Question and Answer Sessions With Maitreya

Feast of Tabernacles


[Note: Unfortunately the introduction, the first question, and part of Maitreya's answer failed to record. Therefore the first question is typed here and the transcript then begins where the recording does, partway into Maitreya's answer.]

Lazmosis: Was Jesus practicing enlightenment? Preaching Pure Consciousness? Is this exactly what Buddha achieved as fully being awake, Jesus achieved too? Please explain.

Maitreya: ...all talking about the same thing, Pure Consciousness, enlightenment, being one with the Father. All are the same.

And there are two kinds of the enlightened people: Who become enlightened in this lifetime and then they decide to return and help other beings, and they are called men-god, and those who have reached Pure Consciousness and they return to help the rest of humanity and the universe, and they are called god-men or Avatars.

And of course before the creation God sent His Spirit into the darkness, and that Spirit went through the Eternal Divine Path, as we teach, and His Spirit returned to Him and God decided how to help the rest of the darkness to return back to enlightenment. And that Spirit is called, the First Begotten Son.

And of course there is God in the manifested form, which is in control of the creation, and there is a God in the state of Pure Absolute Being, which has no interest whatsoever and It is self-content and needs no manifestation.

So all these states have to be recognized before you can have a clear vision of God. That is why some people talk about God in a Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, which is ultimate.

There are people who are attached to the manifested God as a Being that controls the universe. Those who see the manifestation of God as Messiah, they see God as the Messiah himself. That is why Christ said, "Me and the Father are one." And therefore for a lot of people Christ is God himself.

And there are beings that they have reached Pure Consciousness, like Enoch and other beings, that there were many of them even before the flood of Noah. And that is why there were sons of God that came to earth, and all that. So there are different levels of consciousness and achievement.

The Goal is eventually become one with the ocean, with the ultimate unmanifested universe or consciousness. In that state there is no separation between man and God. And it is unexplainable.

That is why when people insisted, Buddha eventually said, "It is Nirvana." And of course Nirvana, there was no such a word as Nirvana. He just used that as make them realize it is unexplained. It just cannot be explained. It is indescribable. That is what, when they call it, "OK, what is Nirvana," he said, "Nothingness." What is "nothingness?" There has to be something there. And that is the state of indescribable state.

So if you realize all these states, you can see a lot of people are caught in different levels of God being in that state, and separate themselves from each other. But in reality there is only one God.

I hope that answered your question. If you have follow-up go ahead. [Lazmosis responding in text]

Go ahead, type it there first probably, and then you can read it.

There seems to be a confusion for saying yes. OK, did you mean that the answer was yes, you are OK with it and you are done, or yes, you have more questions or follow-ups?

All right, great, fantastic. Do you have any other questions, or that is it?

OK, go ahead. Do you want to type it? OK, come and read your question.

Lazmosis [text]: Maitreya would you like to make an exception and briefly answer some of my questions quickly. I would appreciate it that I hear it from you directly. Would this be possible?

Maitreya: Yes, I will make an exception for you. It sounds like there is no other questions. You are lucky in that. So go ahead.

Lazmosis [Note: Background noise made Lazmosis difficult to understand, therefore transcription of his questions may not be 100% correct]: The question is: Is activating or opening the third eye associated with the pineal gland? Is this what it means by increasing awareness of one's own existence, and easily letting go of your ego - I think you have obviously established that, the ego - and fear, thus arising a higher form of consciousness, OK, now, in order: Love, Joy, Peace, and finally Enlightenment, which is Pure Consciousness?

So is it by practicing meditation or yoga or activating the third eye, is what associated with the pineal gland, increasing one's awareness, is closer to achieving consciousness, or our own awareness of our own existence? Thank you.

Maitreya: Your voice was broken up a little bit here, but I think I can understand the gist of your question and I can probably answer them in general.

In general, the goal of the meditation and spiritual progress is not to open your third eye, to gain powers, to heal other people, or the power that comes with the Spirit, which we call siddhis. The goal is to become One with God and realize His Way, and understand what God has been doing in creation and history and why He sent all the Prophets and Revelations and Scriptures to us.

The opening of the third eye and gaining spiritual powers is the effect of spiritual progress, not the goal. And if you reach such boons or powers, the best way to use them is for God, not for showing off or misusing them and gaining power for material gain and things like that, but quietly using for God's Kingdom and His Will. Therefore our teaching is different than many New Agers and people who meditate or do yoga or awaken their chakras or powers, and those who do and misuse them usually suffer the consequence of their abuse of the power.

As we wrote it to you, the healing power should come from the within of each individual and their ability to progress, and as they progress they can heal themselves. That healing process is been given in the website in the Mission. As you meditate on our process, the power or energy released between breathing in and breathing out, and breathing out and breathing in, is the healing power. If you direct that healing power toward whatever problem you have, will help to heal that. But of course if you do not use the rest of the teaching, it is not going to help you much.

So it is a package. It all have to go together. If you just like a part of the Mission and reject the rest of it, or if you think just having The Word will help you, it does not. It is just, everything is a package.

So answer to your question is, yes, the third eye and the pineal gland is the same thing, and actually human used to have the pineal gland in their forehead as one eye. That is why it is called the third eye, and that is why a lot of meditators or meditation teachers, they recommend that you concentrate between the eyebrow, which used to be an eye.

Just like a cyclops, are very famous. And even in the Bible they say, "There were giants on the earth." And they used to have only one eye, and they could see the Spirit, and they were connected to Spirit with that third eye.

And... what is the rest of your question? Anything else did I miss? OK... yes, through the meditation, you sure create more awareness. [Reading the question] And easily letting go of the ego... yes, actually, meditation without the rest of the teaching might make you even more egoistical. Humility and service and understanding the rest of the teaching and practicing them eventually will eliminate the ego.

And that is exactly what is between you and God. Ego is what is making you not to be connected to the Spirit and God. And, of course, the bigger the ego, the less connected to the Spirit.

And actually the human ego has becoming so big and they have put the God out of all levels of their lives, and they think they are God themselves. They are, but they are impure gods that they have not created that purity that realize that the Essence of humility, service, oneness, unity, creation of Communities of Light, and if they are not doing that, then their ego is in their way.

So you can see meditation alone will not bring you egolessness, but a package that should be followed, which will lead you there.

[Reading the question] Consciousness in order, love, joy... yes, it will create in you joy, love, peace, and enlightenment. But according to our teaching, as God said, even when you reach Pure Consciousness, if you do not listen to His Ways, He will not accept you and you will be spued out of His Mouth. And that is in our teaching.

Again if you go to our teaching and study the website you will see all these questions been answered. But, well, OK, go ahead if you have other questions, we will look at it and answer them. Go ahead.

Lazmosis: My next question is, are the gods of the Old Testament not gods (Yahweh, Jehovah, and Elohim)? Are they just lower/unclean forms of consciousness masking as gods?

Because - this is an important question because Moses was instructed by God to build the Ark of the Covenant, which he then fought in - which Joseph, I think, fought in battle at bringing down the walls of Jericho. And Moses was instructed by God, I think, to kill part of his - part of the people that, during the Exodus.

So just, yes, if you could just answer the question. Thank you kindly.

Maitreya: Well actually in the Bible God has been addressed as a singular God and in some other places as plural God, as more than one. And the reason for it is: When It is addressed as singular, it means one God. When It is plural, it means that It is male and female, it is not only one God in the sense of It is only male.

Of course, according to our teaching the male part is the consciousness and the female part is the creative forces. And that is why It has been addressed as Gods, plural. But really it does not mean that there is more than one God.

So when it talks about Yahweh, Jehovah, Elohim, Yah, and all those words that God has been addressed with, that might have been the different quality of God that the meaning of it, some of them have been actually lost. Actually the name Elohim and Elah and all those are very close to the name Allah that Moslems use, and of course they have a meaning for their God, and they say it has 99 meanings for the name of God. So you can see even Bible is connected to the name of God that Moslems use.

And therefore those are indeed God. It is referring to the God, Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. That is the only One unifies. The moment you give God a name, form, shape, any quality of manifestation, that creates the disunity between humans.

That is why we have so much problem with the religions. They say, "No, my God is called Jesus." And another one says, "No, mine called Je-sus, or Yahweh, or Y'shua." And another one says, "No, His name is Allah." And some other one says, "No, it is Krishna," or "Buddha." And that is when the problem starts, by giving the name and shape to God.

That is why the ultimate God is FINE: Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, FINE, F I N E.

And all those words in the Bible are just names from different languages. Of course we know the Bible has been written with different people in different languages, and therefore different people called God with different names. But really, if you study them, research them, you will see each of them have a quality of God, not really a name as something, "Oh, that is it. You just call Him that."

So I hope that answered your question. OK, [reading the question] the gods in the Old Testament, OK, the new unclean forms of consciousness... no, they are not unclean. They are just names of God or qualities of God.

All right, you can go to your next question if you want.

Lazmosis: Thank you. Next question is: Is our sun in orbit with another larger sun, in fact our sun is therefore, might be in a twin binary star system? Is this true? The Kala Yoga have talked about this, and there is talk about the yogi masters say that our consciousness is connected to our sun, which is orbiting another sun. Please explain. Thank you.

Maitreya: OK, that is something that different people are believing different things. There is a belief that there is a 13th planet in the solar system, and this 13th planet visits the solar system every 3,600 years, and they say any time it comes to the solar system it creates disturbance and havoc and destruction. Is that what you are talking about? Just say yes or no. [Lazmosis typed that no, this is different]

Oh, OK. All right, so you are saying that [reading the question] our sun in orbit with another large sun, in fact our solar system is twin binary star orbit... so you are saying we have another sun? Where is it, if we have another sun?

You can take the mic if you want. Although in the mic you are breaking up for me a little bit. But go ahead.

Lazmosis: Thank you. Yes, Plato referred this as the Great Year. He got his teachings from the Egyptians, which I think got their teachings from the Kala Yoga, or ancient Sanskrit. That our consciousness is governed around a sun, which orbits our sun, and its orbit is 26,000 years. And as the sun goes out, our consciousness decreases, meaning that we are occupying more ego/fear, and as it comes in, we become more Avatar-like.

And it is, yes, it is basically, as it comes in, it gets more, the sun gets whiter, and our consciousness increases (sun as in UVs). But as it decreases or goes out of the orbit, our consciousness decreases, and there is a - and we live in more in a fear state. I hope I have explained that well enough.

Maitreya: OK, when this other sun is going to come back, do you know?

Lazmosis: I am not sure. I am not sure at all. But it comes back every 26,000 years, and there is a great cycle of catastrophe which is associated with its returning. But this is not Planet X by any means, which is in an orbit of 3,500 years.

But I think the Hopi tribe has said that they have been around for 26,000 years, and there is a great catastrophe every 26,000 years. So I was wondering if there is any association with this twin binary star, which Plato referred it as the Great Year, or would explain the precession of the equinoxes, which is known as the wobbling of the earth.

Maitreya: Yes, well, there might be some truth in what you say, and there might be some truth in what the Planet X believers say. These are the things that we do not really concentrate on. We concentrate on Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, which has sent Prophecies, has sent Prophets. He has created the universe and the history.

And we believe that even if there are beings or planets that have life in them and even might be as advanced as us or even more advanced than we are, the best way for humanity is to become mature enough by themself that these other beings contact them as equals, not as a savior. And that is why we have to rely on self. And our teaching is based on each individual have to progress, grow up, become mature, and able to equal with anyone out there in the space. The possibility that there is life is out there is greater than the possibility there is none.

So our approach is, let us see what God's Will is. He said the Seventh Angel will come. He is going to open the Seven Seals. He is going to bring the humanity to a point of the end time. And when the end time comes humans are going to be more matured and only those matured people are going to be incarnated and they will progress, etc., etc.

So there might be a plan that eventually we know all these things to be truth. That is why when the Kingdom comes we will have research and the people who can take any of these beliefs and predictions and study them and prove if they are right or wrong.

So my Revelation was not connected to any of these beliefs. My Revelation was based on the Bible, based on the teaching of the Far East, and very earthly. It was not connected to the space brothers or the things that most of the New Agers believe.

And actually I found it, their belief is very confusing. It is very - actually if you get to know what they say, each of them say so many different things. I think our Mission is much simpler than that.

Lazmosis [text]: Thank. You have answered it sufficient.

Maitreya: OK, I am glad you are happy with that.

OK, if you have another question, I know you had 16 questions send it to us. If someone else has other questions they can raise your hand too, if you want. If you have, go ahead.

Lazmosis: OK, thank you. Next question is: Why is Christians look upon as meditation or mystical experiences offered by such practices like Buddhism enlightenment, Taoism, chi healing, or Hinduism, which practices kundalini experiences which ultimately leads to the awakening of the third eye, there is also chi, prana which is life force, or reiki healing, long distance healing, and by touch, are all considered to be works of the devil? Is this our true potential, and why is it kept so hidden? If Christ did preach enlightenment, it is not reflected into the gospels.

Maitreya: It is reflected in gospels. One part of the Christ mission was to make people believe on him by healing. Of course later on he said himself that healing is not good, you should not be doing it, because when the spirit leaves a man, seven more come and occupy the body of the healed, and therefore the state of the man become worse.

Christ said when you want to pray to God, go to closet and do it in a very hidden way. That is kind of meditation and being alone by yourself and contemplating. And he said, "Me and the Father are one." It is very mystical. That means, "I meditated and reached there." And therefore you can see that he actually said many things that we say, and he believed in the Mystical Paths.

He choose a specific people to do his mission. It was not that you just believed in name of Jesus and you are saved. He had to go and find those who have been readied for his mission.

Christianity came from Middle East. And Christ himself went to Persia, and India, and Egypt, and he learned a lot about other cultures and paths and ways. And that is why when he came back and told the rabbis that, "Me and the Father are one," they are petrified. "How can you be equal with God?" That is the Mystical Paths.

But if you said that to a Hindu, he said, "Sure, well, so am I. It is not a big deal. Everything is God."

That is what, when he came to Jewish communities they could not understand him, because he had already experience Mystical Path and Chosen and all that. Therefore eventually they crucified him because they could not understand him. He was saying things that did not make sense to them.

And then that came to Rome, and of course Europeans never had really a prophet or religious come to them. They are very - they are democratic and intellectual and all those things. So when Christ's teaching came, Paul start intellectualizing it, and Roman loved it because now they could understand what he say. And the intellectual realm, talking about meditation and healing and all those things that you listed was not that much acceptable. So Paul kind of ignored them and made it very simple for Romans to understand it.

And after that of course, many things in Christianity changed. If you see our teaching, you see that even the name of Christ is not Jesus really.

So they made something out of his Revelation that appealed to them, and then they added their culture and whatever they had before Christ to the religion. So they made something that they were comfortable with it and accepted as the teaching of Christ. And all through our teaching it shows that there are a lot of things had been completely misunderstood, changed, replaced, and that is why Christians now completely believe, "Well, just believe in the name of Jesus and you are saved."

And it is more than that. Spirituality is a lifestyle, an understanding in a deeper level.

So these can be all the reasons why you see they could not understand those things. Hopefully more Eastern souls have been incarnated to the West and Western souls in the East so we can bring a more balance on earth.

I hope that answered your question. Go ahead.

Lazmosis: You say that heaven and hell are here and now, and these are just pure - these are states of consciousness, which I agree.

There is an event known as the Lazarus Phenomenon whereby people have physically died and have come back 3 to 4 days later. They experienced identical encounters of beings of light asking the people to make a decision to either go back to earth or continue. In all cases hell was actually showed to them by these beings of light! This phenomena, is it true that there is hell after physical death?

So, you just, briefly answer it, it is yes or no, if there is hell after death. I think quantum physics and most New Agers say that there is nothing, that God loves us all, and there is no hell, and see God within all existence in this physical plane. Thank you.

Maitreya: Yes, good one. Yes, there is not really a place called hell and heaven. But of course the consciousness and the fears and subconsciousness of human can create what they believe.

For example, there are people they do astral projection, and they see beings that teach them, and there are masters that they take them in and teach them in that level. It is really their own creation. It is not existing out there.

Even there is a part of the Buddhism, especially Tibetan Buddhism, it is called the passing of the Bardo. And in that level the person who is dying have a lot of vision of fear and attack with the demons and going to hell. And they, apparently the priests know how to guide them through that period to a much more peaceful place.

So if they see hell, it is their own creation. There is something have created by their own fears. They have not faced themselves when they were alive. They now are at the time of the death, and at the time of death you have to face yourself. That is the scariest thing anyone can do. And that is why they see it as hell.

Those who have faced themselves and are pure in Spirit, they see heaven, they see light, they see they are coming back to their family and everyone they knew is there and they welcome them and it is beautiful. So that is why they call that heaven. Those people that have fear, they call it hell.

But really hell and heaven is right here and now. Either you are in hell in your spirit, or you are in heaven by knowing the Spirit.

I hope that answered your question.

Lazmosis: Indeed, indeed! OK, now, does Christianity have a monopoly on the morals? If God loves us all, why are humans endeavor harshly to follow such dogma religious paths in order to gain entry to heaven, but all religions are so different?

I am personally agreeing that it is our state of consciousness that frees us. But I would say that we look at religious teachings, it seems to be a dogma and a form of control. So just quickly answer this. Thank you kindly.

Maitreya: Well again if you study our teaching it is answered very clearly that God really did not created us. We have been a part of Him. But a part of Him fell to the darkness. And in the darkness it did not want to listen to God.

God created the creation to make this easier and facilitate the process going back to the Light. And therefore it has been a struggle since that darkness has been discovered. And therefore....

Just imagine, just this teaching: It has been here for 30 years and it has so much truth in it. And just look at the room. Few people really are here, compared with 7 billion people. Apparently human does not want to listen to God, and they want to listen to themselves and what they think is correct, not what God says is correct. That has been the struggle.

And when God send a religion, they change it to their dogmas, and believe in a couple of things, and they do not want to go deeper because, it is hard. It is something they have to give up a lot of things, trinkets or beliefs or ego, that they do not want to give up.

So what can you do? The only thing is, God had to go through 12,000 years of progress. And He only wants 144,000 out of 7 billion! With a couple of probably million or billion others that they want to progress.

So it is a resistance of the darkness to the Light and creation of their own religions that make dogmas.

I hope that answered your question. I tried to make it as brief as possible. Go ahead.

Lazmosis: Yes, you did. Thank you so much.

Was - in fact I think you answered this, was Jesus God, yes, he was - and why was he given the title of Christ? What does this really mean? Just briefly answer it.

My understanding in general is that he was taught his name due to Lord Krishna, I think 3,000 years ago. Please explain. Thank you.

Maitreya: OK, Isaac can you explain what he said? I broke up. If you heard it go ahead, Noor.

Noor: Sure. He said his question is, was Jesus God? But he says that you basically already answered that, that yes, he was. But still, was Jesus God, and why was he given the title as Christ? What does this really mean?

And Lazmosis's understanding is it is somehow related to, I think, the name of Krishna, and something about 3,000 years ago. I did not hear it completely well either, but his understanding was that he was given that title, something relating to Krishna 3,000 years ago.

I hope that is correct, Lazmosis, and I hope that helps.

Maitreya: Thank you, Noor. Yes, well, the whole idea of the Christ, Messiah, the Son of God, the Prophet, and all those things that has come to humanity, again in different names, it has the same meaning.

God, as we said, there are different levels of manifestation. God in ultimate manifestation is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. He is neither male nor female. And He has actually no interest on this creation whatsoever. He is self-content and beyond mind.

In second level, God is male and female, manifested, concerned for this creation, but He is still Invisible, Formless. And therefore, in order for Him to manifest Himself on earth and bring Revelation and Guidance to humanity, He has to choose a body.

And when He comes in form of a body, He has two personalities. In one sense he is a person, a man, a being. In another sense He is Divine, as God.

And therefore you can see when Christ one day say, "Me and the Father are one," he say, "I am God, there is no separation between us." In another day, someone called him rabbi, "You are good rabbi," and he said, "I am not good. Only God is good." What happened? Two days ago you said you are God. Now you are saying you are not even good, and only God is good? It is just very confusing.

But the truth is, in that moment that he said, "Me and the Father are one," he was. And in the moment he said, "No, I am not good, and Father is good," he was not one. So he was a human.

Therefore he can be looked at as the son of man or the Son of God, and that is what both he called himself.

And he was Christ. Christ comes from the Christos, Krishna, Charisma, and all of them means, "God is with us." And indeed, he might very well be the reincarnation of Krishna. Actually he was, as we believe all the manifestation as Christ or Messiah have been the same being or consciousness. Therefore there is no separation between them.

I hope that answered your question.

Lazmosis: OK, thank you kindly. Can you please list out the travel paths or destinations during the missing years of Jesus's life between 12 and 32 years of age? Yes, that is it, just the travel paths. Thank you so much.

Maitreya: Yes, he actually grew up in Egypt. As we know, his parents took him to Egypt, so he was very familiar with the Egyptian philosophy and teachings. And when he come back after those who were after him died, he came back to Palestine, or Israel, whatever you want to call them.

Then at 12... we do not hear anything from him until he is 12 that he is arguing with the judges, and judges were amazed how much that 12-year-old person knows about their teachings and other teachings. So he already is been well versed on probably Egyptian philosophy and Jewish philosophy.

He then, after 12, went back to Egypt for a while. And after that he went to Persia and Magis, he learned from Magis. And after that he went to India and Himalayas.

Actually there is a monastery in India that they actually have his name and have record of him being there under the name of Esa. So his earthly name really was not Jesus at all. His earthly name was Esa. And there is a record also that he was crucified in Israel.

So that is how he spent from 12 to 32 years old. And after that, when he came back to Israel or Palestine, he received his Revelation and his commission to become a teacher, or a Messiah, or the Messiah.

And he had a cousin, which was John the Baptist, and they worked together. And John the Baptist probably even did not know it is his cousin that is going to be the Messiah, but he baptized him. But later on he became very confused. He could not know where the Christ really was. That is why after John the Baptist died, his disciples went to Christ, said, "Are you the one that John the Baptist was talking about?" So it is kind of a, John the Baptist seemed to have got very confused.

So that is how that happened. After 12 years, he went back to Egypt, then to Persia, to India, and Tibet.

I hope that answered your question. Did that answer your question? And do you have any other more? We have only half an hour left of our time, so, go ahead.

Lazmosis: It did answer the question quite well, and I thank you.

So did, was Jesus Divine? This is where the confusion is. Was he... because he was a spiritual teacher. Did he base all his teachings on the information that was taught to him on his travels? As you can see, this is the confusing part. If Jesus was Divine and he was in contact with God, meaning that he was one with the Father and he was of virginity birth (maybe you can clarify that, if he was) or was he teaching, expressing his teachings of enlightenment on what he was taught from his schooling at these early years in his travelings? Thank you.

Maitreya: Yes, well, remember in - they have made Christ into a point that no one can fill his shoes. And those who became Christian eventually... just like that telephone play that you say something to the first person, and the first person goes and says the same sentence to second, by the time you get the twentieth person the sentence is completely different than the first person who heard it.

So after 2,000 years of upheaval, wars, history, and all that, there are a lot of exaggeration in all religion. It is not only Christianity. All religion exaggerate, the followers exaggerate their teaching and their Prophet because they want to feel good, better about themselves, and they are superior to other people because what they got is better.

Even they steal from each other. If they hear the other Prophet has something, they say, "Yes, our Prophet had it too." So it is kind of a human frailty and desire to be superior to other humans. It is just ego trip.

So some of the things you hear, do not believe it. Just study and research, and go to our website again, and find out.

For example, was she really virgin or not? Well, maybe the virginity meant she was pretty pure woman. Or, it is not only Mary was got pregnant when she was virgin. It has happened many times in through all the history, many virgins that, who did get pregnant. That is not a phenomena which is completely unique.

Was he Divine? Usually the Prophets, they do not know they are the Prophet. They grow up as a regular person, people. They born, they grow up, they go study, they learn. They have the same life as most of the people do.

But at the same time, they are different. They are more meditative. They are less worldly. They do not fall to the norm of the human societies. And eventually in some ages, usually it seems after 30, between 30 to 40, they are informed of their mission.

So it is the same as Christ. When he was growing up he probably lived a regular life. But he was different. He was a seeker. That is why he went back to Egypt. He sought the truth in Persia and India and Tibet. And eventually God said, "Yes, you are Chosen to be My Mouthpiece and My Spirit is upon you. Me and you are one."

In that moment he realized he is Divine, he is one with God. Before that, he had the Divinity but he was not aware of it. And at that moment he also became aware of his Divinity and Godliness. And therefore he is Divine.

So as we said, usually Prophets or Messiah is human and at the same time he is Divine. When the Spirit of God is felt and is with him, he is Divine. When He is not, he is just a human.

I hope that answered your question.

Lazmosis: Yes, thank you. I probably have to round it up now, but probably got one, maybe two more questions.

But it is interesting that I have been trying to practice meditation and trying to raise my conscious awareness of myself, and as I find that I practice meditation, tai chi, contemplation, and being responsible of my own consciousness, I seem to maybe be arising my own consciousness. But I want to achieve more higher or pure states of consciousness. Can you help me to explain how I would need to attain this state? So, how does someone achieve Pure Consciousness or close to it?

Maitreya: That is the whole purpose of this Mission, to teach you how to reach Pure Consciousness!

However, it has been clearly revealed to us that you cannot do it by yourself. It is impossible. Even if you reach Pure Consciousness or close to it, God sends you back. That is why if you go and study chapter 3 or 4 of The Revelation in our Scripture, The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), you will see there that God said, those who want to go to Pure Consciousness by themselves will be spued (means thrown out) of His Mouth.

Therefore, the way to reach Pure Consciousness or higher consciousness or return to God is the Eternal Divine Path. And Eternal Divine Path is the very essence of the teaching in the Mission.

Not only it is a Path, it also unifies all the religions of the world, and shows how God for the last 12,000 years were trying to teach human to follow Eternal Divine Path, which the First Begotten Son went through, and how they can reach Pure Consciousness.

You cannot do it by yourself. You can try to meditate as much as you want. Just like Buddha. Buddha reached Pure Consciousness 2,500 years ago, or enlightenment he calls it. But how many people who are Buddhists reached that state? Or, Christ came and he taught Christianity and how become one with the Father. And how many of Christians are one with the Father?

So you can see the path is much harder or needs more progress and sacrifice and surrendering and submission and universalism and knowing self and being in the Communities of Light, creating of the Communities of Light, than a lot of people really want to know or put the effort on.

So the way to it, to Pure Consciousness, is the Eternal Divine Path. And that is explained many times in our website again, and you can go to the website and study it.

Basically it is: Awakening of your spiritual forces, which is meditation, contemplation... so what you explained to me in that sentence that you said, it is all the first step. It is all awakening of your spiritual forces. The second step is you have to join the Communities of Light, or create one. And then sacrifice in it.

Awakening of your spiritual forces include all the Mystical Paths, like Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Christian Saints, Sufis, and all those people they meditate and awaken their spiritual forces.

The second is to create the Communities of Light, means gather people together and start creating a place that is full of Light, not darkness.

And sacrifice for it, that is Christianity.

Surrender and submit to God, which is Islam.

Be universalist, which is Baha'i teaching.

And if you go through these five steps you become an Elect. Then you become a dynamic spiritual force, and you come join us, and you create the community, you help humanity to understand these teachings.

And eventually, hopefully, with the Grace of God, you reach Pure Consciousness.

So that is the way I can give you. But it is different than probably what you think you know the way is.

So again we recommend our website.

Go ahead. If you have question, of course go ahead, and follow-up. Otherwise go to next question, whatever. Go ahead.

Lazmosis: Upon reaching the path of Pure Consciousness, what would be the effects? I am interested - I know it is quite hard to express it in English, the English language, and you would have to, probably have to experience it to know what God is. But can you touch on this just lightly?

Maitreya: Well, when you reach Pure Consciousness you do not know you are in Pure Consciousness. Other people tell you, you are in Pure Consciousness. But even you do not know then.

The true state of Pure Consciousness, you are not going to be in the body whatsoever. You are going to be one with God. The body cannot contain you anymore. You become like a drop falling into the ocean. Can you take the drop back and say, "This is my drop that fall in the ocean?" No, the drop becomes the ocean.

However, before you reach Pure Consciousness, you might be sent back to help God's Will and God's Plan. Therefore you still might create a little bit karma in order to keep you in the body.

If you do not have any karma, you are not going to stay in the body. That is it. You are in Pure Consciousness. That is why I said, you do not know you are in Pure Consciousness. That is why if you keep saying, "Yes, I have reached Pure Consciousness," no, you have not. It is just not possible be in the body.

The effect of getting close to Pure Consciousness: You create a placid mind, that understand the God and His Purpose and why He has created this universe, what is the goal of life, why you are here, and you will submit to that Will instead of your own will. And more and more, God's Will is more important that your will and what you want. So this world becomes kind of actually a burden because what is in it is in your way.

That does not mean that you have to go to the mountain. But you have to do the God's Will, which is the Eternal Divine Path.

So Pure Consciousness is a state... it is just like God Himself, just ask me, "Explain God." I am going to tell you, it is Nirvana. And then say, "When you are in Nirvana," I say, it is not explainable. Either you have experienced it or you have not.

Even if you experience the Pure Consciousness, which is an experience of Oneness with the universe and God and there is no separation between the two, you are not going to stay there long. You are going to be pushed out of that state.

And therefore, it is not an explanation. I know one of the problems with humanity, always they like for you to explain. And therefore, something is not explainable, it is very hard for an intellectual to say, "How can it not be explainable? Everything is explainable." No it is not. God is not explainable.

And therefore my answer to you is, you have to experience it. If you experienced it then you say, "Oh, I know what Pure Consciousness is." But even then you are not going to stay there for long.

I hope that answered that question.

Lazmosis: Yes, thank you. Is the 144,000 talked in Revelation describing in the Bible a state of consciousness? Just to elaborate on this: The 144,000 arcs per second in light. And the kundalini points of the body, which are 7, add up to 144. Is there any correlation between this?

Maitreya: OK, I did not understand the part about the 7, 7 and 144,000 have a relationship? What was the relationship?

Lazmosis: Yes, is there any relationship between the 7 chakra points of the body, which total up - which is the crown chakra, the root, the throat, the solar plexus, the stomach and the heart, they will add up to 144,000 points. The crown being 1,000 - so you times all the chakras points by 1,000, which totals up to 144,000. That is in Buddhism. Also there is 144,000 arcs per second of light. So is there any correlation between these? Thank you.

Maitreya: OK, I have heard that - that is the first time I heard that explanation. Of course there are so many explanations out there that you never would know all of them. Well, I will take your word for it. That does not mean I believe that, that is true, but it might be.

The most important is, in your question: Is the 144,000 is a state of consciousness? Yes. It is the state of consciousness of those who reached to a point that our teaching are going to make sense to them and they will become a part of this Mission 100%. That is why I do not have to convince anyone to believe in the Mission. If they see the truth and they are going to jump at it with two feet and they going to be one with it and according to the Bible they will be with the Christ wherever he goes.

So yes, there is Christ, which is a state of consciousness. And there are those who have progressed to a state that they understand Christ and help him to establish what God has given him.

That also is a state of consciousness, but is there any relationship... 144,000 actually adds to 9, which is the manifestation, means end of a period, beginning of the next period, because 9, after that is 10, which is really adds to 1. Yes, exactly. And so I do not know how you came up with the 7 relate to 144. Apparently you say there are 144 points of light in the body. And if that is true then Mission eventually have to prove it.

As I said, we will have organizations and departments that will take every belief of the man and research it and eventually either prove it exists, or conclude that it is just an idea or the belief of a group or a people or a person.

Have you seen 144 points of light in you yourself, or it is just a belief?

Lazmosis: No, not at all. I have just read a lot about this. I have been researching on, a bit about biology, and it says that we emit photons of light, the same with any other living organisms including plants, and we have the capability of producing photons at a very small scale. And that sounds to me that we can produce light, and if we can, we obviously are.

And that Buddhism - or Hinduism, sorry, teaches about kundalini points in the body being 7, that having a specific number. And when you times the points of the kundalini body, times it by the crown chakra, which is 1,000, it actually adds up to 144,000, which equals the arcs per second of light.

So it sounds to me by the study of biology of photons of light, and Hinduism, that, that 144,000 points of the kundalini body is us, we are the light. So that is where I have read about it. But I do not know anything - I have never experienced anything of it, other than what I have read.

Maitreya: Yes, well, I recommend, we have a book in THOTH, our Scripture (The Holiest Of The Holies), it is called Universe and Man, and that also explain the relationship between man and the universe, how the seven chakras are also related to the seven lokas or states of the universe.

And what you say about the points of light being 144,000, I neither can confirm or reject it. It seems you have a good explanation for it, but it is not really proven. I have never heard about it until now. And if that is true then that is great. We will accept that.

The whole Revelation that came to me was: I will give the base of the Revelation and the Will of God. Actually there are going to be many people who will come and expand and build on these teachings, new things and truth that will they prove it by research and by people who know how to explain these thing, and people going to experience it.

I personally will talk only about the things God reveals to me and I experience it myself. If God did not reveal to me and I have not experienced, I usually hesitate to accept or believe in it unless it is proven it is true.

So I neither confirm what you say or reject it. I just say, yeah, it could be true.

OK, go ahead, is that it or do you have more? Go ahead.

Lazmosis: There is a gentlemen by the name of Neale Donald Walsch who claims to channel a direct entity naming himself as 'god.' He has made several books, and titled one of them, "Conversations with God." And this particular 'god' wants him to establish a new world religion where it unites all the religions together, establishing 'a new form of spirituality.' Do you know if this is God or an entity? And if you do, what is the name of the entity?

I know it is a bit harsh of a question. But it is obviously that it is a person living today, and he is channeling an entity called 'god,' and he has wrote seven books on this topic. And 'god' wants him and has instructed him to go out and form a new world religion, a new reality - sorry, a new spirituality. And he claims that we have got it wrong. And it unites all religions together.

Maitreya: Do you know how many Maitreya are out there? Or how many people they claim to be God, or channel God, or connected to God? And how do you know which one is the truth and which one is the true one, and who is channeling egoistical beings, ethereal beings, or they are channeling God?

The way to know that is the prophecy. Has he fulfilled any prophecies? Did God told that such a person will come and open the Seven Seals? Is his name and his Revelation is in the Scriptures, God has foretold what He will bring to humanity? Is he the Lion of tribe of Judah, has his genealogy goes back to King David and Adam? These are the things that you have to question anyone who claims to be the Messiah, Prophet, the Mouthpiece of God, receiving Revelations from God to humanity.

If they have not done any of them, do not believe them.

I hope that answered your question.

Lazmosis: Yes. Is the Seven Seals of the Bible in Revelation, is that linked to our chakra points of the body? I think Edgar Cayce describes a decoding of the book of Revelation, and he states that the seven chakra, the Seven Seals of the body represent different organs - or, sorry, different glands of our body, which are then, directly affect our chakra points. So Seven Seals is generally refer to the seven chakra points opening, and the more you opening, the more you become consciously aware. Thank you.

Maitreya: Yes, that is one meaning of the Seven Seals, but that is the minor meaning. The major meaning is what is revealed in our Scripture, called The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament. And if you read that, you understand what Edgar Cayce said is true, but it is not the ultimate and it is not the greater meaning of those Seven Seals.

Actually God will be a mystery until the Seventh Angel comes. And the meaning of those Seven Seals would not have been revealed even to Mr. Cayce because he was not the Seventh Angel! And when Daniel had the vision of the end time, God said, "Seal it," because God did not want anyone to know.

So again go to our website, read our Scripture. You will have your answer that, yes, we do know about the seven chakras, and Hinduism, and Buddhism. And when you know these teachings you can talk about any religion and know about any religion more than even the people who are following it.

So yes, we do believe that is one meaning of the Seventh Angel, but it is not the greater meaning of the Seventh Angel.

I hope that answered your question.

Lazmosis: That is probably one of the best pieces of information I have heard all year [laughing]. Very, very interesting. Very interesting indeed.

Maybe you can touch on your experiences? I was talking to Ananda and he was saying that you have a direct link to your soul, which is to God, that you are not channeling anything but your linkage is directly to God. Perhaps you can elaborate and explain this experience? Thank you.

Maitreya: Noor, can you explain the question if you understood?

Noor: He is asking if you would touch on your experience as Maitreya. He says that last night he was speaking with Ananda Ma and she explained that you are not channeling any higher being but you are directly connected to God and your Revelation and understanding comes directly from Him. Can you touch on that experience briefly? Thank you.

Maitreya: Thank you. Thanks God!

Well, it has been an amazing life, many experiences, and when I came to the United States... actually, that is another thing you can find in the website. It is called, "How He Became Maitreya," and it took me myself around a week to explain all the things happened to me until I reached to the point that realizing who I am and what God has brought to me to bring to humanity, and one of the people in the Mission actually gave a lecture after that week of explanation by me, and she did a fantastic job, and it is on the website.

Noor [text]: How He Became Maitreya:

Maitreya: And someone just gave you the URL. You can copy that or go there or read it now or read it later, so you know all about what happened.

So it is not really an easy thing I can tell you in a couple of minutes. In an essence: It start when I came to the United States. And gradually it became stronger and more powerful. And I even had a dream that guided me to do things, that was great. But my life was guided step by step and still being guided step by step. And eventually I had no choice but accept this Mission and reach to humanity.

And there is no doubt in my mind of what I say is the truth. And actually we have the cure to all the problems for humanity.

So read that lecture, you will know all about it.

Go ahead. I saw you raised your hand. Go ahead if you have something to - we are over our time so we have to kind of accelerate this to finish it as soon as possible. Go ahead if you have something else to say.

Lazmosis: No. I thank you so much for your time. This has been a tremendously profound experience that I have had with you. I have probably got one more question, probably referring to the antichrist in relation to the Maitreya and the Catholic Church, if you know anything about this.

But I am really enjoying myself listening to you and your teachings. You are revealing a lot more than I expected, I am extremely grateful. Thank you.

Maitreya: You are quite welcome. If you want to ask your last question, we do not want to leave you with one question left. Or you can send me with the email, I answer you there. But if you want to ask, maybe we stay a couple of more minutes and finish that for you too. Go ahead.

Lazmosis: OK, last question: Please state the link and the correlation between the antichrist, the Maitreya, and the Catholic Church, as prophesied in the end times. Are we in the end times? And please explain the correlation between the Maitreya, antichrist, and the Catholic Church, if there is any. Thank you.

Maitreya: Antichrist means anything which does not believe in Christ and the coming of the Messiah and the teaching of God to humanity. Antichrist is been with us from the very beginning of the foundation of the darkness. Therefore antichrist is not a being. It is a state of consciousness also. Just like there is no devil, there is no antichrist in the sense of a human or being.

But there are a lot of people can be categorized as antichrist: Those who are in Maya, they enslave humans, they make the life of human miserable, make them suffering, teach them anything but The Goal of the Life is to Be(come) Divine, those who teach that the goal of the life is to become rich and powerful and famous and this and that, they are all are antichrist. And those who bring Maya to you, those who do not create Communities of Light, or they do things to other people that it is not Godly, these are all the lower nature of man. And they hang into their lower nature and they think they know better than God. And these are all antichrist manifestations. It is not a being.

Catholic Church, of course, follows Paul. And Paul was not the one Christ choose as the stone that his church will be built on. He choose Peter. But later on Paul came, took over.

Therefore, Paul actually is a false prophet. And most of the Christians follow Paul. That is another thing that they lost in the process. And Paul came to the Rome and made it very acceptable to the Western way of thinking instead of going deeper, because he was not deep himself probably, and he was intellectual anyway, as he was a Jew that prosecuted the follower of Christ before he had that experience in his way to Damascus.

So we can see that... we even do not know what that experience was! Who was in that experience that told him what he said he has heard? Did he have really an experience? So it is pretty hard to see why he took over the Christianity.

And therefore, he talks about antichrist, and I think the only place it is mentioned in the Bible is two or three times in the Acts. We actually do not accept Acts as the complete truth. They have some truth in them but they are not complete truth. In John too, as Divine says [Divine posted that antichrist is also mentioned in John].

Therefore we can see that antichrist is been with us and it is with us. Hopefully when the Kingdom come, people will not follow the Maya anymore and they overcome it and they become Godly.

I hope that answered your question.

Lazmosis: Thank you so much. Thank you.

Maitreya: OK, well, good luck, and read more in the website. I hope you will find the path you are looking for. And let us know your progress and if you need more help.

And everyone else, welcome, and... I mean, thanks for coming [laughs]. And I hope you all enjoying the Feast of Tabernacles. It is wonderful. And you have to have the Joy of the Feast and feel the Spirit of God and become one with It.

I leave you all to God. Maybe see you next year.


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