Question and Answer Sessions With Maitreya

Feast of Tabernacles


Introduction: Sal-Om everyone. Welcome to the second, or actually first due to Paltalk issues, session with Maitreya. Hope you all are well and enjoying the Feast.

Before we begin let us take a moment of silence to center ourselves, remove ourselves from other places and thoughts, and be completely here that we may receive from Maitreya what he wishes to give us, in its purest form. [Silence.] Sal-Om!

Today we have the great honor and blessing of having Maitreya himself, God Is With Him (GIWH), in the room. Other names and titles given to him, as we know, are many and all deserved. They include: The First Begotten Son of God, the Christ, the Kalki Avatar, the Mehdi, He Whom God Shall Make Manifest, the Blue Kachina, the Seventh Angel, Satrio Piningit, and many, many others. He is the representative of God, the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, FINE, on earth, come to reveal the Mystery of God, unify the religions of the world and humanity, and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, as has been prophesied.

He will be available for the next hour and a half, from 9:30 to 11, to do whatever he would like. I don't know exactly what he will be doing but whatever it is, it will be great.

So, you all know the rules for room conduct. I will just go over them briefly once again. To ask a question of Maitreya, you are expected to have visited the website,, and know the base of his teachings. You are expected to have searched the website for the answer to your question before asking it. There are hundreds of questions available, answered on the website. It is your responsibility to find those answers before asking them.

If you do have a question for Maitreya, please type it in text. If your question is chosen to be answered, a Mission representative will read your question, or you may be asked to come to the mic and ask it yourself. Of course, this may not apply anymore with the new rules, but we will see what happens in the session.

Please be courteous and ask only one question at a time. If there are no questions, we will read from Mission literature until another question is asked. If you do not follow these guidelines, or attempt to grab the mic without Maitreya's permission, you will be red-dotted and/or bounced.

Please note that this is a public forum, and whatever you say is in public domain. We do record these sessions, and may broadcast them later and use them as we see fit.

The mic is now released to Maitreya; please give him your respect and undivided attention.

Thanks be to God!

Maitreya: Sal-Om everyone. I guess with that introduction my ego is pretty large and (laughing) big - but not really.

We are here just, today, we are going to have a session of family. I came here to answer questions which we probably get to them. But how is everyone doing in the room? I know every one of you. If you want to grab the mic and tell about how are you doing and what is going on in your life and would like to talk about yourself a little bit and see how you are enjoying the Feast and what is happening, go ahead. Just grab the mic. Just give a couple of, just probably a minute you do that, if you would like to do that. And just let's be just a session of friends together. [Silence.]

Come on, anybody. Just come on here and let's, let's be a friendly session. If you do not do it I am going to give a very deep Satsang that you never understand it...

Tahirah: [laughing] Thanks God, Maitreya. That made me laugh. So I think again, I think everyone is sitting back waiting for the other person to come to the mic again. So maybe in the future we all have to just raise our hand. That way we are not looking to see who is going to jump up and... hmm. So I will go first.

I am just thanking God for the Feast, for the energies of this Feast and for being able to share. I am just however wishing I could share with more people.

I have invited a few people but it seems at this point no one has been able to get here, which is OK. That is the way it is. But this Feast is not over so we shall see with that.

As far as my, my house and my home and my environment, being at the Feast and being home and working at the computer, and it is a little challenging, I must say, between the time difference and taking care of family matters in between. Although I told everyone that I am not here for the next week, just forget that I am here. I cannot do that with my father, of course.

So it is fun. It is, God is Good. And just loving, loving the opportunity and just very excited in my heart. [Reading something Maitreya typed in text.]

Maitreya: How is he doing?

Tahirah: Thank you, Maitreya. He is incredible actually, you know. Sometimes I think, "Oh I have to take him back to the hospital, something is going on," or whatever and we are OK with that or stable or he like re-grows again. And he is 96 and he is amazing. He has a wheelchair so is, thank God, able to maneuver around by using his feet. And it gives him a little exercise at the same time. So he sort of scoots around the hallway and, which is good.

I had him in the room here yesterday... [laughing at something in text]. Well, you know we learn a lot from each other. So also it gives, it helps, you give me strength to work, to continue to be someone that can see a bigger picture of things.

So, anyway... what else was I going to say? Working on the lecture has been also a challenge. I have not finished it yet. Tomorrow is my lecture day. So I am working on it at points here and there.

And it is just a beautiful, beautiful time to share and to learn and go over these teachings. As many times as we have read them alone there is nothing like being in a Community and sharing these teachings. It is just the greatest.

And so I just give thanks for Maitreya and Maitreyii, and all of the Divines for keeping on, keeping on. And I will turn the mic over now to someone else. And again, all thanks to the Father.

Maitreya: I am sure your father appreciates being home... [sound cut out] of an old person. And if humanity creates Communities of Light, and old people being used, they are going to be much happier. And the younger people also do not have to hire a stranger to take care of the family because the community is going to be having the support. The Communities of Light really is the answer of all the things we need.

And I am sure you are going to do just fine in the lecture. Whatever God comes through, that would be great. And everyone else is encouraged to give lectures. You know, even fifteen minutes, thirty minutes, whatever.

And probably that is not a bad idea for you to raise your hand if you want, so we can get you one after another, if you want to say something. Go ahead. [Silence, some people typing in text.]

That is great, it is good to hear that everyone is doing good there and overcoming.

I feel it is just like a session we used to have in the first Feast that everyone would come in the Satsang and we talk about what they are doing and everything going and everyone would participate in it. Of course you do not have to. You just, I would like to see we are more having an informal session.

Unus, if you want to take the mic, go ahead... anyone who wants to talk, raise your hand. Go ahead, Radah.

Radah: Sal-Om Maitreya. Sal-Om everyone. I am not better with my English language. Sorry about that but I do not use it very often here.

But here life is going on as everywhere. My mother is still alive, 96 years old also. But she is in a residence, a place for old people. It would not be easy for me to keep her with me. But she is OK. She is fine. But her head is not there at 100%. But physically she is very fine, OK.

I am going between my mother and my two daughters. My daughters are in another city, in Montreal. I am just going on and on with life.

And I am still in the Mission. Not very present all the time but I am still there. [Maitreya typed something in text.] Yes, everyone keeps me busy.

Maitreya: Well, how are you yourself, Radah? It is good to hear your voice. We haven't talked with you for a long time, but we always appreciate your presence in the Mission and we all here love you, and love everyone. And we appreciate what you are doing for the Mission. And sorry to hear you are so busy. But it is good busy, taking care of the family.

Radah: I am fine. No problem. Even if I am getting old but it is OK. Everything is fine with me. Thanks Maitreya. I hope it is the same for you.

Maitreya: Yes, well, for my age everyone says I am doing pretty good. Apparently the Mission is working. If everyone does what is recommended and exercise and good food and good environment, and having loving people around you and love them, apparently it is working. Something I am doing good that everyone say, "Hey, you do not look 69."

So I hope, and actually everyone in the Mission, even people in the Center, they don't do and look their age. I think maybe it is the beginning of the lengthening the life of the human from the 120 eventually to 900 in 1,000 years.

But I am doing just fine. Thanks.

Go ahead, take the mic if you have something else to add. [Something typed in text.]

Yes, sure. Our Soul sure is ageless and eternal, for sure.

OK Unus, if you want to try again, I am not sure what is happening with your system. And anyone else can just raise your hand. Otherwise I am going to start giving Satsang.

Go ahead, Ananda Ma.

Ananda Ma: It took me so long to get my hand up that you said otherwise you would give Satsang. That would be a good idea [laughing].

Anyways, things here at the Mission are wonderful. It is just amazing how God comes through and everything gets done. It is just so beautiful.

The garden is growing and it is doing great also. I posted some pictures of the pomegranate tree because that was another beautiful feature out there in the garden and it is new this year.

And we had a beautiful meal last night. And we had two of my walking buddies, Lael and Lucille, who came and enjoyed dinner with us and the movie of Mohammad afterwards. So it was very, very nice to have them here and have them interested in this movie and get a couple questions about our Mission and our Message answered.

But it is a wonderful Feast. I am enjoying it so, so much. And I hope everyone else is too.

And that is about it for me.

Maitreya: Usually you say, "This was the best Feast ever." Is it the best Feast ever?

Ananda Ma: It sure is. I am a lot busier this year than usual but other than that, oh, it is wonderful. It is very, very nice. Well, that is enough to be said. It is the best Feast ever so far.

Maitreya: Sounds like we are not there, you are having a lot of fun. Do you still want us to come back? Or you want we stay away [laughing]?

Noor: Well, Ma has kept herself extremely busy cleaning things that only she can see as dirty. So she tells me that the carpet is much cleaner now and the beds are much cleaner. And I believe her [laughing].

Ananda Ma: Oh, you can hear me? It says the voice is activated but there is no mic.

Please come back, yes, of course. But we feel your presence here and God's presence, and it's the Mission. Thank God!

Maitreya: Yes, I am sure that everything is cleaner than ever there [laughing]. And enjoy it because we are going to be back pretty soon.

Everything is great. And it is good for everyone to start the Mission without expecting for me to be present. So you all should get more responsibility and involve yourself, to see if I am not around if still the Mission is going to go to not. And I hope it will. And I am sure it will. But it is good for everyone to just assume more and more, do the Mission without me.

But that is great, I hear you guys are doing good there in the Center and enjoying yourselves. And I am sure we are going to have fun when we come back.

Anyone else? Go ahead or raise your hand. Keyosha, you raised your hand, go ahead.

Keyosha: headphones for you to hear me well, so I hope that the sound is coming through well. Thank you, Maitreya. Thanks God.

I am celebrating the Feast here on my own here in Ashville, North Carolina. I had to work the first day of the Feast, but I am able to have all the rest of the days off. So that is wonderful.

My work is for the Autism Society. I work with a little girl named Kelly who I have been working with for about five or six years now. She is a joy, and a terror [laughing].

She can be the most joyful... I am sure a lot of it depends on me and the spirit of God coming through me. She can be the most joyful, wonderful, incredible, has taught me so much, and then at other times... and actually it is much, much better now. She used to have very bad tantrums. She is much better but she still has her times where it is very difficult to deal with her. I think communication, sometimes, is the biggest frustration for her.

But I do like my job very much. And her family is wonderful. I feel at times like I am a part of their family.

I also am tutoring a young lady, who is 20 years old, for her GED. She has trouble with math and just needs to pass the math portion of the GED. So I just started tutoring her, which is good.

Let's get back to the Mission. I am continuing to post on Facebook. I often have people come to me on Facebook and ask questions about the Mission and the Mission teachings, always directing them to the website, posting URLs for them for what might be valid for what they were asking.

Like just yesterday I had a lady named Bunny asking me about feeling through the heart. So I was able to post the essay on the different kinds of feelings, like the Bhakti Yoga, and the Jnana Yoga, etc., posted that URL. And also the time, place and person, ignorance, passion and knowledge, how everything... because that also went with her question. So it is wonderful to be able to search and use this wonderful knowledge that you have shared with us, Maitreya, that God has shared with us.

And I may feel like my progress is slow sometimes, and I am sure it is, but it is there, and I am still hanging on. And I pray that my life be about this Mission.

I want to say one more thing. I also looked into... I do not know if you guys have seen those tiny houses, those teeny tiny homes. I am still interested in moving in New Mexico, if someone would like to take part in that or to start a Community of Light somewhere, where it is good for the Mission. And the teeny tiny homes are something that's actually doable.

I mean you could probably only have like two persons, or maybe three persons, with a small child, in one of those homes. But just think how easy it would be to be able to clean, Ananda Ma [laughing]. You would not have to spend very long cleaning it. And I think it is good for me because I get so attached to possessions that it is a good way for me to look at giving up things. So that is a train of thought that I have going in my head.

And the Feast is wonderful. Although I am by myself here, I am enjoying every minute, getting some extra rest. And good to hear from all of you. Sal-Om.

How do I let go? There we go.

Maitreya: That is great Keyosha, your positive attitude and being so positive. You are the only person seems not having any problem whatsoever, and you are all positive about your life. Keep that up and just march on, and it is just going to... the most it is going to take is another thousand years and that is not that much.

Go ahead, anyone else. Unus, you want to try again, or you gave up?

Unus: OK, Sal-Om, any sound? Sal-Om. Sal-Om. Good sound. Great. Never give up [laughing].

Sal-Om everyone. Sal-Om from Turkey. We are doing great. The Feast is going good even though I am working again. But this time it is much better. We have been kind of resting with Niama. And I am studying, of course, for the lectures and learning a lot.

And also have the chance to now look back to our regular lives and what is missing and see how it affects you and how to get stronger, you know, the Feast is helping us to reflect on the regular life's mundanity. In fact, not regular life's, but realize how lucky we are and how to improve ourselves because you have this knowledge, you know it, but when you are not really in the middle of the world with everyone else it is kind of difference. It is different when you are working out there and everything and the people are not even aware of spirituality, things can be different.

But you, I think we have to learn. I think I had to, I needed to learn how to also apply this knowledge, this lifestyle in the middle of all this, that is also.

So all thanks to God, we are doing great. It is great to be here and hearing you guys. So Sal-Om.

Niama wants to say Sal-Om too. Say Sal-Om. [There is a whisper and Unus laughs.] But she is shy. Maybe next time.

Maitreya: That is great, that is beautiful. Sal-Om Niama. You are a part of the Mission for sure. And how did you trip to Stockholm go?

Unus: Yes, I went to Amsterdam in Holland. We stayed there for about, I think, five days. It was good. It was great. There was this convention going on and I learned a lot of information necessary, technical things, for this job. And also met a lot of people all around the world, a lot of companies in our market, and made some connections.

And also it is a very good city even though it is under the sea level. It is a very nice city. I liked it very much. It was a good experience.

I remember... because Turkey is, countries like Turkey or Middle Eastern or even some Eastern countries are, can be a little bit too chaotic, not too orderly sometimes, and the five days I was there reminded me of the US a little bit and how organized things are. And, I don't know, it made some sort of effect on me. Niama says I am more relaxed now. This chaos here doesn't bother me as much as maybe it used to, seeing that things can be orderly.

So yes, we have the order in the middle of chaos here, at least in our house. So yes, all thanks to God.

Answering Tahirah [she had typed something in text], no, I am not sure if we are in the middle of the world per se, literally, but what I meant was being in the middle of, like, mundanity. That is what I meant.

Maitreya: If you want to take the mic and converse with each other that would be fine too, if you want to answer each other back and forth.

Yes, Stockholm. That is great. And what happened to Jean, or its Gene, from that area that you were talking about him and you visit or come and see? It sound like he vanished or she vanished or something happened. Anyone knows what happened to her?

Unus: It looks like he or she is not active in Facebook anymore. No, I did not talk to her. In fact I wouldn't have a chance to talk to her even if, unless she lives maybe in Amsterdam and would come and to meet where we are. But otherwise we were, like we left the hotel that we stayed in usually at 7:30 or 8 the latest in the morning and will be in the convention usually until like 11 PM or 12 sometimes. Or, even if not in the convention we will be with the people that we work with.

So, but I have not heard from her yet. No news. Maybe after all she/he disappeared or maybe...

Maitreya: Well, we pray for her. And like everyone else that is in the Mission, or who came and left, may God guide them, and if not this lifetime maybe next lifetime they shall return to us. Sounds like this lifetime really as God predicted we would be thief of the night. And as God predicted, even next lifetime we will be the thief of the night to the end.

And that means that although we know those who have seen the Vision and the Mission, they have seen the power and the truth in what God has revealed to us, humanity is way away from wanting to be Godly and Good and unfortunately are falling away from it every day more and more, and it is not going to last. As history has shown us again and again, anytime humanity goes away from God they will bring destruction to themselves.

So unfortunately the only thing we can do at this lifetime is to pray for them and to pray for the Elects that they are not lost and they are not fallen off the Path. And hopefully they won't. But if they do, the only thing we can really do, to pray for them and say, "God help them, please, guide them back to the fold," as I have been instructed not to go after them. It is not the life of going after the lost sheep. It is the time of sundering. Those who fall off, fall off. We can do nothing about it.

That is why it seems a little cruel and all of them become very unhappy when we see what is happening on the earth. And we say, "What can I do?" or, "Why it is happening?"

Just how many people died in those wars in the Middle East. And how this person a couple of days ago takes a gun and kills another 12 people in Washington. Or even in Europe. All this affects you. You do not like what you see. But what can you do? God said that two-thirds of the earth is going to vanish.

So it is very human. And at the same time we have to stay with God and Godly, and see things according to God's Way and His, through His eyes. And He predicted these things are going to happen.

Unfortunately the world... even you guys that are dedicated to the Mission, each of you have been here for a long time, you realize that when you go to that external world how powerful it is and it just wants to change you. They do everything possible to take you away from God and Mission and teachings, and it affects you no matter how dedicated you are. And maybe that is why God sent all of you back to earth, you become stronger, you become a tantric people that can go in the middle of the dragon's fire and not get burned.

So, yes, it is unfortunate that people like Jean come and somehow, as Christ said, "The seeds falls into the place and the weeds come and choke it." It take them away. It affects them. You see out there, there is so much Maya. Especially in the West there is so much Maya. It just pulls you in different directions. And you have to be a pretty strong person not to get sucked in.

So as usual, we have said these things many times, and we are going to repeat, and hopefully, eventually it sinks into, not our spirit, but the spirit of those out there so we can help them also see the Vision.

Anyone else like to raise their hand or take the mic? If you want, just raise your hand. Otherwise, we have some questions. The people who asked it are not here but we are going to go ahead anyway and just see what the questions are and just work together to see what are the answers.

Go ahead Shirin. Go ahead.

Shirin: OK, let's see if this is working OK. It says you are talking. The sound OK? Great. I've got a new laptop here and I am trying to figure out the settings. And Windows 8 is a challenge [laughing]. Well, it is good to hear everyone's voice. Sal-Om Maitreya, and Sal-Om everyone.

As far as just what is going on is with family, my daughter, Sarah, is doing great. She is still in Colorado Springs. And Brody, of course, is eight years old and he is doing great, in third grade in Montessori School. And his passion is skateboarding and he is very good. He has been to competitions even.

And for the first time last night... [Maitreya typed something in text] yes, eight years old now. Well, he will be nine in December. It has been a while.

And then last night for the first time I was on the Skype with my grandson, Elliot, who is five months old, and that was just wonderful seeing him doing his thing. And he thought the computer was incredible. He kept looking around the screen wondering where the rest of gran-gran was. It was just her face. So that was fun.

And Randy is doing well and we constantly talk about THOTH and the teachings and how it applies in our lives and the lessons we are learning and how we progress. And so it is the rock in our life that keeps things steady. Even though crazy things go on with his work and where I am at, and different things, and it is like we can always bring it back to the center with THOTH and the teachings.

Presently I am busy with... [something typed in text] oh, speaking of Keyosha, you said you wanted a tiny house, I already live in a tiny house [laughing]. Will do. Thank you, Maitreya.

And so I've got... it always seems to happen that my renters give notice during Feast time. So I am interviewing a new renter this afternoon. So property management keeps me busy and challenged at the same time because there is all the personal interactions.

I have found that people do not tell you the truth when they want something. So that is not fun. But you have to wade through that and ask for God's Guidance in every one. I had to turn down someone yesterday because his life just fell apart between the time he said he would take the apartment and the time he wanted to pay the deposit. He just could not do it.

Maitreya: That is good to hear your voice Shirin and to hear you are doing well, and the family and Soulh is doing good. Give our love to him and say Sal-Om to him.

Sounds like your grandchildren are growing up. Eight years old. That is pretty old. I didn't expect him to be this old. That is great. That is all a good positive thing.

And that is true, people who want something from you or you have something they desire, they lie. They lie to you to get it. That is pretty disturbing. We have to create a human that they should not lie at all, no matter what, unless the lie saves someone's life or it is lie because it is against some injustice that you have no power to justify it.

And that is great, that is fantastic.

All right, any other person like to talk or... some of you might not have a mic and that is OK. Or you have a mic and just like be anonymous. I am sure that Tapes Playing does not want to say anything at all. OK. Well, we go ahead and let... [something typed in text] yes, he is very shy [laughing].

We let the procedure go on and we read the first question.

Question: Is it good for a person to join a group such as the US Army or Navy?

Maitreya: OK, the question is, is it good to join an army or a navy? Is it... do we encourage people to join this kind of the organization?

What do you guys think the answer can be? Why yes, why no? Why we want them to join them or we do not want them to join them? So the session is really a discussion and a brainstorming session. So think about it. The question is: Should we join the army? [Something typed in text.]

Well, the answer, one of the answers already is, "Only join the army of God." OK. Why and why not? Go ahead.

Keyosha: The reason that I put, "Joining the army of God," is because, as you teach, Maitreya, about the different relationships in life, God is the highest so that is where we should strive to have our focus. And I feel like this family here is the army of God on earth right now. The Mission is the army of God.

However, thinking back... the movie was wonderful last night. And thinking back about Prophet Muhammad's time, we are free to defend ourselves should anyone come against us, slandering God, etc. So in that case maybe you would be part of the army but you would still be with the army of God, defending God.

So I will release the mic.

Noor: Well, it has to do with time, place and people involved, right? So an army or a navy in and of itself is not a bad thing. It in fact it has many useful potentials. But every army and navy currently in service is, has a purpose of defending a nation. And we do not believe in nations.

So it would be difficult to justify purposely or willingly, without compulsion, joining one of those based on our feelings that, in fact, we would be going against our universal view by such a narrow idea. But fighting or armies or navies in and of themselves are not bad and will be useful for the Kingdom.

That is what I think.

Maitreya: Well, I am going to play the devil's advocate. Why not? It is a fantastic opportunity. There are no jobs out there. Even if you have, are well educated, still getting a job is not easy.

And you join the army, they pay for your education and you go and study a career, and then you come out. And if you get a career that you are not sent to the front lines, you probably stay alive for 20 years. And then, at the age of 38 you can retire, or a little later, and have a pension for the rest of your life, and you do not have to do anything if you do not want to, but if you want to make more money, you can.

Now you are well trained for 20 years in your career and you can easily get a job. And so it is a pretty nice cushiony life. Why not?

Unus: But at the same time everything comes with a price. You never know what a person will encounter when he is in the navy or army, that he could be sent to a place like Iraq, Afghanistan, and could be in the middle of a situation that he might not like his consciousness, in his consciousness, or regret even. He might be in a situation that he might do things that he will regret the rest of his life. So he might gain some world but lose his Spirit.

But again I think, as Noor said, doing things from knowledge, even that could be depend on the person, time and place. Because, like here in Turkey it, as a citizen, you have to go and do the military service. And I have did it when I first found the Mission, I think after six months I was in the Mission, I had to go to the military service. It is mandatory... [something typed in text] exactly.

And I learned a lot about military, guns, the system. But all thanks to God I was very lucky, I did it as a psychologist. I was always dressed as a civilian. But I think that is the Grace of God. And it can teach a person a lot.

But I think it matters what is the person's intention basically in going and joining a group like that. Because we know that the only organization we can support for a solution or salvation is the Mission. But we have, of course, we know we have to live in the world and do our part in daily life, at least to survive and become at least professional and support ourselves until more humanity can realize the Mission.

So I think it kind of depends too. But never sell your Soul for the world, I guess.

Maitreya: Not a good bargain. That is what Christ said. You sell your Soul for the world, then you might gain the world, as many have, but that is not a good bargain.

What is the first law in the military anyway? When you go to the military, what do you learn? The first thing you learn is what? [Something typed in text.]

Yes, if you are in a situation in the military and the commander tells you, "Go ahead, do it," can you argue and discuss and say, "Hey, we can sit here and discuss to see if it is a good idea or not?" One of the first demands in the military is what? Obedience, unquestionable obedience. Actually, even if you do not agree, you have to obey.

So the first thing is they train you to completely be obedient to the will of the commander. So most of the command and idea that comes up in any military based on what? On the philosophy that that army went to war for. So how can you avoid receiving an order that is absolutely against your will and your philosophy and your life? What do you have to look for?

So the whole military is based on the philosophy and belief of the people who created that military, isn't it? So if you want to join the military, what do you look, not to get yourself in a situation that is not based on your belief? [Something typed in text.]

Exactly, what that military stands for. What is the philosophy behind that military? Is it based on defending a people or defending a nation or people if they are attacked, I mean real attack and their life is in danger? Or is based on a philosophy of converting them to Godly ways?

What does conscientious objective means? [Silence.] Anyone? Objection. You mean no one knows what conscientious objection means? Come on, take the mic, raise your hand. Participate.

Keyosha: I cannot think of an example right now but it is like if you are in a certain religion and it is against your religious beliefs or going against God, that you can object to doing something that you are ordered to do, for that reason.

Maitreya: OK, anyone agrees with her or disagrees with her, or you have another explanation?

Come on people. Answer the question. Someone step in. Otherwise I am going to answer it. [Something typed in text.]

So whatever you are saying in the writing, say it in the microphone. When they transcribe this session they do not know what you wrote but they hear what you say.

Unus: I will read what Tahirah wrote: "Objecting due to your beliefs." And she also wrote: "The individual who has claimed the right to refuse to perform military service on the grounds of freedom of thought, conscience, and/or religion."

Maitreya: Well actually the whole sentence is self-explanatory. Conscientious objection: Anything that your consciousness objects or do not agree with. And even then you have to prove that you really mean it. And someone... they might even take you to court.

And if it is mandatory, like Turkey, probably pretty hard not to go to military service because you do not have any choice. It is not that you want to join or not. They say, "We have a dictatorship and a mandatory thing," or, "our nation is in danger and we need you to come to the military."

And then, maybe in Turkey, they send you to fight with the Kurds because they are the rebellious people against the Turkish government. But you maybe believe in the right of Kurds. Can you say to that government, or any government, "They are right, these people are correct, they probably need more freedom" or say...

I do not know if they do or not. I am not very familiar with the situation. Maybe they do not. But, it is just an example that you object to the way the governments do.

And most governments, we know that they are interested in self-interest and it is based on the business objectives, not based on a moral base of the military. So probably those who go to those military, they are also interested in the belief of their government that the business should be OK or they should be dominating the people or whatever the reason is at this time that these militaries are formed.

So really, from our point of the view, although we are not against anyone and we are hoping eventually they realize what we are saying is the truth and their salvation, we are not going to... their fight is not our fight. This fight in this world really is not ours. It is their fight. It is not our fight...

[From here on, the sound on Paltalk started having problems and going in and out, so there are missing words.]

So we say, "Hey, reach to space, there are infinite resources there, instead of..."

So we can see that at least we do not fight with them but we object to their goals...

Sound going in and out for everyone. Sounds like we have...

OK, well, in general is... different, our goal is the philosophy of God... ...government and why they are fighting and the order for something you do not believe and if you have option not to join... ...probably it is good idea not to...

OK, Sal-Om. It is just this computer is an old 10 years laptop and my connection is here - I don't know if all of you know or not, I am in Boise, Idaho. Sound is good. OK, Great.

So we have only five minutes, why don't we just read the two other questions.

The other question was, of course, you have to see the philosophy of the army that you want to join to see if you agree with it or not. If you don't, then you really you have an objection to their philosophy and you do not want to do that, unless you just go for the comfort of the life and the good salary and all of that. So that means selling your Soul. And if you object to their philosophy then you do not do that.

Anyway, let us read the two other questions and go over it for the next five or six minutes and we then can call this session a success. OK, go ahead.

Question: Is eight hours of sleep ideal?

Maitreya: Yes, some people say that and they enjoy it and use it that way, but it is not really a rule or law for everyone. It depends on each individual.

Some people say, "Not really, you should sleep whenever you feel tired, not sleep eight hours straight." But some people like to sleep eight hours straight and stay awake the whole day. And they are fine with it. And some people are not like that.

Actually, Einstein, for example - or it was somebody, some genius and very effective person, and he just took a nap here and there... ...period.

I myself have not slept for eight hours straight for... sleep here and there and take a techniques, and... things that have to be done.

So it is not a law. If you like 8 hours...

OK, it is cutting in and out. OK, that is it. No, not really, it depends upon the person who likes the sleep.

I hope that got through. Next question.

Question: In the book of Hosea, chapter 13, verse 4, God says, "I am the LORD thy God from the land of Egypt, and thou shalt know no god but me: for there is no saviour beside me." Does this mean that God is from Egypt? And if God states there is no savior beside He, then why do we refer to Jesus as our savior?

Maitreya: Well, God also said, "I am the God of Israel." And Moslems believe God is theirs. Does that mean that all of them are wrong, or one of them is correct?

Not really. God belongs to everyone, and that is why He does not mind saying, "I am from Egypt, or I am the God of Egypt, or I am the God of Israel." And maybe that is a Masterful way to say, "I belong to everyone. So none of them really can claim I am their God because I said, 'I am from Egypt,' or, 'I am the God of Israel,' or, 'I choose Mohammad to bring My Message,' therefore I belong only to the Arabs..."

That is not the way God works. God is everything. And He belongs to everyone and everything. And therefore when we narrow ourself in one sentence of God, then we do not see the whole truth. But when we see He said, "I am from Egypt, I belong to the Israelites, I belong to Arabs..." then we say, "Oh, He belongs to everyone. He claims 'I belong' to all humanity one time or the other."

So it means God belongs to everyone. He does not belong to Egypt.

And Christ is the savior because he came over and over and brought the Words of God to humanity. And each part of them, of course, saved a lot of people and helped them. But, of course, the greatest is the Eternal Divine Path, which is the whole truth.

Just like Islam says, Mohammad in Koran says, "Islam is an essential part of the Divine Records" or the Akashic Records. We say, "Our teaching is the whole and the most essential or complete part of the Akashic Records." So even Islam is a part of, essential part of the Eternal Divine Path, but ours is much more expanded than Islam or any religion. Therefore, it is the Essence of the Akashic Records.

OK, well, I leave all you in the good hand of God for the next year. And be good. We pray for you. Pray for each other. Love one another and become One.

Sal-Om everyone. See you all next year, maybe. Sal-Om.

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