Question and Answer Sessions With Maitreya

Feast of Tabernacles


Introduction: Before we begin, if you will, please, let's close our eyes and take a moment of silence to remember God's Presence and be one in Him.



Today we have the great honor and blessing of having Maitreya himself, God is With Him (GIWH), in the room. Other names and titles given to him include: The First Begotten Son of God, The Christ, The Kalki Avatar, the Mehdi, He Whom God Shall Make Manifest, the Blue Kachina, the Seventh Angel, and many others. He is the representative of God, the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, FINE, on earth. He has come to reveal the Mystery of God, unify the religions of the world and humanity, and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, as has been prophesied.

He will be with us to answer questions, which were sent in ahead of time to him. After Maitreya finishes answering your question, the sender of the question may ask a follow up. Please be courteous and ask only one question at a time.

If you do not follow these guidelines, or attempt to grab the mic without Maitreya's permission, you will be red-dotted and/or bounced.

Please note that this is a public forum, and whatever you say is in public domain. We do record these sessions and may broadcast them later, or use them as we see fit.

The mic is now released to Maitreya; please give him your respect and undivided attention.

All thanks to God and to His Prophet. Sal-Om to you all.


Maitreya: Sal-Om everyone. I hope I sound OK. Good sound. Alright.

Well, welcome everyone to the Mission and to the Feast of Tabernacles. I hope you all are enjoying it and getting the Grace of God that comes to earth in these days, eight days, in the greatest degree.

And if you really are in tune and meditate you will see this eight days is the greatest time for humanity to connect to God and experience the Oneness.

This Feast has been managed with the people, and a lot of people in the Mission participate in making it easier for everyone else out there to come and experience the oneness in a greater degree. So I like to take time and thanks everyone that helped with the Mission and make it more enjoyable for everyone, to come and they listen to the readings, they dance with the Kirtan, we meditate with you, and manage the room and all the things that everyone does. Especially the help of Unus and Noor that managed and created this Feast for everyone to come and enjoy. They put a lot of effort and I did not have to be involved whatsoever. They took it. They did it. It happened. And I did not have to worry about it or discuss it or anything. So we thank these wonderful men who are doing such a great job for the Mission.

I like to dedicate this session to a question we received from Goran about the ability of other people to create the Communities of Light in different parts of the world. I would like to also know more about the Goran, and Sadhana, our two new members, and what are their ideas about the Communities of Light that they asked the question about. So I release the mic to them and let them tell us a little about themselves.

I know very little about Bosnia and those areas. I know more about them after the disaster happened there and the war that came and eventually what happened there.
So if you want to take the mic, tell us a little more about the politics and situation in those areas, how you found the Mission and what is your ideas about creating the Communities of Light and anything you feel telling us. Go ahead.


Goran: Sal-Om everyone. Can you hear me?


Maitreya: Yes.


Goran: Thanks God for good sound. Sal-Om Maitreya, first of all. Sal-Om to all of you. And all thanks to God for the opportunity for all these beautiful souls to get together like this. And thanks God for a great Feast of Tabernacles this far.

Above all, all thanks to God for the incomprehensible fact that we are actually able to be advised by the Prophet of God, in person. What can I say? I am excited like a little child who is about to meet his father for the first time, in a sense. And after all, how does one approach the Prophet of God and what questions and thoughts are worthy of it. They never taught us about that in school [laughing]. But here we are and I am grateful for it. Thanks God for that.

And this is the Feast of Tabernacles and our idea was what is Tabernacles, what does that mean. In a sense Tabernacles is a Community of Light. As it is a dwelling place of Divine Presence, in a sense and the Presence is achieved by following the Eternal Divine Path in the Communities of Light.

So in a sense the Feast of Tabernacles is also a Feast of the Communities of Light. And what is more important than making sure that one makes the right choices when working towards establishing the right kind of communities.

As it was said, my wife, Sadhana, and me are from Bosnia originally. We were refugees of war in the middle of 90's and ended up by God's Will in Norway. And we are here now.

In regards to the situation in Bosnia, I don't know where to start. It is such a complicated, long story. But it is also a very fertile area because it consists of almost all the great religions of the world. The capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, is also called "Little Jerusalem," exactly, because you find Christians, both orthodox and Catholic. You find Muslims. You find Jewish people. And it has been like this for at least the last decade... even much longer, I am sorry.

However the difference is imposed on people, manipulation that has derived from the people's differences has made it possible to put people against each other which also resulted in a really horrible, horrible war. They call it a religious war, an ethnic war. For me it was, always like we used to say in our home, a criminal war, a war against people.

And the manipulation still continues. Today still there is, people are divided, people are... All the efforts are made to keep people away from each other, to keep them separated, as it makes it easier to manipulate them. To put them against each other, not make them realize that really they are all one.

And the forces, the political elites, that could be itself... who does that, that could be a long discussion itself. Is it the international community? Is it part of a bigger picture of keeping people away from each other?

But it is also partly the elites who got hold of the economic political power in the state itself, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, who have their own entire careers based on the separation of man. And anything that works toward the unification of man is also against their own careers, and wealth and power. So all efforts are made to maintain the separation, division. So after the war the country itself has been split up, administrationally, organizationally, the state has been organized in a sense that its people have kind of all in their own flocks.

Thanks to God they do not last forever, they never did and never will. And, but it is hard for those that live in it at the moment. The injustice and the manipulation really makes people who have seen the broader picture, makes their heart ache.

And as far as I have seen it, there is no other solution than unification of humanity. Not just within the borders of Bosnia or any other country but unification of all mankind. So that would be, I think, put in short the current situation today, and hopefully, at a later point I would come back and tell you that it's all over [laughing].

So based on that that is why we have the question in regards to Communities of Light and the establishment because we live in... If it is OK for you, I would like to just state the questions again in a sense. And thank you and thanks God. As we live... Because I was so excited I first thought, should I, should I make some notes? And I did make some notes just not to forget some of the important points I wanted to make in case I got the chance. But rather I would choose to follow Noor's earlier advice and just let it flow. And hopefully, God willing, it will come out alright.

As we live in an age of information, everything is available to us of information in regards to the world we live in. I must say some of it is very disturbing. For instance, Edgar Cayce was also called the sleeping Prophet. He has outlined the world map after global tribulation that shows entire parts of states, countries, worldwide, submerged under water, for instance, and including the whole Southern Norway, where we live.
And because we have plans to purchase land locally...

[lost sound here]

Hello everyone. Thanks God and it sounds like the sound is coming through again. I am not really sure what happened but here we are. And again sorry for the technical problem. I don't think it was something on my part here.

Anyways I will just pick it up where I left it, that the question is, shortly: What would be your, Maitreya's, most important piece of advice for those of us who want to choose a piece of land to establish communities dedicated to God in their local areas? In other words, what are the crucial things to consider in regards to choosing the right geographical location, access to water, etc. to ensure longevity and survival of the community also for future generations, especially considering the awaiting tribulations that are prophesied to humanity and the end times?

In short, thanks a lot and I would appreciate your response. Thanks to God.


Maitreya: One thing for sure, you have to consider the things that are obvious. As you said, the water will cover many lands close to the ocean and therefore the advice is get away as far as possible from the water and let God guide you to the places that are not susceptible to the disaster which will come to earth.

We know it is coming. There is no doubt about it. And some people are telling me probably it is going to happen after I left my body. So that is a possibility.

So be smart enough not to make a mistake, obvious mistakes, just having a place that is vulnerable to disasters. Don't buy a land in the faults that there might be earthquake or close to the volcanoes or avalanche and all the disaster areas that might affect your decision. That is a very obvious thing to do. And then, of course, let God guide you.

Just, I was not planning to be in a safe place but God guided me to the four corners and this is probably one of the most prophesied area to be the safest place on earth to be. Actually they call it the center of earth. And there are many, many prophecies, especially from American Indians, that they say this area is safe. And I even did not even know Albuquerque existed until I came to Colorado and then I heard about, "The air is very good in Albuquerque," compared with Denver which was just like a bowl and the pollution just sits there.

So I was guided to end up here. And I have been telling people for the last, God knows, at least fifteen years that the tribulation is coming, get away from the water, get away from the places that are disaster-prone and I am hoping eventually someone starts listening.

So it is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when. So we cannot listen to the Word of God and believing that everything is going to be OK. I hope it will but probably it won't.

So start thinking about what is the best way to face what is coming. And that is some advice that can be considered and the rest is really up to God, and how sensitive you are, and how much you are guided to start something that you have.

Do you have any land?


Goran: I do not. Not for the moment.


Maitreya: OK. So that makes it easier because now you can choose a land that probably considered not susceptible to that kind of disasters just like volcano or earthquake, or close to water and all that, which is good. I hope you can get the land.

Now if anyone else has any suggestion for you, go ahead and take the mic. I want to make this a kind of a brainstorming session with everyone. So go ahead if you have some ideas.


Brad: Yes, I was one of the people listening when Maitreya said move to Albuquerque and I am here now. It is a beautiful place to live, I am really enjoying it. And I have the ambition to start a larger Community of Light. We have the people here in the Mission and I am hoping for more people to move to this area.

And my recommendation to anyone as far as looking to establish one is to establish one here because this is going to be the center and this would be a good place and a safe place.

You can feel the energy here. I do not live too far away from where we talk about perhaps having a Temple someday, or establishing a starting point for the New Age. You can feel it. You can feel the energy out here in this high desert land.

But we currently don't have that many people here but I've been put kind of in charge of people that are thinking about moving here or establishing a larger community. And I am going to be looking into the options on land and the different possibilities for building something where we could live together, maybe with enough land to grow some of our own food, or any kind of establishment of an office or a center, or Temple, out away from the residence and that way make a little more official meeting place and a place where we can have people come to visit, and things like that.

So, my recommendation for anyone right now is to come and join us. And it really does feel like the right place and the right time.


Maitreya: Yes, I concur with Brad and the most, the ideal move is to come around here because already God said it is the best way to be. And if you are interested to come around here, contact Brad. He is a project manager and his e-mail is on the website. If you go to Project Managers, you will see the project for information about the Mission and this area. And contact him if you want to move here. That is the best thing you can do, to come to this area.

But what if someone cannot? People in Turkey or in Europe, they want to come here but there are other obstacles for them, visas, they are not able to come here. What are they going to do?

But I agree with Brad, if you have the opportunity and you can move and you should move, come here.

Now, if someone wants to start something somewhere else, what should you do, what is the advice for them?


Unus: Sal-Om. I could probably share from my own situation a little bit. At the same time maybe I will have an insight on my situation that might help others. Currently I live in Turkey with my parents. They are in Istanbul, the biggest city in Turkey, but we are in a rural area.

After I find the Mission I always were on the lookout how, what it will be the best place at least in Turkey for me to start like a family at least of my own. Because I could not go to the states, I could not go back to the United States and join the Mission center there because of visa, not having a green card, and after that, financial strains.

But what happened here was that I looked all around on the Internet and even tried to move out of here to somewhere else that I thought would be better but somehow, I will say God forced me to come back here.
And my family bought like a small land, about 3-4 acres. Not so small but not so large. And how we bought that land or what we do there, or how it happened was not so well planned. But it ended up we have like a water, electricity, and all these things, and it is away from the any big mass of water.

But still, even though it is in between cities, the way the air currents work it is usually like much better air than around others. And one thing I noticed is that this place we live in is on the borders of two cities. One of the cities is called Izmir. It is one of the most developed like industrialized cities in Turkey. There are a lot of factories and all those kind of things. And the other city that this land is on is one of the most conservative cities. It is more religious, it is more intuitive. The people here are more laid back and they follow Islam more. So this city is in the middle of that.

I do not know if this land is ok, if it is safe or not, but we now use the land to grow our own food here and have water and we started with some, even having some small animals like chickens and etc.

But I remember Maitreya also saying, Albuquerque is in the middle of where the West meets the East in a sense because South America has a lot of people who went there from Spain and Spain has been under the influence of Arabs for some centuries. So it is kind of like where the sons of Ishmael meet the sons of Isaac. So West meets East, I think. That might be also how, if maybe there are also like smaller spots on earth that have the same, maybe, qualities.

I am just guessing, and just thinking about my situation. But we currently have like a small land over here with a small house on it. We don't have much resources to get more out of the field, but slowly we are doing some things.

If your dad needs any help, Sadhana, in Istanbul, let me know, because I was born there, I know the city well.


Maitreya: Very good. Yes, it sounds like you have been guided there to end up with that land, and that is what I mean by being guided. Somehow your life is not going the way you think it is going to go.

I surely was not planning to do this Mission when I was growing up, but I am here. I am here and that is the Mission, and that is the only religion that made sense to me, myself. And that is why I said, well maybe other people will also like it and apparently they do. So, that is great.

And so that is how it is. You try to make plans but do not be attached to it. It is the way of God, sometimes your plan does not work the way you like it but accept it and surrender and submit to it and not to be attached to the results of it. So let us follow that.

And another thing the people in the New Mexico are, the north is the children of Israel and the south is the children of Ishmael and two brothers also meet here. So it is a kind of interesting area to study and be and it sound like God has a great Plan for it.

OK, is there any other person who wants give some advice about how other people can start Communities of Light where they are? So they should try at least to find places that there are not much disaster happen. That is one of the interesting things about New Mexico is we do not have hurricane, we do not have... well we have volcanoes, we have tornados sometimes but they are very rare, and it really does not have much of the things that the rest of this continent is dealing with. So that, by itself, shows that it is a much safer place than anywhere else. So already it is a safer place to live in.

If anyone else wants to take the mic, go ahead. I will give you a couple of minutes.


OK, too late.

Well, what we are trying to accomplish here in the Albuquerque area and the discussion about starting the Communities of Light other places are not contradictory. Actually they are complementary; like everything else in the Mission, they complement each other.

The whole vision of the Mission was that we eventually will have enough resources to have a center here and there are going to be so many people in the Mission that we will find great leaders and teachers that, with the resources that the Mission will have, we can send them to spread the Mission all over the world and reach everyone who wants to hear about this Mission. If people, like Unus, and you, and Sadhana start something anywhere you are, when the Mission reaches point when we have enough resources and people that we can send out, your place is going to be the first places that these people will come, because we already have a beachhead to reach out to the rest of the community.

And as we already explained the whole humanity needs this Mission. Our fight is not the fight between the East and West. Our fight is not with anyone.

Actually what we say is so much truth. If they would have understood it, they would not see us as a threat whatsoever because even those people who are rich and "one percent," we tell them, "Look, this is a Law, if 1% have most of the resources, if you do not listen the way we say it should be handled, there will be a revolution." It is just history has shown us it is going to happen no matter who that nation or people are.

When few people have most of the resources, see the basic, the most basic tendency, the most basic propensity in human is survival. "Yes, I am fine with you be rich as far as I have enough to survive on. But if you become so rich that my survival is in jeopardy, I just do not care, I join the revolution."

So we have to tell these people, "Look, what we say is helping you in the long run." When an economy reaches a saturation then it is not going to be able to expand. Yes, the Keynesian theory says, when there is recession you spend money and you make the economy expand. But this recession is going to eventually have a point that the economy no longer can expand. Because what are they expanding on? Giving more money to the banks and the industries? It is not going to trickle down to the regular people.

So what we are saying is just the truth of the universe. That is the way it works.

So if someone thinks that we are against them, we are not against them. We are telling the truth to them and if they do not listen to us they are going to see what we say is going to come true.

That is what God is telling humanity, "I sent all these religions. I am the One for all of you." There is no such a thing as Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, this and that. If there is One God how can we have so many religions? So we sending the truth to them. We say, in our system, tell them how to avoid the pitfalls that they have had so far in history. And that is the truth.

We are not against rich or poor or anyone. So this message is needed for all humanity. This message needed for Bosnia. This message needed for the Balkans, that area. So humanity has to recognize that if they do not listen this thing is going to happen anyway. But if they listen it is going to go smoother, nicer, united, unified, and that is the way of God.

So if we can have teachers and leaders, the people who start centers or communities, they will eventually have people from the Mission go to them. So anyone out there... But the first choice is to come here, to come to the Mission, to come to the Albuquerque area.

But this is not the only safe place. There are safe places all over the world, and God does not just create one safe place. But those people who are close to the water, get out of that place, fast. The water is rising. It is not a scientific thing or a revelation, it is very clear fact that the water of the oceans are rising. So the earth close to the water will sink in. So that is the easiest thing to know about the problem. So come out of those. Go places that are in a higher level on earth.

So we can see that yes you can start a communities, you can start a center, you can start even a Communities of Light if you can. Although I have to tell you, creating community is not easy. It is a lot of work. And sometimes when I was preaching, "You have to share," a lot of people came here and said, "Share." Sounds like when I say share only I should share, not everyone else who come here. And many, many things that you do not anticipate when you start preaching. When it comes to the details it becomes much more complicated than you think. But it is possible. It is not impossible.

So the vision is eventually create the communities that they have land, they help each other to grow it, they go and have jobs and eventually do their businesses so they become prosperous.

They also go away from GMOs and all the poison that they are putting in our food. And one of the things, probably right now, those people who want to come to the Albuquerque area is, eat like us. We eat by buying local and from the farmers market. And we try to avoid GMOs and all those poison food in Walmart and other places as possible. So if more people come here we might even be able to rent a farm. And the person who is farming just give the whole thing to our community instead of we go to the farmers market.

Number is power. It has a lot of ability to accomplish great things. Few people is harder. If more people come and gather together and become one, it is easier.
So the only thing they have to do is come together and use that power to make everyone's life better and therefore wait until the tribulation comes, wait until humanity sees what we say makes sense, is truth. Then they might just come little by little to join us.

But of course a lot of people might never do that. And the way it is going, even GMO by itself might unfortunately kill a lot of people out there because that thing is poison that they are eating out there. Any time I see someone have a cartful of food in Walmart or somewhere I feel bad for them because that is poison they are eating.

So yes, you can create the Communities of Light. You can have a land. Consider these things about the land if you decided to buy one. And also, let's be guided.

If there is any other question about this, follow up, go ahead. Or anyone wants to take the mic, go ahead.


Sadhana: Sal-Om everyone. Can you hear me well? It is good sound. That is very good. Thanks God.

Yes, this is very helpful advice, Maitreya, especially on the rising water, something that we have been feeling and been guided towards buying a piece of land inland in Norway.

What is positive in Scandinavia is many people are still very much connected to nature. This is a huge country geographically and it stretches a long way with many fjords. And people are, have been used to living close to nature for thousands of years.

So the one thing that we have been experiencing troubles with is that when, people are very skeptical when it comes to communities, per say. Not to talk about at least the Mission of Maitreya and the Communities of Light. Many people don't understand what this is and what it entails.

But many people have been trying to live within communities. But because they do not have the focus in God, because many people have been disappointed within the institutional set of religions. Many communities have failed and with very good intentions, like for instance growing your own food and getting off the grid and providing solar energy for the household and so on.

So with the help of God and guidance from God we will be striving to make it happen for us. And we believe that we will be connected to the right kind of people and the right ... [lost sound] for us. Thank you everyone. Sal-Om.


Maitreya: Yes, living in the Community is not an easy thing to do. Usually... well, let me put it this way. In the beginning when I started the Mission I thought anyone who walks to the Mission is an Elect and they already have overcome. They are going to get along with each other and they are going to have a wonderful time and work for the Mission and be one.

I am not thinking like that anymore. I have actually reached a point that if people live together and just tolerate each other probably you can create the Communities of Light, instead of having an ideal, or being idealistic of people really get along.

After meditating and seeing people together, even the people who usually get along fine, after a while they want to just get away from each other. So in a sense, people do not get along. That is my conclusion.

And therefore the best thing is, create the communities that they have an interest to be together as a people who are committed to one ideal, which is the Mission, and then work together to provide an environment that everyone... will be beneficial to everyone in the community.

So instead of being idealistic about it and thinking to create a community that everyone is going to be fine with each other I hope eventually it happens when we get the New Man, but this man at this time we have to be more forgiving of each other and tolerate one another and create an environment that no one is going to be too much pressured to be ideal, an ideal person. So I hope this advice will follow you when you start your community or your, when you get your land.

Of course do not compromise the principle of the Mission and God but at the same time be more understanding of people around you.

OK. Is there any other question about this, about this topic?


Goran: Sal-Om again and all thanks to God for the answers provided thus far. I do have a kind of followup question. Partly when it comes to Norway and certain other countries, there is a certain possibility of perhaps registering the Mission as one of, kind of, religions, if I can put it that way without it coming out the wrong way.

That way one could be provided with certain privileges in establishing a religion center and probably use that possibility to both partially at least finance the establishment and the communities but also attract attention of the Elects and other people that are supposed to hear the call.

That is just another... even though I must say that, shortly, that it is kind of worrying that one should get away from water, as most big cities around the world are based close to coast. And especially Norway with all the fjords has a coast that if it was stretched out, it would be as long as the coast of the entire continent of Africa. With so much contact with water we should, I am wondering if it is, at least, if it is the right place to be. But God willing we will be able to find out.

Thanks you so far, and thanks God for the opportunity.


Maitreya: Yes, you can register the Mission in there and there is no problem with that. But one thing that those who start a community or register the Mission and things like that, when we reach the point that the Mission have enough resources and we have the people to send to you, we expect you give all those things to the people presenting the Mission so we can create a more centralized way to control or at least coordinate between different centers.

For instance, if Unus created Communities of Light in Turkey and eventually we have someone there... of course Unus is probably not a good example, he is in the Round Table and he probably make the decision to do that [laughing]. But the people who are not in that position, if they create something, when the time comes we like that they know that the Mission expects them to let the Mission not your land, your land is in your name that is fine, but if it is under - you registered the Mission and later on our people came, we want you to surrender that part to those people.

So indeed, yes, go ahead and register it with the understanding that you eventually have to... whatever belongs to that organization to the central of the Mission so we can... Yes. Then we have no problem. We have just... usually I want to make it very clear to everyone that later on you say, "Oh, no, we did all these things, we are not going to give it to the Mission." Then it is going to create bad feelings there.

So from now on everyone know when the time came that part that is registered belongs to the Mission and we should let the Mission continue.

And like the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church has land all over the world. And although those lands probably bought with some other people, eventually it came under the Catholic Church. And I would like to see the Mission become even more rich and powerful than the Catholic Church - without bishops and all those things, but the head still is connected to God.

So yes, go ahead, and register and start the Mission. Buy land, buy things... actually if you were able to attract more people to join you and they pay tithes, you can actually keep 3% in your area with expenses there. And if you really have a lot of resources you can use that registered Mission to buy things for that registered part of the Mission and expand it even more and become a very powerful center wherever you are. And, of course, you will be Blessed by God and Blessed by Mission. No doubt about it, we are not going to not appreciate people who will do great things for the Mission for sure. We always will consider them as part of God and Elects.

And Norway and the area you are and especially Holland, I am even worried about that country. That water is coming up pretty fast. Although they are creating a lot of levees to stop the water but if a huge tsunami or something comes they are going to be really in trouble. Holland is even lower than the... yes, that is it, the water is just going to completely cover that thing. And also, you have to also consider how bad it is going to be for you, where you are and how high the water is going to go. So those in the coastal areas be aware.

OK, anything else, anything you think about this?


Brad: Yes, just a quick note on Edgar Cayce and some of those prophecies. As far as what I get from reading some of those is, it is not just the oceans rising uniformly, that a lot of the trouble is going to be the fault lines. And so it is not all coast lines. I don't think all coast lines are threatened, tremendously threatened by rising oceans as much as the fault lines. As in California is that, that fault line will slip that down. There is probably not enough ocean water to bring the ocean all the way up to the Rocky Mountains but if you slip the land down then the water can come over it.

So I think a lot of that redrawing of the map that Cayce did, a lot of it... because he said he is going to come back, his next incarnation about 60, 70, 80 years from now, and that he is in New York City and it's, because there is a big fault line there and New York City is destroyed as much by the earthquake and then the water coming in from the land falling. So that may even be part of the... be difficult to figure out but not, not, I do not think it is a uniform that way. I think the greater threat is the places where they have the fault lines, like our California and the Pacific coast.


Maitreya: Yes, just imagine his prophecy comes true and California falls into the water. Do you know what kind of tsunami that is going to create in that ocean? What, 100 feet up and going toward Asia and Hawaii? Or, in North Pole or other places that they have a lot of ice and some of them break and suddenly fall into the ocean. They are going to create also great disaster. And if one of them goes through Europe, what Holland going to do?

It just, we know it is getting warmer, and as I said, we can, like that bird that he puts his head into the snow and because he does not see the hunters he says there is no hunter, but the hunter is getting closer and closer and shots the bird while the bird is thinking, because he does not see him, he is not there, we can put our heads into the snow and say, "everything is OK" and "all you need is love," and then not to listen to God's warning and all that. Then when the disaster comes, the disaster comes.

It is getting warmer. There is no doubt the ice is going to melt. The disaster has been prophesied with all the Prophets. Now what are we going to do, listen to Beatles instead of the Prophets?

So we have to wake up. It is getting there. We have to realize it is not a joke, it is not something that... I dedicated my life to this for what, to sit here and tell you guys things that is not my understanding and deep realization that it is going to happen? Well OK, you do not have to listen to me, but when it came and it starts happening, don't blame me and God.

Because it is just like that man who, the flood came and he went to the top of the house and the flood is coming up. A boat came over and said, "Hey, jump into the boat. I will help you." He said, "No, I trust in God. I am going to sit here." Then the helicopter came and said, "Let's get you out of the top of the house." And he said, "No. I am not going to do that." There is a safe, a life jacket came and he could just put that on and swim away. He said, "No. I am going to trust in God." Water came up and he drowned.

And he went to God. He said, "Why didn't you help me, God?" He said, "I sent you a boat, I sent you a helicopter, I sent you the life jacket. You did not use them. What do you want Me to do?"

We have been saying to people for thirty years, "Get out of the coasts. Go to the safe place. Come to Rio Rancho. Come to this area." But if the disaster came, don't blame God. Already He told you where to go.

Brad says, "My bumper sticker will read, 'Don't blame me, I voted for Maitreya'" [laughing]. That is funny. That is good.

Yes, it is true. Actually when I was starting the Mission I had two people, Sarah-Ji and another person, John. And after a while they said they are going to vote for me, for the president. I said, "I don't think they are going to accept that."

Anyway, so it is the truth, God sent a Messenger to you with a clear message and a lot of credentials. Listen to him, and listen to the warning: Get out of those places. And start preparing with what is coming.

So let's go to... Goran, have I answered all your questions? If you have any more, go ahead. We have fifteen more minutes left. Let's see if... if it goes over it is OK. But if you have another one, go ahead.


Goran: Sal-Om again. I am just enjoying the talk. Yes indeed, the information that you, Maitreya, provided here today, and all the other participants, I really appreciate it. And somehow, although I realize that the issue is incredibly serious and should be addressed like that as well, it gives me hope somehow. The energy felt here between us and the things that I heard from my brothers and sisters, it gives me hope. I am sure that it will all work out alright as long as we let God guide us and are open to it.

So thank you again, and thanks God for the opportunity to address this really enormous subject. I appreciate it. Thank you so much for now.


Maitreya: OK. Well, Goran sounds have finished his questions.

Sadhana, you had some questions. I sent you some URL and I hope they helped. Do you still have any questions about them? This is your opportunity. Go ahead and ask them here and we can see what comes the answer.

Go ahead if you have any.


Sadhana: Sal-Om, thank you for the opportunity. Yes, I was really wondering about the dreams, and of course I got the links that you sent me and it has been addressed before. But my question was more coming from a curious place about your dreaming before you had started your Mission.

And, of course, the second question was about the bad dreams, specifically the dream that I had as a child previous to the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina which I - later on in life, of course - connected to some kind of intuitional speaking to me about what was going to happen. And the dream, if I may share it with you here, was quiet terrible with the earth cracking in two and me falling into it with lots of, well, dead people inside it and a very dark, dark dream.

And the dream was repetitive and I've been reading in the Mission's pages that dreams that are repetitive might be of some importance for the person. So I was wondering if that dream might not be connected only to a war experience in Bosnia but also to the tribulation that we are here now addressing in these talks.

Thank you very much. Sal-Om!


Maitreya: Yes, the dreams, as you have read on that page, there are three kinds. There are regular dreams that people have that are very much related to psychological problems they have and the answer to their daily life and how they can resolve it and solve it.

Of course, most of the people even don't bother even remembering what their dreams are. But when I was in high school I read a book called Self-Analysis. And in that book it recommended that you have a pad and pencil close to your bed and whenever you have a dream and you wake up, you write that dream down. And, of course, the book very deeply explaining what kind of psychological problems people have.

And then when you wake up, when you have the time, you take the dream and break it down to the different sections, which you see important and you start writing about them. And as you write, you realize, "Yes, I had another dream similar to this 10 days ago, a month ago, 6 months ago." And the deeper and deeper you eventually see a message is trying to be given to you about a problem that you have. And when that message is clear to you, put it on the Light, and repeat it, and analyze it, and write about it more and more, and eventually, one day, they are not there anymore.

I don't... well, I was... another thing is the things that bothers you, for example if you are very shy. I was very shy when I was growing up. And you write about it, "I am shy. Yesterday I really wanted to say something. I did not say anything because I was afraid, or I was shy, or something like that." A week, a month, or something like that and eventually it comes to you, you were shy from the childhood because somehow you were told what you say, it does not make sense, or you are not smart enough to, or whatever the psychological problem was, it comes up in the childhood.

I did not believe in reincarnation or spirit or anything like that then. But now I understand even you can go even deeper. You can go to regression and previous lifetimes even might be affecting you. So psychology is not only for this lifetime.

Other dreams are very deep dreams. They are very vivid. They repeat themselves and they are not related to your daily problems but they are kind of a message that comes to you.

Just like a couple of years ago, before the crash of the economy, we were living in a very large house, with six bedrooms, four bathrooms. It was huge and it was a very beautiful center, everyone loved it. But some people in the Mission, Sarah-Ji and other people, started dreaming that the ceiling is falling down. Also the situation changed to a point that we had to sell the house and get out.

Six months later the economy went down the drain and that house probably would have sold almost half of what we sold it for. We did not listen to the dream but the situation changed for us.

So, if you don't listen to a dream, that kind of a dream, then if God really wants you to do something that you really do not want to do, you are forced to do it. Especially if you are close to God and he has a Mission for you to do and He wants you to be in the shape to do the Mission. You almost don't have any choice all your life. That is how it goes. God guides you to different situation and positions and all of that.

So we sold the place and those dreams the people had were correct, the ceiling was falling out. If we had stayed in that house we wouldn't be in good shape.

So your dream about Bosnia probably is one of them. God was telling you, get out of there, your situation is changing. But at the same time anyone has a dream and start packing up and moving, probably that dream might not be the correct one. So it is a little difficult to exactly know what the dreams' answers are. If it follows a situation that is forcing you to do something, probably that is the will of God.

And another dream, of course, is a garbage dream. That usually means nothing. It has no really message or psychological solution. Usually it happens when people eat a lot and sleep at night, or they are drunk or they are not really in a very high consciousness that might happen to them. That means nothing. It is really something not to be worried about it.

The question about, did I have a dream about I will receive a Revelation? I had no clue. I had no intention to be a Prophet.

Actually if... when I was growing up and someone would have told me you will be the Prophet of God, I would have told them you are crazy. That is just not going to happen here. But when it happened, it happened. You have no choice. It is just, that is the only thing left for you and you know it. You know it that you have to do it.
And actually when I started the Mission I had no idea about the prophecies that were fulfilled through me. The only thing I knew, "This thing makes sense."

Because I wasn't very religious. I grew up in an Islamic country, but to me, their explanation was not satisfactory to me. So I... but when this came I said, "Yes, this makes sense. There is One God sent all these religions. There is not Christian, and Jews, and Hindus, and Buddhists, and all of them say 'ours is better than yours' or 'we are the chosen one, we are the one who have the only answer, we have the last one.'"

When the whole Islamic... the only place that they claim that Prophet Muhammed said "I am the last one" is in one verse that it actually can be translated not as the "last one" but the "Seal of the Prophets." In our teaching we explain why he is the Seal of the Prophets, because he is at the top of the ring. And that is why he is the Seal of the Prophets. And also he finished the spiritual truth in it.

So it is just, none of those things make sense until this Revelation. This makes sense. That is the most important part about the Mission, that it makes sense. If you have the slightest sense you will Love it.

So listen to your dreams, analyze them, write them down. If they are repeating themselves, if they are very vivid, listen to them. If it has some psychological reason for them, just repeat them, write about them, go deeper level. I do not know if they have that book Self-Analysis here in the West. I think it was actually been translated to Persian from the Western languages. So it has to be somewhere. It was a very fantastic book. And if you can find that probably that can help you a lot in your self-analysis.

But better than that of course is the Mission meditation and rituals and understanding of yourself and going deeper level inside.

I hope we answered that question, Sadhana. If you have anything else, go ahead. Anyone else, just go ahead and take the mic.


OK then. Sounds like there are no questions left. Well, that is fantastic. That is what I always say. All the questions are answered in the website and you can go there and find any answers you want.

Even if you had read my, "How I Became Maitreya," it clearly shows there that I had no clue whatsoever that God is going to send me a Message. And when I went to the Baha'i Temple and that Vision hit me like a brick, that was absolutely unexpected to me. That is why I completely had to leave Chicago and go back to Mississippi and start bringing myself back to realizing what happened.

And that is what happened. That is what you guys received, the Mission. The Mission happened. And therefore you guys have come to a great Revelation and Realization.

Become One with each other. Become very cooperative with each other. And listen to the Call of God and become One, and do the Mission. I am here to help.

So I leave you guys all to God and hopefully have a good year. Probably you are not going to hear from me until next year. If there is anything left next year again to ask, I don't think very much thing left that was not asked. And if there was, then you can hear me. Otherwise the only time you can come and see me or hear me is when you come here to help with the Mission.

Sal-Om everyone. Have a good year.

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