Further Clarifications

By Maitreya



Maitreya:  Sal-OM everyone.  Welcome to our “Further Clarification” Room.  As you know, we started the sessions called “Revelations.”  I expected that those Revelation sessions would at least last as long as the other gatherings that we had as “Conversations”, or “Calling Elects,” or “Satsangs”.  But as we all saw, suddenly in the second session, it ended and God clearly says that it is done.  We are done with the Revelation.

We all knew that was coming for a long time.  I felt the repetition of the Satsangs, and the questions dwindled.  When it was said, "It is done," it was the decision that was made that we are through with the Revelations.  And I was as surprised as every one else that it only took two sessions of Revelations.

But after it was finished I thought about it.  It seems that God came, confirmed that it is from God, it is the base of our teachings, it is what is expected to happen, and then it was finished.

Now is the time for everyone who is interested in the Mission and has heard this Message, to go back to the Satsangs, to the Revelations, to learn about them, to study them in a deeper level and then come here and further confirm, ask, discuss, debate, and whatever is the way to further clarify this teaching for everyone as long as I am in my body and am able to do this.

This room includes Satsangs; it includes calling for the Elects; it is a place where we can come and have a conversation.  We also invite anyone from any religion, any group, any place in the world that has a legitimate revelation or teaching, to come, discuss this with us, debate this with us, challenge this teaching and any way that we can come together to see who is the truthful one.

Therefore, spread the Word.  Study the teachings in a deeper level and see what God has done.

I just came in to let everyone know that I was also surprised that “Revelations” only took two sessions.  But if you read them, they talk about the base of our teachings that we have been explaining for the last twenty-five years.

Now it is time for you all to go and study and teach other people about these teachings, learn, and come here and if further questions are left, we will clarify them.  If there is any question, just raise your hand, or type it in the text.

Hooya seems to have some questions.  The first question is:


hooya_3:  What is the base of the teachings?

Maitreya:  The base of the teachings is the opening of the Seven Seals.

The First Seal is the Mystical Paths that cover Hinduism, Buddhism, Christian Saints, Cabbala, Sufis, and any teaching that teaches, "Know thyself to know God."  The Second Seal is the Old Testament that talks about the communities.  The Third Seal is Christianity, sacrifice.  The Fourth is surrendering and submission, Islam.  The Fifth is universalism,  the Baha'i Teachings.

If you follow these five steps, you become an Elect.  As God has said, "My Elects will eventually succeed to bring the Kingdom of God on earth and will help humanity and the rest of the universe to reach Pure Consciousness, or unity with God."  This is the base of the teaching.

Not only are all the religions revealed to have a specific message, but when you put them all together you see the whole picture, the whole truth, the whole Revelation from God.  That is the base of our teachings.  For further information, you can go to our website to study about them and to see why they are the truth.

Again you are asking:


hooya_3:  Why one god since some religions believe in more than one God?

Maitreya:  As Christ said, "You cannot have two masters."  If you have more than one master, you might love one and leave the other.  Also it will separate humans from humans.  There is One God.  He is Everything.

Some humans in the past looked at the teaching as, "God is everything" and said, "This tree is God, that statue is God.  If everything is God, then I can worship these things."

They started separating God into Its components and lost the overall picture that God is Everything.  Therefore they separated themselves and many religions were created in those countries, or to those people who believe in many gods.

We can see that separating God into components will create problems.  That is why the highest truth is, God is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal.  We can see that separating God into Its components or smaller parts will create separation.  Christ made it very clear, "You cannot have two masters."

With having more than one God, you will have more than one God to worship, and that creates problems.

The next question is:


hooya_3:  I would need a reason to believe in a god at all first before I really desire to investigate it further.

Maitreya:  The question you have to ask yourself is:  How do we know you exist?  How do you know that I exist?  It is because you hear my voice.  You see the result of my actions.

You exist because you type; you have a computer.  I can see your text.  Therefore, I conclude that you exist.  There is a person behind the keyboard.  I cannot see you but I can see you from your actions.  It is the same thing from God.

People have been trying to argue if God exists or not, but if you study our teachings you will see God said He will do many things. He prophesied. He foretold of many events in the history, in the future, and He fulfilled them.

You know yourself, or people know you by your actions and the result of your actions. God also has done the same thing. He has manifested many things and prophesied and manifested what He said He will do. Therefore, God exists!

Of course, that is an intellectual understanding of the existence of God.  The highest level of understanding is to know for certain that God exists.  And that is possible only by experience, not by explanation.

Intellectually we can show you God exists by His actions.  Also we show you how to experience God eventually, and know that God exists.  You can see God indeed exists.

If you have now other questions, go ahead.  If you want to follow-up, OK.  If you have something else to ask, go ahead and continue your questions.


hooya_3:  There is no reason to believe that God exists.

Maitreya: I just gave you the reason.  You have to study our teachings in The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament.  In that Scripture, God clearly says that He will do those things, and He manifested them.  If He did not say anything, how do we have the word that He will do them and has done them?  Therefore He has already said things, and that is another evidence that He exists.

Of course, the question that you really have to ask yourself is, "Are you really seeking to know God exists, or you want to be right and believe God does not exist, and you want to insist that He does not exist?”

Those are two different approaches.  If you really are not a seeker, if you really do not want to know, that is the end of the story and we can just all stop arguing because you are not going to change your mind, and we are not going to change our mind and there is no discussion.

We are not seeking to prove that God does not exist because we know God exists.  God said He will be doing these things, and He has done them.  He said there will be a big, huge tribulation, destruction that is going to come to earth, and it is coming.

All the evidence shows He says things, and He does them.  Therefore, He has talked, He has said, and He will fulfill.

If you really do not want to know that God exists, that is your choice.  That is the only choice that you have, to seek to believe in God, or just believe that God does not exist and say, "It does not.  It does not.  It does not."  It does not make any difference if we keep going and saying, "No, He does not exist."

When you have experienced God, you have seen His Power, you have seen His Words, and you have seen He has guided the history to this point.  Human history is guided by God, and now we can say, "Yes, God indeed exists intellectually."

Go close your eyes, meditate, and eventually experience God and infinity, and realize that indeed, He exists.

Therefore if you want to know God exists, He said he would do these things and He has done them.  And therefore, He exists.


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