Question and Answer Sessions With Maitreya

Feast Of Tabernacles 2011

10/16/2011: Listen - Read - FTP

Topics Covered:

  1. Was Jesus practicing enlightenment? Preaching Pure Consciousness? Is this exactly what Buddha achieved as fully being awake, Jesus achieved too? Please explain.

  2. Is activating or opening the third eye associated with the pineal gland? Is this what it means by increasing awareness of one's own existence, and easily letting go of your ego and fear, thus arising a higher form of consciousness, in order: Love, Joy, Peace, and finally Enlightenment, which is Pure Consciousness?

  3. Are the gods of the Old Testament not gods (Yahweh, Jehovah, and Elohim)? Are they just lower/unclean forms of consciousness masking as gods?

  4. Is our sun in orbit with another larger sun, in fact our sun is therefore, might be in a twin binary star system?

  5. Why do Christians look upon meditation or mystical experiences as works of the devil? Is this our true potential, and why is it kept so hidden? If Christ did preach enlightenment, it is not reflected into the gospels.

  6. There is an event known as the Lazarus Phenomenon whereby people have physically died and have come back 3 to 4 days later. They experienced identical encounters of beings of light asking the people to make a decision to either go back to earth or continue. In all cases hell was actually showed to them by these beings of light! This phenomena, is it true that there is hell after physical death?

  7. Does Christianity have a monopoly on morals? If God loves us all, why are humans endeavor harshly to follow such dogmatic religious paths in order to gain entry to heaven, but all religions are so different?

  8. Was Jesus God, and why was he given the title of Christ? What does this really mean?

  9. Can you please list out the travel paths or destinations during the missing years of Jesus's life between 12 and 32 years of age?

  10. Was Jesus Divine, or did he base all his teachings on the information that was taught to him on his travels?

  11. I want to achieve more higher or pure states of consciousness. Can you help me to explain how I would need to attain this state? So, how does someone achieve Pure Consciousness or close to it?

  12. Upon reaching the path of Pure Consciousness, what would be the effects? I know it is quite hard to express it in the English language, and you would probably have to experience it to know what God is. But can you touch on this just lightly?

  13. Is the 144,000 talked in Revelation describing in the Bible a state of consciousness? Just to elaborate on this: The 144,000 arcs per second in light. And the kundalini points of the body, which are 7, add up to 144,000. Is there any correlation between this?

  14. There is a gentlemen by the name of Neale Donald Walsch who claims to channel a direct entity naming himself as 'god.' He has made several books, and titled one of them, "Conversations with God." And this particular 'god' wants him to establish a new world religion where it unites all the religions together, establishing 'a new form of spirituality.' Do you know if this is God or an entity? And if you do, what is the name of the entity?

  15. The Seven Seals of the Bible in Revelation, is that linked to our chakra points of the body?

  16. Maybe you can touch on your experiences? Your disciple was saying that you have a direct link to your soul, which is to God, that you are not channeling anything but your linkage is directly to God. Perhaps you can elaborate and explain this experience?

  17. Please state the link and the correlation between the antichrist, the Maitreya, and the Catholic Church, if there is any, as prophesied in the end times. Are we in the end times?

10/14/2011: Listen - Read - FTP

Topics Covered:

  1. Is The Greatest Sign within every atom or whatever the smallest particle is in the universe?

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