Question and Answer Sessions With Maitreya

Feast of Tabernacles


Introduction: Sal-Om everyone. Thank you all for coming. Welcome to the first session with Maitreya for this year's Feast of Tabernacles.

And before we begin this session let us all take a moment to close our eyes, center ourselves, bring ourselves to this moment, let the ego fall away, and let us be pure, and together, and ready [silence]. Sal-Om!

Today we have the great honor and blessing of having Maitreya himself, God Is With Him (GIWH), in the room. Other names and titles given to him include the First Begotten Son of God, the Christ, the Kalki Avatar, the Mehdi, He Whom God Shall Make Manifest, the Blue Kachina, the Seventh Angel, and many others. He is the representative of God, the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, FINE, on earth, come to reveal the Mystery of God, unify the religions of the world and humanity, and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, as has been prophesied. He will be available for the next hour and a half to answer questions on all aspects of His Teachings.

And before we begin, please listen carefully to these rules of room conduct for today's session:

To ask a question of Maitreya, you are expected to have visited the website and know the base of His teachings. You are also expected to have searched the website and Maitreya's teachings and Discourses for the answer to your question before asking it here. Maitreya has been answering questions for many years and you can find His answers to hundreds of questions on the website.

So it is your responsibility to use the resources provided to answer your questions yourself, before asking them here. If your question is one that has been answered many times before, or makes it clear that you have not deeply studied the teachings, it will most likely not be answered.

If you do have a question for Maitreya, please type it in text. If your question is chosen to be answered, a Mission representative will read your question, or you may be asked to come to the mic and ask it yourself.

After Maitreya finishes answering your question, you may ask a follow-up. Please be courteous and ask only one question at a time. If there are no questions, we will read from Mission literature until another question is asked. If you do not follow these guidelines, or attempt to grab the mic without Maitreya's permission, you will be red-dotted and maybe even bounced.

Please note that this is a public forum, and whatever you say is in public domain. We do record these sessions, and may broadcast them later or use them as we see fit.

And we did ask that people send in questions beforehand for these sessions and said that that would be the best way to ask questions, as in that way Maitreya would be able to contemplate on them and meditate on them and provide the best answers. But no questions were sent in for this session. So we do not have any questions to start with.

The mic is now released to Maitreya, and please give him your respect and your undivided attention. Thanks God, and thanks God for His Prophet. Sal-Om.

Maitreya: Sal-Om everyone. I hope you can hear me OK.

Welcome to the Feast of the Tabernacles, which God has commanded as one of the seven Holy Feasts during the year. This is the last one. And the Presence of God should be felt with those who are connected to the Mission and keeping the Mission in purest form in their lives. And in this Feast we surely experience His Presence in a greater degree, and we hope that you do too. And it is always a joyous occasion if you are with God and will experience His Presence for sure.

There is no question sent to the Mission, which is good. And I always enjoy when I see people have already received their answers from the website. The whole idea of the website is to make it in such a way there is no question left for humanity to ask, and all questions are answered.

So it is a good sign always to me when people do not send any question. And that means that they have gone to the website and find their questions' answers, and that is exactly what we like them to do.

And if you are not familiar with this Mission and you have never heard about it, this is the Mission that is been prophesied to come, the opening of the Seven Seals, and the ultimate and the last Revelation of God to humanity. There is no question has not been answered, and no spiritual longing is not quenched. Therefore it is amazing Revelation. And we are hoping and calling humanity to come and join us.

What is happening on earth is terrible, but that is not our fight. Our fight is just to spread the Mission and make humanity realize that this is the best way, and God's Way is the Peace and Unity. Otherwise what they are doing right now on earth will lead to destruction, disunity, and greater suffering for humanity.

That is why everyone who receives our Newsbrief should realize, when we talk about the events, we are just reporting what is happening on earth. It is not that, become unhappy about what is happening, but be concentrated on the Goal, which is the coming of the Kingdom.

So if you have a question, go ahead and just type in text, or if you have a question and we know you already, just raise your hand and the mic will be given to you to answer.

If there is no question, it is good. It is not something we should be unhappy about but realize, "Well, there is no question."

So I release the mic to the room. We wait for a minute. If there is no question, we start reading. Sal-Om!


Keyosha: Sal-Om everyone. I was scheduled to be the next reader, and I am glad to be the next reader, but it also occurred to me that I have a question. It was a question that I thought of a long time ago, Maitreya-Ji, and it just returned to me this morning.

My question is about The Greatest Sign. I have always wondered if The Greatest Sign is within every atom, or whatever the smallest particle is in the universe, I think they say quark or the M-theory. Is The Greatest Sign actually... I do not know why, I have this feeling that The Greatest Sign is within every atom, quark, or whatever the smallest particle is. And it was just something that I was wondering about.

I will release the mic. Thanks God!

Maitreya: What do you think?

Keyosha: I think it is because, because I think that, that has to do with the way that God sees the whole universe somehow. That is my feeling. Do not know if it is correct, but that is what I think.

Maitreya: Anyone else? What is the answer to Keyosha's question? Anyone can elaborate on her question? Just raise your hand, or just grab the mic.

Keyosha: Or the other thing that I considered is that maybe it is just the three gunas. Of course, we know that is the case: Consciousness and the three gunas make up everything. So that is for sure the case. So maybe The Greatest Sign is just meant to be a manifestation of that and The Greatest Sign is not in each particle. So yes, it is very interesting.

Maitreya: Anyone? Come on. Grab the mic and tell us what do you think. If we open every atom and look into it, there is a Greatest Sign in it? That is the question, right?

Keyosha: Yes, at some level, that at some level there might be The Greatest Sign. But then again it might just be the three gunas and consciousness. So I guess that is what my question is: Is it just the three gunas and the consciousness, or is The Greatest Sign actually there?

Noor: My guess would be that in a literal sense, like a physical Greatest Sign, probably not. But in a spiritual sense, absolutely. Although maybe God set up the whole universe to be based around that symbolic, that sort of symbolism. He could definitely do that if He wanted to.

Maitreya: What is the shape of the atom? An atom has a nucleus, and particles also move around the center, don't they? What is almost the shape of it?

Keyosha: You have the nucleus and the electrons and the protons that move around it. That reminds me of the I-Ching sign.

Maitreya: I-Ching sign is in the center. It is the part that it moves and is a symbol of tama guna, raja guna, and satva guna. But it does not have any nucleus. It does not have any particles around it. It is a circle by itself.

But if you look at the atom itself, it has a nucleus, and the particles, as you mentioned, move around it.

Of course, they have different shape of it. But some of them looks exactly like The Greatest Sign. So in a sense you can see every atom actually has a similarity of The Greatest Sign. Not all of them. But if you stretch your imagination a little bit, you can see that Greatest Sign and the atom, the shape are similar. Anyone can see that? Just Google "atom" in Google... Graphics, what is it called? [Google Image Search]

Also there is The Word, that has the four parts of the initiation in the Mission that leads to the Revelation of the Name of God that you will experience within. And that Word is in every particle, actually, in the universe. And all things are created with the three creative forces and the consciousness.

And therefore, God is in every particle in the universe but not every particle going to look like The Greatest Sign. The closest thing you can come in the nature is the atom itself with the nucleus and the particles going around it. So indeed God is in every atom and particle in the universe, and Greatest Sign is also revealed in the shape of the atom.

Hope that answers your question. If you have a follow-up, go ahead.

Keyosha: That focuses me the right way, The Word being in every particle. But also kind of knowing that The Greatest Sign is too, at least for the most part, from what you said. That is neat!

OK, I will release the mic in case anyone else has a question, and then if not... oh, I am sorry, Sal-Om and thank you, Maitreya-Ji.

And if no one has a question, then I will start the reading.


Noor: So that concludes the reading, and we are right at the end of our time. So thank you all for coming. And thanks God to Maitreya-Ji for Gracing us with his presence. And we hope to see you all for the later events of the Feast and for his second session on Sunday evening. Thanks God everyone. Sal-Om!

Maitreya would like to say something.

Maitreya: It has to be understood that I did not write those prophecies [some prophecies had just been read]. That prophecies are written with other people. So it is not something that I egoistically find them and put them there. So I wanted to clear that one for everyone. That is the truth of what is been revealed.

And it is also very good to see there are no questions left in the Mission. And I really feel good about that. But still if you find something, I will be here another session in two days, in Sunday, and we can answer those.

But send them in before the session, if you could. That would be much easier to answer them.

And again we welcome you to the Feast. Enjoy them, and enjoy the services and everything that a lot of people put a lot of effort to make them manifest for you to enjoy.

Have a good day and week, and see everyone on Sunday. Sal-Om!

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