Creative Forces (Mother).

So He decided, "Well, we are going to create the universe. We are going to create the external world. We create the galaxies and planets and solar systems and make some of those planets habitable. And then guide this lost consciousnesses little by little to come back to their senses and get rid of the nonsense they have fallen into."

So He created from His Body the dust, and from the dust creates the planets, and eventually supernovas, heavy metals, solar systems, planets, and eventually earth-like planets that support life. And then of course they would not listen to Him, and He sends the Prophets to tell them, "You have to be(come) Divine. You have to go to God. That is the goal of your life. That is where you came from. You fell from It. Now is the time to return."

It is so logical. That explains why the universe has been created and what is the goal of life and why we are here. Anything else we do that is not the goal of life, it is going to distract us from why we are here for.

Now human comes and says, "Oh, I am a completely separated being by myself. I do not know who created me. I do not know why I am here. I do not know even the goal of my life. But the radio, the television, the society, the everyone says, 'This is the goal of your life: You eat, sleep, drink, make children, watch games, and spend your time for all these things, and you die. That is it.'"

But once in a while each person reflects on their lives and they might ask a question: "Where I came from?" "What is all this about?" "What is this world is been created for?" "Why am I here?"

Of course there are the churches and the synagogues and mosques and temples. They go there to find the answer and they get more confused after a while. Therefore they completely forget about God and religion and say it does not exist, and all of that. But once in a while again they say, "What is the universe is created for?"

Now we can tell them, "It is created all from God, from one Source. You are not different from each other. You have been brought here by God. And if you realize that God is everything, therefore, my family, and my neighbor, my even enemies are created by God."

And then of course they eventually go to our website and suddenly it says, "Everything is Consciousness and the three gunas. That is it." And then they ask themselves, "How can four things be so complicated, Consciousness and the three gunas?"

The answer is very simple. Even the main colors in the universe, they are four. How many shades and colors do we have, hundred of millions of different colors?

So the Consciousness and the three gunas evolved to a more complex states and created the dust, created the heavy metals, created the stars, created the solar systems, the sun, earth, our bodies. It is all God. There is no separation. It is not an easy concept to fathom but that is the truth. When we experience that oneness once, then we understand.

Again it is one of those questions as: What is God, or explain God. You cannot explain God. You experience God. You cannot explain that God is everything. You experience God is everything.

When you experience it then you cannot hurt anyone. If you hurt anyone you hurt yourself because whatever you hurt also is a part of God. That is why God is everything. You cannot separate any part of the universe from any other part. The moment you do that you easily can be called ignorant. The knowledge, the enlightenment comes when you realize there is no separation whatsoever in this universe.

But there is ego. There is an illusion of separation from God. And that illusion is so powerful and strong that most people even cannot fathom the idea of God is everything. Even when they had an experience of Oneness, still they might fall from it and ego comes in and they feel separated from God and separated from each other.

In the Communities of Light, when the environment is created that everyone's physiological and safety needs are provided and human mind is not agitated because they are afraid not be taken care of, not having food, not having their loved ones taken care of. And therefore the agitated mind never can realize God. That was stress, agitation, fear, all those things are against God Realization.

So the whole idea is to create the Communities of Light, to consume food and drink that calms the mind and makes us more toward oneness with God, and eventually make more and more people experience that, and not only experience but to stay with it. Not only experiencing is important, but the ability to continue experiencing also important. Otherwise we forget. We fall back.

Suddenly we are in the rat race with everyone else. And we say, "What is that? All these teachings Maitreya says, I cannot feel it, I cannot remember it." Even when you read THOTH, It does not make sense to you anymore. It just sounds like boring or no good. You do not have the Spirit for it anymore. You have fallen. You have fallen away from the Oneness. The stress, the life, the problems around you have gotten into you.

So God is indeed everything. There is nothing which is not God. But ego also present and that is the real problem on this universe which separates us from God and separates us from each other. And if we overcome that, we overcome the separation between us and everyone.

So the explanation of God is everything is that, intellectually you explain it this way: Everything has been created with the Creative Forces (three gunas) and the Consciousness, and that is the composition that creates God. Therefore God is Consciousness and the three gunas, and since everything is created with this, therefore God is everything. Simple explanation, hard to experience.

I hope that answered the question of the person who asked that. And I am sure he will listen to this and if he has more question, probably he can ask me directly.

But we have another question on board. Timothy is saying:

Timothy: So in essence this creation is God's medicine to heal from the dysfunction that existed? The process of overcoming separation from God.

Maitreya: You have the answer right there.

Indeed, something went wrong in the very beginning before the creation. That is why the most read, accepted Scripture, the Bible, in the very beginning says, "There was darkness on the deep." It was an abnormality in the universe. Something has gone wrong in the deep. God suddenly realizes, deep within Him there is a disturbance. As you call it, some dysfunctionality occurred in the universe. Now God had to correct it, heal it, bring it back to the rest.

He decided to help them. As we explain it in THOTH, He sent His Spirit into the darkness. The Spirit went through the Eternal Divine Path, helped some part of the darkness back to Light. But it was hard, it was much harder to help them than bring them back to the external world.

So He created the creation. And you are correct, the Essence of the creation is God's Way to help the darkness, or fallen part of the body, to be healed and return back to God.

That is why He is so adamant, calling you, sending the Prophets, creating the process of reward and punishment, just like training us to strive for the reward, which is His Grace, and punishment, which is the tribulation and destruction and pain that we experience when we go against His Will. It is like a good father is trying to bend you toward become a good person in society. He is trying to bend you toward the goal of life, to return back to God.

And therefore all this creation, sending of the Prophets, all the history, reason for the destruction, reason for changing the body from the ethereal level to the physical, closing the third eye, giving us two eyes, choosing Abram (Abraham), sending all the Prophets, is a message: "Human, the Goal of your life is to be(come) Divine, to become Pure Consciousness, to turn around, go to God." And that is the message for everyone.

And then He does not just give you the message, He does not give you, "OK, you have to go to Pure Consciousness," He says, "This is the way to do it: Meditate, awaken your spiritual forces; create the Communities of Light; sacrifice for it; remember that I am the Doer, you are not, so do not get egoistical or depressed or anything, just do your best; expand your mind, realize I am everything, become universal and teach everyone else become universal and stop wars and destruction and separation between yourselves, create peace on earth; reach to the stars so you have enough resources for everyone and full employment for the whole earth, no one has to be worried about not having a job because the universe is so vast and huge that there is going to be work for a long, long time for everyone..."

So he has given all the answer you need. So stop fighting, stop separating yourself with the dogmas and illogical religions that humanity has been following, and listen to these messages, and all the cures are there.

And The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. And the Path to Divinity is the Eternal Divine Path. And God is everything. And we have to stop fighting and bring peace to earth and the Kingdom. And with all these things given, humanity will have a fantastic earth and life.

OK, I think again that was two hours of Satsang. This will be my last session with you all, and these sessions only happen once a year.

Again if seven people gather together and request me to come, especially new people that they have never heard this message or they have questions that have never been answered, I will come and talk to them and give Satsang and discuss with them.

Those who have been in the Mission, if they have any question, or anyone who came to the website and does not have seven people or another six people to come and create a Satsang session, they can send their questions to: We will answer them.

But the essence of it, I just outlined what it is. This Mission explains everything in the universe, even the political and economical systems. Answers are all here in this Mission.

There is no one going to come after me. That is it!

So meditate and dedicate yourself to God 100%. Become one-pointed and one-eyed.

Sal-Om everyone. See you all next year. Sal-Om. All thanks to God indeed.

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