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Have Unit Consciousness Always Been?, Unit Consciousness, When Did The Eternal Divine Path Begin?, How Did The First Begotten Son Realize The Path Before Creation?, How Can We Be Sure You Are The Messiah?

10/15/89 Satsang (Discourse) With


Question: Have unit consciousnesses always been with the Father before the creation of the universe?

Maitreya: Remember that when the creation started, or the big bang, or the beginning of the universe, all that period of deciding, "Let there be Light," was a very short period of time, probably a millisecond or a second in time. Before the awakening of the universe with that first release of energy, everything was in a state of balance, nothing was manifested, nothing was there. People say it was the state of nothingness. But how can anything be created from nothing?

The consciousness and three gunas were there but they were in a sleeping state, just like when we fall to sleep. When we are asleep we are in a completely relaxed position. When the creation started, when God woke up, or the balance between the forces was disturbed, the whole universe started getting involved.

A burst of energy started going out. And because of the different levels of the consciousness in the universe, different levels of manifestation started coming through, coming to awakening. That's why some people call it the primordial soup.

So it was in a state where everything had the potential of being created, but nothing had manifested itself yet. It was just that everything was there. Everything had the potential to be created but hadn't.

Just imagine that everything was awakened and had the potential, just like us. We have so much potential to manifest so much but we're not aware of that potential. So it was there. It was not awakened yet. It was there but it was not awakened. The moment this energy was released, the first awareness was, "I know." The second was, "I do." And the third was the memory, "I have done."

As it expanded itself outwardly that energy should have been incredible. It's beyond our imagination. The heat in the sun is beyond our imagination, the millions of degrees of heat. We even feel the heat of the sun millions of miles from it. Just how hot is it? Can you imagine how hot the sun is? Even your imagination reaches its limit doesn't it, it's so hot?

So imagine now how incredible that energy was that the universe came from, that the whole thing evolved from. See, it's beyond our imagination. You really have to stretch your imagination when I explain these things. They are not just some things that can be intellectually understood. They are things you really have to meditate on and become one with -- a moment of creation with such incredible energy, releasing such incredible power in the universe.

As these feelings evolved themselves from knowingness, to doing-ness, and memory, because of the different levels of the consciousness in the universe, there were different feelings manifested.

Knowingness can be three kinds. It can be from knowledge, passion or ignorance. Doing can be three kinds, or memory can be three kinds.

So these unit consciousnesses were getting evolved. As they evolved, they resided in different levels of this primordial soup, or whatever you want to call it. These unit consciousnesses were in the levels they were, and they were with God in the very beginning. So yes, in a sense all the unit consciousnesses were here forever and they're going to be here forever.

See, nothing can be destroyed in this universe. Whatever is here is going to be here forever. Our fear of destruction is the fear of ego to die. It's ego that is afraid of being destroyed or dying. Death doesn't really exist. How can we die?

Nothing can be destroyed. You can't destroy anything in this universe. You can't add to it either. That's it! We are in it, and we are going to stay in here forever. But ego is afraid. Ego is afraid of destruction and death. And it's our ego that dies.

Some people, when they start meditating, feel they are going to die. It is the fear of death. It's really not them that's afraid, it's the ego. Ego sees it has to go because it has to be replaced with truth (Self). Everything has been here and everything is going to be here forever. So the answer to your question is, Yes, everything was with God from the very beginning.

Question: The Bible says that they were in darkness and God decided to help them. This period of time is much longer than 12,000 years, so why does the Eternal Divine Path begin after the destruction of the Atlanteans?

Maitreya: I don't know why the person who asked this question got the impression that the Eternal Divine Path was evolved after the destruction of the Atlanteans. The Eternal Divine Path is from Spirit. This is a spiritual path. It is something that already existed in Spirit, in the Soul, and God knew it the moment He woke up from His long sleep or the beginning of creation. This is the way to salvation. That is why it's called eternal. It has been in eternity, that is why it is the Eternal Divine Path.

It has been here forever, and it's going to be here forever. It is in eternity. It doesn't have any beginning, it always was in Spirit, it always was in Soul. That is the way to salvation. That is the way the Spirit knows the way back home.

It did not evolve 12,000 years ago, it was here before 12,000 years ago. Actually, the Lemurians and Atlanteans used to follow the Eternal Divine Path. That was why they progressed, prospered, and became such great civilizations.

The Lemurians were the spiritual force behind the Atlanteans. They were the priest class in that period, and they were destroyed. There are many theories on why they were destroyed and how they were destroyed. We don't want to get into that now. But they were destroyed, and the Atlanteans lost their spiritual base.

The Atlanteans were the warriors and very scientific people. They were scientific-minded. When the Lemurians were destroyed, the Atlanteans didn't have that spiritual base any longer, and they fell to the belief that they could do anything they want to, with science.

That's why they relied so much on chips and crystals. Really chips are crystals. They reached a point where they thought they could even extract life from the universe and use it for their longevity, etc. They reached a point where they left God completely out of their system, and that's when the destruction usually comes.

No matter what society we talk about, when they come to this point that they believe in themselves, not in God, that is when the destruction comes. And it usually comes from within themselves (society).

No great civilization was destroyed from outside. It was destroyed from within itself, it decayed from inside. Then some outside force came and just pushed it a little bit. Since it was already decayed within, it was ready to fall. The last push was from outside and that was it.

Just read the history. Even if you don't remember the Atlanteans, you remember the Grecian Empire, or Persian Empire, or Assyrian Empire, or Roman Empire. If you study them you will see they decayed from inside. Of course, eventually an outside force came and inflicted the last blow, but the decay was always there.

So that is why it was decided to close the third eye of the human for the last 12,000 years, to leave them almost alone and see how they do. If we study the last 12,000 years of history we see they didn't do a very good job. It was all destruction, war, famine, etc. So now again we are on the brink of opening our eyes, our third eyes. But that history has been a lesson for us.

That's why it's part of the Mission's teaching that you don't throw out the old, or bring something new and say that everything from the past is no good.

There are many notions from a lot of New Agers that this is a New Age, and we have to throw out everything, including the Bible and all the history. They say, "We know what we are doing, we're God ourselves, we don't want those things, and we can do it ourselves."

That's not true. History is a good lesson. The past shows us a pattern that teaches us how the future should be built. The last 12,000 years actually have been a lesson for humanity to learn from.

So the Eternal Divine Path did not evolve 12,000 years ago, it evolved from eternity, and the last 12,000 years have been a lesson for humanity to learn from. Now, following the Eternal Divine Path, with the lessons we learn from the past history, surely will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Question: How did the Begotten Son of God realize the path to salvation before the creation if there was no one else with whom he could do a Community of Light, or to sacrifice for, etc?

Maitreya: You have to realize, really when you're talking about the First Begotten Son, you're not talking about the unit consciousness. As you remember, God said, "Let there be Light." God sent His Spirit to that darkness. So, the First Begotten Son really is the Spirit of God manifested.

What is God? God is the Father and Mother. Where is He? He's everywhere. Now, it's very hard for us to imagine a God that is everywhere and everything, and He's Father and He's Mother. He's the consciousness and the three gunas. In order for Him to manifest Himself in the highest possible level, He projects His Spirit as the First Begotten Son, or what a lot of religions call Messiah.

When He said, "Let there be Light," really He projected Himself to the universe and was created as God manifested. And because He's God manifested, and He's in the manifested world, He has to go through a process. He already knew the Eternal Divine Path, the only thing is He had to go through the process and remember that Eternal Divine Path later again. In a sense, that question sounds like we are talking about another unit consciousness, as the First Begotten Son, but really what we are talking about is the Spirit of God in the manifested world.

About the question that there was no one there whom he could sacrifice for, or create the Communities of Light with, remember that the unit consciousnesses were with God from the very beginning of creation. The only difference was they were in different levels of consciousnesses. Some of them were so low that they became stones. Some of them were so high that they became the masters in the ethereal level, which we still have.

Many people do astral projection. They do astral traveling in the ethereal level, and they go and meet these masters. These masters are sitting there, they have their own universe, and they talk with them and tell them what to do and what not to do. They are in higher consciousness. They think they are God themselves, which they are not.

God is only One. That's the One Spirit, that's Father. So see, they were already there. When the ethereal level was created, these beings were already there for the Son to contact. He contacted many of them, in the ethereal level especially, because they were in a much higher consciousness than anything else in the universe. Eventually some of them were guided, some of them joined him.

Some of them created the Communities of Light. They had the Feast of Tabernacles together [all laughing]. Eventually many were guided and they learned the Eternal Divine Path from him.

That's why he is called the Eternal Priest of God, because he eternally knows the Eternal Divine Path. He taught them and they eventually became one with him. They became his angels, or his workers, or his helpers, etc. That is how he realized the importance of the Communities of Light.

In the Bhagavad-Gita, Krishna tells Arjuna that whenever the morality is low on earth, there is strife, and humanity is lost, my Spirit, Krishna's Spirit, God's Spirit, rises on earth and corrects the problem. And when it's corrected he leaves. He says, "OK, I've done my job, good-by."

Question: How can we be sure that you are the Messiah? We heard so much about false prophets, even several Maitreyas.

Maitreya: You see I had to prove to myself who I am and what I am doing here. It was proved to me that this Mission and teaching is the greatest revelation that has come to earth, at least for the last 12,000 years.

I saw how you can unify the religions of the world and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth with this revelation. It was revealed to me how prophecies are fulfilled through me. I am convinced. These are the prophecies fulfilled through me. So I made it clear to myself, and I reached a point that my faith is strong that what I am doing is right.

I proved to myself this is true. Now, I don't have to prove to anyone else that this is true, because that's what I had to do for myself. I had to prove it to myself. So really it is up to you to prove to yourself, that what I am saying is true.

This is your problem, not really a problem, but that is how it works, because if you cannot prove this to yourself then you don't have the faith. If you don't have the faith, then you cannot help, because help comes from faith.

When you really truly believe and prove to yourself, "Yes, this is it," you will have faith. Then you have the fire of The Holy Ghost to help carry on God's Plan. These prophecies have come so that the teaching of unification will come to earth. These teachings have come that the Kingdom of Heaven should come to earth. These teachings have come that Jews and Christians are waiting for a Messiah to come from the East. Where I was born is east of Jerusalem. Buddhists and Hindus are waiting for the Messiah to come from the West. Where I was born is west of India and Tibet. "His birth name is going to be Mohammed." My name is Mohammed. "He is also going to be called Maitreya."

I didn't call myself Maitreya, I was given the name. I didn't even like the name when they gave it to me. I asked for another name. I said, "No, No." All these other disciples had name like Ishvara, which means controller of the universe, etc. I wanted to be controller of the universe [all laughing]. This teacher gave me the name Maitreya, it means compassionate. Who wants to be compassionate? I wanted to be controller of the universe.

I didn't give any of these names to myself. So just look at these things and also experience the truth. If it hits you, it is right, it creates faith in you. If your Soul longs for this truth, then you have to create this faith so it can be proven to you that that is the truth. That is the question you have to answer, not me.

Also I was impressed in my consciousness to talk about ourselves tonight a little bit. We are now becoming a family and a community more and more. We also have to empathize, think, and meditate in this family and community that we belong to. We have to extend our family environment to this family and know that there is always support in this family for you. We are no longer friends. We are sisters and brothers to each other, in God.

If you have a problem it is the community's problem. Also because you have an extended family, know that if you have any problem in your small families, it is also the problem of the larger family. You can always rely on one another. Actually that is what Christ said. Christ said that is how they know you are my disciples by loving one another. That's the only sign he gave for the world to know that you are in the Eternal Divine Path, with loving one another and being one.

If a door closes to you in one way, know that there is another door which will open for you. God works in such a way that whenever He closes a door He opens many others for you.

That's why we have to live everything in His Will. If it is His Will, fine. Let it happen the way it wants to happen. If we become very attached to the things we have, then we are trying to keep this door open while we are missing the other door that's already there for us.

So if there is something going and you see the energy is no longer there, let it go. It's OK. Don't be attached to it. Just love it. Meditate on it. Leave it to the Lord and say, "God, thank you for this period that You had such a wonderful thing for me, I enjoyed it, I am ready to let go of it." Just let it go and don't be afraid. You will see, the other doors will be opened to you.

Also, as I said, this is the community. If a door closed, the community is always there for the support of the members. That's why we know we are following God's Will, by being One, loving one another and supporting each other.

We are like little children, we want to have candy every day. It's not good for us. If we eat too much candy we might create diseases, spoil our teeth, and all those things. So He says, "No, come and have some good vegetables once in awhile."

Sometimes God's work seems harsh to us because we are so attached to the things we have. But if we really know Him, He is not harsh.

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